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Found 2 results

  1. Shadowlux (my OC) 1. Light Blue coat, Black mane and tail with red stripes, red and determined eyes, pegasus, and a four sided star for a cutie mark (not shown because I couldn't find the right one and I didn't have time to make one) 2. Personality- determined, serous, nothing gets in her way, but always in for making another friend. 3. Gifts and Talents- smart, athletic, fast, good singer, gamer, and over all, a dependable friend. 4. Back story- When she was just a filly, she didn't have any friends to talk to. Her family tried to help her, but after taking some of her parent's advise, no one wanted to talk to her. She was always the last one picked in her class, and she wasn't a very favorable pony either. Although she had strait A's, was strong in sports, and was the best singer in class (though, she didn't show it) she felt really lonesome. This is what made her mad and sad. She stomped through the halls, cried in the locker rooms, and let nothing stand in her way. Then one day, a new filly came to class. His name was Swift Star. He didn't have any friends because of his personality either. He and Shadowlux got along just fine. After some period of time, she made 5 other new friends, and she has been the most dependable friend ever. 5. Cutie Mark- While she was in flight school with Swift Star, Courageous Shield, and Blue Lightning, during her free time she would play certain games with them. During one game of Thunder Shock (where you have to make as many clouds shock lightning as possible, and whoever makes more lightning wins) when she and her friends were playing against some bullies, she found a serious need for competition. She was the best shocker in flight school. After the game was over, a yellow star with four sides appeared on her flank. This is my OC!
  2. Alright everypony. I'm writing a crossover in FIMFiction and I'm putting a lot of thought into it. I hope this will turn out to be one of the best crossovers between mlp and sonic ever. But I just want your opinion on this. Tell me what you think.