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Found 66 results

  1. The commercial has been showing for a while there is one thing that it bugging me. I'm the commercial, Twilight says, "Let's go see my new palace!" Will Twilight actually get a new palace? Or is it just for the pleasure of a little girl's toy? I actually don't like the design.... It's not show accurate as Hasbro always does.
  2. Who thinks that maybe twilight will now have discord to be a new ally as she learns to become a princess, maybe she might have a place to rule over as princess cadence. hopefully there will be alot more discord in the new shows to come along.
  3. Is princess twilight sparkle Awesome? I belive she is for good and brony reasons you put in your thoughts all count as good
  4. Imagine if some sort conflict was created in season 4 between Twilight and one of the princesses? Not saying Celestia needs to turn evil or Luna becomes Nightmare Moon again, just something in the story that drives a wedge between Twilight and another princess, or a situation between, say for example, Cadance and Luna that Princess Twilight needs to fix. Id say with how dishonest, manipulative and controlling Celestia is according to 'Magical Mystery Cure' and Twilight realized that and it caused a wedge between Twilight and Celestia, that would make for some interesting story telling. (Plus, it would redeem 'Magical Mystery Cure' IMO, because it would turn what I'm assuming is really bad writing into actually brilliant writing). Or maybe Luna and Celestia get into an argument, possibly related to issues that caused Luna to become Nightmare Moon in the first place. Anyways, with Twilight's Princess status, I think that maybe Twilight might now have to deal with problems the other princesses may have in an episode or two. IE, more friendship lessons!
  5. Hi everypony ! I start dashing on internet and I have just created my second video on YouTube ! Hope you appreciates it =) I will put the progress of my work on this subject -If It's posted at the right place ?- First video : Princess Twilight in the sky (Do you get all the references ?) This one is retro and have 8-bit stuff =p Second video : Luna's four little stars (I'm sure you know the story) This one is rather managed for the music Don't hesitate to express your opinion about the music and the animation =) For those who asked the question, I am French, so yes my english is not perfect =p All the best !
  6. I know that there's been a lot of debate an viewpoints in regards to being for or against the whole Twilicorn crap, but my reaction is: Who cares? (Well, a lot of people - but you get my point.) I think that MLP's overall storyline could go in an interesting direction either way and thus resulting in more entertainment. Does anyone else think the same way as me, or am I just the odd pony out? Odd pony out... heh heh..
  7. O.K., so some of us are comfortable with the transformation, and some of us aren't. I was eating supper a little while ago, and I thought, "Hey, being a princess is Twilight's 'destiny', isn't it?" So that makes it sound as if she MUST stay an alicorn. But who says you have to be an alicorn to be a princess? Maybe she'll sacrifice her wings in the Season 4 premiere, but she'll instead be the first unicorn princess! Of course that will take some getting used to. I mean, lots of ponies in Ponyville will be all over her. Comments, anypony? P.S. This doesn't mean I changed my mind about the Twilicorn thing. I'm still against it.
  8. I feel that it might be actually a stupid question and I don't know if I would be comfortable with that answer. When I watched MMC for the first time, two questions popped up in my head. The first one is actually a bunch of different, but connected questions. Why did it happen? How did it happen? And so on. I accepted that there will be at least some answers in the next season and I just have to wait for it. But the second question is one I can't answer myself. It has to do with the others, but it feels someway seperated. I mean, I can answer it, but the only answer I get, is one that feels... strange. Like I run against a wall. Wrong. I can't find a better wording for it. Maybe that is because of my own understanding of its subject. The question is: Is Twilight Sparkle now a 'literal' best friend? I think I reach the limit of my english capabilities here. What I saw in MMC was a Twilight who earned something by achieving a higher understanding of friendship. What I didn't see were her friends achieving a higher understanding of friendship, even though they had at least as much character development in the entire show as her. I know, Twilight is the main character, she is ('was') Celestia's student. But I never felt like she was anything but an equal leader. And now my answer to that question before is an unpleasent 'yes'. Because for me, she 'mastered' the magic of friendship and becoming a princess was the proof. Even if her friends helped her, she was the one to initiate that Cutie-Mark-Switch-back. She was the one to understand what was wrong with that spell. She was the one who was told by Celestia in the end, that she was the one who learned about the single aspects that her friends represent. So I ask myself: Are her friends 'just' her best friends but will never understand friendship as she does? Is it only bound to her to do so? Her destiny? I know, that this is also a thing that might be answered in future episodes, but it is something that I feel at least able to interpret. Even if I don't like my answer. I feel like the episode, and what it tells me, is messing up my picture of the whole show the more I think about it. So I just ask you: Is my question stupid and/or do you have a better answer than me?
  9. So here's the last sketch of the princesses, Princess Twilight Sparkle (or Twilicorn I think), and here I tried to do some shading. As always now I'll list the most evident mistake: her eyes look queer (they make me think of an alien's eyes and also like when she looked mad in some episodes), her right bent leg is clearly wrong, the dress also was a little hard, her muzzle is odd, the sheet has several folds, but maybe this time the proportions are a bit right (I hope). As I mentioned, this time I tried to do some shading (probably I exaggerated), which I don't know if looks good or bad. Concluding, It has more mistakes than the others, but at least the shading (may) looks good, so I hope you'll like it! Previous sketch: Princess Cadence Next sketch: Feld0.
  10. What would you do if you were Princess of Equestria for a day? I would probably banish the characters I like the least from Equestria. Tee hee hee...
  11. Sorry I have been so quiet guys, been so busy with other things that I haven't been able to post much however as am back I have a new song for you guys called "Twilight's Ballad" I have been working on this for a good couple of months now and I have uploaded it to youtube. Hope you all enjoy
  12. This was a wonderful collaboration that Freewave invited me to sing on! (He was such a great musician to work with. He did the music, and I did the vocals, (writing the spoken word parts and the harmonies to Princess Celestia's original melody too). It's very much how I feel about Twilight's growing-up. <3 (I tried to match Celestia's speaking voice from "Magical Mystery Cure," hope I did okay! : ) ------------ [Celestia - spoken] I'm so very proud of you, Twilight Sparkle, You are a princess now! You may not understand, But this is the path to which you were born. It was always within you, And your choices have earned you the right To live into this next part of your life's destiny. Can you remember back to the day your cutie-mark appeared? I accepted you as my personal student Not only for the potential your power displayed, But for what your cutie-mark showed to be your destiny. One star, representing you, Twilight, Who embodies the key element of magic and leadership; Surrounded by five sparkles, Representing the remaining Elements of Harmony – Elements that would be embodied By the friends you were destined to find, And to whom you would be inextricably bound. Together, you six have earned sole control Over the most powerful magic in all Equestria; Just as my sister and I did, More than a thousand years ago. [Celestia & Dreamsong - sung] You've come such a long, long way. And I've watched you from that very first day. To see how you might grow, To see what you might do, To see what you've been through And all the ways you've made me proud of you. It's time now for a new change to come, You've grown up and your new life has begun To go where you will go, To see what you will see, To find what you will find For it's time for you to fulfill your destiny! [Celestia - spoken] Destiny is not easy, It is not a foregone conclusion. Every step along your path will be yours and your friends' To choose to live up to, or to turn away from. You have grown up, Twilight Sparkle, But your learning has only just begun. Whether through the many years and trials that await you, You gain the wisdom and compassion That will make you worthy of ruling, has yet to be seen. But it will be my honor, Princess Twilight, To walk by your side as your friend.
  13. I'm not sure what it is, but I've been in a pretty good mood today. Must be the weather or something, I love stormy days. Or maybe because I finally woke up in time to be able to pour myself a to-go mug of coffee before the bus came. Either way I couldn't help but drawn Princess Twilight here as happy as can be.
  14. I am wondering if Princess Twilight and Cadence will get the same flowing manes like Luna and Celestia will, and will she be bigger than the other mane 6 now that she is a alicorn and all? I am personally hoping she gets the flowing mane cause that would be freakin' awesome and I hope she doesn't get any bigger than Luna, what are your thoughts?
  15. I have been interested in various royal families for a long time. But in light of newly crowned Princess Twilight I had to ask who is or was the hardest working royal? I've broken it down by the various royal houses still in power today and the various members who do more than "hold a title". If i have missed any please add on into the discussion. Because most Royal Families spread across more than one country ill try to list them as such. Some houses are actually branches of older ones that don't exist. How interesting. Correct me if im wrong but my observation points to most European royal houses starting from a German line. For the sake of discussion lets add in pretenders too. Pretenders being individuals currently leading their royal house which is currently no longer in power. Did you know Napoleons great-great-great-grandnephew is a banker in New York? Here is a list of Royal Houses i have done a bit of research on: House of Equestria: Magical Land of Equestria House of Windsor: United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms House of Oldenburg: Russian Empire (Formerly), Kingdom of Denmark, Kingdom of Norway, Kingdom of Sweden, Kingdom of Greece (Formerly), Duchy of Saxe-Lauenburg (Formerly), Duchy of Schleswig-Holstien (Formerly) House of Bernadotte: Kingdom of Sweden House of Glücksburg: Kingdom of Norway House of Bourbon: Kingdom of France, Kingdom of Spain, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies House of Orleans: Kingdom of France House of Bonaparte: Second French Empire House of Hohnzollern: German Empire, Kingdom of Prussia, Kingdom of Romania House of Savoy: Kingdom of Italy House of Orange-Nassau: Kingdom of the Netherlands House of Romanov: Russian Empire House of Pahlavi: Imperial State of Iran House of Hashim: Jordan, Iraq and Syria Imperial House of Japan: Empire of Japan House of Saud: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia House of Chakri: Kingdom of Thailand House of Solomon: Ethiopian Empire Senussi Dynasty: Kingdom of Libya (formerly) I narrowed it down to 6 individuals who I think are the hardest working: Princess Celestia of Equestria King Abdullah II of Jordan Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Diana, Princess of Wales Anne, Princess Royal Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan Briefly I'll explain why i made these choices: Princess Celestia has been able to keep the keep the cycle of day and night continuing in Equestria for a 1000 years after and in that time no major uprisings (that we know of) have occurred and during her reign Equestria has seen massive expansions and development for its people Jordan is one of the few countries not effected by the Arab spring primarily (I think) because of the amount of reforms enacted by his government which the people of Jordan seem content with. He is often the voice of reason in the region and people do seem to listen. He has done many things i don't think many royals ever do. He wrote of his trip across Southern California on a Harley Davidson. He even made a brief cameo appearance in Star Trek: Voyager. He was told he could no longer go skydiving after ascending to the throne. In Japan the government goes through many Prime Minister's because they can be voted out with a vote of no confidence. The Imperial Family of Japan is the oldest continuing line. Crown Prince Naurhito speaks across the world on the importance of Water Conservation and sanitation, a subject which i think is often over looked. Clean water in Asia is a subject of growing importance, but one he has stressed for years. He also raises awareness for blood donation. Recently he attends ceremonies and events on behalf of his father the Emperor. British royals have always wowed me because they have a way with their words that makes you feel very inspired and generates a desire to do more. Princess Diana's work to help ban Landmines internationally is a big one for me. People often forget about them and then they kill innocents long after the conflict has ended. But enough from me I want to hear from you.
  16. Hello good citizens of Equestria, My name is Twilight Sparkle, well Princess Twilight Sparkle. You guys can call me Princess Twilight or even Twilight if you want though! I'm here to answer every question about me, my friends, Equestria and other things in this matter. Please, ask away!