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Found 123 results

  1. Well here it is. The thread to rule them all. THE GEARS OF WAR SERIES APPRECIATION THREAD! The Gears of War series is my all time favourite series of video games and I love the games too much to not make this thread. I am going to be HUGELY depressed if I'm the only Gears of War fan on here. Anyone else a fan of Gears of War? If so, post here and tell of your best game play moments, tournaments you've been a part of, favourite characters, etc. My favourite character is Marcus; he's the badass of Delta Squad. I think I love these games so much because of the amazing story writing. The bonds that forms between Marcus, Dom, Baird and Cole aren't like any other, hence brothers to the end. I'm going to admit it right now, I shed a few tears at Dom's death. And yes, I realize I'm a being a bit eccentric/raving about something. But the Gears of Wars are my most favourite games EVER.
  2. Ok i had this idea where I would have a song of the day and then keep a back log of what songs i've already posted. I'm open to suggestions so if you want to pm me requests i will kindly oblige. Backlog 11/07/12 Green day-Minority 11/08/12 Bullet for my Valentine-Tears don't fall 11/09/12
  3. I searched around this forum and couldn't find a thread about this series, which is surprising. I love this series personally, my favorite being Tales of Vesperia. What about you guys? Discuss anything Tales related here
  4. I'm about to tell you the greatest secret in all of mankind. You ready? Ok. Here goes. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... The Game.
  5. Twiliscael

    Ask A H8er

    My name is xxPoneHuntr6969xx N I hte pones. U brones r gey N liek cancr of intrnt N we dnt wnt U her NEmoar. I decid 2 let U ask me stuf bout pones N brones N NEthng els, K? I loke lik dis:
  6. Ello everyone! This is Phoenix Dirac Wright here, making my first blog about, whatever. So... No one is gona read it, aren't they? Oh well! Time to ramble on if I have time to create more entries.
  7. VISIT THE OFFICIAL CHANNEL! Click the Shining Armor! Sun Chasers: The Movie Well, Before the actual debut we decided, We need a good Movie to open it! So, AUDITIONS ARE CLOSED
  8. All those characters are taken by others, and I hate roleplaying as someone that isn't either me or an OC which is essentially just me (I like the word "me " big time) so I think I'll make a more interesting ask thread since I'm bored: ask me anything! That means anything. Anything from why I'm attracted to Twily intensely, why I both love and hate 4chan, why I'm better than all of you (hint: The Great and Powerful Ashbad likes himself quite a bit), things like/dislike about bronies and such, why Nickleback is such a horrible band, and why Twily is always on my mind. Feel free to also ask questions on why I like Twily so much. Expect some /b/read.
  9. ~Come Comrades~ Let us praise the best Korea, North! And of course, a farewell to Dear Leader... And a warm welcome to Great Comrade!
  10. An oc for a rp idea of mine, not finished yet. c: :
  11. people on the chat gave me this idea after i posted a rendition of me singing the theme song. it's simple: post you singing, or otherwise renditioning, the songs from the show! Giggle at the Ghostie, Winter Wrap Up, Becoming Popular, anything, as long as it is a song from the show! best filehost for your renditions would be Zippyshare, since it allows you to preview MP3 files from there., to start out, here's me singing the MLP Theme Song.
  12. ...but what if the Main 6 aren't the only holders of the Elements of Harmony? In fact, why stop there? What if most, or even all ponies are EoH holders, depending on which Element they are most closely associated with?
  13. Ok, so I saw this on the brony Facebook page, and it made my day > FACT: The series premiered October 10, 2010. > FACT: That date can be written as 10/10/10. > FACT: 101010 is binary for the decimal number 42. > ERGO: "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" is the Meaning of Life.
  14. So as the song goes "It's the End of the World as we Know it, and I feel fine." In your post try to outdo the last posters end of the world scenario, I'll start: Discord comes and drowns the world in chocolate rain.
  15. So I made some Pixel Art of 3 of the Mane 6. They came out OK considering I did them without a template, and I decided to upload le pictures Without further ado: Pinkie on her own Filly Dash on her own Fluttershy on her own Applejack on her own Twilight on her own Rarity on her own Rarity <3s Spike Derpy Hooves (My best so far) Luna- Happy Birthday, Ben All 6 together :3 Tell me what you think, if you have any criticisms I would love to hear them These are by no means finished and I made mistakes on all of them, so tell me what I've screwed up :L I'll continue them on page 2, I've hit the picture limit for this post :/ Entish
  16. Today we were doing shout-outs in school to people who we thought deserved some praise. My shout-out got the most cheering. I said, " I'd like to give a shout-out to Lauren Faust to making My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic." Everypony cheered. The herd is growing!
  17. Anyone going to be getting this? It looks awesome Hopefully it won't a disappointment.
  18. In the year 2112 Equestria was lead to ruins. The humans invaded in a quest to conquer the land since theirs is diing. The war waged on for 15 years. Mountains reduced to rubble, Grasslands wasted into fire & ash. Corpses of ponies and humans alike cover the land. A small resistance was formed to continue the fight against the humans. They were known as the Equestrian Saviors. Surviving by taking the scrap of the human`s technology & building it to their advantage. Although it may seem like it would be impossible that they survived for this long, Celestia, before she was killed in Ground Zero casted a spell to all the ponies of Equestria giving them humaniod bodies. Adapting to the humans technology & body figure, the ponies of Equestria continue the fight to restore the land back to it`s rightful place. Okay now you can choose between either the mane 6 or your own Pony OC, Character description, etc i`ll edit a few OC`s for now.
  19. This is my first drum cover of, really anything! Please enjoy! (Ugh, that solo always got me.)
  20. Troll. Everybody throws this term around. It’s a common term. “[X] just trolled me!” “[X] is a troll!”. How many of you know what “troll” actually means. Since the dawn of Man, humans have interacted with each other socially. It’s human nature to socialize, converse. Communicate and cooperate. But enough with this pretty-sounding psychology crap I’m using to pad this out to make myself look smarter than I am. On any method of communication on the Internet, be it forums, chats, IRCs, anything, there are people who all share common interests, but I am using Internet forums as an example, for the purpose of consistency. These forums exist for those who share those interests to discuss them. There’s an element of harmony on a forum, the people getting along and discussing the things they hold an interest in. Now, with all this harmony, everything seems perfect, right? Everybody is happy discussing said interests. What could go wrong? Chaos. Some people, however, find joy in breaking these elements of harmony. There are many reasons a person may wish to bring forth chaos to an Internet forum. Here are a small number of them. The individual enjoys harassing people. The individual hates the topic of the forum. The individual wants to make those who hold interest in the topic of the forum look bad. The individual is just a misanthrope who dislikes seeing people happy. Now that you partially understand the scope, now you are possibly asking “But, what’s the term for one of these people who does these things”? Well, you already know the term, and you’ve probably said it, in fact. Troll. A troll will attempt to ingrain themselves into a community, so they can cause as much chaos as possible. A troll’s job is better when they are trusted. For one, a moderator is more likely to ban a new member when they act out than an established one. A troll will gain a position of trust in a community, and once they’ve formed pseudo-friendships with members of the community, their work begins. Some of the telltale signs of a troll are: Seemingly doing their best to start an argument. Frequently appearing to be attempting to perpetuate an argument, after an argument has settled down. (Example: “That guy called you a jerk. Go call him a jerk back!” and “But he’s not right, you are. Don’t back down!”) Jumping from side-to-side in an argument, to fuel it. (Examples: “Belcho the White Wizard is the strongest, Joe!” “Bob, Farty the Black Wizard is better!”) Bringing up subjects they know cause issues in the community. (Broad examples would be frequently bringing up sexuality, morality regarding abortion, religion) The essence of a troll, as I have indirectly stated, is a person who enjoys the misery of others. Who gets joy, or “lulz” from seeing others get upset and angry. A troll likes nothing better than seeing good friends become angry enemies, seeing healthy communities becoming Internet wastelands. A troll uses social engineering techniques to accomplish this. Now, you may have also asked “But what about those guys who do annoying post disgusting images, call names, and similar things?” Well, the answer is; those are not trolls. They are something else entirely. Griefers. Most of the time, when people say “Troll” they mean “Griefer”. A griefer will skip the social engineering, and directly post offensive content. Racist posts, shock images, mass-spamming, they go for maximum offense on the get-go. Examples are “ is a [racial slur here]” “[community/subculture here] is/are a bunch of pathetic losers!” In the end, many times, when a person is called a “troll” they are neither trolling nor griefing. They are just posting something that the person who happens to be reading it happens to dislike. Being merely tricked/annoyed is far from trolling, and if somebody gets on your nerves occasionally, that doesn’t mean they are trolling; it just means you disagree with them, and how they are. In the end, whether a person is a troll, griefer, or innocent user, it does not matter, for the solution is the same: Love and tolerance. It may sound corny, but it really is the solution. Reacting to a troll or griefer just gives them what it wants, and keeps their interest piqued. And if the person is an innocent member, not getting upset can keep an argument from flaring up, which in turn keeps trolls from getting what they want. If people are willing to strive to get along and keep from aggressively arguing, the influence of trolls and griefers can be minimized. And with that, I end this little lecture of mine. Whether you take it with a grain of salt or take it to heart as wisdom, it does not matter. All I ask is that you actually read it, and not just declare it “tl;dr”. As doing so would be annoying. Not trolling, not griefing, just annoying.
  21. We are truly taking over the world, look at number 1 and 6
  22. This is kind of meant to be an article that bronies show their friends to recruit them or their parents to show them why they love MLP. I have posted it on Reddit and edited it countless times to fix bias and get facts straight. Here is my Tumblr if you want to follow it. To kick things off were going to answer the simplest question, what is a brony? A brony is a fan of the Hasbro franchise, My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic. This phenomenon started in the /co/ or comics and cartoons section of 4chan and quickly spread throughout other sections of the website, primarily the /b/ or random section, coining the term “brony”. It is a common misconception that brony is derived from the slang “brother” and “pony”, but in actuality, it came from /b/ random section of 4chan and pony. But why? What makes grown adults and teenagers so attracted to this show intended for 7-year-old girls? There are four simple reasons. The animation quality, the humor, the interaction, and the community. It also helps that the show is created by the mastermind Lauren Faust, the creator of the Power Puff Girls and Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, but lets start off with the animation quality. The show is animated in Flash, a type of animation more familiar to older teenagers and younger adults in the first place. It is incredible quality and made using vectors, a type of animation that has literally unlimited quality potential. The hidden pictures, easter eggs, and small games between the producers and fanbase only add to the quality and attraction of the show. Next, the humor. The show has a large amount of puns, surprisingly slightly made for adults despite the target audience of younger females. Other than that, the producers still have an excellent sense of humor, throwing in at every turn and corner that they possibly can. Thirdly, the interaction. The producers, especially Lauren Faust are specially known for interacting with the community. On of the most prominent examples of such behavior is Derpy Hooves (shown earlier in the Easter Egg link). This figure was originally show as an animation error, but being discovered (again on 4chan) and a large reaction from the fans, the animators put him in as a where’s waldo game for the fans, shown hidden in many of the scenes in odd places. Also, Lauren Faust commonly interacts with the community through her DeviantART. The main reason for the huge spread among all age groups is, without question, the community. MLP has a huge fan base and very active community that helps everybody everypony in times of need or just with desires. There are also hundreds of (pony music videos), spoofs, , , , (Eeyup), and on Youtube. As this is a very simple statement, it is most true to the brony community and shows why many people are attracted naturally to join and help the community. Naturally, due to the basics of human psychology, we are naturally attracted to, and feel tendencies to help, others which offer help, are kind, and do not cause unnecessary harm or suffering to anybody else. This being said, people are naturally afraid to join the community, or at least publicly admit to joining the community or enjoying the show because of the fear of public rejection for enjoying a show intended for 7 year old girls. Only people not afraid of segregation and willing to publicly announce their opinions despite of it are open to the show, keeping egotistical trolls away. This causes the community to be formed primarily of trustworthy welcoming members that love and tolerate to no end. The community is so active, that hundreds of submemes have been formed in its name. To sum it up. If you dislike My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic, you either have not watched it with an open mind, are heavily subjected to bias and negative external influence, or you have not seen the show. It is a very rare occasion that somebody is socially open and active, yet still, after watching it, rejects MLP. Bronies will still love and tolerate the shit out of everypony. Here are some of the best reviews of bronies: -Why Grown Ass Men Like My Little Pony (my favorite) -Urban Dictionary Definition (not professional, but reviews from fans as well has haters) -Know Your Meme Here are some famous bronies: Stephen Colbert (From The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live) Notch (Creator of Minecraft) (Most Subscirbed gaming channel on Youtube)Robert Pattinson (from Twilight)
  23. As many of you have probably noticed, the forum is in a winter wonderland! All of this is thanks to Fluttershy! Sorry, I saw his work and it needed to be recognized as his!