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Found 146 results

  1. so i had this idea what if ponys had some sport not running or horseshoes what would it be called what would the rules be and how would they play with magic or would it ba an all ponys play sport would it be a ball or what and would it invole wearing any equipment.where would the stadium be and what would the proffesionals cutie marks look like also i am starting a daily post called (What if...) i will be posting daily questions that will usually be random hope to see you reply regularly
  2. Hey everypony. I'm still not fully recovered from the Dodgers NLCS loss, but I still thought I'd ask, who is everypony rooting for in the World Series. This year its the Chicago Cubs VS the Cleveland Indians. The series starts at 7 PM Central time on Tuesday October 25th on FOX.
  3. I made a similar thread about the NL Wildcard game yesterday, but now the final detail does of the AL game have finally been confirmed. The Baltimore Orioles are squaring off against the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre in Toronto Tomorrow night at 8 PM Eastern time on TBS and SNET. Starting pitcher for the Orioles is Chris Tilman. This season, Tilman has been pretty decent, but had a few trips to the Disabled list. Tilman has accumulated a 16-6 win-loss record, and a 3.77 ERA. Starting for the Blue Jays is Marcus Stroman. Stroman is coming off a losing streak of at least five games. He's accumulated a 9-10 Win-Loss record, and a 4.37 ERA. It's win or go home. Whoever wins this game moves on to the ALDS to face the AL Top seed holding Texas Rangers at Globe Life Stadium in Arlington. Who are you rooting for? Feel free to share your thoughts.
  4. Hi there, everypony! Little Flyer here. I don't know how many other ponies follow Baseball, but the 2016 season is almost over. First part of the postseason, the Wild Card games, are coming just around the corner. But here's what we do know about the NLWC matchup. The San Francisco Giants will face off against the New York Mets at Citi Field in Queens, New York. Game will be broadcast on ESPN at 8:00 PM New York time, and 5:00 PM California time. Starting pitcher for the Giants will be 2014 World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner, a three time World Series champion. This season, Bumgarner has accumulated a 15-9 Win/Loss record, a 2.74 ERA, 226.2 innings, pitched, 251 Strikeouts, and is just coming off of his 100th career win. Starting pitcher for the Mets will be Noah Syndergaard. This is only Syndergaard's second season in Major League Baseball, but he's accumulated a 14-9 Win/Loss record, a 2.60 ERA, 183.2 innings pitched, and 218 strikeouts. It's win or go home. The winner of this game moves into the NLDS to face the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. Who is everypony rooting for? Who does everypony think will win. Feel free to share your thoughts.
  5. Today, we mourn a most terrible loss. Miami Marlins ace pitcher Jose Fernandez has recently passed away in a boating accident at age 24. He received the National League Rookie of the Year award in 2013, and was a two time All Star. He finishes his career with a 38-17 Win-Loss record, and hopefully he ends up in the Hall of Fame.
  6. "LIGHTS OUT, AND AWAY WE GO!!!" It's that time of the year again! The FIA Formula 1 World Championship has returned for its longest season yet, with 21 races now adorning the calendar, as we travel the world from Australia to Shanghai, Texas, Mexico, Abu Dhabi and all points in between to determine who is the fastest driver in the world and who will grab the title of World Champion in the pinnacle of open wheel racing. Okay, so to be truthful; we're already 3 races in at this point and I have yet to see any thread discussing the season thus far. I'm not sure how many F1 fans are actually present on the forums, but I figured now is the time to have a topic for discussion of this season, especially as we have so far witnessed a fairly exciting first 3 races that has seen Mercedes' Nico Rosberg build up an early lead in the championship whilst reigning champion Lewis Hamilton has fallen prey to what can only be described as a string of bad luck. Add to this a re-surging Ferrari that could potentially bring the fight to Mercedes' doorstep by mid-season, and a highly competitive midfield with some surprise drivers and teams performing strongly, and I think we have the recipe for some fantastic races and battles throughout the season! It's early days yet... Here's a quick recap of the teams and current drivers/teams standings as of Round 3 in Shanghai: So with 3 rounds down and the action now set for Sochi, Russia in two weeks time, what are your thoughts on the season thus far? Did you enjoy the first 3 races? Any highlight moments from them or drivers you think are performing admirably? What did you think of the controversial qualifying changes? Do you feel current regulations are diluting the sport as it is? Discuss all this and the season as it unfolds right here!
  7. For many years I've had a fascination with various sports uniforms. So I was wondering. Which ones are the best and worst uniforms ever made for MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, College, and anywhere else? You can probably base this on a number of different aspects. Here are some links to some sites that can help make judgement on that. Chris Creamer's Sports Dressed to the Nines Gridiron Uniform Database NHL What do you think are the best and worst uniforms ever made?
  8. With the introduction of automobile racing over a century ago, there have been countless racing vehicles created by so many different companies, all for different classes, time periods, racing types, you name it. Racing cars at this point have been so incredibly diverse and it is a treat looking at them and seeing the many different configurations and types out there. So with so many, I am sure any racing fan has a particular favorite car or cars, so let's choose those! What are some of your favorite racing vehicles of all time? Possibly my top favorite is the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3, a mighty mean machine of a racing car. I am not hugely obsessed with cars in general but damn, that is a good looking vehicle.
  9. I don't know how many bronies come to appreciate America's national pastime, but it's been hurting me this season since my hometown team is having one of its worst seasons so far. Either way, here's a place to talk about Major League Baseball.
  10. Tired Apple pony is tired after sporting hard! Good afternoon everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! First of all, apologies for being a bit late, but I have a good excuse this time; as many of you know, I'm sure, it's the first weekend of college football being in full swing across the country, and I was busy watching my Michigan Wolverines stomp the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors (apologies to any fans of Hawaii, though I promise you I am not making up that mascot of theirs). Without further ado, let's begin, this is "Buckball Season"!!! So first of all, I should say that I adore that by what may or may not have been a coincidence, we had a sports episode premiering on the opening weekend of college football this year. Granted, that might have just been coincidence since sports are almost always happening, and Buckball didn't really bear any resemblance to football, but still I thought it was amusing. As for the episode itself? I thought it was good, but not flawless. My primary gripe was in how the message was delivered. It's clear that they were going for another pretty standard, kids show message; sports are about having fun, at least for some people, and you shouldn't ruin why someone else enjoys a sport. The message itself isn't bad, by no means, BUT coming from a guy who has played his fair share of sports, I thought the execution left something to be desired. I could tell they were trying to focus on the pressure which Rainbow Dash and Applejack were putting on Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, and that was a good route to take. My problem was it felt like there was a little too much focus on the practice segment itself. The inadvertent result was that I believe it came across as though practicing intensely for a sport was being criticized in the episode's message. I don't think that was intentional, because the writers did appear to try to promote sports competition as being healthy in the right doses, as well as playing for your community, but that's what it felt like at times. I found myself wondering if any of these writers who worked on this episode had ever played sports before. I don't say that to be insulting, but given that we are talking about members of the entertainment industry, I felt it was a fair enough question to ask because they didn't seem to have a strong handle of how to convey practicing for a sport (and we have seen that done well in the show before, Hurricane Fluttershy has a great, even if it's deliberately cheesy, training montage for Fluttershy). I might be over-analyzing this because of my sports experiences, but there are better ways I think of conveying that pressure to succeed in sports can be too much sometimes than what they did here, and the hours I put into practicing for sports with my teammates were usually where the bulk of the best experiences were to be had and where some of my real love and appreciation of these sports was most developed. Can't get to game day without plenty of good practice with your friends and teammates. In conclusion, I get the message they were going for, it worked for the most part, but I think it was somewhat roughly executed in the middle of the episode. Other than that I really don't have any complaints. It was a lot of fun seeing an ep featuring four members of the Mane 6, that's an unusual amount but it never felt like any of them got too little screen time. It was also lots of fun seeing all four of the Mane 6 split into pairs for the episode between Rainbow Dash/Applejack and Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie. Both pairs bounced off of each other nicely and were very natural pairs since they have similar personalities, especially for the purpose of the episode; we all know that AJ and RD love their sports activities and competition while Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are both very easy-going, and it makes sense that they would have similar attitudes concerning sports. I should also add that Fluttershy's ADORABLE handling of the buckball with her tail was seriously too cute, further proof yet again that she can make anything adorable, including sports. Seriously, look at this, it's bucking ADORABLE!!! The real surprise of the episode was the inclusion of Snails as a third wheel, especially separate from his normal partner-in-crime, Snips, and I have to say his inclusion delighted me to say the least! I've always maintained that those two are terribly underrated characters and I have no idea why more people don't like them, especially considering they have two excellent voice actors who seem to have a lot of fun in these roles. But maybe just giving one of them the spotlight is exactly what they needed. I think what made Snails work here was that he felt ludicrously out of place to the point that it actually worked in favor of the episode's humor. He came out of nowhere, it turned out he was freakishly good at Buckball just like Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy; in many ways, it actually felt like a possible shout out to Adam Sandler's Waterboy, I'm not even joking. But he didn't just provide laughs but actually contributed to the lesson in the end as well, a little. Overall, I'd say this was his best appearance yet and was very surprised but happy to see him get so much screen time. Yeah, that sounds about right Much as I loved seeing Snails, they seriously need to rectify this ASAP. GIVE CELLY HER EPISODE!!! Besides, however, some nice character appearances and interactions, I wouldn't say this episode left all that much of an impression, to be honest, for good or ill. The message was a bit muddled, sure, but I understood well enough what point they were getting at and thought they handled it pretty well for the most part. Buckball as a sport was surprisingly underwhelming; I think as a sport I had envisioned it being a bit of a bigger team sport than it ended up being, and if it's an Apple family tradition, I have a hard time understanding how it's supposed to by design involve a pony from each race, especially since AJ was acting as though most pegasi and unicorns in Ponyville are unfamiliar with the sport. There were some fun background pony appearances, both in the tryout scene and when we got to see Ponyville cheering on its buckball team (Derpy in particular was adorable looking in her fan-garb!). And once again, I have to emphasize that the performances of the Mane 6 characters were great here, especially Andrea as both Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, she did great as both of them in this episode (special props to that great Fluttershy freakout near the end of the episode, that was great). All in all, this episode was good. Not mindblowing, but very good all the same, even if it had some flaws or didn't leave a major impression. I was thoroughly entertained and enjoyed it well enough, and that's just fine by me. That's all I've got for ya everypony, until next time, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* Sometimes you just need a good freakout NOW GO OUT THERE AND SPORTS, SPORTS REAL HARD!!!
  11. LSU'S 2016 football season is about to begin. Using their 2016 schedule, I can predict their final record: 9-3: at Wisconsin* (W) 9-10: vs. Jacksonville State (W) 9-17: vs. Mississippi State (W) 9-24: at Auburn (W) 10-1: vs. Missouri** (HC) (W) 10-8: at Florida (W) 10-15: vs. Southern Mississippi (W) 10-22: vs. Ole Miss (L) (Chad Kelly) 11-5: VS. ALABAMA (W)!!! 11-12: at Arkansas (W) 11-19: vs. South Alabama (W) 11-24: at Texas A&M W) Final regular season record: 11-1 Wins SEC West (over Alabama)!!! Defeats Florida in SEC Championship Game Advances to CFP Beats Oklahoma in semifinals Alabama gets upset by Michigan Defeats Clemson in the National Championship LSU Tigers: 2016 National Champions 2016 Heisman Trophy Winner: Leonard Fournette
  12. August is around the corner with the next Summer Olympics being held in Brazil after 2012 which was held in London, though while some are excited to see the next games, others say it'll be a mixed bag, ranging from the usual political instability to the negative safe water levels from the beaches in Rio, which is worse than any usual shark attack, including the recent outbreak of the Zika virus. Not to mention the overall safety for tourists and athletes alike. I myself am looking forward to this, but judging by the overall conditions in Brazil, particularly in Rio de Janeiro, this might be a mixed bag by the time August arrives. What are your opinions for the upcoming Olympics in Brazil? Will it make or break?
  13. what cities do you think would be in a equestria baseball league . here is what I am looking for Real city name - ponified city name -team name inspired by my little pony
  14. For three seasons now, I have been a fan of English Premier League club Arsenal. Are there any other Arsenal fans on the forum? If you are a Gooner (term derived from Arsenal's nickname, The Gunners), let me know! My favorite player is Alexis Sanchez!
  15. Le Championat d'Europe La Campeonato Europeo Die Europameisterschaft Well, or just the euros for you. This is the official Thread for the Euros 2016 in france, where we can talk about the games, the players, predictions, or anything that is linked with the Tournament. The Tournament starts tomorrow at 9:00 PM CET with France vs. Romania.
  16. How does everyone feel about this sport? Frankly, i find it horrible and brutal. Guys beating the crap out of each other for sport and entertainment? Really speaks about what's wrong with the human race, for peope to enjoy this kind of thing.
  17. Thanks to the Forza Motorsport series, I have become rather interested in the motor racing sport, more particularly to GT Racing and V8 Supercars. With the awesome tracks that are in the world, I love to see how each one is designed in their own path and how that track is raced. So I thought, why not take a shot at making my own racetrack concepts? A quick trip to Photoshop allowed me to create a couple of random ideas. I was thinking, perhaps some of you also have made racetrack concepts? If you have, you can share them here! ^__^ Racing fans unite! Since Indiana is sorely lacking in good racing circuits, I decided to make a couple and here they are. These were ones I was fiddling around with, but still, I think they turned out pretty sweet. Now if only the state could actually make these...We need more circuits here! Florida has like..3, that I know of.
  18. nope. I hate sports, it is too tiring, except dancing.
  19. The thoroughbred Nyquist and his jockey Mario Gutierrez win the 142nd Kentucky Derby. More information here:
  20. Link. I'll admit, I'm not a soccer fan. Often, I find the game too slow, too traditional, and (for many of the leagues) too top-heavy with no parity. I heavily favor the playoff format in three of four major sports here (the NBA being the odd man out) because it gives other teams a chance to win. But even someone who doesn't like soccer can appreciate such a fabulous story. Leicester City was a literal lovable loser: Fans love the team, but this team was bad so often. Just last year, they were nearly relegated back to a lower-tier league thanks to their 14th-place finish. Only a few years ago, they were in the third-tier league. The EPL is near-pure capitalism. No salary cap. No revenue sharing. The richest teams are more than capable of spending millions of bucks on players, while the smaller markets have to find the scraps just to compete. At the start of the 2015-'16 season, Leicester City was one of the smallest markets. Since 1995, only four teams won the EPL: ManU, Man City, Arsenal, and Chelsea. Until this season, Leicester City never won a top-tier championship in its 132-year history. There's a reason why LCFC's odds were so low. How do you compare their odds with others? 1000-1: Hugh Hefner admitting he's a virgin. 500-1: Cleveland Browns winning Super Bowl 51. 5000-1: Kim Kardashian being elected president. 1000-1: The Men's Olympic hockey team winning the gold medal in 1980. You get the rest. Leicester City's 2016 EPL crown proves that the smaller markets, even when facing insurmountable odds, can compete with and beat the big boys. They found what other leagues and teams considered scraps, and they flourished. And I'm really happy for Claudio Raineri, who had managed over a dozen teams and couldn't climb over the hump. This is his first title. The big teams that dominate the sport may win their championships, but they're expected to win. No one expected LCFC to win. The fact that they won a title for the very first time and against deep odds makes their championship one of the most special in all of sports. Congrats, LCFC!
  21. Alright. So, I reworked an old OC of mine But a trend with myself I've noticed is that I'm unable to see any sort of flaw or general shittiness in anything i create, well, if it was created recently. I look back at my OCs and cringe sometimes. Could you believe that i once created an OC with a 10 word backstory and thought it was the best idea ever? Yikes. And everybody around me was too polite to call me out. Can't blame them for that though. So, back on topic, I reworked, an oc of mine to have a new backstory, and I'm looking for critque on the rework, whether the reworked one was better than it's brother, any flaws in the backstory or the personality, whether he's overpowered or underpowered, etc. Any good critique is much appreciated :>. Pleaseee. Old version: Reworked version: Also, if possible, could you give your opinion on the style the backstory is written in? I really appreciate the time you'd take to read through it
  22. Some people love to watch sports, we all know this. Many here probably love sports and watch them a lot. Me, I don't watch sports much, but, strangely enough, I do sometimes like having a sport on in the background, whatever kind of sport game is on, I may have it playing in the background while I am doing other things. It is actually relaxing. So it makes me think, what is a relaxing sport to watch or listen to for you? Could be any kind of sport at all. For me, it would be GT racing. Yeah, the constant sound of the cars, the constant movement, for some reason listening to these kinds of videos is relaxing to me.
  23. How this sport would work and what everypony's general opinion of the sport from the comic. I found the sport interesting and I'm pretty sure that this is the My little Pony version of football and I hope they might mention it in the show or make an episode about it. This is how Gilda explains it, "Each team has their own goal at the end of the field and their own ball. Either you run with the other team's ball or you stop the other team from running with yours. The team who gets the other team's ball across the goal the most number of times wins. A Boffypuff is the ball, a small furry animal who is a member of the team who scolds you if you mess up. There are seven players on the field for each team and there are back ups." There was also a mention of some maneuvers called a "Pileblitz" and a "Blitzpile" What do you guys think about it?