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Found 3 results

  1. I was having a hard time sleeping last night, I'm quite stressed from school work and I need some tips.
  2. Sleepless In Ponyville. This seems to be one of the more well received episodes out there. It introduced Scootaloo's first starring role, and touched on something the show never did before-childhood fears of nightmares. It did both of these things in a superb manner, weaving Scootaloo's admiration of Rainbow Dash ( which we had seen some of before, ) in with the nightly fears that must of us have had at some point. Reasons I Enjoy It: 1: Humans have a tendency to like what they can relate to. Almost everyone had nightmares that frightened them when they were children. So we relate to Scootaloo's battle against these nightmares in the episode. Also, some of us probably try to hide our fears, because we worry what people would say or think. And many of us have no doubt had an idol we admired, and we attempted to show these idols only our very best side, lest they dismiss us. I had trouble with nighttime fears even in the start of my teenage years. To see Scottaloo own up to her own fear was very inspiring and heartwarming. 2:We see Rainbow Dash from a new angle. This is something I only now realize. We've always seen Rainbow as the dreamer, the one chasing an idol ( the Wonderbolts. ) But now, with Scootaloo as the starring role, we see Rainbow from her perspective: and it flips the whole thing. Now Rainbow Dash is the model, the dream, and the example. And now we see how it feels to try to live up to the dream of being like Rainbow, as opposed to always seeing what it is like to try to follow the Wonderbolts as from Rainbow's perspective. This is a very nice twist, and it's intriguing to see the characters from new angles and how they appear when viewed from new perspectives. 3:And, well, I can't leave without saying anything about the sisterly relationship between Scootaloo and Rainbow. Seeing that scene at the end where Scootaloo finally confessed, and to see Rainbow admit she once had those same fears, also taught a lesson: our idols are rarely what we make them out to be. So there. Everything I love about the episode. Say what you will about fan-service, I will always love this episode.
  3. Its nice that their finally having an episode for Scootaloo. But if the spooky stories Rainbow Dash tells her about are Cupcakes or Rainbow Factory or something I might just die. But that'll never happen. Your opinions?