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Found 291 results

  1. So, the season 5 animatic was finally posted. Here it is: Anyways, it's time to look at this thing, I'd recommend watching first before reading this next part. I like how it's like, we finished an arc and defeated Tirek, so what now? That's what I do if I just did all that. Unfortunately, not background music yet, so the music is up to your imagination. I found it funny when Spike stepped on everything like Pinkie's home and her reaction is just priceless. Further reasoning to why I love Pinkie so much. Yes, this helps with my Twimac shipping with Spike playing hoof ball with big mac. He's clearly babysitting him for Twilight.. OK ignore my shipper mode. Also, who wants tickets for a Hoofball game? Seriously Pinkie, you can't stop cracking me up here with all your shenanigans Also, they all have the same cutie marks hmm, this should be interesting. Remember this is all speculation, I don't really know how good or bad this will be, but so far, I'm really liking this, it's got some great preview type humor in it. So yeah, that's my reaction.
  2. I think this: ...would be a ghoul-tastic idea for Season 5. Just as a Nightmare Night design. Not permanent.
  3. What do you think would happen if Season 5 were written by the following: Yoshiyuki Tomino Hideaki Anno Hajime Isayama Zeus Cervas Casey Alexander Aaron Springer All the other writers of modern Spongebob Scott Sonneborn Merriwether Williams Charlotte Fullerton And if Season 5 had these two plot threads: Diamond Tiara is afraid the CMC will eventually take her popularity. So she burns down Zecora's house, sneaks out the alicorn amulet from the remains and desires to commission an assassin. But Diamond Tiara tries the amulet on out of vanity and accidentally puts it through an evil overload. The amulet explodes, causing Diamond Tiara to fly back. In mid-air her forehead and back bleed and the blood materializes into a horn and a pair of wings. Now an alicorn, Diamond Tiara instead plans to use her powers to raise an army and conquer all of Equestria and increase her fame. Applebloom uncovers a metal giant with a v-shaped crest on its forehead, circles all over its body, a cone sticking out of its back, and a blade on its right forearm. Applebloom studies it along side other ponies who are interested.
  4. Since Friendship is Magic is an adaptation of a toy line, its natural for additions in the show to be related to the toys. However, I don't think toy ploys are bad if they're relevant to the plot. So what kind of toy ploys are you expecting in Season 5? I personaly would like to see the mane 6 to have a sort of flying pirate-esque ship powered by Alicorn magic, especially since Twilight can now spread Friendship across Equestria. I could also imagine the mane 6 getting sort of accessory weapons in Season 5. Like Rainbow has a retractable sword on her hoof, Rarity has a whip scarf, Applejack upgrades her lasso, Pinkie gets a party crossbow, and Twilight gets an "Alicorn Amplifier" of sorts. Still haven't figured out Fluttershy though.
  5. Title says it all. Apparently, M.A. Larson says that Art of the Dress has hints to later episodes in the lyrics like: "Fluttershy some thing breezy!" "Rainbow won't rely on tank!" So do you think this is true or could it just be him trolling. Discuss away!
  6. Okay, hey everypony, what's up. I'm making another one of these again because even though season four just ended it was so fun and amazing and spot on, that I can't wait for season five to come on way (and hopefully the other three or four seasons Hasbro promised), so I've been thinking of which characters, new characters and villains you want to see in the show or reoccur from previous generations on to generation four. In the premiere, I would like to see either a new villain like maybe the Slendermane since some people said they seen him in a episode in season four (I don't remember which episode) or a new heroin like... the mother of both Celestia and Luna, Fausticorn. Who do you want to appear in season five? Because I know who I want to see in season five
  7. Guys I think Season 5 is coming this fall said Equestria daily So, what do you think I didn't expect this to happen
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen...Lauren Faust will be the producer for Season 5!!!!! I am just flippin' excited right now!!! :D Thoughts?
  9. Here are my official predictions for season 5, not related to my other post about these predictions. Feel free to give me your own predictions too: My Little Pony Season 5 Predictions.docx
  10. Someone Told me that Season 5 will be released once Season 4 ends, But is this possible? Cause i'm not sure of that,
  11. Surely most if not all of us can agree that Season 4 was quite a season, wasn't it? How it started off with this Tree of Harmony, how it continued with the intrigue of the 5 keys and ended with the sixth alongside Discord's full reformation and Tirek's battle. Let's face it, that's going to be difficult to top, isn't it? Oh and please do note that I haven't been keeping up with any news about season 5 other than it could premier anywhere between late 2014 to early 2015. What we don't want to do is get the expectation that each season is going to be bigger and better than the last. This can't happen especially if the show is going to have a higher number of seasons. Seriously, what do you think it's going to take to top season 4? What do you think it's going to take to top what topped season 4? And so on. This could be done if the wait between S4 and S5 is very long to give the studio enough time to work on it excluding any other projects they may also be working on simultaneously and also if the show is going to close the next season or the one after. It might be a better idea for the show if season 5 were to take it slower. Something more calmly paced and easy-going like season 1. Relatively speaking to season 4 that is. For one, this would give the writers more time and allocate more of their creative resources to season 6. So remember, if season 5 doesn't end up living up to its predecessor, this isn't to be seen as a bad thing. The pacing has to fluctuate to bring ourselves down so that we could be wowed for what is to follow. In retrospect, this is kinda what just happened when you put S3 and S4 next to one another. This video should give better clarification to what I'm getting at.
  12. It's no secret that many members of the fanbase have been...shall we say 'displeased' (for lack of better word) with the current show writing staff in terms of how Spike has been written and characterised both in his own episodes and just in the show in general. As a strong spike fan, I can say that while I certainly have no intention of making death threats to writers and crying on the floor because of how a cartoon character is written in a show about ponies, I can say that I am somewhat disappointed and confused with how the writers have been treating Spike this past season. This isn't exactly a new topic, as it has been stated many times before as to why it's odd that Spike has both been out of character, neglected, and/or only used to be the posterior of jokes. This is all stuff that's been discussed before, so my question here is, how should he be written in future to improve on past mistakes? Now in all honesty, and I do speak for myself here, that I honestly find Spike to be a very interesting character both by himself and in a supportive role. His very intimate and affectionate relationships with all his friends derive realistically from the fact that he literally has no other family, so his interactions with his friends are always heart-warming and intriguing to watch, as we understand why his relations to characters are held incredibly dear to him, primarily seen through King Sombre's mirror in "The Crystal Empire". He has child like tendencies, yet people seem to enjoy him most when he is acting either maturely as a voice of reason or snarkily as comic relief. His constant quick snarks and remarks are what made him both a comical and relatable figure in the show's introduction, and although he can be devious and mischievous, his good intentions towards his friends are always apparent. His mysterious origins and dragon nature create a great undercurrent of tension for his role in Equestria, as is the fact that he himself is often oblivious to his own skills and maturity. His love for Rarity also offers a dynamic relationship between two main characters not really seen prominently or as frequently in the show. As season 4 goes, I believe "Inspiration Manifestation" to be the best example of how Spike stories should be done. But should the writers just try and replicate stories like that in future, or are there other areas to explore? Like I said, his origins, his history with Celestia, and his capabilities as a Dragon are the most ambiguous parts of his character, that may be more interesting to explore. Should his strength as an advisor and sidekick to other characters dictate his future episodes to always be a co-star with someone else? Should is just be about him and Rarity from now on? Or is there something else completely different they could try? I honestly did find Spike's greedy and jealous nature to be quite emotionally justified in "Owl's well that ends well" and "Secret of my excess", and I enjoyed those stories thoroughly because of that. And while I found the moral of "Dragon Quest" to be a bit flawed in it's presentation, I was still rooting for Spike throughout, and found his quest for self-discovery to be worthwhile watching. Yet, in "just for sidekicks", his main motivation and moral dilemma centres mainly around a cake.......well, that's just not very investing at all, regardless of what character lead that story. So hopefully you'll understand what I'm saying here in that I do think Spike has potential and is very interesting, but the writers just seem to be a bit....misguided shall we say. They have shown to listen to the fan community before, so if you were to approach them and give them advice on how you as an audience member would enjoy the show more, how would you recommend they structure future spike-centric episodes? Because, I don't think they need to stop being made. On the contrary, some past Spike stories have been great, but there's potential for something greater to be made. Whether you are a fan of Spike or not, please express your thoughts below. Maybe if you don't like Spike, what would you have them do so that you would like him more? Have fun!
  13. Now that season 4 is over. The hype for season 5 must be through the roof. So I made a list of things to do that will keep you sane until season 5; 1. Ponies the Anthology 4: One of the greatest things that comes after an MLP seasons finished. I may be one of few that actually like the Anthology but I guess it is just filler. 2. Re-watch EVERYTHING: I will be doing this. Watching all episodes seasons 1-4 to keep my pony spirit up. And then doing it again! 3. Fan reviews: With the end of a season, comes a shit ton of season reviews. This will be the case with most MLP reviewers TBBAP, Digibrony etc. 4. Make your own episode: Use the power of imagination to think up your own episode/season. I don't usually do this but I might in this case. 5. Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks: Thanks to "Miaq_The_Truthful" for reminding me about this. We cannot forget the new film. I'm not very excited but I did enjoy the last film. Enjoy your time without ponies and party on
  14. Here is a look at my predictions for Season 5: My Little Pony Season 5 Predictions.docx
  15. Yeah, we've all gotten over that. I was wondering, were the animators just putting him in for fun or just 'cause? Or was this part of some overly elaborate plan? Let's remember that season 5 was in pre-production at the time this episode was animated. It's possible that Meghan asked the animators to put Flash in an episode to see how we'd react. This could be because some writers wanted to use the character in S5 and this is an effective way to see how we'd react to such news. So...well Flash be in season 5? Should he be in season 5? I actually would be happy if he was.
  16. Head on over - they just posted the news. Source is Hasbro Studio president Steven Davis...