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Found 3 results

  1. Just started the Simpsons from the beginning for the first time. I had seen some here and there when I was younger, but never all the way through. This ought to be an interesting journey....
  2. Couldn't find a thread like this on the search bar, so here we go. What's your favourite Simpsons episode? I used to love watching it before it began overstaying its welcome and pandering to pop culture. (That Harlem shake was disgraceful!) There were some real classics to be had, and it's definitely made its mark, so which episode is your personal favourite? Mine is Flaming Moe's. (S3E10) It had a wonderful amount of comedy moments, continuity and a plot with a surprisingly large amount of twists and discussion values for a singular episode. And while we always want Homer to succeed, this time he hasn't brought the trouble upon himself; and we wanted both success for him and his drink, while we also didn't want Moe's tavern to shut down. I really liked that - you have the two perspectives. It had a really great song in it too. That also surprised me, it felt like an extended version of it could actually be on an album. Other favourites include Marge vs. The Monorail, and King-Sized Homer.
  3. Hey guys check out my review of some MLP Fan art I found the pictures lying around im my pictures folder and decided to make a review of some c: and also PLEASE SUB for more MLP and Fifa videos