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Found 8 results

  1. One of my large phobias I had until just a few months ago were spiders and arachnids. I used to be so terrified of them that even the smallest ones made me run and hide in another room. Let's not even talk about the larger ones. Not too long ago, I decided to learn more about them. I eventually decided to pick up some harmless arachnids that I was freaked out by, harvestmen/daddy longlegs: These things scared me the most where I live, and are pretty big, but harmless. I managed to pick one up, and I learned that they weren't that scary at all; they were cute. Pretty much I got over my arachnophobia, and love spiders, often looking at them or holding them. How has anyone else gotten over a phobia?
  2. In different parts of the world, "daddy longlegs" can refer to at least three animals. The cellar spider, harvestman, or cranefly. These unique arthropods are all very harmless, and can be beneficial as well. Cellar Spiders: These little spiders like to hang out in dark corners and eat small insects. They are a common find in many places. Harvestmen: In the order Opiliones, these tickly arachnids are actually not spiders, as they have one body segment. They are incapable of biting people, and even if they could, they are nonvenomous. These are what I consider daddy long legs. Crane Flies: They may look like huge mosquitoes, but they are harmless and will not bother humans. Unlike the other two, these are insects, having only six legs. Here where I live, I have seen all three listed. However, I only consider harvestmen daddy longlegs. Perhaps some of you may call another animal not listed as one. So what do you consider daddy longlegs to be?
  3. I kinda wondered this, considering most of us are afraid of these eight legged creatures. We could put them outside....but coming from somebody who attempted to harm a spider not too long ago. >.< I mean, it could've been poisonous for all I know. I feel bad about killing it, I always tell a spider "I'm sorry" before squashing it. u-u Yes, I feel remorse for a freaky spider... Is killing a spider basically murder, since we are taking it's life? Or is it necessary to ease our discomfort and possible safety?
  4. Do you think spiders are cute ? or do you like them in any other way. Personally I think they are kinda cute looking. I dont like the way they move but apart from that I do kinda like spider's (And I think we can all agree that we do not like the poisonous kind.) How could you think that that is not cute Post away my friends.
  5. As you all DON'T know, last week I got a new roommate, and his name was Fred. Today I killed Fred, and now im posting about it so that you can understand our "relationship". Fred is... WAS a spider. I am not arachniphobic and in fact I appreciate the help the spiders have been giving with all the bugs around here. So Fred decides that he likes me enough to move into my room, and he starts putting webs on everything I havn't touched in 5 hours. The first time I actually saw fred, was when I was posting something else here on the forums when suddenly a spider is crawling through mid air a few centimters from my face... now keep in mind that i like spiders, but i dot like them in my personal space like that. And so my first reaction was to make him go "BYE BYE" but I failed in my attempt. The next day he is making a web on one of my wall posters... I decide that I don't want any more webs in my already dirty room... and thiws leads to my second attempt at murder... which also fails. But this time it was just wierd, I mean I swear he was right underneath the object I was trying to crush him with... but no. He just dissapeared. After this incident i gained almost a respect for this spider... i mean, he had avoided death and never really did anything to harm me. So I think we had a mutual friendship coming on. And this morning... oh dear luna.... this morning I did it. I finally killed him. And now I feel bad. ________________________________________________________________________________ **LATER THAT DAY** After questioning my sanity and my right to go on living as a human being... i discovered that I am a horrible person for what I did, and so today a went to every spider that I could find in my house and I gave a unique and sincere apology to each and every one. I also searched far and wide looking for the perfect new roommate, and I found one. (Maybe finally someone will catch those ANNOYING FLIES!!!!) So yeah, I have a new spider roommate, and I am going to start writing down our adventures and turn them into a story...
  6. I read a book a while back for some light reading. It was called "The Starfish and the Spider" and was about centralized and decentralized organizations. It was a good read. This is not so much of a book discussion as it is a starfish/spider one. A spider is your classic, top down organization. The military, government, schools, most companies follow this. There is a person in charge of people who are in charge of people (and so on) and those who do stuff. A starfish is harder to pinpoint. They have no leaders or top down organization. I explained it better in an essay I did on the book... "There are two main types of organizations that the book goes into detail about, “spiders” and “starfish”. The “spiders”, or centralized organizations, are the kind that we see everyday and is easy to comprehend for people. They have someone in charge, people working for him/her, people working for them, and so on. The term “spider” is an analogy, since spiders have a head and legs that are controlled by the head. Spiders are everywhere (no pun intended); they are companies, schools, the government, the military, etc. People almost always assume things are spiders. When you're ripped of by the carnival game guy, you say something like “who the hell is runnin' this show?” When Dave Garrison, the CEO of Netcom, met with French investors in 1995 to talk about investing in his Internet company, they kept asking “Qui est le président de l'Internet?"(Who is the president of the internet?; Dave, who got tired of explaining the internet doesn't have a CEO, eventually claimed he was the president of the internet). When people meet aliens, our first words to them probably will be “Greetings, take me to your leader”. Starfish, on the other hand, are a lot more complicated to understand, even though they are simpler in design. The term “starfish” does a good job at describing a decentralized organization; a starfish has no head. Starfish have a lot of commonalities with their namesake. If an arm of a starfish wants to go somewhere, it literally has to convince the other arms to come with it, and you can't kill it by chopping off it's head (it has none). In fact, in you cut an arm of a starfish (literally), the starfish simply grows another one. In some species, the arm grows into another starfish! What does this have to do with organizations? The book uses dozens of examples to explain this, but I will use the Apache tribe. The Spanish conquered Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas quickly and almost effortlessly. It was simple: march into the capital, kill the king, and claim that they are the rulers now. As the they went north, they came across the Apaches in what is now modern Southwestern US. Easy, they thought, just another tribe to crush. They defeated the 2,000 year old Aztec civilization, which was very advanced, in almost a year. 200 years after they attacked the primitive Apaches, the Spanish were still fighting them and weren't getting anywhere. How was this possible? It was because the Apaches where like a starfish. They had no cities, kings, or emperors. The Spanish didn't know what to attack. They attack one group, another is just around the corner. There was no orders to follow. If the Spanish cut one group off, they did fine and didn't really notice. The Apache had no chiefs, but they had Nant'ans. A Nant'an is a catalyst, a person that incites the people to fight without actually ordering them to do it. He had no control over what they did, but they would fight just because he was fighting. The Spanish tried to kill all of them, but the people weren't affected and kept fighting anyway. The Spanish eventually gave up. The Apache were unstoppable not because of weapons or tactics, but because their social structure had no head for the Spanish to cut off. The spread out, no leader, no order situation is basically what a starfish is. It may seem like nothing will get done, but people are willing to do what they need to. Starfish organizations include Alcohol Anonymous, the music sharing sites, and even Al-Queda. That doesn't mean Starfish are bad, they just are a different way of setting up an organization." That was probably a TL;DR, but oh well. Anyway, what's your take?
  7. AnY Thing You wanna know?