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Found 72 results

  1. SFM Animations are the advanced movie making program where you can make movies from it but not GMOD Taunt Fortress 2
  2. After some procrastination and taking in some tips on how to improve image quality I have made a scene with some models I got recently
  3. Well I spent I guess half an hour building the scene in the dark here is the final result of messing around with the model: (Click on the image to see it in better quality)
  4. I have three questions regarding the creepy, yet adorable, Sweetieboos. They have a tendency to haunt Cheerilee (and occasionally Derpy Hooves) 1. If I adopt one, how should I treat it? 2. What is the average behaviour of a "Sweetiboo"? 3. Is this a sign, showing that Sweetie Belle's favourite teacher is Cheerilee? Source: fruitymilk (a NSFW blog)
  5. I'll make this blog entry short and sweet. These are my personal Pros and Cons Pros of using SFM: All of the models and props are presented to you right at the get go. Camera and lightning are easy to work with No need to use 2 or 3 other programs for special effects. Posing is easier Cons of using SFM: Want a specific model or prop that would make a scene 50x better and no one else thought of this? Too bad. Pose to pose can be a giant pain, especially a lot of movement Sometimes the presented maps are not good enough for certain scenes Pros of using Adobe Flash: You draw everything Pose to pose is easier You don't have to render everything to see the complete project It's the #1 2D animation program Cons of using Adobe Flash: My drawing skills are TERRIBLE A lot of work just to make a line look perfect Camera work is kind of a pain Interface is very odd I have experience in both SFM and Flash, but I would go with SFM every time. I know there are Pony Puppets for Flash so a person wouldn't need to draw anything but if I wanted to make something non pony related, I'm up a creek without a paddle. That's my personal outlook on those two.
  6. First off, I have no idea where this thread should actually be seeing as I'm still new to the community, so be kind as I figure things out. Okay, I know we all have our own views on what types of animation media that we can either like over the other, both, or really don't care. I know a lot of ponies also tend to take debates rather too far, but I'm just starting this thread to see who likes what on an individual basis and maybe discuss the differences of how one could allow for more or less animation ability. I personally prefer source film maker because if a 3D animator with it is good enough with it, he or she can make some really outstanding animations and videos and using for example being Ferexes and Argodaemon from youtube. What's everypony elses thoughts?
  7. It has been ages since I first posted about Blue Spy on this forum, and I am glad to say I have finally made the biggest instalment yet. Blue Spy Episode 4 continues where the 3rd episode left off, with more pony characters and references than ever before. It is also the first in the series to be entirely animated with Source Filmmaker. So if you enjoy the show or at least a Rarity x Spy shipping, tune in for Blue Spy!
  8. I've finally released my collab to the public at last. Please let me know what you think of it
  9. Dear story writers animators and voice actors of the Mlp forums. I am creating A YouTube channel all about MLP and I need people to help me with acting music,Ect. If interested please message me or comment.
  10. I'm new at art, I started drawing and sketching on my free time around a week ago and I got hooked into it!! I mostly draw Ponies and pokemon, but I also do normal animals as-well. I made my first 5$ on a adoptable the other day and I'm thrilled! I've been fooling around with digital art with photoshop, and also traditional art and a cross with both. I also been fooling around with SFM and some 3D animations which is very fun as-well!! It's fun giving away free art on DA and get so many people interested in my art-work! I hope you enjoy some of my art work too. But remember I just started XD bonus
  11. So I just recently started to practice animating in SFM, again.. sorta. Anyway. I managed to push this out in a matter of 3 hours. It's short. It's not amazing. It's using someone else's audio. But I hope it's decent. xD So without further adieu... Any Comments? Criticisms? I'll appreciate both. ^-^
  12. well, since I can't really upload these anywhere I decided to upload them here. I will constantly update when I have a new Gif made and I will be willing to take suggestions whenever i can. Number of Gifs currently: 1
  13. Ever wanted to get back at the leader of the Diamond Dogs for taking Rarity and for everything he's done. Well now you can:) Thats Right, I'm starting a collab for everyone to beat the crap outta Fido the Diamond Dog (Or Rover depending on which name you choose to pick) Collab Rules 1. Video must be 30Seconds-3Minutes Long 2. Fido can not die in the video 3. The focus of the video must be on Fido 4. Entry can be done in either Source Filmmaker or Garry’s Mod 5. Entry must be submitted to me VIA PM 6. Entry must have your ID Watermark 7. The way Fido enters and exits the video is up to you 8. The Final video will be uploaded on my channel 9. The Deadline for submitting entries will be on March 4, 2014 10. Have Fun:) Official Video Annoucement can be found right here
  14. Animation made by me in Source Filmmaker. It's a remake of a scene from Rainbow Dash Presents: Bittersweet. If you haven't seen that, you totally should.
  15. right, since I can't think of anything to animate in SFM (source film maker) I've decided to ask the people of this forum for ideas, the only thing I would like to ask for is to be that it is only in the tf2 group of animations, since I've only truly started in SFM only making five videos, four of them being tests and one being eight seconds, so that is all I only ask for thank you all
  16. Cloude Chaser


    WOW guys its not easy its not easy i download me source filmmaker and dude this is hard hard work i mean its so fucking hard i try to make a simple animation and this is to hard for me now i watch a tutorial and i do evrything right and then faild i dont know why it will take some weaks ohhh and this picture its only ther because i dont have a other one with ponys and computers ohhh and clop clop clop clop clop clop clop clop clop clop clop clop
  17. Skeleton Kin


    i need some ideas for my first full SFM
  18. This is a video I spent quite some time on, finishing around December of last year, using Valve's Source Filmmaker. It's predominantly used for videos using Team Fortress 2 characters, but lacking any other animation software (or, for instance, an "open field" world) I decided to use SFM. The bottle texture was made by me, based off the Demoman's whiskey bottle. I haven't worked on much since then, but I'm currently in the middle of work on another idea that turns out to be well over 3 minutes. Thanks to fox for showing me how to embed videos.
  19. So, I've been playing around with SFM and this is what came out of me messing around with facial expressions. So here's Rainbow Dash coming to a realization. What realization that is, I'm not sure.
  20. hi there i finished a youtube project in the last time and i already have ideas for new projects but i cant decide which one i should do first what do you all think? first one is something about the cupcakes fanfic and the second one is about Rainbow Dash i will definetly do both of them but i cant decide which one first XD oh also heres the link to my latest project :3
  21. I know I'm probably one of the few noobs who doesn't already know, but where is a safe place (as in no viruses) to download the ponies to use in SFM? Also, I'm still new to SFM so I could use some help installing them correctly to.
  22. Never really put one of my videos on these forums before, so I thought I'd start today, in honor of Super Bowl XLVII. Sort of. Made with Valve's Source Filmmaker, in case you're wondering.