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Found 72 results

  1. This comic is about the relationship between my ponysona, Lost Trees, and a young mare OC of mine named Storm Feather. Enjoy, every pony, and please share your thoughts. Page 2: "I couldn't take them seriously with those hats..." Page 3: "It looks like my first commission is an important one..." Page 4: "I had never seen the sky like this." Page 5: "Spitfire was even sexier than her photos..."
  2. So, many know I love art, but this is my first attempt at a physical piece of mlp art. Its a wonderbolts chain necklace. I was gonna use fishing line, but chain just shouted wonderbolts. I made this out of cardboard, paper, markers, and a chain.
  3. Derpy derp derp, oh look, i drew something canon :0
  4. Armored Spitfire Here is my favorite pony in my drawing style, and shadows in them is more complicated due to its color and I tried to do something but simpler than normally I do hope you enjoy.
  5. Hey guys it's me Spitfire, the famous captain of the Wonderbolts! I decided to open up this thread to have you can ask me questions about my life and stuff like that. So if you feel like it shoot me a question, I'll be sure to answer it.
  6. I tried re-drawing it on the 2 programs I have on my iPad (where I draw digitaly), Adobe Photoshop Touch and Adobe Ideas. Both tries failed for different reasons. Anyways, since I give up drawing the same thing again, I decided to post it like how it is I accept constructed criticizing and advice ^-^ This is supposed to be my "husbando/waifu" Thunderlane and Mrbrunoh1's "waifu" Spitfire sleeping together (we are twinnies forever).
  7. Here is another drawing with the new style of Mane I improved to bring more realism, I hope you enjoyed, I imagine that moment this way, two very incredible ponies. This here is dedicated to all fans of Rarity and Spitfire. Based on my new drawing style.
  8. Well here is the end of my project, if you notice I'm trying to change the way you draw the hair, is quite different, I'd love feedback on the mane, please it is important for me to improve. Based in My new Art Style My Old Mane Style My Old Mane style or New?
  9. I think this is my new favorite character, and I started thinking about doing it just a simple design, but I ended up loving draws there, I think this is my new favorite pony. I hope you like my drawing ... This drawing is based on my new drawing style.
  10. Here is another drawing, I hope you enjoyed, was not the best but I tried to do something. Well I hope you enjoyed the mane it is complicated to make. I hope you enjoyed.
  11. Rainbow Dash. The mare that made the legends of the sonic Rainboom true. The mare that saved all of Equestria from danger with loyalty. The mare who finished Jr. speedster flight camp and the wonder bolts academy with flying colors. A Equestrain games Athlete. A weather pony that finishes her job in 10 second. Rinabow Dash has exhibited feats capable of out shining the Wonderbolts. She saved those that they could not twice. Won the respect of the leader Spitfire. Broke records of the Wonderbolts academy. Offered a place next to the Wonderbolts in the Equestria games. From the number of candles on RD's cake in Pinkie Pride, we can say she's just over 21. That’s old enough to be on the reserve so why not the actual team? On the Wonderbolts reserve...AND YET NOT A FULLFLEGED WONDERBOLT?! WHY? It just doesn't add up. In Rainbow Falls when RD and the gang arrives at rainbow falls RD seems to be well know because of how the other ponies wow at her. So she's just as well known as the Wonderbolts. She is going solo and Is just as good a flyer as Spitfire, and better then Soarin by the looks of it. So what do you think? Is Hasbro just doing what ever drags the show on, or are they letting the Other main 6 develop their hopes and dreams first.
  12. During the ending of Wonderbolt Academy, Spitfire takes the gold medal off of Lighting Dust and then Lighting Dust walks away with her head down as two guards take her some where. Most likely to get her stuff and to make sure she leaves the base. Of course we don't know if she is getting kicked out or if she is going some where to think about what she did. Now I'm hearing people saying that they feel bad for Lighting. She was just doing everything she could to prove she was the best and should be a Wonderbolt and should not have been kicked or what ever they did to her. My problem is I don't feel bad for her and she should get kicked out. This is how I kinda see it and why she should get kicked out. Lighting Dust was not being a team player. She almost got Rainbow Dash hurt, the other students hurt, and almost got 5 civilians hurt. Four if Fluttershy remembered that she was a pegasus before hitting the ground. Also she did not feel bad for what she did. So after looking at this it's kinda the same reason I don't feel bad for Trixie. They were both jerks to everypony and only cared about themselves. They had it coming to them for things that they did. So what does everyone else think?
  13. We had Octavia or DJ Pon3, Lyra or Bonbon and Colgate or Carrot Top polls. So why not this? Who's out of these fast pegasi is better?
  14. As much as I loved Bulk Biceps (I prefer to call him Macho Pony though) and Derpy (especially Derpy) one thing that really got under my skin in the episode Rainbow Falls which just how pathetically out of character Spitfire was. Soarin was his mellow self and since we haven't had any character development for Fleetfoot until then why she acted that way is forgiveable but Spitefire seemed to do a complete 180 in this episode. In all of her other appearances Spitefire was fairly harsh yet fair, a large professional ego but one that is measured. Bascially what I see in Spitfire is a more mature and level headed Rainbow Dash but what I saw in Rainbow Falls was a lying manipulative bitch. She had Soarin fake an injury to get who she thought was a better flier to join her team so she would have a better chance of winning. This is in stark contrast especially to her role in Wonderbolt Academy which while she did indeed have a lapse in judgment by letting LIghtning Dust get away with way too much until Rainbow Dash called her on it she did own up to her and said that Wonderbolts are "not just about pushing yourself hard but about pushing yourself in the right direction."
  15. I'm so sorry... ...but it had to be done. But hey, it ain't all bad. Look, I gave her a navel. That has to count for something, right? I forgot how (unfortunately) fun it is to draw these.
  16. Over the course of my pony plushie pursuing, I've gotten three Dash plushies thus far. A small streamer haired one from Toys R Us (an impulse buy; since I worked there, I got discounts), a completely custom-made one from Amazon, and one from a booth at BronyCon, this year. I am happy to announce that, now that I have my new job at Hannafords Groecery Store and am getting completely regular hours, I was able to drop $150 for this awesome-sauce Spitfire plushie from Ebay. And the best part? It was the only one available, as it's made by someone who makes these all custom-made, and apparently, with no or few repeat creations <3 Picture got taken down and marked as 'Sold Out' as soon as I got my receipt. I will make an edit to both the OP, and make a new post, for when it arrives Which should be in just two or three days, due to speedy shipping benefits.
  17. I made this in Adobe Flash CC over 24 hours, was pretty fun until it came to the lip syncing. Looking for some feedback! Song: If it means a lot to you - A day to Remember This marks day 13 with Adobe Flash.
  18. So, while I was at Bronycon (which was so awesome), I had the chance to draw a few things in between panels and I thought I would share what I got. The first was a little piece that I drew for a friend that went with me, which was just a quick sketch of Fluffle Puff and Chrysalis. Since she is a huge fan of Fluffle Puff, she liked it. What was stranger is that she got it signed by the guy who created Fluffle Puff (not sure of his name, sorry!) for some reason. The next one was a challenge, but also quite enjoyable as it was colored pencil on black paper which I had never tried previously. At first, I wanted to draw Fluttershy but to my dismay it seems that I did not have a pink colored pencil with me. So, naturally, I went down the list of all of the yellow-colored ponies and I settled upon Spitfire instead. After I had finished it, I had the crazy idea of actually giving it to the artist who goes by the name of Spitfire, which is one of my favorite pony artists. If you have not seen here work, be sure to look it up as she is an awesome artist and a great person. Anyway, I was a little nervous about me, a mediocre artist at best, giving my drawing to an established artist such as herself. To my relief and glee, she absolutely loved it and even gave me a hug! I am sure she was just being nice, but still it was a pleasant experience. Anyway, sorry for such a long post for just two pictures as I just returned home from the convention and I am still winding down. If anyone has any comments, please feel free to share them!
  19. I think I made enough polls, so I'll just make a hurt-heal topic. This time with pegasi, next time with earth ponies. Rainbow Dash - 20 Fluttershy - 20 Derpy - 20 Scootaloo - 20 Spitfire - 20 Soarin - 20
  20. (SpitFire Artwork Thread) I drawed some art of Spitfire and i would like to share them with MLPForums hope you will like it. If you want to see more say it c: cause i have more of other ponies OC etc. The Whole Paper The 6 drawings 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  21. Hi I'm Spitfire ! Captain of the legendary Wonderbolts ! You can ask me what you want ! Or do you are scared because you have a low wing power ? :E
  22. I also did a tribute to the top Wonderbolts Spitfire and Soarin, Spits who became my instant favorite after her appearance in the Gala episode. Rainbow Dash makes a cameo and the track used is "War Against Destiny", the end track to Capcom's Shooter 19XX: The War Against Destiny, which served in part as my inspiration for my fic Mechponies. Enjoy.
  23. Drew Scoots as my favorite female Street Fighter Cammy, always thought both have a lot in common. Next up is Princess Celestia, inspired by someone else did of Wallpaper profiles, but did my own thing. What I hate is t hat her arm looks so out of place... Finally, Spitfire, my favorite of the Wonderbolts. I wasn't too happy for her voice change but she is still my fave Captain.
  24. What do you guys think? It got cut off a bit by my scanner, sadly. If i get enough people wanting, i can do a poster for each country c: (i won't need much convincing ) My deviant art if you want to support me or something