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Found 44 results

  1. a painting i did a few weeks ago maybe i can get some critique on it!
  2. This is something I doodled on my 3DS this week to keep my mind off being ill with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, apparently. Yes, it's just as awful as it sounds. So I drew something cute for once. If anypony has any shading/lighting tips I will gladly take them from you. Hope you guys like it!
  3. Hi everypony, for my 7 ocs project i have just ended Polaris! i pick a random background since it doesn't really matter here, i ned the oc for the complete drawn, but provide me one (or ask me how you want me to drawn it) and i'll do it friend! as usual, art + gif with esecution
  4. Hey guys, time for a festive related topic before X-mas! This should be a fun one, as today, I'm wondering if you have a favorite song that relates to the snowy areas or X-mas theme songs in video games? For me, a personal favorite of mines for an example has to be the Twinkle Snow Act 3 from Sonic Advance 3! The beat, theme, and speed of the song really pumps me up to go through this stage as best as possible, as well as having fun of course.
  5. Sugar Pea

    Snow! :D

    I want to show everyone what the snow looks like from my POV!
  6. Well. No shit, there I was, sitting by my window last night, watching the snow come down. "Oh, it won't stick," I told myself, "it hasn't yet!" I said. Oh, how I was wrong.... Woke up this morning, and was greeted by this... Abomination.... DAMN YOU, WINTER. DAMN YOU TO THE VERY DEPTHS OF SATAN'S BELLYBUTTON. Anywho, onto other things... So, winter has finally set it's gross meathooks into my life. That means a lot of being pestered by friends to go out and... go sledding... *cringe.* Don't get me wrong, I love sledding. But, every year, it's less and less fun. I just don't have the energy LOL Really, who wants to trudge up a steep hill in the snow, lugging a sled behind you, then slide all the way back down the hill... then repeat? *cough* not me, that's for sure 8D Now that the snow's flown for realsies this time, I'm also reminded how dreadfully close Christmas is. I love Christmas, actually. It's my favorite time of year, other than my birthday. What I don't like is how peppy people get during the holidays. And the decorations. Blech. My family doesn't actually decorate for Christmas. Too much work LOL On another note, power in the nearest town is down 8D But somehow my house escaped... (we live away from town, but, still) I sure hope people look both ways when the cross the tracks, now that the lights are down :/ I'm rambling. Okay, so, yeah. Snow and stuff. Not too sure how to close this whole thing, so, I'll leave you with a bunch of keyboard smashing. AsldkjfasDFALKSDJFawieualdjf. ~Cozzie
  7. Here is a picture of my OC Shining snow! This took surprisingly long. 30-40 minutes o.o Her markings on her hooves are blurred, but the blur tool didn't really do much Its a little messy here and there, but, its good for a computer drawing! I use a mouse to draw. I draw better on a mouse then a tablet. Anyways, what do you think of my OC and drawing? P.S.: She is NOT blind! I just like that eye style!
  8. *Actually made this 4 days ago....oh well...better late than never* This was actually the 2nd installment of my "Warrior Mane 6" Wallpapers, however, certain circumstances prevented me from uploading it here (no idea what those circumstances!) In this one we have our Sorceress, Rarity, adventuring across, and through, a blizzard. Despite her being into combat, she still does not pass up the chance to look fabuluss~ All I can say about this was that her eye colour couldn't have been better. They were so easy to make "ice-themed" and added a bit to both her and the wallpaper in my opinion.
  9. This is just a little doodle I made on my ipad. Her mane is a little more scruffy than the usual neat pony-tailed mane. I hope you guys like it! Oops, I accidentlly forgot the picture part of the picture. Silly me. Silly, silly me. Well then I better post this, yay and done! Grrrrrrrr!! Not. Working. Not. Working. My. Head. Is. Going. To. Explode. Right. Now. I. Really. Hope. Things. Work. Out. Now. I. Am. Hating. Thissssssssssssssss!!
  10. If you're wondering why everything's so... white and soft, It's supposed to be that way. You just have to fully understand the picture. So... can you figure out what's actually going on? Why is Luna here? I want to see your input on that as well as your thoughts altogether. Hope you like it!
  11. So last week some time we got a really big snowstorm. A couple of days after that, I felt like being artistic, and before the snow melted, I made this: Here's a video:
  12. Very aptly the picture this time shows Discord at his most chaotic. He has defiantly been over England over the last year! Drought, then straight into the second wettest year on record! But more recently making it snow in march. When crocuses and daffodils started to sprout and flower i thought it was defiantly spring time, but oh know, the last 2 weeks have seen freezing cold weather and random outbreaks of snow. In my (somewhat short) lifetime I've never seen anything like it! I also wanted to mention how I think I'm going to re watch the entire MLP:FIM again (7/8 time) over the Easter holidays. I really want to re watch season 3 but I can't bring myself to at the moment (deadlines and what not). For me it just lacked something the other season had (admittedly I was rushing to watch it most of the time having had more things to do from being at uni). I started to feel like they where maybe pandering to the brony fandom a bit more where as the storylines for the first 2 seasons where made purely for the younger fans and where just brilliant anyways. Some of the episodes felt like they where trying to get a 40min long episode into 20. However, I will not make proper judgement until I have re-watched it all again! I want to take my time with it and try to enjoy it properly like I did when I first wasted S1 and S2 (which I loved so much) !
  13. Well this is derpy/Ditzy Doo whatever you like the most Well this is the first drawing I ever made of Derpy and also the first drawing I ever made of a character that is actually in the show As usual fellow bronies I used Paint tool sai and only a mouse Really hope you like it and remember friends enlarge is win EDIT: guys I just want to be treated then someone with a pencil or tablet
  14. - Did you get any snow this winter? Not a few occasional flakes, but a load of it, enough to blanket your world in a centimeter (or more)? Do you often get snow where you live? I remember having plenty of snow as a kid in Istanbul, but now and here in Paris, we rarely get that much. There was qome snow in Istanbul when we flew there on Xmas, but tonight is the first time I witnessed so much snowfall in France (ironic since it's supposed to be further to the North and therefore colder): - Do you like playing in snow? What are your fondest memories of it? Also, do you do winter sports? I recall making a tiny snowman now and then when I was a child. Also snowball fights, plus eating snow (and ice). Now though, I just enjoy walking in snow and listening to the muffled creaks it makes. Ooh, also snowboarding, when I vacationed at the mountain a couple times, and I'd gladly do it again. - Have you seen or heard of any snow sculptures and exhibitions? I've only seen them on the Net, sadly. Here's one I found (NSFW) - You may also post snow facts and trivia, a bit of science or art doesn't hurt.
  15. Howdy y'all first I apologize if this is the wrong section for this type of thread Just figured I'd share some quick photos that I ended up taking this morning. Woke up to some snow out here in W Texas. Gotta say its awesome quick yard/snow check few dog pics and a few car pics (yellow is my sisters/red is mine)
  16. this is my 2nd submission to a contest on tumblr where you ship an OC with her character (the character being Mimie -right-) and i shipped her with my OC, Colorful Crescendo -left- this is a huge improvement from my previous submission :3 hope i get a good chance at winning that contest, what do you guys think of this? how did i do?
  17. I got the camcorder I wanted for Christmas I recorded mom and the dogs in the front yard. Mom is such a hard worker and aren't out dogs adorable?
  18. Alright well since I was thinking about ODST's (Not a clue why) I wanted to make some monitor backgrounds for it. So here is a dual monitor set up I have just finished doing touch-ups on. I have it set up to change every twelve hours for day and night.
  19. Linux has a thread, so the best OS should have one too! Got any cool tricks for OS X? Are you getting 10.8 when it comes out? Anything else you want to discuss? Confused, or wanting to switch and have questions? Post them here! Mac hardware counts too, since (legally) OS X can only be run on the Mac lineup.