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Found 209 results

  1. Hi all, I've started up a brand new fanpage on Facebook devoted solely to FiM's instrumental / background music and BGM extractions. It shall serve as an alternative to - InfinityDash maintains that website, though it's been put on hiatus for the time being due to college and exams (I have no control over it aside from being able to post and edit blog entries). Because I am running this page, I hope I can provide more timely updates on new and upcoming BGM rips and other related news. Come join us and feel free to ask if you have any questions! EDIT: I've created a Twitter page as well.
  2. people on the chat gave me this idea after i posted a rendition of me singing the theme song. it's simple: post you singing, or otherwise renditioning, the songs from the show! Giggle at the Ghostie, Winter Wrap Up, Becoming Popular, anything, as long as it is a song from the show! best filehost for your renditions would be Zippyshare, since it allows you to preview MP3 files from there., to start out, here's me singing the MLP Theme Song.
  3. I honestly feel now that Season 2 is done, this summer will be the Golden Age of the Brony fandom. Fan animations are becoming increasingly popular and are well done and will gain more prominence MLP video games should be nearing their completion and release Songs have been ahead of the curve, but they will continue to be produced at a high rate Like the songs, fan art has always been there and will also continue to be made This summer should make everyone more proud of the community and even more excited for Season 3 than we were for Season 2 last summer. Thoughts?
  4. this is the first song ive ever written, o wrote it about 2 years my math class actually haha Fallen Hero i wrote this with a friend of mine. so its not entirely my work but its the firsrt song we recorded as a band. it also started off as a rebellion kind of song. Gallows this one i have yet to think of a title for but it was the last thing i wrote before my band broke up. Untitled
  5. cassy1235

    Song Covers

    I'm kind of nervous to be posting these but I would like some opinions on some covers I did. and I hope you like them.
  6. I had an idea for a forum game I thought I would try out. Basically it is like the "Let's Sing XXX" threads where each post continues a song, but instead of it being a continuous song we change it up. Also it is optional to provide the song and artist name. There isn't an exact rule on how long or short the lyrics you use have to be, but please be reasonable. Hopefully it works out, and if not oh well. *shrugs* Note: Please @%#% any excessive language please. I shall start us off with: (Smash Mouth- All Star) Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed
  7. I haven't found such a thread yet and there could never be too much threads about music I decided to make one ..well, which music do you think fits to the ponies and what kind of music would they like? I'll start. Everytime I hear this song I immideately start thinking of RainbowDash and how she probably views herself. Just replace Man with Mare http-~~-//
  8. As if I don't have enough on my plate already. This idea popped into my head a couple of days ago - yet I've been feeling really out of it lately (not motivated to do anything beyond my part-time paper delivery job); thus, I haven't so much as started on it. I'd love to tackle a complete music analysis with in-depth notes that covers each and every single song and cue in the series - yes, that would include all instrumental/background music. I'd like to do this primarily for any people and crew involved in putting together an FiM soundtrack, to make their job a little bit easier, and also to decide musical arrangement/sequencing on CD. There's a lot of reused and recycled underscore in the show - it wasn't so evident in season one, but I'm REALLY noticing it a lot as season two progresses. It would look like something similar to this: http://filmscoremont...71736&archive=0 La-La Land Records mentioned that they were in talks with Hasbro in a recent post (SOURCE: click). The process appears to be very slow - it could take many more months, if not years, before FiM sees its music released on CD. In the meantime, I'd like to throw something together to help them out - though my own project would take a number of weeks to do. (I'd have to comb through 35 episodes and counting!) What do y'all think? Now that I've posted this, I'd better start on it tomorrow and stop being lazy.
  9. So what are the best songs or parts in songs of the Mane Six? PINKIE Giggle at the Ghosty for sure RARITY her part in At The Gala so beautiful, so moving APPLEJACK her part in Winter Wrap Up RAINBOW her part in At The Gala TWILIGHT I have to tie this between her part in Winter Wrap Up and her part in At The Gala FLUTTERSHY Her 'So Many Wonders' song :- "Oh what a magical place And I owe it all to the pegasus race!"