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Found 104 results

  1. Say, you happen to meet any of the Human 5, 6, or 7, and you shown to them all three Equestria Girls films and various appearances and fanvids at any time they choose, how do you think they would react? Examples of non-film appearances: * A TV cameo in a Mexican show and a live performance * Here are some advertisements involving them * Re-enactions of their songs in Russia * Some good fan-art
  2. ---STILL LOOKING FOR MORE PARTICIPANTS!--- This is a sneak peek of the MLP Forums edition of "Bronies React", where a few other forums members as well as myself recorded our reactions to the Season 5 finale! Yes, I realize this should have gone under the existing "Reaction Collab anyone?" thread I started back in late December, but it hasn't been seeing a lot of activity lately, so I decided to start this new thread to promote the preview and potentially get others involved as well. The preview is nothing like what the final product will look like. Obviously there will be a more content, and I just threw this preview together in about an hour, so it's not top notch in terms of visuals quite yet. So far, only two others, Gamer_KM and Midnight Chimes, have submitted their reactions to me, but a few others have said they were preparing their reactions as we speak. HOWEVER, like I said above, I'm still looking for other forums members to join in! I want this to be a big collaborative project that helps promote the forums and Poniverse in the process. So if this interests you, grab a camera, sit down in your favorite computer chair, couch, love seat, potato, etc., and film your reactions! Also, if you are considering being in this, please read through the earlier the earlier thread I started to find lots of important information regarding how I would like your reaction footage to be formatted and stuff. Happy reacting! -ff
  3. If you found out My Little Pony is never coming on again, ever, not even G5, what would you do to keep the show going? how far would you go to get the show back on the air? Would you run the production your self? Donate money? Riot UNTILL the show comes back on? What would you do? I personally would kill someone if it meant the show, ( and most importantly the fandom) would keep having a beating heart and soul.
  4. So i was curious how many of you have told your parents you are a Brony and what do they think of that? if you haven't told them do you think you will. and same question with friends and people at school. thanks! and me all my friends know and they are turning into bronies now to except for a few who refuse to watch it but oh well. and my parents just think its just a weird internet thing i dont think they realize i watch it on tv =D
  5. Short story is 2 reactors on YouTube that go by the names in the title of this post got their channels terminated and now I ask you guys on their behalf to help them get back on their feet with their back up channels. DYWTBA_Brony got his channel terminated because of three copy write strikes. I understand that since, y'now, if he did use peoples content without crediting them that's not the right thing to do but some say he did nothing wrong. (His new channel here: ) The second channel is RarityDash who got his channel terminated for "multiple or several violations against spam, gaming, misleading contend, or other terms of service" which can be triggered by using too many tags, which I personally think is kinda stupid. This is one I personally don't see anything wrong unless I'm missing something, in that case my apologies. (His new channel here: ) A lot of people have been complaining about things like dislike bots, false flag reports and things like that so if any of these are the case then please help these guys out, even if reactions aren't what you watch on YouTube both of these guys lost A LOT of followers between them and in tern lost everything they'd built up so it'd be much appreciated by them and me. SIDE NOTE Real sorry for rambling on and sorry if it came across as I was angry, I really wasn't, I'm disappointed that errors like this happen to seemingly nice people.
  6. Steel Accord

    Things you LOVE about this show?

    Because I will champion this show and fandom till I die, I thought I should make this thread for people to list things they like about the show. It can be anything, the setting, certain characters, particular episodes, different themes or ideas, just as long as it's about the show itself and it's something you consider good. For me, I love practically everything about this show but one of the first things that hooked me to it was the setting. That it struck that rare balance between being idyllic but not perfect. It wasn't the conflict free sugar bowl of the past where nothing happens but it's not Pokemon levels of darkness under a veneer of innocence.
  7. Nova Wings

    Reaction to: Changling

    You come home to find a (friendly) changling waiting for you. How do you react? GO! *Walks in, looks at changling. Picks up changling* I like you, you are now Wubsy and you are mine
  8. When someone hurt your feelings, would you stay positive and show kindness to them~? <3 <3 or show them anger~? T^T Everyone in my school is hurting me~ xDDD But I intend to show kindness and smile~!
  9. It's finally time to watch the show I was afraid Friendship is Magic was going to be. Is it as bad as I remember? (Episode title: The Great Rainbow Caper.) To subscribe:
  10. The Wubstep Brony

    I got a reaction channel :3

    Yeah... Let's say that i do some reaction some times here is the link if you wanna see for yourself O_o:
  11. Do as the title says! React to this video! Then post another one!
  12. I make remixes and reaction to fan animations all based on MLP come check me out and please subscribe becuase I am going to try to do this for a living so I need all the support I can get. Here is the link to my channel.
  13. Cupcakes. My Little Dashie. The Wheel and the Butterfly. The Conversion Bureau. Fallout Equestria. Past Sins. Snowdrop. On a Cross and Arrow. These are but from a selection of the best (or worst) of a wide library of fanfics created by the FiM fanbase. If any of the Equestrians (including the two princesses) featured therein would read any of them, or are invited to read them, which would each pony love or hate more?
  14. As the title says what will you do when you're heading down to a movie theatre to buy some tickets for the MLP movie, act calm and normal, dress in a cosplay, scream?
  15. What would you do if your phone had an mlp ringtone and it played really loud in class. Would you be embarrassed?
  16. Why did I slap the title. I tried looking this up, I'm sorry if there is already a topic about this.
  17. HorsesandMOARGaloar

    The Heresy Game

    Rules: 1. Post any headcanon or theory of MLP:FiM that is considered "contradictiory" here. You can even make up your own ridiculous, random ideas that you think is "against" the premise or setting of the show. 2. One headcanon at a time. 3. Users must post any number their erroneous headcanons and theories before anyone else posts "HERESY!!!1"*, in which the game starts over again. 4. Any number of edits is allowed in your posts, in case of mistakes or changed minds. Here's mine, as an example: "Celestia's alter-ego is a black-and-red alicorn with terrible powers." Enjoy! (Inspired by the "Alphabet Game" and a certain portion of the "Banned Game" where users are "banned" for Heresy against the Imperium of Man) * When you post "HERESY!!!1", you are allowed to use pictures and gifs. if you want to.
  18. How would the ponies react to our fandom? I got the idea after I read this fanfiction called "Bronies are Disgusting." (The author of the fanfiction is not a hater) The fanfiction was about Twilight Sparkle writing a letter to Princess Celestia after she found out about our fandom. Would they like us? Would they be offended or creeped out? If a brony/pegasister went to Equestria, how would the ponies treat them? What do you think? How do you think ponies would react to us?
  19. Commander Frost

    The User Above You Just Proposed to You!

    The user above you just proposed to you. What do?
  20. Yoouyu

    How do you react ?

    Are your reactions based on other peoples actions or reactions? Can you ignore what other people did and not to react that Is that possible? Is it true that negative reactions and actions spawn more negative reactions and actions? Is it true that positive reactions and actions spawn more positive reactions and actions? Can you choose how to react? Is it easier to react defensively or negatively when you feel attacked or insulted? Is it easier to react positively when you feel praised? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I try to react positively to everything and I try to be constructive. However that is hard when you feel that you are attacked or insulted the first reaction that comes to mind is always to defend or attack back and I don't want to accept those reactions. Sometimes they slip by my guard, but I always apologize if I notice that. I feel that many people show the first reaction that they get and that often leads to that endless vortex of negativity, because when you react negatively it's very likely that other people will react negatively to your negative reaction. So every time you see those negative reactions or actions you should try to react positive way to them. You should be kind and understanding. It is harder to react negatively to a positive reaction, because then the person who reacts must seek for negative aspects in your positive reaction. So that they could counter that reaction with their own. Often when you see the positive reactions they don't create such vortex that the negative ones. I think that because negative reactions tend to be stronger and they impact deeper into you. One option is ignore their reactions and try not to react them. This is hard because the stronger the reaction harder it comes to ignore and if you want to ignore all reactions it may become habit and when you see those kind and positive reactions you just ignore them too. That may be the case but not all times. I think that ignore isn't the best option to fight trolls and haters and negative people. Positiveness is always best choice, but it's the hardest. I try to do it but I fail sometimes, because I'm not perfect. What are your reactions based on? How do you react? Why do you think you react that way?
  21. The dolls: The (awful mistake of those three Peruvian) kigurumi: Will they freak out over these?
  22. So, the season 5 animatic was finally posted. Here it is: Anyways, it's time to look at this thing, I'd recommend watching first before reading this next part. I like how it's like, we finished an arc and defeated Tirek, so what now? That's what I do if I just did all that. Unfortunately, not background music yet, so the music is up to your imagination. I found it funny when Spike stepped on everything like Pinkie's home and her reaction is just priceless. Further reasoning to why I love Pinkie so much. Yes, this helps with my Twimac shipping with Spike playing hoof ball with big mac. He's clearly babysitting him for Twilight.. OK ignore my shipper mode. Also, who wants tickets for a Hoofball game? Seriously Pinkie, you can't stop cracking me up here with all your shenanigans Also, they all have the same cutie marks hmm, this should be interesting. Remember this is all speculation, I don't really know how good or bad this will be, but so far, I'm really liking this, it's got some great preview type humor in it. So yeah, that's my reaction.
  23. The title speaks for itself, how would you react if the above avatar just bit. First person has to react to mine...
  24. Atomic Rainboom

    FiM reaction videos? WHY?!?

    Seriously though, why do reaction/review videos of individual episodes exist on YouTube? I don't think I need to hear what some guy thinks about the episode.
  25. * EqG live promo * EqG (the movie) * the EqG dolls * Rainbow Rocks * the novels The "ponies": *Each of the mane 6 *Sunny *Trix *Derpy