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Found 151 results

  1. I suggest a rule that prohibits anyone from posting any spoilers for an upcoming MLP:FIM season anywhere outside of spoiler-orientated threads unless the spoiler-tag features are used and specifically state that these spoiler-tags contain season 4 spoilers. If anyone violates this rule, they will be dealt with by the site's moderators. The system should be flexible and reasonable. For instance, if someone simply posts a not-too-significant screenshot, they will just be given a certain amount of warning points. Another example, if someone posts anything that reveals a significant part of an episode's storyline, they will be banned for a day or so. Again, these are just examples. You get the point. Everyone has one week to watch an episode after it has been originally aired. If someone hasn't watched the episode by the time that week is over, they may enter the site at their own risk. Hopefully, this will help some people keep the experience of watching new MLP:FIM episodes as fresh and enjoyable as possible.
  2. I'm super excited right now, maybe it's just the hypetrain. But I'm extremely optimistic about season 4 thanks to that panel. Here the followup from Equestria Daily EDIT : I'm sory. I messed up while reloading the page. I actually wanted to wait until we have more information. EDIT#3 : Now with the footage in improved quality! THIS. IS. AWESOME!
  3. Hi everypony I don't know if someone already starts a topic about this, but recently there have been spoilers of season 4 first 4 episodes and are Princess Twilight Part 1- " Part 2- Castle-Mania- Daring Don't- Why is Celestia and Luna missing? Half day, Half Night? What do you spect will be the secret of the elements of harmony? Who is the Shadow Pony? Daring Do New episode!! And Twilight as an Alicorn?
  4. I've established this thread as a place for members of this forum to go and list the sites that feature spoilers from the show, whether it be plot synopsis, screenshots, leaked news, reveals from the staff and employees, etc. If you want to go to your favorite MLP site but are afraid it may ruin the surprises in store for season 4, then check out this page first. Also it would help that when you list the site for others to avoid, you specify what kind of spoiler. Is it a screenshot? A plot reveal? Something that's propagated into a meme? An animation released by Hasbro? A very loose and vague description on the matter will suffice.
  5. After seeing that exclusive season 4 clip from Comic Con, a number of things came to mind. One of them, was how amazing this is going to end up being as an episode! Another was how unique the overall setting appeared. The writer's seem to be making this seem more like a Powerpuff Girls parody than an MLP episode as far as the general setting and atmosphere goes. It's certainly something new and unlike anything the writer's have ever done before. I really enjoyed watching the clip though and I look forward to seeing the episode in the upcoming season later on this year. In case some of you guys haven't seen it yet, here it is. So what are your thoughts on this? Also, why do you think the setting is so drastically different here? They're obviously not in Ponyville anymore, and all the architecture and technology seems at least a century or two ahead of their time. I'm going to guess it's all just in Spike's strange dream. But nonetheless, I'd love to hear your overall thoughts and opinion on this. Also, enjoy this colorful and artistic depiction of the "Power Ponies".
  6. This is my observation of Princess Celestia and Head Cannon theorys on her Actions in the series. I did a quick search and did not find a related thread, if there is one it may be merged. Spoilers Ahead, Maybe Watching over a few episodes I was wondering. Did Celestia have all of whats happening planned out? The lessons Twilight is learning, where they all or most all planned out by her? We see a bit of this in "Friendship is Magic" Ep1and 2 where she sends Twilight to Ponyville to meet her soon to be friends. Friends that so happen to be the weilders of EoH. Also indicating she knew of her sisters return and probly has been planning what to do about it for a thousand years. How manny tests did she place infront of Twilight and her friends? From the obvious Galla Ticket and introducing Fluttershy to her pet pheonix and then suddenly leaving, to maybe more subtle things. Did she send a parasprite to fluttershy? Did she ask the Mayor to omit Twilight from the roster in Winterwrap up , even tho Twilight has been living there for a while now? She even admited that she invited Twilight and her Friends to the Galla because she knew exactly what would happen. Did she sugest to her sister to go visit her subjects on Nightmares eve? Probly the worst time of the year for her to show up. Even during the Canterlot wedding I find it hard to belive that Chrsyalis had her fooled the entire time. I find it more likly that when she showed up she thought "Ohh this will be fun." Even after Chrsyalis reveals her self what is taking her so long to stop her, she rambles on for like a minite and a half. (1min 35 sec, and another 15 sec to transform) Was she just standing there looking at her watch, tapping her hoof? I also find har dto belive that she was easly defeated. Did she let Chysalis knock her down? She recovered pretty fast she the Queen was defeated. Lastly we see her sending a possibly dangerous spell to Twilight. Was it all leading up to Alicorn Twilight? Is this another step in her ultimate Goal? What is her Goal? Is there a threat looming that only she knows about? Well that's about it for my observations. Is there anything ells you noticed that seems like an odd coincedence that maybe Celestia set in to motion? Or is it all just life and that's how life goes in Equestria?
  7. Hey guys im new to mlp forums and new to writing fan fic and would like for/someone to proof read my first chapter , i know its kinda a cliff hanger/ aka not done yet but i just would like someones out side perspective thank you !!! Morgan Freemane my little pony.docx
  8. I'm new to the site. I have questions I want to add to the episode discussion boards, but I'm just curious whether we should avoid spoilers in topic titles, or if it's to be assumed that if you're on the board you should be expecting spoilers. Since I'm assuming not every person who joins has watched every single episode I'm guessing more towards the former.
  9. There are at least two for me so far. I just cried a little seeing Rainbow Dash do the sonic rainboom. I watched it a few times on Youtube and it was cool then, but in the actual episode it's so amazing. To see RD really unsure of herself for the first time and then pull off something like that makes me feel like I can do anything, too. Another one is when Twilight meets Fluttershy for the first time. She's so timid and nervous that it makes Twilight uncomfortable, which makes Fluttershy even more uncomfortable, and the conversation comes to a quick and awkward end. That really resonated with me because I've been there so many times...I'm terrible at meeting people, and I'm so shy in person that I come off as antisocial. When I saw that, I knew this was a character I could identify with. And when she went crazy over Spike it got hilarious, and that's when I decided "I must keep watching this show. MUST."
  10. So, i've been thinking about this since when i saw the last 13 minuts of Equestria Girls: Sunset Shimmer plan (Well, duh, the name of the topic may have been clear enough). I think that is was a mess of plan and it has so many flaws that could have failed from the beginning. But what do you think about it? Ps: Sorry if it there was a topic with the same question. Edit: The plan thing is more about her idea to take over Equestria, who has seen the movie know what i mean.
  11. *Warning* For those of you that have not seen "Equestria Girls" yet, the following thread will contain heavy spoilers. Well, after seeing "Equestria Girls", as many of you know, I wrote up an opinion in both a blog and the EQG review thread in which I described how, while I liked the movie and found it to be both fun and entertaining, objectively I thought it was a bad film overall. For my full review, just click on the link below: In this thread, however, I'd like to discuss one particular part of "Equestria Girls" that has bothered me to no end ever since I first saw it: the transformations of the HuMane Six at the end of the movie. For those of you who don't know, in the film's climax the HuMane Six and Twilight unlock the powers of the Elements of Harmony (without the Elements themselves) and defeat Sunset Shimmer. Now, I'd like to start by saying I don't really have any problem whatsoever with the fact that Twilight and the HuMane Six were able to unlock the Elements' power without the Elements themselves; in this universe I think that could work, and although a bit convenient and even a bit "deus ex machina"-ish, it fit and reinforced the film's message that the magic of friendship exists everywhere very well and even reinforced it quite effectively. However, that said, this was my initial reaction as I witnessed, well, what I can only describe as a bizarre human/equine cross transformation that is hands down one of the strangest and most random transformations I've ever witnessed in any film: Yeah, that's right, I thought it was bucking terrifying!!! Thanks film for giving me my new night terrors for the next week or so!!! It was a bizzare transformation, and the only thing that should've been freaking the Canterlot High student body out more than that was the bucking Sunset Shimmer demon hellspawn in front of them!!! But that's not my real problem with it, because it can't be; that'd be at most just a lighthearted jest and personal problem with it. No, my REAL problem with the transformations is this; THEY WERE POINTLESS!!!!!!!!!! They literally served no purpose, none whatsoever! When I saw bits and pieces of the transformed HuMane Six on trailers, I was expecting at the least that there had to be some point to some of them getting wings (but not horns for some odd reason ). But when I saw what actually happened, I was frankly shocked: nothing, literally NOTHING came of the transformations. They all got pony ears, some of them got longer hair, and a few got wings, and nothing, literally NOTHING came of it. They didn't use them against Sunset because they didn't have to, they had them for a whole five minutes, and then the second Twilight left, they lost 'em. Just like that. Literally ONE thing happened as a result of the wings, JUST... ONE: Rainbow Dash flew with Scootaloo for 2 seconds, which, while certainly a cute bit and fun shoutout to ScootaDash, IS NOT JUSTIFICATION FOR THE TRANSFORMATIONS!!!!!!!! I'm sorry, but it's not, it's just not! Like EQG as a whole, the transformations happened for one reason and one reason only: Hasbro wanted to make terrifying cross human/pony dolls (and I still can't imagine who's going to buy these abominations ): *ahem* Sorry, that happens every time I see those... things. Anyway, back to topic, UNLIKE EQG, which, as I said, even though I think it was bad I still enjoyed and was entertained by, I found nothing good in the transformations. I know they were short, I know they impacted the movie none, and I know that I'm probably over-analyzing this, but I'm sorry but they came at the climax, THE BUCKING CLIMAX!!!!!!! The transformations were the longest part of the activation of the Elements' power, and yet in the end they did nothing except for freak me the buck out and tick me off because they literally contributed NOTHING to the plot. They were blatantly for marketing purposes only, ten times more than even EQG was, and that really rubs me the wrong way and grinds my gears. So tell me, what did you think? Do you guys think the transformations at the end of EQG were as useless as I do? Can you think of any logical or rational reason that they actually happened, or justify them at all in the slightest? Please share your thoughts below; I'm interested to see your different opinions and theories.
  12. Don't watch if you've yet to watch the s3 Finale!! this video is compiles solely of the Season 3 Finale "Magical Mystery Cure" Song is called Transform the world composed by a close friend of mine whose youtube information is in the Description of the video. Enjoy! :
  13. Saw this posted on EQD this morning and thought it merited a discussion. "The Crystal Heart Spell is a pony book with an expected launch of April, but people that visit Scholastic bookfairs can pick it up a bit early (usually an elementary school thing). The big thing here is the actual content. While I can't check it here in front of me, the submitter (Sergio) is saying that it is a direct followup to the season finale, though the cover doesn't really hint at that. The expanded synopsis on the back gives a bit of added information: A royal event has turned Twilight Sparkle's life upside down. To learn how to handle her new status, Twilight goes to Princess Cadance for some guidance. The princess shares her own story about how she came to rule the Crystal Empire and a magic spell that helped her follow her heart. Inspired by Princess Cadance, Twilight Sparkle sets off on a quest for the Crystal Heart Spell!" This sounds pretty legit for the season 4 opener IMO. I like the idea that Twilight goes to Cadence for help adjusting to her new title and responsibilities since she probably sees Cadence as a sort of older sister figure. Plus, we get some more back story on Cadence and possibly find out her origins.
  14. This is the season three finale description as of now. Considering Twilight is already an all-Equestrian magician and gifted brightly with magic, it's not hard to draw up the conclusion that she can actually muster up some spells of her own from time to time. But where do spells come from? Scrolls exist to keep track of how a spell can be executed with great precision or for the learning curve, but with that logic, it has to have an element of intuitiveness to it. I consider this to be akin to our own technology, like automobiles. Better engines exist to provide smoother rides and faster performances, for instance, as well as engineering more stable suspension systems for much safer rides. Likewise, spells have to grow, and although it seems that its practical uses are limited (insomuch as finding the need for it, like combat), it does demonstrate the amount of potential Equestrians have as a race. I believe that specialists exist in Equestria who are responsible for creating spells and testing them for practical use later on (by scientific method or otherwise), donning roles not unlike engineers in the real world. I also found the similarity between Asgardians and Equestrians in regards to their use of "magic" to be very uncanny. From anyone else's standpoint, the things unicorns do such as levitation and gem-tracking (to name a couple) are beyond our comprehension that we simply have no other choice but to coin it as supernatural. When you dig deep though, you'll find that it's in fact a construct used in everyday Equestrian life.
  15. Attention everyone I have found a few screen shots of Season 3's finale "Princess Coronation". Be warned that there are spoilers below [Which it's why I put it in a spoiler to begin with.] I fear that the whole "Alicorn Twilight" thing may be true but I suppose we will just have to wait and see. Even if it is I'm sure Hasbro knows what they are doing.
  16. Hello everypony, welcome to my thread. Before I get started, I'd like to let everyone know that this thread contains MASSIVE SPOILERS ABOUT THE SEASON FINALE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KEEP YOURSELF CLEAN OF ANY LEAKS OR SPOILERS, STAY AWAY. SERIOUSLY, THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING! Update 1/19/13: Episode Synopsis Blurb: So, the HUB has thrown a new pony commercial into the rotation, with some hints and what the season finale will be like, as well as it's name. Equestria Daily has posted it on their site, but for the sake of sparing you all the nightmare that is the EQD comment section, I'll embed it below. So, that was the commercial. What'd you think? You like it? No? Yes? Actually, don't even tell me, because that's the point of this "PSA" if you will. The brony community seems to have a tendency to overreact to...well, EVERYTHING. That's not good. We all let our speculations run wild worse than Rarity, and it tends to sour alot of potentially cool and wonderful opportunities for the show. So, as you probably saw if you were paying attention to that commercial, the season finale has to do alot with "Twilight's destiny". It also has the title "The Princess Coronation". That pretty much means Twilight is destined to become a princess (or...attend a coronation? o_O). That also means that the Alicorn Twilight rumors aren't as far-fetch'd as some would hope. So, what do we all do? Panic Nothing. We. Do. Nothing. We. Say. Nothing. We simply wait until the episode airs, and we watch it, and only when the credits have come to a complete stop, do we say anything. Please everypony, let's not overreact this time. Please? Let's (for once in the history of the entire fandom) approach this with an open mind, and see how it goes. Is that too much to ask? No "Jump The Shark" comments, no flame wars, no wild speculations or accusations. Let's just wait and see how it plays out. Just Keep Calm, and Flutter On people.
  17. Sorry, but I’m going to enter rant mode. This been a few things that have bothered me somewhat (mostly with the Wonderbolts Academy episode) and I wanted to see if anyone agrees with me. I just wanted to say I did not like the change to Spitfire in the last episode. It wasn’t just her voice; it was her personality too. Previously Spitfire was depicted as too chill and laid back for me to imagine her being a drill sergeant. I do understand that people can act differently on and off the job and a drill sergeant needs to be tough. The thing is though, with Spitfire’s old personality I wouldn’t imagine she would even want to be a drill sergeant since it would require her to act so differently. Hypothetically, if I had to be a drill sergeant I would try to act a lot tougher then what I actually am, but the thing is even if I was in the military I would never want to be a drill sergeant. It just wouldn’t suit me. I view Spitfire in the same way. Granted, we’ve only had a few minutes of her in the Gala episode to build any personality so I’m not really going on a lot here, but still. I would have preferred seeing a new character act as a drill sergeant. That might even make more since considering Spitfire is the leader. As the leader of the Wonderbolts and the flight camp, I think it would make sense that she would be too busy with managerial and bureaucratic duties to have time to be a drill sergeant. Another thing I’m not liking with the Wonderbolts is how they are increasingly being portrayed as more militaristic. I’m not saying there’s anything objectively wrong with this though. This is just my personal preference. In season 1 there wasn’t any real indicating that they were part of an Equestrian military, despite the Blue Angels being a possible inspiration. They just put on shows and what not. Honestly, at first I sort of compared them to the Globetrotters. That seemed like the closest real life example I could think of. But season 2 and especially the Wonderbolts Academy episode is changing this. Again this is just my personal preference, but I prefer thinking of the Wonderbolts as a laid back fun flying stunt team then a part of the military. That just doesn’t seem as fun. I’ve thought the former interpretation fit Rainbow Dash’s aspirations more. RD is too much of a free spirit for me to imagine her wanting to join the military and become a tool of the government. Joining a simple fun stunt team, I can imagine though. Is RD going to be a Wonderbolt now? Wouldn’t they have to take on new members at the end of the flight camp? There wouldn’t be much point in having it if they didn’t and I’m sure if they’re going to pick someone it would be Rainbow Dash. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I don’t want her to become a member though. Sort of. It’s weird. It’s like I do and I don’t. I want her to join because I adore her and I want to see Rainbow Dash accomplish her dream, but at the same time I don’t because of artistic and storytelling reasons. RD’s dream is a major part of her character and a source of conflict. If she becomes a member then the major source of conflict goes away and RD isn’t as interesting. For story structure purposes, I think it would be better if RD become a member at the end of the series, like if they knew a particular season was going to be their last. Same thing with the CMC getting their cutie marks. This is also the same reason why you rarely see romantic interests in shows get together early on even if they both like each other. Once they hook up, the writers just got rid of a major subplot so the resolution is usually saved for the end of the story. And another thing. Where are the letters to Celestia. I’ve been kinda disappointed they got rid of them. I like the letters. Again, sorry for being so ranty. So what do you all think? Agree on any of this? Disagree? Am I over thinking it? Am I an idiot for thinking all this? P.S. Despite complaining a lot about the Wonderbolt Academy episode I did like a lot of things in it. Rainbow Dash was great, it had a great lesson, the background character’s were notable, and I thought Pinkie Pie was really funny. It’s probably my least favorite episode of season 3 so far despite the fact that a lot of people loved it, but with that said it’s definitely not on the worst episodes of the series.
  18. WARNING. SPOILERS. I am about to highlight the most interesting information the voice actors and show staff gave us on the commentary tracks from the Season 1 DVDs! Stuff you may have suspected but never confirmed, and some things you never would’ve imagined. If you’re buying the set and want to hear all this for yourself, read no further! Otherwise, enjoy. ^^ Commentators: Andrea Libman, AKA Pinkie Pie & Fluttershy Tabitha St. Germain, AKA Rarity & others Nicole Oliver, AKA Celestia & Cheerilee Cathy Weseluck, AKA Spike & Mayor Mare Brian Leonard, Executive Director of Hasbro Studios Robert Fuchs, Hasbro something-or-other James “Wooty” Wootten, Episode Director Jason Thiessen, Supervising Director Dan Ingram, Composer Red Sorenson, Art Director RETURN OF HARMONY PTS 1, 2 --Each My Little Pony episode takes about three weeks to animate. --Pinkie Pie’s original design was a Pegasus, but they decided her personality was active enough. --They like the debates about “who’s faster: Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash?” --Tara Strong came up to the Vancouver studios for the first episode, but did all the others from L.A. --Fluttershy’s singing birds were not real birds, but they weren’t simulated on keyboards either. They were “professional whistlers.” ^^ --Somebody—either Brian or Jason—said he seriously lies awake at night worrying if they’ve forgotten to say “somepony” or “anypony” in the scripts. WINTER WRAP-UP --Andrea sounds a lot like Pinkie (sort of like how VA Yeardley Smith sounds almost exactly like Lisa Simpson). She says she just does her own voice as fast, loud and out-front as possible. --The inspiration for Rarity’s voice was Audrey Hepburn. Tabitha altered it in the audition to make it a little more North American and got the job. --The staff recalls having a whole debate on whether the non-pony animals (like bunnies and such) should be able to speak. I’m glad they settled on “no.” ^^ It makes the ponies themselves stand out and seem more like people. --Someone: “This series really has some genuine heart to it. Not a lot of cartoons have that.” --Dan Ingram wrote eight different versions of the “Winter Wrap-Up” chorus before deciding on one. He acknowledges that the instrumental version later in the episode is a base track, so that’s why some of us were able to hear distant singing in the background. xD SUITED FOR SUCCESS --The idea to throw a bunch of detailed dresses into “Suited for Success” was partly inspired by fanworks on DeviantArt. Lauren Faust wasn’t totally satisfied with what the designers came up with at first, so she stepped in and did some of the work herself. --The staff actually considered two or three different singers (including Rebecca Shoichet who leads the theme song) to do “Art of the Dress” before settling on Kazumi Evans. (At least I think that’s what they said. It was hard to follow.) THE SHOW STOPPERS --Claire Corlett, the VA for Sweetie Belle, can apparently sing herself, but for whatever reason Michelle Creber does her character’s singing voice. Madeleine Peters (Scootaloo) is also a great singer, but did it as badly as she could for the talent show sequence. Even then she was still too good to be as funny as they wanted, so they edited her voice with an auto-tune program to make it worse. --A few other details about the CMC voice actresses: Nicole and Cathy say they’re so clear and composed it’s “intimidating.” And don’t give Claire Corlett cookies. --They wonder aloud where Scootaloo’s family is. Even they don’t know! Someone quoted Lauren as saying “if it’s not in the show yet, it’s not figured out.” They say the fans’ questions give them a place to go, because they don’t have all the details down either. And they agree that the CMC are looking for their marks based on what they want to do, not on what they’re actually good at. --They refer to a hoof clap as a brohoof. THE BEST NIGHT EVER --They confirm that Equestria is in fact a matriarchy! --Animating the ponies in costume for a whole episode was a tremendous challenge. --The background singers in the “Best Night Ever” theme were an amateur community choir from Vancouver, of which Michelle Creber’s mother was a member! So that’s how they got them. xD They didn’t have the budget to bring in professional singers. --Andrea couldn’t get Pinkie’s “I’m At the Grand Galloping Gala” ditty out of her head for five months. --They seem to love the part where Rarity smashes the glass slipper as much as I did! “There’s a lot of girl power in that small gesture,” one of the guys observes. Yes, yes, yes!
  19. Quite simple really. Of the 55 episodes of My Little Pony that have aired so far, which ones would you say are your Top 5? You don't have to rank them if you don't want to, of course. If one of the two-parters is your favorite, you can count it as one. ^^ Here are mine, no particular order. This list was VERY hard to pare down and I will include runner-ups at the end. 1:16--Sonic Rainboom The immortal Rainbow Dash episode. Her weaknesses (besides overconfidence) start to be revealed, but through it all she perseveres and pulls off something unforgettable. It was the most ambitious action scene the show ever did to that point, and they succeeded with flying colors, no pun intended. Throw in Fluttershy's "yay" and Rarity's wings, and you've got an episode that in later years will be called a classic. 1:26--The Best Night Ever Actually the worst night ever, but maybe the best episode, at least as far as Season 1 goes. Brilliant. Not one moment of it could have been better. "At the Gala" was an epic song that propelled the show to new musical heights. Every pony got a chance to shine. Too many hilarious and memorable moments to name make this an easy pick for me. 2:12--Family Appreciation Day You probably noticed this, but I love Apple Bloom. I think this is her best episode, because it gives her something to do besides wreak havoc with the other Crusaders. Granny Smith is showcased like never before with delightful results, and the Apple family's role in founding Ponyville was fascinating. It also gave us a silver lining to Silver Spoon's character, as she applauded the story to Diamond Tiara's dismay. Last but not least...young Granny Smith FTW! (I wonder what her name was back then...surely she wasn't called "Granny" as a filly. xD) 2:16--Read It and Weep Dashie. Reading. Two of my favorite things in the world come together. Rainbow gets a new hobby that adds necessary depth to her character. The Daring Do books sound so awesome I wish they were real. Mandatory. 2:22--Hurricane Fluttershy It rocked. It was poignant, touching and ultimately inspiring. It was the Fluttershy episode, surpassing even Dragonshy, and featured one of the best and most accurate portrayals of Dash that whole season. Any remotely objective person, brony or not, would have trouble calling MLP "just another kid's show" after watching this episode. RUNNER-UPS: Griffon the Brush-Off, Green Isn't Your Color, Sisterhooves Social, Putting Your Hoof Down, A Friend In Deed. OMG...I just realized all my favorites feature only the numbers 1, 2 or 6. FREAKOUT! @~Chaotic Discord~: Not a repeat thread, I looked. xD There's a "favorite episode" thread that's been silent for 2 months, but not a Top 5 one.
  20. I've thinking about this upcoming Crystal Pony episode, and the Crystal Kingdom itself. There are a few questions that have popped up regarding it. *Are they a different breed of pony? Or are they all kinds of pony who are just called Crystal ponies because they herald from the Crystal Kingdom? *Is the Crystal Kingdom a part of Equestria/is it under Equestria's control? Or is it a sovereign nation with shared or similar culture to Equestria? (Somewhat like how Austria is to Germany, how Portugal is to Spain, though that may be ignorant of me to claim) *What is Cadence's relationship to the Crystal Ponies? Does she run the Crystal Kingdom? Is she a Crystal pony herself? *What is wrong with the Crystal ponies? Is it that crystals and gems have become so common that it makes them feel kind of reduntant, or that crystals are the backbone of their economy and them being so common is resulting hyperdeflation? P.s. Sorry for not writing the spoiler alert initially. My bad.
  21. Not sure if this is in the right place :/ Hey hey hey! Season 3 is here! I draw from screenshots from the show, and as season 3 has just come out there aint many floating around right now. Can we get this thread going to build up a small collection of shots that could be used for drawings or vectors? This thread could contain spoilers. What i have so far: (forgive the poor hasty crops)
  22. I know that there is a lot of buzz about season 3 and that we are all excited about it. But I want to discuss something that could ruin the experience. I'm talking about spoilers. I think spoilers can be interesting but they can mess with things. Some spoilers may not even be true. But if we have waited all this time for season 3, then why would we spoil an entire new episode by reading a leaked summary of it, when we can just witness the magic ourselves when it comes out? Some say that looking at a spoiler doesn't ruin ALL of it, and your right, it doesn't. We are bronies. we are special and awesome. We watch a show that is special and awesome. So maybe we should resist spoilers to feel the magic. Ok here we go 1. Have you ever watched a spoiler for MLP? 2. Do you believe any might be true, if so which ones? 3. Do spoilers make a difference when watching the show to you? I resist all spoilers so I wanna know your side
  23. In this past Comic Con, they clearly discussed a future episode for Season 3 where Fluttershy becomes a dragon. (most likely by accident) What are your opinions on this episode idea? What do you think the moral would be, and how do you think it will play out? Discuss.
  24. Hello everypony. I think its about time we discuss thoughts on "spoilers" of My little pony...especially when EQD had just released a whole bunch of shots for whats coming up in the next couple episodes. So today, we are going to discuss thoughts on "spoilers," weather you like or hate them, and why you like/hate them. Note this is opinion on MLP "Spoilers.," since it is totally different for everything else. I'm pretty sure you noticed me putting quotations around spoilers. The main reason is, I don't think they are spoilers. If the hub thought they were spoilers, they wouldn't post. The only time I would think they posted a spoiler was Discord and thats about it. What they probably should be called are 'Hype"rs. The thing is, the only thing they ever really show is part of the plot, and why would it be bad to know part of the plot? I don't know you tell me. But you want to know something. Some people its bad for other people to watch the so called "Spoilers" and even insult them for it, which is really bad. Anyway, I posted my thoughts, you post yours now.