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Found 249 results

  1. Nika

    A few Ponies

    Just some more ponies I have been drawing on Paint Tool SAI. Each of them I made a speed art video, I will upload it soon and put a link up. Soft Kitty is the allicorn. Digital Designs is the Pegasus Shimmer Heart (My ponysona) is the unicorn Please Feedback <3
  2. Brush Stroke, the stallion, is my ponysona. Silver Laurel, the mare, is one of my best friend's OCs. Brush Stroke is trying to concentrate even though his attention sucks. It was a rough drawing, so quality definitely isn't the best. Note: They are married.
  3. Since it seems I have lost a truly special friend today as of stupid actions, here is my emotional piece to accompany it. I honestly do not feel well or right at all, and hope that this serves as a reminder to me as how not be towards a friend, even in rage. My OC crying in pain.
  4. Nika


    Okay, this is the last and final design of my ponysona. :3 I drew this on Paint Tool SAI with my WACOM Intuos 5 graphics tablet. There will be a speedart of this drawing soon. What do you think?
  5. As the topic name states, how did you come across a thought for your OC/Ponysona? How did you come up with things like: - Appearance - Abilities - Personality - And other things you can possibly think about! Also how did you even begin to start of an OC/Ponysona, did yah do it for RP sake or just for fun thoughts, maybe for extra fun, do you use your OC/Ponysona often and for things like PC avatar/backgrounds? I`m really interested in hearing your OC`s/Ponysona`s Orgins!
  6. You ever try to draw your OC as another species? If so, post it here. If not, now's your chance to try. Here's an example: my ponysona as a...well, buffalosona.
  7. so I bragged in my introduction topic about drawing and I'm here to do it justice... I have some arts gathered on my general tumblr I also occasionally draw for Pun Pony project aaand some more of my deviantart pony arts that have not been posted on tumblr critics are most welcome o3o
  8. So I haven't got much done since I've moved into my dorm. I started a bigger sketch of my ponysona but it's hardly colored since I was having trouble picking a color scheme. Thus I did a tiny doodle on a sticky note to help pick out colors.
  9. After about 3-4 weeks, I finally finished it.
  10. So yeah, I haven't really ever sat down and drew myself a ponysona. I've tried but never really got anything to stick. But here's a little doodle I did just a few minutes ago. Things may change but that's the fun in working out the kinks. Her name is Sunshine Bliss. Her cutie mark is a happy sun with a couple tiny water waves. Happy suns are happy. Still picking out the color scheme for her. so that's why it's totally not colored
  11. I need help with the naming of my ponysona I like the color scheme I eventually used I just need a name because I can't seem to come up with one. The cutie mark is going to be (I'm going to save up my dA points for both my ponysona and my oc's cutiemarks) a hand mirror like the one that is in the picture with a fountain pen,like the one pictured, going across it.
  12. ahhhh I haven't drawn my ponysona, Star Blossom, in a very long time ;3;
  13. I don't remember what those bead things are called, but I made a pony with them.
  14. I decided to try out a new style on Acrylic Flow, my rule 63 ponysona. (I am better at drawing mares.) I painted her using an acrylic brush tool.
  15. Hello all! I'm new here, so I'll just go ahead and share a bit of my artwork. Let's start with my OC (my ponysona to be exact) in some armour! And now, Twilight with some armour! Let me know what you think!
  16. I created a more show accurate version of Acrylic Flow. Still not perfect though.
  17. This I think could be addressed. My OC has OCD. Do you think that other ponies in Equestria can have something along the lines of OCD or autism? If we look at Derpy, would it be possible for the shows creators to bring up Strabismus or Amblyopia? As for handicaps, we got Trade Ya; that one pony with a wheelchair. So I would think they can introduce characters similar to Rain Man in my opinion. Now about OC's if you saw a character that someone created and they gave said character a disability or a mental handicap like autisim. Would they get bonus points? I mean, I have Aspergers (or whatever it's called now) and I gave my pony OCD and a made up pony type of disorder called Four Clover Syndrome (which is like autisim). Please try to support why it can be a good or bad idea. This is a discussion after all.
  18. Hey Everyone! I'm Pixie Doodle and I'm here to answer your questions and get to know some more ponies! So ask away!
  19. This is my sister's ponysona, Eternity Ending, she designed it, I just did the vector.
  20. My first Pony OC and my ponysona
  21. Ask me anything. You can ask my oc's: 1.Light Fire~Info about her:</p> 2.Windy Fire~Info about her: 3.Wind Fire~Info about her: 4.Strawberry Sunshine 5.Sugar Snow 6.Princess Love 7.Princess Starshine 8.Turn Table 9.Paint 10.Bitten Tail 11.Cloudy Flight~Info about her:<a data-ipb="nomediaparse" href=""></a></p> 12.Light Shine 13.Rocking Rhythm 14.Princess Star Moon Dreams 15.Princess Lu 16.Princess Royal Music Beats 17.Princess Pink Diamond~Info about her:<a data-ipb="nomediaparse" href=""></a></p> 18.Cotton Candy 19.Dj Loyalty 20.Harmonic Sketch 21.Metal Luna 22.Brownie 23.Pink Vanilla 24.Chocolate Sprinkles 25.Princess Royal 26.Rainbow Shuffle 27.Neon Blue You can ask me You can ask my two ponysona's: 1.Jenny 2.Black Scarlet
  22. Awhile back I created my Ponysona, Brush Stroke. Now I did some editing on him. Before: After:
  23. SeraphStar

    Programming Ponysona

    So this is more or a less an excuse to use my new art supplies (the half of 'em that have arrived, anyway ). Mostly my new Pigma Sakura pens for inking. Behold my noobery and tremble! :3 Anyway, simple pencil sketch (with inked outline) of my ponysona, named Seraph Star surprisingly enough, messing around on the computer. (#PythonNoob #buckyeah!) I do not have a setup like this (wish I did, it looks like a nice starting point — I could put my pony figurines on the top shelf! ); I just find a comfy spot on the ground to lie down on and draw or type stuffs. How sad is that? Hopefully when the rest of my art supplies get here I can kick it up a notch. BAM! Or I'll just start doing digital art finally
  24. Okay, I'm just gonna rearrange this whole post in order to throw out now irrelevant information and to prevent the post from getting super long. So parts of this I wrote before, parts I wrote just now. I kinda thought I'd like to make some videos about MLP and I thought I'd wanna make my own character. In previous times when I was gonna do this, I thought I'd have it be my Clover Heart OC, but there were... issues... with that. So instead, I wanted to make a new one to be a skin for myself. I drew and vectored this one: This is just a monochromatic version, so if you have any other ideas of your own, you can think about them easier. I kind of formed all the palettes around the one green color. Green is my favorite color and I like that color of green, so I wanted to incorporate it into my design. Also, I like cool colors. My favorites are green, purple and blue in that order. While I liked the green as an accent color for the hooves, I wanted it to be more of a focal color. I think I might be leaning toward the purple one with the green mane, but making more contrast in the two mane colors like the blue-bodied one. What do you think? Also, which eye color is better, the more reddish color or the more yellowish color? I was also curious on what you thought about mane/tail style. I feel like the mane is similar to my hair without being too plain. The tail's pretty average, but I'm fine with that. Also, I don't really know how to go about choosing a cutie mark. I was actually considering leaving them a blank flank because in all honesty, I feel like that's what I'd be if humans had cutie marks. I've never gravitated too terribly strongly toward one thing or another. I do have hobbies but I really, really bounce back and forth between all of them. I was considering just making it a clover like Clover Heart's because I just really like clovers. However, clovers represent happiness and luck, neither of which I have, so I feel like that wouldn't be the best idea, either. Aside from all that, is there anything about this picture that does not work? I felt I did a fairly good job at it, personally. I realize that a lot of this is kinda personal, so I understand if anyone can't help me on some things (especially a cutie mark.) But I just thought I'd ask. Anyway, any help and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  25. A few days ago, I posted this blog showing off my revised ponysona with the preparation of making a layout for my video analysis. Inspired by some other analysts like Voice of Reason, Silver-Quill, and Fiery Joker, I have some new poses. First, the original, with one difference: the back leg is now behind all the fur. Now, various three-quarter poses, some standing up and sitting down, including various poses of the front leg. There are also variations of Wise Ox sitting down and turning toward the viewer. I have two versions of his face, one where it's a little wider, the other a little thinner. Let me know in the comments which face style you like the most. Also, here is early development of the analysis layout, which has the character posing, the burning campfire, and the screen (in gray) above the flames. (It's 720p HD, and the gray border is for vector presentation purposes.) In the future, I will add a glow in the background, possibly a dark, reddish violet background with a glow reflecting the fire color. If you have any more suggestions of the background and fore, including compositional ideas, please let me know in the comments below.