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Found 41 results

  1. i was wondering (if you have enough time on your hands) if you can do an image of; Parso (my OC) http://i1072.photobu...dOCnameless.png (cutie mark): http://i1072.photobu...ria/images1.jpg ..and Lotus: (the blue spa pony, I'm sure you know) http://images4.wikia..._gasp_S1E20.png ...and put them so they're snuggling (please keep it G-rated -_-) you'd be doing me a really big favour by doing this. hand-drawn, digital or vector, it doesnt matter, as long as there is colour. thanks in advance to anyone that'll do this for me oh maybe i also forgot to mention....yes, that is a fedora he's wearing and his rightful tail is in image 1, the tail in image 2 is terrible
  2. Hey there, Ponydox here, just thought you might want to know me a little better and all that jazz, so I took it upon myself to create a thread where you can ask me questions. So, go ahead, ask away.
  3. Okay I dont have alot of time so here it is. I need someone with Heart gold to trade with me. I have a vulpix I will trade for a Growlithe, Gorwlithe is my fav pokemon so if someone would give me their friend code I could Meet you and tarde Vulpix, for Growlithe. If you want something other than a Vulpix please say so but dont make it an insane request please. Thank you VERY much if you can help me I have been wanting a Growlithe for a VERY long time!!
  4. Wolf Angel

    Rant Time! #1

    Eeyup. It's time for my first rant! So lets get started~ Rant topic: Love and Tolerate Rant level: possible foul language, possible hate, potential for hypocrisy, 50% chance for headaches, 80% chance of butthurt (Surprise! It's not about alicorns! Oh, but that rant will be coming real soon. And it will be a doozy~) Okie dokie. So first, I will say that the phrase "Love and Tolerate" doesn't bother me in the slightest. In my personal opinion, "Love and Tolerate" looks better on shirts and images (like the one I have here), but it's a nice little moral thingy to live by if you happen to be into those kinds of things. *shrug* Personally, I don't follow the motto thingy (though I do have a t-shirt that says it.) I follow a different motto; do unto others what others have done unto you~ Anyways, my slight problem is with people who seem to think that you need to "Love and Tolerate" EVERYTHING. ._. From my understanding (and mind you, I'm probably wrong about this), "Love and Tolerate" means to come to an understanding that not everyone will think like you, that everyone is going to be different--either by looks, ideology, or what have you--and that you should just "love" and "tolerate" them, because that is just how they are. Now, from what I also understand, L&T does not apply to uber bad people like murderers (cold-blooded murder, not self-defense murder mind you) and rapists, etc. I think we could all agree to that, at the very least. Yet some people think L&T applies to EVERYONE. Or EVERYTHING. Buuut it doesn't~ So, let me split this into two parts: To the uber pro-L&Ters: If you truly want to believe that you should L&T /everything/ and /everyone/, then have at it hoss. But don't push your ideology onto others, because you are only going to get verbally torn a new asshole. And to the uber anti-L&Ters: L&T does not mean you need to L&T everything and everyone. Yes, there are silly people out there who swear up and down that you /need/ to follow it, but don't pay them any mind. Ignore-list them if you have to. But the phrase does not need to be abolished, and people who wish to follow the motto--uber or not--are not idiots or band-wagoners or whatever the hell you may have been calling them. So just calm your balls down and let them live their life and you live yours. If you can't handle people who follow the motto for whatever reason, then the ignore-list is your friend. (And pro-L&Ters, this goes for y'all too.) So yeah. Not a very long rant. This isn't something that bothers me, to be honest. (There is only one thing about this fandom that pisses me off to ungodly amounts of seething anger, but this ain't it.) But I've always been intrigued at the odd debates this simple little... motto?... causes. Anyhoo, I apologize for any headaches you may have gotten~ Byyye~ From your intrigued alicorn-loving lurker, Wolfie~
  5. Star Fox 64 is a classic N64 game, and considered the best in the series. The game lets you take control of Fox McCloud, the son of James McCloud, the former leader of Star Fox, a mercenary for hire group. Prior to the setting of the game, the Star Fox Team: James McCloud, Pigma Dengar, and Peppy Hare were sent to check on the banished mad scientist Andross on the barren, lifeless planet Venom. Pigma betrayed his colleauges for money and later joined Andross' own mercenary for hire group, Star Wolf. James was killed, and Peppy barely managed to escape. He telled Fox about his dad's fate, Fox swore vengance on Andross. Years later, Andross mounted an attack on the Lylat system with his newfound army, conquering every planet, until Corneria was the last bastion of power in Lylat. Fox recruited ace pilot Falco, mechanical wizard Slippy, and veteran Peppy. These four furry animals would free Lylat from Andross. Discuss anything about this classic game.
  6. Alright, I thought this would fit here, seeing it has to do with something creative... Anyways , I'm making GMod videos for my youtube channel, and well, I want to start a tennis with someone. Here are the requirements to make it: Garry's Mod ( ) MLPPack (MLP:FiM Mane Six character models + Derpy) The Squee sound (From many smiling scenes) Any Clip editing program (Windows Movie Maker is preferred, That's what I use and it works fine) Please tell me if stuff like this doesn't fit in here, I'm new to forums, and it seemed a good place to put it. Back to the GMod: You WILL need youtube, this is all going on youtube. I'll also need to know your Youtube name, so I can link the episodes together with your episodes with annotations. My youtube is on my profile, if anyone has checked (EDIT: The link for my Youtube is not working, so my account is Zninja091, who asks. Wish I could rename it ). I'm not too sure on how many episodes there will be, but each one can be any amount of time, but please nothing under 30 seconds. I need to try to make it a want-to-watch series. Not to be a hipocrit or anything, but they need to have a little bit of length, you know . Final thing, I'm not doing tutorials on how to make GMod videos. I can give tips however, but I don't go into full-length tutorials. So, here are tips: 1 - My style : find something to look at in the screen shot while finding something to stand on, since I cant use seperate cameras for working. (Laptops have no Numpad ) 2 - Window Movie Maker - place all the shots in the order you want,then use Video Tools to put an appropriate time for each shot, mainly in milliseconds,unless its a freeze shot. 3 - sound - find your sound clip that you want to use (Movie Maker), and put it in. you'll need to listen carefully to the sound, and repeat a few times if you think its in the right place. often its a little off or a little too early. Well, just post down if you want to help or go to my Youtube and look up the video, I guess. The Video has the sme name as this post, and it has little views. So, you'll need to look in my upload list. Brohooves to all the Bronies and Pegasisters!
  7. Hello ponies of this internet! My name is Dr. Malformis Incognito, grand chemist of the Royal Alchemy Society in Canterlot. But you probably knew that. I specialize in brewing everything from elixirs to poisions, potions to curses, and my special Mimosas are to die for. So that's why I've opened this thread! Simply ask me anything, and you'll know the answer (besides where the key to the society's base is)! I await your questions! -Mal Inc
  8. This is a compilation of my favorite background ponies (which is almost every single one). Just made a little thing 'cause I was bored. Questions, comments, ETC. apprieciated but not necessary. It DOES make a nice wallpaper if you tile it Here's the DA link, I really don't use mine at all really, I just made it so that no-one would take the username. It's MINE! http://adashofrainbo...onies-309832523
  9. Alright, so I found the voice and theme I want. Skyler Grey - Invisible. I've been looking for an acapella and to no avail! Can't find it anywhere... Here's the song btw... [media=] [/media]
  10. Please support my AMV because I worked hard on it! thanks! And don't forget to like
  11. You know whats better then curling up in bed, eating your favorite snack, and reading a good book? Trixie doing the exact same thing, only better. :3 Feel free to contact Apple Bloom or Me if you happen to have any further questions on the subject. And if not... Join in on the party!
  12. hi gonna be super-brief here. so feathers, zoop, and rose are my valentines. no don't ask me why, this is just me being silly here. so anyways, could someone please, pretty please make a valentine's drawing of viscra x my 3 valentines? i know this is a dumb idea, and re-heally out of the blue, but i really want to see it, so pleeaaaaaassee? for the record, mine and feathers ponies (forgot to tell, make this with ponies) are in my sig, Rose is of course the pony Rose from the show, and Zoop is up for your interpretation, as he does not have a pony of his own. i know this is highly unlikely to ever get done, but i really want to see this happen, and if you do this, i will love you forever for doing this super-silly request for me. :3 so, umm, please? pretty please?
  13. Alright, get ready everypony for FRIDAY NIGHT SYNCHTUBE!!! Totally not quoting Apple Bloom Quoting Kurtiss, nope, not at all. Applelie.jpg Alright, lets get it on and watch endless videos of Trixie Ponies!
  14. Since Tom the Rock and Kurtiss aren't on, I decided to take this upon myself. (Repost from Kurtiss with a few changes) The Synchtube Pony Party will take place in MLPForum's official synchtube room! - - What is it? Synchtube let's us watch YouTube videos (or other media). We're all synchronized, so we all see the same thing. What will we be doing? Watching pony-related videos of course! The playlist will be unlocked so you can add your favourite videos for everyone to see. Do I need to sign-up? Nope! Just enter a nickname and you're all set! If you have any questions feel free to message me or Kurtiss. So get in here everypony and lets have some fun!
  15. ((I'm not completely certain if this belongs here, Everfree Forest, or the Administrative Section. So feel free to move this mods.)) Its friday night, and I'm bringing back an old tradition that forms a corner stone of this very community. Back in the before times at the 3DSForums. And that's FRIDAY NIGHT SYNCHS! Where we watch videos of ponies, music about ponies, art directed to ponies, videos explaining the finer concepts of ponies, and a fat old capitalist raging over ponies. And we all chat merrily as we eat popcorn and drink refreshments from our computer desk. So please now, pull up a chair, join us at any time as we watch, chat, vote, and lol over the very thing that ties us together.