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Found 2 results

  1. While at first glance it seemed like twilight being made a princess was pretty pointless except from a toy making point of view, Twilight actually HAS gotten a pretty distinct role in the country compared to celestia and luna over the past season: Diplomacy. Looking at what celestia has done over the past 1000 years, it looks like she's pretty much ignored every single non-pony civilization anywhere near equestria and has concentrated solely on dealing with the pony kingdoms; all well and good, but ever since Twilight took over as a princess, there's been a much larger outreach (by her) to other non-pony civilizations. Griffons, then dragons, changelings and yaks have all shown up following twilight becoming a princess and getting a castle. While twilight might not actually do a whole lot of Governing for the Equestrian kingdom itself, she has started to outreach to and build ties with OTHER kingdoms, something which absolutely none of the other princesses seemed to have been bothered with doing prior to twilight.
  2. Lately, Spike has received notable growth as a character in season 6. But its not just growth we're seeing, let alone positive growth. Spike has actively been interacting with other characters, especially new ones and befriending them. In the pilot, he helps guide Starlight to reconcile with Sunburst and renew an old friendship that since faded. In Gauntlet of Fire. he not only befriends Princess Ember, he manages to help her win and thus establish good terms with the Dragon Kingdom. Even Ember realizes how valuable friendship can be with its many possible benefits... :crackle: Even before Season 6 its not hard to see the significance of Spike and friendship. He stands up for his friends, and equally so, he's a lone dragon living in a pony world and neither he nor the ponies fully understand each other. He has strong ties to Rarity, romantically and as a friend even as he struggles to express himself around her and despite her sometimes blatant prejudice against him. If I dare to say, at least for Season 6, Spike may have proven himself to be just as good if not better and worthy of the title of Princess of Friendship as Twilight. Let's face it. Spike's gone out of his way and comfort zone and interacting in ways no one else might dare to. With the latest episode coming, The Times They Are a Changeling, he's breaking even more barriers by possibly befriending a changeling. Suddenly, Changelings don't seem quite as evil anymore, even with those fangs and love sucking. The fanfics will go nuts. Spike's status as an outsider makes him an ideal fit to be a bearer of friendship, alongside Twilight. He's an outsider, even at times to his own friends and he barely understands his role. Yet despite his insecurities he reaches out and helps and befriends others, even if they may be outsiders and outcasts, like Starlight or this changeling here. I am looking forward to more of Spike this Season 6.