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Found 45 results

  1. I got an error message instead. Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2
  2. So, I've had this "Art Contest Winner" title for close to a year now. Shouldn't it go back to normal after about a month, or is there something I need to do to remove it?
  3. At which point would it be preferable to create a new thread for a topic (perhaps with links to older ones) than resurrect one?
  4. Supposedly i've already change it in the poniverse page but it doesn't change here. Is it possible or am i doing something wrong?
  5. If you click on it, you will be send to support tickets, which is probably expected and of the intention. However, if you hover over it and click "send support ticket" you are taken to the guidelines instead. Edit: Also, the last link in guidelines is broken.
  6. All in the title. Can't access the thread. Tried all three pages of it.
  7. Hi, new user here. I just realized I'm unable to edit my own created threads. Working as intended? I'm mainly over at the fanart section and I like to update my OP with new content and descriptions. There is no edit button anywhere on the page. I found another user with the same issue but the answer was to look near the MultiQuote button but there is nothing down there except for MultiQuote and the regular Quote button. Any ideas?
  8. I have recently started an personal Blog via Blogger complete with my own domain name and was wondering if I could be allowed to share it on my profile or a status update?
  9. Hello i was told my user name says anonymous user next to it well how might i be able to fix that if possible?
  10. I was wondering how to add a character since I just joined last Sunday.
  11. I wanna know why status updates are coming up blank?
  12. I'm starting to build an RP universe I hope to DM...I was wondering what the limit is? Like...can someone tell me what the extent of the PG-13 rating is? Just so I don't go past it in terms of if I make it dark or if there's kissing or whatever.
  13. Is this another rank thing or is it a known issue?
  14. There this thing that is keep showing up when I re-load a page on MLP forums. The thing says "504 bad gate away" on a white screen and I'm not sure why, like is it bad or does it mean my internet is slow that the forums can't re-load well? Let me know if its a normal thing or not Also the thing only pops up when I'm on my computer on MLP forums
  15. How many posts do you need for different ranks, like me getting to my Unicorn, also is there a way to be an Alicorn
  16. I saw a profile that rank was Banished, how does that happen
  17. Hypothetically, say I joined a roleplay, could the DM force me to kill my character off or is that not at their discretion? Thanks for any replies.
  18. Hi everybody! I just signed up for a subscription. I love the idea of changing my user title, but I can't find the option to change it anywhere. How do I do this thing?
  19. When I'm on mobile, the list with emoticons accessible from the toolbar freezes the tab in the browser. The first time it will open and function properly, but whenever I open it for the second time, it freezes the tab, sometimes partially, sometimes completely. By partially I mean, that I can somewhat scroll the page, but absolutely nothing works, tapping has no effect~links and everything refuse to work. Sometimes it just freezes completely and ignores any input. At that point the only solution is to close the tab and open a new one. Refreshing won't work. As a result, I can only put one emoticon in a post. Attempting to put a second one (without refreshing the page) always glitches the page. Typing them manually does work though. Screenshot: Chrome version (MOBILE): Does anyone else experience this? Thanks~ 10.05.2019 Not sure if anything was done recently, but the issue seems to be gone. It kept doing this yesterday, but it seems to be all okay today. Disregard this then please, closing as solved.  13.05.2019 It kept happening again and stopped after I changed my localization (left work)... This is confusing.
  20. Just because I'm does a regular user of MLPF become a staff member? What qualities do they need to have to be chosen?
  21. My post count and rank are right but my activity page only shows one post.
  22. Hello so while I was going through my PMs I accidentally click the disable button and now there gone. And I can’t figure out how to bring them back. Can one of you staff please tell me how to put it back on if so that would be really nice thanks. I mean I could of swore there use to a way to undisable them. But now it seems like that options not there anymore. Oh never mind I figured it out thanks.
  23. I just noticed that there's an option to send gift cards through the forums. Is this a new feature, or did I just not notice it before? Also, how does it work?
  24. This account has been dormant for several years and I want to wipe my information and delete it. When I try to edit my profile, I get a message that tells me that i'm not allowed to. Could I get some help, please?