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Found 67 results

  1. Hello! I’m new and wanted to make a pony profile yet I’m unable to post my image. I’m a mobile user if that helps.
  2. For some reason I keep having this issue where if I hit the "Submit Reply" button, it doesn't work and I have to refresh the page and hit the button again before it does. I'm occasionally running into the same problem with reacting to content. Is this a problem with the site or a problem on my end?
  3. I’m curious if the following words are allowed: -retarded: save of the obvious direct use on another user, I wonder if it’s use as a synonym is allowed. Example would be “This is so retarded” instead of “this is so stupid” -loser: I understand this is a Canadian site. And Canada considers this word to be very strong. Very well known in the fandom due to censorship of the word in pony in Canadian airing
  4. I've recently been using pasting to work around some keyboard issues, and when using this site I've found it quite inconvenient that every single time I do so, I have to click "paste as plain text" instead or have my message from there on ruined. I'm not even sure what rich text is or does, but it really complicates typing.
  5. I think my week long suspension has finally ended, but it still says that I'm banished and I can't post status updates. Is that a bug? Or is that intentional and I'm just being a doofus?
  6. OK, so I'm currently in a roleplay with @Emerald Heart and several others, but my post is apparently below the threshold despite being at 108 characters. Is this a technical issue?
  7. Follow You have not chosen how the notification should be sent. Notification Settings I meanwhile want to follow ppl for status updates but not posts anymore - that would be just getting too much. I am assuming i will get what I intend to here, and that the message simply doesn't take into account that status updates addon (assuming it is one)? AFAIK this only just happened once I disabled these notifications. Maybe I should just try out and then report back here.
  8. so I have a quick question why does it say that my content needs to be approved by a moderator any reason as to why it says this?
  9. How do you remove a video player from the editor where you make posts?
  10. So what l do is paint MLP pony figures and do my own design on them. I would like to share them if l can on these forums, and these pictures don't have people in them, just the figure l painted. So my question is where do l post this thread of my designs of pony figures? Also if l can't share that anywhere on the forums then that is okay with me.
  11. I always keep this tab open, so it seems silly to clog up my inbox (or rather, my spam folder).
  12. While swimming deep in the memory of Sugarcube Corner, I came across the following old thread I understand if no-one remembers, but I'm quite curious as to why it is there rather than in Past Generations. There are also other threads that seem like they might fit Show Discussion... but I'm not quite clear where the line is there either. (I have a very "filing cabinet" sort of mind. Sorry if it's a bother.)
  13. So I've noticed that certain groups of staff arent being featured in the daily birthday list, like events and RP staff. Had it happen to me. Noticed it happen to others. The forums are a good place to celebrate and it kinda sucks when nopony knows and you're glossed over.
  14. Hello, it seems something rather odd is up with my reactions, I can give one brohoof or reaction then I try to do it again and it says I've reached the maximum amount of reactions for the day.
  15. As your all are aware, the show’s pretty leaky, and over the weekend it experienced the biggest one, where just about every major asset had just been leaked, including the unreleased pilot, early song builds, animatics, scripts, emails, episode concepts and premises for existing and cancelled episodes, as well as how an episode might differ from existing ones and what was planned. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in here, but there lies the biggest question, to what degree are we allowed to discuss. I know download links are off limits, that’s a given, but what about pictures, videos, or even just a regular discussion? Especially now that the show is over there’s really no worries for spoilers, What lengths are we allowed to take them? What is allowed?
  16. I'm getting somepony in the mail very soon and I really want to show him off with a thread in Merchandise. But that would be for official things... where would I post this?
  17. So, I wanna submit a banner but I'm not entirely sure what is and isn't welcome content, as in, how much can it diverge from canon content? For instance, say I want to submit a banner with a group shot of the Mane Six, but I wanted to do it as a Steven Universe AU where all of them are Gems. Would that stand a chance of being plastered up at the top of the Forums, or is that too divergent from typical banner content? (I have other banner ideas, too, but I wanted to know if that one would fly or not.)
  18. a certain somebody, my only work around is to find an older thread within the PM and start a new message from that point
  19. I wanted to make a post in Requestria that links to a Pony Practice livestream on Picarto from 5-9p. The stream is specifically so I can take OC requests and practice drawing ponies, so I can later do commissions with some practice under my belt. And of course, for the community interactivity! Is this okay to do? I don't have commissions available thru Picarto at all, and I'd be posting the finished ponies to the request thread and to the visual arts forum. Nevermind! I went back to re-read the FAQ and my brain skipped over this part on the first read, apparently : "Directing people to off-site art content to promote your art is allowable, provided you are sharing your art in your posts too."
  20. not really a silly question but do you have a FAQ page, or link, so I can figure out how to do some things to my profile? Everyones signatures, pics and more and more are amazing but i cant figure out how to do any of that. Also, do this site have an app?
  21. I got an error message instead. Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2
  22. So, I've had this "Art Contest Winner" title for close to a year now. Shouldn't it go back to normal after about a month, or is there something I need to do to remove it?
  23. At which point would it be preferable to create a new thread for a topic (perhaps with links to older ones) than resurrect one?
  24. Supposedly i've already change it in the poniverse page but it doesn't change here. Is it possible or am i doing something wrong?