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Found 1108 results

  1. I only wanted to subscribe for last month but I'm still getting charged and I can't find an option to cancel for some reason
  2. So I was looking to submit a character here so I might be able to roleplay. It's a bit confusing here and the "RP" tab seems a bit... messy. Where would I submit a character to either of the roleplay sections?
  3. Earlier today the notification box wasn't inaccessible, stuck on a loading screen. But now I can't get into my inbox. When I click the inbox, I get brought to this page.
  4. Half the time, when I visit my profile, the general information is hidden. I’m 99% sure this my iPad’s fault but I wanted to bring it up anyway. It fixes itself if I revisit my page a few times.
  5. Hello, I just wanted to go back to my old name, Windy Breeze. But all I got is a message, saying 'That value is not allowed'. Please help me get back my old name, my other names have the same results!
  6. In the top right corner of the notifications is not loading in the list when I click on it. It just keeps loading and I get errors. I already tried refreshing the page, I closed the broswer, and still I got nothing. I can't even view the whole list of notfifcations. Is this happening to others or is this just an issue the forums is having?
  7. Hello. I’ve seen quite a few questions about this in the past, but they are all outdated and aren’t in the new layout. How do I make a poll in 2020?
  8. The Signature Restrictions say that signatures can have a maximum of 5 lines. However, there are 3 ways that text is displayed in the site according to the Post Preview window, which are Desktop, Tablet, and Phone. Well, which one does the 5 line limit apply to, desktop, tablet, or phone?
  9. So I opted in to site ads a good few months ago and I still have not seen 1 ad on here I want to support this site as much as i can (because subscribing is not possible for me) And I have also noticed that when you're logged out you get ads but no ads when you're logged in
  10. I have a friend who is in a desperate situation and I am trying to help with his GoFundMe campaign but I did not know what the site rules were for posting that kind of link or where it would be appropriate to post.
  11. It might sound like a silly question, but i've seen people posting status updates in their profiles , but i can't found anywhere in my profile where to create my own! Thanks
  12. (I keep trying to post an RP session on the Tabletop menu, but each time I submit, it tells me that "the content is below what is required", if memory serves. What does mean? Am I not doing something correctly? Is there a letter character frame as in the Advanced Roleplays section? And how do I use separate threads? I am fairly new performing RP with this site and I think I need some help. )
  13. I ended up giving someone a reeeeeeally long award, and I now realize it was a terrible idea.
  14. I have noticed that the all the administrators on here have joined in 2013 or 2014, and the moderators have joined a little later and then sectionals joined super later so, is there a staff hierarchy or can you just go straight to admin?
  15. The pony life topic has been locked. I'm just wondering why?
  16. It’s been a very long time since I hung out on this website and I forgot where to go to see the rank requirements here and their. Can someone please help me out?
  17. Hello, how can i turn the Day mode on? I'm currently using Night mode.
  18. Do I need to get my OC approved to be able to roleplay and if so how?
  19. I don't think I'm getting email from MLP Forums. Nothing's in my spam and trash. I think it's still trying to send email to my old email even when I changed it in Poniverse?
  20. Fed up with this place, it's boring, among many things, no need having an account anymore. Any way to do this?
  21. In my profile feed there is a comment I cant to delete that somebody left. The options are delete, approve and lock. I tried clicking delete and confirmed when prompted and the comment disappears. When I refresh the page the comment I just deleted reappears. Why id the comment posted in my profile feed keep returning when i delete it?
  22. So, I was just thinking about maybe creating a topic to put all of the artwork I've got from requesting it from others. I have it all in a folder, but I have considered maybe making a thread to showcase it. I'm not entirely decided if it would even be a good idea, but I wanted to ask before I really even consider if it would be in line with the rules? I would obviously credit the name of the creators(Atleast including the name from whatever their site name was at the time.) But would It still be ok as far as the rules go? Considering none of it would be my creations(Unless I want to showcase some of my mediocre art ;p.) Would I be required to get direct permission from each creator? Because some of these people have left the site considering much of it is quite old. Again, i'm just curious if it would be ok as far as the rules go, I'm not really sure if it would be a good idea or not, so I may not make it regardless, but I'm just asking if it is in violation of the rules in any way. Thanks.
  23. For some reason I can't enter in polls on the forum and I can't access the ponyarcade, is this because I am still a blank flank? I guess ponyarcade doesn't exist anymore or something but still... I can't vote in polls
  24. Well, I doubt this is supposed to go here. I attempted to view the support ticket system to see if that would suit my queries better, but all I got was an error message. So I had to settle for this. To any mods who happen to be reading this, could you please delete all of my posts in the following threads? If it's not too much of an imposition?: