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Found 65 results

  1. Through my 20 years of life, people have said thousands of things to me, maybe even millions. But ten things stand out among all the rest. The 10 things that people have said to me, that pissed me off the most. Get ready, and prepare yourself for the anger show lolz. 10: "Women are Objects" ----- Very old memory, of my best friends fathers favorite drunken slur. 9: "When it comes down to it, your worthless trash" --- In a fight. I ended up kicking his ass after me said this. 8: "Only gay guys watch MLP" --- Intolerant punk from another forum 7: "Gays shouldn't marry, because the bible says they are wrong."----- A priest in my old church. When he said that, i left the christian faith. 6: "Animals don't have feelings." ------ I dont remember who said this, but it made me MAD!!! 5: "If something cant protect itself, then it deserves to die." --- Abortion argument none-the-less 4: "I'm superior." ----- Same guy from # 9. 3: "I'm right because i'm more intelligent than you." ------ My teacher made a glaring mathematical mistake, and refused to see it. I later showed it to another teacher who proceeded to explain to him. 2: "The only reason women exist is to make babies, and serve men." ------- A player from my old school used to say this all the time. No wonder he never could get a dedicated GF. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` 1: " Only the rich deserve to live. Poor people are stupid, lazy, and incompetent." ----- A republican Senator said this to me. I had won a lunch with him, and i was sharing my ideas for the homeless problems with him. When he said this i took my tea, tossed it on him and left the restaurant. I just cant stand ignorant people.......
  2. My friend keeps on telling me that I'm too negative, and that I should "stop being so pessimistic". First of all, I'm not being overly negative. Second, why the f*** would I be happy all the time? Not everything in life is worth being happy about, there are things in life that make me angry, sad, annoyed, anxious, etc. So depression, I don't have it. Do some people at school think I have it? Yes, they do. I'll admit though, I might have had it in the past. About a year ago, I was picked on A LOT and on top of that, I had no friends. I still remember wanting to either kill myself or kill a bunch of people then commit suicide. Now I have a few friends, and I'm not suicidal anymore. I don't like talking to other people, I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, I just prefer peace and quiet. My grandma told me "You should be more friendly and greeting of people. It looks nice". Well, I don't like to interact with people, I'm just not that kind of person. I've also met plenty of stupid people that I have no desire in being friends with. Then, there are the people who are straight up a-holes, who annoy the s*** out of me. I really don't want to associate myself either group, I'm fine with having a couple of good friends and that's about it. I really hate being in a large group of people, it really annoys me. Like I said before, I just like being alone in the quiet and I hate being around a lot of people. It makes me feel all icky and weird.
  3. This is a very simple concept. Name the object closest to you in the following directions. Above Below To the Right To the Left In front I'll start! Above me is my diagonal ceiling Below me is my comfy computer chair (gray) to the right of me would be my ride cymbal to the left of me would be my guitar cable In front of me is my shady logitech microphone YOUR TURN!!!
  4. My parents already know I'm a brony. They're pretty okay with it, they just said as long as I don't like get obsessed with it and like watch it every day (oooooooopppssss??? ). They know that there are other people watch it that are teens/grown-ups, they don't know the word "brony" though or what the fandom is called anyways. But I'm too young to go to any store by myself, I don't have a car, and I don't have a credit card (so I can't buy something myself). FYI I'm 13, if it helps though I could pass for 16. So how should I ask them to get like shirts and stuff? I don't want any toys (yet :I) though. Though I do have a plan: Next time I go to the mall with my mom (yay, 2 hours of pure fun. *sarcasm*) I bring money (for the shirt) and ask if I can go to gamestop (and bring my gamestop giftcard too, I have one) by myself and tell her that I'm responsible enough. If she says yes (there's a 60% chance this will happen), I'm pretty sure there is a Hot Topic in my local mall. I could go in there and get a pony shirt, run to gamestop, get a game that's like, not-rated M, my mom would freak -_-, put the shirt in the gamestop bag, and then walk back to my mom. Tell me if this is a good plan please? If it's not just remember I said I had A plan not A GOOD plan
  5. 'Ello everypone, welcome to another episode of Motion Spark's rants. I'm going to talk about poor people, now, If you think that I'm always likable and overall a good guy I'm going to confess to y'all something that it may me look like a total scumbag. I don't like poor people (I don't hate them all, but I just have a lot of disconfort with them at first sight), yeah I said it, they actually bother me, their presence it's annoying to me and I can't be around them for much time, especially if they smell bad or are ugly, or don't have nice clothes. Just a couple of minutes ago, some sort of an old random woman came to my house asking for something to eat. The cleaning lady was outside, and I was sitting with my laptop on the kitchen table. As soon as I hear that annoyingly soothing voice calling "heeeeello". My blood started to boil, and I started to get stressed because I have very little pattience of these people who asks for things from house to house, to rob or sell things that we obviously don't need. I stood up and looked through the window to see who was this person, while the cleaning lady went to the porch to see what the hell she wanted, then she came inside and told me that this woman was hungry, that she would get her some coffee, I rolled my eyes, and told her, go get the coffee I'll watch her, like as if I was expecting her to pull out a gun or a knife to threaten us to give everything we own. My mom taught me to not to trust in anyone. While she was waiting outside the house, my eyes never left her while I was looking at her, with despise. Yes, I despised her already, I was thinking. "Why she wasted her life like that, to end up asking for food in random houses?", "why is she so poor?", "where in hell is she going to sleep tonight?", "why my house, damnit!". Then the cleaning lady came out with a cup of coffee (the cup was disposable of course) and a pack of crackers and she gave them to her. I even hated the way she drank that coffee. If I was home alone, I would probably wouldn't make any sound or just hide so she would thought that the house was empty. Yes, I'm THAT dickhead. Also, I can't stand these people who sell things on the streets, or in buses, I think they annoy the hell out of the drivers and passengers who are already stressed with their own problems. And on top of that, if they can't get people to buy their crap they start to mention God or mention how shitty their life is in order to manipulate the weaker of the minds so people can "feel touched" by their stories and naively buy their crap (by crap I meant, crappy stickers, crappy pens or pencils, crappy gums, crappy keychains, crappy everything!). But I'm not buying that bullshit. Also I remember telling my neighbours friends when I was much younger, that I would be ashamed if my dad was a taxi driver, they called me an asshole for saying that, but that was what I trully meant. I fill my mouth saying that I'm humble, down to earth and whatnot, but by no means I would accept to live under a hard economical situation, I guess I am an spoiled kid, which I never dared to call myself. I have no right to judge these people because I'm ignorant of what things they are going through and how hard their life is, and I learned in church (wow! I'm quoting church), that I should not give my back to any person because that person could be Jesus in disguise, and I just feel so bad to be THIS judgemental but I just can't help it. Am I right to be like this about them? am I wrong? you know it's an internat battle between morals, justice and what's right and what's wrong. But at the same time it's just not fair to put their children to sell things for them. I don't remember the last time I went to the McDonald's auto-mac without encountering kids trying to sell shit to me, and if I refuse to buy, they say that they are hungry and they want money. I always ended up giving them some coins, but it's obvious that they are being manipulated by adults because their words are so mechanical it's very clear they've learned what to say when people don't want to buy their shit. Is this they way they want to succeed in life, their parents teach them to ask for money, and that's what are they gonna do for the rest of their lives. That's the part that make me dislike poor people, because they are not hungry for this world, they don't strive for success. They want everything given to them in their hands, since it's more easier to ask for money. I'll say FUCK THEM ALL, they can be anything they want but they just prefer to have the easier way to get an income. UPDATE: The cleaning lady just told me that after she drank her coffee, she was shameless enough to ask for money to buy a gas barrel. See my point here? I'm even more pissed to poor people now
  6. Ok today in school some moron in my biology class kept touching my hair saying it was soft and like the total moron my teacher is sitting in her chair being brain dead and doesn't do anything so next time he touched my hair (This may seem extreme). When the bottled up hate inside me was about to explode imagine a nuke with a fuse the size of a firecracker i swear i was about to shove this pencil so far up your a$$ engrave my name into his memory. I was never expecting something like this to come out off my mouth, I am a very nice person but then to make him think i meant i stared at him and gave him a smile but it looked so serious that he stopped messing with my dam hair and the people around me the rest of the day now. I feel horrible for doing that but the guy is so ignorant about everything he think Africa is in china and asks way more stupid questions and never stops talking when the teacher is i don't now what do u think should i apologize to him i really don't now this has never really happened to me before i feel so weird
  7. Ok today was the first day off my 3 day weekend and my mom came over as usual wasting 20 dollars on gas. Cause all she wanted to do was take a 2 hour long bath and a half and hour long shower cause see just so desperately needs my help like how to copy and paste and use the printer. I swear when i leave California my mom is just going to be clue less she always needs me to either help with here collage classes (P.s im in high school) and when im done and see needs to mail a letter she is to lazy to drive to the post office . but she will drive here every few days just to take a shower and to do her laundry i even offer to fix her washing machine and she says no. I just don't now whats going to happen to her when i leave and my grandma when well.. you know kicks the bucket. God i just want to scream at here when see screams at me for trying to help her i just don't now what to do with her see just drives me up the wall sometimes but most off the times she is very nice but will accuse me of not doing something i did like take a shower or brush my teeth but i love her and my my total crazy family that would make people in a insane asylum look sane so how is your day probably better than mine
  8. Hi everypony, i wanted to talk about something that's been on my mind for about a week now. I was thinking when the MLP go's off the air (and it will just like every other awesome show) what will happen to the brony's? I have meet a lot of nice people and i would like to stay friends with them, as many of you would to. (i would think) Also i don't want all us pony's to forget on what the show has given us, It has shown us how to be good friends it has shown us how to love and tolerance one another (for good and the bad) it's given us a place to call are own, hell if we did not have this one thing we all loved we would never know one another. Anyways it was a thought and maybe something you all may want to think about to... Also one more thing then the show dies or the fourm whatever one go's first i want everyone to send a message to all the goodfriends they made on here so everyone can stay in touch.
  9. Have any of you ever seen the forum/facebook game where someone posts as their topic/ status something like: "comment on this status and I'll tell you a truth."? This is a variation. You tell a truth about the person above you, whether it be something postive, negative, personality, or anything that you think about that person. Since no one's above me, I think the banner up there ^ should really lose a couple pounds (:
  10. Was there a thread like this? If so, I didn't spot it. I received this video in an email and was positively impressed. Post any other pictures, videos and stories Of the world's awesomeness and beauties! They can be about nature, people, or art; The result can be great, touching, smart. (Wow, I didn't realize that rhymed so well Until I read it, and found it so very swell.)
  11. What do you think the mane 6 would be like if they were Humans in our world? What colleges they would go to? what Jobs would they have, etc? Sorry if the picture startles you out too much
  12. I thought I might show you some of my photography and see if I can get some opinions to help me improve. This was from my very first baby shoot. She had such an adorable little laugh. It's a simple picture but I quite like it all the same. Looking at it now I think I should have probably put him in the light rather than the shade. These are both for my artwork. They are about the elements earth,fire, air and water. There are a couple of examples. If you have anything that might improve my photography in future then that would be extremely helpful.
  13. I have this friend at school who after I told him about Bronies, went ahead and watched the first two episodes. I thought for sure he would get hooked like I did, but I guess he didn't. The next day he only complained about the predictability of the show and how it was stupid and for little kids. I told him to watch a few more episodes, and he eventually got to somewhere around the CMC. But even after that he still said it was cheesy, predictable, and boring. I guess I have to accept the fact that he has different tastes, but Im kind of surprised seeing we generally have common interests. Also, Im amazed that he has watched so many episodes and still does not like the show. So I guess Im asking if any of you know of anybody who has actually taken the time to really watch the show and still not liked it.
  14. How do you like your ponies? human like or horse like? ive noticed during the show, often there are times where the ponies will use there hooves to hold and or pull things that would normally be impossable to do with hooves and not hands, but i have never minded it. and then there are other times where they use thier mouths and keep all fours on the floor. again i don't mind this, but its starting to cause me to wonder... Things like have always stuck out to me but neer been a probelm... and then u have normal (ish) situations like so which do you all prefer? Human like ponies? or Pony... like ponies lol.
  15. My school hates bronies so no one knows. How about you?