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Found 3 results

  1. Whoa...That was weird. I know Twilight Sparkle said going through the portal from Toontown would be disorienting but I had no idea it would send me to a land filled with talking ponies. Greetings, Everyone! My name is Princess Rapunzel of Corona & I am here to answer any questions you might have regarding me.* *Please keep the questions clean. No one word responses to my answers please.
  2. Just a sketch, still in progress...Wondering what I'm gonna make her cutie mark The stupid eraser left a smudge on her nose
  3. Sooo, this is my new version of me, Star Gazer, Rapunzel-fied. I didn't really like the original fairy tale Rapunzel (she got pregnant and was really dumb) but I liked Tangled and really related to Rapunzel So I thought why not Rapunzel-fy Star Gazer? So, this would be the scene in which Rapunzel frees herself from the witch's control by cutting off her long magic blond hair and revealing her natural multi-colored hair. To keep her trapped, the witch tried to cut off her wings and wouldn't let her learn magic. She had some magical surges but never quite learned anything until she got out of the tower and into the world. I'm not sure how I feel about the uploady quality but I tried. I am my favorite color green. Cutie mark is a skeleton key with 3 stars. Please don't hurt me!