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Found 146 results

  1. Hi there, everypony! So this has been another wild season for Football. Only twelve teams remain in contention for the Super Bowl. For the NFC, the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles have both clinched home field advantage in their brackets, and have finished the season tied for best record in the NFC. Saturday January 6th at 8:15 Eastern Time on NBC, the Los Angeles Rams will take on the Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Sunday January 7th at 4:40 Eastern Time on FOX, the New Orleans Saints will take on the Carolina Panthers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. If the Rams win on Saturday, they go to Minnesota to take on the Vikings in the next round, and the Eagles will host the winner of Sunday's NFC game. If the Falcons win on Saturday, they go to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles in the next round, and the Vikings will hist the winner of Sunday's NFC game. Then there's the AFC. The Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots have both clinched home field advantage in their brackets, and have finished the season tied for the best record in the AFC. Saturday January 6th at 4:35 PM Eastern Time on ESPN, the Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead Stadium. Sunday January 7th at 1:05 PM Eastern Time on CBS, the Jacksonville Jaguars will take on the Buffalo Bills at Everbank Field. If the Jaguars win on Sunday, they go to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers in the next round, and the Patriots will host the winner of Saturday's AFC game. If the Bills win on Sunday, they go to New England to take on the Patriots in the next round, and the Steelers will host the winner of Saturday's AFC game. So place your bets, football fans!
  2. Hello everypony, Aurora Wolf here. I don't expect many of the users here to appreciate the American tradition that is Baseball, but for those select few who do, here's a nice place to discuss it. So which team is your favorite? Which team do you think will take home the World Series Title this year?
  3. who here is a good basketball player? i myself have played basketball since 4th grade and currently on my high school b squad,tell me how good you are!
  4. So the most popular star in MMA today decides to jump a cage after a fight that wasn't his, in a promotion he doesn't work for. Apparently he slapped an employee that tried to stop him from entering the cage, tackled the winner of the fight, shoved a referee, and was making it difficult for medics to get to the fighter who lost. Sounds like the dude wants attention. The fight was in Dublin, which doesn't have regulations against this. So any punishment dolled will have to come from UFC, rather than an athletic commission. If UFC does anything about it. They have to do something just to save face, but at the same time, don't want to loose their biggest star. So what should be done? A few months suspension? A years suspension? Fired? A life time ban? How should he be punished, and more importantly, how will he most likely be punished?
  5. I've been a hockey fan since I was 10, and with the new season starting. I would like to know who everyone's favorite NHL team is.
  6. I usually have a knack for taking stadium tours of professional sports teams. So far I have taken stadium tours of: -Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City -Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. I know that it's not that many but it's a start. Places that I would like to go and take tours of are: Lambeau Field in Green Bay MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford Heinz Field in Pittsburgh US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis United Center in Chicago Madison Square Garden in New York Staples Center in Los Angeles TD Garden in Boston Air Canada Center in Toronto Saddledome in Calgary Bell Centre in Montreal Little Caesars Arena in Detroit (once it's built) Which stadiums have you visited or would like to visit?
  7. It's Fall Classic time again. Who are you going for in the World Series? The LA Dodgers to end their near 30 year drought. Or the Houston Astros to win their first in franchise history?
  8. Just curious to see what everyone's favorite boxer/mma fighter. In terms of boxing my favorite is Ron Lyle, an underrated heavyweight slugger who was feared by many during the 1970's I don't watch UFC or Bellator.
  9. Is anyone here into the awesome sport off mountain biking
  10. While there is a great number of fantastic artists, musicians and advisors on the forums, it seems that there is a distinct lack of sports related threads that discuss what us fans do to keep ourselves both entertained and fighting fit. So what kind of sport do you participate in? Do you even like sport? This is where people can discuss what positions they play in on their Sunday football (soccer) team, how far can you hit a golf ball with a 3 iron and how many times you've accidentally hit somebody in the face with a basketball while trying to pass it to them. Enlighten us with your sporting experience! It doesn't matter if you do it regularly or not, if you're professional or you just kick the ball around with a few mates at the local part. As a good host I shall start! I go to a kickboxing class about 3 times a week. I absolutely adore it, it keeps me fit and I love going to events and competing. I'm not brilliant at it but I've won many fights with my clubs own fight shows and a few county tournaments. Now you go...
  11. As a hockey fan myself. I was wondering who you're going for in the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals. Either we have our first repeat championship since 97-98 with the Pittsburgh Penguins, or we have a first time championship in franchise history in the Nashville Predators. Who are you going for?
  12. Only a matter of time until football season starts again. All discussion about the National Football League is welcome here.
  13. How would things be different if the 1994 MLB Strike never happened? Would baseball still be the #1 sport in America?
  14. Have you noticed that sometimes sports teams sell merchandise with famous cartoon characters on them? Like you would see Disney characters or Looney Tunes, among others pretending to be members of a popular sport team. Well I was thinking: What if they did that with My Little Pony? Somehow I can imagine them selling stuff like: -Pony figures in the team's colors with the team's logo as the cutie mark. -Pony plushies with them dressed in the team's uniform. -T-shirts and sweatshirts of the ponies as fans or players of the team. -and other stuff. One problem though is that sometimes they do this for only a select few teams. However I feel they should do MLP sports merchandise for: -All 32 NFL teams -All 30 NBA teams -All 30 NHL teams -All 30 MLB teams -Several NCAA teams. What do you think of this idea?
  15. Hi everypony! I'm curious... did anypony watch the Superbowl halftime show? As for me, I'm not a diehard fan (or a regular fan for that matter) but I still thought it was rather good. The beginning really reminded me of David Bowie, who I always wanted to see in concert, and never got to... any thoughts?
  16. The 51st Super Bowl will be decided in two weeks. Who will win the conference championship games and enter the field of battle in Houston? Falcons vs. New England Patriots Who do you want in? What plans do you have? Discuss!
  17. As a football fan, I've recently become a fan of the 31 members of what is known as the 100 Sacks club. The NFL players who have performed at least 100 sacks throughout their NFL career. Unfortunately only 12 out of the 31 have managed to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (Possibly 13 if Jason Taylor manages to get in this year) The ones who are in are: Bruce Smith Reggie White Kevin Greene Chris Doleman Michael Strahan John Randle Richard Dent Lawrence Taylor Rickey Jackson Derrick Thomas Charles Haley Andre Tippett 5 are still active: Julius Peppers DeMarcus Ware Robert Mathis Dwight Freeney Terrell Suggs As stated before, Jason Taylor is entering his first year of eligibility, so he could be there soon. 2 had just recently retired will have to wait a few years: Jared Allen John Abraham And 11 have still not yet been inducted despite being eligible for some time: Leslie O'Neal Simeon Rice Clyde Simmons Sean Jones Greg Townsend Pat Swilling Trace Armstrong Neil Smith Kevin Carter Jim Jeffcoat William Fuller Which are your favorites? Which ones would you like to see inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame that haven't been inducted yet?
  18. With all the concerns about concussions, what do you think is American Football's future? Will it even still exist in 20 years?
  19. So yeah, everyone knows by now who's going to the Super Bowl, but which team are you rooting for? My team is the Green Bay Packers, but, yep, they didn't make it...but for the Super Bowl, I'm rooting for the Patriots. I really despise the Falcons, not as much as some other teams, but still. So what about you guys? Falcons or Patriots?
  20. Sorry I didn't make this earlier. College kept me away. Looks like after the second phase, the following teams are eliminated. Seattle Seahawks Houston Texans Dallas Cowboys Kansas City Chiefs The Conference Championship games are tomorrow. The AFC Championship game is at 6:40 PM Eastern time, and will feature the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The NFC Championship game is at 3:05 PM Eastern time, and will feature the Green Bay Packers and the Atlanta Falcons, and will be the LAST game played in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. So who's your pick this week?
  21. So Wildcard Weekend has come to a close. The following teams have been eliminated. Detroit Lions Miami Dolphins New York Giants Oakland Raiders We're down to eight teams in the Divisional Round. Here are the AFC matchups Saturday January 14th at 8:15 PM Eastern, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots face off against Brock Osweiler and the Houston Texans at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The Texans all warmed up after eliminating the Raiders in Houston up against the Patriots, who posted the AFC's best record. The Patriots are 3 for 3 in the last three matchups against Houston. Sunday January 15th at 1:05 PM Eastern, Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs face off against Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. The Steelers having eliminated the Dolphins in Pittsburgh last night are 2 for 3 in their last three matchups against Kansas City. Now for the NFC matchups. Saturday January 14th at 4:35 PM Eastern, Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons face off against Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. The Seahawks having taken advantage of Matthew Stafford's hand injury two nights ago to eliminate the Lions, while the Falcons playing their last season in the Georgia Dome before opening up Mercedes Benz Stadium. In these two teams last three matchups, the Seahawks are 2 for 3 in their last three matchups against Atlanta. Sunday January 15th at 4:40 PM Eastern, Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys face off against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas. The Packers coming off a big win against the Giants last night with a few injured players, and the Cowboys posting the NFC's best record this year after being the laughing stock last year. Despite taking a beating from the Cowboys in week six this year, the Packers are 2 for 3 in their last three matchups against Dallas, all of which were at Green Bay. So who's your pick?
  22. Well, Football fans, the NFL Regular Season is officially over. Next is the postseason which begins this Saturday January 7th with Wildcard Weekend. For the AFC, the playoff picture is as follows. The wildcard series features two games. Saturday at 4:35 PM Eastern Time, the Oakland Raiders take on the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium in Houston TX. Sunday at 1:05 PM Eastern Time, the Miami Dolphins take on the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh PA. If the Dolphins win on Sunday, they face the New England Patriots the next week, and the Kansas City Chiefs face the winner of Saturday's game, If the Steelers win, they go on to face the Chiefs, and the Patriots host the winner of Saturday's game. Now for the NFC Wildcard Saturday at 8:15 PM Eastern Time, the Detroit Lions take on the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field in Seattle WA. Sunday at 4:40 PM Eastern Time, the New York Giants take on the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. If the Lions win on Saturday, they go to face the Dallas Cowboys, and the Atlanta Falcons will host the winner of Sunday's game If the Seahawks win, the Falcons will host them, and the Cowboys will host the winner of Sunday's game. So who's your pick this year?
  23. I'm a Mopar girl 100% Dodge, Chrysler, Ram and Jeep are my one and only car brands, with Dodge being #1 on my list. Any other Mopar fans on here?
  24. deleted post deleted post
  25. For about more than a year, I've been following this trick shot channel on YouTube known as Dude Perfect. Does anypony else watch Dude Perfect? Fell free to share thoughts.