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Found 48 results

  1. I want to create an independent community for who want to write but feels limited here due to reestriction of just writing about ponies here. I feel limited. Who wanna join me, please answer. FAQ: Why do you want to create a Roleplay community if we already have everything here on MLPForums? Because MLPForums is centered in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon. I want to create a RP community about humans. You create a human character, a complex backstory, hobbies, habilities, you can put even yourselves in it, no matter if you choose this planet in XIX century, a pos-apocaliptic world or... wow, there are so many things you can write! Because of that. Why are you feeling so "limited"? Ponies do not have hands. Cannot walk like humans. Don't have our technology, social conflicts... There are much to say. Why do you are asking me? Because I am your friend, remember? We share the same commmunity, and are friends, no matter if I know your name or not. And people near me in real life hate writing, reading, creating stories....
  2. Mods, admins, and SCS, I dunno where else to post this, so please do not delete for "not being discussion worthy". Carrion Cadaver: Undertaker Ethereal Blitzen: No idea Sage Leaf: Herbalist/Witch Leon (Leopolis): A pony in a lion suit............... Chagrin: A flaming, flamboyant, circus owner (ringleader?) Marie (muh-ree) Marionette: puppeteer If a mod or admin can think of a better category to put this in, then please move it there. Lickety Split: Dare devil
  3. Hey everyone! I'm slowly getting back into roleplaying and I'm aching to play as my username sake, but I don't feel like joning a thrid RP. So, to compensate I've decided to open an Ask Bright Bastion thread. As this is my character and not necessarily me, the responces will be in character, but not all questions need to be roleplay ones. You can ask about anything you want but I will be giving Bastion's point of view on it. So ask away! Bastion is a low ranking knight in the Equestrian Royal Guard stationed in Canterlot. He's kind and treats anypony with decency. If you want to read all about him and his absurdly long back story, here's a link to his profile:
  4. I'm just wondering why certain topics seem to get more attention than others? And what topics do you think seem to be most popular and why? I mean, I know this is going to get at least one view, because it's in sugarcube corner - which is the general chat area of the forums, but i've seen several topics, either RP plannings, Art threads or other works like that, that seem to go by completely unnoticed. Personally I have created one or two topics that have had no views or replies (duh) for quite a long time - so naturally im just curious as to what makes you want to read a topic, and what puts you off?
  5. A lot of roleplays show up in the recently discussed topics and are usually between just two people. i dont know if I'm even saying the right thing, but i would have liked it better if roleplays were kept out of the recently discussed topics to make way for topics where more people (me) can participate..
  6. So I finally caved in to the draw of the EqE and that means a new character. So here she is, feel free to judge to your heart's desire. I'll provide a link to her character profile eventually. Also big thanks to @Kay Dreamer for her shading tips, they were incredibly helpful.
  7. This mayor may not be a site-noob question, but I have no idea how to find my characters I created for the roleplay world, if it is possible, besides looking through page after page after page after page of other people's OCs. So my question is simple, is it possible to quickly find my OCs for the roleplay world? If so, how? Nevermind, I forgot I had my OCs saved in my profile.
  8. So guys, me and some of my closest friends are going to start a loong private Roleplay, this will our ship
  9. Hello my fellow bronies and pegasisters. You have given me so much and I want to give something to you guys. But I can't really do much on my end, so I'll take what ever opportunity I can get. So I will be giving free ideas and helping with an RP(s). Or I could help you get one off the ground. Help you create characters and anything else. I have a lot of time so no rush. If you want some help, feel free to ask. I promise I won't bite.
  10. The rules are simple, you and the poster above you, the last humans / ponies on Earth / Equestria universe, what do you do? There's no particular rules, simply respect the forum rules ( ), but I still have some idea : 1 - You can add, if you want, the cause of the said humans / ponies doom for the user below you. 2 - You can include one or two ponies / members above. (which make the title wrong, but anyway...) 3 - RP-ish acting would be cool, but just a little. 4 - You can choose if you want that the survivor below you act as a pony (OC or Avatar) or an human. Have fun in my first game.
  11. Could anyone perhaps help me add a cutie mark to my OC character, Twila Starshimmer? I used GeneralZoi's Pony Generator--found here at DeviantArt, and there's an "import cutie mark" button, but I need help finding a cutie mark and also getting it to show up! Twila Starshimmer:
  12. I started a roleplay and it has a 800 Word limit. How do i change it?
  13. I don't personally think that the topics made in the Roleplay section should show up in the "Recently discussed topics" section on the front page. First off, to understand where I'm coming from, know that I don't participate in RPs, I have once and I didn't like it. And no this is not some traumatized person trying to get RPs removed from the site, I simply think they should stay where they are meant. Most of the people who do RPs, at least from my experience, don't take part in very many other sections of the forums, therefore I believe the RP topics should not interfere with the rest of the forums' members. Another point, is that I am certain that the people who do participate in RPs, are very dedicated to their topics in that section, hence they would probably follow those topics themselves, plus they have the "Topics I've participated in" section on the front page for convenience. RP topics usually take up at least 40% of the "Recently discussed topics" when I use the forums, and as someone who doesn't not care for such topics, I find it distracting from other topics that I would want to have a discussion in. You may say that I can just ignore them, and that's true, but that doesn't justify putting them there. In conclusion, I believe that role-players can follow their own topics, and as such I see it unnecessary for them to show up in the "recently discussed" section of the front page.
  14. So I (and this is probably just me) think that it would be a good idea to have the ability to change the formatting of forum threads into a format that is 'printable'. I don't mean that I am going to print off the threads that I join, but I would like to be able to have threads that I want to keep put into a format where I can just ctrl-a, ctrl-v in a document to save a copy for myself as either a more easy to read version, or to keep a permanent record of what happened. Just a script or something to take the name of the account and the actual post itself (not signatures or rank or any of that other garbage), and put it in a very simple document where there's no links to more pages. Just the thread, all the text seperated by thin lines. If you still don't understand what I'm saying tell me because I'll post a picture as an example of what I'm talking about.
  15. Hey, I wanna do some quick POC Battles on Skype, but no one on my skype wants to... add me and battle me plz! I wanna see what your OC can do Name: drakoltensei
  16. As a few friends of mine and I were Role Playing on Skype, I came up with an idea that, since this RP was long, we should create a YT series of it. This means that we'll need as much help as we can get. Just like Double Rainboom, we'll have separate teams in order to make this work. We'll need an animation team, a sound effects team, a music team (creating both background music and songs to be sung), an artist team (creating posters and art displaying the series), a few voice actors/actresses, a background art team (creating backgrounds for each scene), a puppet making team (creating puppets of each character in the series),...and that's all I can think of at the top of my head. Anyway, what we're currently looking for is a high quality artist to create one (if not more) movie poster. If any of you guys say yes, then contact me or Drew on Skype (use either Shadow Lux100, or DTF) Don't have Skype? Then contact us on our homepages. We're looking for as many helpers as we can, so please help us out! Assistant Director, ~Shadowlux100
  17. I made a Facebook page for my OC, Cascade. I feel I may have created a monster. But now that she's there, she'll never leave.
  18. Okay, so...on the advice of Artemis, I decided to try and put into words a small issue here. I wasn't sure if it went in Life Advice or something to put in the actual RP thread, soooo...disregard this post and remove if it's in violation of anything. Or something, iunno. So I've talked about it a little in my intro post instead, but as best as I can put things... ...I'm trying to find a way to join in the RP here. Problem is, I don't exactly have a conventional OC. I could make a "Looking for Group" thread, but I have a feeling that might get me in trouble, not without a plan as described in the forum rules. Which also brings up the other point of making a new OC - I myself have the misfortune of being rather creatively bankrupt at my stage. While others can churn out dozens of new ones at a moment's notice, it took quite a bit of crafting to get even one character into a good position. And we have tried, but they never gelled very well. So pent-up frustration, anxiety, stress and...I'm going to get reported for this aren't I? In the event this thread is not removed, this is NOT a request for an OC Review. I'm just trying (and failing spectacularly) at working out where I should go and what I should do. Unfortunately, I lack a massive capacity for independent thought, so I haven't been able to reach a decision by myself. I wasn't even sure where I should even talk about it before Artemis suggested it. EDIT - And by posting this, I've just compounded the stupid haven't I? -_-
  19. When I try to post in the RP section, I get this message. I'm not quite sure if any other member gets this.
  20. This is a really fun RP thread if your reading this you should go check it out. It's set in the "Percy jackson and the Olympians" Books world, but with pony characters. My Character is called Forest Fire, he's a unicorn, and Demigod son of Apollo (God of Knowledge, who later takes over as Sun God) and in this post he's headed for Camp half blood and encounters an odd situation. Go read the thread for full story so far! Source: Pony Jackson and The Equestrians
  21. Hey all I'm a new programmer and am trying to l earn visual basic. I guess the first computer language is the hardest. And well here I am, looking for suggestions on how I could make my creations pony related. Also I'm sorry for the topic prefix, there is no programming one but I was told to post such topics here. :3 -xXRyanMXx -
  22. Okay as soon as I get some people I'll start this. This is based off dungeons and dragons. To play you need a pencil paper and dice. I'll be bringing the plots. Each session will be usually on the weekends. Note: you'll have to fight monsters by rolling dice and using attacks. (don't cheat) Mostly friday and Saturday nights. ---- Making your character: Choose a race: Human Elf Minotaur Golem Dragonborn Choose a class: Warior Hunter Mage Your stats: Later you'll roll a dice to ditermine your stats, here are the stats: health, strength, speed, mana, wisdom and stealth. (hunger might be added) Rolling stats: For everyone roll a dice then add your racial and class bonuses. Warior: health +1, strength +4, speed +0, mana +0, wisdom +1 and stealth +0. Hunter: health +0, strength +1, speed +2, mana +0, wisdom +1, stealth +2. Mage: health +1, strength +0, speed +1, mana +5, stealth +0, wisdom +3. Health is how much damage you can take. Mans is your magic power, every spell takes away a certain amount. Strength is your physical power, every melee attack takes away strength. Hunters have ranged weapons, which use ammo and some use mana. The others are useful in other situations. Please stop the adventure when I leave, you can make your own adventure, but keep In mind only 1 adventure can go on at once. You can join at anytime. Last: character sheet (please fill this out if you want to join) Name: Race: Class: Health: Strength: Wisdom: Speed: Stealth: Weapons:(you will be equiped after) Spells:(you will be equipped after) Inventory: (inventory max is 5) Gold: you start with 10. Now this should be started by next weekend
  23. This is a private RP for me and Neikos... Have you ever been camping? Perhaps learned some survival tactics while doing so.... back then it seemed fun... innocent... because you would never have to really use them right? But what if you did? What if the situation was real... that your very life depended on what you do to survive? Now add that to the fact that youre with a pony that you never really got along with... would you two be able to work together? Could you set aside your own differences for the greater good, so you both could survive? Well it seems we're about to find out... arent we? Two ponies wake up after an accident with a transport spell in Ponyville, and now wake up in the middle of the Equestrian Tundra, an unforgiving land filled with deadly creatures, unpredictable weather, and freezing nighttime temperatures... how will these two fare? Name: Cloud Chaser Sex: Male Species: pegasus Description:silver fur, blue mane and tail, sapphire blue eyes Personality: Sarcastic, headstrong (Sometimes stubborn), confident, never backs down Bio: Cloud was known widely as a great flyer, many ponies were amazed by his talents in the sky. But with a broken wing, and being paired with a pony that he cant stand... how will he do? Anything else you want to add: Cloud Chaser is very proud, he hates to admit that he is wrong and an apology from him is quite rare, he only respects those who respect him as well.