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Found 159 results

  1. Pretend it's the year 2011 and pretend your one of the mlp show developers. Show what your reaction would be when you first find out that your audience is older then you thought
  2. What is/was your favorite thing to take away from the show? Examples: Was it one of the stated lessons like there's more than one way to study? Was it an Aesop not directly stated in the episode like while Fairy Tales shouldn't be done so literally, you can still learn something from them. Was it something that relates to you like Zephyr Breezes' fear of failure is to me? And many other examples. It can be anything as long as you got something that was personally worth your while.
  3. What is everyone’s opinion on Rick and Morty?
  4. I just thought about this one today and I was wondering. How would ponies feel if they see their OC in the background or with one of the Mane 6 of the show? Think about how cool and awesome it would be to see your OC in the show. For example, I would want my OC to hangout with Pinkie Pie while we are both having a fun time dancing, sharing laughs, and becoming friends as we party together at one of her parties🎊🎉🎈!!!!! Or my OC can hangout with trixie and help her with her magic show! Or my OC could chill with one of the background ponies. What does everypony think?
  5. I've seen a lot of people talk about how Season 6 is the show's worst, but I frankly disagree. Admittedly, Season 6 had its fair share of duds ("Newbie Dash" is one of the worst episodes of the entire show, IMO), but they were outweighed by the good/great episodes like "Stranger Than Fanfiction", "The Saddle Row Review", "Top Bolt". Another reason I liked Season 6 was that it endeared me to the character of Starlight Glimmer. Plus, we got not one, but TWO good Spike episodes this season. Am I alone in feeling this way?
  6. Does somebody here sometimes watch the show in a foreign dub? I prefer the English original version, but I like languages and their differences and many songs sound a lot better in French and Finnisch, but Greek, German, Arabic and Russian sound nice too.
  7. I know this isn't mlp, but I was too lazy to find another forum website What show in your opinion is best? Speed Racer from the 1960's, or Doctor Who (older version or the 2005 remake)? this is going to be the first of my questions of this, if it is allowed on these forums. (I also am posting on here since the Roblox forums closed, and MLP is one of my favorite shows, so...) please tell me if there is a problem with me posting these kinds of things on this forum website, since I saw other postings about things other than My Little Pony, so I probably will be confused if this is not allowed to be on here.
  8. Leaving all the "I don't like this, I hate this, I don't like those fans, it's just disgusting and wrong." stuff behind us let's have a friendly discussion here. Let's see what we all bronies and pegasisters have in common. These are rules for discussion 1- No bashing 2- No harsh criticizing 3- Respect everypony here I'm gonna tell about myself first. I like the show so much, I can really relates to some of it's characters. I also like the fandom despite all the "conflicts". I might not approve a few things in the fandom but I respect what other people like as long as they can do same for me. Let us know each other in a better way.
  9. Should Sunset have been Twilight's student instead of Starlight? It's a simple debate, should she have been and why? Let me argue for Sunset, see Sunset isn't actually that bad for a character, she made a mistake and it took her actual time to get others to trust her again not just the human mane 6 but twilight and the rest of Canterlot High as well, which can be relatable to many people and can actually teach a lesson to the target demographic like the shows "supposed to". for that reason, I would've like for sunset either pony form or her unseen human form to return or enter back into the portal and become pony twilight's student, shes smart, shes talented, and she has a lot to learn and twilight could easily have taught her and it would've been a lot more genuine than starlight, and maybe even have sunset do something grand and end up eventually making her own friends as the new mane six or even following in twilight's hooves and becoming an alicorn herself. Also having Sunset there for Starlight's capture of the mane 6 during the start of season 5 would have been extremely helpful because she could have easily figured out what was happening, she could have tricked Starlight into thinking she's betraying her teacher, and gotten starlight's true intentions and cutie mark discovered by the rest of the town, and it would've been way more believable then Fluttershy because Sunset herself was a villain at one point, and she's extremely crafty. Not to mention Sunset would end up driving Starlight away, Starlight would have to somehow manipulate the mane six into separating like in the season 5 finale, but without Starswirl's spell, and with them separated Sunset nor Twilight would completely notice because of how Sunset's teachings are really taking primary to Twilights and Sunset's attention, which would lead to a half season to a full season with Sunset learning friendship and making her own friends. This so when the next major threat does happen, (because we all know one will eventually), Sunset's group would have to step up and actually save the day, eventually leading to HER BECOMING STARLIGHT'S TEACHER and teaching her about friendship so that Starlight can redeem herself and become friends with Trixie like she is now. I also think Sunset would teach differently than Twilight, with her personality and all it would be a lot more challenging to both Starlight and Sunset. I also believe Sunset's teaching style would be very enjoyable to watch and to see her make mistakes while teaching Starlight about magic and friendship, which honestly could easily extend the series on to about 16 seasons before it got stale, adding new characters and groups to focus on, and etc.
  10. Just wondering how everyone would feel if the show writers decided to conclude the Mane 6’s stories’ and introduce a new set of fillies/colts for the show to focus on, while still giving the original characters chances to appear in episodes. Yay or nay? I personally think it could be cool!
  11. So yeah recently I saw some people arguing about who is the strongest villain so I decided to make this. Who do you think is the strongest? I think the Pony of Shadows is the strongest and Tirek is the second strongest.
  12. Okay so I know this might be weird, but hey, we're all pretty weird here....but if there ever was a spin-off MLP:FiM show for adults with adult topics and language, would you watch it? Like when the show ended, and the creators decided to make some new episodes for Adult Swim(That would be a channel to air something like that, right? Correct me if I'm wrong) or youtube or another channel or whatever...basically fanfics brought to 'reality', but all the characters stay the same except they do stuff adults would do and understand like other adult cartoons. Something like this would more likely be fanmade, I'm sure. If this were to happen, I can see the news article titles now: "A My Little Pony show for adults? Something your kids shouldn't be watching!" or "New My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic spin-off show, but for adults" I don't want to go into detail about what kinds of topics this hypothetical new spin-off show would have, just in case someone below the age of 10 is reading this, but just imagine some stuff that happens in fanfics written about a certain ship, I guess . I would watch something like that, but honestly I don't know if it would be a good idea if it were to be an official TV show that airs on TV. Is anyone else wondering the same thing? Would anyone actually like this idea?
  13. So which villain do you think was closest to destroying Equestria? The villain that I think got closest to destroying Equestria is the Alternate Princess Celestia from the Reflections comic arc. In fact she almost destroyed 2 Equestria in the comics just by attacking Alternate Luna and accidently breaking the magic mirror prototype that Starswirl created in the process.
  14. I've never been to a music festival or concert before... I really want to though! I'm always either too tired or busy to go to any local ones. Going to a Vocaloid or any of my favorite bands concert has been a fantasy of mine since I was younger. I hope to go to a moderately sized concert with a group of friends. That probably won't happen though... Have any of you been lucky enough to go to a concert or music festival?
  15. This is just me putting down some baggage but I do hope I'm not the only one who feels this way. When season 7 debuted, I wasn't exactly hurrying along to catch up to it. No, I did not "leave the fandom" or any such dramatics. (Sidenote: that statement alternatively annoys me and breaks my heart.) Just, between life and competing interests, keeping up with the show didn't seem as urgent and I feel that's healthy. If being a brony meant I was obligated to consume, digest, and discuss ponies on a schedule that was mandated for me rather than by me, I wouldn't still be as enthused as I am about it. Really though, that's the thing. For awhile I thought I really had "moved on" or lost interest and that alone worried me as I feared I would become what I just said annoyed me or brought me despair. That when it came right down to it, MLP: FiM was really, just another thing I liked. No different than Pokemon, Disney, Power Rangers, or other touchstones of my life that I keep coming back to but are ultimately inconsequential or of less effect on who I am as a person than I might have thought. When I started to watch it again though, and listen to new and old brony fan music, even read an officially licensed tabletop game of the property this very day, I felt something stir within me. Something that, for as more important to the greater culture as my passions for Disney or the Marvel Cinematic Universe are, neither of them fill me with the same feeling of warmth of love and optimism that the Mane 6 and their adventures do. The aforementioned properties carry a strong sense of childhood nostalgia, they are or are adaptations of things I absorbed when I was young. MLP is different. That came into my life when I was stepping into adulthood and I was as conscious at the time as I am now how it affected me. I've said it before, it really did change my life in a way that mattered and I love it for that in a way I simply don't love Pokemon or even Star Wars. So in the end, I get to have it both ways. MLP will cycle itself through my interest peaks and valleys the same way Fallout is currently my focus even though I probably couldn't even remember it a month ago. But when MLP does step up to bat, it will always be met with a reminder of what that initial rush of the show and community brought me. Never to be recaptured in the same way you can never "first see" the Grand Canyon a second time, but enough of that glow still remains that I can always re-discover the magic all over again. Brony for life. What are your guys thoughts on interest peaks and valleys for the show and fandom?
  16. For me, I have no idea why, but I miss Twilight's old library! her new castle is all glitz and glam, but it doesn't have any of the cozy-home feeling the library had. I realize this may have been intentional, but I remember being new to the show and watching her spend her first night in the library and being very charmed by the layout and design of it, haha! Is there anything you guys miss from the earlier episodes?
  17. If not, couldn't one at least make an educated guess based on past hiatus'? Like all fans, I'm as eager about the remaining Season Seven episodes as Pinkie Pie is about throwing parties for all her friends I'm also relatively new to the fandom, hence why I'm not sure where to start myself...
  18. Hello there! My question is simple, I actually wanted to know your answer: if you could add one character to the show, who would he/she be? And how would you integrate him/her to the story? Why would you integrate him/her, more than anything? I couldn't come with a satisfying answer, so I wanted to ask other people
  19. My mother tongue is English but I've always had a knack for watching shows and movies in other languages besides English. It's fun and I like seeing other's interpretations on the characters. MLP is all around the world, with many different dubs. What's your countries dub like? Is it good? Is it bad? Are the voices somewhat good? My personal favorite is the Latin American dub. I am part Mexican and I have a few younger cousins who don't speak English and watch the shows Spanish dub, so I watch that one sometimes. I think it's quite good! The voices may not be the most accurate but they do their jobs well enough! My favorite VA is Carla Castaneda who voices Twilight. She's a very good impersonation and sings very well for Twilight! But for some reason, for episodes 14-21 they replaced her VA and it was pretty noticable. Not sure who voiced her but while she did a good job she didn't quite match Carla's voice for Twilight. Since I'm a huge weeaboo XD I love the Japanese dub as well! My favorite VA from there is Pinkie's VA (or seiyuu) Suzuko Mimori who also voices Sonoda on Love Live. She impersonates Andrea Libman's voice flawlessly and she promotes MLP quite often on her Twitter. She also voiced Maud in Rainbow Rocks. Sadly, the show never got passed Season 2 in Japan but the Equestria Girls movies exist over there and the merchandise is quite popular too. I've heard rumors of it coming back through Netflix but I'm not sure if they're true. So, what's your favorite dub? If you don't speak English and MLP airs in your country what's it like?
  20. It's a question commonly asked. But how do you think the fandom will be like after G4 ends? I think the fandom will still hold up together but might shrink a little bit. (This is also a thing all fandoms have in common) but will the fandom last forever?
  21. The old G4 toys are drastically different from the show. For technology, there's TVs, cars and trucks. For ponies, there's all these weirdos like Dewdrop Dazzle but no stallions at all. Is it the same universe?
  22. In my scoring system, two of the four elements which contribute to the episode's rating are theme and characterization. These are both essential elements of a great episode, but they're meaningless if the episode can't entertain all the way through. "Buckball Season" is a strong example of this, as it boasts fully-formed themes, a relatively strong moral, and some of the strongest characterization we've seen in this show, but none of that can compensate for its eventual descent into tedium which is only slightly mitigated by a strong ending. Add on some particularly weak storytelling, and those stronger elements are only barely enough to save the episode from being outright terrible. When Applejack enlists Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie to help her form a team to beatAppleoosa in a tournament for a sport called Buckball, she discovers that the latter two take a natural shine to the sport and demonstrate skills beyond the two more athletic ponies. Excited, Applejack and Rainbow Dash ask their friends to compete for them, alongside the surprisingly adept Snails, who just happens to be walking by. However, their approach to training is to place a lot of pressure on Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, which causes them a lot of stress, therefore weakening their abilities. The first question that crops up is exactly how Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy especially become so adept at the game, especially compared to their more athletic and coordinated friends. Pinkie Pie is always allowed a bit of leniency due to her often inexplicable nature, but Fluttershy is a bit harder to justify, and it feels like the two only display greater capabilities because there wouldn't be a plot otherwise. Except, there's hardly a plot as is, and the entire premise comes across as half-baked. Why does it need to be a three-pony team? Why do Rainbow Dash and Applejack need to be excluded? There's no particular reason why this couldn't work if Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were merely on a team with their more competitive friends, and there's no real reason that they need to be more skilled after barely picking up the sport than ponies who are actually, y'know, sporty. Not only does it make no sense, it's completely pointless. Applejack and Rainbow Dash want to include a unicorn in order to compete with the unicorn onAppleoosa's team, but why was this component even necessary? It doesn't amount to much other than Snails joining the team to provide brief moments of comic relief, and even this is largely brushed aside. If anything, the early montage of unicorns trying out and failing makes the relative success of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie even more confounding. Is the episode trying to indicate that a relaxed approach actively works better than a more intense approach? Why isn't there a single unicorn who has the same approach to sports as Applejack and Rainbow Dash? Is all ofPonyville just inept at sports? Why does this episode need to play out this way? The episode doesn't particularly care about any of these questions, or even about plot cohesion at all. Snips being surprisingly skilled atBuckball comes across as redundant after seeing Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie being the same, it's far from the only thing, as the main interest of "Buckball Season" seems to be endlessly telegraphing its moral. Early on, the episode at least derives energy from the characters' personalities and even a few fun visual gags, but eventually the droning buildup to the moral becomes more and more overwhelming, and when the everything the episode has done for a good five minutes is based around what is so obviously the moral, it becomes a bit of a slog. The episode might have been a lot easier to swallow if there was anything particularly interesting about the dynamic between Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, but not only does the episode strain to find common ground between the two, it also has them constantly reacting to outside forces rather than bouncing off of each other. Compare this to, say, Rarity's own dynamic with Pinkie Pie in "The Gift of the Maud Pie," where the two expressed interest in each other's pursuits and jovially bounced their personalities off of each other. This might be the first episode focused on the Pinkie/Fluttershy dynamic, but it gives us less idea of how their personalities interact with each other than episodes which star neither of them do. The episode becomes a whole lot clearer, however, when its actual moral is considered. The episode states that what works for you might not work for others, specifically in the context of working under pressure, and while this is the most obvious approach to a not particularly fresh moral, it's effective nonetheless, especially in the third act, where the episode's fairly strong characterization is shown. Most of the more flavourful character beats are forced, the worst of which being Fluttershy snapping at RD and AJ with an obnoxious sequence of grotesque facial expressions, but the episode often showcases a relative ability to balance character traits, which is only really brought down by the simplicity of the plot and the forced character beats. This is especially impressive given that the episode has a new writer, as new writers are often prone to flawed or even shoddy character work. The episode never really brings out the best of any of its characters, but it also doesn't compromise any traits, and all four of the main characters present at least feel like they ought to at this point in the show. At the end, the episode really plays on the years of friendship which are now behind these characters, and has the good grace to actually have Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie express themselves to Applejack and Rainbow Dash, and then to have the latter two realize the problem all on their own. The ending, where Rainbow Dash and Applejack realize what they've been doing wrong and show more sensitivity to their friends' feelings, is excellent, not only for how well the characters are able to convey the moral but also for the level of respect and understanding they have for each other. See? There was no need to make the moral so blatantly obvious. Strong character work and a well-executed moral aren't enough to compensate for the poor storytelling and tedious repetition, but enough of the episode is at least somewhat entertaining to slightly save the episode. "Buckball Season" can't quite rise above its own tedium, and it boasts some of the show's worst storytelling in a while, but it has its moments, and that moral and character work is enough to give it more merit than a lot of the show's weaker elements. It's just unfortunate that this is another simplistic, written-to-moral episode which overemphasizes the eventual friendship lesson at the expense of all else. There might be a great episode somewhere in here, but it's wrapped in too many tiresome elements to properly shine. It starts strong and ends strong, and that lasts just long enough to prevent the episode from being outright bad - but just barely. Score Entertainment: 4/10 Character: 8/10 Theme: 7/10 Story: 3/10 Overall: 55/100 Additional thoughts: Fluttershy making weird faces when she shouted at Applejack and Rainbow Dash was the episode's clear nadir for me. Not only was the same idea being repeated yet again, the animators were also shoving these obnoxious, grotesquely exaggerated facial expressions at us which never even come close to being funny. I like the art style because it's cute, goddamit! Why would you ever put so much effort into making it ugly? I think I find this episode so irritating because a lot of what it does is outright pointless, and the ending saves it somewhat by finally getting to the point and doing so extremely well. I spent two paragraphs on my blog complaining about the premise largely because so many aspects of it are goddamn pointless. Repeating the moral every minute, too, is almost condescendingly pointless. Again, good thing the ending saves it somewhat. The script's a real garbage fire, and a lot of the dialogue ain't great, but the voice acting and relatively solid characterization goes a long way towards selling it, if just barely. The presentation has to work overtime to save the damn thing, but it just about pulls through in the end. You can read more reviews [including "Dungeons & Discords," which I forgot to upload here] on my offsite blog.
  23. Yo I think it would be cool if the show included more diverse body types for the ponies, because right now, most are about the same. Personally, I think more chubby body types would be really nice since I find them to be very cute and only so many ponies have them (e.g. Torch Song, Babs Seed, and Mrs. Cake). What about you?!
  24. LHfunk


    So I keep seeing things about Supernatural becoming really sad and painful and I'm hoping that happens slowly. Or at least only having occasional spurts of pain like in Doctor Who. Anyway, Supernatural is pretty good show so far. I'm waiting for Cas to show up because now I'm really interested in what he does and his and Dean's supposed gayness.