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Found 82 results

  1. I'd like to see everyone's opinions on this. I believe that Queen Chrysalis is the best villain, but obviously not everypony agrees.
  2. Princess Celestia is a kind and loving ruler. ...No,really, as far as the show goes, it's more or less objective. She's saved Equestria countless times, runs an entire school, and raises the moon every day for her citizens; for 1,000 years, she even raised the moon. Ponies love her, and why wouldn't they? She's done all of these things without spilling a drop of blood. But is that a good thing? While she's never seen to have killed anypony, Celestia's punishments, are, in a way, worse than death. For Sombra, she turned his body to shadow, and cast him into the center of the earth: Discord was sealed in stone, conscious, for longer than 1,000 years: Nightmare Moon was sealed in/on the moon, presumably long enough to regret her actions. Tirek was locked in Tartarus for his crimes: These sentences tend to leave the condemned alive and conscious. They also tend to be indefinite; All of the aforementioned broke out through sheer coincidence, not through Celestia's doing. The question is: Would it be better is she had killed these ponies? Was there a better way she was just unable to see or use at the time? Is it a by-product of the elements; do you think they're unable to kill ponies, so she had to resort to some other method? Do you think the punishments fit the crime? This is a place to discuss everything regarding Celestia and her... unusual methods of punishment, and how it concerns the victims.
  3. I thought it could be interesting, to write a story about Sombra´s rise to power (and fall to evil) from his own perspective. This FanFiction will play during 13 Days, starting on the day before his father died, ending on the day of his coronation. There is a risk in interpreting prophecies... And since I´m from Germany, my grammar may be not that good or a bit complicated at times. I apologise for that. Enjoy. Day 1 Day 2
  4. I drew sombra I messed up on the tail though and for some reason its sideways don't know why
  5. I come here fresh after the stream and though thoroughly satisfied with Episodes 1+2, part of me is a little disappointed that King Sombra didn't have a more prominent role. All he really did was laugh and i think he had about 1 or 2 small lines. I don't know why, but i had it in my head that he was going to be really hard to beat (physically) but in the end he amounted to a bunch of smoke with his traps doing most of the work, which still wasn't that much. I have mixed feelings about him but the episodes on a whole were brilliant. What did you think of him? Was he the worst villain yet or am i underrating him?
  6. Ok so, this happened, I was once with my friend discussing 'The Crystal Empire' when we got into Sombra, I said, "What is he was brought back in season five?" so my friend asked, "Would he still be evil?" I thought about it then said, "His horn could've been accidentally put into a stew for a sickly pregnant mare, who drinks the brew and gives birth to Sombra." my friend and I thought about it, so we started coming up with stories, anyway, here is the art I drew just a few moments ago, with my shaky self from being on the boat.. It took a while, but its done. PS: Evil Sombra is Sombra's shadow. Which is weird because I just said, Shadow's shadow. (WHAT?!)
  7. Did some quick sombra fanart for the blog Ask King Sombra on tumblr c: I like how it came out!
  8. Hello, after a long time of not doing anything. and having no motivation i made something. Basically the premise of this song is Sombra facing charges for all he's done. Basically his execution day. Well that was kind of the idea. Truth be told, i'm feeling really down, so honestly this song isnt very good, im not sure if it can even be called a song. I've given up on the possibility of ever doing a good sounding song, so i just put shit together and hope it smells of roses. Anyways here it is:
  9. Ok. So unfortunately. The contents of that mysterious box may have been leaked. But here is one thing. Who is this mysterious new villain that twilight and discord will face in the final episodes? Will he/she be the one who gives twilight her key? Is he a grave threat to equestria? Too many questions. But i do want to know more.
  10. Sophia woke up in bed. It was Sunday morning. Every Sunday her and her mother would go to Sugarcube Corner and have sundae. Just because it was sunday. She stretched in bed and looked around her room. Her books where on the floor, there were drawings on the wall of her and her younger sister, and her Daring Doo poster was on the ceiling. Just how she had left it when she went to bed last night. But something was different. She couldn't quite put her hoof on it, but there was something different. Her mother knocked on the door. "Sweetie are you up?" She asked as she opened the door. "Yes." Sophia said. "Sophia?" Her mother said worriedly and looked at the bed. "What?" She said. "Sophia WHERE ARE YOU!?" Her mother said extremely worried. "I'm Right HERE!" She shouted. Her mother ran over and put her hoof on her daughter's bed looking around the bed. What scared Sophia is when her mother brough her hoof down on the bed, it went right through her leg. "What!? How....Why!? Mom!!!" She said trying to hug her mother but passing right through her. "Sophia, this isn't funny! Where are you!?" Her mother asked worriedly. "I'm right here!!" Sophia said, but it was no use. "Arieas! Sophia is gone!" She yelled to her husband. "What!?" He yelled up the stairs. Sophia cried. She wanted so badly to reach out and hug her mother. To comfort her. To let her know she was alright. Suddenly the scene changed and she was sitting in the darkness In front of King Sombra. "What! Where am I!?" She said. "In lenient terms....your in pony hell with me! I've ripped you from the world!" He said laughing. "Why!?" "Because It's fun! And I need your energy to have enough power to take over the Crystal Empire!" He laughed maniacally. "Let me go home!" She said. "Sure thing Sophie." He said with an evil grin and she was back home, outside her front door. ~One week later~ She had given up on trying to show her family she was ok. She had no idea how to get back into what she called 'the normal realm'. She thought of herself as in a different world. He did say that he ripped her from her world. And nopony is able to see her. Hear her. Touch her. She realized how lonely the ponies that she ignored at her school felt. She was part of the ponies who ignored the weird ones. She now realized how they felt. She walked through the streets sadly. Ponies passed through her, talking about their day, how cold it was, where they were going, not noticing her at all. This was the worst thing that could happen to her. She was so alone.....she sat in the cornor of a building outside and cried. "I wanna go home....I wanna hug my mommy....." She said. The image of her crying mother as she hoped her daughter would come home popped in her head. "Sophia.....where did you go......what did we do wrong?" Her mother said sitting on the couch holding Sophia's favorite stuffed pony from when she was a filly. She hugged it tightly and cried. "Mom......mommy I'm sorry....." Sophia said. Arieas came over and hugged her mother for comfort. "Don't worry....we will find her...." He said comfortingly. Her mother just cried and hugged him. That was one of the saddest day of her life. Sophia sat outside on the corner crying. She sat in a ball crumpled up in a little ball, not paying attention to what goes on around her. "Why are you crying?" A colt asked her. She ignored it thinking it was somepony talking to somepony else. He thought she was to sad to reply. He frowned. He hated to see other ponies. Especially fillies. He sat next to her and hugged her. ------------- He sat next to her and hugged her. She was shocked. She looked up at him. "You.....y-you can see me?" She said. "Of course I can see you. Your right there." He said. "But nopony else can see me." She said. "I know the feeling. Sometimes it seems like nopony can see you and they ignore you, but-" " don't understand.....nopony can see me at all.....or hear me....." She said. she stood and walked into the road and about 3 ponies passed right through her. She started crying again. "I-I'm so alone...." She said. He looked at her sadly as he walked over and pulled her out of the road. He hugged her tightly. She didn't know this colt, but he was the only one who could see her.......and he was nice. She hugged himback crying. Then she realized that she was extremely tired. She hadn't slept in days. she slowly started drifting off to sleep in his arms. He smiled and picked her up and carried her to his house. -------------- She woke up a few hours later laying in a bed. She was still tired, but she wanted to know where she was. "Your awake." The colt said. She turned to look at him. He was a pegasus. Green fur and purple flaming mane and tail. He had blue eyes and pointed at the tip ears. He looked at the snow white unicorn. She had a purple and blue swirl mane and tail with cyan eyes and a flower in her hair. "Who are you?" She asked him. "My name is Light Streak. What's yours?" He asked. ".....Sophia Heartwings....." She said cautiously. "How can you see me?" "I don't know. Are you a......ghost?" He asked a bit scared. "No. At least I don't think so. I was ripped from the world. Whatever that means." She said. "How do you know?" He asked curiously. "Some black and scary pony with a red horn told me." She said remembering it. "I miss my mom...." She said randomly. He understood why. She could never be seen. Never be heard. Never be touched. It must be so lonely. He promised himself then and there that he would take care of her, since he was the only one who could see her. And.....he kinda liked her.... He looked at her sitting in his bed looking sad. He sat on the bed next to her. "Do you know who the pony was?" He asked her. "No....but I remember where he was. He was in the forbidden cave near the Crystal Empire. I remember because my grandma lives in the Crystal Empire, so I've seen everything about it." She said. He wanted to help her. But the only way would be to go with her. But even if they went, what would they do? If he can pull her out of the world, what else could he do? LightStreak sat next to her wondering what to do. He looked over at his desk and saw his ink and quill he used to write letters to his grandmother and do schoolwork. He got an Idea. "Why don't we tell Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!" He said. (Currently still a work in progress. Tell me what you think so far!) Oc's Used- Light Streak- super2379 Arieas- Derpy Knight
  11. Looking for critique on this. It's really just a cover with slightly altered lyrics. It's sort of a headcanon of mine. What if it wasn't just jealousy and self-doubt that drove Princess Luna to become Nightmare Moon? Perhaps it was one of her own guards softly whispering into her ear the whole time, waiting for his chance. Original Music: "The Moon Rises" by Ponyphonic: Sombra Empire Icon: Emkay-MLP
  12. I was just recently watching "A tale of one shadow ( ) by NatashaSolitude, and I was wondering, "What if Sombra wasn't always evil, and originally had a lover?" I decided to make a script for an episode, using the video, with permission from Natasha, as a background for Sombra's return and redemption....Please comment on what you think about this. Changes are on-going, so check back often. Also, be sure to look at my script "Thirty Moons Under Ares" here on MLP forums. Here is the URL to the script:
  13. I suspect that by the very nature of Alicorns (or perhaps their magic), Alicorns are generally evil. Added that if they are, what will become of our beloved Twilight? (I understand that quite a few of these are sort of far-fetched, sorry.) My first reason of suspicion is, quite simply, the Alicorn amulet. This amulet, containing powerful magic, could drive someone into doing great evil. Somepony like Fluttershy could become cruel and tyrannical like Sombra by wearing something named after the Alicorns, if not made by them. A point I made earlier today, Twilight didn't give a bit about killing that plunder seed plant. I understand, it's just a plant. Still though, with her own magic she blew it's head open without a second thought. Which also makes me rather curious as to how she knew that spell (Harry Potter didn't just know the killing curse - he learned it from David Tennant, so where would she learn that killy-heady-explody-spell?). Another thing is that when she used "Alicorn magic" it looked just like dark magic, which makes me think there might not even be a difference and that "Alicorn magic" is just a polite way to put it. Princess Celestia is personally all over the place in my opinion of her, but regardless I believe she is heartless and truly evil inside. A delightful example is with Fluttershy when she let her think that Philomena was dead ( ). Another would be when she trapped her own sister in the moon for 1000 years. Think about that. 1000 freaking years for standing up for her beliefs and fighting for them. She can also use dark magic like a pro, which I find to be a bit more than unusual. Despite all of these, she loves using people, which is exactly the reason why she freed Discord ( ). There are likely other reasons why I think Alicorns are evil, but I've either forgotten them or not yet picked them up. Now, as to what would happen to Twilight; could she herself become evil simply because shes an Alicorn? The magic of the Alicorns, from the view of what I've stated, is evil. Having being infatuated with magic, and now having the power of the Alicorns, wouldn't this make her much more willing to go overboard like she did to write a report to Celestia? She wants power, she wants to learn, so why not things that were previously out of her grasp? Please discuss and point out things I may not have noticed, I wouldn't want to base something on something completely untrue.
  14. So.... has anyone noticed something? This.... how very similar it seems with... This? I mean just look at them! -Creepy Aura? CHECK! -Un-natural shadow over the face? CHECK! -Evil-Looking eyes? CHECK! -Markings on the face/things coming out of the eyes? CHECK! This only leave us one conclusion... KING SOMBRA IS AN AGENT OF THE LINK JOKERS!!! THE VOID!!! ((DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN LOL JK)) Consider the following... his method would drown Equestria in eternal darkness and eventually would kill everyone. Like what the Void wants to do... He took the crystal ponies with him and the crystal empire they had. Just like the Void did with the Aqua Force clan and the Soryu people/tribe. Both seek/can influence their oppoenents through magical means mentally changing them into their servants... Reverse-Dark Magic. My question is... what do you think of it? I for one could see someone of you making a fanfic about this... On another note... do you think this would make a good RP idea? Do you have any ideas about it? I would like to know! Maybe if some of you make enough suggestions and appear willing i might make something like Season 3 in Cardfight!! Vanguard happen!
  15. Hi there, everypony! The characters I mean by one-episode characters, are the characters who appear in (usually) one episode and then just disappear from Equestria and everyone's memory as soon as the cheerful ending credits show. Think of the Flim Flam brothers, King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis. Never heard or spoken of again. The reason why I'm wondering if they'll reappear and get a little character development, is because that is exactly what happened to the Great and Powerful Trixie, Discord, and also Princess Luna (although that may be arguable). I personally would love to hear more about King Sombra. All we know about him is that he's a powerhungry and evil pony who has the ability to use way more powerful magic than the everyday unicorn. (I do not feel the need for Queen Chrysalis to be explored more, but that's because of Anthony C. and Brony Curious's awesome theory. You can watch it on YouTube under the name of "Reviewing is Magic 4 - A Canterlot Wedding", the specific theory starting at 27:53.) So, what do you guys think? Will that happen? Should it happen? And if so, which characters would you like to see again? Brohoof, everyone! /)
  16. I know what you're think but just hear me out. We saw Sombra get blown to bits right? But if you remember, his horn got chipped off earlier in The Crystal Empire but he was able to grow it back no problem. So what if after he was blown up he was able to regenerate via Cell from DBZ? Do you think this is possible that he could return?
  17. So the trailer for SillyFillyStudios' (The creators of Snowdrop) newest project was re-released a few days ago. Apparently there were problems with the original upload, but nevertheless, you can find it here: I honestly think that this looks like it'll be fantastic. The animation looks great, the voice acting is spot on, and it seems dark and foreboding, something very few pony fan animations are. And sword fighting. I like sword fighting. But enough from me! What do you guys think of the trailer? Does it look good? Bad? Kill it with fire bad? I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
  18. Now I know this is very farfetched but just imagine it, I have little doubts it will happen but It is still an interesting thing to talk about
  19. So I was thinking that this season, instead of having a magical enemy like they usually do, they introduce a new pony enemy. Kind of like Trixie, but more dangerous and serious. People might argue that Nightmare Moon and Sunshine Shimmer. But Nightmare was a version of Luna and not an actual enemy, and Sunshine Shimmer was a demon-like creature and wasn't apart of the actual show.
  20. Lyra and Bon Bon go head to head against King Sombra and Discord! This feud keeps growing with each match! Please remember to like/fave/share/subscribe/comment below!!!!
  21. I just recently found (and desktopped) a bunch of King Sombra artwork. Enjoy! Also, if you want more pony check out my DeviantArt favorites. Not everything I favorite makes it into a blog post. cmaggot - King Sombra This is probably my favorite picture of Sombra ever. slifertheskydragon - Sombra A wallpaper of epicness. WillisNinety-Six - Death is the Only Escape Oh my... I just love this scene. Valkyrie-Girl - King Sombra This is totally Sombra's facebook picture. BritishStarr - KEENG SOMBRUUH Another mug shot of everyone's favorite Crystal King. blu-red - forgive me Uh-oh! FANFIC ALERT! I have toyed around with making a fanfic explaining NM, KS, and Discord all appearing at the same time. FoxInShadow - Crystal Heart will be mine! Lol SombraShark.
  22. Hello! Just curious- what do you think the other ponies would have seen behind the door that shows your worst fears? I'm really interested to hear everypony's thoughts. The rest of the mane 6, other characters, background ponies- whoever you can think of, but if you have an idea, this is the place to share it! ^ Here's a good thought about the CMC. I remember seeing a good Pinkie Pie one somewhere, too, but I can't find it.
  23. Should she have an archenemy? Like a constant roadblock in her quest for peace or otherwise life? Personally, I've always thought someone like King Sombra could be the perfect Anti. Big tough Evil King vs. The Small smart good princess. That kind of deal. Especially now that Trixie as her rival wouldn't make much sense. But as you know, he's dead. So in conclusion I just want to ask, should Twi have a villain? Is the series built for a reoccurring evil?
  24. During the self-imposed short vacation I decided to take after getting an article published to the Round Stable (which you should go read if you haven’t already, wink-wink-nudge-nudge), I decided to rewatch some of the episodes of Friendship is Magic that I haven’t seen in a while. I started to notice a distinct issue I had with “adventure stories,” or episodes that place a heavier emphasis on external conflict and lengthy excursions. Namely, when the show decides to engage in worldbuilding by introducing new villains, locations, or story elements, a lot of information is left, inevitably, unexplained. For example, take the two-part introduction of the draconequus that I assert to be best villain, The Return of Harmony. Within this adventure story, we are introduced to Discord and the fact that roughly one thousand years ago, he reigned as the supreme monarch. And while we are told by Celestia that “he ruled Equestria in an eternal state of unrest and unhappiness,” and are treated to a stained-glass representation of the ponies’ suffering, we aren’t actually given a lot of information about him or his reign. What was the reign like, exactly? Did this period closely resemble what Discord did to Equestria upon his release from stone? What were Celestia and Luna like during his reign? How long did the reign last, and why did Celestia call it “eternal” if it eventually ended? These questions, among others, are left unexplained. But this is not necessarily a fault of the story, or of the writers; there’s no way the episode could have maintained pacing while answering all of the questions raised by the introduction of Discord. As viewers, we have to allow the writers to leave certain narrative factors unaddressed. As long as our ignorance about these factors doesn’t interfere with the episode, it’s unreasonable to blame the writers for leaving them out. In fact, leaving out factors actually lent a hand in establishing Discord as a formidable threat; since the only detail about his reign we’re given is that it can be represented by an image of ponies on marionette strings bouncing over an inferno, we can allow our imaginations to fill in the details for us. And as has been observed in the past, nothing is scarier than what our own imaginations are capable of creating. But eventually the curiosity can become rather nagging; exactly what happened that made Discord so terrible? And now that he has been re-introduced, reformed, and is implied to become a recurring character in the future, the details of his reign are no longer a missing piece of Equestrian history; they are a missing piece of the important personal history of Discord, Celestia, and Luna. Three important characters would have their characterization greatly improved should the details of Discord’s reign be more thoroughly explained. (Of course, resolving this ambiguity would inevitably result in a veritable army of ships being sent to dock, if you catch my drift.) And these, the consequences of leaving Discord’s reign unexplained, are only the beginning. Everything that we don’t know about Discord necessarily represents a piece of the past. But another adventure story contains a rather massive piece of current, ongoing events in Equestria that the show seems to have just forgotten about. Of course, I’m referring to the Changelings. Just like with introduction of Griffins all the way back in early-Season One, almost everything about Changelings has been brought to question and promptly dropped. We know painfully little about them- their biology; their culture; how sentient they are; their political structure; where they disappeared to after getting their holey flanks handed to them; the only things we know for sure are that they feed off love, they have a queen, and they can change appearance. Certainly the show wouldn’t outright suffer should these details about the Changelings go unexplained, but the fact that the writers introduced an entire new species, put them in the spotlight, and proceeded to never bring up again is indicative of a trend that I feel could really affect how people perceive the show. As it is, one of the great strengths of Friendship is Magic is that is finds a functional balance between slice-of-life-style episodes, that focus on domestic and interpersonal conflicts, and adventure stories which, as I’ve said, emphasize external conflict, evil villains, and worldbuilding. But lately the show seems to be slipping into a less, let’s say, refined attitude of worldbuilding; namely, the writers have introduced a large number of different antagonists, locations, and historical events but have almost refused to expand beyond what is absolutely necessary for their initial introduction. This has the effect of making worldbuilding feel cheapened, new villains feel insignificant, and adventure stories, along with their serious, the world-is-about-to-die conflict, seem shallow, and at times almost facetious. King Sombra and his introduction are a perfect personification of this problem; a generic background (“one thousand years ago this villain did bad things, and now he’s returned”); a flimsy justification for why he’s been gone (“we turned him into shadow and trapped him in a glacier”); almost no actual screentime and roughly eight seconds of speaking time across both of his episodes (“Rargh.” “Yes.” “Crystals.”). And though the few details we’re given of his reign are rather grisly, the fandom has not been shy about poking fun at how ineffective Sombra was as a character. Perhaps worst of all, King Sombra is, as of yet, our latest new villain. So there’s no telling if, Faust forbid, we’re going to be introduced to more Sombras as time goes on. But the problem, even though it is exacerbated by characters like Sombra, is still present when we’re given well-developed (by comparison) villains; there are volumes of fanfictions that attempt to fill in the blanks about Discord, the Changelings, Griffins, and even Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon. So it’s not Sombra that’s the problem, (though I’ll never tire of reminding him how much of a problem he is on his own); it’s the sheer amount of worldbuilding that the show has employed. If there are dozens of questions raised by Sombra alone, there are too many to count that relate to everything else the show has introduced. At this rate, no matter how well-developed they are, introducing more villains threatens to turn Friendship is Magic’s adventure stories into mere baddie-of-the-week distractions. Which is why, in order to remedy this and rescue the adventure stories from the cusp of irrelevance, I think the greatest solution is to stop introducing more villains. At least, for the time being. But Metaright!, I hear you hypothetically interjecting. If they don’t introduce more villains, where will the adventure stories come from? The answer lies, paradoxically enough, in the same season as King Sombra. Trixie. Discord. Babs. Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. Starswirl the Bearded. All of these characters have something in common: The writers never forgot about them. They all returned, sometimes against our wildest predictions, in Season Three. Some for redemption, some for character-building, and some for plot, but they all once appeared to be one-shots. And this is a terrific trend that the show has started. At this point, sixty-five episodes strong, we have enough characters and unanswered questions to allow the writers to stop giving us more. This would have two grand benefits: One, it would prevent more characters like King Sombra from seeing the light of day. Two, and most importantly, it would necessarily lead to development of the characters we already have. In fiction, a small cast of well-developed characters is infinitely more interesting than a large cast of Sombras, and reserving adventure stories for the development and growth of characters we already have will help mitigate the huge amount of unresolved possibilities. The greatest hurdle the show would have to tackle with this approach is that the adventure stories might not have an actual antagonist. But at the same time, the bulk of the show’s episodes don’t have antagonists, and rely on conflict between protagonists. There’s no reason, then, that we shouldn’t believe the same could apply for two-part adventure stories. And yet, the opportunity is still there for antagonists without going through the motions of introducing an entirely new character. The Changelings and Queen Chrysalis are missing-in-action, and their return would lend itself well to an adventure story. Nightmare Moon could show up once again, and the writers could put to rest the question of whether she is part of Princess Luna or an external creature*. Even Discord, who is, for the moment, redeemed, could begin to relapse into his old ways. Clearly, then, adventure stories can continue to exist without introducing any new villains that would open more questions than they answer. The show is in the perfect place to expand the elements we’ve already seen and to grow the characters we already know. This could even work in tandem with Twilight’s ascension to the life of an Alicorn; as familiar faces return and are thwarted, the Mane Six could begin to feel more confident in themselves, no longer having to tackle mysterious threats that they know nothing about. Will introducing new villains anyway doom the show? No, of course not. But there are so many ways that it could benefit from bringing the focus onto expanding and growing what it’s already introduced, so even presenting us with more well-developed villains might prove, eventually, to be a detriment. And if more villains means more Sombras, “detriment” is an understatement. -- *I know something about this was covered in the comic series, but I like my canon to be presented from the infallible pens of the show’s actual writers. Plus, not everyone reads the comics.
  25. As a note, I've had it mentioned to me in the past that I tend to over-emphasize European cultural and historical models, and not address ideas from other cultures. I agree this is a failing on my part, and my only excuse is that given the volume and depth of human history I had to specialize in some way. So delving into the culture and history of my own ancestors is where I've started. When someone refers me to good sources of info from other cultures, I do go through it, but European history is my comfort zone and my first fallback when doing this kind of speculation. Okay, now we have pretty much destroyed anything resembling a hierarchy of titles, let's go deeper into how this relates to the Crystal Empire and break what little remains. For this, let's use the odd situation that occurred once in history where Princes officially outranked an Emperor. Once upon a time, there was the Holy Roman Empire. Not the original Roman Empire (27 BC - 476 AD), or the Eastern Roman Empire (285 AD - 1453 AD, also called the Byzantine Empire), but a later version (926 AD - 1806 AD) that contained the areas now covered by modern-day German, Italy, the Czech Republic, and parts of France. The Holy Roman Empire was ruled by an Emperor, but to be Emperor you had to first be elected King of the Romans by a council of dukes, kings, margraves, archbishops, etc. who were collectively known as the Council of Princes. Once elected as King of the Romans (not just 'King', because there were several Kings in the Holy Roman Empire, but very specifically 'King of the Romans'), to get the final title of Emperor the Pope had to confirm the new title. Later that last detail was abandoned, and the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire were just Emperor-Elects, and eventually even the term 'Emperor' was lost with the rulers simply titled 'King'. However, despite being Emperor whoever managed to jump through all those hoops did not have complete control like you would expect with that title. The Emperor could be overruled at any time by the Council of Princes, simply by threatening to replace him as King of the Romans with another from their number. This is very similar to many modern governmental systems where the Prime Minister (or President) can be removed from power via a vote of non-confidence. The precise mechanism varies, but the idea is the same. Getting back to the Crystal Empire, the reaction of the crystal ponies to Cadence was interesting. Nobody paid much attention until she got ahold of the symbol of sovereignty, the Crystal Heart, and then suddenly they're all 'Crystal Princess' for her. Being an alicorn, supporting a barrier against Sombra, and even having the Crystal Heart as her cutie-mark, meant nothing. But once she got that artifact, it felt a lot like the King of the Romans getting the Pope's permission to be the Emperor. So here’s how it could have gone, using what I've discussed so far and pulling in what little we know about Equstrian history: Once, long, long ago, the Crystal Empire was composed of many subject kingdoms, dukedoms, etc. Including a much smaller Kingdom of Equestria than what exists at the moment. This small Kingdom occupying the area now covered by the Everfree Forest. Other sections of the Empire were the original countries that the various tribes came from before founding Equestria, plus several others, and the most northern region which contained the capital of the Crystal Empire itself. Then there was a minor incident with an alicorn princess and a supposed love potion. A dragon came, a kingdom fell, and Chaos reigned. ( I’m not saying I believe this specific event is connected to Queen Chrysalis, but I like the imagery in this tumbr post, so I'm borrowing it for illustrative purposes. All credit for the image goes to Cupidite, of course.) Meaning that Discord took the opportunity presented, and turned everything upside down... perhaps literally... In time Celestia and Luna, likely being somewhere around the age Twilight is now, went on a quest to assemble the Elements of Harmony (as detailed in my previous blog topic), and stoned Discord as soon as they could. The pair took over the Kingdom of Equestria, probably as the region they themselves originated, leaving the rest of the Crystal Empire in disarray. They were still relatively young and were yet to develop the political acumen necessary to stabilize the entire empire. It is entirely possible that they were briefly titled Queens of Equestria, but in an effort to recall the 'golden age' prior to Discord, those titles were superseded by the 'Princess' title from the Council of Princes that would normally have determined the next ruler of the Crystal Empire. If that council was still working in any way, or even existed in anything other than the Princesses' own hopeful imaginings. While the Crystal Empire did not technically exist anymore, as it was broken up into multiple smaller independent kingdoms, dukedoms, etc. there was still a northern region with the original capitol, and home to the Crystal Pony tribe. After Discord's fall, this was obviously taken over by the Warlord Sombra, who without a functional council of Princes declared himself King of Crystal, and claimed the Imperial Throne. Due to the lack of organization, nobody either supported or disputed this for quite some time.