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Found 7 results

  1. Welcome to my shop I'm doing colored rough sketches Ponysona or MLP OC redesigns. You would give me a character whose original design you'd like altered and I will draw it. Examples of my work are here, here, here and here. Please: 1) Provide an image of the character you'd like me to redesign 2) Inform me about any specific changes in your request 3) Request up to 2 character redesigns per week Please direct message me any questions you may have about the shop.
  2. Hello my little ponies! In this topic, I shall bring to everypony something I had in my mind for a while: Redesign some characters mine~ So, let's begin, shall we? Arzu Old Design New Design Dians Old Design New Design Tempo Old Design(yes, i used base when I first made her.) New Design Angel Iskra Old Design New Design I'll post more, since it's a lot of OCs that need a good redesign mine.
  3. I tried to make Chris Delamo, better known as RedPillPhilosopy... out of Kenny from The Walking Dead. What do you think? Accurate? Please, please, PLEASE do not turn this into a debate on why you disagree with him or vice versa. This is about the picture and the comparison. Betcha I could digitally cut a picture of RedPill's face, put a filter over it, and edit it over Kenny's body and you'd swear it was Kenny fan art.
  4. What if Megan from the old MLP series, was redesigned and added to the main characters of MLP:FiM, which would have the same rock family as Pinkie's?
  5. 1st of all, sorry if this is shouldn't be in Show Discussion, which I suspect it shouldn't. As we all know, in the S4 finale an evil villain from the very first MLP generation returned, Tirek, the Master of Midnight Castle. In this topic I'm going to post a big amount of amazing fanart I've found that was before and after the S4 finale, about this villain. Most of them are impressive and very unique. Which will be your favourite? The original, Lord of Darkness himself. The revamped version, much more muscular and more animal-looking than his ancestor. One if not the first redesign of the characters done by the artist peachiekeenie. Made by Andre_Ma. This one has more goat-like horns. Freakiest one so far. That face is just creepy, and that muscular body and those deformed horns, this one looks like a true devil. Made by Solomen. This one is made to be a more humanistic good Tirek. I don't like it. Made by Haretrinity. This one reminds me of old Genndy Tartakovsky and Craig McCracken cartoons, which were mostly gold. However, he looks very weird and way too much of a good guy. Made by Atomic Kitten. Even though Tirek here looks pretty bad-ass, the artist decided to make him a bull. What the crap. Made by Cheshiremoon7 Oh my holy jesus, he looks wonderful. Like an aztec mythological creature. He reminds me of Aku, from Samurai Jack a lot, though... That horse body is WAY too small. Made by: AWildDrawfagAppears <--- Check him out! Here he looks human, but very devious. I don't really like this design. He is way too normal for someone who represents the Devil. Made by: Shellnekoconeko This one looks very menacing, but he looks too much of a brute, at least for me. Made by: gojira007. Tirek appears in Leon_Z's comic "MLP: Pony Wars", where he fights princess Celestia. His design as a shadow-ish creature is not that original, but he looks very threatening. A G4 redesign of Tirek and Megan by Ghost-Peacock. Tirek looks very weird. I don't understand why here Megan is a donkey... Most bad-ass Tirek redesign I've seen so far. He looks like a Balrog, what's not to love about him here? Made By: Cyrilunicorn So, that's all I've got. Which one is your favourite? Do you think Tirek would be more bad-ass in any of this redesigns? Do you know any of the previous artists? Did you like Tirek, G1/G4?
  6. I was feeling like my OC, Aero, was lacking in any originality, so I redesigned him! I added some different colors (some brighter and some darker), a pair of headphones 'cause I freakin' love music, and a little mechanical pencily thing behind his ear. I also slightly changed his cutie mark. Anything I should add? Or should I remove anything?