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Found 26 results

  1. °˖✧ Deerie Doodles ✧˖° Doe's artwork goes here All artworks I create will be dropped here but requests will soon open up in the request page. Please do not: Use, edit, redistribute my works in anyway. (Unless artwork was made for you specifically, I'd still like you to leave my watermark on.)
  2. °˖✧ Deerie's OC's ✧˖° This is where I will post the rest of my OC's, including artworks of Deerie that I commissioned. I've got many OC's to show and some also have a simple backstory to go with them. I've already shown them to a friend but not to users here so here we .. go! You are not allowed to use my OC's for anything, do not use them for RP, do not use their art as your avatar, etc. I am only posting them here to show them. What is mine should stay mine just like what is yours should stay yours. If I catch you using them still, you will be blacklisted and reported. To a Mod who sees this: I talked about where i should place this with TheTaZe and I was recommended this folder So if It is not allowed here, I'm very sorry and I'd like to be told. These OC's are never going for sale.
  3. A parody to "Blue angel", a type of plane Never give a 5-year-old a violin as toy. Never. A lot of us can relate~ Additional panel : The professor staring at the mare disdainfully while holding a DSM-V and aiming at her I hate working Poor chicken @Meson Bolt Egghead A stonks pony doing her stonks daydreaming No content My first impression of Pony Life(smarmy smiles) : Powercry! (oc is Moorish Delight, belongs to a friend) No content
  5. Here is the what if baby of my OC Daphnes and my friend @chaosprincess sona Laurel. I did manage to figure out details about him. So I figured I'm going to write them down below. Name: Daphnes Jr. Age: few months Nicknames: DJ, and little shadow Abilities: All he can do for now is teleport and create small shadow portals. Which he thinks sinking his father into his little portals is a riot. He is still trying to get a hang of the whole making wings appear thing like his father though. Hobbies: Teleporting himself into odd locations to see if his parents will find him and hiding on the ceiling to sneak attack any unsuspecting passerby who just so happens to walk underneath him. Personality: For the most part, he is a lot like his momma but he definitely has daddy's bad attitude when he doesn't get his way. Parents will be shown below
  6. Hey its me again and lookie here its another sleeping pony. I know I have done about a million of these but who could resist the cuteness of a tiny Laurel sleeping on a cloud. Of course this lovely character is not mine but my very good friend @chaosprincess
  7. Hahaha, can you believe a couple of my friends got together and threw this box art for Maradice Isle together!? I've been teasing at the idea of having a physical copy of the game for myself, but I didn't think anyone would put together something like this! This is seriously AWESOME!! Also, good on them for sticking that anti-piracy warning on the back. They're right; This game is meant to be "FREE", and any attempt to sell it for profit can, and probably will, result in legal consequences.
  8. How the Magic of Friendship grows I haven't made the My Little Pony remix for quite a long time since My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) release, so I decided to remix one which would be memorable to the fandom, and here it goes - made in 8 hours!
  9. Hello everyone, I am posting a new thread on this since I want to start anew. I have recently found my passion for creating music again and wanted to share my latest two pieces that I have released to the public. This is the first one I did two weeks or so ago. It's a techno track that I made to hone my skills again after not doing this for so long. Second one is one I made just in the past two days. It spawned from a chord progression that I really liked, so I made a track out of it. I am fairly happy with this piece.
  10. It took me most of yesterday afternoon and last night to do this, but I made a gift for Lightning Bliss. OC: Lightning Bliss Belongs to: Lightning Bliss Line/Color: Me Base: konekonoarashi
  11. What do you like better: Warrior Cat Book Series or Unikitty! Show? Give me a reason.
  12. My first drawing on my tablet after a long break of not using it. I hope y'all enjoy Triple Bubble, Toil and Trouble some new OCs I've started to run around with. image
  13. Welcome to my gallery, enjoy my art work, to see more go visit my DeviantArt page! Enigan At Dawn {Trade/Experiment} : Crayons {Trade with TheGayTreeAndMe On DA } : Flowers! {Collab with Song-Star on DA} Autumnia {Gift for Blumydia on DA} : Shield Shine {Raffle Reward on DA for Brony-Fanfics} Angelic Ezzy {My main ponysona} : Cringe Dab {Commission on DA for SaffronicShadow} It's Hammertime! {Raffle Reward for MLP-HeadStrong on DA} : Pet Blocked {Gift for TehShockwave on DA} Cute Moon {Gift for Shadow-Nights on DA} : World Domination and Muffins? {Gift art for Pucksterv on DA} : Hiss! {Trade with Rockruffian on DA} : Star {Comm on DA for Tyfon07} : Ace Jetstream {Commission on DA for AceJetstream} : Path Finder {Gift for PathFinderCS on here and DA } : FlutterxCord : Intense Wing Exercises for Spitfire :
  14. I may as well post this here, right? Anyways, this is some deep dubstep that I worked off an on for a few months. Enjoy it I guess.
  15. Here is where I'll post any MLP art that I draw.. Here's my first piece.
  16. Hey everypony! So this is pretty much where I'll be posting my work. Hope you all enjoy! This is a gift art for Lightning Bliss! Been meaning to do one for a while now. Hope you like it Blissy!
  17. I just wanted to show off my main sona that I have, I'm proud of her. (not my art btw)
  18. I'm finally making resin pieces and jewelry again! It's been years since I last tried it. Hopefully these turn out better than my last attempts. Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy are my favorite ponies so of course they are the center pieces of these. I'll post the finished products tonight when everything is hardened completely.
  19. I want to keep practicing with making pony plushies so I'm throwing around this idea in my head. I was thinking of little chibi ponies that have two or three mini magnets in them (in the front hooves and in the tail) to put them on metal surfaces. I was also thinking of extending the tails to a decent length to make the plush look cuter. These are just ideas though so I can't guaranty I'll do them. Plus someone else may have already come up with this combination of ideas. I'm definitely reshaping the first pattern I made with my first plush either way. I'd like to know what you all think. If nobody thinks this is a dumb idea, I'll be using minky and faux fur like last time as well as extra strength thread. The flank will be blank so I can design the cutie mark later after the body is fully constructed. It might look a little different from m bad drawing though. We'll have to see!
  20. I haven't done much decent art since 2013 but I've done some pony stuff I'm proud of. There's more on my DA if anyone is interested. I put 'no critique' only because I don't know if I'll get back to drawing anytime soon. I don't enjoy it like I used to. That said if you'd like to offer some I'm more than willing to listen as I might end up getting back into art, who knows? Thanks for checking out my work.
  21. Hoi hoiii my little chicken nuggets! I hope you are doing well today C: I am here to show you a few of the adopts I have done so far this year! I am really happy with what I have done so far. So lemme show em! They all belong to a Semi-Open Species called Northlings. If interested in the Species, let me know ^^ I am really happy how they have turned out and I am proud! Also the base used is made by me and is only for personal use,sorry! Enjoy!
  22. So, I've recently gotten addicted to a game called Sally Face. I love the main character so much honestly, and I decided to draw him.
  23. Hello my sweet peas! I hope you are doing well!! It's been quite a while since I ever post here. I think every time I come here I always say this ahahaha. Anywho I've been away since I have been working a lot on my Species, called the Northlings. I've been working on their merchandise and working on their communities and adopts and such. So I will leave some of the adopts and commissions I did through out the months! Like my favorite ones, I shall show it here! I hope you enjoy. If interested in the Species just let me know. If you have any other questions, just ask me~ To the art!! Commissions I did Northling Adopts I made!
  24. It's been a whole year since last time I did a MLP related drawing, so I decided to fill this void with a quick doodle of Discord, my favorite character ever >:3c
  25. I got the idea when I was watching watching Queen Chrysalis episodes and it got me thinking, what would happen if she existed in G1 My Little Pony world? :lol: The story is that Queen Chrysalis showed up in Flutter Valley that is inhabited by Flutter Ponies who are ruled by Queen Rosedust. One night, she captured Rosedust while she was sleeping and put her in a cocoon, disguised herself as Rosedust and impersonated her. One by one, the Flutter Ponies were slowly being replaced by the Changelings who also take their forms until Morning Glory was the last one. She got suspicious of her behavior and was nearly caught only to escape by heading over to Dream Valley to get other ponies for help. Skipping to the good part because I have a bad habit of writing a ridiculous long ass story and I don't want to bore you guys. When Megan and the ponies confronted Queen Rosedust, they noticed a big green cocoon at the ceiling, showing a real trapped Rosedust inside, along with other trapped Flutter Ponies. It dawned on them that they're the real ones while the Queen in front of them is not her at all. That's when she revealed that she is not Rosedust at all but none other than Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings! >:3 The fake Flutter Ponies also revealed themselves as Changelings before attacking the ponies and Megan. What happens next? Will they defeat the evil Changelings and save the Flutter Ponies? Who knows? >D Just to let you know, it's not a chibi anthro form, I sort of drew her based on FIM style. The left side of Rosedust is based on the dress reference I made using the Sailor Senshi doll divine flash (love that game) and I changed her wings since I didn't really like the toys/TV version of it. She's also wearing a feather like crown based on this pic. I added roses all over since it's based on her name. The right side of Chrysalis is that if you noticed on her neck and the lower right side, it's her collar and lower part of armor based on the comic, Fiendship is Magic. I didn't drew the entire armor and besides, you won't be able to see it anyway. As for her tail, it's floating behind her so you wouldn't see it as she's floating while changing back her true form.