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Found 119 results

  1. This was made in my spare time, so expect it to be crappy. So basically, short story short: I was playing Call Of Duty online and had a little, well, sissy fit and threw my laptop at the wall. This resulted in my laptop screen's digitizer broken and the hard drive broke. But this isn't the start of my problem – oh no. The laptop is the only PC I have in the house. I do have a phone, but its not one of those hi-techy ones, its just a basic QWERTY phone with a screen as tiny as a ladybird (well, not literally). Also it doesn't have internet, so I'm pretty much stuck. Luckily, my friend lets me use his net book when anything is wrong with my laptop. And with the current state of mine, I could really use it. So the next day, I set off to my friends house and asked him if I could use the net book. He agreed and I immediately logged into eBay. Yes, I know; it isn't the safest site to bid on electronics, but I'm pretty skint at the moment and I'm not prepared to fork out £800 for a new one. So a second hand one should do me fine. I typed in “second hand laptops” and browsed through the pages. Most of them were either broken, misplaced spares for laptops or just stupid “we fix your laptop screen” ads. At last, I found one. I clicked on the link and it opened the details to the item. The title of the item was named “laptop”. No branding or specifications, just “laptop”. “Obviously this person doesn't have a clue about technology.” I said to myself. I looked at the pictures – or just the one, there weren't anymore. I looked at the bidders rating. It was 99.8%, so he was trustworthy. I scrolled down at the description and this is what it read: “this laptop belonged to another owner so I don't know what its got on but you could remove them or send it to a expert to get it checked on. Boots up fine and works great. Open to any bids.” “Well, looks the real deal.” I said and placed £20 as my bid. Surely after a while, I won the item. I paid through PayPal and the laptop was mine. Not long the person sent me a email stating that the laptop had been shipped and should arrive next week. After that, I checked some other emails. * The week after there was a knock at the door. “Ah, must be the lappy (a slang for laptop).” I said and walked to the door. I opened it to see a postman carrying a big box. I signed the papers grabbed the box and he left. I carried the box into the living room and placed it onto the table. The entire cover had been taped, so I had to cut it using scissors. I grabbed a pair and progressively cut open the box. The first thing in the box was bubble wrap covering the laptop. I removed it and it revealed the laptop and a charger. I picked up the laptop and inspected it. The edge had a little knock to it and some of the letter prints on the keys on the keyboard had faded, but were still readable. But what was most suspicious of all, was when I looked at the back of the screen, there was no branding. “Heh, what?” I said puzzled. I carefully looked at the back, thinking that the branding had worn off. But there were no signs of anything on the back. “Maybe there is something on the bottom.” I said. I closed the top and placed it on its back, revealing...nothing. “This is strange.” I said to myself. I emailed the owner and told him there was no branding on the laptop, so I couldn't identify which one it is. Later the person emailed me, but his reply didn't help me much: “it may be a hp or samsung I dunno.” So I was on my own. With the branding problem out my mind, I held the power on button and started the laptop up. But it didn't turn on. “Maybe some charge will get it active.” I said eyeing the charger. I grabbed the charger and inserted the plug into the socket. I had the laptop connected in no time. I held the power on button again. This time I could hear the laptop's fan whirring and the hard drive beeping. Laptops or PCs from companies always have their company branding on the computer, so when it booted, maybe the company would show. But it didn't. It skipped straight to the Windows 7 boot screen. What was more odd was that the boot up sound was from the Windows Vista Beta one. “Wait. Windows 7 doesn't have that boot sound.” I said suspiciously. When it reached the log on screen, there was one account, named “your name here”. Obviously my name was meant to be here. I clicked on the account and it logged me right in. Everything was normal; Windows 7 background, icons, start bar and everything else. However, there were two programs installed: one was AVG and the other BitTorrent. I simply uninstalled the two programs via the Control Panel. While I was in there, I went into the account setting and renamed the account name to my name. “Seems all good to me.” I said and went to browse the web. I went through the favorites and found some favorites to porn sites. I removed them and continued to YouTube. “Maybe a cat video, why not.” I smiled and typed “cat videos” into the search bar. And in no time, I was watching a kitten climbing a man's leg. As I was watching however, the laptop turned off by itself. “Huh? What?” I said puzzled. I turned it on again and logged back into my account. As I was about to click on the IE icon, a message appeared on the screen. It read: “Nice little youngster, wasn't he?” “Whu...?” Was all that could come out my mouth. I closed the message and opened up IE. I was writing in “strange message on computer” on Google's search bar when another message appeared. It read: “Shame the owner killed it a month later. I cant blame him; he was feisty.” “Oh f-ck off.” Was all I said as I closed the message. I browsed the web for anyone else having the problem, but to no avail. Maybe just factory resetting the laptop would fix the problem. I found the system restore program and it started its work. While it was doing it, I went into the kitchen to make a sandwich. As I was cutting the bread in half, the laptop made a loud, distorted sound through the speakers. I jumped and accidentally sliced the top of my thumb off, blood soaking the bread, changing some of the bread to red. “SH-TE!” I yelled as the pain flowed through my body. I immediately grabbed some tissue and covered the cut. “What was that?” I said concerned. I walked over to the laptop and looked at the screen. Nothing was wrong; progression at 54%. “Maybe a file opened by accident.” I said to myself. I replaced the blood soaked bread with a fresh slice. I carried the sandwich to the table and consumed it. “That was rather nice.” I smiled refreshed. A quite beep came from the laptop. I walked over and saw the Windows 7 boot up screen, and the normal boot sound was there. “Ah, good. Normal.” I smiled. I went through the final procedures and I was using the laptop in no time. As I was browsing through Wikipedia, a message appeared again. It read: “LOL. Did you think that restoring the operating system would get rid of me? Ha! You'll have to try harder than that!” “You must be sh-tting me...” I sighed closing it. As soon as I closed the message, another popped up. It read: “Hey, just for the gallant effort, here is a reward. Be grateful now.” I clicked OK and it opened a folder in Explorer. There were two files: one was a video file, and the other, a text file. I opened the text file and it read this: “You'll enjoy it, I guarantee.” I closed it and opened the video file. It opened in Windows Media Player. The video started with a title named “this is going to be fun” The video then skipped to a scene of a house. The room was dark and still. Then the door opened, releasing a ray of light into the room. A man walked in. His face couldn't be seen, as he was in the dark area. “What the f-ck?” I said. Then a in the background, the man struck a match, revealing his face, which couldn't be seen, because he was wearing a mask. He then walked out and closed the door behind him. I watched as the room went up in flames, the camera soon turning off due to the excessive heat. “Huh?” I said quietly, confused. Another message popped up. It read: 2 kids...shame really. Oh, and a couple were killed also. Shame also . That did it. I shut the laptop down. There was NO way I was booting that “thing” up again. I thought for a moment on how I could remove the thing. System restore? Oh, that did nothing. Hmm, there must be something – ah ha! Maybe completely replacing the hard drive would fix the problem! Luckily, I knew how to disassemble and re-assemble these things. I turned it upside down, unscrewed the bottom and had full access to the motherboard. I carefully removed the hard drive and placed it on the table. “Now I need to go to my friends house and look for a new hard drive.” I said to myself and exited the house. I soon arrived at his and he let me use his net book. I searched up and looked for a hard drive for his laptop. At last, I found one. 400Gb of storage; should be enough. I ordered it and it should arrive Friday. That Friday, it arrived. I opened it up and looked at it. “Finally, this f-cking stupid crap is over.” I sighed. I tried to place the hard drive into the motherboard, but it wouldn't fit. “Get in their...” I said beginning to get frustrated. I tried it from all corners but to no avail. “You must be f-cking kidding me.” I moaned. I placed the new hard drive into its packaging ready to be sent back. I sat down and looked at the old hard drive and the laptop. “That thing is not going back in there.” I said. As I stared at the items, a fire engine rushed past my house. I quickly looked out my window and another one passed shortly. “Huh?” I said. But I soon forgot it and went into the kitchen to start cooking tea. I was eating my dinner and watching the local news. It was reporting on the governess and some government things I had no idea about. But then I heard something that caught my eye. The news reporter began talking. “A man living in the Vamdua district has been killed in a fire at his home. The victim has been reported and identified as Raymond Briggs, a well known man in the community.” My meal fell out of my lap, spreading its contents on the floor. Raymond Briggs was my childhood best friend, and the person that let me use his net book. I was a loss for words. There was nothing I could say...he was gone. Two months have passed since Raymond died, and I have had to resort to the public library for my emails and internet surfing. I had arrived at home after a days work and looked at the laptop, which was still missing the hard drive, which was sitting next beside it. I had no choice. I had no other way. It had to go back in. I mournfully placed the hard drive back into the laptop and booted the PC up. On the desktop was a text file and a video file. I opened the text file, this is what it read: “See what happens when you pull ludicrous stunts like that? Removing the hard drive was a big mistake, my friend, A BIG MISTAKE. Do anything like that again, and you'll regret it, my friend, REGRET IT.” The message made my blood go cold. It was pretty simple: Don't remove any hardware. I opened the video file. The video started in...Raymond's house? What? Why was it recording at his house? The scene switched to the kitchen, where a red hooded person was slowly walking into the living room, hiding behind the door. When Raymond walked into the kitchen, the figure grabbed him by the neck and chocked him to death, slowly letting him fall to the ground. The figure looked up to the camera, his/her face still black. The person said “You f-ck around and you get people hurt.” in a messed up voice. The person then pulled out a gasoline can and poured it on Raymond's lifeless body. He/she then struck a match and set Raymond on fire, then slowly left the room, the camera following him out the door. The video ended. I literally sat there in silence, looking at the lifeless screen. I realized the truth: Raymond had been killed. I immediately ran out the house to the garden and opened the shed. I grabbed a hammer and walked back into the house. I walked back to the laptop and looked at it. The hammer was in my hand. I could end it all here. I could end it. I raised the hammer over the keyboard and held it there, ready to hit it with all my might. I was about to slam the hammer onto the keyboard, when a message popped up. It read: “WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT HARDWARE?” “F-ck. You.” I hit the keyboard. The result made the laptop shut down. I began smashing the laptop to tiny pieces, breaking it into smaller fragments every time. At long last, the laptop was broken beyond repair. I grabbed what was remaining of the laptop and threw it into the bin. I walked back into the house and turned on the TV. I sighed in relief. But suddenly, two hands grabbed me by the shoulder and threw me out my seat. I tried to get up, but the person stamped on me and I groaned in pain. I looked up and saw who it was...It was the person from the video, in the exact same clothes in the video. “Life is such a pity, isn't it?” He/she said in the same messed up voice in the video. He/she then pulled out a 9mm handgun out his pocket and pointed it at me. I closed my eyes, waiting for the end to come. He/she pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. I opened one eye, and saw him/her patting the side of the gun, trying to figure out what was wrong. I slowly crawled behind the chair and peeked round the corner. He/she was still trying to figure out how to fix the weapon. I slowly turned the corner and pounced on him/her. I head-locked him and threw him on the table. He/she quickly got up and tried to kick me, but I dodged him/her and kicked him in the testicles. He grabbed his crouch and yelped in pain, confirming he was a man. I punched him in the cheek and he went flying into the wall, making him fall on the floor. I immediately went down and pinned him down. “What do you want?!” I yelled, readying my fist to punch him. “OK! OK! You win, OK! Just don't hurt me!” He yelled. He then slowly took his mask off. It revealed a man in his fifties. “Please...forgive me...they forced me to do it...for my family...” He said beginning to whimper. “Who forced you to do this?” I said, beginning to calm down. “I-I cant...they'll-they'll kill my family!” He hiccuped. “Sorry to say this, but I don't give two sh-ts about your family.” I said “Who told you to do this?!” “He-he-h-h name is-is-is Ry-” There was a gunshot and the man suddenly died. I turned my head and saw a man with a gun, who was now pointing the gun at me. “Poor old man...” He said. All I could remember was that he shot me in the head and I became unconscious. The next time I woke up, I was in a hospital bed. I slowly looked around. Nurses were observing me in shock and surprise. “How did he...?” One of them said. “That's not..” Another said. “Are you OK?” Another said. “Yeah...whu...what happened...?” I struggled. “You were shot in the head. Usually, one shot to the head means instant death. But luckily, VERY luckily, the bullet went through your cheek, not the brain and missed the vital organs which are usually hit when you get shot in the head.” I sighed happily. I was still alive. “Shall we leave you for now to recover?” The nurse said. “Please.” I said. She then walked away. I looked at the TV in front of me. It had the news on. Something caught my eye. “A town resident had a near death experience after he was shot in the head, but miraculously survived the shot. The criminal behind the attack, named Ryan Turnshed, was arrested later this evening and is currently under police custody awaiting questioning. We will report more on the incident tomorrow morning.” Then the weather came on. For a few moments, I couldn't think of anything else but the news...How did I did the bullet miss my did - Suddenly a breaking news popped up. “We have crucial news towards the Shcuke (which was my name) attack. Ryan Turnshed has confessed to have been running a internet gang crime organisation, which hacks PC's and sends assassins out to kill them, or people related to them when they try to remove the hack. All people involved with the organisation have been arrested and are awaiting questioning.” all this...was a organisation? Was it- The news continued on the article. “Victims of the attacks have spoken up about the organisation, saying that there relatives or friends were killed and they would receive a video file and text file, showing them someone in a red hood killing them or someone else. We have yet to identify the killers. And now to our business article of the day.” I laid back down on the bed, relieved that the nightmare was truly over. So after those events, I decided to get a job in the local ASDA and began earning a living. After a while, I managed to get the money I needed to get a new laptop. I took it home that day and booted it up. Everything was normal. No random messages, files or videos. Ever since the experience with the old laptop, I have been more careful on eBay, and now I only buy from 100% approved people. I still share my experience with other people, telling them to be aware of eBay and its scammers. Oh, the fifties guy? They never found him, but I know he's dead. And that's how I want it to be. I also learned self defense, so that if I was attacked I the future, I knew what to do. Also, I've been doing some ICT training so I could remove a majority of virus or malware, so that when a repeat of those events happened, mixed with my self defense skills...I think I got it under control.
  2. Welcome to the creepy pasta Fan Club I'm new to this site, so decided to make a club to get myself started This club is dedicated to sharing your own original creepypastas, discussion of them, and most of all, helping people who have nightmares from them I expect people to be mature enough not to post flash or shock images. If you do, I will ask you to leave Follow basic site rules, just because this is a creepy pasta club doesn't mean you can break the rules Remember to keep on topic, we don't want to be talking about pickles when we're actually suppose to be talking about slenderstallion I believe this sums up the topic post Have fun
  3. Hell Yeah Today SlendyPony is Released ! For all people who don't know what is SlendyPony : SlendyPony it's a horror game like Slender but themed on the My Little Pony show. So the basics is : Collect all papers (8) and don't die from a SlendyPony. The game trailer here : Don't forget it's an Alpha so it may have a lot of bug, i'm working alone so i don't have time to check all bug. But free to post any bug you find here or on the SlendyPony facebook page. You can also join the page for have more information about update and other stuff. And here is the download link but before please don't post this link everywhere. Free to post the topic or facebook link but please dont post the download link without my permission. Thanks. For all people who wanna know you can sure made reaction or other stuff of video on that game ! You also need Winrar to extract the game. The game is for AZERTY keyboard, so read the "Change Input.txt" in the game folder if you have a QWERTY keyboard. Download the game Have a nice day, good time on this game and good luck !
  4. I have a sleep paralysis episode every so often, and I had another just this morning. Just sharing / curious whether other people experience them. This morning's episode involved staring down a dark, forbidding corridor or hallway. As is always the case with sleep paralysis, I couldn't move. I could kinda sorta wiggle (or attempt to wiggle - not sure if there was any actual movement) one of my legs, but that was about it. I think there was some motion ahead of me... Perhaps a curtain-like undulation. And there's usually a sense of dread; this was no different. I was SURE something terrible was waiting ahead of me, obscured by the darkness, and - being at least somewhat lucid - I egged on whatever the hay it was. I imagined that I would be confronted by a disembodied, skull-faced head... But none appeared. I encouraged my sub-conscious (or whatever was in control) to throw whatever it had at me. Nothing. Then, the dream faded away... And I realized that my eyes had in fact been open. I had been staring ahead of me / angled somewhat towards the ceiling; this was where the hallucinatory episode had played out. I've had several others. One accompanied by an auditory hallucination (loud banging, as if someone were banging two metal objects together), one with a shadowy, vaguely-defined creature squatting at the end of where I slept (may have been the same one, don't recall), etc. Has anyone else experienced something similar?
  5. hey guys, how is it going, could you all check my 3 lets play videos of outlast and give me feed back please? i got a lot of feedback from friends.
  6. I have three questions regarding the creepy, yet adorable, Sweetieboos. They have a tendency to haunt Cheerilee (and occasionally Derpy Hooves) 1. If I adopt one, how should I treat it? 2. What is the average behaviour of a "Sweetiboo"? 3. Is this a sign, showing that Sweetie Belle's favourite teacher is Cheerilee? Source: fruitymilk (a NSFW blog)
  7. So I found this video on line, and I think it's a fun topic to discuss further: If we had to make a fandom haunted house, what would you do with it? What about for MLP?
  8. Article: A public park in Chicago, IL has been literally covered in razor blades. Someone glued one dozen blades to monkey bars, slides, etc. After one child was cut, he told his father. After investigation, the father called the police. Now, police are looking for whoever did this. So, what are your thoughts on this story? I think whoever did this is absolutely sick and twisted. Yea, I don't like kids, but I would NEVER do such a thing! This person needs to be sent to jail.
  9. mines doesn't really scare me but it sticks in my head
  10. I had a nightmare last night. I just needed to explain it, God, it scared me out of my wits... So, I was in a house with Geek0zoid and one other friend. We were playing a game, God knows what it was, when the lights went out. The clock read 12:57 AM. I was scared, and I couldn't find Geek0zoid or my other friend. So I stood up and grabbed a conveniently placed flashlight. I walked out of the room, and looked for the two people. About two minutes of searching, I heard a crash coming from the room where I started. It then occurred to me that I didn't check the closet. I heard something walking toward me. I thought it was on of the two, but the footsteps sounded muffled and awful. When the thing turned the corner, it nearly gave me a heart attack. I drew a picture of said creature, and I'll post it here: I ran to the basement of the house, attempting to escape the creature. I hid in a corner as I heard its God awful steps coming down the stairs. I shielded my eyes to avoid looking at it, but I could not, for the creature stares right through my hand, and I could see its horrendous face again. Every time I looked at its face, I nearly had a heart attack, even when I knew it was coming. This went on for what felt like several hours, until I made a run for the door. The monster gave chase, and was right behind me as I reached for the door. It all went to black, and I woke up. So, what did you think? I was thinking if making this into a creepy pasta. What should it be called? Anyone wanting to make art? What are your thoughts? Your I put is valuable here, because I really want to know what this... Thing is or means. Thanks for reading!
  11. What is the scariest story you have read on the internet and on a scale of one to the worlds biggest spider on your back and you can't feel it
  12. Alirghty guys than you for the inspiration. Once in a while I take words and make them into short stories. Feel free to rate them and tell me which ones you like I want to develop some writing skills so yeah, let me know what you think my readers I took one word from each person and made it into a story.. hope you like it @ ForeverFrozen Your word- Banana "Mmmmm...", She sat licking her lips. It sat before her, big and juicy. Looking up at him with big blue eyes she asks, "may I?" her voice asked so kind and sweet. He nodded his approval as she took it in her hands. Excitement had overcome her as he just sat and watched. ​Peeling back the layer to reveal the underneath she licked and slurped the tip enjoying every bit. She smile as she watched him he looked rather pleased, as she finished the banana, her most favorite fruit of all. @~StatesTheOblivious~ Okay... "Morgenröte." That's a German expression for the red sky in the morning. She ran through the forest while holding her injured self close, her mind was a blur. A flurry of thoughts raced through her mind taunting her every step she took. 'Running is pointless.' It nagged She began to quicken her pace, 'Oh you are silly aren't you?' Laughter rang throughout her ears and her heart pounded fast. "Thump, thump, thump." 'Is that my heart or is someone..' Her thoughts were cut short by laughter. Growing louder as she ran. The faster she went the louder the laughter became. She sat toying with herself on this journey she had started. It seemed like decades had passed, when in fact that would be untrue. 'You know you are wrong, you know it.' "I am not wrong!" She screamed Lowering her voice she continued, "It was self defense." The voice snarled and sneered,'Oh really it was? It was not for lust, nor greed nor power? No it was for a far more selfish reason.. So that you could go on living while the others..' "Stop!" She cried begging herself "How can you ask for someone to die? how can you vanquish light so easily?" 'It is not I for I am you, I am merely what you think should have done.' Snarling and snapping her thoughts grew harsh, giving up the fight she lay down to rest. It was shortly after that medics had arrived, barely clinging to life she looked up to the sky it's brilliance shone bright that early morn. She lay back and uttered her last spoken words. "I know you were right, and for that I am wrong. The secrets I have you need to know, We don't have to fight we just have to..." She coughed and sputtered and she no longer spoke. One last thought raced through her mind as she went on her way. 'How many had died because I could not say?' The sun cried red that morning as it awoke. It cried in mourning for the ones he had lost, the friends who had been oh so very loyal, the fallen who had leaped to an eternal slumber, and the ones who would fall because no words were spoken. Thank you for your words guys I hope you enjoyed it.. I ended a little sooner than I thought I would, so if you are still reading thanks:) I figured it would be cool to write a story about the consequences of inaction.. I dunno that's all I got for now.... oh yeah, and banana's are delicious. But if you would like a story just submit a word (if it's not English give me a meaning) This was kind of fun and I might do another one in the future. Love you always and thank you so much for the feed back I have been getting tons as of late and it has really brought my spirits up. Thank you guys for everything. XxOoXxoOxXoO ~PP Alrighty so today's story is brought to you by Pinkie_dust thank you for the word the word is Sheep An old grey nun lay dying in her bed. She croaked and hacked, calling out for her grandson. He rushed to her side, "What is the matter?" He asked worried. The old lady smiled a toothy grin. "Close the door dear, I need to talk to you." She instructed. The boy did as he was told and rushed back to her side. He sat in silence as the old lady confessed to him all the sins she had committed over the years. The boys sat and in a state of utter confusion. He idolized his grandmother, she was every thing he wanted to be. He looked to her and asked, "Why would you do all of those cruel things to those people you helped? Why would you torment them after you worked so hard to help?" The old nun smiled and whispered, "I gave them hope, only to have ripped it away again. I let them believe it would be alright. I deceived the many so they would hope and pray and follow my path. Just as I have deceived you." A wicked smile over took her face, one that seemed to not be her own. A glint of red crossed her eyes as she took her last breath. The boy sat at his dead grandmothers side, a smile crossed his face, "A wolf in sheep's skin." Beware of the false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Next story compliments of MLP Moth Your word was Flyingturtlezombierhino Before we embark on this journey some background info on how my mind works should be helpful. I broke the word into two, Flyingturtle and Zombierhino. The inspiration came from Teen aged Mutant Ninja Turtles, and their nemesis Rhino... all I can say is enjoy "It was another day in the big apple, and the Rhino was on a rampage only this time he was a zombie! World dominance is what he aimed for and I Michelangelo was the only one who could possibly save the world. I took my nun chucks and kicked his tail in a grueling karate fight, they should really call me flying turtle. I swear that's what happened Splinter, I didn't mean to be late for practice." The turtle exclaimed trying to reason with his master. Splinter was not looking impressed with a grimace and a snarl he asked, "Then what is this? No more excuses." holding a bag filled with a green herb. The turtle started to panic and fidget, "Aww, Splinter. I am real sorry." He stammered. Splinter smiled a ratty grin. "You should be sorry, all I want is for you to share. It's not even that great." He stated calmly. Michelangelo was taken aback, Splinter had reached into his pocket and pulled something out putting it to his lips he lit it and puffed heavily, "Try this, flying turtle" Splinter said with a chuckle "Kowabunga!"
  13. As a young child, I used to collect the orriginal "Bionicles" by LEGO. It was really fun to build them, make them fight, ect. Anyway, the orriginal "toa" bionicles used to come with a small CD that you could run on your PC to learn about the lore. Going over the entire first generation lore, I noticed some of the eerie similarities to MLP FIM. Here is a basic video explaining the original lore, although there are many more details that have my mind blown. (Post may be updated with more content) In case you didn't get what I'm saying: Mata-Nui = Celestia Makuta = Luna/Nightmare Moon 6 "Mighty Heroes" are the mane 6. Masks of power = elements of harmony. Makuta's Jealously that the islanders only loved Mata-Nui = Nightmare Moon's Jealously that equestrians only loved Celestia. Makuta's spell causing darkness = Luna not lowering the moon. There are also some similarities in the maps... Imagine MLP if Luna had defeated Celestia and banished her instead. It's not a carbon copy, but I think its strange to some extent that there are so many similarities. PS: Onua is best Toa. Vibe kill. Aren't you one of the guys who attempted to spam my profile? -.- Anyway, if only one or a few of the things mentioned above we're similar, than I would just shrug it off. The only thing is that there is a group of similarities which makes it even more similar as a whole.
  14. Hello everypony, my name is Rokkurin and I want to see who can make the best creepypasta story. I have read every single one to date and I will know if you are just copying one. The story does not have to be about ponies. It can be about anything. Make a story that will scare the pants off of everyone. Make it as realistic as possible. Make it believable. If this is successful then I will make a competition with it too. What the prize will be, I don't know, this is just a thought. Now, scare everypony. Make them have nightmares!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
  15. We're almost at the end, but I still find that there's a crap-ton of movies I wanted to do that I didn't get to do, so I've decided to work through a bunch of them in one post. Aren't we having some fun now? Get it? Because it's a lyric from that number. I'm...I'm funny. LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS - A adaptation of an off-Broadway show which is itself an adaptation of a movie Roger Corman legendarily shot in two days (and just so happens to be Jack Nicholson's film debut). - Actress Ellen Greene played Audrey I in the original stage production as well. - The dentist office set was originally covered in blood, but that didn't sit right with tests audience, so the scenes in the office were thus re-shot without all of the stains. This would no be the only thing to be cut. - No green screen or composite shots were used for the scenes involving Audrey II. Six different plants increasing in size were used over the course of the movie. Near the end, more cables were being used on the Audrey II puppet then there are in the Brooklyn Bridge. And sense the puppeteers could only move the puppet so fast, any actor in a scene with it (mostly Rick Moranis) had to act in slo-mo. - - My sister thinks Rick Moranis is cute in this movie. But now, we move from one cult classic to another, and this one is probably the cultiess of all the cult classics. Beneath its flashy varnish lies the tale of a young couple torn apart by their hidden demons and a strange but passionate man whose pathological pursuit of hedonism and pleasure, often at the cost of human life, brought upon his ultimate and all too tragic downfall. THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. - Tim Curry's fabulous film debut. He reprises the role he played in the original stage production. - Dr. Scoot being pulled through a wall by the electromagnet was not scripted. The filmmakers realized that they had not made the laboratory set wheelchair accessible, so the only way to get that character in the scene was to have him crash through it. - Mick Jagger wanted to play Frank, Steve Martian tried out for Brad, and Vincent Price was the first choice to play the Criminologist. - The longest running theatrical run in history thanks to its popularity as a midnight movie. - No body knew Eddy's corpse was hidden under the dinner table, so when it's revealed, the shocked reactions are real. - Brad and Janet has been nicknamed "ASSHOLE" and "SLUT" by the fans, respectively. - Tim Curry gained weight after starring in the movie so he could distance himself from Frank. Speaking of Tim Curry... That's fugging hilarious. Easily the best of the televised Stephen King adaptations, though to be frank, that isn't saying much. It's like saying Red Dead Redemption is the best western game. What's its competition? Custer's Revenge? IT - The book was so damn long because King wanted to fit all his favorite monsters in there. Apparently, giant spiders is one of them. - Speaking of which, the spider became the ending because the budget couldn't handle the real ending. Much like Carrie, the entire town was suppose to get destroyed. - Tim Curry was apparently frightening to be around on the set, so everyone just kind of avoided him. - Seth Green, hounded by a werewolf (no pun intended) in this movie, plays a werewolf later on in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. - The actors actually got injured by the large amount of balloons in the library scene. So yeah, I guess that happened. Guess now would be a good time to get some other requests out of the way. Let's continue with a classy one. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. THE BIRDS - Hitchcock was huge bird person long before making this movie. - Blue screen had to be abandoned for a different technique partway into production because the rapid movements of the birds made the shot look bad. - Tippi Hedren was actually cut in the face in one of the shots. - The owner of the restaurant allowed Hitchcock to shoot inside his establishment if the lead male character was named after him. Hitchcock agreed. - There's no "The End" card at the end of the movie because Hitchcock wanted audiences to have the feeling that the horror would never end. - Hitchcock required to be real. - At the film's London premiere, speakers were installed to play an assortment of bird screeches as patrons left the theater. Okay, what's the next request? Oh yeah! I HAVE SUCH FACTS TO SHOW YOU. HELLRAISER - It took six hours for Doug Bradley to put on the Pinhead makeup. - The original title, "The Hellbound Heart", was rejected by the studio because it sounded too much like a romance. - Filming the scene where Frank is spun around upside down covered in blood cause actor Sean Chapman to vomit. - Pinhead was in no way the "main" Cenobite; he was just given the most dialogue. - Due to a limited budget, all the special effects were animated by Clive Barker and "a Greek guy" over a single weekend. - It wasn't so much the content the MPAA was worried about, so much as the "intensity of the tone". Also, heads up guys, but I've never seen Mothra, nor have I been able to find any interesting facts on her solo career, so have this gif of Mothra dragging Godzilla like a punk. Hey, guess what, SE7EN. This is literally the only gif I could find that wasn't NSFW or spoiler-heavy. Seriously, if you've never seen this movie...damn. - Every single one of John Doe's creepy psycho-killer books was written out and packed to the brim with detail. As in, if you opened to a random page of any of those books, you'd find a fully-realized, thought out page. Pretty impressive, considering most of them are just seen in the background. - Kevin Spacey was cast two days before filming, and his involvement was kept as quiet as possible, in keeping with his tradition of trying to immerse the audience into the character he plays, as opposed to the fact that it's Kevin Spacey. - The studio hated the ending, but Brad Pitt refused to star in the movie if a single line was changed. - David Fincher wanted a super-skinny guy to play Victor. If you've seen the movie, you know why this is pants-crappingly terrifying. - The city the movie takes place in is never identified. - Rob Bottin, of The Thing fame, did the makeup effects for the movie. - - A sequel was in the works in which Morgan Freeman's character gets psychic powers. Guess this means I should do SILENCE OF THE LAMBS too. I'll admit, the part with the face made me jump. - The last film to take home the Grand Slam at the Oscars: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture. It remains the only horror movie to ever win the top award. - John Hurt, Christopher Lloyd, Dustin Hoffman, Patrick Stewart, Robert Duvall, Jack Nicholson, and Robert De Niro all auditioned for Hannibal Lector. - The moths used for the film were flown to the set in first class. - Whenever someone is talking to Sterling, they are looking directly at the camera towards the audience. - Lector is only in the movie for 16 minutes. - Brooke Smith, Buffalo Bill's victim, actually became good friends with Bill's actor, Ted Levine, on the set. - The Lector voice was, according to Anthony Hopkins, a combination of Truman Capote and Katharine Hepburn. Wait, tomorrow is Halloween? Well how about some TRICK 'R TREAT? Seriously though, if you haven't seen this, do so, because it is a treat. Yes, pun intended. - Was suppose to be released in theaters in 2007, but got buried by Warner Bros for what I am sure are stupid reasons. - The appearance of Mr. Kreeg was based off of John Carpenter. - Little people make up most of the little kids in the background. The movie was shot at night and it was way past regular kids' bedtime. - Based on a Marvel Comic. - Sam is named after Samhain, the medieval festival that served as the origin of Halloween. - Remember that bitchy girl who leads that horrible prank? Guess who. And I can't finish this post without mentioning this. - Tim Burton did not direct this. That would be Henry Selick. He did design the movie and come up with the concept, which was inspired by Burton witnessing a mall taking down Halloween decorations and instantly replacing them with Christmas stuff. - The most difficult shot in the entire movie was Jack reaching for the door knob on the Christmas door due to the reflection of the forest. - Danny Elfman does the singing voice for Jack. - Was meant to be an official Disney animated film, which would have made it art of the Disney Renaissance, but it was deemed too scary. Well, Oogie scared the shit out of me when I was a kid for some reason, so I dunno, - The scene where Oogie's insectoid innards fall into the murky molten material was shot at 25 fps (real-time). - Tim Burton has said that Jack is probably his favorite character that he has created. - The killer snake is based off the sandworms from Beetlejuice. - Lock (the kid dressed like a devil) is totally Paul Reubens, and Dr. Finklestein is Uncle Lewis from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Aw man, so many horror movies, so little time. Sorry if I didn't do a movie you wanted (I know one of you wanted Van Helsing, for instance). Tune in tomorrow for the final film in the blog series (I think you can guess what movie I'm doing), but in the meantime, have two awesome scenes from a couple of movies I didn't get around to doing: Best Van Helsing and Best Dracula fighting to the death... ...and the most iconic transformation scene ever. Seriously. They actually created a new academy award just to award this movie. I remember the first time I saw it; it was on TV (but on a channel where they didn't have to censor it), and I walked into it and thus had no context with which to work. It was the first "real" horror movie scene I ever watched, and it blew my freaking mind. Also, fun fact: it was that movie that inspired the music video for "Thriller".
  16. brother introduced me to something that he found on Youtube, which was listed in a Cracked article. He found a couple of old commercials from 1960-70+. Both are meant to sell a product, one being a cereal, the other being a toy. The real product should be FEAR. Sugar Rice Krinkles: I can see why clownphobias exist now. Baby Secret Doll: I swear I heard "I will kill you" in the first part. True terror. What do you think? What other really creepy commercials do you know of? I know that wasn't the intent of these ads, but, ugh. I don't even have a clownphobia, but that first one gave me chills. The second one, self explanatory. (Also, did multiple searches and this thread is apparently nonexistent so yay)
  17. Since it is the run up to Halloween, we should post the most creepiest or scariest things we can here so that we may have a database for the 31st.
  18. Come on in and enjoy!!! Rated R OF COURSE!
  19. Kind of redundant at this point, but yep, this is another one of my faves. But then again that's probably true for most people. - That line was improvised. Of course it was. Also improvised: the little scene where Brody goofs off with his son at the dinner table. The child actor just randomly started mimicking Roy Scheider, and they thought it was cute. - Everyone calls the shark Jaws, but the cast and crew took to calling the mechanical shark "Bruce" ( ), while Steven Spielberg just took to calling it "the Great White Turd". - It's possibly the most widely know piece of film trivia ever, but you can't talk about Jaws without talking about the utter hell that was the making of Jaws. Filming began without a completed script, cast, and shark, making a movie at sea proved to be a difficult shoot, with most of everybody getting debilitating sea-sickness, the production went over budget and over schedule, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss did not get along very well, and of course, the shark didn't work at all, hence the "Great White Turd" thing. And, as anyone and their mothers will be able to tell ya, because they had to cut down on the screentime of the shark (the scene where the young boy dies, for example, was meant to be much more graphic), it actually added to the suspense and made the film more effective. - All the extras were people who lived in the town where the movie was shot, while the original novel's author Peter Benchley cameos as a TV reporter. - Beat out The Exorcist for the highest grossing movie at that time. - Spielberg never got to meet his idol, Alfred Hitchcock, mostly due to Hitchcock refusing to the guy who made "the fish movie", his rationale being that it made him feel like a whore because he did a voice for the Jaws ride. - Steven Spielberg once invited friends, including George Lucas, to the set. While checking out the robot shark, Lucas jokingly stuck his head in its mouth, which then unexpectedly malfunctioned (and by that, I mean Spielberg snuck away to the controls and tried to scare him) and clamped down on his head. This incident may have very well have been what broke the shark. And yes, there is an alternate universe where a shitty roboshark killed George Lucas. - The Indianapolis speech, which probably should have won Robert Shaw an Oscar (jus seyin'), was written by Shaw himself after no on else could get it right. - The audio in the opening scene got a bit mucked up, so the actress had to rerecord her lines. To make it sound like she was drowning, she had water poured into her mouth while she screamed in terror. Richard Dreyfuss remembers walking into this recording session by accident. It was awkward. - Spielberg laughed the first time he heard John Williams's score. - The Ben Gardner boat scene, arguably the scariest jump scare of all time, wasn't in the script. It was added at the last minute when the filmmakers realized the movie had gone on too long without a good fright. It made the first test audiences scream, but Spielberg decided to refilm it in editor Verna Field's pool and made it even scarier. - Okay, spoiler time: - At one point, The Orca started to sink with the actors and filming equipment on board, because why not. - At the end of the movie, the sound the shark's remains make as they sink to the bottom of the ocean is the same dinosaur-esque sound the villainous truck in Speilberg's earlier movie Duel makes as it drives off of a cliff to its "death". - Production got so frustrating for the entire crew that a pact was made to team up and throw Spielberg into the water when production was done. Spielberg caught wind of this and was legitimately terrified. Special precautions had to be taken. How dramatic this was varies on who tells the story, but on the last day of filming, Spielberg got to the production location early, set up everything, made sure it was all shipshape, and then promptly got his ass off the island before anyone knew he was gone. To this day, he never works on the last day of shooting, for good luck. - Peter Benchley was inspired to become an activist for the protection of sharks after seeing the fear of the lovable things the movie instilled in people. - My sisters hate Jaws. Can't imagine why.
  20. Hey everypony! In the spirit of Nightmare night, aka All hallows eve, I'd like to share spooky stories of things that happened in real life. What was the scariest thing you've ever witnessed? Was it something you couldn't explain logically? Or maybe just something jumping out at you in the dark? I have a good one that actually just happened. I was driving out of town, down a side road. I had just gotten past a stop sign, and noticed something in the ditch, it was dark out, so I couldn't tell what it was till I was almost right next to it. I realized last second that it was an Amish man, standing perfectly still, not looking at my car, but just staring blankly foreward. As I passed by, his eyes glinted in my headlights. I don't know what he was doing in the ditch in the dark, but it was downright freaky.
  21. Oh Johnny, you unfortunately ironic sonnuvahgun. It's about time we got around to the granddaddy of all modern zombie fiction, and shortly after its 45th anniversary, too. This is another one of my favorites. I have a lot of favorites, you see. - The movie was almost about an alien pathogen that infected living people and called Night of the Flesh Eaters (remember that piece of information, we'll get back to it in a second), but they decided on the whole "dead coming back to life" thing, with some radiation from Venus thrown in. After this was decided, the filmmakers tried to figure out the most shocking and horrific thing for the living dead to do, and they eventually settled on eating people alive. And thus, the Romero zombie was born. Or died, or, I dunno... - The first horror movie with a African American protagonist. - Made on a $114,000 budget, made around $42 million upon its initial release. Has currently racked up something close to $256 million as of 2009. - Was not shot in color due to a lack of funds. Black and white film was cheaper to develop. On the plus-side, it actually makes the movie much creepier, and the filmmakers were able to use Bosco chocolate syrup for the blood (the same brand used in the shower scene from Psycho). - The meat the zombies rip from their victims and eat was ham donated to the production by a local butcher. Chocolate syrup and ham: the breakfast of champions. - You can blame this movie for characters in a zombie story never calling them the zed-word. Instead, they're all referred to as "those things" or "ghouls". - Like most of George A. Romero's movies, his debut flick was filmed in Pittsburgh, where around 200 extras volunteered to play the living dead. Obviously, some of them were pretty cool about doing some nude stuff for the sake of art. - The boards nailed across the windows and doors were numbered so they could be put together in the right order after they were taken down for another shot. Continuity for the win. - The corpse in that gif up there was made by George A. Romero, who used ping-pong balls for the eyes. - Bill HInzman, who played the zombie who attacks Barbara in the opening scene, recently passed away. According to his daughter, he wanted to be cremated so he wouldn't rise from the dead. - Screenwriter John A. Russo volunteered to play the zombie lit on fire because no one else was comfortable with that. - In the grand tradition of horror directors trying to get authentic performances through disturbing their actors, Romero killed a butterfly in front of the cast before the shooting of a particularly tense scene. Otherwise, thought, it was actually a very pleasant production. No Texas Chainsaw-style clusterbuck here. - Supposedly, the moment editing and dubbing was finished, George A Romero and John A. Russo threw the film in the trunk of a car and drove through the night to New York in search of theaters that would show the movie. On the way there, they heard about Martian Luther King Jr's assassination. - Despite being one of the most poular horror movies of all time and one of the most successful indie films ever, George A. Romero saw very little money. As it turns out, back then, a movie had to have a tittle card that showed a little copyright notice so it wouldn't enter public domain. Unfortunately, when the title of the movie was changed to Night of the Living Dead, the title card with this notice was removed from the film and never replaced. So the movie can be posted anywhere or viewed by anyone with no legal action taken against them. In fact, here's the full movie right here. Ya'll kids better educate yourself and watch this masterpiece, but be warned: there be some mostly-tame-by-today's-standards gore and a naked lady butt. Well, you know what they say: When there's no more room in this forum post, the dead will walk the earth. So tune in tomorrow for some trivia on Night's two sequels, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead!
  22. A bona fide classic right here, I tell you h'what, and easily another one of my favorite movies. Sure, Kubrick needed to break the souls of everybody working on it, but their therapists needed the work anyway. That's odd. Usually, the blood gets off at the second floor. - Stanley Kubrick chose this particular book to adapt out of a huge pile of random books. According to his secretary, he'd read a few pages of a book, and if he didn't like it, he'd throw it against the wall. This would happen every few minutes, but the book-throwing ceased once he started reading The Shining. - Stephen King has said that Kubrick would call him at 3 a.m. and ask him about his beliefs ("Do you believe in God" and all that), probably to more effectively understand the underlying themes and subtexts of the novel. This was all despite King telling him that it really was just a bunch of ghosts in a hotel. - Jack Nicholson was always the first choice to play Jack Torrance. For Kubrick, anyway; King had some opinions of his own (more on that later). Robert De Niro was considered, but Kubrick didn't think he was crazy enough after watching him in Taxi Driver. Robin Williams was also considered, but Kubrick though he was too crazy after watching him in Mork and Mindy. - The iconic "river of blood" shot was filmed on a miniature set and took over a year to film. Kubrick was never satisfied with the takes and test footage he was getting and had the effects team redo it over an over again until he thought it looked like real blood. Later on, Kubrick wanted to use the shot for the teaser trailer, but the MPAA wouldn't allow such a huge amount of blood in an approved for all audiences trailer. He convinced them it was rusty water. - The Overlook Hotel in the novel was inspired by the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, but the movie's Overlook was based off of the Timberline Lodge in Oregon, where some of the exteriors were shot. The most significant difference between the hotels is the addition of a hedge maze in the Kubrick film. Instead of a maze, the novel features hedge animals that move in to attack the characters whenever no one is looking at them. Kubrick felt special effects at the time were not able to realistically portray these scenes, however, so out with the Weeping Hedges, in with the maze. - Also in the movie but not in the novel: the Grady twins, the river of blood, and Jack's "novel". - The lighting needed to fill the lounge set with sunlight actually lit it on fire late into production. After the movie wrapped, it was converted and used as the Well of Souls in Raiders of the Lost Ark. - Jack Nicholson's experience as a volunteer fire marshal made short work of the fake bathroom door made for the axe scene, so they had to build a much stronger one for every following take. And of course... ...that was improvised. Also, here's a clip of him getting himself psyched for the scene. Isn't that just utterly wonderful? - Kubrick is notorious for his sanity-pushing relations with his actors, and this film is no different. Jack Nicholson collapsed onto his bed and instantly fell asleep every night after a day of filming.Poor Shelly Duvall was once forced to do 123 takes of a single scene, and if co-screenwriter Diane Johnson is to be believed, many of her lines were cut because Kubrick was unsatisfied with her performance. Getting it even worst was Scatman Crothers who had to do 120 takes of a shot was simply the camera slowly zooming in on his face, and he had to do 40 takes of the shot where Nicholson swings the axe at his chest. It would have been 70 takes if Nicholson didn't convince Kubrick to ease up a bit. It got so stressful that Crothers actually broke down and cried. It was witnessing this misery that made Nicholson vow to never work with Kubrick again. - Kubrick wasn't hard on everybody, though. He didn't want to mess up or scare child actor Danny Lloyd, so he took special precautions to make sure he never felt frightened or troubled while making the movie. He didn't even know what he was suppose to be staring at when his tricycle turned that fateful corner; Kubrick combined two separate shots of the hallway. Lloyd didn't even know he was in a horror movie until he watched it several years later. - Stephen King cameos as the party conductor in the scene where the ghosts are having a ball. - Like most of Kubrick's works, The Shining has inspired deeper analysis and ridiculously detailed examinations of their hidden meanings. In recent years, especially, the movie has entertained examination by conspiracy theorists who believe that something much, much deeper is buried within the layers of the film. The theories that have developed range from the possibly feasible (the movie is a condemnation of the genocide of Native American life and culture) to the sort-of-bonkers (the movie is Kubrick confessing to his hand in faking the moon landing). - But one thing that's been discovered by all these theorists is most certainly true: the Overlook's layout is impossible. The window in the main office, lounge, and apartment should be facing a wall and couldn't possibly be letting in sunlight, the hallways cross each other over when they shouldn't, the way to get into the golden ballroom changes between scenes, and there's doors to rooms that can't fit in that space, never mind next to each other. Not only that, but objects will move and be in different spots between takes. And we're not just talking about little things, like pens or cigarettes; furniture will be in different positions without the characters noticing. Jack's typewriter even changes models. It has been confirmed by the filmmakers that all of this is an intentional play to subtly make the audience uneasy. Without even realizing it, the hotel is subtly messing with your head. - In every scene where Jack interacts with a ghost face-to-face, there is a mirror present. Make of that what you will. - Depending on what language you are watching the movie in, the phrase repeated thousands of times in Jack's novel will be different. - Stephen King has made it clear that he is not view this adaptation in the most favorable light. He feels it isn't straight-up scary enough, he hates this movie's version of Wendy Torrance, it constantly deviates from his novel in general, and it reworks the central dynamic of Jack's character to a degree his doesn't like. Essentially, Jack Torrance was written as a sane man who loses his sanity because his inability to fight the demons who haunt him, both external and internal (he has substance abuse problems, much like King had at the time). Kubrick's Jack is a lot less so: he's an already unstable guy who's trying to keep hold of what sanity he has left. - This is the best scene in the whole movie: Gawd, I love this movie. Anyway, have an Jacksicle.
  23. There was some sales(mainly $2 for $10 some games, and B2G1 on everything else, and I had an old Gift Card so I wound up paying only $15 or cash for all these, and all of them are complete, the Deus Ex even has the little mini strat guide) It's all games I've been eyeing up so I'm really happy with this haul. Also nabbed some other stuff for fun at some sales: and yes, the pics are sizing weird.