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Found 1363 results

  1. @Dynamo Pad *Kitty Cat is headed home after the Grand Galloping Gala. She is extremely exausted from dancing, and she cant see where shes going very well.* *She accidentally bumps into Dynamo* *Oof! *falls down *After a bit she regains control.* *Sorry, sir. Did I hurt you?
  2. OOC: It was calm day in Ponyville, and with nothing better to do, Sunlight had decided with his brother Jade to go to an arcade to kill time, neither of them were really good players, but they enjoyed little competition now and then, even if they knew the winner from the start.... "I win again." Sunlight cheered in friendly manner "Naturally" Jade laughed "You are better at everything after all." Sunlight gently hit Jade's shoulder with her hoof "Don't be like that, I know we'll find something you're better at than me." Jade shrugged "Maybe, maybe not, I don't mind either way." he pointed at the machine "New match?" "You bet." They then proceeded to continue playing, and yet again Sunlight took the lead like in all of the 10 matches before, but it wasn't because she had played more, no, it was because it was like Jade had said, Sunlight was better than him at everything, and the reason for that was more than just difference in skill...
  3. OOC HERE It was the middle of a cool Autumn evening, and a shy blue unicorn mare in a corset dress, combat boots, a small tophat, glasses, a trenchcoat and a hooded robe was walking through the empty streets of Manehatten. The mare seemed to softly singing to herself as she walked, seemingly to either a bar or the forest behind the bar. " Please come back to me there’s so much we could be Please come back, with voltage i invoke Please come back from empty cracks and berths of black Come to me, i’m summoning the Ghost Be my angel, my angel Be my angel, rescue me be my angel, my angel be an angel be with me Please come back from bowels of black From silent shores to me once more Through veils and gates and seas of slate To blood wet moors where i await ashore" Were the words she sung, it was a song she sung whenever she thought she was alone and by the sounds of it, she was waiting for someone to return to her. The strange mare then made a quick turn into the forest behind the dimly lit bar and went into it, bending down to harvest some roots and berries she had found growing there.
  4. Totally Cerberus

    Private 1x1 with Yuu Xeno (RP)

    OOC: "Goldy!" someone from group of four mares shouted when they walked out from a portal to New York's busy portal-station, a Blindfolded Golden-yellow unicorn mare with purple hair was waiting them there and smiled when they ran to her and hugged her "How have you been Melody?"... the golden mare's name was Golden Melody and month ago she moved to New York of Earth from her home world Equestria in hunt for new life, not that it wasn't nice to live in Equestria, but she wanted variety. Since then it had been her weekly tradition to go out with her friends to place of choice of whomever turn it was to choose, and it had been her turn this time, so she had chosen a club not far from the station she enjoyed going now and then. The five mare's chatted for a bit about what they had done during the week and one of her friends commented Melody's outfit choice, as it was slightly different to her usual clothes, the biggest difference being that her shirt was shorter, leaving her belly exposed, but though it felt little weird since she wasn't used to it yet, she trusted her friends who said it looked good. The group the exited the station and started heading to the direction of the club, they chatted most of the way there, and when they got closer, Melody could hear the music playing inside. They entered and for a while Melody stayed with her friend group, but eventually she lost them into the crowd and she walked to the side out of the crowd and sat on a table that was happened to be empty, waiting there for her friends to find her.
  5. OOC: It was a beautiful day in Ponyville, Golden Melody could feel the sun's heat on her coat and hear the weather team removing the last clouds on the sky as she walked towards her home, it had been pretty standard day for her, visiting the market, meeting with few friends, not really anything special. But even a nice day had it's downsides, mainly other ponies, those who liked to focus their attention to ponies who didn't blend in, and Golden Melody was just like that, she didn't really blend in with her blindfold, after all, who would be so stupid that they would block their vision on purpose....That's what some ponies liked to say, but Melody knew she wasn't stupid, no, she was already blind, so why wouldn't she wear something that made her comfortable, and thus she didn't give the hecklers any mind, and usually just drowned their words by humming her favorite tunes. Golden Melody lit her horn to open the door to her home, but something she sensed caught her attention, she wasn't sure what it was, but it felt like lot of magic in the same place, and though she knew it would be better to just go in and leave it be, she wanted to know what was happening and started walking toward the strange magic. The walk was longer than Melody had anticipated, as it took her on the edge of Everfree forest but she arrived close to whatever was causing the high amounts of magic and tried to make up what it was. But when she took few more steps closer to the thing, she felt it to start sucking her in and soon she could feel herself floating in some kind of empty place, she called for help but nopony came... Suddenly Golden Melody was falling, it wasn't a long fall, maybe one or too pony lengths, and besides being scared out of her mind and few bruises, she landed without injuries. It took her minute or too to calm herself down enough to observe the area, it was forest, that was clear, but it wasn't a place Melody recognized, no, the smells, the sounds of birds singing, the ground and the plants she could feel under her hooves, they all were something she had never sensed before, even the trees felt lot taller than those in Equestria, fear took her over, she was lost, whatever that magic was, it had taken her somewhere, somewhere far from home. Golden melody called out with shaky voice "Hello?" "Anypony here?"
  6. @The Cerberus It was late night in equestria, Meaning that bat ponies where out being social, Maple was heading to canterlot to go work a shift in the night guard. She was always happy to head up to canterlot during the night since bat ponies weren't too accepted during the day. She looked at canterlot from the sky where she was. "It's beautiful up here as it always is." She said to herself. After admiring that view for a while She decided to head to the castle.
  7. OOC Thread Here @GodLovesPonies It was early afternoon in Edinmire, and the snow wolf known as Scarlet Avalon Rose Wintersoul, or Scarlet Rose for short, was sitting at the lake, her feet paws dipped into the water and her tail slowly swaying from side to side as she watched her two friends Natani and Keith spar. She smiled a little, seeing a few fish swim up to her. Breaking off some bread, she throws it into the lake for the fish to nibble on. Sighing, she looks up and looked around, it was quiet, almost more so than usual, and she was starting to get bored. After a few minutes, she stood up, straightened up her dress, which was of a light blue and a deeper blue trim, and started to walk back towards the tavern that she lived at.
  8. BlueBook

    Private 1x1 with nx9100

    OOC color @nx9100 I'mma be using my child Guardian. Though most ponies can't see him, sometimes special ponies can (like Random maybe?) Kinda like seeing ghosts, but he's a guardian spirit. He protects ponies from unseen supernatural harm. Other days he just seems to wander. The spirit relm of Equestria was quiet today, no signs of any threats at all. Guardian sighed, I hate when nothing amazing happens. It's too boring not being able to be seen. He spread his golden wings and decided to fly over the cities of the real physical world.
  9. @Pvt. Cerberus OOC: It was a dark and damp evening in everfree. Woodland Orchestra, The draconequus son of Discord and Fluttershy, felt quite at home here despite the danger. He found a hurt rabbit and started to sing a magical healing melody to it, It was patched up, He looked at the scar the wound had left, " Hmm... Timberwolves have been awfully riled up... They left a prey here alive. Not that I mind but... I wonder where the pack of them went... Oh well, none of my business." Woody pulled out his songbook and made some adjustments to his healing song in the book since He wanted to heal scars too but wasn't there yet.
  10. @Emerald<3 As the sun morning sun rose into the sky, it's bright light shined upon the town of Ponyville, to signify a new day. it was around 8:00 in the morning, as the blue unicorn, Dynamo Pad, had awoken from his slumber. He threw the covers over his head as the rays of the sun had shone through his windows. "Why do I have to be cursed to be a morning pony? Can't I get a few more minutes of rest?" He muttered to himself with a groan. He reluctantly threw off the covers as it was no use in going back to sleep. He was up and decided to make the most of the day. After some time of getting ready and eating some breakfast, Dynamo had finally exited his home. He made sure he had everything with him, before locking the door behind him. He took a deep breath to breathe in the calm, refreshing morning air. He took off in a power trot as he set his sights on his ideal destination: The gaming arcade. "I hope I can get some practice on that new game that was just installed this past week." He said to nobody in particular, but himself. What he didn't realize was that he was going to be in for a journey of a lifetime.
  11. Link to OOC: (Same as the OOC but this is for roleplay) *Mirage and Amanita are slowly heading to Ponyville, Mirage leading Amanita by the hoof* Amanita: are we there yet Mirage? Mirage: no, not yet. But I think we’re close. I can smell love. And besides you need to eat. Amanita: so do you! Mirage: I can go without food longer than you. Besides you need it more than me.
  12. Wholly Windcharger

    Private Meet the Changeling in Me!

    Link to OOC @Maple Bat As Will Guide the Disney-loving Unicorn awaited for Maple Bat and Woodland Orchestra to arrive, he once again mentally spoke to the Changeling soul within him. Are you sure you want to do this? You know that not everypony has accepted that most of the Changelings race has turned good. Yes. You've been my sleeping spell coffin for too long! It's time I stop hiding! Okay, but it won't be easy! Let's do this!
  13. OOC: Four will rise from the shadows, bringing darkness in their paws. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Slumberfur looked around him slightly confused. It was a night, and he was in the Thunderclan's camp, but it was empty and there was no stars in the sky. Slumberfur heard something from direction of the Highrock and saw dark cat with unnatural looking green eyes coming towards him. He opened his mouth to ask who the cat was but when he did, his senses got filled with strong scent of death that made it hard to breathe. "You don't belong here." The dark cat said with emotionless voice "Leave, you are not one of them." From behind the cat came another, light brown with spots, one eye blind, with scar through it. The new cat brought with it a scent of blood, and Slumberfur could feel the hostility of the cat, it made him uncomfortable. The brown cat suddenly hissed, "This is not your place." "Go home kittypet." Slumberfur wanted to answer to cat's insult, but the mixture of the scents was so strong that he could barely breath, making him unable to even try to speak. Two more cats appeared. One was hairless, and looked starved, it sat next to the previous two cats but didn't say anything. Second was small, very sick looking cat, bringing the scent of sickness to Slumberfur's senses, making the already challenging task of breathing, even harder. Slumberfur's vision started to blur and last thing he heard was one of the cats saying to another "It's time." Slumberfur woke up in the warriors' den, gasping for air.
  14. CherryAcorn

    Private Roses's Spikes Part 1

    ''Roses are wonderful flowers, but do not touch on they! There are many spikes that can hurt you!'' Once, Mrs. Cherilee told us about TroubleCity roses, she said that they're soo wonderful as the first word of a little baby pony, but they're soo dangerous as Nightmare Moon. I was a filly that loved flowers, but i never heard of TroubleCity's flowers, cause this city isnt on Equestria. In this same day, at lunch, my best friend came and said: ''Hey! Wanna go to Canterlot?'' ''But we are in Ponyville and theres almost no Mare or Gary/Brony to help us!''-i said ''I know! But i've trained while Cherilee was explaining boring flowers and now its easier teleport!''-she said ''But what if we be in trouble for your fault?''-i said ''Oh, i forgot, you're a little baby, arent you?''-she said ''Im not a little baby! I just want follow the rules like you never do!''-i said ''Only little babies obbey Cherilee!''-she said ''Thats why you get really bad grades!''-i said ''Oh, and i heard you like flowers. Boi like FLOWERS? I hate them, they looks soo BAD! And the bees, ewwwww....''-she said ''DONT YOU DARE!''-i scream Oops, i did scream to EVERYONE ! And Cherilee did said to my parents... Soo thats how i changed school to TroubleCity Finally, i become a Mary
  15. OOC is here: @VinylWubs As a new day dawned, Celestia's sun began to shine it's light over the town of Ponyville. Ponies began to wake up and begin the daily routines of their lives. The sun's rays shined through the window, illuminating the darkness in the room of the blue unicorn, Dynamo Pad. Dynamo groans as his eyes slowly began to open. Finally awake, he tries to get out of bed. Only for him to realize that he was stuck and couldn't move. He uses his magic to lift the covers to see that his younger sister, Console Dream, had her arms wrapped around Dynamo's arms. Sighing, Dynamo tried to wriggle his way out of his sister's grip. After a few minutes, he finally became free and shook his head, while looking down at Console. Smiling slightly, he places his hand on his shoulder and gently shook Console. "Wake up, Console. It's morning and mom and dad might be up making breakfast. If you don't get up soon, then I will tickle torture you." He smirks slyly and chuckles softly. Dynamo moved to Ponyville after completing school back in Fillydelphia. His sister went with him along with completing flight school. After a few month, their parents, Quick Fix and Gentle Step, decided to move down to Ponyville with them. Since then, they have enjoyed living a rather peaceful life.
  16. OOC Link: @Dynamo Pad Kitsune had just setttled in her new home just on the outside of Ponyville. She was really starting to enjoy the slower pace of the little village. She was just starting to get back into the swing of things. She had a few other pieces to finish up but then the concert and play season was over for a few months. She decided it may be time to try and get out there. Put some energy into meeting a few ponies or going to a few town events. She knew she couldn't stay cooped up forever. She bucked up and made her way into the town square. She remembered the little sweets shop and headed straight for it. Having a little chocolate seemed right. As she made her way, she took time to notice how pretty everything was. How quaint it was. How friendly the ponies were. Wishing her well as she passed by. Gripping her bag she took a deep breath to steady her nerves. "Today is a new day."
  17. OOC Link- Robert sighed heavily, trying to stay awake. He's been on the road for hours without rest, but he needed to keep his eyes open. Maybe there was a motel they could stop at for the rest if the night, so they could get some much needed sleep. It didn't help that it was completely dark, and the faint light from the dash didn't do anything to keep him awake. He ran a hand through his hair, glancing down at the time on the dashboard. Two in the morning, great. With another sigh, he gripped the steering wheel a bit tighter, just in case he starting dozing off. After a minute or so, he looked over to his passenger, Mike. "You know of any motels or anything on this highway? My eyes are killing me." He asked.
  18. It was a rather average day in Ponyville, with its many residents going about their daily lives... Excelt, something was different. A giant sinkhole right in the middle of town. It’s been there for a few days, and it’s reventky been revealed they led down into hidden catacombs that’d never been discovered, until now... Twilight couldn’t help but pace around her room, anxiety growing inside of her. It’d only been a day since she had reported everything they knew about the catacombs and sinkhole so far to Princess Celestia, and the Solar Princess had replied with a note, saying she’d be sending her sister and one of her many guards, to partake in an expedition down into the catacombs... And they were supposed to be arriving any minute. Spike had tried to calm her down, but now was merely laying around in his basket, having given up on that already.
  19. Taylor GearGrinder

    Private Keidran Love (with Kitsune*)

    OOC Thread HERE @Kitsune* It was early afternoon in Edinmire, and the snow wolf known as Scarlet Avalon Rose Wintersoul, or Scarlet Rose for short, was sitting at the lake, her feet paws dipped into the water and her tail slowly swaying from side to side as she watched her two friends Natani and Keith spar. She smiled a little, seeing a few fish swim up to her. Breaking off some bread, she throws it into the lake for the fish to nibble on. Sighing, she looks up and looked around, it was quiet, almost more so than usual, and she was starting to get bored. After a few minutes, she stood up, straightened up her dress, which was of a light blue and a deeper blue trim, and started to walk back towards the tavern that she lived at.
  20. Rhett opened his eyes to see the morning sky behind the tops of the trees. With a yawn, he sat up and stretched his arms and back with a few satisfying pops. After that, he stood up on his feet and glanced around the small campsite. His bedroll was a little ways away from the small fire, which the embers were still glowing softly. He sighed and grabbed his backpack from beside his bedroll, along with his weapons and the actual bedroll itself. He folded the roll and put it into his backpack, then put his shotgun into the small opening on the side of his pack, which he personally stitched together. Lastly, he checked to see if his pistol and Kukri were still there, and to his relief, they were accounted for. He smiled and began to stoke the fire a little more, seeing as it was still a little cold from the morning air. With another sigh, he wondered where they were going to find more food. They only had half a week's worth left, and not a single animal has shown itself as of late. He just hoped they didn't have to resort to eating their own...he stopped himself there, not even wanting to think about it.
  21. RP Link: Just looking for a casual RP with someone who is looking to have a fun time. With some possible romance and drama you never know what might happen!! I am up for doing an anthro style if you are, either way I am just excited to get my OC out there. XD If you are interested in RPing with Kitsune let me know! -Location(s): Ponyville, Manehattan, Canterlot -Plot: After settling down in Ponyville Kitsune is excited, but anxious to get out and meet some new friends. She has been so focused on work lately that she hasn't made time for herself. She is needing to get out there and just see what happens. She decides to take a few weeks off from work, there weren't any new plays or concerts that were going to be starting soon so she had some free time anyway. "No more excuses Kity, it's now... or never."
  22. Link to OCC @Raven Rawne The sun was shining down upon the purple and white sided buildings and reflected brilliantly onto the cobblestone. The heavy clomping of hooves on the stone could be heard as ponies went about their busy lives. There was a faint smell of fine dining wafting through the breeze. It was a standard day for the bright, fair city in the shadow of the grand castle. One of the busiest streets in Canterlot was met with a yellow unicorn mare galloping down the sidewalk, startling unsuspecting ponies as she passed through. The unicorn’s slate blue mane was flying backwards as she rocketed through the crowded walkways. The pony was too excited to slow down. This would be her first meeting with the new organization she had joined and she wanted to make a good first impression. In fact, she had just gotten the news mere hours ago. Frenzy Bolt rounded the corner and trotted up to a large two-story building with a silver roof and deep purple finish on the siding. The windows were all tinted a soft blue. As with most buildings in the capitol city, the land surrounding the building was heavily decorated with flowers and extravengent statues. The banner above the door read “Equestrian Society for the Preservation of Rare Creatures.” A few other ponies were shuffling in, as the meeting was about to start. Frenzy stared up nervously at the intimidating building which would host her new job. Alright Frenzy you can do this. This is going to be great! There’s going to be so many awesome new ponies in there to meet! Frenzy thought, trying to ease the butterflies forming in her stomach. She opened one of the pouches of the saddlebag that was slung over her back, and pulled out the invitation. She floated the paper in front of her nose so she could see the room number she needed. ”Alright! Here we go!” Frenzy blushed when she realized she said that out loud. Reguardless, the new recruit trotted into the building eagerly awaiting her first assignment.
  23. *The broken angel was walking towards the bus stop, gently rubbing her wings, but even if she was gentle it still hurt, humans tend to, when she has her wings out, to pull her wings and feathers. She sighs and looks at the heavens* Father.. why do you keep me here? Why won’t you bring me home?
  24. Superwholock

    Private Safe Port

    The skies above were clear and blue, the seas below calm and and steady. Standing at the helm of The Ruthless Lass, Captain Virgil gazed out upon the ocean, breathing the salty air deep into his longs. The young stallion would never tire of this feeling, that of being a pirate. Although, the storm last night had been rather rough. They'd lost a few supplies, though thankfully the ship had escaped with only a few scrapes and minor injuries. They were all easily fixed and wouldn't stop the crew from making their way back to Puerto Seguro. All was calm and right in his world.
  25. @PathfinderCS ==================== Featherturner gave a sign as she sat on the train that was heading towards the Two Princess's castle. She was nervous out of her mind and wasn't ready to meet the rulers of great. She looked at the bag that sat by her and suck her hoof into it and shuffled around and pulled out a ripe apple. She took a bite out of her and savored the taste of the apple. She looked at the window of the train and notice she was getting close to her destination. A stallion came over the over-com and announced the arrive at the Canterlot train station. Featherturner finished her apple and grabbed her bag and put it on. She trotted over to the doors and exited with a bunch of other ponies, pegsi and unicorns. She looked at the massive city before her and stood in awe.