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Found 13 results

  1. Hey everypony, I wanted to do some art of my OC and her nightmare version: NightShade NightmareMoon. I gave her red armor and darker colors, her cutiemark is changed to blue in this pick and she is much larger than Nightshade NidraMoon. In this pic they are about to end a battle, who wins?... I'l let you decide. I hope you like the pic! Nightmare Moon Princess Moonlight style... Why?.... Because I can.
  2. I dream nightmares a LOT. Since I was a kid I've been dreaming horrible nightmares constantly and I cannot get rid of them. No matter who I ask, I always get different answers for why I might have them and I've tried reading about how to make them go away but I can't find anything that helps much. Dream catchers work to an extent, but I would still like to have more solutions on my hoof. Do you often have nightmares? Anyone with the same on-going problem as me? Do any of you know how to get rid of nightmares? I know it depends on what is causing them, but I just need some general advice from a wider perspective. Lemme know if you got something.
  3. Um, wow, hello. It's been a while.. So, I recently had an absolutely HORRID nightmare.. And I'm wondering, what is the worst nightmare you've ever had? I have two. The one I had last night. My grandfather and I were walking home after my Girlscouts meeting was over. (I don't take girlscouts anymore though, I stopped when I was around 7 or 8.) Since the meeting house is not even a mile from my house, we walked home. I saw Slender Man in some nearby woods, and yelled, "Peepa, look!" But he ignored me. We continued walking and in between two houses, there he was again, and he killed my grandfather. I screamed and ran home in tears and told my mom and my big brother. Then, often, I'd hear ringing and static in my ears and see Slender Man watching me. What was so scary, is how real the dream felt... This next one is a dream I had when I was about 6 or 7. So, I had this kind of space helmet on, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't take it off. It was hard to breathe and see and I started crying and people were laughing at me. I felt so helpless. So, what are your worst nightmares? I'd love to know!
  4. P-Jay


    Well, this is my first time making a blog. I have no idea on what their for, but I'm guessing its like an online diary. So, I'll type in what I would for a diary. I've realized how beneficial sketching out the base of a drawing is, as it makes a huge difference in shape. The change is almost...unsettling. I'm really starting to see just how good I'm getting. Of course, I'm still not past amateur level, yet. But, I would like to believe that I'm better then most kids my age. If I were to, say, go to public school, no doubt I'd be one of the best, if not THE best, artists there. I'm still only drawing manga, and ponies. Which is weird. Someone would think I share a journal with a particularly talented girl. Of course, this excludes my many journals before my discovery of MLP. If I were to take a guess, I'd say I've filled up about ten thick journals with random drawings. Not to mention the countless times I'd doodle on school paper. I miss my ocarina. Funnily enough, I used to have nightmares about breaking it. I guess dreams do come true. But hey, my ocarina's long gone. For about four months, now. But even so...It was the first time I truly treasured something that was inanimate. Of course, my laptop replaced it, more or less. I treasure my laptop just as much. But, wouldn't you know it, I've had a nightmare where the screen ripped. But I'm sure its nothing. Been thinking about plots to the manga I'm gonna make. The best idea I have so far is a world where the human species evolved into three different sub-species, which have divided the world up into three chunks, which they would inhabit. Each species would be alone. As in, you'd be hard pressed to find one type, in another's land. One would be 'Divines' and would be insanely physically strong. Another one would be 'Humans' which would be, well, us. And the third would be insanely smart technicians. Admittedly, I haven't come up with a good 'label' for the third. The idea behind these three species is that they would be dependent on eachother. As in, the divines would hunt for food, the technicians would come up with ways to make that easier. Humans would cook the food. So on, and so forth, with everything from making buildings to developing weapons. Oh, yeah. Theres yet another species thats basically the embodiment of humankind's flaws. And they frequently attack. But the three don't see eye-to-eye on much, besides that they need eachother, so like I said, their species only live with eachother. Here's where it gets crazy. Divines would be insanely physically strong, even though they would never train in their lifetime. Sure, they could get stronger, and train, but their power wouldn't go that much higher. As a quick reference to their power, the stronger of the divines could stop a train with bare hands. Same thing goes for the smart ones. Born smart, could get smarter by studying, but wouldn't get that much smarter. Again, as a reference, a guy about twenty years old would be able to make insanely complex blueprints for a train, in about a couple days. Without ever studying for it. And humans...They got nothing to begin with. Absolutely nothing. But, they can train, and study. And this is where it gets cool: Humans aren't bound by anything. They have no limits. A human could become superior to a divine in terms of strength, but they'd have to work hard. Like I said before, divines hit a cap, and thats it. No more power beyond that. They could train, but it'd change nothing. Same for the smart species. But humans...They could become absolute god-like. If only they would work as hard as they could, around the clock. Ironically, the humans are seen as the weakest of the three. Can ya guess why? If you guessed that they're too lazy to work that hard, you're right. And my manga would be about Hiro, a human, who aspires to be a great warrior. One more thing about my manga, the three species hold a tournament to see who's the best of themselves. Well, the divines and smarts do, anyways. Humans cant really fight that well, so they decided on a presidential thing. Divines fight, to see who's the strongest, and therefore, most worthy of leading them. Smarts do a science-fair-type-deal tournament, and humans vote. A human could enter one of the two tournaments, but...With the way humans are, it's ill-advised. So, yeah. This is my first blog, signing off. Until next time. character count: 3426
  5. I got the idea for this from a ringtone thread lol. It can be anything, from movies, shows, and spiders, to bendy straws. Some unknown large animal sniffing my head through a tent wall. About 2 years ago I was camping in northern Michigan and woke up at like 3am to some weird noise. Some large animal was outside my tent next to my head. I could hear deep breathing and sniffing noises. Black bears are known to be in the area. I was scared frozen because I knew it wasn't just a raccoon or dog, since I've dealt with them before and knew how they sounded. Eventually it went away and I went back to sleep... after a while. In the morning there was slobber on the outside of the tent where I heard the noise. There were a ton of leaves and it was dry out so I couldn't find out what it was from tracks. Unsolved Mysteries (the version Robert Stack hosted from the late 80's until '02). Even to this day I can't think of a show with a creepier atmosphere. I was around 5 or 6 I saw an episode and I was scared that there were skeleton bones my basement's sump pump crock (hole in the basement that collects groundwater so our basement doesn't flood). The way this is set up in my basement is kinda creepy- funny thing is my cat is creeped out by it nowadays. Another episode that scared me was about someone in the attic above this kid's bedroom who was about my age at the time. His parents wouldn't believe him at first. I think he was dressed like a clown or something and would look at the kid in bed through the attic fan vent or something. I spent the next week of nights wide awake scared of every creak and noise from the attic. ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN (Animated Movie 1989) The hell scene in particular gave me recurring nightmares when I was like 5 or 6. I'm catholic and this was really the first visual conceptualization of hell I'd ever seen. The angel and the devil saying "You can never go back" also SCARED THE shit out of me. The funny thing is that IT IS CENSORED from what was originally planned for the scene!!! For some reason it's still one of my favorite animated movies to this day- go figure. Unfortunately this is the best I could find of it- The sound is crappy but whatever.
  6. Chapter 1: The Dreamscape Nopony would ever expect Equestria to fall into a war, but it did. Every race was against eachother, this could have been avoided had Celestia just listened to her younger sister. This story among others will tell a tale, the only difference is... there will never be a happy ending. Luna had just finished her job of raising the moon, and now it was time to move into the part of her job she loved the most. She enjoyed being the hero when it came to dreams and whatever nightmares floated about she was sure to stomp them out. Now of course seeing ponys dreams meant keeping them a secret, she wasn't allowed to tell anypony what she saw and so far she hasn't. Luna closed her eyes and entered the dream realm. One of the first stops she always made was her sisters dreams. Making sure her sister, Celestia, would have enough sleep so that she could rule the day happily. Just like always her sister was dreaming about raising the sun. Luna shook her head 'She always has the same dream'. Just as before Luna closed her eyes and entered another dream. She knew who's dream it was before she opened her eyes. "Mmm, cupcakes." she said. She knew Pinkie Pie always had partys in her dreams and that she would never have any nightmares, because lets face it, all she does is laugh at them. "Heya Luna!" Pinkie Pie shouted. "Hay Pinkie, who's party is it today?" Luna asked. "Silly filly don't you know?" Pinkie giggled. Luna thought for sometime, "No I don't." she replied. Pinkie Pie giggled again "It's yours silly, after all it will be your last." she said. This startled the princess, 'Last party? What is she talking about? Maybe she doesn't know that alicorns live forever.' "Okay listen Pinkie Pie i'm going to get going. I have alot of dreams to visit tonight." Luna said. She watched as Pinkies hair somehow deflated, losing all her curls and becoming straight. Pinkie Pie sighed. "If you must." Luna continiued to visit dreams, stopping at each one to make sure there was no nightmares. She was halfway done with ponyville when she came upon a dream that worried her. This dream belonged to a pony called Night Flame, this dream was placed in Ponyville and yet, it wasn't Ponyville. Instead of houses there waws piles of ashes, and within the streets lay bodies. "This will be your last." Pinkie Pie's words bounced around in Luna's head. 'I wonder if is what she was talking about.' Luna began to fly around in the dream hoping to find at least on survivor, but instead she found none. She wondered what had happened to cause this much damage. She stopped thinking the worst and started to work her magic, turning the dead bodies back into live ones, putting houses were ashes were and returning things to their former glory. When she finished, Luna looked around and admired her work. Just befoer she left the nightmare came bac. This has never happened before, a nightmare turning into a dream and then back to a nightmare. Before Luna could try again the sun started to rise blinding her as Night Flame woke up. With questions unanswered Luna returned to her mind. She knew Celestia was raising the sun, but for what reason she didn't know. There was still supposed to be several more hours of night. When Luna opened her eyes she starte looking for answers, and she knew where to look first.
  7. You know, those moments from "family" movies that made you shit your pants as a kid and left you with mental scars that lasted for years to come. There are only 2 rules, they had to be Kids movies (at least non-horror movies) and had to be watched at a young age. My personal traumas were the "Large Marge" scene from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, and the scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? People who have watched the movie know what i am talking about.
  8. Tomorrow, I will be turning the ripe old age of 15. I'm probably going to be busy with other things tomorrow, so I probably won't be able to get around to doing an entry. Just in case, I'll leave you with this.
  9. Hello there, you fine folks on the forums, today I'm going to be reviewing sleep. Graphics: Sleep's graphics have aged well, especially considering how old it really is. I mean, sleep does usually have blurry graphics, and for some reason, clocks and mirrors never seem to render properly, but other than that, it's very realistic graphic-wise. I'd say that if sleep were to come out today, it's graphics would receive much praise from critics and everyday people alike. Sometimes while moving fast during dreams, your surroundings become blurry. I hope this is something that sleep's developers look into fixing sometime in the future, as the motion blur can get kind of annoying. A major issue that might be related to graphics is that for some reason my dreams appear to be unable to be recorded with my capture card, however, this might be some kind of technical problem with my brain and not with sleep or the recording software. Gameplay: Sleep's gameplay can be confusing. Especially since sometimes, when entering sleep, the gameplay does not start at all. This usually indicates a sleep disorder, and sadly, most people have not bought sleep recently and thus cannot use their warranty. Once you are in gameplay, it becomes very confusing. Who the protagonist of sleep is is often unclear as they usually do not speak. In addition, enemies may vary (If there are any at all) depending on which level you are playing. Oddly enough, levels appear to play anachronistically, with some players being unable to reach certain levels, and others end up replaying the same levels over and over. One odd thing about sleep is that it's genre is quite unclear, while I'd guess it's some kind of platforming game, the jump function does not appear to always work and the game often appears to crash when you fall long distances. Some have reported that it is some kind of horror adventure game, and to some extent this appears accurate, however, not all levels are like this. When asking the programmers what they were going for, they had no comment. All we know is that whatever it is, it often succeeds in it's goal of either being scary, pleasant, or something in between. So kudos to the development team for developing something so entertaining for free. I would say that sleep has a high replay value, although it is rare to find somebody who has beaten it. For some reason, many people do not save their progress, Maybe they don't know how, so here's a guide. I did notice a glitch in sleep where Light switches do not usually work. Story: This is one area where sleep really appears to be lacking, sadly. Many people have reported inconsistencies in their dreams and the plot appears to be really incoherent. However, this unique and random style of story telling has it's upside, as the ending is not as predictable as those in some other examples of entertainment with a confusing story but obvious ending. Sound Effects: For some reason, many of the sound effects in sleep appear to be muffled or unpleasant. Very often during gameplay I experienced loud screams, and worse still, upon triggering these, the game usually crashes, returning me to my bed. The sound effects can, however, be very memorable, and for that, I am grateful. Sometimes the sound quality varies but for the most part the integrity of the sound effects in Sleep are solid. Summary: Sleep is quite an interesting thing, it's very exclusive. Some people can sit there for hours and hours trying to get it and just not get it all. Of course, once you do go to sleep, your mileage may vary, some people wake up feeling just as tired as when they fell asleep. However, some of the positive features of sleep include good dreams, the fact that it's a nice way to kill time, the relatively good graphics, nice varied gameplay, and the fact that it restores energy. These features combined make sleep for the most part an enjoyable experience. On the flip side, sleep can make you miss out on things, be late, you can have nightmares, sometimes it takes more effort than it is worth to sleep, the confusing storyline etc..these make sleeping into a very mixed experience. My personal experience with sleep is that while it's sometimes hard to attain, it is almost always worth it. I have had many positive dreams in my life and I really only have sleep to thank for that. Overall, I would say that sleep is one of those odd things that can be a mixed experience quality wise, but one that is enjoyed by almost all demographics. Sleep is a true classic. Sleep receives 8.2/10 stars.
  10. A story about the seven My Little Pony Tales saga and their experiences at the moment the world changed, in both timelines that lead to G3 and to G4, as recorded by Princess Luna. a spell to make everypony immortal by splitting and scattering shards of The Rainbow Of Light resulted in an apocalyptic retcon of the universe it is the story of the survivors and there hardships. WARNING contains violence, drama, dark themes, adventure, Audition deadline -auditions due by Febuary 28. If parts are still unfilled by that time i will extend the deadline. BEST IF WATCHED FULL SCREEN SO YOU CAN READ THE TEXT! Recruitment for an audio adaption of a set of side stories that provide a sort of origin to the Reharmonized Ponies series being directed by my good friend mr. Louis Badalament. he has given me explicit permission to be able to direct said project as long as i give do credit to him, the original author of the story this script is based on, and the author of the main pony pov sereis fanfiction itself alexwarlorn. Reharmonized ponies: if you would like to try out for a role here are the scripts episode 1: episode 2: episode 3: i do not claim to own any of the works in this video or series my little pony, my little pony tales, and my little pony freindship is magic are owned by Hasbro! the Pony Pov series was created by Alex Warlorn
  11. Welcome to the creepy pasta Fan Club I'm new to this site, so decided to make a club to get myself started This club is dedicated to sharing your own original creepypastas, discussion of them, and most of all, helping people who have nightmares from them I expect people to be mature enough not to post flash or shock images. If you do, I will ask you to leave Follow basic site rules, just because this is a creepy pasta club doesn't mean you can break the rules Remember to keep on topic, we don't want to be talking about pickles when we're actually suppose to be talking about slenderstallion I believe this sums up the topic post Have fun
  12. Hello all! I started writing a story yesterday, planned to be a romace/action/dark/tragedy. The first chapter doesn't capture all the elements in one, but future chapters will. Enjoy! Chapter 1 - Nightmare’s Beginning Do you like it? Please leave some feedback in the comments. Thanks!
  13. So, talk about all of your crazy dreams here. I used to have one every night, but lately I have been having boring ones so I just choose to forget them when I wake up. I typically record my dreams in a journal to keep track of them all. I have had dreams that felt real, and ridiculous ones like a giant octagon flying over my house. That was the most recent. (If you didn't know, I am fascinated with dreams. I always like studying the science behind dreams when I have free time)