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Found 53 results

  1. What should I do to throw her the best mlp party!!!! She is a mlp fan like me. So far I got R.D balloons and rainbow streamers. Any good songs to play at that party? Name things I can add to make this party better.
  2. I just got one of them digital art make'n thingies and made a picture of Rainbow Dash with it. this is the said picture
  3. Well I feel like this would be the approriate place to share some stuff ive made with the art community (there mp4 vids so ill leave the youtube for 2 reasons. It wont kill my dropbox bandwidth and it allows me to gain feedback easier. Also enjoy twilight shipped with rainbowdash and buttons mom yelling at shadyvox (no its not eli monty who voiced the buttons mom in this animation. Just lex yellen at shadyvox for correcting her spelling. sooo uhhh ya... whatcha think? Buttons mom animation Twilight rainbow shipping (SFW just kissen before anyone complains dont worry i know the rules) (alternate version of above video) Let me know whatcha think guys any feedback is good feedback (this is the correct way to post here i hope....O_e)
  4. Welcome to the devious blog of the not so notorious Crafty White Fox! Briefing of this little fox will tell you that this creature before you is VERY crafty at pretty much anything! Welcome, Welcome Page peekers! Welcome to my silly page of really nothing at the moment...... HOLD IT! dont go yet! I havent even finished what i was going to say!!! Well- I guess since your here- sitting- i should quickly finish what i have to say... that is... at this very moment- you need to know im crafty... and like the name implies- i love to do things..... alll things.... pertaining to this craftiness that frequently has been mentioned that you shall soon behold!!! First off, as if it wern't obvious, im a brony, But there is no relations to cloppers or the law of 32 or is it 34? So every once in a while you may find that many of my stories will contain characters based off the show, like this character you see below the text you are currently reading from!!! This, dear reader, is what you may call an oc, or Lightning Storm weaver, of which is her name! Now, with MLP:FiM as the subject, let me introduce you to, number Dos on my craftiness! I present to you..... Plushies! Many of them, if I do say so myself! This is how I earn my money as a newly wedded wife. Though, I haven't made too much You can really see them all on my link called "DeviantArt" And speaking of deviant art- I now present to you, a lovely taste to my craftyness number Three- Artwork! currently I work with many different mediums, mostly digital at this moment, like this -> traditional work like this-> more traditional work like this-> and the occasional doodles you'll see every once in a while--- Aaaaand! There you have my craftiness- Well- that of illustrations any way.... My writing is on a whole other level... of which I spare you at this time! so, Questions?
  5. More excerpts from my Rainbow Dash-themed bible. I'm posting them to dA as well as to my MLPF blog, and the former will ultimately include a compilation. The RainBible: Excerpts, Part II Radicalness, 4:7 Brave Rainbow descended into the deep and the dark; answering the filly's cries with the utterance of her own name and the promise of salvation. And when a gathering formed around her, she did blush. Radicalness, 4:16 Though her grip was sure and her teeth strong, the jar would not yield to her. In the end, it was her hoof that released the peanut butter. Despite the greatness of Rainbow's feat, they praised her not. Plots II, 3:3 Rainbow beheld the bubble mare and besought her, "Do not, with thine hindquarters, smite this house!" But the bubble mare struck her rear against the ground and dragged Rainbow below. Possibly for cuddles. This is known only to the Dash and the bubble mare. Plots II, 6:11 And she drove the orange mare to the ground; standing over her with lustful eyes. But Rainbow had misread the situation. Awkward.
  6. I'm writing a Rainbow Dash-themed bible. Or rather, I'm writing choice excerpts from an RD bible. xD I'm submitting them in parts at dA and here, and the former will ultimately include a compilation of all the excerpts covering events in seasons one through four. The RainBible: Excerpts, Part I Dashians, 1:12 Across the skies, which were her domain, there spread a Rainboom. And it inspired many. To look up, and to find themselves by way of its vibrant Coolness. Dashians, 2:6 And Rainbow spake, thusly: "Let there be Awesome!" And there was Awesome. And she saw that it was good. So she took a nap. Dashians, 5:13 Lo! The horned one's wings failed her; for they were of a false nature. Though as she plummeted, her cries were heard by the benevolent Rainbow - and not ignored. Radicalness, 3:8 But then the mare with rainbow mane lifted up the tortoise. And she pressed her face against his; signifying her approval. Ever after, the tortoise was hers, and he would grow wings of his own.
  7. Just a lil tribute to the best pony ever
  8. You all know the awesome RainbowDash! The fastest pony in Equestria, Scootaloo's mentor, and in a way, big sister, and the tom-boyish one! SO, what are your opinions? Is she best pony? Does she have a good color scheme? Should she be shown more, or less? Do you like her personality? Tell me your opinions!
  9. Heya! Been posting alot of crap lately so i put my greatest effort into this DNB track. I dont own any of the Dialogue/Vocals used in this track! ITS OWNED BY HASBRO! Enjoy
  10. Hi there, Its me Rainbow dash! And im here to answer your questions. And just so we are clear, I don't have a cutiemark yet.
  11. Alrighty so when I do get a shop I was wondering if there is any interest in what I do. I can do OC's as well, however no pic is available atm.. Don't worry about price I just want to know if there is interest. Baby - 4 inches tall (you get 4) Each of these pinatas come filled with candy Small- 9-11 inches tall, comes filled with candy and toys. Medium- 16-18 inches tall comes filled with candy and toys, Large- 24-28 inches tall, with out candy and toys , with it comes to Giant- These are almost as tall as me and can get up to 5 feet tall, They hold crazy amounts of candy and toys. Without candy and toys with candy and toys The pictures are of Small ones, you can see they are really not that small but that's as small as I go in full detail. The baby ones (don't have a pic yet) are cute but not as detailed. I am currently working on a giant (no pic yet) I haven't finished it, so I can be any pony, but I am thinking Celestia. Anyway have a gander at what I do and tell me if you would get one, and what you think constructive criticism is always welcome As always much love, ~PP
  12. Hi pegasisters and bronies I just finished my remix of the Song "Avast Fluttershy's tushy" original by Woodentoaster (Glace) I would like to get some feedback and I will do more music very soon. Brohoof to all of you /)
  13. Hey guys gotta make this quick cause I wanna go do some more drawing so I'll just get on with it, so I drew RainbowDash as a human and I wanted you're input, tell me whats good about it and whats bad about it, here it is: If that pic didn't work for ya heres the link to the page: Critique is welcomed! see ya later! byee! Sorry guys I know I said I needed to make it quick but a brohoof already, like not even a minute after the enitial post, thanks!
  14. so i did a marithon of season three and one of my favorite songs now is true true friend. true friendship is one of my biggest problems. it;s hard to find anyone who's willing to stick to a pinkiepie, but for my friends that i do have i thank them for their friendship. it truely is magic. in whatching the episode for the third time- i found a scene i liked most and i drew it- now it ain't finished and i hate the shading but hopefully i can fix it soon. [All / Chorus] A true, true friend helps a friend in need. A friend will be there to help them see. A true, true friend helps a friend in need. To see the light (to see the light) (where the picture came from) That shines (that shines) From a true, true friend!
  15. So basically a few weeks ago I made a profile pic for my youtube channel: [iMAGE REMOVED] And thats supposed to be my minecraft skin: (I may have scaled it a bit) All I wanted to ask is: Do you think its good/bad? Give me advice and more, Thanks for your time
  16. alright i just bought one of those seat belt belt things from my local Hastings today... And might i say it looks fantastic... i wear it everyday since i bought it 2 days ago xD Anyone else have this one or a similar one?
  17. The apperance of tank the tortoise was the very first episode i watched, and it's deffinantly my favorite. But why? Why was he never brought back?! I laughed so much during that episode, probably more than any other. Tank is just so funny! And his little helicoptor thing is great. Any idea why he just never returned?
  18. Look what I bought everypony:) will be here on the 13th of next month, I spent over 200$ on it, I won the money for a silly contest at school, and I knew I had to get this x3
  19. hana

    humanized RD

    sooooo heres a humanized rainbow dash, this draw went pretty bad, and i dont know what went wrong with the face ._. hope you like that
  20. Im making a Rainbow Dash hoodie, and it coming along really well. ive been working on it ALL day and im still not done, this pony buisness is hard stuff > I still need to make the wings and cutie marks. I'll post pictures when im finished. if anyone wants to see them? xD
  21. Ok Everypony Im going to a con next month and I need some help. Im going to make a Rainbow Dash hoodie, with the mane and tail and wings and everything. but I dont know what to get or where to start. can somepony help me??
  22. Introduction: I decided to try writing Scootaloo for the heck of it, hope you enjoy! I have no clue where I'm going with it, I'm just writing what comes to mind but I like how its coming out ^^ Chapter 1: Scootaloo raced along the street on her scooter enjoying the feel of the wind through her mane and tail, this was something she enjoyed doing and even though she could not fly yet she could at least enjoy going fast though she longed for the day when she would be able to join Rainbow Dash in the sky and allow her to teach her some of her awesome tricks; She sighed as she thought about it, Rainbow had always been like a sister to her but recently Rainbow was too busy to take any time for her as she was practicing for the huge air show that was going to commence in the next few weeks; Of course Scootaloo understood this, wouldn't she herself be practicing for something as awesome and cool as that? Sighing she shook her head, it just felt like a part of her was ripped away when she wasn't with Rainbow; Yes she had the Cutie Mark Crusaders but today she just couldn't concentrate on any of the tasks they had planned for that day and Sweetie Belle had to go help Rarity with some new designs while Applebloom had to go help with the apples, so that had left Scootaloo by herself and her thoughts. Speeding up she noticed the ramp up ahead that she had made and her eyes narrowed as she sped up and flew into the air, if she had been able to stay in the air she would of but her scooter hit the ground and she continued across the ground while a grin sprang on her face; She loved the thrill of danger so loved to to stunts which was why her scooter had 'I do all my own stunts' written on it, slowing to a stop by Sugarcube Corner and breathed in the delicious smells that came from the shop; Of course she wasn't here just for the treats she was here to talk to Pinkie Pie, maybe she had some good advice for her... Of course on the other hand, it could be she would just randomly say stuff again but that was the risk she was willing to take. Entering the shop her eyes grew wide at the mess of things in front of her and she made her way through the mess of boxes and found Mr and Mrs Cake struggling to package things and Scootaloo cleared her throat, "Hi Mr and Mrs Cake, whats going on?" Scootaloo was quite curious as it looked like they were in a rush to get a bunch of cakes and stuff boxed up for something, she looked over at Mr Cake as he finished packaging a batch of cupcakes and collapsed to the floor in near exhaustion from what she could tell. "Well, we are helping with the air show thats going on in a couple weeks and we need to get everything ready for the huge dinner they are having in a couple nights. We have our hoofs full with all of the preparations." Scootaloo frowned, no one had told her about this dinner but whatever maybe she could help, "Do you need some help?" Mr and Mrs Cake looked at eachother then looked back at Scootaloo, "Um no, but thank you for the offer." Scootaloo glared, she could help but ok if thats the way they wanted it. "Ok, do you know where Pinkie Pie is?" It didn't take very long at all before Pinkie Pie came leaping out of the kitchen area covered in flour. "Oh hi Scootaloo, whats up?" Scootaloo just stared at her for a minute before coming to her senses and giggled at her, "You sure look funny covered in flour, but yeah. I was wondering if I could talk to you." Pinkie Pie looked like she was in thought and Scootaloo hoped she would take the time to talk to her but nope her hopes were dashed when Pinkie shook her head, "I'm sorry, but I'm helping out her. Maybe later?" Scootaloo lowered her head sadly. "Thats ok Pinkie, thanks anyway." Pinkie nodded before leaping back into the kitchen and Scootaloo left the shop after waving goodbye and decided to go visit Twilight Sparkle even though she knew she would most likely be busy with studying as she usully was but hopefully she would take the time to talk to her.