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Found 1371 results

  1. Link to OOC: (Same as the OOC but this is for roleplay) *Mirage and Amanita are slowly heading to Ponyville, Mirage leading Amanita by the hoof* Amanita: are we there yet Mirage? Mirage: no, not yet. But I think we’re close. I can smell love. And besides you need to eat. Amanita: so do you! Mirage: I can go without food longer than you. Besides you need it more than me.
  2. Catpone Cerberus

    Private 1x1 with Unicorncob (rp)

    OOC: It was sunny Friday afternoon and last of the classes for the week had ended, Jenna was standing outside the main entrance of the school listening music through her headphones and playing with a coin she had found from bottom of her leather jacket's pocked (1, 2, 3, 4,). She was bored, and didn't have any plans for the day, or for the whole weekend in that matter, and was killing time as she was trying to come up with something to do, but it was nothing new, because while everyone else in her age group were hanging with friends and or partying, she was usually alone, not because nobody wanted to be with her, in fact, some people wanted too much to be with her, but because she had made the conscious effort to make them to leave her alone. It wasn't that she didn't like company, no, she just didn't like the type of people most of the choices for that were, that and there was something she didn't want to risk showing to said people.
  3. OOC: It was night, sound of sirens could be heard as smoke rose to the sky in the distance, Jenna was running as fast as she could, holding her black backpack on one of her shoulders with one hand while holding her other hand against her side. She was injured and tired, and she was amazed she had gotten away with so little, after all she should have been dead after a fight with a Viper. She collapsed on her knees and breathed heavily, Damn this body, how can humans even live with pain tolerance this low, she couldn't continue too much longer, she needed to tend her wounds and rest, but she didn't have place to go. Jenna wasn't what she seemed like at first glance, because though she looked and normally acted like any girl at her age, she wasn't just any girl, in fact, she wasn't even a human, she was a dragon, she was just disguised as a human. But she was nothing out of the ordinary, in fact, there was countless dragons living among humans, hiding in plain sight, and most of them belonged to a huge organization called Talon that had been established long time ago to save dragons from extinction in hands of The Order of St. George, organization of dragon hunters. But not everyone wanted to be part of Talon, and Jenna was one of them, but Talon didn't like those who didn't follow their rules, thus Jenna had just had her first encounter with a Viper. Vipers were what Talon called their assassins, they skilled killers who were feared by every dragon and human who knew about them, and it was pure luck that Jenna had survived the encounter with relatively small injuries. Jenna looked around here, there was no abandoned buildings around, but she would need to find a hiding place, she scanned through the area and noticed that one of the houses had still lights on, she pushed herself up and started walking towards the house, I guess I have to rely on good ol' human kindness, I just need to make sure they don't call anyone. She stopped in front of the door and looked behind her to check nobody had followed her, she then turned back towards the door and rang the doorbell. She let her fear show on her face, knowing that it would help to persuade the human to let her in.
  4. Raven Rawne

    Private Home amongst the Stars

    OOC @Scare Effect "Get on this starship, they said... It'll be fun! They said..." A mare was laying on her bed, staring into the ceiling of her tiny private quarters. She had a deep, rusty red coat, and ice blue mane, tied meticulously into a ponytail with a lock of hair hanging like a curtain by her right eye. She rolled her cold, blue eyes and sighed, then raised her left arm to look at the bracelet on it. She fired up the touch screen and fidded with it for a bit, then finally started a recording. She took a deep breath, and said: "Personal log, of Crystal Clear, assignment Pathfinder unit number 2, entry one. After over a year in stasis, we've arrived to our destination. The orbit of an alien world, Caligula. I remeber seeing it, just a little dot on the sky... Well it sure looks better from up close, for once. Anyways... it appears that the mission is going as planned. Our ship, "Final Frintier", the finest we ever made they say, left Equestrian orbit a year ago, never to return. And we, crazy ponies on board. Yours truly included. Our mission: to establish a first pony colony outside Equestria, and it's Moon. A bold plan, one that will make it to history books for sure. Even if we fail." The humming of the ship seemed louder and she looked at the doors, but nothing happened. The light on the door console kept beeping, informing that they are locked from the inside. Crystal sighed and resumed her little speech. "It's been five days since I was brought back from stasis. Not the best feeling, mind you, but I live. And today is the last day of my, ahem, vacation. the command says the tech ponies finally pulled out my ship from storage and will have her ready before dinner. Which is good, idleness makes my head hurt." A notification flashed on the screen of her forearm computer, halting the recording. She muteres domething and reviewed it, then resumed the recording. "Well Heart take me, they made it three hours earlier than expected. Maybe these techies aren't as bad as usual! *Akhem* I'll go and take a look at my new ride then. Heart knows I need all the time in it I can get... Crystal Clear out. . .. ... .... I know you'll be listening to it, snoops!" She killed the screen and stretched her back. In one swift move, the mare was on her hooves and starting to get ready. Soon enough she stepped out of the doors of her little hideout and, using the device on her arm, closed the doors with her pass key. She took the left turn, along a long row of doors, identical to her own. Most vacant so far, only the essential crew was awake, and now it was time for the Pathfinders to start working too. Crystal smiled as her hof boots made a clatter on the metal floor, like a dozen troopers were marching on parade. She straightened her jacket, the Crystal Heart patch on her right shoulder, the mission logo and pathfinder decal on her left, the name tag on her chest. One more pat on her breeches and she was mentally ready to meet her chariot, looking her best. The Pathfinder units hangar seemed busy like never. well, because it was technically true. Crystal walked out of the hallway into the clatter of tools, curses and shouts as the technicians busted their flanks to keep as many units mission ready as possible, before the deadline,. Everypony wanted to do their best, and for good reason. The crystal mare consulted her little computer and went straight ahead to one of the nooks, where ships were parked. Only from up close did she notice a "II" on the floor right before it. A casual glance confirmed that the unit was indeed, prepped and set aside, so she walked around it, carefully exemining every detail of the hull. Only once satisfied did she open the ramp at the back and climb inside. "Well hello there! seems like we'll be working together for a bit. Yeah, I know, you expected somepony else but, you know." The mare casually talked to the ship as she woke up her power core, and the interior lit with clinical, blueish light. Crystal took a galnce over the cargo hold, checked the rifle stands, and sat on the lower bunk bed that was crammed just behing the cockpit. "Hmm, not bad... Let's check your systems and get aquainted, shall we?" She took her seat - the pilot seat - engaged service mode and started runing checks on every system of the ship, one after another. She sat there, silent aside from the beeps and whirrs of her machine companion as it moved it's flaps and lit all kinds of info on the HUD, testing itself out.
  5. OOC: It was calm day in Ponyville, and with nothing better to do, Sunlight had decided with his brother Jade to go to an arcade to kill time, neither of them were really good players, but they enjoyed little competition now and then, even if they knew the winner from the start.... "I win again." Sunlight cheered in friendly manner "Naturally" Jade laughed "You are better at everything after all." Sunlight gently hit Jade's shoulder with her hoof "Don't be like that, I know we'll find something you're better at than me." Jade shrugged "Maybe, maybe not, I don't mind either way." he pointed at the machine "New match?" "You bet." They then proceeded to continue playing, and yet again Sunlight took the lead like in all of the 10 matches before, but it wasn't because she had played more, no, it was because it was like Jade had said, Sunlight was better than him at everything, and the reason for that was more than just difference in skill...
  6. @Pr0m4NV14 @Jedishy @Will Guide @Emperor Blu Traincrown @Heart Star Ooc:Defenders ooc Mystic Moon sat at her desk writing something down, she looked up at the empty room and wondered when her trainees were gonna arrive. *** Brave awoke with a big yawn, before closing her eyes and went back to sleep.
  7. @Dynamo Pad *Kitty Cat is headed home after the Grand Galloping Gala. She is extremely exausted from dancing, and she cant see where shes going very well.* *She accidentally bumps into Dynamo* *Oof! *falls down *After a bit she regains control.* *Sorry, sir. Did I hurt you?
  8. @Taylor GearGrinder It was a bright, yet sunny early morning as the sun shined brightly over the rural village of Ponyville. As ponies had begun setting up shop for the day, a blue unicorn had just begun to wake up to begin the day. The blue unicorn, Dynamo Pad, had been up the previous night having a marathon of video games and anime. As the light shined into his room, he groaned and attempted to throw the covers over his head. "Can I just sleep for five more minutes, please?" He asked to nobody in particular. He sighed and threw the covers off his face. He knew going back to sleep would be impossible now. One he was up, he was up for good and there was no changing it. He had checked his phone to see if his boss had messaged him. While living in Ponyville, Dynamo had found a job at the local gaming arcade. He was off for the day, but he wanted to make sure that he was indeed still off. He was surprised to see that he had indeed received a text message from his boss, Button Prompt. As he had read the text, the message had insisted that he had to get to the arcade right away. That, and Button had wanted Dynamo to see something important. 'Knowing Button, it must be news on a new game.' He thought as he got out of bed and started getting dressed. He was dressed in a purple shirt, black pants, sneakers and his signature gaming jacket. Making sure that he had everything, he locked up the house and began running over to the arcade. "I hope that Button managed to get the new game up and running. He called me up and told me to head over to the arcade right away." He spoke his thoughts out loud as he could see that the arcade was within his sights.
  9. OOC Here @Lord Valtasar It was an early morning when the Toyota Soarer pulled into the town of Canterlot. The young wufsky looked to the seat next to his, which held the toddler seat and his 2 month old son Justin. He smiles as he saw that Justin was asleep. Pulling up to the apartment complex, he sighs "Sorry champ, I know this isn't the house we had back home, but it's all I can afford until I get a new job" he says, parking in his new parking bay and looking up. Luckily it wasn't really an apartment complex, well not like the ones back where they came from. Just a small block of units.
  10. @Pvt. Cerberus OOC: It was a dark and damp evening in everfree. Woodland Orchestra, The draconequus son of Discord and Fluttershy, felt quite at home here despite the danger. He found a hurt rabbit and started to sing a magical healing melody to it, It was patched up, He looked at the scar the wound had left, " Hmm... Timberwolves have been awfully riled up... They left a prey here alive. Not that I mind but... I wonder where the pack of them went... Oh well, none of my business." Woody pulled out his songbook and made some adjustments to his healing song in the book since He wanted to heal scars too but wasn't there yet.
  11. Moon Glow

    Private Spirit Guide

    ☆*★*☆:*:∵‥Spirit Guide ‥∵:*:☆*★*☆ A private roleplay between myself and @Nightmare Season Click here for OOC The conductor sounded the whistle, bringing the train to a smooth stop at the Ponyville station with the expertise that was to be expected by such a pony with a cutie mark like his. All Aboard looked to his cutie mark with a small smile and then turned his attention to the pocket watch it resembled. Just on time, He thought to himself, locking the brakes and hopping down onto the platform while the scarce late-night riders clambered off with their luggage in tow. To every pair of eyes he met he offered a kindly smile though usually those who took the last train from Canterlot to Ponyville didn't often smile. Some were students making the trek from a weekend at home while others were mostly business related journeys yet no matter what took each creature to and fro, he was happy to oblige. After all, it was almost time to retire. When the smoke cleared, when the engine was quiet, and all forms of life seemingly left him alone on the track, All Aboard was startled by a lone mare still sitting inside one of the economy cars. He frowned, brows furrowing in confusion as he approached the car, nervous that there may be something wrong. "Excuse me," he called out to her gently, clearing his throat as he stepped into the car. "Are you alright, miss? The station is closed, I'm going to have to ask you to leave." There was no response. She sat there, still as a stone, her pale cream bangs were neatly coiffed and styled in such a way that covered her eyes completely; her expression was gentle and aloof. Could she not hear him? Perhaps she was deaf and required assistance. All Aboard sighed softly and moved to stand before her. "Miss-" "Oh!" The mare started, causing the earth pony conductor to give a jolt of his own. Her horn flashed briefly and she shook her head. "I'm sorry, are we here?" she flashed a sheepish smile, chuckling quietly to herself and slinking off the seat like a cat. "Heh- woops. So sorry-" "It's quite alright." All Aboard raised his brows; it was certainly not the strangest encounter he ever had yet it was still surprising when it happened as they were rather few and far between. I'm just glad you're okay. "Do you need help with your bags?" "No, no thank you." using her magic, which cast a faint silvery-white glow, she took her saddle bag down from the overhead compartment and placed it over her back. "I kind of zoned out for a moment. It happens. Thanks, though!" her tail was long and swished against the conductor lightly, brushing his legs, as she turned to leave. Shaking his head, the stallion mentally shrugged his shoulders and carried on with his business of closing up the station. He still had a short list of tasks to complete before calling it a night. It was chilly at near quarter after two in the morning when the moon was near its highest peak. Moon Glow shivered lightly in a cool autumn breeze, kicking herself for not bringing at least a scarf or a hat or just- something. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly until she could see the slight puff of breath in the air. "Woof." the mare quietly exclaimed before walking into the empty town. She assumed there had to be at least some kind of tavern or hostel or even a hotel; after all, Ponyville used to be a smaller town but over the past 25 or so years flourished a little. With the castle (complete with princess), the Friendship School, and the old history, many creatures (especially ponies) turned their attention towards the town and its promising future. Moon Glow, on the other hand, was more interested in the past. There was a home in Ponyville that was thought to be haunted; the rumors had made it all the way to her small hamlet of Bucksport, thanks to her friends and connections in the paranormal community, and soon enough she was packing her bag and making the journey to investigate. "If only I had thought this through." she mumbled to herself. On the old dirt roads of Ponyville she could hardly hear her own steps, let alone that of another pony and while back in Bucksport this wasn't so much of an issue but in unfamiliar territory she wasn't sure what was what and those dark shadows could be anything. No, no, don't get yourself worked up. Just find a place to sleep and... do that. Go to sleep.
  12. //OOC Thread @reader8363 The Everfree forest was dark and still in the glow of the night's moon. Very little stirred within the forest. Animals had found their beds and laid sleeping till the new dawn awoke them. Yet a single thing moved through the trees. At a distance if any pony noticed, a feint glow weaving in and out of the trees. A stallion with coat as black as a moonless night, and his mane and tail was ablaze with fire. A single black horn pointing to the stars upon his head. Nightmare Season was walking to the edge of the forest. He knew of the town nestled on the edge of the forest he had come to live in after his long journey from the deep south. He was hungry. His stash of food to supplement his typical food was running very thin. He had decided he needed fresh food. As he came to the last of the forest, he paused and looked out across the town. Sleeping ponies in every home. Sweet dreams jumping through their heads. The thought of such caused his stomach to growl. It too wanted to be feed. And before them was a perfect feast. Nightmare remembered once again about his family, about his kind. Also, how he hated to feed the way he had to. Without his roots, he would have to do it to get nourishments in him. He shook the thought out of his head and started to head into town. Keeping a close eye out for any ponies out this late. He did not want any pony to know he was around. He came to the edge of the town a felt this home had three ponies living inside. His hunger growing for the fresh food he knew waited him inside. With his magic, he turned to a black mist and floated through the opened window. There in the bed, a couple sleeping in a large bed. Fast asleep and having wonderful dreams. He entered into the mind of the stallion. A jump into his dream world. Nightmare Season found himself inside the dream of the sleeping stallion. A wonderful dream about becoming a prince in Canterlot. Nightmare hated to have to feed, but he had to. He began to absorb the essence of the dream itself. Feeding on it to fill his stomach. As he fed, the dream started to become warped. The once peaceful prince now being chased by monsters. A side effect of eating dreams. It turns them into nightmares. Before the nightmare became too terrible. Nightmare left the sleeping stallion's dream and materialized back inside the room. He was about to enter the other dream when he heard a noise from behind him. A quick turn saw a young filly standing in the doorway holding a stuffed toy. The sudden movement of Nightmare caused her to scream, waking up her parents. Nightmare was seen, he sprinted to the door for his escape and out into the night he dashed. He ran back to the forest's edge. He heard others next to the home he was in waking up to with the commotion the family was causing. He ran inside and to the deepest part of the forest where his cave was at. He would have to stay away from Ponyville for a few days till things died down.
  13. @The Cerberus It was late night in equestria, Meaning that bat ponies where out being social, Maple was heading to canterlot to go work a shift in the night guard. She was always happy to head up to canterlot during the night since bat ponies weren't too accepted during the day. She looked at canterlot from the sky where she was. "It's beautiful up here as it always is." She said to herself. After admiring that view for a while She decided to head to the castle.
  14. BlueBook

    Private 1x1 with nx9100

    OOC color @nx9100 I'mma be using my child Guardian. Though most ponies can't see him, sometimes special ponies can (like Random maybe?) Kinda like seeing ghosts, but he's a guardian spirit. He protects ponies from unseen supernatural harm. Other days he just seems to wander. The spirit relm of Equestria was quiet today, no signs of any threats at all. Guardian sighed, I hate when nothing amazing happens. It's too boring not being able to be seen. He spread his golden wings and decided to fly over the cities of the real physical world.
  15. OOC: It was a beautiful day in Ponyville, Golden Melody could feel the sun's heat on her coat and hear the weather team removing the last clouds on the sky as she walked towards her home, it had been pretty standard day for her, visiting the market, meeting with few friends, not really anything special. But even a nice day had it's downsides, mainly other ponies, those who liked to focus their attention to ponies who didn't blend in, and Golden Melody was just like that, she didn't really blend in with her blindfold, after all, who would be so stupid that they would block their vision on purpose....That's what some ponies liked to say, but Melody knew she wasn't stupid, no, she was already blind, so why wouldn't she wear something that made her comfortable, and thus she didn't give the hecklers any mind, and usually just drowned their words by humming her favorite tunes. Golden Melody lit her horn to open the door to her home, but something she sensed caught her attention, she wasn't sure what it was, but it felt like lot of magic in the same place, and though she knew it would be better to just go in and leave it be, she wanted to know what was happening and started walking toward the strange magic. The walk was longer than Melody had anticipated, as it took her on the edge of Everfree forest but she arrived close to whatever was causing the high amounts of magic and tried to make up what it was. But when she took few more steps closer to the thing, she felt it to start sucking her in and soon she could feel herself floating in some kind of empty place, she called for help but nopony came... Suddenly Golden Melody was falling, it wasn't a long fall, maybe one or too pony lengths, and besides being scared out of her mind and few bruises, she landed without injuries. It took her minute or too to calm herself down enough to observe the area, it was forest, that was clear, but it wasn't a place Melody recognized, no, the smells, the sounds of birds singing, the ground and the plants she could feel under her hooves, they all were something she had never sensed before, even the trees felt lot taller than those in Equestria, fear took her over, she was lost, whatever that magic was, it had taken her somewhere, somewhere far from home. Golden melody called out with shaky voice "Hello?" "Anypony here?"
  16. OOC HERE It was the middle of a cool Autumn evening, and a shy blue unicorn mare in a corset dress, combat boots, a small tophat, glasses, a trenchcoat and a hooded robe was walking through the empty streets of Manehatten. The mare seemed to softly singing to herself as she walked, seemingly to either a bar or the forest behind the bar. " Please come back to me there’s so much we could be Please come back, with voltage i invoke Please come back from empty cracks and berths of black Come to me, i’m summoning the Ghost Be my angel, my angel Be my angel, rescue me be my angel, my angel be an angel be with me Please come back from bowels of black From silent shores to me once more Through veils and gates and seas of slate To blood wet moors where i await ashore" Were the words she sung, it was a song she sung whenever she thought she was alone and by the sounds of it, she was waiting for someone to return to her. The strange mare then made a quick turn into the forest behind the dimly lit bar and went into it, bending down to harvest some roots and berries she had found growing there.
  17. Catpone Cerberus

    Private 1x1 with Yuu Xeno (RP)

    OOC: "Goldy!" someone from group of four mares shouted when they walked out from a portal to New York's busy portal-station, a Blindfolded Golden-yellow unicorn mare with purple hair was waiting them there and smiled when they ran to her and hugged her "How have you been Melody?"... the golden mare's name was Golden Melody and month ago she moved to New York of Earth from her home world Equestria in hunt for new life, not that it wasn't nice to live in Equestria, but she wanted variety. Since then it had been her weekly tradition to go out with her friends to place of choice of whomever turn it was to choose, and it had been her turn this time, so she had chosen a club not far from the station she enjoyed going now and then. The five mare's chatted for a bit about what they had done during the week and one of her friends commented Melody's outfit choice, as it was slightly different to her usual clothes, the biggest difference being that her shirt was shorter, leaving her belly exposed, but though it felt little weird since she wasn't used to it yet, she trusted her friends who said it looked good. The group the exited the station and started heading to the direction of the club, they chatted most of the way there, and when they got closer, Melody could hear the music playing inside. They entered and for a while Melody stayed with her friend group, but eventually she lost them into the crowd and she walked to the side out of the crowd and sat on a table that was happened to be empty, waiting there for her friends to find her.
  18. OOC Thread Here @GodLovesPonies It was early afternoon in Edinmire, and the snow wolf known as Scarlet Avalon Rose Wintersoul, or Scarlet Rose for short, was sitting at the lake, her feet paws dipped into the water and her tail slowly swaying from side to side as she watched her two friends Natani and Keith spar. She smiled a little, seeing a few fish swim up to her. Breaking off some bread, she throws it into the lake for the fish to nibble on. Sighing, she looks up and looked around, it was quiet, almost more so than usual, and she was starting to get bored. After a few minutes, she stood up, straightened up her dress, which was of a light blue and a deeper blue trim, and started to walk back towards the tavern that she lived at.
  19. @Emerald<3 As the sun morning sun rose into the sky, it's bright light shined upon the town of Ponyville, to signify a new day. it was around 8:00 in the morning, as the blue unicorn, Dynamo Pad, had awoken from his slumber. He threw the covers over his head as the rays of the sun had shone through his windows. "Why do I have to be cursed to be a morning pony? Can't I get a few more minutes of rest?" He muttered to himself with a groan. He reluctantly threw off the covers as it was no use in going back to sleep. He was up and decided to make the most of the day. After some time of getting ready and eating some breakfast, Dynamo had finally exited his home. He made sure he had everything with him, before locking the door behind him. He took a deep breath to breathe in the calm, refreshing morning air. He took off in a power trot as he set his sights on his ideal destination: The gaming arcade. "I hope I can get some practice on that new game that was just installed this past week." He said to nobody in particular, but himself. What he didn't realize was that he was going to be in for a journey of a lifetime.
  20. Link to OOC @Maple Bat As Will Guide the Disney-loving Unicorn awaited for Maple Bat and Woodland Orchestra to arrive, he once again mentally spoke to the Changeling soul within him. Are you sure you want to do this? You know that not everypony has accepted that most of the Changelings race has turned good. Yes. You've been my sleeping spell coffin for too long! It's time I stop hiding! Okay, but it won't be easy! Let's do this!
  21. OOC: Four will rise from the shadows, bringing darkness in their paws. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Slumberfur looked around him slightly confused. It was a night, and he was in the Thunderclan's camp, but it was empty and there was no stars in the sky. Slumberfur heard something from direction of the Highrock and saw dark cat with unnatural looking green eyes coming towards him. He opened his mouth to ask who the cat was but when he did, his senses got filled with strong scent of death that made it hard to breathe. "You don't belong here." The dark cat said with emotionless voice "Leave, you are not one of them." From behind the cat came another, light brown with spots, one eye blind, with scar through it. The new cat brought with it a scent of blood, and Slumberfur could feel the hostility of the cat, it made him uncomfortable. The brown cat suddenly hissed, "This is not your place." "Go home kittypet." Slumberfur wanted to answer to cat's insult, but the mixture of the scents was so strong that he could barely breath, making him unable to even try to speak. Two more cats appeared. One was hairless, and looked starved, it sat next to the previous two cats but didn't say anything. Second was small, very sick looking cat, bringing the scent of sickness to Slumberfur's senses, making the already challenging task of breathing, even harder. Slumberfur's vision started to blur and last thing he heard was one of the cats saying to another "It's time." Slumberfur woke up in the warriors' den, gasping for air.
  22. CherryAcorn

    Private Roses's Spikes Part 1

    ''Roses are wonderful flowers, but do not touch on they! There are many spikes that can hurt you!'' Once, Mrs. Cherilee told us about TroubleCity roses, she said that they're soo wonderful as the first word of a little baby pony, but they're soo dangerous as Nightmare Moon. I was a filly that loved flowers, but i never heard of TroubleCity's flowers, cause this city isnt on Equestria. In this same day, at lunch, my best friend came and said: ''Hey! Wanna go to Canterlot?'' ''But we are in Ponyville and theres almost no Mare or Gary/Brony to help us!''-i said ''I know! But i've trained while Cherilee was explaining boring flowers and now its easier teleport!''-she said ''But what if we be in trouble for your fault?''-i said ''Oh, i forgot, you're a little baby, arent you?''-she said ''Im not a little baby! I just want follow the rules like you never do!''-i said ''Only little babies obbey Cherilee!''-she said ''Thats why you get really bad grades!''-i said ''Oh, and i heard you like flowers. Boi like FLOWERS? I hate them, they looks soo BAD! And the bees, ewwwww....''-she said ''DONT YOU DARE!''-i scream Oops, i did scream to EVERYONE ! And Cherilee did said to my parents... Soo thats how i changed school to TroubleCity Finally, i become a Mary
  23. OOC is here: @VinylWubs As a new day dawned, Celestia's sun began to shine it's light over the town of Ponyville. Ponies began to wake up and begin the daily routines of their lives. The sun's rays shined through the window, illuminating the darkness in the room of the blue unicorn, Dynamo Pad. Dynamo groans as his eyes slowly began to open. Finally awake, he tries to get out of bed. Only for him to realize that he was stuck and couldn't move. He uses his magic to lift the covers to see that his younger sister, Console Dream, had her arms wrapped around Dynamo's arms. Sighing, Dynamo tried to wriggle his way out of his sister's grip. After a few minutes, he finally became free and shook his head, while looking down at Console. Smiling slightly, he places his hand on his shoulder and gently shook Console. "Wake up, Console. It's morning and mom and dad might be up making breakfast. If you don't get up soon, then I will tickle torture you." He smirks slyly and chuckles softly. Dynamo moved to Ponyville after completing school back in Fillydelphia. His sister went with him along with completing flight school. After a few month, their parents, Quick Fix and Gentle Step, decided to move down to Ponyville with them. Since then, they have enjoyed living a rather peaceful life.
  24. OOC Link: @Dynamo Pad Kitsune had just setttled in her new home just on the outside of Ponyville. She was really starting to enjoy the slower pace of the little village. She was just starting to get back into the swing of things. She had a few other pieces to finish up but then the concert and play season was over for a few months. She decided it may be time to try and get out there. Put some energy into meeting a few ponies or going to a few town events. She knew she couldn't stay cooped up forever. She bucked up and made her way into the town square. She remembered the little sweets shop and headed straight for it. Having a little chocolate seemed right. As she made her way, she took time to notice how pretty everything was. How quaint it was. How friendly the ponies were. Wishing her well as she passed by. Gripping her bag she took a deep breath to steady her nerves. "Today is a new day."
  25. OOC Link- Robert sighed heavily, trying to stay awake. He's been on the road for hours without rest, but he needed to keep his eyes open. Maybe there was a motel they could stop at for the rest if the night, so they could get some much needed sleep. It didn't help that it was completely dark, and the faint light from the dash didn't do anything to keep him awake. He ran a hand through his hair, glancing down at the time on the dashboard. Two in the morning, great. With another sigh, he gripped the steering wheel a bit tighter, just in case he starting dozing off. After a minute or so, he looked over to his passenger, Mike. "You know of any motels or anything on this highway? My eyes are killing me." He asked.