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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 13 results

  1. I can't see the "What's on your mind?" banner above the updates unless if I refresh enough, and when I click it and get redirected to my profile, I can't write down anything. i can see other people's updates and reply to them no problem, but it doesn't seem to be working on just my profile
  2. There seems to be a weird technical issue at the moment. The topics on the testing forum are only supposed to be visible to the user who posted them, but at the moment, it's showing a thread created by another user instead. The thread I created myself is gone – not that this bothers me particularly, as I haven't used that topic in a while. At least one other user on the forums has reported the same issue. The thread is only accessible through the main page of the forums, the Testing Forum itself shows no threads.
  3. It came to my attention that the season 9 session in this very forum has only 13 placeholder episode threads. I thought it was now well know it’ll have the usual 26 episodes
  4. Excuse me,may I ask that how do I delete characters?I accidentally post two posts for a character.
  5. Hello, I was just wondering how I access the fan club section of this forum? I can see the fan club threads in Google, however, I get a permission denied error when I try to enter them. Do you need a specific forum rank to view them or something? Thanks
  6. As the title suggests. I cant access the page from my pc.its acting like i dont have internet.but works fine on other sites Edit: Nevermind.the fault was with the computer you can close the thread
  7. I seem to be experiencing serious problems. I can only sign into the forums on my iPad. And now it says my Poniverse account is tied to a different account... help pls. My email address will not allow me to change it either.
  8. I'm not sure what's going on. But ever time I attempt to post in my RP... I get this message "Your content length is below the threshold required to post." I'm not sure why it's doing it or anything... and I seem to be able to post in other threads just fine. So could help me out? Here's the link to the Thread it won't let me reply in, just in case: I also tried to close the tap I had opened and reopened it, and I'm still getting the same error.
  9. So apparently, the forums' search engine is still broken as shown in the attached files. Anyone else getting this kind of issue? Whenever I'm trying to find a specific thread (can't be bothered to keep clicking through each pages), it becomes slow to load and when it does finish loading, the "Something went wrong." image soon appears. I'm surprised that this issue is yet to be fixed so if anyone can resolve this issue would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I've noticed, that from day to day, more emoticons disappear, leaving paper icons (missing image) in return. Basically using these is impossible and all posts have that broken look. What is happening with these?
  11. Heyo!~ Soo everypony remember i did make my acc not many time ago.... And im not sure about the rules of there. Sooooooooo..... How do i avoid getting banned? Does exist a rank of banned ponies? Whats rlly bad to do on here? Yeah, thats it. Thank you soo much if you answer, im just a little afraid.
  12. CherryAcorn

    resolved Ranks

    ~Heyo! Sooooo... Im SUUUUUUUPER confused, what are actually ranks and how can i earn it? Im not a blank flank! I do have a cutie mark! Its soo confusing, soo yeah, can anypony help me? Tysm (First who helps me earns a free OC xDDDD)
  13. I've noticed lately that when I try to do a content search, like so it gives me a "server error!" like so