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Found 138 results

  1. Jon the VGNerd

    Sports 2016 Summer Olympics

    August is around the corner with the next Summer Olympics being held in Brazil after 2012 which was held in London, though while some are excited to see the next games, others say it'll be a mixed bag, ranging from the usual political instability to the negative safe water levels from the beaches in Rio, which is worse than any usual shark attack, including the recent outbreak of the Zika virus. Not to mention the overall safety for tourists and athletes alike. I myself am looking forward to this, but judging by the overall conditions in Brazil, particularly in Rio de Janeiro, this might be a mixed bag by the time August arrives. What are your opinions for the upcoming Olympics in Brazil? Will it make or break?
  2. what cities do you think would be in a equestria baseball league . here is what I am looking for Real city name - ponified city name -team name inspired by my little pony
  3. (I might step on some people with my opinion. But i don't write this to hurt anybody. In the end, it's just my opinion.) There have been a number of many people, who demonized the Rio olympics for being held in a country with corruption, a poor society and the infamous zika virus, to the point that they simply don't want to watch these olympics. First of all, i want to make clear, that this is not what i am here to talk about. I always tried to not bring in politics into international sports events, because in my opinion they shouldn't belong in there. The Olympics for me, is more then just a mere sports event. It is THE Sports Event. Athletes from all around the World, come to one place, to compete in a friendly competition. It dosen't matter where they come from. It dosen't matter what religion they are part of and it dosen't matter what political believes they have. All they care about is the sport and to give their best. I think especially in times like these, where everybody is paranoid about death and terrorism being behind every corner, it is a great sign of peace and trust, for these athletes from all different cultures, to be all living in one place for almost 3 weeks. Be it Americans and Russians, South Koreans and North Koreans, or even Israelis and Palestinians. Some might call it cheesy, but i am a firm believer in the olympic spirit. Olympians don't get alot of money for competing, compared to Football/Soccer, Tennis, or Golf Tournaments, which puts the focus on the sport and the glory even more and i think this is a good sign. As i am writing this, i am watching synchronized diving and i am amazed by these great athletes. And i continue to have lots of fun.
  4. For three seasons now, I have been a fan of English Premier League club Arsenal. Are there any other Arsenal fans on the forum? If you are a Gooner (term derived from Arsenal's nickname, The Gunners), let me know! My favorite player is Alexis Sanchez!
  5. Racing is a hugely popular sport all over the world. As a result, there are tons of kinds too! We have GT Racing, V8 supercars, bike racing, Nascar, Indycar, Formula 1, even Go-Kart racing as well as many others. With such a wide variety, it makes me wonder what people tend to prefer, or perhaps certain people love a combination? Let's answer that! What are YOUR favorite types of racing? For me, it has to be GT racing and in second place, V8 Supercars. GT Racing is just soooo technical and I love seeing how the drivers handle the huge variety of courses all over the world. I also prefer GT racing in the Forza Motorsport series.
  6. Le Championat d'Europe La Campeonato Europeo Die Europameisterschaft Well, or just the euros for you. This is the official Thread for the Euros 2016 in france, where we can talk about the games, the players, predictions, or anything that is linked with the Tournament. The Tournament starts tomorrow at 9:00 PM CET with France vs. Romania.
  7. Nightmare Muffin

    Sports Thoughts on boxing?

    How does everyone feel about this sport? Frankly, i find it horrible and brutal. Guys beating the crap out of each other for sport and entertainment? Really speaks about what's wrong with the human race, for peope to enjoy this kind of thing.
  8. Thanks to the Forza Motorsport series, I have become rather interested in the motor racing sport, more particularly to GT Racing and V8 Supercars. With the awesome tracks that are in the world, I love to see how each one is designed in their own path and how that track is raced. So I thought, why not take a shot at making my own racetrack concepts? A quick trip to Photoshop allowed me to create a couple of random ideas. I was thinking, perhaps some of you also have made racetrack concepts? If you have, you can share them here! ^__^ Racing fans unite! Since Indiana is sorely lacking in good racing circuits, I decided to make a couple and here they are. These were ones I was fiddling around with, but still, I think they turned out pretty sweet. Now if only the state could actually make these...We need more circuits here! Florida has like..3, that I know of.
  9. Tarnation

    Sports do you like sports?

    nope. I hate sports, it is too tiring, except dancing.
  10. Are you all watching it today ?
  11. Bakugou Is My Man <3

    Sports Nyquist Wins The 2016 Kentucky Derby

    The thoroughbred Nyquist and his jockey Mario Gutierrez win the 142nd Kentucky Derby. More information here:
  12. Link. I'll admit, I'm not a soccer fan. Often, I find the game too slow, too traditional, and (for many of the leagues) too top-heavy with no parity. I heavily favor the playoff format in three of four major sports here (the NBA being the odd man out) because it gives other teams a chance to win. But even someone who doesn't like soccer can appreciate such a fabulous story. Leicester City was a literal lovable loser: Fans love the team, but this team was bad so often. Just last year, they were nearly relegated back to a lower-tier league thanks to their 14th-place finish. Only a few years ago, they were in the third-tier league. The EPL is near-pure capitalism. No salary cap. No revenue sharing. The richest teams are more than capable of spending millions of bucks on players, while the smaller markets have to find the scraps just to compete. At the start of the 2015-'16 season, Leicester City was one of the smallest markets. Since 1995, only four teams won the EPL: ManU, Man City, Arsenal, and Chelsea. Until this season, Leicester City never won a top-tier championship in its 132-year history. There's a reason why LCFC's odds were so low. How do you compare their odds with others? 1000-1: Hugh Hefner admitting he's a virgin. 500-1: Cleveland Browns winning Super Bowl 51. 5000-1: Kim Kardashian being elected president. 1000-1: The Men's Olympic hockey team winning the gold medal in 1980. You get the rest. Leicester City's 2016 EPL crown proves that the smaller markets, even when facing insurmountable odds, can compete with and beat the big boys. They found what other leagues and teams considered scraps, and they flourished. And I'm really happy for Claudio Raineri, who had managed over a dozen teams and couldn't climb over the hump. This is his first title. The big teams that dominate the sport may win their championships, but they're expected to win. No one expected LCFC to win. The fact that they won a title for the very first time and against deep odds makes their championship one of the most special in all of sports. Congrats, LCFC!
  13. Alright. So, I reworked an old OC of mine But a trend with myself I've noticed is that I'm unable to see any sort of flaw or general shittiness in anything i create, well, if it was created recently. I look back at my OCs and cringe sometimes. Could you believe that i once created an OC with a 10 word backstory and thought it was the best idea ever? Yikes. And everybody around me was too polite to call me out. Can't blame them for that though. So, back on topic, I reworked, an oc of mine to have a new backstory, and I'm looking for critque on the rework, whether the reworked one was better than it's brother, any flaws in the backstory or the personality, whether he's overpowered or underpowered, etc. Any good critique is much appreciated :>. Pleaseee. Old version: Reworked version: Also, if possible, could you give your opinion on the style the backstory is written in? I really appreciate the time you'd take to read through it
  14. Some people love to watch sports, we all know this. Many here probably love sports and watch them a lot. Me, I don't watch sports much, but, strangely enough, I do sometimes like having a sport on in the background, whatever kind of sport game is on, I may have it playing in the background while I am doing other things. It is actually relaxing. So it makes me think, what is a relaxing sport to watch or listen to for you? Could be any kind of sport at all. For me, it would be GT racing. Yeah, the constant sound of the cars, the constant movement, for some reason listening to these kinds of videos is relaxing to me.
  15. How this sport would work and what everypony's general opinion of the sport from the comic. I found the sport interesting and I'm pretty sure that this is the My little Pony version of football and I hope they might mention it in the show or make an episode about it. This is how Gilda explains it, "Each team has their own goal at the end of the field and their own ball. Either you run with the other team's ball or you stop the other team from running with yours. The team who gets the other team's ball across the goal the most number of times wins. A Boffypuff is the ball, a small furry animal who is a member of the team who scolds you if you mess up. There are seven players on the field for each team and there are back ups." There was also a mention of some maneuvers called a "Pileblitz" and a "Blitzpile" What do you guys think about it?
  16. PiratePony

    Sports Golf fans?

    Hey everypony. I love the game of Golf. You know, the Scottish game where you hit a small stone with a curvy stick and whack at it as many times as it takes to get into that gopher hole at the end of the sheep grazing field (true story...that was the origins). I know I can't be the only one here who likes this wonderful game, that is best experienced first hand, but is fun(!) to watch on TV when the course and drama takes it. I'm writing this during Masters' week, which I spend watching pregame on Golf channel all week and watch every minute of the tournament itself, as I believe there no golf tournament that is better, nor many sporting events in the year that come close. (my ranking #1 Masters, #2 Super Bowl, #3 tied with NBA Championship and World Series). Yes, that's what the Masters mean to me. I also watch Feherty and think he's great. I don't like the new format at the bar and grill though. Unfortunately, I am horrible at golf. I have a maximum handicap, despite growing up where my dad had free access to a golf course and I played often, but I spent a couple summers at a golf camp. Maybe the golf camp sucked so bad that wrecked me for life...or I just only get to golf once a year or so (until I move to Texas, then cheap golf and great weather is everywhere...) So: Any golfers? What's your handicap? Where do you play? Do you watch? that's okay. Silly Twilight - she knows every rule, but didn't remove the flag. She might get a two stroke penalty if she hits the pole.
  17. March Madness begins today for realsies. Anypony watch college basketball, follow the tournament, create brackets, wager money on it? Let's share! Both men's & women's tournaments can be discussed here. I'm rooting for my Lady Huskies of UCONN, as well as the Aggies of Texas Agriculture & Medicine.
  18. General thread for one of my other interests: Survivalism. I believe that being able to cope in the wild is much more practical than it sounds, as you can almost never predict the next car malfunction, skiing accident, or natural disaster. This thread applies to both "emergency" scenarios (earthquakes, hurricanes, getting lost, etc) and "SHTF" apocalyptic scenarios. Some rules I'd like everyone to follow, if only out of courtesy: Keep "gun talk" to a minimum. No zombies. Zombies don't exist. No using over the top "prepper" language that no one will understand. I doubt this thread will get much attention so I made it as vague and general as possible. You can post pretty much anything that is remotely relevant. Here is an interesting acronym from the U.S. Military Survival Manual FM 21-76 to get us started. S Size up the situation (Surroundings, equipment, and physical condition). U Use all your senses. R Remember where you are. V Vanquish fear and panic. I Improvise. V Value living. A Act like the natives. L Live by your wits
  19. Racing. Pretty cool sport. Thanks to the Forza series, I have become interested in GT racing. So I have grown to like certain tracks that I have read about and played on in the games. So the question, what are your favorite racetracks in the world? This can be from any type of racing, so go all out. ^__^ My absolute favorite is the famous Nuburgring, the full circuit. That track is just immense and so complex, I love it. :3 I play that track all the time in Forza 6. Oh and I forgot to mention Indianapolis. That is another favorite of mine, thanks to bias. I live in Indiana. So to list my current favorites: Nurburgring Laguna Seca Indianapolis Motor Speedway Circuit De Catalunya Virginia International Raceway
  20. VG_Addict


    A lot of talk has been made about concussions in sports. Players and families of players are suing leagues over it. What do you think should be done about it? Is putting more money into research enough, or do we need to make sports safer? Or, should we not do anything about it, since athletes know the risks when they play, and for some of them, it's the only way for them to make a decent living?
  21. DaReaper

    Favorite Sports Teams

    I did a search for favorite sports teams and didnt see one so sorry if I overlooked it Just your favorite sports teams from any sport Football (americian)- The Buffalo Bills Hockey- The Buffalo Sabres Baseball- Boston Redsox, only cause i'm sick of all the Yankee fans College Football- University of Miami Lacrosse- Buffalo Bandits Yeah I'm a lil biased to my hometown teams but thats the way it goes
  22. (I think this is where I put this here, sorry if I messed up!) If Ponyville had a football team, who would you pick, and what positions would you put them in, and why? There are 2 things I would like to point out for my choices, but of course, this is not mandatory. 1 - I'm gonna use the classic 4-4-2 formation to keep it simple 2 - I'm including attributes, but not species specific powers. For example, Rainbow dash being able to fly would be cheap to include, so her flight doesn't count, but her speed does, does that make sense? In the same way that unicorn magic would instantly be impossible to beat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 - Goalkeeper: Lyra - They only reason I thought of this is because of the fandom introducing that she is obsessed with humans, even though most of the fanart or jokes is based around human hands, and goalie is the only position that wears gloves with finger holes. Maybe this could give her a boost in confidence? I dunno 2 - Defender: Bulk Biceps - My thought processes went exactly like this: "Defenders need to be big and bulky...Wait, that's it! Bulk!" Maybe his soft side would be his downfall, but I'm willing to take it for the giant wall he is 3 - Defender: Big Mac - I like how when I thought "Big and Bulky" I thought of Bulk Biceps instantly, but it took me a good 20 minutes to think of *Big* Mac, literally the other half of what I was looking for. Again, his size would help, as well as probably having strong legs from bucking apples, so good for tackling? 4 - Defender: Royal Guard - Its only as I'm typing this that I realize this was an awful choice. Yeah, I just figured "They protect royalty, technically their job is to defend." I dunno, I guess I could've gone with Shining armor or Flash sentry, but I'll stick with my single generic royal guard 5 - Defender: Tom - That's right, Tom the boulder. But, picture this. Rarity would never play. Well, not on the pitch at least. What if, Tom is the physical side, and Rarity helps him move with her magic! Did I forget about my rule of not including unicorn magic while I was dazed with a high temperature when I thought of this idea earlier? Maybe, but that's none of your business...Ok, look, I only kept it cause I liked the idea of 2 in 1 kinda player. 6 - Midfielder: Discord - With types of tricks he can do, he could easily confuse and trip up his opponents. And I don't mean the kind he uses in the show, I mean football tricks, like showboating! Yeah, it's only wordplay, but I could see it working! 7 - Midfielder: Pinkie pie - Unpredictable. The element of surprise is strong, especially when it comes to Pinkie. She could easily make it seem like she was gonna do one thing, but instead do something completely different. But nothing wall breaking like in the show, now THAT would be unfair 8&9 - Midfielders: Spitfire and Soarin - Think of the speed! Think of the pace! Think of the chemistry these 2 would already have on the pitch! Not in a romantic ship kinda way, just since the Wonderbolts have chemistry with each other, now how each other performs, these 2 would be perfect together in midfield, being able to read each other so well. 10 - Striker: Rainbow Dash - Like I said in the example, she's fast. Like, it'd take something special to catch up with her. On top of that, anyone who's seen the first equestria girls knows she can score goals, so she's got decent accuracy too! 11 - Striker: Applejack - Like before with Big Mac, she's probably...scratch that, we KNOW she has strong legs from bucking apples. Could you imagine how powerful her shots would be? And if I remember rightly, when she was racing again RD with the barrel obstacles, she did very well, so I think it's fair to say she got pace too. TL;DR: Lyra Bulk Biceps Big Mac Royal Guard Tom + Rarity Discord Pinkie Pie Spitfire Soarin Rainbow Dash Applejack And maybe Celestia as manager? You know, because of leadership
  23. Doctor XFizzle

    Ponified NHL and NFL Logos

    Raise your hand if you like MLP:FiM. *raises hand* Now keep your hand raise if you love sports. *keeps hand up* Thanks to my obsession with both those things, I altered every NHL and NFL team's logo to something from MLP. NHL Ponification Project Gallery - http://xfizzle.devia...allery/31949104 NFL Ponification Project Gallery - http://xfizzle.devia...allery/32015065
  24. masterchaoss

    Fantasy football anyone

    So i thought it'd be fun to have a fantasy league, so if you're interested in joining feel free to join, you don't need to be very knowledgeable to play this isn't for money, there are only 10 slots so it's first come first serve.