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Found 252 results

  1. Well. Today was a very happy day today. I am pleased to say that I am out the door from high school!!! 12 years in 1 school district finally meets the end of it's run Graduation for me is June 9th I am ready to take on reality
  2. Hey guys! It's Storm Cake here! I sound so cheesy omg... Anyways... I literally hate school so much and the teachers there? *rolls eyes* Are so mean! Why am I even talking about this? IDK?!?! I know I might sound MLP crazy but I've been watching all of the episodes again. Yes. Starting from season 1. Do I sound insane? Maybe. Anyways... I'm just on the Call Of The Cutie. Yeah, yeah. If I rant a long time it means I'm bored. Are you bored? I am. And... I'm ranting AGAIN. Please, someone, help me! I'm stuck in my room doing math homework. Like that's totally torture! I might stop this entry for now cuz I'm multitasking. First I'm doing my homework. Then, I'm doing THIS. And now I'm working more and more to perfect my OC. So you know what that means... Flutterbye!
  3. Have you ever overslept for school. I don't know if this counts, but about a week ago I woke up late and only had 5 minutes to get ready for school. I made it alright, but it was a scary experience.
  4. I'm not very big on poetry, but I have to do some for school, so I figured I'd stick a poem I wrote here. If you guys want more, I'll throw out more. Weight There's a weight on my back. Not the burden of sins, Or some great responsibility. Just a large black bag Filled with books and paper.
  5. I remember asking this all around 8th grade. The best ones I got were Movie: Mean Girls Video Game: Bully Does anyone have better ones?
  6. That moment when you accidentally found another efficient way to go to Equestria. Don't miss a chance!
  7. You can share any school stories whether funny, embarrassing, or even boring! No sex stories though! Somebody went up to a teacher and said "You should act more your age and go to a retirement home" teacher instantly gives 4 detentions.
  8. How much did you hate middle school? I've been out of middle school for a while now and am a month and a half into high school. Middle school was just 3 long years of hell. 6th and especially 7th grade were the worst.
  9. Ok, I'm not sure if this is even suitable for an actual thread, or rather a status. Either way, I just need some help real quick-like For the last big essay of my college English class, we are to choose opposing viewpoints. Being the slightly edgy lad I am, I decided to talk about Hitler, and how he did so many good things for Germany, yet his name is pretty synonymous with evil, so far as most people are concerned. Lo and behold, I start doing the research, only to find that the sole database we are allowed to use has virtually nothing on him aside from the standard biographies. I'm debating whether to just scrap the concept completely and switch to a new topic, or just ask the professor if I'm allowed to delve a little off the database to get some solid research that isn't being padded with filler information. Any idea for new topics, or should I just try to reach out with the professor's approval?
  10. Hey y'all! Since I'm on spring break I've had a good bit of extra time on my hands, so I spent some of that time on making pony drawings, I drew both of these well actually I drew part of the first one a while back, and finished it yesterday, and I drew the other one yesterday. I guess without further ado I'll go ahead and show you them . This one is just my attempt at trying to make a pony drawing with a open mouth, it still looks off to me though, I really can't find out why.. :/. Gonna need some help with this maybe, or just alot of practice. This one was just a upper body and face shot really, I just wanted to see how it'd turn out, I was actually thinking of experimenting with it and making it an avatar, but I'm not sure how great it'd be really. Like always both are drawn with GIMP, using my mouse(M705 Logitech .) I'll be honest that I really haven't been drawing ponies at all in a long while, but I do wanna get back to doing some. I also need to start working on doing more advanced things that aren't just standard shots. I plan on trying different expressions and different hoof motions, aswell as different backgrounds. That look better of course. And I'm also possibly going to be making another OC to be a partner for this OC possibly, but I haven't decided if I am or not, and I haven't decided on a color scheme for her yet anyways. So I guess thats about it for now, as always I'm happy to hear critique on my drawings so I can try and improve them and stop making similar mistakes over and over, and improve. I'm also open to if you want to suggest any ideas maybe for a drawing you think I should try or maybe something i should practice. Any tips are also appreciated, even better if you take the time to maybe even provide some form of reference or resource or something to help me. I have some ideas for drawings maybe, but I guess my problem is going to be visualizing them well enough to draw them. Guess I'll see, I'm gonna try and get some kinda drawing done atleast one before I go back to school! And I also wanna try and get more into doing pony drawings more frequently again so we'll see how that goes. Later y'all!
  11. What was the worst year of school for you? Mine were 7th grade and 6th grade. They were bad for me personally and was the start of middle school.
  12. So, what do you guys like and dislike about school? Here are my likes and dislikes.. Likes: I like pushing the buttons of teachers and the fact that I meet my friends at school. School is pretty much the only place where I can talk to kids my age. Dislikes: I dislike the fact that I have to get up so early, it's been suggested over and over that the school day should start later, especially for teens. School can also be stressing, you know, with schoolwork and people acting like idiots sometimes. If you're out of school (finished with 12th grade and or college), you could tell me what you liked or disliked.
  13. Here are some drawings I did using ink, while at school (this is also the first time I post in Non-Pony artwork).
  14. Stories that are embarrassing Share all your embarrassing school stories here^ Just remember that was like ALOT of years ago You can also see if you relate to other ponies RULES!!! No laughing at stories No spamming Stay with the subject _______________________________________________________________________________________ Hope you enjoy!
  15. Hi there! So, pretty much, I'm in my sophomore year of highschool and taking AP U.S History. The class has been soooo different from other classes i've taken in the past (which makes sense because, well, its an AP class...) but, i'm having a hard time balancing how to read the textbook, study for tests, and taking notes from the book. It's driving me crazy. I know there are key points that I should focus on (like, results and impacts from the different events ect...) but, I don't want to spend 2 hours on APUSH homework ALONE. Most of it is just reading. Are there any tips on efficiently studying for a college level class? I've googled, bing-ed (or whatever) and stuff... but, getting advice one on one... or.. one on brony... would be nice.. (I'm kind of bummed out, because my first exam ended up TERRIBLY... I couldn't finish the test)
  16. I did those while I was at school in the middle of a class. Mostly when I was done with my assignments or when I didn't have to listen to anything important. Here is Captain Caramel, @Pucksterv's OC Here is Rave Darkmane, my OC And here are some ponies I drew (I made them up), one kinda looks like Rave :T.
  17. With school either already in session for some and on the way for others it's highly likely you've gotten either a new bag or are reusing your old one. I think a bookbag tells a lot about a person. So why not show off who you are with your own bag! Here's mine. Just got it today. Along with some pants, a shirt and a new belt. I really like flowers and lace
  18. I was bored after taking my pre cal BIT so I doodled this. Only had colorful pens on me so that's what I colored it with. Working on my children's storybook right now painting the cover with watercolor. Probably will paint a pony later
  19. We have until Tuesday to finish our final painting for the semester. I wanted to actually try and use watercolor without just literally scribbling random stuff on paper. Something more serious instead of doodling. So here's what I got done today using 3 different watercolor sets. A cheap palette, tubes from hobby lobby and a palette from hobby lobby as well. Gonna go back and fix the face up and do some touch ups when I'm done with the hair. Day 2! Decided to flip it over and have it with dash's head pointing down instead of up. Gonna fix and finish up the top hair later today. I'll have another picture up tomorrow!
  20. 碇 シンジン

    My friend :(

    *sigh* When I was 7 years old I went to the first grade. First days I was lonely there I went and sat near this tree all day. Then some kids came and yelled me something I cried and ran away. I cried 3 days at home and didnt go to school. After that I went back I'm not sure what teacher had told the class but they acted differently around me and after that day they always were like that. I was still pretty lonely but then there was this 1 guy. I dont remember how I met him but we talked sometimes. He had other friends also so I was still quite lonely. I tried making friends. I went to play soccer with them and other games, but it wasnt for long until they saw me crying and I became more distant to them I cried always in pressure situations and other kids didnt so they became more distant to me. My only friend was that one guy i talked about earlier he was willing to distant himself from others to be with me. His other friendships were suffering and when we went to 7th grade. He was only with me. We always had fun time in classes and laughed. We always were on the other corner of the room than others. I miss that time i never had so much fun and i dont think I will When the 9th grade came and it was time to choose where we go continue our studies he chose different school than me. After that I've seen him only couple times hanging out with his new friends while im still alone tear fell down on my cheek it makes me wonder What is my issue?
  21. So, let's start a game. I understand that everypony here has/had finals these past couple weeks. And I understand that I may be a bit late for starting this. List one (1) subject that you have/had for finals this year. However, a subject can only be stated once. For example, if somepony says "history," you cant say "history" again. BUT... You are allowed to be a bit creative with it. (e.g. somepony says "Finals in biology." You can get away with "Finals in molecular biology.") Rules: 1. Follow the rules above 2. Don't be a d*ck. Don't say "Finals in making ramen, etc." 3. Don't judge me. This is my first forums game. 4. I understand that this isn't really supposed to be a silly game. It's just a game to pass the time during our finals, and get to know what each of us is going through. 5. PLEASE do not reply to this thread when you are TAKE THE ACTUAL FINAL. 6. Have fun! I'll start. "Finals in Renaissance History" Good luck!
  22. Hey Everypony! So, as you can tell by the title, this is basically just an update on what's been going on in my neck of the woods as well as to let you guys know I'm alive! So, there is about 16 days of school left (for me anyway) and I for one am really excited to be done with it and be able to relax for a couple months before starting my last year of high school. Speaking of school, Friday I gave a speech with a friend of mine to celebrate Homophobia awareness day (we were a little late seeing as it was last Sunday) & the fact that are school finally got a rainbow flag to show that we support LGBT kids (I'm part of my school's gay-straight alliance group and they chose me and my friend Mandy to give a speech). If any of you are following my stories on FiMFiction, I am still writing and once most of my school projects are done, I will be updating those! (For more on my story updates, check out this post: it should explain a little more about what's going on) Other than that, my life has been alright up to date. Really excited for summer vacation. So until next time everypony! - SerenaTheMoonPony
  23. Since summer vacation is coming up, what would you do to get summer vacation again? This is intended for adults and kids in year round schools. I'm still in school and for me, summer vacation is only two weeks away.
  24. I had to give a presentation recently, and when I was getting my file up ( typical PowerPoint presentation), people were able to see a few of my 'unique' file names on my flash drive, from the projector, such as: Meow, Pompously Powdered Wigs (my history research), Meow, Meow_x_2, (semicolon)D, Humourbomb, etc. So, anybody else have weird file names? Have they ever been displayed to the public?