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  1. Though season three's finale has come and gone, discussions still rage on concerning the future of our little studious princess-in-training. And rage is plentiful, both from the pro-Twilicorn and the anti-Twilicorn. Here I'll answer to thirteen common arguments against the anti-Twilicorn mindset. Before we begin, it's important to note that there are exceptions to just about everything I say. There are the few anti-Twilicorn fans that are contrary to the norm, and some do react and express their dissatisfaction in extreme, hateful ways. This is not meant to defend them. Rather, this is meant to defend the mindset that anti-Twilicorn fans have, and to show that this opinion is just as legitimate and worthy of respect as any other. Herein, anti-Twilicorn fans shall be referred to as "antis" and pro-Twilicorn fans shall be referred to as "pros". Bear in mind that this article is not written for the purpose of convincing pros to change their opinions regarding Twilicorn. Rather, it is to dispel common arguments directed toward antis in order to demonstrate which pro-Twilicorn arguments (and anti-anti-Twilicorn arguments!) are invalid when held under scrutiny. The purpose, by extension, is to give antis a defense against common arguments as well as to show pros where not to focus when formulating arguments. ~ Haters need to calm down! There exists, for some reason, a widespread misconception that those who are against Twilight becoming an alicorn are raging, mouth-frothing sticks-in-the-mud that are only able to express their opinion through insults and yelling. This thought is completely unfounded. The vast majority of pony fans that dislike Twilicorn are content to offer their opinions and respond to opposing viewpoints in the same way that any pro would, which is only reasonable considering that both sides are still pony fans. The fact that antis have differing opinions does not suddenly transform them into screaming hulks, though, as I will note many times, there are exceptions. While this sort of claim would be appropriate when used against the harsh, vocal minority of antis, it holds little water to the average anti. When this claim is thrown around as frequently as I see it thrown around, it loses what weight it could have when used appropriately. By all means, if you see a caps-lock abusing anti, feel free to use this claim. But the presence of an anti-Twilicorn mindset, even one that is peppered with strong adjectives and extremely dissatisfied language, is not valid grounds to tell a fan to calm down. Haters are close-minded. They just need to give Twilicorn a chance! Pros that use this argument seem to be missing the crucial point that if an anti is still inside the fandom to complain in the first place, then they are obviously still fans of the show. Thus, the dissatisfaction they hold is held by one that has no interest in exiting the fandom. Antis are perfectly willing to find out where Twilicorn is going to go. They are still perfectly willing to see how the writers handle the character, whether or not the alteration is one that they approve of. The thought that Twilicorn needs to be "given a chance" is a thought that actually works against pros, as well. The basis of this claim is that an anti should not judge Twilicorn to be a negative change, because as of yet it is too early to see where the show is going. Conversely, we can reason, it makes just as little sense to judge Twilicorn to be a positive change. If there's not enough to criticize, there is not enough to praise. It is highly illogical for a pro to claim that it is alright to praise Twilicorn with no evidence, and then to claim that there is not enough evidence to criticize. This is not how things work. Story elements, characters, and plot devices do not have a natural tendency toward being positive. Therefore, if a pro believes there is not enough evidence to warrant criticism, they should reason that there is not enough evidence to make any judgment at all. So if a pro allows him or herself to form a positive opinion in spite of this, it is just reasonable (and courteous) to allow antis to form an opinion as well. However, a pro might be tempted to come right back and say... Haters just need to have faith in the writers! Pros that use this argument don't separate the concept of Twilicorn from its execution within the show's narrative. Antis are of the belief that Twilicorn is a negative change- that Twilight becoming an alicorn will, in and of itself, lead to reduced quality or storytelling. Common anti arguments include "Twilicorn will mess with the balance of the Mane Six!" and "Twilight doesn't fit the role of an alicorn!". Like these two points demonstrate, antis are concerned with how Twilicorn will irrevocably alter the core elements of Friendship is Magic. These elements are things that cannot be corrected with a talented writing team. If one feels that Twilight just doesn't fit with being an alicorn, seeing Twilight as an alicorn lends itself only to feelings of the show being "not right" or "off". Correcting this discomfort can come about in two ways. First, with becoming so used to Twilicorn that one is able to move past the discomfort. This is not the ideal way to solve the problem, as this relies more on numbing the viewer to the awkwardness rather than rectifying it. This solution is not the result of good writing, but the result of long-term exposure to writing of any quality. It's not warming up to Twilicorn; it's seeing the elephant in the room so often that you forget it's there. Second, the writers can utilize their talents to mold Twilight into a character that feels right with being an alicorn. While this undeniably is the result of good writing, it is a solution that takes time to bring about. Sure, Twilight may eventually grow into the role of an alicorn princess. But this does nothing to alleviate the awkwardness and feelings of being out of place that plague Twilicorn in the meantime, and the episodes that feature not-yet-matured Twilicorn will suffer dearly. In addition, most bronies in general have a couple episodes of Friendship is Magic that they dislike, for one reason or another. It's all well and good to remember fondly the good episodes, but it would be ignorant to pretend like the writing of the show is consistently flawless. If haters have nothing positive to say, they shouldn't say anything at all! This sort of mentality is essentially attempting to limit the free speech of other fans. Simply put, why should I hold my tongue and refuse to express my opinion simply because my opinion isn't completely positive? This aversion to the expression of differing opinions is simply the pros' way of plugging their ears. Why should discussions, the singular purpose of which being to exchange ideas, be limited to just those that have no criticisms and see no flaws? This mentality gives the impression of a pro being unable to handle the presence of differing opinions. The more civil way of yelling at antis to stop having different viewpoints, because they are unable or unwilling to acknowledge the validity of criticism. The mindless praise that the pros that use this argument apparently desire is even less conducive to worthwhile discussion than constant negativity. Granted, mindless hate has little place, and this argument holds up when used against criticism that serves no purpose. A throng of messages reading "It sucks! I hated it!" does little to suggest alternative solutions or bring about critical thought. Just as useless, however, are the throngs of messages reading "I love it! BEST. EPISODE. EVER.", although the pros that use this argument are apparently more than willing to allow this kind of content! Haters are just looking for an excuse to complain! As above, this claim is just seeking to invalidate the opinions of antis. Not only is this thought presumptuous, it becomes a self-perpetuation of the kind of person that pros (and, most likely, anyone else,) are unwilling to have a discussion with. If you have it in your mind that everyone who disapproves of Twilicorn is only doing so to receive some twisted self-satisfaction (thought, of course, there are antis that do), you eliminate the possibility of maintaining a respectful discussion with anyone whose opinion differs from yours. This leads into the ever-unfortunate pothole of logic that makes you believe that your opinion has transcended the realm of "opinion" and has become an indisputable fact. This is a very dangerous way to think, and it is absolutely not conducive to any civil discourse. But the fact is that most antis are here for the same reason pros are: to have an exchange of ideas. Not to make your life suck by forcing you to wade through unfounded criticism, but to present viewpoints for you to consider as you offer up your own. The moment you forget this is the moment that you stop believing other viewpoints to be legitimate, and the moment that reasonable people on both sides will stop believing your viewpoint is legitimate in itself. Complaining on the Internet does nothing, so why do it? The fallacy at work here is that pros appear to assume that criticism is solely expressed for the sake of bringing about a change. While this is a wonderful secondary goal (and one that is surely not unattainable, given the team's enthusiasm regarding what bronies have to say), it is certainly not the only thing that antis mean to accomplish. This argument could be reworded slightly and offered to pros: Praising the show online doesn't reinforce the show's quality, so why do it? Sure, the team might see what we enjoy and give us more of it, but as explained above, antis are still enthusiastic fans of the show. Any comments courtesy of antis would have just as much influence on the team's writing as anything offered from the pros. So if antis can't offer criticism because it might not have a direct influence, pros shouldn't offer praise. All things considered, the vast, vast majority of both pros and antis are simply trying to have a discussion. Haters do nothing but start fights! As explained (see Haters need to calm down!, above), antis are not any more or less inclined to resort to harsh or hurtful language than pros. Antis are just fans of the show who disagree with pros; the fact that the two groups are on two sides of an issue does not incriminate either. That said, this argument becomes rather ironic. If pros truly experience consistent fights when antis are around, and if we've established that neither group is guilty of exclusively starting fights, the issue falls upon pros! The individual pros that use this argument are themselves guilty of either starting fights when exposed to anti-Twilicorn viewpoints, or else interpreting innocuous discourse as angry and confrontational. Though of course there are antis that start fights, there is no good sense in applying such pugnaciousness to antis in general. If haters dislike Twilicorn so much, why don't they just leave the fandom? Antis are not inclined to leave the fandom for the same reason that pros are not so inclined after watching an episode they disliked. Just because antis find fault in an aspect of the show does not mean that abandoning the show altogether is suddenly on the table, though of course there are antis that do so. The dissatisfaction with one aspect of the show in no way suggests dissatisfaction with the show in general. Why do haters feel such a need to convince others? Why can't they let people have their own opinions? Another ironic argument, given the handful of the ones mentioned above that rally for the silencing of antis! But as mentioned numerous times, the vast majority of antis, just like the vast majority of pros, do not share their opinions with others with the express purpose of changing the minds of those with whom they discuss. Antis are more than willing to allow pros to go about their business with a different opinion. Where appropriate, of course, both antis and pros will attempt to articulate their arguments in a way meant to persuade the other party, but antis are in no way more inclined to do so than pros; to suggest otherwise indicates a bias or an unlucky streak of seeing antis in an effort to persuade. Tara Strong said that alicorn Twilight will still be the same character we know and love! While this is true, there are a couple things to consider. One, Tara Strong is not among the writers. Unless she has seen the scripts, received assurance from the writers, or suddenly and unexpectedly joined the writing team, what she says regarding the writing of future episodes should not be seen as infallible. Second, Twilicorn may well be the same Twilight we know and love, but there are alterations that cannot be undone, unless she is reverted back to a simple unicorn. She has progressed in her studies to a point where, as Celestia herself said in Magical Mystery Cure, she is more of a leader than ever, and will act as a teacher to everyone around her. This is surely a large change from the norm, regardless of how well it is handled. In addition, there are things fundamental to Twilicorn that antis can reasonably find problems with. The tidy balance of two unicorns, two pegasi, and two Earth ponies has been broken. Twilight will now likely have more responsibilities that we are unused to seeing, which alters the dynamic of the show. Twilight's seemingly godlike status elevates her above her friends, which does not bode well for a show that has numerous times attempted to emphasize the fact that friendship is a relationship of relative equals (see The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well, Green Isn't Your Color, Over a Barrel, Hearth's Warming Eve, and The Ticket Master). Regardless of what you believe about how Twilight's new status will affect her and the show, it is fallacious to assume that everyone else sees things the way you do, and that any apprehension regarding Twilicorn is automatically unfounded. Haters can't criticize the writers like that! Show some respect! There are two things that must be cleared up to adequately address this argument. First, it must be recognized that criticism of the show is not to be equated with disrespecting the writers. One can reasonably express dissatisfaction with an episode or character trait without meaning for this criticism to be seen as an insult to the writers responsible. Indeed, pros that believe that any criticism at all is disrespectful are doing the writers no favors by blindly praising their every decision. Granted, it is very possible for criticism and disrespect to blend together, but "I don't think Twilicorn was a smart decision" is surely not the same as "the writers are idiots for making Twilight an alicorn". This distancing of creator from product is not only essential in the context of Friendship is Magic, but in every other aspect of life regarding critique of a product. A good number of people may remember with disdain a friend that would take any criticism as a personal attack. Second, even the presence of actual disrespect does not invalidate the points of an anti. Saying "Twilicorn messes with status quo, and the writers are morons!" is undoubtedly an inappropriate way of communicating discontent, but the criticism itself (that "Twilicorn messes with the status quo") is still a legitimate point regardless of the questionable means through which it is communicated. It is understandable to be tempted to write off points made by an anti that insists upon disrespecting the writers, but if the claims are otherwise legitimate, the disrespect does not make them any less so. This is a cartoon about colorful ponies! Haters should stop taking it so seriously! It is silly to insist that finding a fault with a show suggests that one takes it too seriously. Negative opinions are not necessarily formed through careful deliberation or analysis, after all. To suggest that an anti would turn to the pro-Twilicorn side by "thinking less" or "taking it for what it is" not only works as an insult to the pros ("You'd like it more if you watched it like someone that doesn't think!"), it seriously misrepresents the goal and purpose of Friendship is Magic, and indeed children's fiction in general. Bronies as a whole would not have become fans of the show had it not been for the intelligence and wit present in the writing. As Faust herself intended, the show is wonderfully enjoyable both to children who don't know better and adults that require compelling characters and interpersonal interactions. To suggest that one must stop thinking critically and stop expecting intelligent writing in order to enjoy an episode does not bode well for the episode in question. It is, essentially, an admission that the writing of the episode is not intelligent enough to hold up against the standards the show has conditioned us to expect. A great writer and cartoon-critic that goes by the pseudonym Antialiasis expanded more on a similar subject, regarding the movies of the Pokemon series, in her website, The Cave of Dragonflies: (You can read the rest of her article here.) Of course there is something to be said about not getting hung up on every insignificant detail, but suggesting that one cannot enjoy an episode because of an excess of thought leaves a lot to be desired about the episode when all is said and done. Haters just fear change. Though obviously it is impractical to attempt to rule this out on a case-by-case basis, there is a serious flaw in attempting to assert this about antis in general. While the fact that an anti dislikes Twilicorn may indeed stem in part (or entirely) from a fear of change, it makes little sense to argue that a this fear is the only reason that one could have such an opinion. To do so would be a clear attempt to assert that the opinions of antis are completely invalid, and as explained (see If haters have nothing positive to say, they shouldn't say anything at all! above), this is both undeniably unjustified and incredibly impolite. This argument can be thrown right back at pros: If antis simply fear change, pros simply accept any change without thinking through what could result of such a change. Both of these claims are entirely untrue, of course, and discussions would greatly benefit if neither are used. "You just fear change" should be replaced with "You're not seeing that Twilicorn could take the show in this positive direction". It's not that antis necessarily fear change; it's that antis disapprove of the things that they feel could come about because of the individual change. If blatant flanderization occurs as a result of Twilicorn, for example, the antis' reluctance to this specific change will have been justified. ~ This article, again, is not meant a means to "convert" a fan to the anti-Twilicorn mindset. It is intended as a guide for pros to construct more substantial arguments and to know which arguments to avoid, as well as a compendium of refutations that an anti could feasibly use when faced with such arguments in the future. Above all else, however, both sides of the Twilicorn debate would do well to be reminded that the opinions of the other side are just as valid and legitimate, whether you believe that pros are mindless fanboys or that antis are hypercritical spoil-sports. Because for all the illogical arguments that we use (and this article is by no means a suggestion that antis possess exclusively airtight arguments!), we're just two sides of the same coin. Despite any differences in opinion, we're all bronies. As the mantra of questionable validity goes, love and tolerance are the most important things we have.
  2. The Changeling Kingdom pretty much committed an act of war against Equestria in Canterlot Wedding. Something like that I don't think is going to be just forgotten anytime soon. Perhaps a major part of the background for season 3 could be a Cold War of sorts that is developing between the two nations as it did between the USA and USSR in the 20th century. As such, an intense rivalry begins between the two nations in which they attempt to one-up the other in various ways, including technology, sport, etc. This can cultivate into an episode based on the Olympics, an episode idea already brought up previously , but influenced by the intense rivalry between the Americans and Soviets at the Olympics during the Cold War era. This can also allow for more world building, showing different kinds of creatures competing, such as Griffins, zebras, etc. Not to forget, it would be happening in the same year as the London Olympics, so that's quite convenient. The episode can result in two competitors (RD would make a great candidate) from the countries actually coming to respect and possibly befriend each other, realising the other side is not as bad as they thought and how their rivalry is taking the fun out of the games. If you really think about it, this plot background and possible could best epitomise the 'love and tolerance' theme of the show. Because in the end, these two species learn to do that with each other when for the most part they were expected to actively hate each other. Yeah, we get that a bit in the Hearth's Warming episode, but I do think the Pony-Changeling situation is more complex and each side has a legitimate reason to distrust the other that goes beyond just suspicion. Therefore, their resolve at the end is all the more poinient and powerful. You guys know what I'm getting at, right?
  3. Hey, I am really nervous that this could be the beginning of the end for MLP FIM I always heard that the cutie mark crusaders would never get their cutie marks because the show was meant to be made so that you could watch any random episode without having to watch another episode to understand what was going on. Like they never do anything too drastic in the episodes so there aren't any major changes so you don't have to have any previous knowledge to watch it. Well, making Twilight an ailcorn is a prity drastic thing. I don't see how they are going to do this. Haven't they already sold loads of Twilight Sparkle toys that she isn't an alicorn in? What happens then? I'm just afraid that this could be the start of hasbro starting to end the series, and I don't want that to happen at all. I just really need someone to say that I'm not right about this so I can stop worrying. So if you could, can you leave a comment with your opinion about the matter. I know I'm probably over reacting, but when a show like this means so much to you, it becomes more than a show to you. My Little Pony has gotten me through some hard times, every time I watch it, even if I'm in the worst mood you could possibly be in, it always makes me feel so happy. So if MLP were to go away, I don't know what I would do. Watching this show is more than just watching a show, it's being a brony, it's being a part of something, and that something is very important to me. Thanks, MLP Brony
  4. As much as I like to say I enjoyed it, I can't. The previous eight episodes have all been good to amazing, but this one is the first (and hopefully only) clunker of season 3. First, some things I do like: Rainbow Dash's character. Dash has shown a bit more of her sympathetic side lately, but here is where we saw her cockiness, eagerness, and going in way over her head. Her blurting out her own novel idea as well as Applejack's was hilarious and gave me the most laughs throughout the episode. From the way she's behaving, she's grown into liking action novels more and more. (Bronies, she gave you her idea. Write it!) But I also laughed hard at the fact that Rainbow Dash had to keep her promise and demolish the tower. Mission failed! >) Twilight's concentration. Over the past several years (in the canon), she's shown a huge desire to learn, grow, and be invested in doing her very best in her assignments. If there's one thing she can get into, it's get into a zone of deep concentration. It fits extremely well into her character, and I can really relate to her in this scenario. Rarity's compassion for Spike. She knows Spike's mud pie is absolutely disgusting, but she is good friends with him, and their friendship has grown considerably since the series premiere (especially Secret of My Excess, my second-most favorite Spike-centered episode behind Dragon Quest). She spat it out, but only when Spike turned away; she doesn't want to hurt his feelings, and he can get pretty reactive. It's obvious she cares for him as a very dear friend. The Mane 6's "Master Plan" to break Spike's "code" failing miserably. They were desperate to break Spike's code and decided to have Applejack get attacked by a timberwolf puppet. But they forgot big time about Spike's advanced intelligence; he's naïve, but he's not someone who gets easily fooled, and that trick almost bit them each on the flank. And it nearly bit them back harder when he rejected the timberwolf breath late in the episode. Sometimes, it's better not to cry, "Wolf!" The timberwolves. They're extremely detailed, but very well-done. Given the nature of the Everfree forest, there are many scary, dangerous creatures to watch out. The timberwolves looked scary, dangerous, and powerful. And I'm not sure if Spike's flame wouldn't have worked, given the spell-casting substances the wolves had. Now the two things I didn't like, starting with the smallest: Pinkie Pie's erratic character before the last commercial. She's bubbly, excited, happy, slapsticky, and random. But given the nature of the scenario before the commercial, it didn't fit her one bit. Her antics prior to it fit her really well. Too Many Pinkie Pies explored her sensitivity, care for her friends, and commitment. Wonderbolts Academy had her behave obsessively, but Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash have shown throughout the series that they have an extremely close relationship. Each of the Mane Six are very great friends, but some are closer than others. Pinkie Pie is extremely close with Rainbow Dash, and as Wonderbolts Academy is tiring and strenuous, she doesn't want that bond to separate. But in here, it didn't fit. She would've taken the whole scenario a bit more seriously; if it were slapsticky, it would've been more toned down, as she's a character with tremendous depth and understanding of serious circumstances. She was too hyperactive and happy in this case. Spike himself. He has been in the spotlight so much more this season, and he's had several small but very important roles: getting the Crystal Heart back to its rightful spot (only to be rescued by Cadance), finding the book about the Mirror Pond, and keeping the team composed in Magic Duel. Prior to season three, for the little spotlight he's had, he's had great character development, particularly in three season two episodes: Lesson Zero, Secret of My Excess, and Dragon Quest. Season two was, honestly, the best season he's had, and season three continued to develop him even more. It wasn't the Mane Six (with Spike bouncing behind them). It was the Mane Six (with Spike crouching in front and getting a nice little hug from his friends). He didn't feel right at all in this episode. His eagerness wasn't the problem at all. He's a kid dragon, and kids tend to be extremely eager; boredom sucks. But it resulted in him being not only being continually clumsy, but also CARELESS. Spike is many things, but carelessness and continual clumsiness aren't either. Spike can be bored, eager, or excited however he wants, but he has known Twilight and the others for quite some time already. He's shown to have a somewhat advanced intelligence due to his talking, cunning, and line of thinking. Seeing him become so destructive (and not even be aware of how bad his clumsiness was at times) doesn't fit him at all. He has known the characters long enough to understand how things work for them, and he's able to understand each of their expectations, mannerisms, and personalities. Spike himself is also a very good cook, and I'm sure he'd know how to handle an oven as well as preparing fine ingredients for an apple pie. I think it would be much better if some things would've changed, Spike's carelessness especially. It would be having Spike be clumsy with the balloon, apples, and then the pig (with him actually being aware of it), but then AJ and Spike would have a chat telling him that he can help, but slow down and take it easy. Afterwards, Spike would help with the chores and perform well at them. If Spike were to ask for help, AJ would, and the two would make a fine team. Then maybe they can visit Rarity, and maybe he could help her out a bit, too, using AJ's advice and Spike's knowledge on his surroundings and expectations of how Rarity works around the Carousel Boutique. You can write the rest. I was extremely eager seeing Spike get a much bigger role, as he and Rainbow Dash have been the two breakout characters this season (minus Scootaloo). Despite several great small things, the main plotline in Spike at Your Service just fell completely flat. Overall, this was a big disappointment. Worst episode of season three so far. ——— Source: S03:E09 - Spike at your Service
  5. Alright, so, we all remember how in that episode which I can never remember the name of Scoots, Sweetie and AB apparently revealed some secrets regarding the showmare we all love to hate, Trixie. First of all, what do guys think these secrets are? Please, go wild in terms of speculation. Secondly, do you think we'll find out what these secrets are in season three, and that they will be the reason for Trixie's return? If she does that is. I know its been massively hinted at, but hey, you never know. I for one would be more than happy to see more of Trixie's bitchy swagger.
  6. Part 1: Part 2: If you've read the previous 2 parts, you've noticed that I was very sarcastic. But not this time. This time I'm going to defend the things that are much harder to defend. The Death Of Twilight Sparkle The title above is not as sarcastic as it sounds. If you haven't figured out, I'm referring to Twilight being an Alicorn. People have every right to feel as concerned as they do, so I'm not going to be a sarcastic douche here. I don't like it when people defend Twilicorn by saying "She just has wings. You're just judging her by her looks." They don't realize that she is also a princess, thus changing her role in the show. I think a better defense would be to just tell people to wait for Season 4. There's not much else you could say really. Either you like Twilicorn or you don't. I personally think Twilicorn is a pretty good idea, and I like when shows move in new directions rather than sticking to the status quo. That's just personal preference. I have no reason to be sarcastic, because those who are concerned about Twilicorn have every reason to be concerned. But please, no matter which side you're on, don't give up on the show. Give Season 4 a chance. And watch more than just the 2-part premeire. I'm sure there are still going to be some good Slice-Of-Life episodes in there to enjoy. I do want to say however, that if you really don't like Twilicorn, could you at least let the people who do enjoy it, without trying to convince them that they're wrong? Pacing: I can't say that I hate the pacing of any season 3 episode, but I can understand why many do. This season has had some very ambitious ideas, and seeing them being told in only 22 minutes feels unusual. Here are my thoughts on the pacing of each episode. The Crystal Empire- Although more development from Sombra would've been nice, I don't think the lack of it was due to bad pacing. Too Many Pinkie Pies- Perfect pacing. One Bad Apple- Different, but still okay pacing. Magic Duel- Trixie "redeemed" herself. But in my opinion, Trixie never had anything that needed to be redeemed in the first place. I never saw her as evil, but just as a show mare, who was unfairly ridiculed by the mane 6. Her "redemption" was her apology for taking her new found anger too far. I can't call this episode "rushed" because Trixie's "redemption" was incredibaly believable. Sleeplesss In Ponyville- Perfect pacing. Wonderbolts Academy- The pacing was fine \ Apple Family Reunion- Nothing I can say about pacing. Spike At Your Service- This episode suffered from things MUCH worse than its pacing. Keep Calm And Flutter On- Okay, this is a tough one. I have absolutely no idea why I like the pacing of this episode, but I just do. This episode just makes so much sense to me for some reason. Contrary to popular belief, I think that Discord's Redemption is very believable, and a 2nd part wouldn't have accomplished anything. Just For Sidekicks- nothing wrong here. Games Ponies Play- This episode suffered from having a stupid plot. I never payed attention to its pacing. Magical Mystery Cure- Another tough one, but I think this one is much easier to defend than KCaFO. The reason I like the pacing of this one is because every single part of the episode has a purpose. It's not like A Canterlot Wedding, which had a completely pointless (but still awesome) fight scene that only served as filler. There is no filler, and every single shot, every song, (even morning in ponyville) and all of the dialogue had an important place in the episode. And the more I watch it, the less rushed it feels. Honestly, the only episode that I can say I don't like the pacing of in the entire series is Boast Busters. In my opinion, it would've been better as an 11 minute episode. I guess that's it for part 3. I was going to defend Magical Mystery Cure on it's own, but I think I did that well enough in the Pacing section. But for those of you who like to defend Magical Mystery Cure like I do, please for the love of Celestia stop using the "it's part of a 3-parter" argument. Not only was it orignally written as the series finale, but it's also still technically a stand-alone episode, which means that it should be treated like a stand alone episode. I'm pretty sure S4E1 is not going to be called "Magical Mystery Cure Part 2." Everything else I have to say about the episode is a little too head-canonish. There are still 2 more parts left. In part 4 I'm going to explain why I'm not stupid for liking this season, and in part 5, I'm going to give quick reviews of each individual episode.
  7. Part 2, in which I continue to defend Season 3. Here's Part 1: Fanfiction: This episode was just like that fanfiction that I wrote that got 2 views and 1 thumbs down. Except in mine Discord married Fluttershy and turned her into the element of Cruelty... And Optimus Prime was there... And Rainbow Dash fell in love with Big Mac's evil twin... It was still just like my fanfic. Obviously, they copied my ideas, and twisted it around, and made it MUCH worse! It's not like there are a million fanfics out there, and only so many actual episodes that eventually, some could coincidentally resemble fanfiction... The people who think this, don't realize that this season DESTROYS fanfiction. Discord is "good" and therefore, it's harder to write new fanfics with him as a villain. (although if you want to make him a villain in your fanfic, there's still nothing stopping you from doing so. Canon does not equal Fanon after all). Not Enough Rarity: I'm not going to be sarcastic here because this isn't a stupid argument, but it is a little naive. What no one seems to understand, is that the show staff doesn't plan how many episodes each pony will have. They just come up with ideas, submit them to Hasbro, and if they're approved, they make the episode. There is no "So, Rarity is going to have zero episodes this season, because we need more room for Spike." In fact, originally, Rarity was going to have a much larger role in Spike At Your Service, but the writers felt that Rarity was acting too mean, so they changed it. Better having no Rarity episode than having a terrible one right? Too Much Spike!: This is more of a personal preference, but it seems like some people like to claim that Spike having a lot of screen time is an objectively bad thing when it's not... It just means you personally don't like Spike. Characters Didn't Develop: Fluttershy is still shy?! Even after Putting Your Hoof Down where she learned how to be more assertive, she's still shy?! Blasphemy!! Obviously after that one little episode, she must be a master of the art, and thus should no longer be shy! That ONE time she used assertiveness correctly obviously means that her shyness has been completely erased. They should've changed her name to Fluttersertive! Seriously, just because Fluttershy learns how to be assertive in an episode, does not mean she's going to be a master of assertiveness.... Characters Did Develop: Twilight Sparkle, taking deep breathes?! Twilight never takes deep breathes! What have they done! Where is the sarcastic Twily?! Where is the obsessive Twily?! Where is the Twily who isn't worthy of being a princess?! Do you guys want the characters to develop or not? Make up your minds. Characters Are Flanderized: Look at Pinkie Pie! She's being Random! That's Flanderization! It's not like we all knew she was going to be this random just from watching the very first episode. What is she doing in Wonderbolts Academy?! Since when did she feel paranoid about losing her friends?! She definitely wasn't paranoid about it in Party Of One! I'm sorry, but I don't see much flanderization in any of the characters. Pinkie Pie is the same as in Seasons 1 and 2. I'd understand the claim if she was acting like her clones from Too Many Pinkie Pies, but she isn't. Cliche Episode Stories: Sigh... A bullying episode? Hasn't this already been done before? Isn't there something else they can do, like maybe an episode about Scootaloo having nightmares or something? That would be much more original. This is so cliche! It's not like the show has been able to take cliche plots and twist them around or anything. I remember a simpler time, when episodes were less cliche... Just look at Friendship Is Magic Part 2. There is absolutely nothing cliche about that episode whatsoever! Seriously, Season 3 doesn't have any more cliches than the first two seasons do... King Sombra: ...I got nothing. You win this round. Games Ponies Play: This episode sucks. I'm not being sarcastic this time. This one isn't defendable. Spike At Your Service: Worst Spike episode ever. Again, not being sarcastic. But at least this one has it's moments. But none of those moments have anything to do with Spike. You neighsayers win this round as well. Wait, Flutterbass. If you're purpose is to defend Season 3, why are you saying negative things? Easy. Because I'm trying to not be biased here. What I have posted may sound like I don't like Season 1, and love Season 3, but that's not true. I love both seasons, I just wish everyone would stop treating Season 1 like it's completely flawless, and Season 3 like it has no redeemable qualities whatsoever. I just want everyone to know that I do see the flaws in Season 3, but I also see flaws in the first two seasons as well. Next is the 3rd part, in which I defend the big stuff. The stuff that is much harder to defend, but is defendable.
  8. This is the first installment of "In Defense Of Season 3." Because I love this season too much to not defend it. This will be a series of threads, and hopefully won't piss anyone off. This in my opinion, is the weakest argument of all the neighsayers of season 3, so I'll talk about it first. Friendship Letters. Because without them we would be completely lost. Sure, any episode could have a good moral. But without Friendship Letters, how could we ever comprehend those morals? Think of Feeling Pinkie Keen. Without the Friendship Letter, we would believe that the episode was about Religious Tolerance, but thanks to the Letter, we realize that the moral is about how you should throw the scientific method out the window if you're feeling frustrated. See, because of the friendship letter, we see clearly. Isn't it wonderful? First of all, the friendship letters aren't THAT important. Sure, they spell out the moral for the kids who may have a hard time understanding them otherwise, but they aren't 100% necessary. They could completely get rid of friendship letters and I would be okay with it. Here's why: 1. Sometimes, the moral is told without a friendship letter, so having a friendship letter in those cases would just be redundant. Look at Sleepless In Ponyville for example. The moral is told by the story. Everyone knows what it was, and we didn't need a Friendship Letter. 2. Sometimes, the Friendship Letter ruins the episode. Like Feeling Pinkie Keen for example. If that episode didn't have a moral, it would be absolutely perfect in my eyes. Another example would be A Dog And Pony Show. Because of that episode's friendship letter, it sounds like they're telling little girls that you'll get your way if you whine enough. I have nothing against the Friendship Letters. I just think kids are smarter than we give them credit for, and that this show shouldn't have to depend on Friendship Letters to get the moral across, and sometimes, the Friendship Letters can even ruin the morals. So if they decide to completely throw away Friendship Letters in season 4, I'll be perfectly fine with that.
  9. Everyone thinks that this was a plot hole. They say things like "Isn't Rainbow's talent flying? Why is Rarity managing the weather? Shouldn't she be trying to fly?" Well here's my theory: Rarity wasn't trying to fly because she doesn't have wings. Just kidding! Here's my real theory: Rainbow Dash has 2 talents, and her cutie mark represents both of them. The cloud represents her weather abilities, and the rainbow colored lightning bolt represents her flying abilities. "But Rainbow Dash got her cutie mark after doing a sonic rainboom, while she was FLYING!" Yes, she did get her cutie mark after performing a sonic rainboom. But think about it. It wasn't just a trick. It affected the lives of 5 other ponies. If it could do that, who's to say it didn't have an affect on the weather? It was definitely powerful enough to curl pinkie's hair, so how could you say that it has no affect on the weather? So Rainbow performed two talents at once, thus received a cutie mark that represents both of her talents. "Since when could ponies have more than one talent?" Since 5000 B.C (Before Celestia) But in all seriousness, there is nothing in the show that implies that ponies can have only one talent. "But if Rainbow has two talents, why is Rarity only attempting to do one of them?" Because she doesn't have wings? "Than why not give Rainbow's cutie mark to Fluttershy?" That's a good question. Maybe Fluttershy could have Rainbow's cutie mark, and attempt to fly like Rainbow Dash. But maybe the writers didn't want to kill off Fluttershy...? That's all I've got. I knew someone would inevitably ask that question if I didn't answer it so I had to get it out of the way somehow. So what do you think of this theory?
  10. Here are my thoughts on each of the season finales: Season 1: The Best Night Ever This one is good, and it's cool that it was built up to throughout the season, but I'm gonna have to knock it off a few points for putting Fluttershy out of character. Don't get me wrong, it's hilarious, but the more I think about it, the less I like it. And also, Twilight is pretty boring in this episode. 8/10. Season 2: A Canterlot Wedding Well this one had some flaws.... 1. Queen Chrysalis isn't very bright. She feeds on the love of other ponies, yet when Cadence uses love to save the day, she calls it a "ridiculous sentiment." 2. That totally awesome, amazing hilarious action scene where the mane 6 were fighting the changelings....was absolutely pointless. (But it was still awesome!) 3. We get to learn a lot about the fake Cadence, but barely anything about the real one. 4. I hate Love Is In Bloom. "But Flutterbass. That isn't a valid argument." Well people say they don't like Magical Mystery Cure because it's a musical, so I get to say that I don't like Love Is In Bloom. 7/10 Season 3: Magical Mystery Cure I loved it! I'm glad they made it a musical, otherwise I would be saying that it needed a 2nd part. If you didn't know, they wanted this season to have a musical before they knew that this would be a musical. They chose to make this the musical, rather than, say Spike At Your Service. I don't need time to process what is going on. There has been plenty of time to get that from the previous episodes. This doesn't need to be an epic 7-part episode, (although I do understand if you think it should have been a 2-parter). I like it because it did what it needed to do, in a very entertaining way. The pacing is fine (unlike Boast Busters) and after watching it seven times, I can finally say that I could not be more satisfied. However. It does not score a 10 for one reason: Starswirls spell wasn't properly explained, and since that is an important part of the story, M.A. Larson should have put a little more thought into it. 9/10 So, my favorite finale is Magical Mystery Cure. What's yours?
  11. So we all know that after her one speaking appearance Derpy has been not allowed back in the episodes. OR HAS SHE. As it turns out the animators of MLP have been screwing with us all through season 3 by hiding Derpy in different episodes just look at this: and here is one of the biggest nods to the fan base: Derpy is alive she is just the pony form of Where's Waldo
  12. Hey guys! Rainbow Dash the Fourth here and I was just on YouTube watching the Want you Gone PMV based mainly around Discord by @@Stellafera (Very well done video by the way! You guys should check it out!) when I noticed Discord tapping on the painted window and when I looked closer I noticed that he was tapping on the circle that contains Fluttershy in it. I believe that that was foreshadowing to the "Keep Calm and Flutter On" episode and he knew that she could do something like changing his personality. Do you think that it was foreshadowing towards the episode or do you think that they are completely unrelated and just happened for the sake of a random choice. Let me know what you think below.....
  13. I'm lucky enough to not have too many experiences with bullying, so maybe I'm missing something. What's so bad about the moral of one bad apple? I really want to hear from people who don't like it. I want to know why you don't like it. To me, the cmc learned that 2 wrongs don't make a right. That sounds like a good moral to me. In my eyes, the episode was perfect, and it was one of my favorites of season 3. Remember, this is coming from someone with very little experience with bullying, so I could definitely be missing something. Is it because Babs wasn't punished? To me, she learned her lesson, so she no longer needed to be punished. Does it have something to do with your own bullying experiences? I hope I don't sound insensitive here, and I apologize if I do, but do you not like the episode because it doesn't match your experiences? The people who like this episode like it because they can relate to it. Do you not like it because you can't relate to it? I think it would have been much worse if the cmc had gotten away with their revenge scheme without learning anything at the end. I think everyone can agree with that. I hope none of this sounds insensitive. I just want to understand what people found so wrong about the moral.
  14. If you didn't already know, season 2 is coming to dvd in may. Hopefully, shout factory will release every season. If they do, would you buy the whole series? I have season 1 and I plan to buy season 2 once it comes out. If season 3 is ever released, I'll buy that. Seasons 4, 5 etc. But what if you don't like a season? Would you buy that too? I would. I think I'd feel incomplete without it. I personally have loved all 3 seasons so far, and I'm pretty sure season 4 won't let me down. So would you buy the entire series? Even if there was a season you didn't like? Would you buy it on DVD, or wait for it to come out on Blu-Ray? Would you buy the seasons separately, or wait for the complete series boxset? I'm not sure if a complete series boxset would ever happen. I'm not even sure if every season will get a dvd release.
  15. I'm not just talking about Twilicorn either. If you haven't noticed already, every season is completely different. Season 3 is different from Season 2, which is different than Season 1. So my question is why does everyone hate change? I'm not just talking about Alicorn Twilight either. There are other things. People say that some of the characters being slightly different in season 3. I see this mainly with Twilight and Pinkie. People really over exaggerate the changes of these characters. They're only SLIGHTLY different. It's called character development. And the ironic thing is that these same people will complain about Fluttershy never changing. They're mad that she's still the same Fluttershy from season 1, but when they develop Twilight or Pinkie Pie, even just a little bit, they complain. So, I'm gonna stop derailing myself here, and talk about why change is a good thing. The MAIN reason that I believe that this show is better than Spongebob, or Phineas And Ferb, is because it doesn't stick to the status quo. I haven't seen any of the recent Spongebob episodes, but even I know that Spongebob still hasn't gotten his boating licence yet. Seriously, how could you possibly be entertained by a boating school episode knowing that Spongebob won't get his licence at the end? But than we have MLP, where Twilight has now graduated and is moving on to the next stage in her life. Much more interesting if you ask me. I personally prefer shows where the story progresses, and I don't like it when shows stick to the status quo.
  16. A lot of people say that season 3 is the worst season by default just because it's only 13 episodes. Why? That's like saying Sleepless In Ponyville is worse than Transformers 2 because it's shorter. It's fine if you don't like season 3. I may not understand why, but you're entitled to your opinion. But the length is not a valid reason to call it the worst. There were maybe 2 episodes that I didn't care for. And one of them has grown on me. So more me it has a 1:12 ratio of bad episodes. Which is pretty good. And I know someone is inevitably going to say that the short length of the season affected the entire season's pacing, so I'm going to ask you to actually count all the episodes you thought had bad pacing. I'm pretty sure you'll only think of 3 at the most. I personally don't mind the pacing of any of these episodes. Is season 3 really the worst just because it has the least episodes? Or are you all just spoiled?
  17. I know a lot of people have claimed to have marathoned the first two seasons. It's not that hard to believe, however I could never imagine myself marathoning a 26 episode season without taking breaks. I actually want to try marathoning season 3 because it's less intimidating. Tonight would be the perfect time to do it, because I'm a senior in high school, and the seniors don't have to go to school tomorrow, because the juniors are taking ACTs. And I don't have any homework to do, so I have plenty of time on my hands, and I can choose to stay up if I want to. So have you ever marathoned season 3? If not, do you think it's a good idea? Would you do it?
  18. I was inspired to make this thread by this forty minute long review of season 3: This guy says that this season was the most interesting season so far, and I couldn't help but agree with him. He's not using the word "interesting" as a synonym for best (although he did say this was the best season because it was the most interesting). He's using it in a different way. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but if you watch the video you'll understand. This review did have a problem though. He says that if making Magical Mystery Cure a one parter was a choice than the episode was awful, but if studio b had no choice, than it was great. I don't understand the logic here.... Anyways, I'm going to summarize the reasons why this season is so amazing using each episode: I'm not going to tell you whether I like these episodes or not, just why I find them interesting. The Crystal Empire- Not only did this episode take Twilight further into her journey, but it foreshadowed the end of it. Too Many Pinkie Pies- When this episode was first announced, I thought that it was just going to be a fun little episode about pinkie cloning herself. To many people, that is exactly what it was. But to me, this episode is MUCH deeper than that. This episode asks the question "What if you were no longer unique?" At least, that's what I got out of it. Pinkie no longer feels like a unique pony because there are now 11 clones of her. Her friends no longer see her as one great friend, but 11 nuisances. They can't help it. They have no idea which one is the real pinkie pie, which is why they don't just get rid of all of them so easily. This episode seems like a big philosophical "what if" scenario. One Bad Apple- No matter what, if you decide to create a bullying episode, not everyone is going to like it. Everyone has different experiences, and if it doesn't match up with their experiences, they're not going to like it. The thing that made this episode interesting to me is everyone's reactions towards it. It makes me wonder, if there is even such thing as a perfect solution to bullying. The answer is no. I honestly learned more from the fandom's reaction towards this episode than I learned from the episode. But I'm okay with that. Magic Duel- This episode introduces the concept of the alicorn amulet. Enough said. Sleepless In Ponyville- In this episode, we learn that Luna can enter the dreams of other ponies. This leaves us a lot of questions. Is this morally ethical? How often does Luna do this? etc. Wonderbolt Academy- A lot of people are complained about the ending of this episode. I personally don't understand them. Of course the ending is going to be so open! What did you think would happen. Did you really believe that Rainbow would become a wonderbolt just because she proved herself to be more respectful than Lightning Dust? Anyways, the reason I find this episode so interesting, is merely because it's a huge continuation in Rainbow Dash's story arc. This episode really makes me interested to see the arc continue. Apple Family Reunion- We learned more about the apple family. How could this not be interesting? Spike At Your Service- Everyone including me complained about this episode because Spike was out of character. But what I want to know now is that is there such thing as "out of character." We all have our weird days or phases, and this was definitely one of Spike's weird phases. Sure, it really bothered me that Spike was able to leave Twilight so easily, but is it really that hard to believe? Keep Calm And Flutter On- This episode asks the question "Is friendship really magic?" and according to the end of this episode the answer is yes. This was my favorite episode of the season, but that doesn't mean I'm going to accept its moral as absolute fact. I'm not going to deny it either. It's just something that makes me think. Just For Sidekicks/Games Ponies Play- These episodes make me wonder "How many stories can be told by the events of a single day?" So many events can happen within a single day. There are good stories that can be told and there always will be. These episodes really make me think. And they don't try to, they make me think simply by happening at the same time. Magical Mystery Cure- This episode gives us a lot of questions. I'm not going to list those questions here, because we all have them. This episode is also very controversial. Not only does it deal with the theme of destiny, but Twilight becomes an Alicorn, and a lot of people think this episode was rushed. People either love it or hate it. But even if you hate this episode with a passion, you have to admit that it leaves you wanting to see what happens next. This may sound like an over generalization, but I think this episode has left EVERYONE wanting to know what happens next. And that's the most interesting thing about this episode. So, I guess what I'm trying to say here, is that I found season 3 to be the most interesting season because it made me think much more than the first two. This season makes me think about not only their world, but our world as well. It makes me think about the future for Equestria, and every episode has stimulated some philosophical thinking out of me in some way or another.
  19. So, I started watching the show in the summer of 2012, so I never saw an episode during its premiere until season 3. I was lucky enough to catch every single episode of season 3 during its premiere. When I was watching seasons 1 and 2, I didn't pay any attention to the bronies' reactions of them. I just watched the episodes and enjoyed them. And I think I made a huge mistake when I started watching season 3. I payed attention to what everyone else thought of the episodes. It sort of ruined the experience for me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the f*** out of season 3. I was just bothered by the fact that no one else did, or at least the ones who didn't were the most vocal. When I watched season 3, I looked at the discussion pages on Equestria Daily for a majority of the episodes. It took the fun away from the episodes, and I will not do it for season 4. When season 4 comes out, I'm not going to pay attention to anyone's reception. I'm just going to form my own opinions, and not worry about everyone else's. So here's what was going through my mind while reading the fandom's reactions towards each season 3 episode: The Crystal Empire: Am I seriously the only one who knew Sombra wasn't going to be anything special? I enjoyed the **ck out of this episoode, not because of Sombra, but because of Twilight and her test. Too Many Pinkie Pies: Guys. Calm down. That is the real Pinkie Pie. She was in the same spot where Rainbow dropped her.... One Bad Apple: How could you not think that this is the most adorable episode ever? Magic Duel: You should all be happy this episode was made. Boast Busters was the worst episode of the series, and Trixie deserves better. Sleepless In Ponyville: It's about time you guys actually like an episode for once! Wonderbolt Academy: So you think this episode sucks just because it was written by Merriweather Williams who sucks just because she wrote The Mysterious Mare Do Well? (which has some cute moments and isn't nearly as bad as Boast Busters) Apple Family Reunion: Boring? Really? I was entertained every minute of it. Spike At Your Service: I already thought this was the worst episode of the season so the fandom's reaction didn't bother me. Although, I don't like how everyone was complaining about the timberwolves being CGI. Keep Calm And Flutter On: This episode was perfect! What would a second part accomplish? You guys would still hate it just for reforming Discord. Just For Sidekicks: So, do you hate it because it's a spike episode, or because it's not a rarity episode? Games Ponies Play: This episode was so mediocre, that I didn't care what the fandom's reaction was. Magical Mystery Cure: I've seen this episode multiple times, and I've never been able to form an opinion about it other than that I've enjoyed it every time I watched it. When people said "This is the biggest development in the show's history, and this is all it gets?" I thought to myself, Yeah. This is all it needs. I'm not saying that you should all agree with me and that your opinions are invalid. I'm just saying that I wish I never payed attention to your opinions because it sometimes ruins the experience for me. How much do you pay attention to other fans' reviews of the episodes. Do they ruin or enhance your experience?
  20. There are 3 episodes in season 3 that everyone accuses of being rushed: Magic Duel, Keep Calm And Flutter On, and Magical Mystery Cure. I don't agree with any of this and I'm going to explain why: Magic Duel: Everyone seems to think that Trixie was redeemed in this episode, therefore, her redemption was rushed. But the only thing that was "redeemed" were her actions in this episode, and not her overall character. She only apologized for being eviler than usual. She's still the same "humble" pony she was from Boast Busters. She even calls herself "great" at the end, and runs off the same way she did at the end of Boast Busters. It seemed to me that she still did not feel welcome in Ponyville. Until she feels welcome in Ponyville, I don't see how anyone can say that she is truly redeemed. Everyone said that this episode was rushed because of Trixie's "redemtion" but it really doesn't seem like she was redeemed at all. Could I see this being a two-parter? No. Because Trixie wasn't really redeemed at the end, having a 44 minute episode about Trixie which ends with her running out of Ponyville the same way she did in Boast Busters would feel pretty pointless. If she was actually redeemed, I'd be okay with a 2-parter. Keep Calm And Flutter On: I'm gonna have to be careful here, because I have "Fluttershy Is Best Pony Syndrome" and "Discord Is Best Villain Syndrome" so I may be a little biased. That said, Discord's reformation did not upset me at all. I was incredibly excited when I first read the synopsis for this episode and it did not disappoint. This episode seems even less rushed to me, than Magic Duel, and as I've already stated, Trixie was not truly redeemed at the end of that one. In this episode however, Discord really was reformed at the end. This episode actually was focused on Discord's redemption, unlike Magic Duel, which was pretty much Trixie being eviler than usual, and than apologizing at the end. Anyways, time to stop talking about Magic Duel. This episode didn't feel rushed to me in any way whatsoever. I have never been able to fathom why anyone thinks this episode is rushed at all. Imagine if you have lived for over a thousand years without a single friend, and than suddenly, a kind yellow pegasus called you her friend. How long would it really take you to have a change of heart? Maybe longer than a day, but we can't have a 24 hour long episode. And think about it. Discord didn't really have a change of heart until his friendship with her was threatened. It wasn't like this: Fluttershy: You're my friend. Discord: I've never really had a friend before. I'm going to change my ways completely now. There actually was some relationship building between Discord and Fluttershy. The pacing was perfect, and I still cannot believe that people actually called this episode rushed. Maybe I'm biased, or maybe the people who didn't like this episode don't like the idea of making Discord a good guy. If it weren't for his reformation, we would probably just get occasional clones of Return Of Harmony, and we would see a bunch of episodes of Discord being turned back to stone at the end, so I'm glad they made this episode. Coud I see this being a two-parter? Not at all. This episode is perfect the way it is. It also felt pretty long on my first viewing, which is saying a lot, considering that I enjoyed the f*** out of this episode. Unless it was an adventurous episode, I think a two-parter would just be too long. Magical Mystery Cure: First of all, this was a musical. That means that it had an excuse to be fast-paced. If you want to make a 22 minute episode with a lot going on, a musical is the best way to go. That said, I actually understand it if you still feel like this one was rushed. Unlike the episodes listed above, I think that this one could qualify, but I'm still not going to call it rushed. The way I see it, this episode could have been titled "Friendship Is Magic Part 65." What I mean, is that there has been plenty of development for Twilight throughout the series. Trixie and Discord have only had a few episodes unlike Twilight, who's the main character. I see this episode as an end to a loose 65 episode story arc. Many argue that she didn't "earn" her princesshood and that it was just given to her. I'd agree with that if this was the only episode that I've ever seen, but it wasn't. The events of the past episodes prove that Twilight has done enough to deserve this. Sure, the episode could have been longer, but I am quite satisfied with it the way it is. Could I see this being a two-parter? Of course! They could have thrown away either Games Ponies Play, or Spike At Your Service, and made this a two-parter and I would be satisfied. But honestly, I think this episode is fine the way it is. And I've also have come up with a scenario that would be MUCH worse than what we got: What if this was a two-parter, but part one was about the cutie marks and Twilight becoming an Alicorn at the end, and part two would be nothing but the coronation. There would be no character development, explainations on the mythology of alicorns, etc. It would be nothing but a coronation for 22 minutes. Maybe I'm being too nice. There are a few reasons I'm not a very harsh critic. For one, I'm criticizing a cartoon about talking ponies. And two, I like to criticize something for what it is and not what it could have been. Am I being too nice? Or am I making sense?
  21. During King Sombra's brutal explosion of death, we see his horn glowing in the center of the screen in less than half a second. Everyone seems to think that there's some special significance to that tiny shot, but honestly, all I thought of it was a logical animation choice. He was performing some sort of magic right before he exploded. Logically, the glow of his horn didn't fade out yet. I don't think his horn would have immediately stopped glowing right after his explosion. It makes more sense to me that since he was performing magic right before exploding, his horn's glow didn't just magically go away. Everyone seems to think that this was foreshadowing his return in the future, but honestly, I think he was killed off for real. But maybe I'm wrong. What do you think?
  22. I'll explain. In Season 3, I feel like the personalities of each of the ponies had something missing. Especially Pinkie. Remember when Pinkie Pie used to randomly burst into song at random times (Giggle at the Ghosties, Grand Galloping Gala, Twilight is my bestest friend, Hop Skip and Jump, the list goes on) prominently in Season 1? I don't remember her ever doing so in Season 3 (correct me if I'm wrong) and that was one of my favorite thing about her. Twilight had less adorkable moments. "Is there a book I should read on being a princess?" is the only standout one I noticed. She seemed more of a serious character this time around. Applejack, not a huge change. Actually, I preferred her singing this season to any other. The way she sang in "A True True Friend" was extremely professional and very catchy (I whistle her part every day at school). Rarity had less drama and obsession with dresses. We didn't see much of her and Opal. There wasn't even an episode revolved around her, but that was probably due to the number of episodes being halved. Still, I missed that "fabulosity" aspect of her that I saw less and less of as the season progressed. Fluttershy, less adorable moments. Rainbow Dash didn't change much. The two tomboys seemed to retain their essence as a character IMO. -- A thing aside from the Mane 6 that saddened me the most in this season was how the songs didn't feel as memorable. Sure, Babs Seed and True True Friend and the alike were kind of catchy, but they weren't as strikingly beautiful as songs such as Winter Wrap Up, Find A Pet, Becoming Popular, Flim Flam Brothers, At The Gala, Smile Song, This Day Aria, and Art of the Dress. The only song that I feel contested with the previous seasons was the "Crystal Ponies" song. Another thing I didn't like as the show progressed is the slight change in character design. It's very subtle, but fillies' legs are a bit thinner, and the face and leg design of the ponies in general looks a bit more organized. This can be seen as better or worse by different people, but I prefer the look of the Season 1 (my favorite season) ponies. -- There are probably more issues that I have that I can't think of ATM. But remember that this is all my opinion. There are probably those out there who completely disagree with me and that's fine. If you think Season 3 was your favorite season, post all your reasons why. What are your thoughts on my points? Do you agree? Disagree? Neutral?
  23. Now that season 3 finally ended I have the feeling that many of you would agree that season3 was the worst season this far. One of the reasons were the lenght of it with only 13 episodes, half of the amount of the regular episodes. Also as the time pases by, we can't deny that we have become more critical about the show, still calling season 1 or 2 the best, before we joined the fandom. I can't say that I disagree because I have to say the worst episodes of Friendship is Magic are within this season sadly. But this is not of what I want to talk about, I want you guys to just discuss what was going through the minds of the producers, writers and Hasbro when they decided with what content they wanted to fill each episode and why. Since MLP is primarily focused on the characters before the storyline, it is no surprise to us to see that an entire episode is dedicated for a character, having said that, I felt like the amount of screentime used for the characters, except for Twilight of course (in a way), was very unbalanced and some of the episodes were easily forgetable or boring enough not to watch again and taking into consideration the lenght of the season, the negative impact in the viewer can be much bigger. Here's a chart I prepared for everypony with the relevance of each character on each episode. (this is based on personal opinion, but I have the feeling that you guys will agree with me) p1/ep2 - The Crystal Empire FOCUS CHARACTER FEATURING ep3 - Too Many Pinkie Pies FOCUS CHARACTER FEATURING ep4 - One Bad Apple FOCUS CHARACTER FEATURING ep5 - Magic Duel FOCUS CHARACTER FEATURING ep6 - Sleepless in Ponyville FOCUS CHARACTER FEATURING ep7 - Wonderbolts Academy FOCUS CHARACTER FEATURING ep8 - Apple Family Reunion FOCUS CHARACTER ep9 - Spike at your Service FOCUS CHARACTER FEATURING ep10 - Keep Calm and Flutter On FOCUS CHARACTER FEATURING ep11 - Just for Sidekicks FOCUS CHARACTER FEATURING ep12 - Games Ponies Play FOCUS CHARACTER FEATURING ep13 - Magical Mystery Cure FOCUS CHARACTER FEATURING So, let's imagine that we are the producers of the show, it's imperative that we must use 13 episodes only and it's also imperative that Twilight Sparkle has to become an alicorn princess at the end of the season. That's what we have so far. As producers, I ask you, what the hell did we smoke to distribute the characters in the way we did? Leaving the quality of the episodes aside, the distribution of each character on each episode was very bad executed and even unfair for other main characters *coughRaritycough* here are my picks.... Spike had 2 episodes We are low on episodes amount, and we have to make 2 episodes for Spike, how that even work? and on top of that they are not even memorable. From all the Spike's episodes that I have seen, these 2 are the worst, not saying they are bad, but Just for Sidekicks was the worst of them. Fanservicing Applejack The producers of the show listen to bronies, that's a fact. Sometimes a wonder if fanservicing is even a good thing. If you see my chart Applejack had plenty of time, action and lines throughout the season. That gives her so much importance and presence that when I went to see her episode I find her episode very boring and her song easily forgettable, because I have seen her doing cooler stuff on the other episodes. Where is Rarity? do I even have to explain this? Maybe said that Rarity had a lot of time in season 1 and 2, which I agree, but ignoring her completelly to give others the "opportunity". I think that's unfair. Rainbow Dash? If what I said about Rarity was true, then why Rainbow Dash didn't had a cut on her screentime if she was as prominent as Rarity on season 1 and 2? She had 2 leading episodes (she shared the leading role with Scootaloo in Sleepless in Ponyville) and also featured plenty of episodes, just like Applejack, she had a recurrent role in Games Ponies Play with Twilight. On one side Rainbow Dash was with the her drama when the Equestria games weren't in Cloudsdale and on the other side Twilight was also shown alone trying to make time for the inspector to see Cadence. Separating Rarity from the rest made the episode feel more of a mane 5 episode. It doesn't matter in the end, the episode was very bad. Path of Twilight Not all is bad. During this is season we actually did saw Twilight training hard since season 1 to be prepared for that "something" that Princess Celestia was always telling her about. Especially in the way she talked about Twilight "she'll be ready", "your destiny" and whatnot were key words that I enjoyed to listen because it can give you a sense of mistery and makes you wonder for what kind of thing will Twilight be ready? You can see her progress in her magical abilities and the coronation actually do makes sense at the end of the season, at least that's what I thought. Mane6 union Comparing season3 episodes with the older ones, we can see more episodes mane6 oriented. I like this mechanic because it's an excuse for them to say that Rarity was present we could see on a regular basis how all the 6 ponies interact with each other. Sleepless in Ponyville issue How do I dare to find an issue on this episode? you can calm down, there is no issue with this episode, in fact it's perfect from beginning to end. But having into consideration how short this season was, I think it would be better to make this episode wait until season 4, think about it, we had a cutie mark crusaders episode, and then another one (putting Scootaloo in the spotlight), we could have used that spot for other "urgent" stuff. Pinkie Pie, stupid This season I felt Pinkie Pie character to be used to just fill comedical spots and nothing else, unfortunatelly, to me, her character suffered because they made her look like an idiot that doesn't think straight. I said it in a thread before, that on previous seasons she was random and "crazy" but she was smart in her own way, and also delivers fun which was always nice. With this I felt Pinkie's appearances to be annoying and easy forgettable, though she still delivers fun, but IMO Rarity delivers more fun than her. Discord in my opinion Discord doesn't have an impact on me like he has on other bronies, but I do acknowledge the popularity that he got since his first apparition in the return of Harmony. I always thought that he would be the villain of the season finale but I never thought that he would share an episode with Fluttershy and also be good, that was a nice touch. And a good thing for Fluttershy as well. Twilight is ok I don't know about you, but Twilight being the main character and all, I felt like they didn't shove her up my face. Her screentime was ok, she is the mane character and I felt like they didn't abuse of her. so, were you satisfied with the character distribution on this season? was season3 the worst season this far? what do you think of all of it?
  24. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has gone under some fascinating changes and developments both in the show and the community. While I'm no expert in the community factor of the fandom, having only been a brony for about eleven months, I do what I can to stay active and know when Hasbro gives the herd a hit (eg. video takedowns, Derpy, etc.) I may do my next plog post on Hasbro and Bronies, but this time I'm going to focus on the pros and cons of the seasons. Season 1 Focus: Season 1 focused on establishing Ponyville and introducing important characters. It's top priority was teaching lessons on friendship. The Elements of Harmony are embodiment of what it takes to form a friendship. Every episode ended with a letter to Celestia summing up what lessons were to be taken away from the episode to make sure the point came across. Twilight's Magic: Let's face it. The show is about Twilight. It's not all about her, but she's the actual star. *cough* Applejack is better *cough* This point is interesting. Magic in this season actually went under revision, going from just sparkles to a shimmering aura. I'll show you what I mean. Friendship is Magic: Part 2 Winter Wrap Up And everypony levitated their tickets to the Gala. That irritates me. With that out of the way, Twilight was still somewhat dependent on her books magic. She wasn't sure what she could do for Winter Wrap Up without magic, she had used it from such an early age. Twilight's magic is definitely more powerful than most unicorns, but it takes her a lot of effort to teleport from one place to another. A definite non-athlete, she uses what she learns in books and applies it shortly after reading it. She can do 28 spells in Boast Busters, but probably learns more as the season progresses. World Building: There was a lot of emphasis on Ponyville and how it is run. There is an award for best overall citizen, seasons don't change magically, instead they are earth pony powered. In Season 2 it is revealed that Applejack's ancestors founded the city, so it would make sense that the place is earth pony centric. The season was pretty local really. The characters lived in a relatively perfect world, with only an occasional danger that had been brewing for the usual 1000 year prescription. Naturally they had forgotten. Then there's parasprites and the occasional dragon, but no actually huge, large-scale disasters. Characters: Not many new characters were really featured with the exception of Braeburn, Chief Thunderhooves, and Little Strongheart. Nightmare Moon was not a stunning villain in my opinion (though I love Luna). She's just your average, run-of-the-mill arrogant, evil villain. Season 2 is brilliant in that aspect. Episode Quality: I'm going to be a radical here: I'm not a big fan of Lauren Faust's writing. Please don't misunderstand, when it comes to inventing characters she's an absolute genius! But I had trouble sitting through the pilot. I'm sure that if she'd had a better episode to write she could have done better, because it was an "Meet Everypony" episode. I just didn't like those episodes. The other episodes were fine, but none are my absolute favorites. Because the season focused on establishing a home setting and the characters' personalities, the writers spent the rest of their energy on humor. And the comic relief was great. ("You've got to walk to the zoo? Well who's stopping you?) I just prefer a slightly more serious episode like Hurricane Fluttershy. Plenty of comic relief, but actually evoked actual feels.
  25. Hello there! Well, this is not really FAN music, but I didn't know where else to post it. This here is a compilatory album I made for myself of all the Season 3 musical numbers in high quality, but I'm sure many other would like to have it, so I uploaded it to MediaFire. The tracks are listed by appearance order, recorded directly from the episodes, and both in MP3 and FLAC formats, separatedly downloadable. I also removed the voice from all the tracks and saved them separately as "instrumental" versions, all included in the pack. [*edit* I got better versions of the instrumentals, but only in MP3 format. They're in a different zip to avoid complications- download both!] Anyway, that's pretty much it! I thought sharing this would be a nice idea, and I hope you enjoy it. ^^ The MediaFire folder link: Cheers and hugs!