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Found 150 results

  1. So what's your writing tool of choice? I tried to be as inclusive and specific as possible, but this insensitive clod probably missed something. For myself, it has to be the mechanical pencil. It is such genius when you examine it next to a regular pencil. It doesn't have graphite embedded in it, it's added into a chamber for temporary storage until it's needed. You don't need to pull out a pencil sharpener and try futilely to get a sharp point while the graphite breaks each time you get close. For a mechanical pencil, you click a button, shake the pencil or it might automagically feed out for you. Convenience and simplicity. It doesn't have nearly the same amount of class as a fountain pen though, but I can't really use those anyway. They're great writing tools too, but I don't want to risk them leaking in my pocket... Since I'm so frequently on the move, that's my container for writing tools, usb dongles, etc.
  2. Done painting her, think it turned out ¤ok¤ I will probably make the other princesses aswell in a similar fashion. Couldn't fit her whole name in the title... hope you don't mind. Some pictures of the process in the spoiler. Credit to For a wonderful wallpaper!
  3. I thought it was about time I posted a few of my drawings in Octavia's Hall. Hope you like 'em. I used spoilers just to prevent lag and make it look neater. Link. This is an oldey I did as a kid. A couple of fun and silly doodles I invented. Chimp With a Gun. Neytiri. Swimsuit Model. Lingerie Model. Everybody knows who this guy is. If anypony would like to see more of my art, please visit my Redbubble portfolio:
  4. I know it's been a while since the season finale, but I really liked Tirek's design. I did some sketches of him and him and Discord just for fun. They're obviously not finished pieces, but I think I like how they turned out. I'm not quite sure about his magic in the second picture though, that was just such a nice effect in the show. I'm always worried when drawing FIM stuff that my style is too close to the shows, that I'm just copying the designs without really doing much drawing myself. I tried to portray them differently enough to make them interesting to look at, but I like to know what you fine folks think of them. Any thoughts or critiques are appreciated. Also, the pictures are taken from my phone because my digital scanner is in storage at the moment, so please excuse the image quality. Tirek persuading Discord Tirek at full power Closeup of head & magic
  5. This is my first piece of MLP art, its a little rough, and the scan ruined the brown fur. This is Rarity with my OC, Musical Prowess
  6. So a little while ago I drew a few Pokemon. I figured rather than keep creating threads, I'd just shove them all here. My last attempt at a drawing thread was a disappointment, but what the hay, I might try getting back into whatever this is. These are ordered by date Previously posted: Not previously posted Normally I would add a short comment to each one, but today is not that day! Comments and critiques welcome. I won't take harsh critique personally, in fact I think it is the best way to improve; I'm new to this and perfectly aware that they look like garbage.
  7. Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand. I don't care, I'm still free My love for Firefly was recently reawakened (though it never truly slept), and while listening to the theme song, inspiration hit. The characters translate to 'Serenity', which is why I chose Fluttershy for this one. The shading was lazy, and I feel like I messed up the mane and tail, but can't figure out specifically how (yet). I would like to hear your comments and critiques, thanks for stopping by. Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take Flutters from me
  8. Heej everypony, I started drawing a regular female face. Then after a while it kinda started to look like Applejack. What do you think, is it AJ ? "The pencil went through the left eye, which was a first time"
  9. I wonder why shes sad, what do you think?
  10. I was watching a really boring movie, so I made this.
  11. I always find myself doodling Twilight more than the others on my notebook or on worksheets. Season 4 totally changed my favorite pony from Pinkie to Twilight, especially after that epic season finale.
  12. One of my projects that are in the making. The basic model is finished. Edit: His name is Michelangelo, misspelled his name in the topic
  13. This is a WIP of Inara Serra (played by Morena Baccarin) from Firefly, and is my second attempt at drawing a person. It's not great, but compared to my other stuff, it's pretty good. The hair Fortunately it's black, making it easier to cheat. There's more to do, but it's gonna be tedious and difficult, so I'm procrastinating. I'll update this when it is finally done, thanks for stopping by. Edit:It is amazing how mistakes become clearer after going away for a minute. I have come to realize that this is absolute garbage, and will require serious editing before being presentable. This is as done as it is getting. I messed up. Not just a little mistake, I really f**ked up. I was trying to fix it up, but ended up screwing it up beyond salvageability. I may continue working on it for practice, but I can't post it. It's sad, but a learning experience. If you have any general or specific advice or critique, I welcome it.
  14. Still have to finish luna and Twilight since I got lazy toward the bottom. But whatevz, it's not like I'm gonna color it till august when I get a huge pack of prisma colored pencils for my birthday. On a side note, I really liked Twilight's mane when the other three first transferred their magic to her. And then the flowy mane went away and I was sad.
  15. I lied. It's an Eevee :3 This is my fourth Pokemon drawing (Samurott, Pikachu, Sylveon, Eevee). It looks wrong, but I am pleased (at least for now) with how it turned out. I'm open to feedback and critiques, and as always, thanks for stopping by.
  16. Here it is, Frith's third Pokemon drawing: Sylveon. First Samurott, then Pikachu, next is most likely Eevee, though I may change my mind. Better than my last two, but still lacking. As usual, feedback, critiques, and advice are welcome, thank you for checking this out.
  17. Pika Pii :3 This is just a quick (15 min.) doodle of Pikachu done on scrap paper. It's not great, but it did turn out better than expected. Anyway, I'd like to hear your feedback and critiques. Thanks for checking this out.
  18. I had the idea for this one when I saw the following picture Cloudchaser? I didn't know you were an Apple... I'm actually just here for the apple pie... It's admittedly sub-par, but I hope you like it. Criticisms appreciated (don't hold back, I want to know where I screwed up).
  19. So I did these the other day cause I was bored. It's really tough for me to find time to draw ponies and junk. My friend let me borrow his Frozen DVD and let's just say I've watched it 10+ times this weekend. I'm obsessed, I haven't been this obsessed with a movie since Tangled came out. Basically, this is what I've been doing all of today. It's crazy how decent crayola colored pencils can be. .-.
  20. Can't. Breathe. IM FINALLY GONNA SEE FROZEN ON FRIDAY! Yesss. Anywho I doodled these during my Entreprenuership class today.
  21. Latest art in months, the rest are not finished yet. So here you are, non-pony art though, sorry.
  22. Hello It's my first topic and i hope this is appropriate place for my art My native language is not english, so i'm sorry for mistakes Plushies: Needle felting: Pillowcase And drawings and paintings I hope you like it
  23. Wasn't planning on doodling anything, but extreme boredom struck. Stuck in a hotel with my little brothers plus my sister and her boyfriend. .-. Waiting on my parents to come back from house searching.
  24. Nothing new here. I'm going to call this thread dead. I have lost the last of my drive, and I don't see myself making use of it. If I do end up doing anything, drawings can have their own threads, but it seems pointless to bother with this one. Hey everyone. I decided that instead of starting a new thread whenever I want to show off a drawing, I will just put everything here. I am not an artist, and have virtually no experience drawing, which begs the question: why on earth am I starting a thread to show this stuff? I am new to this sort of thing, so I am looking for feedback. Please try to be specific, although general opinions are also good. Before we begin, I do not have a scanner, so all I can show is pictures, not nice scanned copies. And yes, only using pencil is just how I roll.
  25. Two of my drawings in my sketch book. Zebras are my favorite animals, and they look even better when there rainbow Yes, I know they are sideways..