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Found 65 results

  1. Leaving all the "I don't like this, I hate this, I don't like those fans, it's just disgusting and wrong." stuff behind us let's have a friendly discussion here. Let's see what we all bronies and pegasisters have in common. These are rules for discussion 1- No bashing 2- No harsh criticizing 3- Respect everypony here I'm gonna tell about myself first. I like the show so much, I can really relates to some of it's characters. I also like the fandom despite all the "conflicts". I might not approve a few things in the fandom but I respect what other people like as long as they can do same for me. Let us know each other in a better way.
  2. Hello, everyone! I don't often post blogs, but I feel like I've got something to say... Since finding out about the death of our friend, @TempestShadow, I just wanted to say that I feel like this is a reminder that we should be grateful for everyone in our lives because, for all you know, it could be the very last time you see somebody and you will end up regretting it... Although not always in the form of death, there are a lot of people I miss in my life who I've lost, be it friends, family members and even my girlfriend, sometimes without knowing what happened to them, and I honestly regret that I did not spend enough time with them, and it does make me feel like I should get back in touch with these people, even though I'm not sure how I'm going to contact them again, and I don't want to lose anyone else. Going off topic, I feel like everything that has been going on so far in this year has been a bit of a "wake up call" so to speak, and if there is anything you feel like you need to fix, you should probably go fix it before it's too late, and if you feel like you need to do or say something, you should probably do it, because the world isn't going to wait... But most importantly, cherish the time you spend with those you love, and make the most of it, because you never know when it will be the last time you see someone...
  3. Do you like My Little Pony Friendship is Magic or Equestria Girls better I like Pinkie Pie Better as a pony a lot better as a pony to tell you thee truth I think My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is more popular anyway I really enjoy My Little Pony even more but Equestria Girls is good too I still watch that I just with we could see Sunset Shimmer as a pony more often
  4. Have you ever met someone famous? I haven't met anyone extremely famous, like Beyoncé-famous, but I have had the privilege of meeting these people who are noteworthy for one reason or another: - Pat Benatar: Singer who was most popular in the 80s. You probably know "Heartbreaker" or "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." - Fred Couples: Professional golfer. Won The Masters in 1992. - Gabriel Landeskog: NHL player from the Colorado Avalanche. Currently the team's captain. - Milan Hejduk: Former NHL player from the Colorado Avalanche. Stanley Cup winner. Potentially a future hockey hall of famer. - Pierre Turgeon: Former NHL player and current assistant coach with the Los Angeles Kings. - Demaryius Thomas: Denver Broncos star. Super Bowl winner. 5-time Pro Bowl selection. - Kenny Wallace: Former NASCAR driver. Brother of NASCAR champion Rusty Wallace. @Lucky Bolt better know this one. - Kyle Petty: Former NASCAR driver and current broadcaster. The son of Richard Petty, who is widely considered the greatest NASCAR driver of all time. - David Copperfield: The most commercially successful magician/illusionist of all time, with a long career that would make the Great and Powerful Trixie extremely jealous. - Eric Johnson: Grammy Award-winning solo guitarist. Listen to his composition "Cliffs of Dover" and you will be amazed. - Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard, and Chris Wolstenholme: Members of the successful rock band Muse. - Ken Buck: Member of the US House of Representatives from Colorado. - Various local news personalities from the Denver area. - I went to school from 1st grade to senior year of high school with a singer named Kristi Hoopes who appeared on The Voice this year. She was eliminated very early but she did make it far enough to gain some recognition.
  5. No lie, Iove my friends on mlp forums, but they all seem to be older... like as old as my mom (not that old but kind of awkward). I'm just wondering how many teens are on here? any pony?
  6. It was a bummer to see Jeric go; he was one of the good ones. Like, a genuinely good guy. And yeah, he stirred some things up, but they were things that clearly needed stirring. But I'm not going to get any further into all that. The world's not ending; it's not. When it comes down to it, this is just a forum on the internets. You made friends here? Had some good times? Great: None of that is magically undone. Keep in touch; PM your pals and get their Skype or e-mail or what have you and drop them a line sometime. "But I can't talk ponies anywhere else." Yes you can, you goober. MLP:FIM isn't a new thing anymore, and it was never something that warranted being all closeted about it. IM some ponyfans, sport a pony ava on Facebook, or pursue alternatives to MLPF. And FYI: Many of the really cool people either left or hit the mute button at MLPF a billion years ago. The site's been on the decline and had its issues for a while now; this was just things coming to a head. Either hang around and keep posting in the fan clubs or forum games or move on - and meet up someplace else. Things'll be all right.
  7. How would you describe yourself? Just use adjectives or other descriptor type words and/or phrases to describe yourself, your situation, anything you. I'll start. Young, on my own...kinda messy...trying to save enough to go to college but broke...looking for yeah. Bachelor. How would you describe yourself?
  8. I work at a hardware store, and they recently hired a new coworker (we'll call him Brad). One day, I'm eating my lunch in the break room when Brad walks in. "Hi Brad!" I say politely. Brad stares at me for a second, and then begins to shift his eyes across my body, as if he's inspecting me. A smile creeps across his face. "You're a virgin, aren't you?" he says plainly. "...what kind of a question is that?" I reply. "You don't have to be embarrassed." he says, still grinning from ear to ear. "Even if I was, how could you even tell?" I replied, shifting uncomfortably in my chair. " just have a way about you." he says. "I can almost guarantee you that Ryan is virgin, too." "You barely even know Ryan." "I know enough." Brad says decisively. "I know that he doesn't make eye contact when he talks to me." "So?" "So, he's f*cking whipped. He's got absolutely no game. Trust me, I know the type. Goes home, eats dinner, watches TV, goes to bed. Nothing goin' on in his pants. Unless..." Brad motions towards his left hand, wiggling his fingers back and forth. "Unless little lefty here is putting out." "Whatever." I reply. At this point, I'm feeling ridiculously self-conscious. I mean, everybody masturbates...not just me and Ryan. I'm normal, right? There's nothing wrong with me. I make eye contact with people (mostly). I've had a couple girlfriends. Never really got sexual ever, but--- "You don't believe me, do you?" he says, still grinning. "Trust me, once you get a little'll know what I'm talking about." Brad winks at me, then leaves the break room. My head is spinning. I know that most of you are thinking that Brad is just a gross pervert who's trying to get under my skin, it true that some men are able to identify whether somebody has had sex or not? Is he taking a wild guess, or did he prematurely come to that conclusion based on how friendly I was to him? Does he perceive friendliness as a sign of weakness? Is this some sort of "wolf pack" male initiation ritual that I'm unaware of? Do guys regularly size each other up by suggesting that one of them gets less sex than the other? I've never had somebody talk to me that way, not even in school.
  9. Y'know, it's crazy just how many types of people there are. Even if two people are related, they usually are still very different. I know everyone is different, but I've been pondering the reason behind this. If anyone has the answer, please let me know
  10. Hi everybody ! In all my fucking life, ive been the "fag" in every single group of friends that i get. And you are going to laugh, Im not gay ! And whatever nothing is wrong about being gay, but its soo frustrating to be called something that you are not. I don't even look like what people think gay looks like..... I want to found someday some friends that don't judge, that don't say bullshit, that are "real" friend :'(. When a heard about the brony community, i become so obscece about cuz this is a community of people that just do all they want without thinking of what other fucking people think. Idk why i tell you all that shit, its only a complain about people in general. I hope someday my friends are going to be bronies, or tolerants like bronies. Just give me hope people, the kindness people that i met was bronies man <3 love you all <3 Add me if you want to be my friend ! Im french btw
  11. The enemy is coming and want to destroy all you love and treasure. Would you go to Battle with the person above you? If you would, why is that? If you wouldn't, why is that?
  12. Easy thread. Write a quote from a person, that you feel very strong about. Person can be famous, fictional, or your family, dosen't matter. I start with mine. "I grew up with an alcoholic father. He never beat me, he never raised a hand against my mother or anything like that, but I'd seen enough stupid and ridiculous things between that, my mother and her prescription pills, and just hanging out with an older crowd when I was a kid, that I didn't understand a lot of the fun to what partying was, so I just never did it. I didn't understand waking up next to somebody you don't remember going to bed with; I didn't understand getting, you know, blackout drunk and not remembering the good times you have with your buddies; and I feel so strongly about it that I've just always been this way—it just made sense." -Phil Brooks, AKA CM Punk EDIT: The reason i pick this, is because i was also never the biggest party guy. I drink a bit of alcohol, but not that i get a blackout and remember nothing. You should cherish the moments you spend with your friends.
  13. So, it's basically as the title implies. If there's anything that's really irking you or you need to get some weight off your shoulders, this is the place. Post your anger and just let it all out. I guess I'll start: I have this friend who insists on being superior and undermines me all the time. I can't tell her how I feel because even giving her the tiniest hint that she's being a jerk will result in her completely overreacting and I'll be "the traitor". We've been friends for so long that I don't want to loose her friendship but she's treating me like I don't matter. I don't think she even knows she's doing it! Jesus Christ! I just want to be able to freely speak my mind to her! Fire Away!
  14. Warning, If you are easilly offended with the Occult or other such subjects, read no further. As the title says, what subjects are you interested in that others may find disturbing? For me, i am interested in strange or mysterious religions. More specifically, Cults. I find Neo-Pagan and other Cults such as the Warlocks very interesting. The Occult and the Satanic Church are all so fascinating. I am an atheist myself and don't actually practice or believe the religions I study, I just find them interesting. Anyway, what are you people interested in.
  15. That's right, I'm interested. totallynotasellout
  16. Is anyone who does not have a skype and is fed up with people that say you can contact me only on Skype?,I'm kinda fed up not everybody has a Skype account and some don't want a Skype account. I do not have a Skype account but when I try too participate in a roleplay or something else some of the times they say you can only contact me on Skype and Skype makes it easier for the roleplay. I wondering if some of the people are fed up with this. Update: I forgot too tell why I don't have one we'll my dad and I maybe see if Skype works on this intel mac,I'm sorry if I forgot too and stuff this is why I was fed up because of two things my dad is busy and takes free time of his but I told him the other day.
  17. Anypony, a fan of witch shows ? Well if you are and been loving the characters of Izziac and Mary Rieley and been watching wait until the season finale next week enjoy everypony!
  18. I was inspired by the drama the bronies had made on the Internet, and then teenage girls' obsession with high school dramas (and their sloppy plotlines), when I did this.
  19. My favorite songs right now are Problem by Ariana Grande and Human by Christina Perri. I was wondering if anybody else knew these songs and liked them so I'm just wondering......what are your favorite songs? This is my first post so please be nice in the comments. Thank you!
  20. We should not try to convert people? OK, maybe suggest the show. But don't get in their faces. Because quite frankly, some of the 'lesser liked parts' of the fandom will have them running and screaming away from you. Close minded and immature of them, but a factor nonetheless. I mean Bronies going around 'converting' people with such messages as join the herd kinda creeps me out. OK, granted we Bronies don't have a massive military or political power to convert every human on the planet. But nonetheless these Bronies want more Bronies by trying to 'convert' people are kinda of creepy. Our fandom is already big, and it would grow with or without this whole conversion of people into Bronies. We have to be careful, we could be labeled as something like Borg from Star Trek. To put it simply, not everyone will become a Brony. Unless hypothetically, some evil overlord that's also a Brony takes over the world and forces everyone to be a Brony or die. And just because someone is a Brony, doesn't mean they are some high moral person. They can be the next Ted Bundy and still be a Brony.
  21. Note: This is NOT a "what would my cm be?" thread. Yesterday, I began wondering what would happen if people had cutie marks. Just like in MLP, they'd appear when one finds a talent. It would probably be on you arm, not on your hip. I'm not wondering how it could be made a reality, so please don't even think about it. Also, I'm not referring to humans as in EQG, I mean real-life people. I imagine that it would be a game-changer for jobs. Since it would prove what you're talented at, it would show people if you're good (or bad) for a job. It would be like another college degree. It would also help you in decisions, since it would essentially foretell your destiny. It'd be funny to see what politicians' cutie marks would be. Also, it would probably be a big thing to have a unique mark. For example, if someone became the first person to get a video game cutie mark, they'd get a lot of attention. Any other ideas?
  22. Was there ever a time you did a good deed in which no one else would? Perhaps someone fell and you helped them up, while everyone pointed and laughed? Or maybe you prevented someone from getting bullied? Let us know below!
  23. What the title says. What member of the forums do you think would make a good element of harmony? Like person #1 is honesty, person #2 is generosity, ect. All you need to do is list off the element and the member you think represents it the best. There probably won't be very many for magic huh? The only rule is You can pick anyone but yourself! Go!
  24. I'm not sure if this is in the right section, so if it isn't, could someone fix that? Also, I'm not sure if a similar topic already exists. Anyways, I was thinking: what if everyone in the world (or at least everyone with technology) instantly became bronies? What results would arise if that happened? I think it would probably be a good thing for mankind, but since it's never happened before, there's no way for me to think of an accurate result. What do you think?
  25. I wanted to dedicate this thread to YOU. You people are awesome. When I registered at Equestria Forever, I knew it was a fairly big forum and I was working my reputation higher there, but lately I felt the magic was gone so I just left (not without goodbye's though!) and registered here. And I have to say, I absolutely LOVE this site! It is so much more active I can hardly keep up with the action. On that forum it was basically possible to stay with the activity stream but here it is impossible. The people here are nice, too. Of course I'm not saying people were horrible on that site (I gotta give probs for the site for offering me so many nice friends for my loneliness), but at times there was a lot of drama. Even if it happened here, it could be pretty minor as the activity level is high, it would just sink in. I've been friendless for pretty much my whole life, and seeing as I'm unable to get friends easily in real life, internet is my comfort and particularly this forum (and EqF). I've made so many friends I'd gladly share time with... And when I shared my art there, people hardly noticed it, of course, with clearly less people and activity, but here, only here do I understand how much people appreciate my work! I've been here for only a bit longer than a week and I already have plenty of brohoofs! My art thread was also marked "popular" shortly after, which was unexpected for me. And now that I received feedback, some people said they would even PAY for my work, which was even more unexpected, leaving me speechless. How could I, the unknown hobbyist receive so much feedback so easily? All thanks go for this site. Sure, there are a lot better artists out there but this is just the change I needed. During my time in EqF I felt a bit depressed and annoyed at multiple times, to say the least, and now that I left the site, I feel much more lightier and happier, like as if a heavy load was removed from my shoulders. I don't know for sure, but it might be the site itself caused the pain, and now that I left, I'm much more happier. This also makes it easier to be here. Like I noted above, the people here are very kind. This is probably the first forum I actually enjoy my time on (although this site is obviously optimized for down to 13 year olds, forcing a good atmosphere). But still, I have absolutely NO idea what awaits me on this site. Being a casual art hobbyist and a lazy gamer I'm hardly noticed anywhere, or paid attention on. Here, on this very site, all kinds of opinions and feedback arise. I like that. I want to say it one more time, thank you. Thanks for this awesome site and keep it up! Let's make friends, not war!