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Found 7 results

  1. this is a Opentoonz puppet rig of a mare i am developing
  2. HELLO everypony! I know that not all of us animators have Adobe Flash CS6, so, being the very kind person I am(don't laugh at me), I've taken it upon myself to convert ALL of the Double Rainboom Pony Puppets, plus Celestia and Luna, to the Flash 8 version! Which basically means anyone with any version of Adobe Flash can animate with them! I went through a lot of trouble downloading all of the trial versions of Adobe Flash to accomplish this, so I hope this helps some potential animators! Download them here! The puppets include: Twilight Sparkle Rarity Applejack Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Spike Pointy Ponies/BBBFF Style Ponies Applebloom Scootaloo Sweetie Belle Princess Celestia Princess Luna Derpy Hooves Lyra Heartstrings Bon Bon Vinyl Scratch Doctor Whooves Roids Rage Colgate Berry Punch That's 21 different puppets, folks. AKA a lot of time taken out of my life. x-x It was worth it, though. Enjoy! <3
  3. Hello everypony, If one wants to start animating 3D ponies, wich rigs should one use? I know of the SFM-pony rigs, but are there others? I have found a few really good rigs but they are not available, since the artist has kept them for him/herself (wich I do not mind). That is all I wanted to ask for now
  4. Go ahead and ask me anything.
  5. Just curious, I just love love love how Clicky and more precise they are as opposed to the standard rubber domes. and users? opinions?
  6. I've noticed that many members here aren't really for SSDs for various reasons. While I'm probably not going to change opinions, thought I'd state why I like them. The most obvious one is they do actually increase boot speed greatly. My Desktops and laptops boot up at around 15 seconds. Yes that's under linux with TRIM enabled, but even under Windows 7, boot speeds were better on an SSD than an hdd. Along with the faster boot times, it makes the system feel overall snappy. Most of the Software I installed on my Desktop's SSD for example starts up fairly quicky. And surprise surprise! I've only used 15GB of space on it. Again I'm cheating because I'm under Linux, but even under windows, I never used more than 25GB of it. While I didn't install every software I had on it, the ones that did were the ones I used the most anyways. Another thing I like is how they aren't quite as fragile as hard drives. This means I can have a slightly more durable laptop ( or at least be relieved that the problem won't be storage drive related ). While this does greatly decrease storage capacity... Why do I need to have more than 120/128GB of storage on the go? Before you think I am anti-hdd, I'm not. Both of my desktops have hard drives for the extra storage (pictures, movies, music, etc) and programs that would only get an incremental increase on the SSD. My laptop on the other hand only has an SSD, though as I said several lines ago, why would I need more than 120/128GB of storage on the go? just a fairly incomplete rant... but I think I got my point across. Now don't even get me started on mechanical keyboards!
  7. -Attempted to fix a 1280x1024 monitor by replacing some capacitors on the monitor's PSU. it failed though. -unlocked all 6-cores in slackstation, overclocked it to 4Ghz, and installed slackware on it (hence the name Slackstation). -Drove around town in a car. -Installed Arch w/ i3 WM in my thinkpad. -used my mechanical keyboard during the whole time. and that about concludes it... btw... Mechanical keyboards or BUST!