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Found 1662 results

  1. In the episode "Molt Down" Rarity's ears became clogged by some effect of Peewee's feathers. But in season 1 and 3 "A bird in the Hoof" and "Just for Sidekicks", Celestia's pet Philomena didn't seem to have any effect on anypony including giving Fluttershy one of her feathers, and we don't see much but a few pictures of Peewee as a baby phoenix with Spike and Twilight. The possible reasons as of to why is: 1. Maybe there is a difference between wild and domesticated phoenixes, that wild phoenixes need to defend (themselves, eggs, nest, family, etc) and therefore develop genes as a defence where domesticated don't, Peewee for being so young when Spike returned him to his family didn't have as much time being with Spike compared to being in the wild with his family. 2. Another is that Rarity might be allergic to them. It might be a very rare allergy (pun not intended) which is why we have never herd of it until now except for Zecora. And both could clear what Zecora said "Ah, the feathers of that bird can affect ponies' ears", the keyword being "can" as though it possible to but not 100% that it will. 3. One other that might explain Philomena but not Peewee is that Celestia might have some kind of spell on Philomena to have her feathers not have an effect on ponies.
  2. Anyone who read Doomsday Clock may have noticed a hint of DC possibly referencing their old rivals. Bold hints to be sure. But then the second issue of the new Thor comic comes out. There aren't any allusions here. Each side has all but name dropped the others heavy hitters. We have not had a large scale DC/ marvel crossover since the four part JLA/ Avengers in 2003. And it wasn't just the comics that maybe an indicator. There maybe some discontent over at AT&T, the owners of Warner Media. Comic sales are declining across the board. The big budget films are producing mixed results. DC didn't have as big a presence at Comic Con. There's talk of reducing the frequency of comics, going all digital or even selling off the publishing end completely. There's even some talk of DC pulling what Marvel did in the 90s and license out some of their characters and properties. A big crossover event with Marvel could be seen as the first step in boosting their profile back up. Though I doubt that it's the first step of a merger like some are saying. Disney has a lot of money, but not that much money. There's also the question of anti-trust laws if they even attempted it. Still, the thought of a new crossover is exciting. But what do you all think? What is this all leading to? How will the story play itself out in the comics? Which Marvel/DC parings have the best story potential? Discuss!
  3. Does anypony else want IDW to bring back FIENDship is Magic with an issue 6 focusing on Cozy Glow? We pretty much know nothing about her. I would love to know her backstory, how she became a villain, when/how she met/got in contact with Tirek, etc.
  4. In Shadow Play, Twilight says without the Elements of Harmony, all of Equestria will suffer. In season 9, the Elements and the Tree of Harmony itself are destroyed and barely anything happens. What happened?
  5. It was a surprisingly solid and awesome, entertaining show. Every character was great and the story was interesting. What was a surprise and a slight letdown was Hawkgirl at the finale of season 2. She was my favorite character of all the league members and the show sacrificed her for the sake of drama, similar to how The Walking Dead sacrifices the characters to provoke intense emotions (in a wrong way). It isn't a bad thing, but if the show doesn't pull off a great story about this later on in Justice League Unlimitted, I will be disappointed. Season 2 finale was a good story on it's own, but I can already see the limits. Now I will never get the Hawkgirl that I thought she was. I mean, as soon as her and Green Lantern are together, then just at the next episode? We also got to know more about her at the holiday episode. I feel betrayed as well as the characters in the show. It also came out of nowhere. And the worst part is that they removed the mask. She had the awesome Devil Man look and her eyes looked so ironically cute in there. Now she's all tragic conflicted traitor. I was tricked and fooled to believe a certain character to be a certain way and be attached to it. It isn't a good tool for storytelling just like The Walking Dead saying "You should be shocked and hopeless like the characters in the story." Hawkgirl was a very simple character, but I liked it that way. Now everybody has a complicated backstory. But still, 8.5/10
  6. Are there any birds that fly north for the winter? Fluttershy said in Better Together season 2 "Street Chic" that they where starting head north for the winter, but that would only make sense if they lived south of the equator, but that would contradict what Rainbowshine said in "Winter Wrap Up" that Ditzy Doo went north to get the southern birds, also during the song "Winter Wrap Up" both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy bringing home/welcome back the southern birds, and in "Tanks for the Memories" during the song "I'll Fly", Rainbow Dash turns the geese around leading them north when they were heading south, which would put Equestria north of the equator not south where it seem the EQG world is according to Fluttershy.
  7. AJ's countryism isn't linked to her cutie mark, its the new cutie mark that is keeping her from using them. Sense the other 5 and the other ponies in the town don't/cant use countryisms, AJ shouldn't be able to use them ether sense there all suppose to be equal.
  8. Why are no crystal ponies unicorns or pegasi? The only crystal ponies that are unicorns is Radiant Hope and Princess Amore from the comics, no other crystal ponies are unicorns nor pegasi. The crystal guard is also strange because the only crystal ponies that are guards are from the Equestria Girls movie. There are other crystal guards being pegasi but are NOT crystal ponies you can tell from their eyes they're not crystally like the crystal ponies eyes are. Also why would the Crystal Empire have guard/jousting armor that would have wing holes?
  9. The amulet the princesses made for Twilight in season 9 when she was going to take over as ruler of Equestria, did they originally have that being quickly made and infusing it with their when all magic was being drained from Equestria. Sense magical artifacts took 3 days to be drained of their magic, and the amulet could be considered as one, explaining how the day and night where changing with the princesses not having their magic.
  10. So we got six new shorts/specials coming soon - they're half-clipshows of previous episodes, half-new content. It's been a few weeks since the finale, so I thought they woulda been released by now. I dunno if they'll becoming Thanksgiving, Xmas, or even next year! Though I'd highly recommend doing it this year. I'd rather see these final DHX G4 stuff as soon as possible so we can finish up. They ARE finished! Jim said everything's done! So I'm not sure why they're taking so long. I know they're coming, and I got proof! 1. The leaks released the scripts. 2. The behind the scene special showed the VAs saying lines we never heard before that match these scripts 3. This picture:
  11. Did anyone felt that the battle between the Pillars and Tirek was kinda pathetic and ironocally laughable? I don't want to be too harsh on the show, but it was very underwhelming and spoiled the serious tone of the finale. The directing was somewhat off. Probably the biggest flaw of the finale next to Discord's reasoning on impersonsting Grogar. Come to think of this, the pillars were represented underwhelmingly in the whole show in general. What do you think of all this?
  12. I mean, they eventually gave Spike wings. Was Gummy toothless because he was a baby or had other reasons?
  13. For being the final 2 part finale, I feel like it has the biggest number of problems. First, I think why Tirek couldn't use Discord's magic because he wasn't strong enough/powerful enough in comparison to when he did in the season 4 finale Chrysalis calling Grogar a goat when he's a ram when Discord say's "Your welcome." and everypony turns to look at him they forgot to remove a red arrow on one of the guards indicating to turn her head Tirek took the magic from the Pillars they still had their cutie marks Luna's voice coming from Celestia Chrysalis calling Tirek a minotaur when he's a centaur Discord and Tirek mispronouncing cretin when Cozy Glow say's "Their right there!" she is missing her horn and Hyper Sonic's voice.
  14. I think there is a better explanations for discord's behaviours for resurrecting Sombra and eventually leading up to destroying the elements of harmony, the three villains threatening Equestria. Discord already knew how easy it is to hide and manipulate the elements. And the mane six's mental reliance on the elements as practical items didn't pull out the full potential inside them. If the elements were broken or corrupted during the three villain's invasion, they might have lost. Eventually, destroying the elemnts and experiencing using the elements without the gems led them to win and Twilight undefeatable. I know it's just my headcanon and the show didn't explore any of this so no excuse for Diacord's poor decisions, but just thought that's the most realistic explanation. What do you think of this?
  15. As shown on Equestria daily, there's a Q&A Twitter feed between Jim Miller and a fan. Which can be seen in the link below There will be spoilers! (Can a admin or someone make sure a big Spoiler tag can be seen next to the title on Topic list?) For those who read through it, what did you think of his responses?
  16. Spoiler Warning! This story takes place after the events of the final episodes! This is a three-part story (I'll be posting the next two parts between now and November 1st) meant to fill a "plothole" in the show of how the Student 6 would overcome the resentment they would inevitably feel over learning of the Tree of Harmony being indirectly destroyed by Discord. Though I love the finale and know of the Season 10 comic, I want to write my own interpretation of this potential storyline.
  17. The final episodes were so wonderful. The one thing though was the time skip. It's not that it was bad, it made sense for the show. But for me personally, I've always felt a mild sadness about things like that. I want to spend the present with the ponies, not jump into the future. The episode was wonderful, but there's a weird thing with me seeing the mane 6 in their 40s or whatever. But then again, I feel it's your own interpration whether or not you see the final episode as "the future" or "the present." I'm a very "in the present" guy. And especially with the comics taking the mantle, which I'm fairly sure they'll be taking the right after episode 25 angle, that seems to be the place I wish to continue, and the perspective I like more. I want to see their moments more. Though it's worth mentioning, they made Digimon Tri after how the second season ended. So I ask what you all think. For any further pony things, do you wish to see the future, or stay in the present?
  18. In "The Cutie Re-Mark (Part 2)" the final alternate future of the desolate wasteland, could Celestia have become Daybreaker causing it, or could Ahuizotl have finshed the ring ceremony from Daring Don't to "unleash 800 years of unrelenting sweltering heat"?
  19. Why is it that ever Griffin we learned the name of all start with G? Gilda, Gustave Le Grand, Greta, Grandpa Gruff, King Grover, King Guto, Gabby, Gallus.
  20. I read the latest MLP comic Feats Of Friendship. Warning Spoilers! It is a simple plot so far, but it made me think. First, a brief summary of the plot. The Young Six are going to participate in a series of games called the Feats Of Friendship. They need a 7th team member so Twilight introduces them to Swift Foot, a female earth pony. It turns out that she is evil (because of course she is) and wants to turn the characters against each other. She talks to each one privately. She tells Silverstream that Equestria didn’t save the Hippogriffs when Storm King invaded. She tells Gallus that the Griffons and ponies didn’t get along, and Gallus should be the leader of the group. She tells Yona that Yona learned to speak pony, but nobody learned Yak. She told Smolder that the school doesn’t serve gems for dragons to eat. She tells Ocellus that the ponies made the changelings change their way of life just to suit the ponies. And she tells Sandbar that he treats is friends better than they treat him. This makes all of the characters mad at each other. I will address each of these points from minor to major. Sandbar is upset because he feels unappreciated. I don’t see this as a major issue. He will get over it. It does not present a big personal problem, nor a problem with pony/non pony relationships. Gallus has a big ego and it is reasonable to believe that he should feel like he is the leader. But he needs to realize that their group has no leader. I don’t see this a as a big problem. He needs to learn how pony society works if he wants to live there, even if temporarily. This is a minor personal problem, and might reflect some issues for Griffon/pony relationships. The Hippogriffs. Why didn’t Equestria defend them? (Because plot.) We don’t know. I think Equestria should have, if they could have. But for whatever reason that didn’t happen. You can’t be mad at someone for not helping, or not helping enough, when you have problems. What do the Hippogriffs want? Reparations for something that Equestria wasn’t a part of? Do they want help rebuilding? That might be a good idea, but not because Equestria owes them anything. I think the Hippogriffs make good allies. It seems that they get along well with the ponies. The Hippogriffs should work to build an alliance, not feel bitter about what happened to them. Yona feels like she is making an effort to fit into pony society by learning the pony language. But what else does she expect? She is visiting Equestria, of course she should learn their language. You don’t go to a foreign land and expect everyone there to speak your language. I never liked the Yaks. They are violent and threatened war. I don’t think Equestria should appease that kind of behavior. Sure, they can make some effort for peace, but don’t compromise their values. Equestria should always be ready for war to defend its way of life. The Yaks make unstable allies. The only reason I would negotiate peace with them is that war is expensive. I would not have peace “at any cost.” I think that if the Yaks had a superior military then they would attack Equestria. Smolder’s problem is similar to Yona’s. Should she expect to eat gem stones in Equestria? I don’t know how hard it is to obtain dragon food. Presumably it shouldn’t be that hard. I think she has a valid complaint, but nothing worth getting mad about. A minor personal problem, but a reflection of a big dragon/pony problem. I see the dragons as worse than the Yaks. The only reason that the dragons have not invaded Equestria is that Ember doesn’t want to. What happens if she is replaced? Can the ponies really trust the dragons? Do they share any common values? I don’t think so. I would keep a strong military as a deterrent against dragon invasion. The Changelings. The ponies changed the Changelings’ way of life just to suit the ponies? Duh! The Changelings invaded Equestria. The ponies had every right to do anything, including wiping out every last Changeling, to save themselves. The Changelings should be thankful that they still exist. The ponies and Changelings could not live in the same world. Their existence was mutually exclusive. One might ask, “Where were the hippogriffs when the Changelings invaded Equestria?” Fortunately for Equestria, the Changelings are no longer a threat. I do think it is a good idea to have an alliance with them now that they are not a threat. But what happens when Thorax isn’t in charge anymore? Hopefully the change is permanent. I believe that Equestria represents the superior culture in the land. At the very least, they should take a stance that protects their way of life. We could get into cultural relativism, with an attitude of “well, everyone thinks they are the best.” Sure, when the unreformed Changeling is eating your energy, you can think that. Or when the dragon is roasting your village, or when a diamond dog has you in chains, you can talk about how every creature is equal. Taking a cultural relativistic philosophy is pointless at best, self-destructive at worst. It is significant that it is Equestria that has a school devoted to inclusiveness. It is Equestria that accepts all points of view. It is Equestria where creatures from other lands can be given a fair chance. Not Yakyakistan, not Dragonland (awesome band), not the Changeling Kingdom, not Griffonstone. Maybe the Hippogriff lands. It is cultural suicide to think that every other creature believes in freedom the same way the ponies do. Equestria should spread its beliefs and culture. I’m not saying it should invade other lands. I’m saying other lands should adopt the same concepts of freedom that Equestria has. If they don’t, then Equestria needs to have a strong defense. Being ready to defend yourself is not aggressive. Having strong values and beliefs means nothing without the firepower to ultimately back it up.
  21. As of "Summer Sun Setback" we seem to have an official verification of Whooves with Roseluck. If you didn't catch it, it's during Twilight's speech at the climax of the festival. Now, this isn't the first time we've seen these two together, but now they're actually cuddling in that shot. This is particularly interesting because of what happened just previously in "Trivial Pursuits." Whooves made an appearance in that episode as well, but Derpy is nowhere to be seen, until the final moments where she seems to be fighting to get into the building and failing. Is this a metaphorical hint of something? Have Whooves and Derpy broken up? These two events seen separately might not be so eyebrow-raising, but having them back to back? That's a bit more telling. It'd be very sad if that were the case, but I don't know what else to make of it. It seems too well-timed to be a coincidence, especially since DHX knows how much fans hunt for Derpy. To see her "shut out" just one moment before this moment with Roseluck... is this a hint of an actual love triangle?
  22. Rainbow Dash was not out of character in "2 4 6 Greaaat". Rainbow isn't into cheer leading mostly because she sees it as to girly but just cheering for a friend is different. She mostly only knows cheering from her parents when they were cheering from the sidelines and what she knows by them is just the basics, so just teaching Fluttershy the basics of cheering is for the sidelines. Even in season 4 "Rainbow Falls" yes Twilght and Pinkie were wearing cheerleader outfits and were cheering for Ponyville but still they were just cheering not cheer leading, even with those outfits. Rainbow also looked uncomfortable when the 2 cheerleaders for Cloudsdale were cheering around her she only smiled a little for those 2 before she returned to the Ponyville team. Rainbow Dash is a tomboy being into sports, but not the cheerleaders and doesn't pay attention and/or as she said in "2 4 6 Greaaat" ponies get snacks during it. In season 3 "Games Ponies Play" is the ONLY time she was in fact cheer leading, but it was Twilight that came up with the routine and Rainbow had to go with it and had put on the act to get the Crystal Empire to host the Equestria Games so they feel "the crushing wave of disappointment" that she felt when Cloudsdale lost out of hosting. She never has been interested into cheer leading aside from that and that was just to get the Crystal Empire to host the games, and only the basics of cheering is what she really knows in general, but knowing nothing about the overall process of cheer leading makes sense.
  23. We know that Celestia and Luna are immortal and possibly Twilight, Cadence and Flurry Heart as well, but maybe non-alicorns could live extremely long such as Granny Smith and possibly the rest of the Gold Horseshoe Gals. Because Granny Smith in "Family Appreciation Day" called herself a "young filly" but when the founding of Ponyville she looked more like a teenage/young mare but the founding of Ponyville was over 200 Years ago according to Twilight in "Winter Wrap Up" said "Ponyville was started by earth ponies, so for hundreds of years they've never used magic to wrap up winter" the key term being "for hundreds of years" so Granny Smith at her youngest during "Winter Wrap Up" is over 200 years old.
  24. Title: A Trivial Pursuit Air Date: August 17, 2019 Written By: Brittany Jo Flores Synopsis: Twilight's hopes of keeping her Trivia Trot winning streak alive are waylaid when she is paired up with Pinkie Pie, who has never been to a trivia night before.
  25. Spoilers from The Last Crusade! I also kinda feel similar about Spike's wings. If Spike was never gonna fly, I could have lived with that. Some ponies fly, some don't. I would accept if some dragons just don't have wings. (and we have seen him physically grow two times without wings, so it's not hard to picture) It didn't matter if he ever flies or not, just like Scootaloo not being able to fly. The show couldn't stand any longer for unanswered questions, and just gave him wings with a not so compelling story wholely made for that. I feel similar about lot more things in the show. And if the show is going to fill the obvious blanks, I wish they did it better, or not touch it at all because some blanks aren't meant to be filled. I don't dislike The Last Crusade or think it is a bad episode, but it could have been done better with better directions, and most importantly I'm curious what people think of this. What do you think?