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Found 9 results

  1. ok so I know some people didn't like the movie so I will be commenting on the good and bad points of the movie. firstly I loved the opening it was a really quick push into the movie and there wasn't much dilly dalling. I wasn't a fan of how late twilight came into the movie though but I am a twilight fan I also didn't like how sunset shimmer was being excluded the hole time. I think I could of been better if everyone forgot apart from the girls and then I could of been a secret type of thing. I loved the fact that when the girls played there wings and ears (pony parts if you will) came back I thought that was a lovely idea. I didn't like the fact that in the movie they portrayed that twilight was a bad singer when in fact when she sings back in poniville she has a lovely voice. overall I thought it was a great movie and that it portrayed great lessons in there. I especially loved how now sunset shimmer in going to write to twilight so there keeping the writing part still there even though twili is now a princess.
  2. Since Romeo and Juliet doesn't really have a fandom, no one has really read this. Would you like to!? I've only done one chapter, but I'm working on chapter 2!! Reveiw, please!! If...if you want to...
  3. digi is an awesome friend. he's the real choice friend who goes to the wall for another friend when they buck up bad. Some of you may recall kimi's season 4 wish list where she snarls at raritys name and calls for her to go away for ever, (presumable in jest) and than calls for her to be crushed by a bolder. Now, this hasn't gone over with the rarity faithful, but digi loves himself friend ship is witch craft she in this video he presumable looks to throw water on the fire. Not only that, but Digi said he helped with her coming up with the ideas. And listening to digi defend her kind reminds me listening to my dad defending me or someone else in the family with his grade a choice bull shit. it's masterful. It's amazing. and this video itself is friend ship of the highest order ^^ Dear Celestail Digi taught me today if you love your friends that you go out and lie your ass off for your friends if they get in trouble. sincerely, For No Good Reason ^^
  4. So after deciding not to pick up Pokemon X/Y on firday, I ended up buying it first thing satarday morning. I have just finished my first play through of pokemon X (took me 16h33m) and have decided to do a quick review with minimal spoilers for those of you who don't know if to buy it or not . The Looks: Firstly, let me just say the game looks great most of the time. The new 3d esc view rather then the top down view of the world really works, and also lets them pull some flashy tricks at times. Initially I really hated the Idea of changing the way the world was viewed, but after playing through, I wouldn't change it at all. It maybe needs refining in one or 2 areas, and the camera can be a little bit disorientating at times, but overall its a 100% improvement on previous games. (for the record I played the whole game in 2d). Battle animations have also been redone and look very cool for the most part, though I turned them off after about an hour and only say them in on-line battles). Game play: So here we are, overall its the same however they added a few things: XP share is gotten very early on, and honestly I don't really have a complaint for it. I have never had such a well rounded group of pokemon level wise in a game before and I love the fact they give it you, as I used all my pokemon over and over because they where all around the same level allowing me to type match better and have more fun in battles rather then spamming the same attack over and over. The problem is, SPOILER they give you full 6 pokemon set for free. So yeah, you never need to catch a pokemon, and the game almost punishes you if you do, as you have to choose between them later down the line. Mega evolutions where the big thing in this game. SPOILER: You get them fairly early on around the time when your pokem0n are level 30. The way they are designed are nice, only one pokemon can use it in one battle and you need that pokemon to be holding a stone, which are hard to find (endgame much). However, the pokemon you initially get is OP, and then I used charazard the entire way, without him getting beat by anything until past gym 7 and 1 shotting most things completely. Don't let this take anything away, there awesome and I will have a lot of fun trying to find them all ! SPOILER: I also want to say, i got pokemon X and the legendary fair type feels soooo OP. The Story: Without giving, it's amazing!!! Best I have seen in a pokemon game and at one point it was all about then feels. Mega evolution fits in great as well. Not telling any more, if you like me and play a games for the story then BUY IT AND PLAY IT!!!!!!! Overall: Very fun game, most fun I have had in ages and first time in years I have played a game for more then 10 hours straight, if you like pokemon at all (even when you where younger) pick it up. While its not to challenging, the story is great and the overall game is really enjoyable! 9/10!!! - A DS game I recommend (only game I have completed on DS ) PS. Gym design ROCKS, loving Gym 7 SOOOOOOO much !
  5. It's time for another film review! This week I got to see RUSH - a film by director Ron Howard rated 15 (from bad language, sex and gore). Here is the trailer: Plot: Rush portrays an exhilarating true story of possibly the two greatest rivals in F1 history - English playboy James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth, or the guy who plays Thor) and the perfectionist, Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl). It's set in the mid 1970's in the hayday of Formula 1, where both drivers push themselves to breaking point both mentally and physically in a race for victory where there is no margin for error. Thoughts: Firstly I would like to say I am an F1 fan and watch most races. I have to say that I did not watch any film trailers, but I had already seen documentaries on the story line. The thing that really impressed me about the film was it managed to really make you understand the risk that the F1 drivers where putting themselves through when they where racing. You really feel like you where there in the race scenes and you get a great sense of the speed's. The film also uses footage from actual races and incidents woven elegantly into the film. This was one thing that I felt could have been a big stumbling point, how well would it mesh? But I can say they achieved a lot of success with this (despite a few scenes being a little clunky) and added wonder and realism to the film that I don't think could have done in any other way. The story is amazing. I won't give anything away, but If you know the true story already, then you defiantly will not be disappointed by the portrail! It really tugs on your heart strings at times, and shows the contrasts of 2 different types of personality and leaves some interesting ideas for you to think about at the end. Should you see it / Why a 15?: The 15 rating, while deserved is one of the lower end 15's. There is very little swearing in the film (just enough to give it a bit of realism without overdoing), however there is one instance of the "C" word being heavily implied. There are 4/5 occasions of boobies being seen, and are 1/2 sex scenes. Gore is also present at the film, but only 2/3 times and once again it's to make it feel real and definitely does not over do it. Conclusions: If your expecting a typical 15 thriller with loads of action and gore and swearing, then don't see this. This film is all about telling the true story in a very real manner, which it does exceptionally well, and making you really feel for the characters and understanding there situations which it does really well. Even for non-f1 fans' the film is done in such a way that you need to know nothing about F1 to understand the story or the main characters feelings. My rating?: 9/10 - probably the best film I have seen this year. Just bear in mind I'm an F1 fan already . As a non-f1 fan the interest may not be so high (maybe dropping to 7/8 out of 10) Thanks for reading!
  6. Welcome to another film review! So Today I was fortunate enough to see the a film that is about a week old in cinemas (only gone through one orange Wednesday ) so lets take a quick look at the trailer before my thoughts: As you can see from the trailer, its set in 2154, earth has become polluted and the wealthy have build a massive space station to live on while the rest of earths population resides on ruined earth. The rich have the capability to heal ANYTHING completely and they don't want to let anyone on earth into "elysium". This is where the main character "Max" launches a daring mission to try and save his life after being given a death sentence by a lethal douse of radiation. Impressions: The whole dystopia aspect is laid out nicely in the first 30 mins. They don't go over the top with the dystopia aspect. In fact throughout the entire film they stick well within what you would expect a future earth to look like. There is no over the top technology, and they use the use of special effects throughout is done in a manner that makes it feel real and doesn't go over the top and break immersion like in some films. I would like to add hear that it is a 15, and the language is not great throughout but the main factor is that some of the injuries in the film are pretty horrific (and well deserved of a 15 title). If you don't like violence I would probably steer clear of this particular title. Overall the plot is good, maybe a little predictable overall but defiantly could and should be considered as a well constructed narrative. The main characters are introduced quickly,however there persona's are not really built on that much at the start and it takes a long time for the film to really give them any depth. The main issues I have with the film is that I didn't feel like I cared for the characters at all right up until the last 20~30 minuets. This me made the first 45min feel a little bit out of pace and disjointed at times and it just didn't feel right. It was almost felt a little bit jumpy for the first 20 mins until the film really go going and it started to explain some things better. The ending is defiantly the strong point. I really started to care for certain characters towards the end of the film and it really started to draw me in. The film is much better paced at this part, taking it much slower and everything just flows much more nicely. I thoroughly enjoyed the ending (so I'm not going to spoil it) and overall it made the film more then worth while going to see and better then alot of film's I've seen ! Overall, this was a slow starter, not getting into it until the last 20~ mins of the film, but wow are they full of feeling ! 6/10 Thanks for reading ! comment on what you think/ what your opinions of the film are if you go to see it!
  7. Wow, this is my first blog post in aaaaages! I can't believe it's been so long! I felt like it was time for another blog post, and since not much is going on in the MLP world and I have nothing else I'm really interested in enough to talk about right now I decided to check out this song, enjoy ! Icon for Hire are a more recent band. I thoroughly enjoyed there first album "scripted". The song Cynics and Critics was released as a preview of there upcoming album (name of which is not released yet) and comes out in a few months time ! So here it is: Now I may be a bit biased, but LOVE this song. I have listened to it for an hour straight, to see if I could find any flaws in it or anything that just starts to annoy me and currently I haven't. The backing music really fits, and the alternating fast and slow singing sections (making it almost impossible to learn the words to the verses) fit together seamlessly giving the music added depth. The mix of guitar and bass and electronic music is something that they did very well in the first album, and I think this song is a prime example of how in this genre the merging of the 2 styles of sounds should be done. The way the rythm of the song changes from the verse to chorus is also something I really like, keeping the song "fun" and not repetitive and boring as some song are.. The singing varies from rock singing, to very bouncy almost reciting of the lines to straight talking. Once again I feel they merge the different types together really well (aided by the perfect backing music for each moment) to really give a great alternation of styles/sounds through the song to keep in interesting all the way through. Overall, its a great showcase of the merging of different styles of singing and electronic/classic rock. With great sections to air guitar to, as well as parts truly great fun to sing to it makes the whole song a joy to listen to. I would give it a 9/10 and recommend everyone who likes rock music to listen ! Thanks for reading, feel free to leave feedback!
  8. Today the film Pacific Rim was released in the cinema and I had the good fortune to go and see it! Bellow if the youtube trailer (to give an overview and synopsis). Non- Spoiler Review Now I make an effort to see as few trailer as possible before a film and not read any reviews whatsoever if I like the film just from the trailer. This way my first impressions are the most accurate and I don't have any thought about the film in my head (such as twists). My initial thought from the trailer was "awesome mek's fighting big monsters", and I personally would have been happy if this was all that the film contained. The film lives up to this, and the fight scenes are very well done. They do not feel "rushed" as many fight scenes in this type of film feels. The film does a brilliant job of making both the monsters and the Meks feel "massive", giving a much more realistic feel to both of them and increasing immersion within the scenes. They are not to long and not to short, and considering I saw this in 2D and not 3D, awe inspiring spectacles, whilst not containing ridiculous explosions. The film also contains a storyline which is much deeper the in the impression the trailer gives. While not giving anything away, relationships are explored in depth between the main characters, and even I had a little bit of liquid pride at certain parts. Overall the acting in the film is good, there are one or two moments where I felt like more feeling could been draw from the acting and that is what holds this film back from getting a perfect score for me. I will add that these parts are maybe only once or twice in the whole film. The music is good throughout and on the most part I didn't notice it (which is great, it didn't detract form the film) and when I did it was only at the very end in the credits and it was very well composed and will be getting listened to on youtube a few times tonight. GLaDOS also makes an appearances throughout which is AWESOME! (she has the funniest line in the film) Conclusions: Overall, the trailer is lived up to with awe inspiring mek vs monster fight scenes. The film also contains an immersive story that really holds meaning, exploring relationships in depth and giving the characters meaning. My Score: 8.5/10 - a must see for anyone into this genre and a film I would be happy to re-watch. .
  9. Hello now with the playing of Equestria girls I want to watch it but I want to do it legally. But either way, I realize the pony's job would integrate with the job the human has, like Luna for example she is the co-ruler of Equestria so she is the vice principle for Canterlot High. Celestia is the pure ruler of Equestria so she is the principle, that to me is kind of predictable. Now that's all for now I want to watch it legally. So yes, I yet to see Equestria Girls.