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Found 291 results

  1. Alright, alright, alright, good morning everypony, and welcome once again to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! Second to last "Batbrony Reviews" of Season 5 right here ya'll, and my oh my was this a memorable episode. "The Mane Attraction," first teased at SDCC this past summer, is an episode that pretty much all of bronydom has been looking forward to since then, and for very good reason. The last episode written by Amy Keating Rogers before she left working on the show, this episode delivered in pretty much every way it could, despite being a very old and familiar story trope. Without further ado, let's dive into "The Mane Attraction"! So first and foremost, Applejack, lovable farm pony and Element of Honesty that she is, really shined in this episode. She's consistently one of the strongest characters in the show, and this episode really highlighted why. Put simply, AJ is very consistent and straightforward in her behavior. She has a very limited set of things she truly values in life above all else, namely the basics and essentials for a happy existence. She doesn't particularly care if somepony else lives differently from her (even if she doesn't always get it), but does care that they're living a fulfilling life that makes them happy. Nopony else in the entire show is as straightforward in what they think is necessary to live a good and meaningful life, and this trait often serves AJ well in helping to ground her other friends and keep them focused on what really matters. It's why she's the ultimate helping hoof in all of Ponyville and probably the closest thing to a #2 that Twilight has, at least among the Mane 6 (not counting how Spike himself assists her in her personal business). These traits were on full display in this episode. The problem was quickly identified and pretty simple and straightforward, but that's not unusual considering it was AJ who identified. She's a pony who gets down to business and like to keep things simple, so this felt suitable for her. What I admired was that she was the only pony who even knew there was a problem since she was the only one who previously knew Countess "Ra Ra" Coloratura, but unsurprisingly, even though her friends thought she was making much ado about nothing, AJ stuck to her guns (as a quick aside, let's keep in mind that she must have befriended Ra Ra fairly soon after her parent's deaths, probably very shortly after getting her cutie mark, yet another highlight of how quickly AJ had to grow up and mature as a filly and how much inner-strength she's developed over the years as a result). This is another strength of AJ's; when she feels strongly enough about something and cares enough about someone, she will very stubbornly and doggedly work towards whatever end she wishes to. Even when Pinkie Pie of all ponies was telling her to just let it drop, she refused to. Sometimes her stubbornness doesn't always work to her advantage ("The Last Roundup" is a very good example of this), but here it served her very, very well. Finally, the last strength of AJ's that was on full display here was the faith that she has in those whom she knows are her friends or good ponies (both in this case). She knew that Ra Ra was a good and decent pony, she never lost faith in her and only once got mad with her when there was a misunderstanding between the two. Through and through, she was honest and loyal to the pony she knew was still there inside Ra Ra, and never gave up hope and faith in her friend that she would do the right thing if only she were nudged in the right direction. Her solution, while predictable in many respects, was also smart and allowed Applejack to illustrate the truth of what she'd been telling her friend to her. She knew that if Ra Ra only knew the truth, she'd take it from there and do the right thing. Her faith in friend was rewarded, and in the end, after just being the best pony she could be and one we've come to know and love, honest, loyal, and true through and through, she got her friend back, helped make her life better, and all of Ponyville (and presumably any ponies Ra Ra entertains or comes to know from now on) reaped the reward for AJ's efforts as well. And the best part is helping Ra Ra and getting her back as a friend was reward enough for AJ; she didn't want anything else, and I'd expect nothing less from her. That's just who Applejack is, and I love her for it. You will never be this happy (though that's probably a good thing ) Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Our new character, Countess "Ra Ra" Coloratura, was pretty solid as well. Lena Hall, primarily a theater actress and singer, did a decent job in the role. I'm not gonna pretend that it was the most amazing vocal performance ever, at least not so much in the VA department, but she has a very pleasant voice, it's very pleasing to the ears and very nice to listen to, even if she didn't come across as a natural voice actress. Her singing, as expected, was amazing; the only time it was a bit odd was when we heard it coming from her as a filly, it just sounded a bit too adult for a filly that age, but it was always lovely to listen to and she did some truly phenomenal singing here, even when she sang her gaudy and over-the-top Countess Coloratura dress rehearsal song. And that's really what we came to hear anyways, they brought her on clearly for her singing talents, and it was a well-made casting choice as far as I'm concerned. Her character was well-written, and even if we've seen this type of character in many different properties before, she was well-executed here. She was clearly still herself for the most part, she still wanted to be a good pony and use her talents to entertain others, please others, and help others, but she was just being misused and led astray by a greedy and self-centered manager. I'm not entirely sure how she wasn't aware of what he was up to considering he wasn't exactly subtle in his behavior, but to be fair she seemed like she was kept fairly busy, was very devoted to her work, and he also came off as a bit of a "yes man" who I'm sure said all the right things around her. But thankfully, despite an initial spat, as soon as AJ showed her exactly what was up and how her name and image, and what she wanted to do for others, were being sullied by that little turd, she set things straight and is now on the path to leading a career more fulfilling to herself and everypony else. She learned a solid lesson, was enjoyable to watch, and sang some lovely musical numbers; all in all, this was a solid choice for a celebrity guest appearance, and it was all the more enjoyable to watch considering Lena Hall is a fan of the show. Would love to see her return at some point in the future, if only for a cameo appearance or another musical number (but hey, I'd take another episode focused on her as well for all I care). She had a lovely appearance and character design, a lovely voice and performance, and had a very nice debut episode. What more could you ask for? When they're able to make her likable even when she looked like THAT, that's pretty impressive Aside from these elements, there's not a whole lot more to talk about. Pinkie Pie was where most of the humor in this episode came from, and she was very fun to watch in her typical over-the-top behavior (though I did feel a bit bad for her as she was getting run-ragged by that awful manager). Speaking of which, Ra Ra's manager, he sucked. Super petty little turd, that one, and definitely worthy of a swift kick to the balls (though I suppose his getting fired was reward enough, just desserts indeed ). Rarity had a few good scenes with AJ, Twilight did her part to help Applejack make her point at the end, and Flutters and Rainbow were just kinda there and didn't really feature all to much. The animation was lovely, it was nice that they kept the setting fairly contained to just a few locales (really helped make it a solid Slice-of-Life episode in its feel), and it was kinda nice that there wasn't too much in the humor department. It's not like it was the most emotional episode (though the emotion and feels-factor was definitely elevated by the fact that this was Amy Keating Rogers' last episode she wrote on the show), but since it was fairly low-key in the humor, it felt like it was treated as seriously as it should have been. The pacing was solid, Applejack genuinely cared about Ra Ra and you could easily tell and accept this (the flashback was an especially nice touch, filly AJ was cute as she always is, and filly Ra Ra was pretty adorable too), and this made it very easy to connect with this episode and become emotionally invested in what was going on. This was even more impressive in many ways than "Amending Fences" considering the focus was not on Twilight but one of the supporting Mane 6, and the pacing was honestly better as well (remember, Twilight reconnected with four friends in that episode, not just Moondancer, and that additional subplot made the pacing a bit trickier). Fernando is most fabulous bendy straw Overall, this was just about as good as one could ever want an MLP Slice of Life episode to get. We were invested in the problem, all of Applejack's strongest traits were on full display, we genuinely cared about the new character right along with AJ, had some lovely musical numbers thrown in there, and this all in all made for an episode that delivered in every respect and one in which I really have no complaints. Amy couldn't really have asked for a better final episode to work on, this was about as good as a penultimate episode in any season gets (and trust me, we've had bad ones, remember, my least favorite episode to date is "MMMystery on the Friendship Express," and that came in Season 2, which probably remains my favorite season of MLP), and it was just a pleasure through and through to watch. This is definitely an episode I look forward to returning to and rewatching in the future, most likely one of my top 5 favorite episodes on the season, and most certainly Applejack's finest episode this season. What more could you really ask for? We've got two episodes left to go everypony, the two-part season finale next week. I may be a bit late getting my review up since I may be busy with family when the episode debuts, but rest assured I will have my usual review uploaded at some point that weekend. Have a Happy Thanksgiving next week everypony to all my fellow American forum members, safe travels if you are traveling, and I'll see you all at the finish line. I've no doubt the return of Starlight Glimmer is going to be delicious, so get hype everypony!!! Until next time, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  2. Let's face it you guys: If Hasbro had any common sense in the first place, they wouldn't let ratings be this low, especially with milestone episodes like this. BUT If they continue this behavior with Season 6, then the likelihood of future seasons seems to be uncertain, if not doubtful. Then we can't help but think the show will also be on some kind of future Hasbro streaming project. The way Discovery Family treats this show sorta reminds me of how Cartoon Network treated Young Justice...I hope it doesn't go that route. Maybe future seasons, I meant a lot of the people they want seeing the show watch TV on the internet. I don't know if Hasbro is planning a streaming project, but most of the US kids' TV networks are making them now. I meant why not Hasbro start planning an streaming project by now? The question is: Is there any way to make the show (I meant Season 5) even better or successful on Discovery Family? I have an idea: Why not move the show in Canada from Treehouse TV to YTV (like a Day-and-Date broadcast between US and Canada at 11:30 am), Right? Like TELETOON did to Archer with FX Television USA.
  3. Since Season five is almost over, I thought I'd come up with ideas for episodes for the next season, feel free to post your own episode ideas. MLP episode ideas: Spring Along: The Cutie Mark Crusaders help out with Winter Wrap Up in Ponyville, while also try to fix Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's struggling friendship. Miss Pie's Home for Peculiar Fillies: Pinkie Pie finds a group of orphan fillies and decides to find a home for them. The Dash and the Dangerous: Two of Rainbow Dash's rivals plot revenge to ruin her chance to star in the new WonderBolts movie. Love at First Spike: Spike befriends a filly who had just moved to Ponyville, but has to choose between her and his longtime crush Rarity to go to the Hearts and Hooves Day dance. A Spoonful of Silver: Silver Spoon reveals to the Cutie Mark Crusaders what she wants her talent to be, but isn't sure she is able to replace her current one.
  4. So Twilights a princess, and she's not complete as the princess of friendship without her friends. Their mission now is to solve all anti-friendship problems in Equestria and beyond, patrolling the streets stopping feuds, gangs, and dying traditions. What could we call them, exactly, that we have? Are they like the police? army? national guard? freedom fighters? girl scouts?
  5. Has anyone notice in this scene, Silver Spoon's voice is deeper and lacks her usual valley girl accent? I find this interesting, it's as if she is only acting like a stereotypical valley girl just so Diamond Tiara would be her friend. Maybe I'm looking too deep into this, but I still enjoy these kind of little things. Plus I really like her possibly real voice. What do you think?
  6. I honestly don't know why the writers don't seem to want to do anything with Fluttershy anymore, but she really hasn't been getting any love lately whatsoever. What I find truly shocking is that she's been absent for nearly half of season 5. Seriously, that's no joke. Out of the 20 episodes aired so far, she has failed to appear in nine of them, which is more absences than anyone else in the mane six. What's worse is that she has not had a single focus episode this season (at least not until tomorrow's episode), and she has lacked any significant supporting roles on top of that. And with the exception of her actions in The Cutie Map and Make New Friends but Keep Discord, she really hasn't done anything particularly noteworthy. Oh, and even Spike has appeared in more episodes than Fluttershy this season. Yes, even Spike. Seriously, what's up with this? Doesn't anyone like Flutters anymore?
  7. I get the feeling Party Favour, Sugar Belle, Double Diamond and Night Glider were Starlight's friends ever since they were fillies and have followed her belief in equality until they learned she had kept her own cutie mark. Do you think this is true? Please don't post any possible spoilers from the season five finale (particularly from one of G.M. Berrow's upcoming books).
  8. These are the last two reviews I've done on "Made in Manehattan" and the "Friendship Games". Feel free to comment and critique!
  9. So, after watching the new episode "Scare Master" who do you guys think has the best costume?
  10. Yes apparently fluttershy has a brother, and he will be appearing this season.. out of nowhere.. kinda like twilight sparkles brother appeared.. out of nowhere..
  11. I'm blatantly stealing this from an anon from /mlp/ because I absolutely love this theory. So +1,000 internet points to whomever this was. I would lose my mind if this is the case. I will personally fly to Vancouver and shower the dhx building in money and rose pedals.
  12. iTunes accidentally posted Scaremaster! Grab it quick! This just happened!
  13. Good afternoon, everypony, sorry I'm late! I'll try to keep this review short seeing as I have some errands and work I have to take care of, but boy oh boy do we have a lot to cover! Let's not waste anymore time and dive right in, this is "Hearthbreakers"! So what can't I say about this episode? Because seriously, there's a lot to say. We had a successor episode to both "Hearth's Warming Eve" and "Pinkie Apple Pie," we had the Apples spending the holidays with the Pies, we got to see the Pie family in the present for the very first time (not including Maud), and we got to see where they live and how they spend the holidays, as in, the very environment that Pinkie herself came from. On top of all of that, we had a very lovely message, if I do say so myself, one that really works fantastically for this show especially. So where to begin? Well I suppose we ought to start with Pinkie and Applejack first, seeing as they are the stars of this episode. They were great, both of them, really, they were. I really actually love seeing these two get to interact one-on-one with each other, at least since "Pinkie Apple Pie." Maybe it's cause they're earth ponies, maybe it's cause they both have far more simple, homey tastes and a deep love for things like family gatherings and such, there's just something very warm about Applejack and Pinkie Pie when they're around each other compared to some of the other characters. Applejack's the only character of the show who we've ever seen extensively with her entire family (Twilight and hers don't count seeing as her parents have yet to even speak in the show), and Pinkie Pie's referenced hers multiple times before this episode. So they definitely are far more similar than one might think. But it was really interesting seeing how the both of them were trying to make their holiday celebration with each other's families work. Applejack was thrown for a loop by how the Pie's traditions didn't meet her expectations (no surprise there, that's definitely a very AJ-reaction to have), but Pinkie Pie also made a mistake in assuming that AJ and her family would be completely comfortable with her family's traditions. It's an understandable error, really, and one that I'm guessing most of us can relate to. Different families have different traditions and different ways of celebrating holidays, that's almost as old as time itself. And it speaks to a bigger issue for people in general, that being that we're uncomfortable with the unfamiliar. It's a huge reason, when one thinks about it, that people have a hard time getting along with new people or different cultures, and some people are too critical of that reaction because I think all of us have a hard time dealing with the unfamiliar when we first encounter it. This episode shines because it both highlights that people, or rather, ponies have a hard time dealing with a different lifestyle, especially when it comes to something as precious as a holiday, but also doesn't judge either party for it. AJ was wrong for assuming they'd have the same traditions and then trying to have them celebrate entirely how she was used to, and Pinkie was wrong for assuming AJ and her family wouldn't be uncomfortable with this. They didn't just run from the problem (even though they almost did), but they reached a healthy compromise; in the end, neither set of traditions overruled the other, but both were shared with each other, and that is truly when traditions are most precious. Not just when they bring you and your loved ones joy, but when you're willing to share them with others and likewise let them share theirs with you. Heck, that's what a lot of new families have to deal with when a husband and wife share their traditions with each other! So yeah, great lesson here, great execution, and great rapport between Applejack and Pinkie Pie as the leads of the episode, I loved it very much. Next, let's talk about the Apples and the Pies. I don't have a whole lot to say about the Apples seeing as they're hardly new, but they were all totally fine. It was really fun getting to see them interact with the Pies, that's for sure. Granny Smith was a hoot with Igneous and Cloudy Quartz, Apple Bloom and Maud were surprisingly adorable together, and Big Mac got the BUCK shipped out of him with Marble Pie! I mean, holy cheese, they weren't even trying to hide it, someone at that studio wants to make this ship happen (much to the chagrin of CheeriMac shippers). I like CheeriMac myself, but I won't lie, these two were pretty cute together! Shipping: this is how it works See? Ya know, I wonder how that happened? We should totally ship mah brother with your sister!!! Huh, seems legit As for the Pies, I couldn't have hoped for anything better. I mean, holy cow, THAT FAMILY! Oh my goodness, that is totally the family that only a pony like Pinkie Pie could come from. You got Igneous Pie and Cloudy Quartz who are TOTALLY how they should be; the Amish dialect was predictable, but it killed me all the same. And ya know, they're super cool, I liked that. They're A-OK with who they are, but they clearly have no problem with their daughters being their own ponies either considering how different they all are from each other. It seems that Maud is the oldest of all of them (at least I think so), and ya know, she's really grown on me since her first appearance. In her first appearance, I thought her personality was obnoxious and blandness taken too far, but now, I really, really like her. Maybe part of it is that DHX seems to get that much of her personality that works is making a joke out of it, but IDK, I really, really like her at this point just as she is, can't really explain it. Anyway, she was great here, whether she was with Pinkie, Apple Bloom, Boulder, or "singing" more songs about rocks. Be you, Maud, be you. Limestone Pie (previously referred to by fans as Blinky Pie up to this point) was... scary. She seems to have a severe case of middle-child syndrome and is obsessed with her job as manager of the Pie's Rock Farm. It was a bit over-the-top at times, admittedly (though part of that might've been the voice, really), but for the most part she worked just fine and was entertaining to watch. I would've liked to see a bit more of her softer side, but who knows, maybe she'll feature in a Season 6 episode somewhere down the line. Seriously girl, you gotta calm down. It's like Maud stole all your chill and left none for you. Finally, we learned that apparently Pinkie Pie is a TWIN (at least, for all we know she could be a triplet or even quadruplet, but IDK, until that's confirmed she's at least a twin). Yup, apparently she's a fraternal twin with Marble Pie (previously referred to by fans as Inky Pie up to this point). And oh my, Marble Pie. This filly... is adorable. The Fluttershy is strong with this one She's basically the Pie Family version of Fluttershy, not even joking, but I couldn't help but want to see more of her! I don't know why, maybe it's because it's so bizarre a pony like this being in the Pie family, maybe it's just cause she's so cute, maybe it's because DHX kept blatantly trying to ship her with Big Mac (seriously, still not kidding about that, DO NOT be surprised to see that crop up in the future!). Whatever the reason, I need more of her (and her ship with Big Macintosh). Just kidding, just kidding. Though to address that, as multiple people have pointed out, if they are indeed related, they are pretty much as distant as cousins can possibly be, so it really wouldn't be awkward at all to ship them. Overall, the Pies were great as were the Apples, and I really hope we get to see more of Pinkie's family in the future. I need more MarbleMac, perpetually-angry Limestone, adventures of Apple Bloom and Maud, and Granny Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Pie have silly old-pony conversations. They share the same bed when they're all home, THAT IS SO CUTE!!! Besides all that, not much else to cover with this one. The timing was a bit wonky on this episode seeing as we're getting a Nightmare Night one NEXT BUCKING WEEK, but it was most definitely a worthy successor to "Hearth's Warming Eve" and lovely to see them return to that holiday. Twilight and Spike had a cute bit at the beginning, the animation was lovely as always, the humor was spot on, and I loved the Pie's Rock Farm and just how big the show's writers made it, it was very cool getting to see both how colorful it was (especially at the holidays) and how many diverse locations there were on it. I still have no bucking idea what you do at a rock farm, but eh, details. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not point out that DHX made a "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" reference, as well as a "Home Alone" reference in the same scene, in the SAME... BUCKING... SHOT!!! That... is bucking amazing, and this episode is full of win for that alone! :comeatus: That's all I got for this week, everypony, see you all next Saturday when it'll be time for things to get SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKYYYYYYY!!!!!! This is Batbrony, signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  14. So then if you saw the ending to crusaders of the lost mark you would know that Applejack's parents are confirmed to be dead. So what do you think this means for the future of the show?
  15. The Cutie Map, Slice of Life, Amending Fences, Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, Brotherhooves Social, what do they all have in common? They all place secondary and or background characters front and center. This is a season that emphasizes that there is a world beyond Twilight and her friends and that minor characters can have just as much of an impact on this world as our heroes and I think this is going to play a role in the season finale. I could see background characters being the ones to get through to Starlight, not the mane 6, and not the CMC like some are predicting. One character that stands out the most is Diamond Tiara, who had the same kind of self doubt that Starlight's followers have had. Who better to get through to her? At the very least I expect secondary/background characters to play a role in her reformation.
  16. Alright, good morning everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews!" Got a pretty short review for ya'll this morning since, despite the major plot development, there really wasn't a whole lot to say about this episode beyond Pinkie's antics. That said, let's begin, this is "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows." So let's get the big, elephant-in-the-room plot development out of the way first: Princess Cadance and Shining Armor are having a BABY!!!!! ZOMG GUYS!!! Yup, it's happening, and about dang time, too, if I do say so myself. Honestly, I remember back before Season 3 when it was rumored that Cadance and Shining Armor would have a foal by then. But hey, better late than never, right? Don't know if it'll happen this season, but hey, at least we know a foal's on the way and Twilight will be at some point Aunt Twilight! Also, I kinda hope it doesn't happen this season just because that'll mean it'll happen NEXT season (and yes, I know Season 6 is pretty much confirmed already, but hey, it'd be further confirmation). So yeah, cool plot development, I liked, I liked a lot. I like to think this is how Cadance breaking the news to Shining went Next, let's talk Pinkie. Pinkie was, well, Pinkie. What else did you honestly expect in this scenario? Her antics were as always entertaining, though I must say I found these particularly enjoyable. There really wasn't much of a lesson to be learned here, not really, it was just for the most part a really fun, really lighthearted Pinkie Pie episode chock-full of Pinkie Pie goodness. Her pain and suffering were at times delicious, but in the end she held out, much to her credit, if I do say so myself. Overall, this was for me the funniest Pinkie Pie episode I've seen in some time; I can't quite put my finger on why I enjoyed it so much, other than I guess I just really enjoyed the execution. Fun times with Pinkie are always a good time, and this episode was no exception. Finally, just got a few more miscellaneous items to cover. The Mane 6 and Spike featured as much as they needed to and all had their own little moments (Twilight's cute reaction to knowing she's gonna be an aunt, Spike failing miserably and burning Shining's mint comic-book, Applejack and her adorable-as-buck baby certificate, to name a few). Derpy and Dinky, much to my gratification, featured in a shot at one point, and I loved, loved, LOVED that! Why? Well, it seemed to be a nod from the show makers to the LONG standing fan theory that Derpy is Dinky's mother, a fan theory that I myself have long adopted as head canon, so yes, that shot pleased me very much. Other than that, the animation as always was lovely, we got to see plenty of Ponyville and its ponies, and this was just for the most part a lovely, funny, lighthearted, slice-of-life episode with one major plot development. Not much else I can really say about this one other than I enjoyed it very much, it's a very cute, funny episode definitely worth the watch. That's all for this week, everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* Boom. Also, if this shot doesn't convince you that it should be canon... ...this will. :comeatus: P.S. I bucking called it before this episode started (though I'm pretty sure most of the fandom did )
  17. Is there one? If not have the admins considered one to be made?
  18. Now before I start this, I would just like to say that I am not a brony who is going to complain about new episodes or anything, I love them in their own way compared to the first episodes, but as I rewatch season 1 while season 5 airs I notice the difference of our episodes now (though we can blame that cutie map thing for this and maybe spike too, no I'm just kiding, I won't be so harsh to the little guy). The mane 6 going in pairs and such, which I do enjoy, it's like we are getting little bits of each character before our finale with all of them. I am actually stuck on which I enjoy more, as the old episodes had this whole group thing that felt... connected... maybe it's almost development for both the viewers connection with the characters (or at least that effects how I feel about the show sometimes) and the target age group... but anyway, I wonder if anypony for a start actually agrees with me on the idea that we are getting a bunch of pairings/single character episodes to build up to the finale/last few episodes in which we see the mane 6 all come together and *do something awesome* and if anypony prefers either side over the other, not season <3 vs. season >3 (*fight*) but if anypony prefers the whole "pony gang" coming together on a problem regularly (and sometimes not even that, as we saw in the last episodes) or single or two character episodes in which they solve a specific problem on their own or in pairs? To try and be honest, we have had an almost even amount of episodes on both sides of this (or maybe my binge watch of episodes has put me out of sync)
  19. Season 5 is really an awesome season! The fandom really got what they wanted! The BG pony episodes, Rainbow having their own song, the CMCs having their CMs. You know, I love it! The show is 90% perfect! It's funny, it has great morals, awesome character development, story, action, it's awesome! I was really impressed with today's episode! The writers really work hard to make us pleased, and I'm really pleased at what they've given us! They appreciate us for loving the show, and we appreciate them, I almost have nothing to complain about! Ok I'll just get to the point. I bet you're wondering why it's missing 10% of it's perfection. Well, for most of my time watching MLP, I always want the best for my little buddy, Spike. I mean, there's alot of characters in MLP we can relate to, and Spike is one of the characters I do relate to, which is why I feel sympathy for him. Spike's an awesome character, we can all agree to that, but sometimes in his own episodes.... I dunno, it feels like they don't know what to do with him. Watching this season of MLP, they've given alot of character development to many of the characters in the show. But, Spike... has he changed that much? Perhaps a bit. He became a little more humorous and sarcastic and helpful, which I wanted for him instead of being a punching bag. But I dunno, it feels like he's missing alot of stuff. Well where do I begin? Most of his episodes are really underrated, and for most of his episodes, he messes things up. Why? Princess Spike started off real good until near the end where he abuses Twilight's title, all because Cadance reminded him that he could, even though he shouldn't. To be honest, I don't think the actions Spike made in that episode was his fault, and yet he takes the blame. I don't want him to be that one character that always makes a fool of himself and messes things up. He can help out with other ponies or creatures with their friendship problems too. It's so easy! I always think about the possibilities Spike can have to have great character development. But even side-characters have more songs than him! Spike's a good assistant, but he's more than that. What's his true destiny? Perhaps now that the CMCs are there to help others find their destinies, perhaps they can help him. Let's not waste a perfectly good character. He needs to do more good. No I don't mean him saving kingdoms, because that wasn't him solving friendship problems. Out of all the time he's spent with Twilight, he's gotta be helping others out too. He's smart for his age. So yeah, basically all I'm saying is: the only thing that's missing in MLP is Spike content. Him having popular episodes, him having more character development, and him having more songs. I know he's there for the lulz, but let's not waste him on just that all because he's not a pony, and is male. I know the writers will be able to do more for him. Maybe they are, and they're just waiting for the right moment. If not, someone needs to step in.
  20. PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL THE EPISODE! I am confused as to what happened with scare master. Was it an episode that was accidentally released early? If you know the answer, comment down below.
  21. So, okay, let me just say this isn't for me but for a friend who has not seen season 5 yet but only wants to watch the good episodes from this season. Off the top of my head, I can show him The Cutie Map, Slice of Life and Make Friends but Keep Discord. Are there others you guys can recommend for him?
  22. Hello, I apologize if I'm massively wrong but is this white pegasus with a blue mane next to Fluttershy her brother? I can't tell if it has eyelashes or not... can't remember if it's appeared in the show before. There has to be a reason the foal and Fluttershy flew next to eachother for the picture and they're the only two flying. Also, the white pegasus foal didn't appear until near the end of the episode.
  23. We got the synopsis of the remaining episodes of S5, now we'll have an idea what to expect
  24. Good morning everypony, and welcome back to yet another edition of "Batbrony Reviews." Well, I must say this week we had a very... unique episode. This is definitely one of those episodes that's in a category of its own, and in all the right ways, I must say. I don't have a whole lot to say about it since most of it was schtick and comedic gags, but that doesn't mean I didn't like it. Without further ado, this is "Brotherhooves Social." So let's start with the, surprisingly enough, star of this episode, Big Macintosh. I've always wanted to learn more about Big Mac and I love any time we see him; for starters, Peter New seems to have a blast in the role, but as for the character himself, Big Mac is pretty straightforward, but that makes it all the more fun to learn more about him. It's nice seeing in an episode like this that there's a little more to him than meets the eye, and I look forward to more supporting roles in the future for him (such as he had in "Filly Vanilli"). It'd be nice too to see some big, permanent changes for him in the future, such as perhaps something starting with him and Miss Cheerilee (who, as evidenced in "Filly Vanilli" seems definitely actually interested in him). It certainly wouldn't surprise me if something like that happened, seeing as the show more and more references events that have happened in the past, showing that there is definitely long-term continuity at this point. But anyways, back to the episode. Speaking as a big brother myself (although I don't have two siblings like Big Mac, just one little sis), I definitely empathized with a lot of what Big Mac was feeling here. There have definitely been times in our lives where I myself and my little sis were more distant than we should've been, but thankfully they didn't last. The lengths he was willing to go in order to make Apple Bloom happy were obviously not just hilarious, but also rather sweet, and very creative if I do say so myself, I swear, I think Big Mac's got a far wilder imagination than we might think. He got a bit carried away at the end there, but his real shining moment came in the final scene when he delivered a lengthy monologue that was actually perfectly executed, which is saying something considering it could've come across quite easily as forced. Not much else to say about him besides that, but all in all, Big Mac had a bang up episode in his first ever true starring role, and I for one really hope we get to see more and more of him in the future. Good job Big Mac, you're a good big brother, from one BBBFF to another. I won't lie, I cracked up when he did this too Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have far less to say about Apple Bloom, mostly because she was playing the same tune for most of this episode. She started out blissfully ignorant of Big Mac's discomfort, and then spent most of the episode worrying about him being discovered and her being embarrassed. It wasn't bad or anything, there just wasn't a whole lot of variation to it. She learned a good lesson at the end and was much closer to her brother for it, but really the one thing that stuck out most about AB here to me was just that Michelle Creber's voice is really starting to go through puberty (though not quite as much as Claire Corlett's, which actually has left Scootaloo sounding the similar to her Season 1 self of the three CMC, weird, right? ). Speaking of the other two CMC, they were fine as well, though Sweetie Belle just kinda suddenly disappeared from the episode. Scootaloo on the other hand was pretty cute tagging along with Rainbow Dash, and while we're on the subject, RD was pretty cool too going along with Big Mac's plan, yet another example of how she's not nearly as competitive as she used to be. Granny Smith was her funny, kooky old self, and AJ was fine for the bit she was in it. All in all, the supporting cast was just fine, if somewhat predictable in what they did. No, stahp it Twily, that's a bad, bad Princess of Friendship! *smacks with newspaper* You'll get another episode soon enough. Finally, since most of the episode was really just comedy (besides the more serious beginning and ending), guess I should mention that. Most the humor centered around Big Mac in drag, and while it was fairly predictable in that regard, it was also executed really well and quite funny for it. My favorite running gag in the whole episode was actually that stallion-judge who apparently didn't realize he was a stallion and kept eyeballing "Orchard Blossom," that was bucking funny. The reveal of "Orchard Blossom" was also one of those moments that had me nearly falling out of my seat, mostly because I had no bucking idea it was coming. And honestly, the whole concept itself could've been far more cringeworthy than it really was, but in execution it really just came off as silly, lighthearted fun and a sweet but very weird brotherly gesture from Big Mac. Animation was top notch as usual, the song was fairly nice but could've been a little sweeter if it wasn't being played for laughs, what with Big Mac's falsetto voice and all, and Big Mac's "Orchard Blossom" voice was to die for. Like I said before, this was a very one-of-a-kind episode that I doubt any other will resemble any time soon, and for what it was, it did pretty much everything it wanted to. It was funny when it needed to be, it was sweet when it needed to be, and it was a nice shout-out to all the big brothers of the world who might not be as close to their little sisters as they'd like to be. Fellow big bros, hold on tight to your little sises, always be there for them ready to be the best big bro you can be and having their back always, and if you haven't seen them in awhile, give them the biggest hugs you can the next time you do. That's all I got for this one, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  25. It's been a while, but I finally did Rules of Rarity for piano. I just hope this isn't too repetitive or bland as I am trying to stray away from that. Anyways, enjoy! :grin2: