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Found 204 results

  1. AAAAAHHHH, MY CRYSTAL SLAAAAAVES... I know why you have come. You sat idly by and clapped your hooves as Celestia's minions interfered with me once again. And then had the audacity to question my greatness as a "villain." I have not forgotten you. My quest to reclaim MY kingdom is spoiled...but now I wait for something more. Revenge. Ask your pitiful inquiries of King Sombra, while I still lurk at the edge of your nightmares...
  2. Since this year is about to come to a close, I would like to say Happy New Year! To all of you ponies out there in other countries/states in this wonderful community. Futhermore, we all want to look back at the three Seasons of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, so to celebrate the new year. We should all put our favorite song from Season 3. Here is my favorite song from Season 3:
  3. it seems that (i hope others agree with me) that the mane 6 need alot more back story for instance RD and Fluttershy have no back story (except for cutie marks) or family. apple jack has a bit of a back story but no evidence of parents it confuses me quite a bit some of these characters deserve more back story as they are loved and adored by many if the developers released at least a full back story for each character of the mane 6 than it would at least answer some of my question about the characters
  4. season 3 seems to be alot more shorter only being 13 episodes in next season they should have 50 episodes at least so that they can make up for season 3 who else agrees with me
  5. How do you expect this seasons Finaly to be? Do you want it to be two episodes or just one? Do you want it to be peaceful or with a villain. Also wich one do you like more Premieres or finallys so far?
  6. Of course not everybody, but at least a lot. What are people's problem with Season 3? I like it just as much so far. Plus there giving us what we want. Everyone wanted an Applejack song, they did it. Everyone wanted a Scootaloo episode, they did it. Everyone wanted more Spitfire, they did it! I mean, everyone has their dislikes and likes with episodes, but ive been hearing a lot of "S3 has worse quality!" and "I hated the newest episode!" lately. If you don't like S3 as much, comment here telling us why please. I personally think S2 is the best yet but I love all the seasons. I think the CMC are actually better characters and have much better episodes now. I loved One Bad Apple! The CMC episodes are much more interesting in my opinion. Do you like Season 3 or not? Whats your opinion?
  7. Not to the fandom. It's clear that the fandom creates their own content and many base their beliefs of the show in fan-made material, like fics, arts, animations or music. For example, characters like Bon Bon or Octavia hasn't even spoken yet and we all have a popular idea of how their personalities may be, because of the fan-made content. So I asked this question to you, based in the show only... Let me elaborate better... We all know that Pinkie is the hyper, happy, party monster character of the show, but on season 3 I've seen Pinkie Pie fracturing the thin line of being hyperactive and fun to being idiotic and characterless. Since season premiere, I noticed Pinkie being like this, and this disconfort me, because she's not like the Pinkie that I used to love. I felt her crazy antics and jokes to being forced, and totally unfunny, It felt nothing like the effortless funny Pinkie that I saw on season 1 and 2. Then came out "Too many Pinkies", a Pinkie Pie episode. I felt her being SOOO reckless, she usualy is, but she's wise at the same time even if she doesn't make sense, like in "Feeling Pinkie Keen" or "Green isn't your color", because she knew the consecuences of making copies of herself, did she even thought of what if she was about to do to get rid of these clones? Also, I felt the clones to be really stupid, and since the clones are exactly like her, therefore she's stupid too. Rewatch the clones parts if you don't believe me and see the reactions of Ponyville's villagers, they really hated her XD. The episode was fun though, very WTF for her 4th wall breaking abilities, but she usually do that. And now, in this episode of the CMC, Pinkie Pie RUINED THE WHOLE EPISODE, even if her lines were very brief and not important in the slightliest, she still had a HUGE impact on me and it impress me how IDIOT she was on that episode, her lines didn't make sense, not in WTF way but in a really STUPID way, her behaviour, her voice, her STUPID puns. I don't even want to slap her, I want to slap the person who wrote that episode and did that to Pinkie. Anyways, I'm not confortable of what I'm seeing of Pinkie Pie in this season, and I hope to see things getting in place with her, even if she makes cameos during episodes. I didn't expected this to feel like rant LOL. But I'm curious, what do you think of this?
  8. (Oh wow, the title of this thread is a rhyme. I didn't notice that...) I have a question about the season 3 episodes. You see, everything made sense to me up until recently; 13 episodes and we get 1 per week on Saturdays from 10:30am to 11am. Sounds simple! Then I saw things saying that the next new episode wouldn't be for 3 weeks, which ruins my grand schedule. I didn't think much of this until I noticed the link on EQD to the episode guide, which I took a look at to see if these claims were true. That just made me more confused... I was able to confirm that Keep Calm and Flutter On is certainly not airing this Saturday. That was not what confused me though. For one, episode 8 is missing. I guess that isn't so bad, because it does mention that the airing order of the episodes is not based on the episode's actual numbers (even though that bugs me. Things in order should stay in order, grumble, grumble...). What really throws me off is the apparent nonexistence of episode 13. It doesn't even mention that it's supposed to be there. There still is an episode 13, right? Have they just not updated the page because we have no information about that episode? Please forgive me if this topic already exists.
  9. Rumors have surfaced about Spike babysitting all of the mane 6's pets. Now why would the Mane 6 leave Spike with all their pets who knows, but I have a theory that the mane 6 is going to go to a party. Now if Pinkie Pie was throwing a party Spike would come with them and if they were going to see Celestia then Spike would come to. That is why I think that the mane 6 may be going to a concert to see Vinyl or Octavia and that Spike does not like this music and stays to watch his best friends pets. Now the question is will we see Vinyl Scratch talk or Octavia? (Do not judge me about spelling mistakes it is very late were I live and Mane 6 is how I say it so don't judge)
  10. Seriously guys, wtf?! Just because some character who isn't in every episode makes an appearance, doesn't mean the staff is pandering to the fans. They just want to use the character again. If they really were pandering to the fans, Derpy would have shown up in Wonderbolt Academy, or any other episode of the season. If they were pandering, one of the characters would have called Princess Celestia a "troll." The sisterly relationship between Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo is not pandering because it was the staff's idea in the first place. Trixie's return was not pandering because the episode was planned way before the staff even knew Trixie had a fanbase. To just assume that the staff is pandering to you is a bit conceited. The bronies don't control the show. They never have, and they never will. The writers aren't allowed to read fanfiction, and just because something in the show resembles a popular fanfic, doesn't mean the staff is "referencing" it. It just means that it probably wasn't that original of an idea in the first place.
  11. How do you rank the songs from season 3 so far? Of the 5 we've heard so far, this is my list: The Success Song Babs Seed The Ballad of the Crystal Empire Raise This Barn The Failure Song What are your feelings? And to clarify, I've loved all of these songs, just some more than others.
  12. Apple Family Reunion was a rather tame episode in comparison to the wackiness and adventure-esque episodes we've seen throughout the season, and it doesn't disappoint. Most previous Applejack episodes revolved around her being stubborn, but it was a completely different case. Instead, it was her eagerness to make this reunion the best one it can be. But sometimes, when you try too hard to make things grander, you run the risk of screwing up. This was one hard lesson Applejack learned after her ideas went horribly wrong one after another with the demolition of the barn being its climax. But she learned that lesson by having everypony teaming together to make things right again. Sometimes, it's not how you start; it's how you finish. The little things that intrigued me in this episode: The pairs of shooting stars in this episode as a symbolic hint to confirm that AJ's/AB's/BM's parents have passed away. While not in the script, it was a great piece of detail to hint it, particularly in a show where its minimum demographic is five to six years old. Death is a very difficult subject to treat right because of its seriousness and deepness. Some family educational shows like Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, Sesame Street, and Arthur talked about death and handled them both really well. This was a great way to teach it without truly teaching it. Kudos to Sibsy for adding that in. The photo album and its memories of the reunion. Granny Smith takes those reunions very seriously and has that passion for everyone in the Apple family to get together, tell stories, or just have quality time when they don't normally have. Baby Applejack. Cutest moment in the entire episode. 'Nuff said! Babs Seed and Braeburn returning. One of my peeves in this show is characters who have so much potential, only to last one episode only to never return. Like Trixie in episode 5 and Winona and Tank in Episode 3, this is absolutely refreshing to finally see "one-shot" characters returning. Although Braeburn didn't have any lines, it was great to see the close dynamic Babs Seed and Apple Bloom have. Since One Bad Apple, it looks like the two have become rather closer, and that reminds me of my closeness with my cousins. Applejack's desire to have the best Apple family reunion. She wanted it to be grand, wonderful, exciting, and memorable for all the right reasons. She has a little bit of Rarity in her, for she wants to give to those and mean nothing except wanting to deliver the best to those she adores. Nods of previous episodes, like the gold edible glitter (ala One Bad Apple) and the lightning electrocuting Applejack (ala The Last Roundup). How sometimes being simple can create even bigger and better memories, and that's completely true. When you try to do something a little bit more complicated, you run the risk of having things go awry or making lives inadvertently miserable. We saw this in the obstacle course, quilt-making, apple fritters, and the fruit bats aiming at one of the characters' hats. Getting the chance to make amends. Applejack wasn't willing to let the reunion end on a sour note, so she and the rest of the family were able to team up and rebuild it. But rather than having everyone do so miserably, they showed their pride, heritage, passion, and love for each other as a big family. And they built it all the while having a great time. It was a bit difficult, but they got the job done just in time. Raise This Barn. For the first time, Applejack starred in a song, and as a result, we got to see Ashleigh Ball show what — she's — made — of— whoops, wrong song. Raise This Barn was an excellent tribute to the excellent Square Dance music and dancing itself from in the past. All the while, it's got a little distinct charm and style that makes it unique to the show, Applejack, and the dedicated roots of the Apple family. My most favorite moment: How Granny said getting the whole family together is getting more difficult and how many of them may not be able to attend the next one. I think this somewhat hints the age of not only herself, but some of her relatives who grew up with her. Life isn't eternal, and Granny Smith, Aunt Applesauce, and Apple Rose know this. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if those words were partially responsible for Applejack to attempt to make this reunion grander: If it was the last reunion for some of her own generation, make it the best and most memorable it can be. It's a completely different pace, but Apple Family Reunion did a really great job nonetheless. Great music. Fantastic animation. Nice nods to Applejack's parents. And an overall fine episode. Source: S03:E08 - Apple Family Reunion
  13. Don't get me wrong I'm loving season 3 so far, but I can't help but feel that season 3 is sort of a step down from season 2... There really haven't been any memorable moments, the plots of the newer episodes have been painfully predictable, and for some reason it just seems a little watered down compared to season 2, almost like it's leaning more towards the little girl side (I know that is the targeted demographic)... I mean there have been some great episodes... "Sleepless in Ponyville" has to be one of my top 5 mlp episodes of all time, there have been tons of references to fan fiction (but kinda sad Derpy still hasn't made a legit appearance ), and the animation is improved... I thoroughly enjoyed each episode but imo I feel that season 2 episodes had a little more depth... What do you guys think?
  14. < Deviant Art Meanwhile in scoot dreams... We need to go deeper ... point coma space stuff BWOOOOONG!! Please comment I love read your comments
  15. This was an astounding episode. For Scootaloo's first episode as a central character, it really didn't disappoint. We saw a lot about her: 1. her desire to be Rainbow Dash's protégé 2. her huge fear that was built from those stories 3. her eventual development as a character 4. her athleticism Of the three Cutie Mark Crusaders, she's the only character to not have that much development. Whenever she was there, she shared the rest of the CMC's role, sometimes not speaking most. With her finally getting an episode, finally she can garner a bit more attention to herself so we see really serious character development. The few things that strike me. 1. Luna, obviously, and how she played a role in Scootaloo's dreams. There's a reason why she's the Princess of the Night: when ponies sleep, she keeps an eye on the peace and any possible trouble. Luna noticed Scootaloo having serious nightmares, and she told her to face them. Not only her nightmares, but also her pride. Scootaloo is a proud character who doesn't want to disappoint Rainbow Dash in any way. 2. Scootaloo's pride. She idolizes Rainbow Dash and wants to be her protégé. For her, if she breaks down that "proud" barrier, it equals weakness; Rainbow Dash herself is a very proud character, so RD's core personality rubs onto her. That's why she tried the best she could to hide her fright. Sometimes admitting your weakness is what also makes you even better, and we saw this here. She admitted to being terrified to the point of almost getting herself killed, and now she's a much stronger pegasus emotionally. 3. Scootaloo's scooter. This could hopefully be a major turning point in her character. Since the start of the series, she's always had that scooter to help maneuver. Now she no longer has it to get around. With her scooter gone, perhaps this can give her the ability to develop her ability to fly, swim, dive, glide, run fast, or whatever. Just because she has small wings doesn't mean they're useless. 4. Rainbow Dash herself. Of all the Mane Six/Mane Seven, Rainbow Dash is by far the most difficult character to write because she has so many facets that tie to Rainbow Dash being Rainbow Dash. But for the beginning of the season, her characterization was not well-written, particularly in The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well (as we know). Since then, she's been written in a much better light. Hurricane Fluttershy was, if you ask me, where she stole the show because it took all of her facets and blended them into one, especially her biggest quality: her loyalty to Fluttershy when she was down. In this episode, we saw several bits of her, particularly her playful side while she told those stories, her comforting and care for Scootaloo after she finally admitted to being scared, and helping Scootallo fly around Winsome Falls. But even when Rainbow Dash admitted to being scared of the stories when she was a filly, we still saw that nonchalant pride she expressed when she said she was going to deny "it" (being her initial fright of those stories, too). This episode and Hurricane Fluttershy are her best written episodes characterization-wise since TMMDW. 5. Sweetie Belle's singing. We've seen in this series that she can really sing very well. But to quote Bob Ross, "Talent is a pursued interest." She can sing well, but this song shows that she isn't fully committed into pursuing it and improving her skills. In future episodes, we can hopefully see this pattern of her pursuing her singing capabilities. Sleepless in Ponyville doesn't eclipse Magic Duel, but this episode and Magic Duel are the best 1-2 episodes of the season so far. Season 3 has carried plenty of momentum, and besides Sombra's lack of fulfilling characterization in The Crystal Empire, it hasn't disappoint. Let's keep it going! P.S.: And welcome to the team, Corey Powell! For your debut episode, you wrote one of the best episodes in the series. ——— Source: S03:E06 - Sleepless in Ponyville
  16. "I wanna be brave at home, locked in my closet, with my teddy bear!" *D'aawww* "Thanks to my stinky internet connection that I saw today was yesterday's episode, and others created the vectors and I wanted to do ... did a better job than I would do so I drew this" My first cute illustrations!! What level of cuteness would you give? Edit: Here the process (?):
  17. So, It's been a while since I've been on the forums, and thought that this would be the perfect thing to create as a pointless topic! I'm just wondering if this is any good, I did take a little longer on this sketch, approx. 2 hours. Sorry if it's too light to see, it's the level of shade on the graphite (2B) I was using, normal 2B pencil so.... Yeah, but I have plenty of other B's and graphite but I haven't used it yet. Anyway, any good Forums?
  18. Should one of the Mane Six get shipped? They've been on the show far enough, and the only ship we've seen was the result of a love potion and the wedding! What do you think? Who should be shipped with who? (Has this thread been done before? Please don't kill me)!
  19. Would Magic Duel have been better as a two part episode? We all know of the fabled 2-part episodes. We have only seen 3 of these elusive beasts, the Return of Harmony, A Canterlot Wedding, and The Crystal Kingdom. Every single one of these included several things: action, plot/character development, a main antagonist, and a threat. We had all of these elements and more in Magic Duel. We had not one but TWO magic duels between two pissed off soccer moms mares. We had Twilight furthering her magic abilities and confidence in a state of discomfort, something that she does not operate well in. Also, Trixie showed a progression forward at the end during her last scene, when she actually and genuinely apologized. Trixie was obviously the antagonist, and she really did wreak some havoc in Ponyville. Near enslavement of the denizens and positioning herself as a god-figure is something even more evil than what Discord planned to do. That's pretty damn evil. My question? Would this have been better as a two parter? In my mind, it fits all of the criteria to become one. One of my only concerns of this would be that it may become a little too drawn out. What are your thoughts?
  20. spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler Watch at your own risk - Not for sensitive people - Look at the ways before crossing the street - Eat your vegetables - Brush your teeth and go to bed early. Please comment <- How can you resist this face?
  21. Its nice that their finally having an episode for Scootaloo. But if the spooky stories Rainbow Dash tells her about are Cupcakes or Rainbow Factory or something I might just die. But that'll never happen. Your opinions?
  22. Isn't this exciting? Are you excited cause I'm excited I've never been so excited, well, except for the time that appeared Trixie but she is back now!!-
  23. I would like to know the opinions of some bronies here on these forums. There are a vast amount of terrific episodes, and there are some decent ones. And surprisingly, there is the occasional episode that you don't really need to see at all. But what I am asking is for your favorite episodes so far from each season. You can choose as many episodes as you want, but at least try not to name most of the season. (Yes, that is difficult for Season 3) In Season 1, my favorite episodes were: Friendship is Magic Parts 1 and 2 Winter Wrap Up Fall Weather Friends Sonic Rainboom In Season 2, my favorite episodes were: The Return of Harmony Parts 1 and 2 The Last Roundup Hurricane Fluttershy A Canterlot Wedding Parts 1 and 2 In Season 3 so far, my favorite episodes are: I can't decide, they're all so great!
  24. So, another vector made. This time it's a vector of Apple Bloom from a certain scene when she is singing in the song from Season 3 Episode 4. (yes I am aware of the toolazytoedit error to top left of the ribbon) Here is an avatar verision, feel free to use it And here is the link to a High Quality verision:
  25. Quite simple really. Of the 55 episodes of My Little Pony that have aired so far, which ones would you say are your Top 5? You don't have to rank them if you don't want to, of course. If one of the two-parters is your favorite, you can count it as one. ^^ Here are mine, no particular order. This list was VERY hard to pare down and I will include runner-ups at the end. 1:16--Sonic Rainboom The immortal Rainbow Dash episode. Her weaknesses (besides overconfidence) start to be revealed, but through it all she perseveres and pulls off something unforgettable. It was the most ambitious action scene the show ever did to that point, and they succeeded with flying colors, no pun intended. Throw in Fluttershy's "yay" and Rarity's wings, and you've got an episode that in later years will be called a classic. 1:26--The Best Night Ever Actually the worst night ever, but maybe the best episode, at least as far as Season 1 goes. Brilliant. Not one moment of it could have been better. "At the Gala" was an epic song that propelled the show to new musical heights. Every pony got a chance to shine. Too many hilarious and memorable moments to name make this an easy pick for me. 2:12--Family Appreciation Day You probably noticed this, but I love Apple Bloom. I think this is her best episode, because it gives her something to do besides wreak havoc with the other Crusaders. Granny Smith is showcased like never before with delightful results, and the Apple family's role in founding Ponyville was fascinating. It also gave us a silver lining to Silver Spoon's character, as she applauded the story to Diamond Tiara's dismay. Last but not least...young Granny Smith FTW! (I wonder what her name was back then...surely she wasn't called "Granny" as a filly. xD) 2:16--Read It and Weep Dashie. Reading. Two of my favorite things in the world come together. Rainbow gets a new hobby that adds necessary depth to her character. The Daring Do books sound so awesome I wish they were real. Mandatory. 2:22--Hurricane Fluttershy It rocked. It was poignant, touching and ultimately inspiring. It was the Fluttershy episode, surpassing even Dragonshy, and featured one of the best and most accurate portrayals of Dash that whole season. Any remotely objective person, brony or not, would have trouble calling MLP "just another kid's show" after watching this episode. RUNNER-UPS: Griffon the Brush-Off, Green Isn't Your Color, Sisterhooves Social, Putting Your Hoof Down, A Friend In Deed. OMG...I just realized all my favorites feature only the numbers 1, 2 or 6. FREAKOUT! @~Chaotic Discord~: Not a repeat thread, I looked. xD There's a "favorite episode" thread that's been silent for 2 months, but not a Top 5 one.