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Found 41 results

  1. So i've got a couple of friends that i talk to on skype, and play games with, but sins they all recently got Battlefield 4 and me being such a peasent not being able to aford buying it, i'm kind of left here with nothing to do, so first off, i'm looking for someone to talk to on skype and play games with, like Starbound, Terraria, CS GO and any other game really, as long as its fun of course ^-^ But sadly most people i meet live in america, and i live in the netherlands, so its kind of hard for me to find someone in my timezone to play games with. I don't really like dutch people that much, seeing how they all seem like a bunch of idiots to me, so going out of the house and trying to find someone is not really an option. And before you guys are going to start calling me a hypocrite, i'm actually part Scottish, so yeah, don't start thinking i'f got like the worst accent ever or anything like that. Well anyways, if you live in Sweden, England or somewhere around west europe than feel free to add me on skype ^-^ Just go to my profile for my skype and steam information /)
  2. Hey there! this topic probably seems needy but, well it kinda is but that's not the point! i've not got much brony friends and to be honest, brony friends are the only type of friends that i can feel comfortable around. If you've read this far without checking on your e-mails or going to another thread just pm me or something. Ciao
  3. I just joined the forum community earlier today. i stumbled upon it while googling hangout groups or skype groups for MLP. but google was confusing. any tips or ideas where to find them? i'm looking to make some new friends
  4. You guys didn't think you could have a proper bandwagon without me, could you XD Well, let's see. What did I do with my life... 1. Bought and beat Mega Man 3 on the Wii U Virtual Console. 2. Set up a Twitter account. 3. Threw it away after only a few hours in. 4. Bought parts for my new PC. 5. Wrote a few lores about Sonic and MLP (Separate, not crossover.) 6. Chatted on Skype with Princess Shy, Dsanders, Sterling Crimson, and a few others 7. After everything else was finished, I pressed this button a reasonably large amount of times.
  5. Hellooo Everypony! If any of you guys are just like me and basically have nothing better going on then chilling by the computer with nothing to do, then why don't you join the club and hang out with us? Currently there's only two of us in a group call right now, but if you want to possibly make some new friends or just hang out with people you don't know then come and join us~ You can either join our group call or not at all and just type in the convo, it's a mellow night. Here is one note however, I'm setting this chat/call to be on a PG-16 rating so there might be random topics or content not meant for a younger array of ponies. (I do kind of swear;; ) If we get enough people to join us, then who knows I might conduct a livestream and draw for people throughout the night. So with those out of the way here is my Skype Name: Ixion2010 Let's keep it classy with tons of common courtesy as well. Hope to see you there!
  6. Like the title says, I'm looking for some people to create a community channel with, where we'd post gaming videos, or maybe even more stuff. Also pony related videos. It'd be a pony related channel. Anyone interested, add me on skype; RikuaMaru.
  7. Hi everypony, I am at highschool now, in Romania, and I'll try to get my Cambridge exam this year or the next year. If I take it, I'll be able to work/go to collage in English speaking countries. I am taking bonus lessons of English and watch like 1 hour of a gameplay in English every day, but that's not enough. There are two very important probes: listening and speaking, and I need to practice them. I've heard that one of the best ways to be good at those two is by speaking with someone that was born in a English speaking country. So, if you have the time, the patience(to help someone) and you think you can handle a new accent you can help me by speaking on Skype while playing some games or something. My Skype is: vlad.creephunnter. Please, I don't want to be misunderstood, like I have no friends. I have a lot of friends in real life and I play games with them almost every night and go out every weekend. I also have a youtube channel with 3k subscribers where I made tons of friends. Have a nice day!
  8. That is, with brony friends I've made from three different forums including MLP Forums and one that's no longer in existence. What bothers me is that there's this discrepancy between the number of people I appreciate and those I do manage to talk to. At most I can hold conversations with 4 people on Skype simultaneously. I also want to keep in touch with friends who aren't the five or six that I do manage to hold regular communication with. I don't want them thinking I forgot about them or don't appreciate them... almost wishing I could make copies of myself just to keep in touch with everyone I appreciate. I've been thinking of not restricting myself to Skype but use multiple, different mediums instead. Some will be mostly Skype while others could be via PM, that sort of thing.
  9. Hey, I wanna do some quick POC Battles on Skype, but no one on my skype wants to... add me and battle me plz! I wanna see what your OC can do Name: drakoltensei
  10. We are ready. Now is the time. Are you ready, forums? Marco is ready. [8:00:02 PM] Harmonic Revelations: Marco, now is the time. [8:00:17 PM] Marco Paparatto: hm? [8:00:28 PM] Harmonic Revelations: Artemis is ready to initiate the plan [8:00:40 PM] Harmonic Revelations: Are you ready? [8:01:01 PM] Marco Paparatto: wat? [8:01:09 PM] Harmonic Revelations: Alright, you get behind her and I'll push. [8:03:31 PM] Harmonic Revelations: I have the sticks of butter necessary. [8:03:46 PM] Harmonic Revelations: Did you bring the steam roller? Artemis is ready. Chigens and Kay is ready.
  11. So i was talking to my friend on skype eariler. I was trying to get him to watch the show. He knows one of my other friends, And he knows some of the ponie's names through him. So, I was showing him a picture of rainbow dash. Then, he blurted out "I'm going to kill her in a new minecraft youtube series i'm doing" I'm shocked. So i ask, "What is it about?" And he tells me the basic story, Which involves RD trying to take over the minecraft world. I asked him why he would do that. I can't remember quite what he said, Because i was a little bit too shocked. I didn't feel like talking to him for much longer after that. My point is, I find it hard to love and tolerate him after he said that. Does anyone have any similar experiences and/or tips? Thanks, -Ben
  12. Hello everyone, SimplyRarity here at your hooves. You wanna come and meet me? Would you like to meet other gentlcolts and mares? Now is your chance to come to have many marvelous conversations~! Skype User Name: SimplyRarity16 ~SimplyRarity ^.~
  13. Recently, I've really wanted to contribute in the community/fandom, one way or another, and as far as the equipment and skill I have, I'm kind of limited to two things: Voice-acting I'm really new to this, as I have only done one audition (last night), at which I was told I could do a good Diamond Dog (Gollum-ish) voice, but I can try out different voices. I'm 17 years old, and male, so I might sound somewhat teenager-ish, but I as many others, can change my voice if I push it a little. I'm kind of shy, so I might have to spend some time getting used to certain voices, as well as daring trying them out. But who knows? Maybe I'll get a little more reckless from this. I'm Norwegian, so I can probably pull off a Skyrim-ish accent, as well as a few others (but might need a few pointers) such as German, British, Scottish, Australian and Russian, as well as speaking Norwegian if that's needed. I'm not into singing, but if you think my voice is good enough, maybe I could try... I prefer to use Skype, both as a way to talk, and to send audio-files unless it's done live (my internet sucks, so it might be just sending files), so add me if you want. And finally, scripts are appreciated. I can improvise, but I think it will be easier if I have an idea of what I'm about to say. Writing If you need help with any kind of writing, feel free to ask! I'm writing a ok fanfic at the moment, and I'll happily contribute if you need any ideas, or spell-/grammar-checking. Add me on Skype if you want, and we could talk about those things. I also have a couple of OCs (One that I made for my fic, and one based of the first one for RP, so they're almost identical, with the main-difference being their abilities and background-story). If you want an example, then here's my RP-OC: So yeah, I guess I can help on making OCs and background-stories and stuff as well. I also play guitar (but I currently don't have a good way of recording it) so I guess I could help with making a few tunes... In tabs, that is. I hope to be of help in any way!
  14. This is just a test for fun, off of an idea sparked in this thread being put into action for the first time. Yes I copied the template for synchtube parties. What u talkin bout Ice? This is (hopefully) going to turn into a weekly event, where all the bronies on MLPForums get on skype and chat. Will I need an account for this? You will need to have a Skype account and be part of our Skype group. If your not in, just comment on this thread with your username and stuff, and one of our helpful members will add you. When will it start? 7 PM EASTERN TIME. An hour before the synchtube party. How long do these last? An hour of just casual chatting, then you can leave, or stay in when the synchtube party starts up. If you stay in you can chat about the videos, add commentary, etc. Again, this is the first time we've had one, so its mainly a test Who is best pony? Trixie
  15. Just an Idea I've been tossing around in my head, something not too different from our synchtube events, but more of a way to get us to know eachother better and blow off some steam at the end of the week. Whaddo you think, guys?