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Found 286 results

  1. Good morning everypony, welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews." My my, looky here, we've got ourselves another Rarity episode this morning (and another one after that! Dear Lord, this is simply the season of Rarity, isn't it?! ). And what an episode it was. I have made it no secret in the past that "MMMystery on the Friendship Express" is my all time LEAST FAVORITE episode of MLP; it's incredibly stupid, boring, convoluted, and relies on many main characters acting incredibly stupid and out of character. I hate, hate, HATE IT, and all the more since it came at the tail end of my still favorite season of MLP, Season 2! :okiedokielokie: This episode, "Rarity Investigates," has officially made up for that, by giving us an actual mystery episode that was executed extraordinarily well. Without further ado, let's dive right in and take a look at "Rarity Investigates." You've been hit by, you've been struck by... A SMOOTH CRIMINAL! First of all, as with last week's episode, Rarity was spot-on yet again (maybe even more so). This week we really got to see her in her element the entire episode, being simultaneously fabulous but also extremely competent in her own way (which we all know she is). Not only was her changing wardrobe throughout the episode both fabulous and entertaining to watch, but Rarity really tackled this challenge from the start all on her own. It was actually a wonderful display of her generous spirit; she just completely gave of her own time for the sake of her dear friend Rainbow Dash without asking for anything in return, and it's always nice to see her Element being highlighted like that. Not to mention that, unlike in "MMMystery on the Friendship Express," where Pinkie Pie is practically too dumb to breathe and needs Twilight to hold her hoof on everything, Rarity figured everything out all on her own. And she did it because Rarity paying attention to little details in general makes perfect sense for her, it fits right into her fashionista persona and professional life. Heck, it was even highlighted at the beginning of the episode before the investigation even began when she not only took care to make sure her display was arranged perfectly, but also noticed that the rhinestones she got were the wrong kind. Lots of little subtle details like that throughout the episode in highlighting what makes Rarity such a strong character, and I really loved that about it. Fabulous Gem-Butt Pony: She can make even sunscreen adorable and fabulous So she was just lugging all her new outfits AND the couch around the entire time? If not for her unicorn magic, I'd call BS Miss Rarity, I believe you're trying to seduce me Next, let's look at our deuteragonist here, Rainbow Dash! She was... basically what a deuteragonist in this role had to be. She didn't do a whole lot besides geek out over the Wonderbolts and get impatient with Rarity, but neither of those things were really all that bad. She was cute when she was geeking out and funny when she was getting impatient, and if anything it was kinda nice seeing her not trying to hog the spotlight, both in the episode as a whole, as well as when she selflessly retrieved Spitfire and risked her own shot at performing with the Wonderbolts. Not a whole lot else to say about her besides that, but she had a fine episode, and it's fun seeing her interact with Rarity, albeit probably less whacky than it would've been in, say, Season 1 or 2. But that's a nice quality of Season 5, it goes to show how much these friends trust each other even if they have very different personalities (another good instance of that was when Rarity didn't lose her cool over RD staining her dress, something she most certainly would have done in Season 1). Rainbow Dash always dances with style! Ha! See what I did there? Come here!!! I'm gonna eat you!!! GET IN MAH BELLY!!!!! The other characters here were just fine. Wind Rider was kind of obviously trying to set RD up (even though at one point I thought Spitfire herself might've just run off), but he didn't really leave much of an impact overall. It was pretty obvious it'd be him, but we just didn't learn enough about him besides his backstory to really care. So he was just kinda there, not a very memorable antagonist really. The Wonderbolts were just fine, I always like seeing 'em myself; Spitfire and Soarin' are always fun to see, and I didn't think their suspicions of RD were unwarranted or unfair, given that they gave her a chance to prove her innocence after all (and RD certainly wasn't doing herself any favors in her defense). It was very cool getting to meet Spitfire's mom, Solar Flare, I really liked her design and certainly wasn't expecting to meet a character like that. Very nice getting to see Sassy Saddles two weeks in a row as well, as well as the fact that she and Rarity are getting along just fine now (and on top of that the Canterlot Carousel Boutique seems to be doing quite well as well). Finally that trio of Royal Guards was pretty hilarious during that interrogation scene, especially that one guard with his line about counting the bolts in the ceiling. Ooooo, hello Raindrops, long time no see! Love the dress! Rarilicious: Making even detective work SUGGESTIVE AS BUCK! Seriously, I'm guessing all three of those guards are glad she can't see under the table Lastly, I have to of course mention the episode's art-direction and style. Obviously I always love seeing episodes set in Canterlot, it's a great setting and I love getting to see more of that city, just like we did last week. The fact that we also got to see two of the Mane 6 there at an event that Celestia herself was attending, and neither of them were Twilight, is also quite noteworthy I think. It shows that these characters are continuing to grow as adults and, while they're not growing distant from each other, their own real-life responsibilities are taking them further from home, and that's something they're more comfortable with at this point. Finally, the noir style. Oh my, the film noir style. That was simply too fabulous! It just screams Rarity in every sense of the word and fit her character to a T, from the inner monologuing/thinking out loud to herself (even when she didn't realize it ), to the black-and-white cinematic look, to the jazzy music in the background. Loved, loved, LOVED everything about this style, and it's the final element of this episode that really makes it not just perfection as far as a Rarity episode goes, but also solidifies its blowing that wretched "MMMystery on the Friendship Express" out of the water. All in all, yet another lovely Rarity and Season 5 episode, and it looks like we're in store for what could be the best Rarity episode of this season to date next week (helped by the fact that it will include my favorite pair of best friends in the Mane 6, Rarity and Applejack, helping each other! ). See you all next week everypony, when the Rarity shall be tripled!!! I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  2. In recent episodes, namly Party Poopers and The lost whatever of Griffonstone, she has become a far more likable character to me. I used to hate her guts in S1 and S2, after that i only tolerated her. This is because she brought nothing to the show beyond comic relief and slapstick humor. You can argue with me on that, but youll lose. But in Season 4 (save Pinkie Pride) and particularly season 5, she has become far less nonsensical and takes important matters much more seriously. She still keeps the quirky humor that makes her character, but thinks and adapts to situations in a much more thoughtful way. It has made me appreciate her character far more. What do you guys think? Has she become a better character thanks to her less nonsensical attitude? Did you prefer her in earlier seasons? Or mabye you think she hasnt changed at all.
  3. Okay, so I thought about this a while back, and cannot come to an answer. Why does it seem that season 5 is quality wise, way more consistent then other seasons? What I mean, is that in other seasons, there were always a few episodes that were REALLY awfull. Season 2 had Putting Your Hoof Down, Mare Do Well and others, season 3 was just awful (way to rushed) season 4 had great epsiodes, but also a few that became for me the worst episodes in the show. Season 5 seems to be really good so far. There hasn't been one episode of which I thought 'man, what horrible'
  4. The Second Opinion

    Canterlot Boutique (MLP FIM) - The 2nd Opinion

    My Little Pony is back, with an episode about Rarity achieving her dream boutique in Canterlot! ...So is it any good?
  5. PegaDash1

    Link to the new episode?

    I don't have Discovery Family, and i missed all the livestreams. I NEED A LINKKKKKK
  6. Season 5 part 2 is on it's way! Leave a comment on what you think will happen and what's in store!
  7. With the season 5 hiatus finally coming to an end tomorrow, I figure I might as well take the time to point out a few things that I think the season has done right thus far. 1. Returning Pinkie Pie's consistency One of my most common complaints about the show since about season 3 is that Pinkie is barely written with any consistency anymore. In the first season, Pinkie was random and hyperactive, yet she still maintained a method to her madness. But this has gradually lessened as the series has gone on to the point where, for the most part, her role in the show is mostly utilized strictly for comedic purposes—she mostly only opens her mouth when attempting to induce a laugh out of the viewer. I have longed for the day when the Pinkie Pie from Swarm of the Century would return: the Pinkie who ultimately saves the day by being the only one who knows exactly what she's doing. I would say that her characterization in season 4 was the most sporadic it's ever been. While she did have a couple bright spots like in Pinkie Pride and Trade Ya, there were also several episodes where she pretty much served no other purpose than to amuse us with her specialized brand of humor. For instance, in Three's a Crowd, Discord removed her from most of the episode by luring her away with a balloon right after she had promised him that she would take care of him while he was "sick", and she chased after it as though she had never seen a balloon before in her life, despite the fact that three of them make up her cutie mark! :okiedokielokie: Additionally, in season 4, Pinkie did not really include herself in many of the mane six's more intense discussions and debates. In Princess Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie is the only one of the mane six who does not give any opinion about the idea to send Twilight back to Ponyville, neither in agreement, nor disagreement. In Bats, she is the only one who did not give any reasoning as to why she wanted the bats gone, and it seemed as though she was only siding against Fluttershy simply because that was what the rest of her friends were doing. It's been a long time coming, but season 5 has finally begun to portray Pinkie with consistency again. While her antics are still often played up for laughs, she is now far more competent and involved within the mane six than she was last season. In particular, The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone amazes me with how much Pinkie manages to carry the episode with a perfect balance between her comedic antics and sense of commitment to her task. She's closer now to the Pinkie of Swarm of the Century than she's been since season 2. 2. Making Celestia (and Luna) relevant again I've been cited as saying that Celestia has no role in the show anymore, and that she could feasibly be written out without any major consequence. Could I really be blamed for thinking as much given what has become of her since season 3 ended? In season 4, she went an unprecedented 21 episodes without making so much as a cameo, and for all intents and purposes, it seemed as though the writers ultimately had very little use for her now that she was no longer a mentor figure for Twilight. With that thought in mind, I had assumed that if she did not make an appearance in the season 5 premiere, it would ultimately prove the sheer uselessness of her character, since up to that point, she had always been guaranteed to make appearances in the season premieres and finales. Lo and behold, she did not make any appearance at all in The Cutie Map, which I did not find particularly surprising. But although I had expected that this would mean that we would see her even less than we saw her in season 4, she has gone on to make four appearances in the first half of the season. Some of these appearances were shared with Luna, who was also in critical danger of slipping into uselessness now that her "Dream Trilogy" with the CMC had ended. Now, granted, both of them still lack a particular role in the show. The appearances they've made thus far have been little more than cameos. However, the episode Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep thrust Luna into a main role, and it was clearly the most prominent role she's had in any episode since Luna Eclipsed. It can be assumed that if Luna can get her own episode, Celestia could possibly get one as well. It only remains to be seen. Nevertheless, at least I know now that the writers are not actively attempting to get rid of her. 3. Giving the background ponies a sense of character There was plenty of pessimism within the fandom concerning the 100th episode when it was first announced that it would most focus on background ponies with the purpose of finally fleshing them out into actual characters (while potentially destroying dozens of headcanons in the process). However, now that the episode has aired, I really think that doing this was a great idea. The background ponies have always been blank canvases with potential for development, and for years, the fandom has only painted over these canvases because the writers have failed to do so themselves. I'm glad that now the writers are actually getting the chance to not only fill in these canvases, but also expand upon what has already been established by the fandom. They now finally feel like something more than just stock ponies who are simply there to fill space. I think it's great that after all this time, we finally have legitimately canon characters out of Lyra, Bon Bon, Amethyst Star, Derpy, Octavia, etc... Furthermore, I also like how the writers are also making at least some attempt to maintain continuity in the face of some of their more unexplainable appearances. For instance, in Amending Fences, it is stated that Minuette, Twinkle Shine, and Lemon Hearts, each of whom have been commonly-seen background ponies since the start of the show, frequently visit Ponyville to visit Lyra, hence explaining why we always see them there. Additionally, Pinkie was shown to have known Minuette because she was one of Cadence's bridesmaids in A Canterlot Wedding, which is a pretty legitimate display of consistency and something that probably wouldn't have been brought up otherwise. That being said, it's not concrete, and there are still a lot of things that can't really be explained at this point (such as Bon Bon's multiple voices, and the fact that some background ponies were shown to be fully grown when the mane six were fillies), but nevertheless, I really think that making background ponies into actual characters was a very good move. I can only wonder how the writers will use them in the future. 4. Removing the end-of-episode lessons As there has not been a single journal entry/letter to Celestia in any episode of season 5 thus far, it's likely fair to assume that the end-of-episode lessons have been done away with, presumably for the remainder of the show's run. This is a somewhat fitting change, as they really aren't necessary anymore. The mane six have grown beyond the point where they actually need to chronicle the lessons they learn. However, this isn't to say that the show is devoid of relevant lessons now. The lessons are still there, just a bit more subtle than before, but not so much that it takes a whole lot of brainpower to figure them out. For instance, the lesson of the episode Make New Friends but Keep Discord is that you can have more than one "best" friend, and that sometimes you have to compromise when your friends make plans with someone else. The lessons are quite easy to figure out without having a journal or letter explicitly stating what they are. 5. Returning Twilight's adorkable traits and restoring balance to the mane six I still don't particularly like the character Twilight has become since she became an alicorn, but I can't deny that season 5 has made strides to make her more like the character she used to be. Most notably, we have seen a return of her well-known, adorkable traits which were mostly absent in season 4, including her neuroticism. Additionally, in season 4, Twilight was glorified constantly as though we were intended to see her as undeniably superior to her friends on a level which they could not even hope to compare. But this glorification has declined overall in season 5. The balance between the mane six has been restored at least slightly, as the mane five are now receiving a greater opportunity to shine within her new role as a princess. This is particularly evident in the "Friendship Missions" that this season has introduced, in which the mane six go on individual missions in pairs, the first one being The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone. What's more, Amending Fences proved that Twilight can actually have episodes that do not feature any of her annoying post-alicorn character traits: - No expositional monologues - No laser battles inserted for the sake of making her look awesome - No self-righteous speeches about friendship - No "solution out of thin air" spells - No moments of overall flawlessness and infallibility That episode truly went a long way to make me feel that she can still be the character she was before her ascension. And that's about it. It's been a great season thus far overall, and here's to hoping that the second half will be equally great.
  8. Earlier today Hasbro made a tweet on their account stating that the second half of season 5 will be delayed. Now, this could be bad or good, whichever what you look at it. For me, it's both. We don't get to see the new episodes sooner, which is annoying, but we do get the season stretched out more. This means that the episode coming out tomorrow will be the last one for a while. I'm not too sure on the date of the show returning. What do you guys think about this news?
  9. So, if the leaked list for season 5 is correct, which it has been so far (said list can be found here), then the season finale will see the Mane 6 with different talents as Starlight Glimmer stops them from getting their Cutie Marks in the first place. We know that Sunset Shimmer becomes the fourth Alicorn in this world, and the element of magic. But, that begs the question of who the other 5 elements will embody? Post who you think/would like to be each of the five remaining elements for the 2 parter, and just generally discuss the topic. Enjoy.
  10. Just over a week ago, I released an album. With just 9 tunes (possibly more in the future), I'm here to share my favorite moments of season 5 through my music. You can get the album on my bandcamp for just 5 bucks, or download them individually for 50 cents. Here's the link to the album:
  11. Okay so I just finished watching slice of life, thinking it was the first episode of season 5, then I realized it wasn't so I watched the episode with the cutie mark all being the same or whatever, and then I watched the Tree Hugger episode, and now I have no clue what episodes are left and what episodes I should be watching, can anyone please tell me the names of the ones I missed? to recap I've seen, Slice of Life, The Tree Hugger episode, and both parts of the episode I like to call Cutie Marxism.
  12. Okay so I just finished watching slice of life, thinking it was the first episode of season 5, then I realized it wasn't so I watched the episode with the cutie mark all being the same or whatever, and then I watched the Tree Hugger episode, and now I have no clue what episodes are left and what episodes I should be watching, can anyone please tell me the names of the ones I missed? to recap I've seen, Slice of Life, The Tree Hugger episode, and both parts of the episode I like to call Cutie Marxism.
  13. JamesBobbyDReed

    The Future of the Brony Fandom

    The YEAR, was 2015 After 10,000 have attended Bronycon, the members of the 13 million worldwide went to settle back to their normal, everyday lives. Bronies who were known by their OC and artist names went back to being addressed by their regular aliases. Spitfire was no longer Spitfire, she was now Janet Anderson. Hoity Toity was no longer Hoity Toity, he was now Joel Pearson. As they continued with their everyday routines, some finished high school, college, got married, had kids, and so forth. Many suffered hardships, losing friends, payment problems, business failures, being betrayed and ridiculed.... ...Until one day, everypony on the planet had their eyes facing in one direction. All began to walk in the path they stared into. It wasnt long before other people began to notice members of the fandom sporting their backpacks filled to the brim with necessities and pony merch. Some wore costumes, hiding their identities to the public, some wore fursuits, hiding their voices from the public. These groups went from singele individuals, to pairs, to dozens, to hundreds walking at once. Others wore casual clothing spioritng their favorite charatcers and accessories. Alone, they were ignored by the public,but when they joined, the attention of the locals was on them. When other fandoms, as well as the non fandoms approached to speak to them. Their only responce was "We must. Make it." Three weeks later, news of the travelers reached the media of several nations. Reports of ponyfolk walking in groups first came from the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Austrailia, Germany, Russia, Brazil, and then India, China, Israel, and South Africa. Thousands of the pastel people were trotting, at once. As more outisders approached them, they were immobilized, unable to stop their march towards their...ambition...the othersiders were not sure what the bronies goal was. As before, all they could say was "We must. Make it."... ...its been ten years now. Miners at the Siberian oil mines worked until they noticed something unusual. Far off in the distance, day by day, they noticed grass was growing. Grass, healthy green vegatation was laying next to the dunes of snow that surrounded it. As the locals went down, what they saw was magical... ..The Bronies, thought to have been lost five years ago made their own civilization. They had their own home Where they ate brony fruit on the brony trees planeted on the brony soil. These people, of different religions, races, languages, and orientations walked thousands of miles to form their own mark on the earth. Riddled with Brony Architecture, Brony Politics, Brony Councils, Brony Transportation, Brony Farms and Brony Art, "Ponyville" as they called it, was as functional as if it were a major city on earth... ...on a land that wasnt theirs. The Russian Government was alerted of the pastel people occampanying theirs, stakes were taken to take it back. At noon, where the weather was 20% cooler, they struck. But they were not prepared for this. The royal guard used their magic to counter the likes of the Armed forces and the KGB. After monitoring everything, the brony scientists fought back with a sonic rainboom eliminating a fraction of the military. When the Government gave in to the bronies demands, the leader of the fandom stated "We will love and tolerate, but we want the right to our friendship through the ages." During that day, the world let the rainbow remind them that together they will always shine. The people of the brony fandom had their land marked on the world map with a population of 13 million. And thats how Equestria was made.
  14. This topic is in connection with Evolution of the Morals. If you haven't posted or read there, please participate. In the first three seasons, there were plenty of very lighthearted themes, typically slice of life. Normally, they were written solid enough to not talk down to its audience, but they're also very simple conflicts, many of which we can relate to. But there were some serious themes in those episodes: The difference between being assertive and being a bully in Putting Your Hoof Down. How phobias can literally cripple an individual and make him or her incapable of doing something. Hurricane Fluttershy developed 'Shy's trait beyond shyness and more of a basis of stage fright. One Bad Apple depicting trauma of bullying and how it can affect a victim's decision to bully. Wonderbolts Academy: Deciding whether to follow your dreams versus following your own morale. The academy isn't without faults, particularly the idea that they reward ponies based on their recklessness rather than doing it the right way. Come season four, the staff began to experience two areas: greyer morals and maturer conflicts. The mature morals and messages are in the linked topic atop. But the themes aren't as simple as before most of the time, either. Flight to the Finish: The moral is what makes you great is yourself. But the theme is what really brings this whole message home. Scootaloo looked up to Dash and idolized her, but her inability to fly causes her to doubt her worth. Rarity Takes Manhattan ties up the moral of how not to let someone's vindictive nature change who you are with plagiarism. Rarity makes the most sense for such a theme, for she's very savvy in both creation and production. When someone plagiarizes you, you sometimes don't know who to trust and assume someone close to you will also do such a thing. Bats! covers dealing with and sticking with your own morale and believing what is the right thing to do despite her five friends pushing for something that's against her ideals. Pinkie Pride has a twinge of jealousy, but it's less about it and more about how to deal with pride when someone else suddenly barges in, is more renowned for the same skillset, and can do it better than you. In a world like Equestria where you express yourself through your talents, to introduce Cheese Sandwich and prove how he can take Pinkie's talent to a much more professional level. Toils discusses jealousy, too, but in a very radical way. As Rarity becomes more and more recognized, Sweetie Belle is still growing up and doesn't have her cutie mark. So when her script and story are overshadowed by Rarity's costumes, it makes her feel very worthless. Was she wrong? Yes. But understand the continuity of the show and then feel upstaged; it's understandable why she's upset. Sometimes friends don't want to be blunt and honest because that means possibly straining and damaging their relationship, and Inspiration Manifestation covers this. Although Spike made a big mistake by not calling out Rarity for letting her wishes and creative urges take herself over, it was very understandable. Rarity felt completely insulted by how the puppeteer bashed her design for focusing on its aesthetics instead of utility. Spike was there to see it all, and he didn't want what happened between them to happen to him and her. In only a half-season, season five's themes were upped considerably. It's already self-explanatory, but The Cutie Map contains so many allegories, especially cultism and totalitarianism. But the biggest theme revolves around the concept of cutie marks. Cutie Marks are the pony's essence, but what if they give it up to join Starlight's village? Considering Double Diamond implied he joined the village willingly, it makes this theme spooky. Wherever you go, it's very difficult moving to a new home after living in your old one for so long, as evident by Castle Sweet Castle. The Golden Oak Library housed so many memories over the previous four, so to suddenly be forced to move feels a lot like a burden. She misses her old home, and the emptiness and coldness of her new place made her house less of a home than the rest of her friends. How about taking a well-known joke in the fandom and turn it into a serious discussion? Bloom & Gloom brought out some very serious fears and questions about what type of cutie mark she might receive someday. Would it be one she doesn't like? Would it not be apple-related, resulting in permanent estrangement? Tanks for the Memories: This is a simple one: the ability to grieve and be okay to grieve without discussing death. Amending Fences: One very common event many people experience in real life is the fact that you're excited to see so many of your friends and family attend an event you work hard for. Instead, most or all don't show up. This big theme can be, at least, halved: Abandonment: Moondancer worked very hard to help invite Twilight. But Twilight not only never showed up. She never said goodbye and left her past life completely behind her. Consider how MD was a social outcast and then needed to be seriously convinced by Twinkleshine, Minuette, and Lemon Hearts to even plan it. It heightens this feeling of betrayal. A betrayal of her word and trust. Reclusion: Because Twilight acted like she was worthless, MD's self-worth was broken. As a result, she turned down every single party, abandoned any positive quality she once had, and then studied without any goals to cope with the grief. Family shows almost never even mention its existence, but Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? was an allegory of self-harm. In prior continuity, Princess Luna was forgiven by Celestia, the Mane Six, Luna, and the rest of Equestria. But there's a completely big difference between them forgiving you and you forgiving yourself. A lot of people who are depressed, cut, or both hide their visible and invisible scars in order to not drag anybody else with them. Luna used the Tantabus as a way to harm herself subconsciously, because the inability to forgive herself pained her so much. Why do so many kids cut? Because they can cope with the physical pain much more than psychological. Often, the pain that hurts the most isn't physical, but mental. In the other thread, I wrote this in my OP: Change the word from "morals" to "themes," and you get the same opinion. Like three-dimensional morals, deeper conflicts enrich Equestrian society by making it feel more and more real. Sometimes this world is too idealistic. While this is great in theory, it also damages the credibility of the world by whitewashing deep, dark, or mature conflicts that happen so often in real life. By presenting real-world, serious conflicts, kids are being told directly that they happen — sometimes more often than you think — and can really affect others, including themselves. A lot of people young and old cut themselves like Luna cut her own psyche. Will they ever experience at least one of these conflicts? If going by the "death" allegory, absolutely. They might experience conflicts not even explored in this franchise yet. But if you're going to approach a family-friendly audience, don't ignore the dark or mature stuff. Put them in and give them the respect these dilemmas deserve. For the most part, they succeed. With that, I have some questions for you, and I would love to see them answered, hopefully with a lot of depth. If you choose to answer them, please put in some effort to answering them. Of the mature themes in seasons four and five, which one is the most personal? Which one can you relate to the most? This can be on a positive or negative level. What other mature conflicts do you like to see explored in this show, whether it's in the second half of season five, season six, EQG, the movie, comics, etc.? As a bonus, how do you like to have the mature theme concept played out? In other words, what episode idea can you construct this conflict around? Of all the mature conflicts in this series (including ones not specified in this post, like the comics), which one do you love the most? Why do you love it? Is it because it's one you relate to, it's written well, doesn't ignore the implications, really connects to you on a very deep level, and so on? Which mature conflict in this series offends you the most? How and/or why were you bothered by it? Is it due to a bad moral, a series of unfortunate implications, improper character choices, the overall writing quality, or so forth?
  15. I thought it was rumor or a joke, but it happen. I was not happy about it but what can you do. Last year, when season 4 ended it then it took one week break then two weeks break after all that break. Thought they got enough time when season 4 ended. But look like it return next month, there rumor it be December. As for season 5, it been good there good episodes and bad. Slice of Life and Amending Fence are my favorite. Reason for AMending fence, it good to see Twilight’s old friends. And Slice of Life, it was 100th episode, wanted to see a episode with background ponies, got what I wish for. Not fun with Princess Skipe (don’t dislke him) and Appleloosa Most Wanted. And sence in Tank for the memories, annoyed me, it where Rarity cry cos Flutershy cry then Pinkie think Twilight not sad and say Applejack cry on the inside. Riddcules. Looking forward for it coming back and next Equestria Girls movie. I do have other interests and hobbies and life. I guess ponies are in me always and never stop thinking about it.
  16. Hiatus week 1: So far so good, this is the first week of the mid season 5 break. The Brony community seems to be takeing this in stride. Now that Hasbro has inoculated us with a panda-colinic mixture dubbed "BGP 100" and intravenous solutions of Luna-estia, They seem to be content with re-runs for the moment, but more observations are required.
  17. I don't need to ask around to know at least half of these forums believe Starlight will return, so I'm going to put this question forward: what do you think Starlight's revenge will be? Personally, I believe Starlight will come across some kind of ancient Equestrian artifact that takes other ponies' cutie marks, but there is a price she must pay. Starlight must absorb the stolen cutie marks into her own being. In the process, she will begin to turn into a monster. She will lose her mind in the quest for Equality, and her powers will double with every cutie mark she takes. She even takes the Princesses' cutie marks, giving her power beyond belief. With her mind fully corrupted, Starlight decides to take her revenge on the Mane 6 by stealing their cutie marks and subjecting them to Equality brainwashing forever. She later goes on to proclaim herself the new ruler and Princess of a complete and unbreakable Equal Equestria. That is, until the Mane 6 find a way to escape their predicament and defeat Glimmer, reforming her and restoring everypony's cutie marks. Your turn!

    MLP Reviewer's Club

    I've decided I'll be reviewing MLP's season 5 episodes. I thought it'd be cool to have a thread here for all the reviewers on the forums to meet, talk, and announce their work. So if you want, post your channel or blog here and any other information you want to. I'll then add you to the list in the OP and together we can have a jolly good time critiquing our favorite show Reviewers: LZRD WZRD YouTube: Latest Review: Equestria Girls Next Planned Review: MLP S5 E1 Statement: "Feel free to message or Skype (see my profile) me any time. I'm open to collaborations with others and would love to check out any work you've done." Magenta Rush YouTube: Latest Review: Winter Wrap Up Next Planned Review: Suited for Success Statement: If you'd like to collab or just chat in general, I only bite on occasion, so feel free to send me a message! I love meeting new friends :3 chirox the pony Blog: Latest Review: Swarm of the Century
  19. So Eqd just posted that Zap2it has set a date for episode 14 of season 5, 12th of September. The article is here: Are any of you skeptical about this? Do you trust Hasbro? But more importantly are you all HYPED? Because I know I am.
  20. Hello everyone, the Season 5 episode 15 is called Scare Master, that is halloween, so it must air October 31, which is also a saturday. Meaning that the first episode of the second half will air October 24. Do you think that in the meantime, DHX will air teletubbies? What do you think? Also, the ''season poorly planned'' discussion ended with one of my posts, so it's time to say about the final episode has a boring plot twist, Spoiler alert. There is no consistent plot, none of the episodes are linked, there is no story arc, no keys, nothing. And basically the final episode, the villain is Starlight Glimmer, how surprising, this is so boring. I wish it was Grogar or something like that. This season is very inconsistent. What do you think?
  21. Now that the newest episode has aired and the second half of season 5 is going on a hiatus, what do you think of season 5 so far? To me so far I think it has been pretty amazing and it keeps getting better with each episode. There were so many references to past seasons, lots of background characters being in the spotlight and so much more. Out of all the 13 episodes that have been out, only 2 were not pretty good in my honest opinion. What are you thought's about season 5? Any favorite moment, episode, or character's that were shown throughout the first half? Also what are you thoughts or expectations of the second half of the season when it comes back from hiatus?
  22. One Applejack episode this season? :/
  23. JamesBobbyDReed

    What if MLPFIM was public domain

    I mean, what if? BTW fun fact, popeye the sailor will enter the public domain in 2025
  24. Dark Qiviut

    "In Our Town"

    Currently, The Cutie Map is the best two-parter of the entire show. It has the best pacing; a great moral; great use of primary, secondary, and background characters; and well-executed very dark themes. But one thing about this two-parter that really sticks out the most, and also helps make it so great, is how creepy this episode truly is. There's a lot of really well-done disturbing audio and imagery; part of it has to do with Starlight Glimmer's attitude and control over her village. The overall essence of her control is from one of the songs is this season's first half: In Our Town. In a thread I opened a few months ago, I highlighted and asked the audience about what part(s) of The Cutie Map that creeped them out the most. For me, one of them was this song. To echo what I wrote there, it's incredibly optimistic, and the catchy tune has a lot to do with it. But pay attention to the portrayal of the Equalists and their smiles. Everything feels controlled, and Starlight is the glue that keeps them under control. One mare had her locks unwound, and when Starlight wound them back up, she smiled very nervously. Secondly, the marching is very synchronized. Everything is done to the tune, and it looks perfect. The marches were not an added element, but an actual component to the songs, and for good reason: The song was inspired by World War II propaganda music, and many of the musical arrangements and messages you see and hear come from countries heavily influenced by this genre, like Nazi Germany. But you can really pinpoint Glimmer's tyranny from this meter (and easily the most unsettling line of the entire show): "You can't have a nightmare if you never dream." To quote my analysis of this section of the two-parter: But there's a lot more to it. Starlight Glimmer is a dictator and easily the most diabolical villain of the show. Yes, there are other nasty villains like Sombra and Tirek, but they never dove into psychological evil. While they lusted for total domination of Equestria, Glimmer intended to break you down mentally. She weakens you by stealing your original mark and replacing it with an equal sign that will completely control your personality. Then she locks you up and brainwashes you. That one lyric is Starlight's philosophy. Now I have some questions: What were your initial impressions of In Our Town? Have they changed in any way? If so, did these impressions change for the better or worse, and why? What details in the song stick out the most? They can be the visuals (animation, character expressions, choreography), audio, lyrical, or whichever. Ingram revealed on Twitter that WWII propaganda music inspired him to create this song. What's your response to it? Pretend you were out and about — in a restaurant, in transit, or in a park. Suddenly, someone told you or somebody else, "You can't have a nightmare if you never dream." What would your reaction be?
  25. OK, so... wow, way to end the first half of Season 5 on a high note, am I right?! Welcome back everypony to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews," and holy cow, was that quite the episode! I literally have nothing bad to say about this one, at all, so very much like the "Slice of Life" episode review, this review's going to be more of a big ol' text of fangasming more than anything else. Without further ado, let's jump right into "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" So before we get to the more substantive bits of the episode, namely anything having to do with Princess Luna, let's look at more crowd-pleasing elements first, cause there were A LOT from start to finish. So, first, the Mane 6. The episode for the most part had a nice balance of all of them, something we haven't seen much since the start of the season and doubly impressive considering the episode didn't actually star them as the main characters. They contributed heavily towards the lesson of the episode, but still, they were not the stars here, and the fact that they were so seamlessly woven into the screen time without taking away from Luna was incredibly impressive to say the least. Spike also had a great episode from start to finish, and was helpful in quite a few capacities. Definitely one of his better supporting roles this season, both in and out of the dreams (especially when Buff Spike returned). The Mane 6's dreams were all very entertaining and unique, and made sense for all of them (both the ideal dreams and the nightmares), though some stood out more than others. Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy's, and Rainbow Dash's were especially amazing and creative; Pinkie with her random inability to stay in one part of a dream the second her subconscious thinks of another spot (and dear Lord, how she keeps sanity doing that is beyond me ), Fluttershy's Angel Bunny nightmare was too funny (though Angel wasn't exactly any different than usual ), and OH MY GOSH Rainbow Dash's nightmare, PERFECTION!!! How do you do a Barney reference and an Anchorman reference at the same time? THAT'S HOW!!! Jazz flute... so much jazz flute! But even as amazing as their individual dreams were, they all paled in comparison to that final dream with ALL OF PONYVILLE!!! Holy cow, that was fun. Let's just list off everything that was here, in no particular order; we had a ton of callbacks, including Rainbow Dash and Applejack taking on their Power Pony identities, Spike turning into Buff Spike, Fluttershy turning into Flutterbat, and so on; we had a whole lot of new stuff as well, especially from the background ponies, including Lyra and BonBon being fused together in one of the greatest CatDog references I've ever seen, bucking Big Mac literally turning into an alicorn princess and simultaneously referencing magical girl anime (GOSH DANG IT, THANK YOU LARSON!!!), Filthy Rich flying around through the power of money (because of course he would), flying muffins (just go with it), flying Scootaloo with, I'll admit, quite terrifying looking giant wings, Rarity sewing up the sky itself (a very nice creative touch there that I for one liked very much), pretty much every other major background pony in Ponyville (including Mr. Cake actually getting a speaking role, which I liked), and GIANT DERPY WHO SOUNDS LIKE A CAT WHICH IS JUST THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER (only topped by BUFF SPIKE MOUNTING AND RIDING GIANT CAT DERPY INTO BATTLE, OMG THAT WAS THE MOST GLORIOUS IMAGE EVER THAT SHALL FOREVER BE INGRAINED INTO MY BRAIN, YAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!). And ALL OF THESE PONIES, the Mane 6, Spike, all of Ponyville were battling a nightmarish entity inside of a giant shared dream, and it was BUCKING GLORIOUS!!! So yeah, uhhhhhhhh... lots of "little" stuff like that that contributed to making this episode friggin' amazing. Well that's just terrifying. Berry, go home, even in the dreamscape you're drunk. Thanks, M.A. Lar- I mean, Scott Sonneborn! You did it, you madman, you! You actually did it!!! Well... at least they're taking this awfully well. This is the greatest thing I've ever seen I stand corrected... THIS is the greatest thing I've ever seen! Nightmare Moon's final nightmare: her own shadow come to life But finally, we are brought to the core of the episode itself, and this is what lifted it from simply being amazing, to being "OH MY GOSH, GLORIOUS TRIUMPH OF AWESOMENESS!!!" I am talking of course about Princess Luna and the Tantabus. First of all, it is worth noting that this was Princess Luna's first true role in the show starring her as THE main character of an episode since "Luna Eclipsed" wayyyyyyyyy back in Season 2. She's had some very solid appearances since then, and has really been showing up a whole lot this season especially, but as an ardent fan of Princess Luna (Best Princess, now and always), I adored seeing her in a starring role here. Besides that, the issues addressed were very heavy, they were addressed very impressively, and they also made perfect sense for her character. The Tantabus, as we only learned as the episode progressed, was a nightmarish entity born of Luna's very own guilt. This is not just any guilt, this is the guilt of a thousand-year-old mistake, a mistake that hurt many ponies and cost Luna and her sister Celestia so very much. The weight of this guilt was especially apparent in Luna's words at the end when she finally confessed exactly what the Tantabus was through sorrowful tears as it looked like she was bringing suffering to Equestria all over again. That scene was simply utter perfection, and it's mostly because the writers earned it. Throughout the episode, Luna was desperately trying to fix this on her own, but for the wrong reasons; her guilt was fueling her desperate efforts, and that guilt in turn only fueled the Tantabus more and made it stronger. While she defeated it a bit quickly at the end, it still felt fine because she defeated it only when she finally realized that not only had her friends and all of Equestria forgiven her, but that she herself truly had changed. She need no longer fear that she will become Nightmare Moon again, no longer need let her past sins control or guide her actions. Indeed, so ashamed was she of her time as Nightmare Moon, so fearful that it could happen again that we learned she purposefully created the Tantabus in order to remind herself of her past failures every single night in nightmarish dreams of her own of her very own making. That is simply tragic, and it adds so many layers to Luna's character. But now she is free of her guilt, free of the pain she caused herself and others so many centuries ago, and that was all wonderfully encapsulated in that final image of Luna sleeping in a beautiful, serene dreamscape representation of the inner peace that she has finally achieved. I loved, loved, loved everything about Luna here, and while it may not have been her funniest showing (that honor still goes to "Luna Eclipsed"), it is still by far the greatest Princess Luna episode of MLP for me personally. She has finally closed the book on Nightmare Moon once and for all, and the fact that that sin haunted her for so long makes all the sense in the world. But now she is free at last of all the ghosts of her past, and dear Lord could it not possibly have been presented any better than it was here. This may very well be one of my top 10 favorite MLP episodes of all time from now on, it was simply that good, especially in Princess Luna's story arc. Besides that, there were just a few other little things that were very nice about this episode. It was great seeing all the pets again, including Tank, who appears to be back from his hibernation, yay! The animation as always was incredibly top notch and we had a whole lot of very different but inventive and wildly creative locations to see here in the multitude of dreamscapes and the strange creations inhabiting them all. It was a cool bit of canon that apparently Celestia has never had any power to enter into or alter dreams, very cool that the writers cleared that up. And finally the pacing here was just too good, I swear, DHX has simply hit a sweet spot level of perfection at this point when it comes to pacing their episodes that few ever do. If they could fit such an epic episode with so much at stake into 22 minutes and still make it work, my gosh, what can't they do?! All around, this was just a perfect episode, and with a mid-season hiatus now in full swing, I don't think we could've asked for a better one to close the first half of Season 5 out. This'll probably be the last edition of "Batbrony Reviews" for a while, but don't worry, MLP and my reviews will both be back in no time ya'll, and I look forward to hanging out with you all again in a few months to close out the rest of Season 5! Until then, this is Batbrony, ecstatic and signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit* A dream a thousand years in the making; sleep well, Luna