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Found 286 results

  1. JamesBobbyDReed

    Starlight Glimmer is.....

    ...a chubby middle-aged mare
  2. I'm very surprised this topic doesn't exist already. (Or it does and i'm just oblivious) So I have seen a lot of posts about how people think Season 5 is quite possibly the best season of the series. These are quickly followed up by people who either agree or disagree with them, normally followed up with about 1000 characters of explanation arguing that their opinion is right. I for one am in the boat that the earlier seasons were better, but I won't lie and say that a big part of that isn't the nostalgia talking. Each season had some redeeming qualities that could make it the best season. Season 1: The first episodes most of us watched. Twilight learned what it means to be a friend. Letters to Celestia wrapped up each episode, a nostalgia trigger for many up-to-date bronies. Each character had their time in the spotlight, where they learned about themselves and we were right there with them. Quirky humor, friendship, and a brand new world filled with characters and locales just waiting for us were the bread and butter of My Little Pony's first season. Season 2: Starting of with the both the best premiere and villain in popular opinion, this season opened its doors to locations outside of Ponyville. This season had the mane six delve beyond what it meant to be a friend. They learned about responsibly, the sacrifices of having a sibling, and that it doesn't matter what you are, but who you are. Season 2 had one of the most surprisingly action-packed and story-driven finales at the time, one that many still consider the best. This season had more in-depth questions about friendship, along with an increased amount of character development, and overall a direct upgrade to everything that made season 1 great. Season 3: Although only half as long as prior seasons, this season still had memorable episodes including Rainbow Dash at the wonderbolt academy, Pinkie and the Magic Mirror pool, and the return of fan favorite: Trixie. This season contained two of shows biggest story changes: Discords Reform, and Twilight's Ascension. Along with a great season premiere, revealing an entire new race, villain, and location, this season can still hold its own against full 26 episode seasons. Season 4: Perhaps the biggest jumps and changes in series history. This season saw the show staple, The Elements of Harmony, being put back into the Tree of Harmony, and effectively rendered inert for the remainder of the series. This was the first season to feature Princess Twilight, and although it wasn't used extensively, it was a prominent plot point in the series Finale. Which was arguably the most action-packed, heartfelt, and suspenseful episode(s) to date. With two overarching stories (Equestria games and Rainbow Power) to weave this season together, this season had some of the best continuity episode to episode. Season 5: Starting with a finale that wasn't about a world-shattering conflict, and instead taking a more down to Earth approach, it was obvious from the get-go that this season would be talking more mature and dark topics. This was further reinforced after the Mane six experienced unwanted cutie marks, grief, communism (however debatable), politics, war, anarchy, and self-torture within the first half of the season. This season also does a good job of showcasing Twilights new role as 'Princess of Friendship', by including her role in Equestrian politics, organizing delegation summits, and making amends to her lost friends. This season has some of the most far-reaching nods to earlier seasons. This includes, but is not limited to, Twilight making amends to her past mistakes in the first episode, the Grand Galloping Gala, the power ponies, and Flutterbat. This season is certainly one for the books. With these quick synopses above, lets finally answer this once and for all. Which Season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was truly the best?
  3. So... Long story short, I left the fandom last year on May. Kinda was getting bored with the show /: BUT I logged back on here to see what has been going on with the ponies and the fandom during the past year. I still love the ponies but I'm just not crazy about them XD
  4. Throughout the show, every single adult featured has a cutie mark. The Mane Six, the background ponies, secondary ponies, et cetera. By the time they grew up, they all figured out what their talents were. So, they were able to spend the rest of their lives knowing their goals. No one is a blank flank other than fillies. Twist and Babs were blank flanks for a while. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are the most famous. But one question that lingers in this show: Are there any adult blank flanks? When you observe conversations between adult bronies, you can see why some speculate. Not everybody knows what their goals will be even after they graduate from high school or even college. Sometimes they will extend their careers into Graduate School and beyond. Some never figure out their lifelong goals. What their lifelong dreams and goals is a very huge dilemma for both kids and adults alike. By featuring an episode with an adult blank flank and treating the conflict with respect, you correlate this message to both kids and adults that ponies like the adult blank flank exist in real life. Since this season's morals and conflicts are even grayer than last year's, it helps add some realism into Equestria's worldbuilding. This leads me to the song featured in San Diego's Comic-Con last week, which will take place during the twenty-fourth episode, titled The Mane Attraction if the leak of the titles is true. Listen to the lyrics and watch the frames. The Lena Hall Earth pony talks about wondering who she was and what her goal was. Until now, she never truly understood her goal. The trials and turbulence she endured up to this point leads her to the grand stage. In one frame, a cutie mark flashes, and the crowd suddenly erupts into cheers the next. So, here are some questions. What do you think of the "adult blank flank"? What about the concept does it interest you or not? Who do you think the main characters in The Mane Attraction will be? Do you think it'll be Applejack, the CMCs, Pinkie Pie, or a combination? How do you believe the episode will play out? What is the conflict, and how will they resolve it? When will this storyboard take place in the actual episode? (I hope the very end.) What do you think is the episode's moral? A few morals this season are so subtle, sometimes you must figure it out through the context.
  5. Back on July 6, I posted a status about Amending Fences being similar to the episode that brought about The Smile Song: I bring this up because this was compared by some corners of the fandom, including Equestria Daily. (I'm unsure about here, however.) There are quite a few valid comparisons and differences. Both protagonists wound up bugging the protagonists. When Cranky arrived in Ponyville, Pinkie refused to leave him alone because he sounded grumpy and refused to smile. Once Twilight realized that when she declined Moondancer's invitation to her party, she wanted to make up to her, and part of it was bugging her in the library. Their foil acted introverted. Cranky wanted to be left alone and in peace. Moondancer wanted to study in peace. The big difference between them, however, is Cranky simply wanted to retire and be kept alone in his own thoughts. This is true introversion; the want to keep to himself while being happy about it. On the other hand, Moondancer's "introversion" is out of bitterness as a result of Twilight skipping the party in order to study, never saying goodbye, and leaving her past in Canterlot behind. MD kept to herself and stopped making friends because the moment really hurt her, and she didn't want to suffer from the same experience again. Pinkie harassed Cranky simply because she wanted him to smile and be his friend; the more they didn't work, the more she bugged him. However, Twilight had a really solid alibi. She felt really bad about skipping the party and wanted to make it up to her. That's why she bugged her, got her to talk with Twilight, and bribed her into having dinner with Lemon Drops, Minuette, and Twinkleshine. Twilight wanted MD to try to make friends, but MD refused because it didn't work. In A Friend in Deed, Pinkie's constant bugging cost Cranky his scrapbook and support. While it made plenty of sense for Pinkie to wanting to apologize, its quality was severely sacrificed by stalking Cranky in the form of a Looney Tunes-esque chase. It was funny in LT because the antagonists were trying to hurt or kill Bugs Bunny, so they got some karma. Cranky simply wanted to be left alone, and Pinkie wouldn't. The lesson she learned was incredibly half-assed; despite writing and enunciating it, she never genuinely learned it. On the other hand, Twilight helped build Moon Dancer a party and coaxed her through the trail of books (ala the trail of candy in Luna Eclipsed). But at the party, Twilight had to learn a really harsh lesson for her actions. What happened in the pilot genuinely hurt hurt, and MD unleashed all that anguish in front of her. Rejection via not bothering to show up happens a lot in real life, and the consequences can be really terrible, such as not creating parties again. Moon Dancer put herself at a really vulnerable position because she was asocial and needed to be prodded to make it. So for Twilight to decline the invitation and forget about her life in Canterlot makes this consequence even more devastating. MD's verbal wrath was a long time coming, and Twilight had to confront it head on. But because she grew after all this time, she's capable of learning this terrible mistake. Does Amending Fences remind you of A Friend in Deed, as well?
  6. What do you guys think of the seriousness of season 5 thus far? I've really enjoyed it so far, but it's tackled some darker themes lately, especially for the type of show it is. I mean we've had: What do ya'll think so far?
  7. The Second Opinion

    I'm Back...

    The Second Opinion returns with aches, pains, and a lot to pick up with on My Lottle Pony, Friendship is Magic. To subscribe:
  8. As we know, we are now in a hiatus for MLP. Also, recently synopses for future episodes were "leaked". With the information we have, I have come up with a possible reason why we are getting this hiatus, apart from scheduling difficulties and whatnot, and something that may confirm the leaks. Again, there will be very heavy spoilers so view at your own discretion. Also, most of these spoilers regard future events, both confirmed and unconfirmed. There's my slightly out there theory. I'll admit, there are probably many holes and my wording may be a bit confusing. I'm not usually the theory type of guy and I typed this all on my phone. Your input is welcome and encouraged.
  9. If the Tantabus entered your dream (or your OC's dream) what kind of nightmare would it become? And the same for the shared dream, what would you or your OC become? Like big mac becoming a princess, or Lyra and Bonbon become connected.
  10. IvaCatheriaNoid

    Starlight Glimmer vectors (HD)

    Starlight Glimmer is so cute ^^. -- DeviantArt link - . -- -- My newest vector art based on My Little Pony SDCC animatic (: . -- DeviantArt link - . --
  11. Now that we know that season 5 is getting split into two halves, I just have to speak out about this. This is absolutely ridiculous. I don't know how the first three seasons were scheduled (season 4 was the first season I watched as it aired), but compared to how season 4 was planned out, there is a highly noticeable sloppiness in season 5's planning. Here are four ways which show that season 5 has been poorly planned and scheduled: 1. The 10-Month Long Hiatus. This one's pretty obvious. When season 4 ended, there was initially little doubt that season 5 would begin in the fall. Hasbro themselves even implied that it would begin in the fall. However, once we finally reached the season of fall, not only was season 5 nowhere to be found, but we didn't even have a release window of any kind. Eventually, season 5 was confirmed for Spring 2015, and we knew that we would probably be in for one of the longest hiatuses of the show. But as the early months of 2015 passed on, we still didn't have the slightest clue of when season 5 would begin. It wasn't until early March that we finally got the release date of April 4th. Lo and behold, the hiatus turned out to be even longer than the one between seasons 3 and 4. It was just a little short of a year. What I find particularly interesting about this is that the staff of DHX themselves admitted to not knowing when season 5 would begin. It was apparently all up to Hasbro. So at least we know that Hasbro is the one to blame for all of this poor scheduling. 2. Sporadic Episode Scheduling. During season 4 (and possibly the previous seasons as well. Like I said, I don't know for sure), we knew about episodes that were coming as much as three, even four weeks in advance. As for this season, we have not been given the same luxury. The best example I can use is the episode that just aired last week: Amending Fences. I was curious as to whether or not there would be a new episode on the 4th of July, so I looked ahead to find out. Initially, it showed that Bloom and Gloom would be airing on July 4th in the timeslot where a new episode would normally air. So because of this, I thought there would be no new episode on the 4th. But then what happens? Out of blue, apparently less than a week before July 4th, Amending Fences is suddenly scheduled to air on that date. This was most likely a hasty decision made at the last minute. And honestly, why air a new episode on July 4th, anyway? It's not a big holiday or anything, but surely you'd have to expect that your ratings probably wouldn't be as great as they would be on a normal Saturday? 3. Episode Delays. Another thing season 4 did was keep consistent airdates. Once an episode's airdate was first revealed, they actually stuck to it. Again, for this season, we haven't been given the same luxury. Case in point, Slice of Life. It was originally set to air on May 30th, and then out of nowhere, it was delayed for two weeks to June 13th. Not once did this happen during season 4. In fact, I was quite stunned by how season 4 aired on a consistent weekly basis, with only one break throughout the entire thing. They really made up for the 9-month hiatus we had to wait. But now, after an even longer hiatus, we once again don't have the same luxury. 4. Confirmation of a Mid-Season Hiatus Coming at the Last Minute. And now, of course, there's this. Out of nowhere, just days before the airing of the 13th episode of the season, we now hear that the season will be split in half. This reeks of yet another decision that was made at the last minute. We should have known about this weeks ago, and had this happened with season 4, we most likely would have. It is utterly ridiculous how carelessly this season has been planned. I know I probably sound entitled, but the point is, I know they can do better because they have done better before. So the fact that this season has been so sloppily planned and scheduled definitely shows that there's now a significant lack of care on Hasbro's part. Perhaps it's because they no longer have The Hub and have lost their ownership of most of the network? Who knows...
  12. OK, welcome back everypony to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews." Gonna try to keep this one on the short side of things since I got some 4th of July activities to get to, so let's get started. Overall, this was a delightful episode! It had good characterization of both new and old characters, some really cool additions to show canon, hearkened back to A LOT of Season 1 bits from the very first episode even, and addressed a good issue very soundly. First of all, I thought Twilight and Spike were both great here. We got to really see Twilight acting on her own as a Princess of Friendship handling an actual friendship problem; even if it was one very close and personal to her, that was still cool to see. Spike was spot on too, very much the lovable and helpful assistant that he is when he's at his best; the fact that he was able, for example, to prevent major awkwardness between Twilight and most of her old friends by reminding her of who they were and helping her track them down was a major plus in his favor here. His old present for Moondancer was also a nice touch that had a very good payoff in the end. Pinkie for the little bit that she was in the episode was of course Pinkie, what's not to love? My favorite bit with her was that of course she knows Minuette, why wouldn't she? Onto the new characters (or, rather, old characters getting characterization for the first time). For starters, I really liked Minuette, Twinkleshine, and Lemon Hearts here. Minuette seems very bubbly and outgoing, possibly even the Pinkie-equivalent of the Canterlot bunch. I know some people were at first worried that she was being a suck up to Twilight, but it really seems like that was her genuine personality, and I like that. We learned some cool canon about Lemon Hearts working as an event planner/organizer at Canterlot Castle, and while Twinkleshine was more a third wheel than anything else, she seemed nice and she has a lovely design. What I liked most of all about all of them was how they were so forgiving of Twilight's past behavior, and in fact hadn't even really cared that she wasn't the most outgoing, they'd just always loved her for the bookworm she was. It highlights rather nicely just how friendly so many ponies in Equestrian society in general are, and that the Mane 6, while certainly exceptional ponies, aren't necessarily unusual as far as how outgoing they are to others. As for Moondancer, aside from her being a cool revival of a G1 character, she was a very effective example on the writers' part of how important early friendships especially are. Seemingly small events when we're young can really effect our entire outlook on things, and how hurt she was by Twilight's absence at her one and only party is a great example of that. And that, furthermore, highlights by extension just how important friendship is at an early age. Having people around you that you trust like that, people you really know care about you for who you are, it helps you learn better how to live in the world, how to thrive and enjoy life to its fullest. It may seem like a well-worn phrase, but it really is true that friends really do often help people come out of their shells, and sometimes our first ones can be the most important in that regard, even if we don't always keep in touch with them throughout our lives. *sigh* I love pony physics. How do they work? Sunglasses: You're doing them right, Minuette Good job, Princess of Friendship! Besides these major elements, I did love having another episode set in Canterlot. It wasn't a terribly funny episode, interestingly enough, but I think that's because it wasn't going for a whole lot of jokes. It had a lot to tell, for one, and it was also handling a fairly serious and complex issue for another, so I think it can certainly be forgiven for not being the most rip-roaringly funny episode of Season 5. There were some lovely locations they went to, the callbacks again to Season 1, both those that were and weren't important to the episode, were very cool and impressive to see, and there might have even been a sighting of Starlight Glimmer in one scene (which I'll have to go back and look for when I rewatch this episode). A bit of foreshadowing, perhaps? Perhaps indeed, but we'll just have to wait and see, now, won't we? Overall, this was a splendid episode. A nice change of pace, I thought, felt very suited for a Twilight episode to her character, I have no complaints about the pacing or execution, all around just a very lovely, solid episode that I can't wait to rewatch. That's all I got for ya'll today guys! To all my fellow American bronies out there, I wish you all a very Happy Fourth of July!!! Later all, I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit* Dun, dun, DUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. C'mon! We've had Gilda return, and that Steven dragon thing from Season 1 along with fancy pants and even a changeling. Do you think that trixie will return once again? I hope she does to make amends for last times mishaps now that she's redeemed. Maybe everyone in Ponyville will accept her. One can hope...
  14. The Second Opinion

    Party Pooped (MLP FIM) - The 2nd Opinion

    Can an episode with "pooped" in the title redeem My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic after last week? To subscribe:
  15. I hope not as she is the first pony to tell Twilight to shut up during a lecture on friendship. That's some serious villainy and that's why Starlight glimmer is my favourite MLP villain (along with Chrysalis for that matter). Let's hope she doesn't fall like most of the others and actually becomes a threatening antagonist. Oh and I think she might come back at the end of season 5 as that 2nd episode looked like a cliff hanger to me. Oh she'll be back sometime in the future alright, just you wait and see!
  16. OK, welcome back everypony to another addition of "Batbrony Reviews." Today's episode is a... perplexing one. Not so much because of the shenanigans, that's to be expected with almost any Pinkie Pie-centered episode, but largely because of the pacing and the execution of the "moral," if you want to call it that. That's not to say it was a bad episode, just kind of puzzling. Without further ado, let's take a look at "Party Pooped." Beaver-yak is best yak. So to start, let's address the elephant in the room, and possibly the best example of just how bizarre this episode was: the Yaks of Yakyakistan. I both loved and hated things about these guys at the same time. On the one hand, their designs were great, they're basically, as I saw one brony describe them, an entire nation of Hulks (in both size and mannerisms), and dear Lord is their pickiness legendary!!! I mean, my gosh, these guys overreacted at everything, and every time they went on an epic smash rampage, even though I knew they were being gigantic douches, I couldn't help but laugh. What infuriated me, however, wasn't their behavior so much as it was the ponies' reaction to it. Let's be clear: the yaks were being gigantic douches from start to almost the finish, there is no denying that, anyone would say. Anyone EXCEPT apparently the ponies of Equestria. Because my gosh, from start to finish they kept blaming themselves for the yaks' terribly undiplomatic behavior, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why! The ponies are smart, and they've stood up to jerks before, so why all of a sudden were they chalking up the yaks being colossal douches to their failure to exactly reproduce the culture, mannerisms, and aesthetic of a country completely foreign to them as a country could be? It was terribly infuriating and really took away from the effectiveness of any message that was here (because trust me, there was a message here, it was the message I expected, it's just it wasn't executed like it should have been), especially when the yaks threatened war over... actually, I still don't know what they were threatening war over, that's just not how diplomacy works, DHX. So yeah, I have no idea why the ponies not only put up with the yaks' crap but also blamed themselves for it; it's incredibly silly and it took away a lot from the effectiveness of the message. But that said, the yaks were still incredibly entertaining to watch, and for that I mostly forgive this episode. BUCK YOUR TABLE!!!!!!!!!!! PARTY HARD!!!!!!!!!!! Next, let's cover the main character of the episode, Pinkie Pie. Like the rest of the Mane 6, she never really blamed the yaks for any of the ponies' troubles, and like I said, that was frustrating to watch. But besides that, she was perfectly fine. She was incredibly, furiously productive in her efforts to put together the perfect party for the yaks, and of course she went on a zany journey across all of Equestria and foreign lands even in a single afternoon (while running into Cherry Jubilee on the way, falling down a ravine, forming the Beatles, going through an entire career with them, and breaking up in the Crystal Empire because of creative differences, and then proceeding to Yakyakistan only to be flung by the craziest breaking of the laws of inertia ever all the way back to Ponyville, again, in a single afternoon, as you do when you're Pinkie -_-). The revelation that she has a Secret Party Cave was too funny, her mannerisms were spot on (even if at a few points they felt just a tad forced), and she saved the day as only Pinkie can. All in all, a solid episode for Pinkie, even if again I wasn't buying how the moral was executed. Sergeant Pinkie's Lonely Hearts Club Band!!! Finally, the Mane 6. Besides the already aforementioned idiocy with how they kept blaming themselves for the yaks being the biggest douches ever, the Mane 6 were fine too. Panicky Twilight is always fun to watch (though we are seeing a lot of her this season, it seems), they all maintained unwavering faith in Pinkie to do what needed to be done, which was fun to watch, and their interactions with the yaks and each other were too funny. Fluttershy had the single best line of the episode with her deadpan delivery when she asked how the buck they were supposed to get out of Pinkie's Party Cave, we learned that Twilight apparently has a fear of quesadillas, and Applejack took fiscal conservatism and the phrase "waste not, want not" to a whole new level when she said she'd rediscovered a set of Granny Smith's dentures under the Apple family's farmhouse. Also, Spike got body slammed by a yak, that pleased me very much. Overall, they were fine, besides, again, the problems with the moral itself. The other supporting ponies were cool as well. We've now seen both Princess Celestia and Princess Cadance three episodes in a row, which is some kind of record, it was cool to see Cherry Jubilee return, the Beatle ponies were absolutely epic, and the little yak calf at Yakyakistan was absolutely adorable! Quesadilla: Not even once Overall, like I've said throughout this review, this wasn't a bad episode, it was incredibly entertaining, more so than other episodes this season. But that said, I really didn't buy its message, because the writers had the characters behave extremely uncharacteristically and, at times, stupidly in reaching this moral. Diplomacy simply doesn't work that way, and the yaks should've been called out on their crap at least at some point. It was like if the United States blamed itself every time North Korea did something irrational or refused to come to the table to discuss diplomatic matters, and it made just as little sense as that would. So yeah, that's a big complaint, and it makes for an episode that's more entertaining than smart or thought-provoking, but all the same it was still so entertaining that I can for the most part forgive its shortcomings. That's all I got for ya, everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* Yakity Yak, don't talk- on second thought, I'll just stop.
  17. JamesBobbyDReed

    Why doesnt vinyl scratch talk?

    just wondering if any staff posted anything I dont l know about. I know this has probably been done before.
  18. Harshreality

    Seasonal.... Rot?

    I want to know your guys' opinion on a "taboo" topic within the fandom. Is the show going, or starting to go through seasonal rot? Keep in mind, I don't want to hear any BS like season 5 is the worst thing ever, or the show has been crap since season 2, because anyone with a brain can tell you that's not true. The show does have a different FEEL than season 1 & 2, but that is probably due to the absence of Lauren.... So what do you think? Has the show started to decline in quality? Are the bad episodes of S5 (Appleloosa's most wanted and arguably castle-sweet-castle/Slice of life) an indication of the start of decline? Or do the good episodes such as Griffonstone, Bloom and gloom and Make... Keep Discord show that this season is par for the course? Keep in mind this applies to all aspects of the show such as stories, character strength, lore, worldbuilding, animation and music, so post your opinions below!
  19. I made a little review on Princess Spike! If you enjoy my review, please leave a like on the video page! It really helps out. Feel free to leave your own thoughts on this episode, too.
  20. When Discovery Family doesn't show a teaser at any point throughout the week, that proves a complete lack of confidence they had for it. Even Appleoosa's Most Wanted had a teaser. After torturing myself to finish Act 1, I can see why. Besides all of the unnecessary exposition, the annoyances Spike had to deal with were incredibly painful to sit through. Rather than have the conflict flow naturally, contrived cartoon logic creates a ton of nuisances just to make Spike's assignment more difficult. Every joke fails because Spike is just trying to do his job. Spike has been a stagnant butt of jokes for five seasons now! Jesus Christ, can we actually have another Spike episode that treats his character with some level of RESPECT?! I prefer to watch an episode and feel bored than watch an episode and cringe at so-called "humor." At least if I feel bored, I can watch the episode and catch some extra shuteye. I can't muster any strength to watch the next two acts because the stupidity grates my ears. Source: S05:E10 - Princess Spike
  21. The Second Opinion

    Princess Spike (MLP, FIM) - The 2nd Opinion

    Remember when the Spike episodes of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic were always bad? You will. To subscribe:
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    Crazy Pinkie Pie vector (HD)

    New My Little Pony episode teaser is released, so i made new vector art -- Do't forget to comment and favorite my work -- DeviantArt link - . --
  23. OK, welcome back everypony to another addition of "Batbrony Reviews." So after last week's bit of amazing that was the 100th episode, unsurprisingly I don't have quite as much to say about this new episode as I did last week. That's not to say I didn't enjoy, there were quite a few elements that I liked about it, it just didn't come anywhere close to the levels of awesome that "Slice of Life" did. Without further ado, let's take a look at "Princess Spike." So first of all, let's talk about Spike himself, starting by getting something off my chest. As with most Spike episodes since I wanna say Season 3, we yet again have a lot of bronies complaining about so-called "Spike abuse," the notion that Spike is a special sort of punching bag for the writers in any episode that he stars in. Let me just come out and say that while I understand some bits of this notion, overall I think it's overblown. The writers have shown plenty of times in the past and this season that Spike can be and is written well plenty of times. If he ever does come across as an idiot in starring roles, let's keep two things in mind: (1) he's still a baby dragon, and we have no idea how quickly or slowly dragons normally age, much less one being raised among ponies like Spike, and (2) the main characters of episodes are almost always at the root of the problems caused in those episodes! I don't ever hear anybody complain about Applejack being written like an idiot in "Applebuck Season," people just accept that that's an extension of her stubborn personality getting the best of her, and that's fair because it's true. But for some reason some people seem to want Spike to be Mary Sued anytime he's in a starring role, and I don't get it. I think it goes back to "Spike At Your Service" and how mad people were and remain that Spike was so incompetent at basic tasks (a point that I get, "Spike At Your Service" is a pretty problematic episode), but the fair points that people raise about that episode have warped into this twisted notion that Spike is always going to get this treatment now. That's just not true, and certainly not here. Spike got in over his head quite reasonably so because he prioritized one task ahead of the others (a task involving his mother/sister figure Twilight, the closest pony in his life, mind you), got a little power-crazy as well because he was feeling inadequate alongside four pony princesses (understandable given that he's still very much an outsider for most of pony society), and didn't think through the long term consequences of some of the things that he did (understandable given that he's both an adolescent and not used to organizing or running an event as large as a nationwide gathering of ponies in one of Equestria's largest cities). Yeah, he bucked up, he bucked up hard, but the fact that he bucked up should hardly be surprising, and not because Spike's stupid or unfairly written as being stupid, but because that makes sense for his character in this particular situation. So there, that's that. As far as I'm concerned, Spike is not written nearly as badly as some of the fandom remains convinced that he is, and I thought he was fine here, aside from how maddening some of his decisions got, but I would've had the same reaction to those if any of the Mane 6 were doing what he did as well. What fell, new sorcery is this? Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about what else I liked. Twilight was super adorable (Sleepy Twilight is officially most adorable Twilight for me now ), and Cadance had a surprisingly very good showing here. Definitely her best appearance in a slice of life episode, even more so than "Three's a Crowd" just because she didn't really do much in that one besides tag along with Twilight. But here, we got to see some of her own brand of wisdom and how Cadance works as a princess, I liked that. Seeing Luna and Celestia two weeks in a row was super surprising as well (not to mention hearing from Luna too), though I would've liked to see just a bit more of them besides the opening scene, mostly because their absence raised many questions, namely, where the buck did they get off to after the opening scene? Ah well, probably were playing video games or something. I've got my eye on you, Mime Pony. #don'ttrustmimes But my favorite aspect by far of this episode was its setting and supporting cast. I love slice of life episodes that take place in Canterlot and give us the chance to see more of that city, it's definitely one of my favorite settings in the show to this day. Not to mention we got to see a lot of very cool ponies from all over Equestria. Fancy Pants, a pony with a chainsaw that may have been Canadian but I prefer to think of him as a Wisconsin cheesehead (since I love Wisconsin ), the Manehattan delegate that was very much the New Yorker, the Winnyapolis (or Winneapolis) delegate who was the most obvious Minnesota/Fargo reference ever (and stop saying she was Canadian, people who are saying that, she wasn't ), that adorable nerdy pony that Spike met with, the return of Fluffy Clouds, polo-playing ponies, a mime-pony, what I can only describe as Richard Simmons-pony, an awesome griffin with the cat portion of its body being a tiger's (SERIOUSLY, THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!!!! ), plenty of Canterlot ponies, and many, many more. Sure not a lot happened in this episode, and the lesson Spike was gonna learn was fairly obvious from the start, but it was a pure Equestria episode that was completely comfortable in its setting even though it was introducing a very much new event to both the show and the audience. I love any slice of life episode like that, so yeah, for what it was, this episode was solid in my book. Nothing more, nothing less, just as good as it needed to be. See ya'll next week everypony! Yah, sure ya bet'cha, us Midwestern ponies are pretty friendly around these parts, don'cha know?
  24. I hardly watch Discovery Family, but I noticed that none of the Season 5 trailers actually show the channel's logo, nor do they acknowledge the network at all. Could Hasbro be planning a Channel Hop?
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