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Found 146 results

  1. Just like the title says, what sport would you want to become real? It can be from movies, books, games, etc. If it's been thought of or is a new idea, tell what you would like to see or possibly join in. My personal choice would be Blitzball from Final Fantasy X. That sport just seems so fun. And you get to tackle and attack people. :3
  2. Anypony here a fan of NASCAR? Who's your favorite driver of today or of past & why. Do you prefer a certain type of car (Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Dodge-which is now no longer in NASCAR) Have you gone to any races? To those who dislike NASCAR, why do you dislike it? What do you think about the most recent major accident causing 28 fans to be injured? __________________________________ Carl Edwards is my #1, then Matt Kenseth. Carl has a great attitude and is honest and fun. Oh, and look at him shirtless... (I liked him before I found out how great he looked!) Matt is from my state, Wisconsin. I also like his style For past drivers, Alan Kulwicki and Rusty Wallace. RIP Alan... he did what no one else attempted, came from up north... he was a Wisconsin driver, started from nothing, turned down big teams to drive for himself... won the championship in 92 as the Underbird as they changed the car's name to... Died in 93 in a plane crash. Rusty is just a great guy and driver... plain and simple. Was always cool to watch him race, he also makes a good announcer. I'm a Ford girl... so I AM disappointed Matt is no longer with Ford Racing. Never been to a race... want to though. This last wreck was just horrible... I really hope the fans are okay, they go there to enjoy a race, not get hurt... although they do assume some 'responsibility' in going to the races knowing a freak accident may happen... and this one mirrored the Edwards/Keslowski wreck in Talledega a few yrs ago... So everyone knows there IS a risk. Even though I don't like Stewart his reaction was real good and classy... he didn't celebrate his win, he was worried for the fans. As for Keslowski, part of the accident does fall on him, he knew Regan would block and never let of the gas. bit similar to the Talledega one, but in that video Carl blocks him but he also moves up into Carl... I do dislike Keslowski a lot though... he is a punk of the sport... shown it in interviews and how he drives. -_- (not just talkin bout these 2 wrecks I mentioned.) Also I really love this sport, there is much more to it than "driving in circles & left turns" as many see it.. There's so many things to it! Strategy, passion, speed, cars...
  3. If the pony were going to enter a sports tournament what sport would you. Put them in would positions would you put them in. I would like to see them as a ice hockey team Twilight sparkle play center Pinkie pie and rarity are wings Applejack and Fluttershy are defense And rainbow dash is the goalie
  4. I am looking for some fellow baseball fans my favorite team is the I would love to hear from some fellow fans
  5. From your experiences, what is the hardest sport you've ever had to suit up for and play? I've made a poll of all the well-known sports here so give it a go. Anyways... For me, football is the hardest and most mentally-demanding sport I've ever had to play. I've played all the sports here -- hockey, some golfing, basketball, baseball, even some cricket... and all are tough, believe me. They're all fun to pick up and give it a go and they're enjoyable with friends. Now obviously, you can pick up a football and throw it around. That's not the entire game. You know how people say football players are [insert slang word used to describe female genitalia] because they wear pads?.. That couldn't be more irrelevant. It is true that all you do is just find the guy with the ball and hit them. Except they could be 225 pound running backs with shifty moves coming right at you. How do you stop that? The worst part about it is that that's not even one tenth of the whole game. There's so much mental preparation needed when you suit up for a football game. From understanding hundreds of your own plays to knowing all of the plays the other team might run. It's so demanding that there's two separate squads for offense and defense, respectively -- not like basketball where you're graded on both of them at the same time. When the ball is about to be snapped, you have to stay perfectly still. Any movement prior to that will screw you and your team over. And that little lapse in time will throw you off rhythm which is NOT something that you want. And all those hits you keep dishing out/receiving isn't just a one-time thing... that goes on for dozens of times. You keep getting hit and hit until you get sore. Sometimes... you get hit really hard which knocks you out (concussions) or gives you a major injury like an ACL tear. Knowing what the other team might do is a huge component in football. The game is more about field position than anything, and one mistake could cause you to lose your man and thus letting him score. But it's easy, right? All you do is find him and stick to him... except you're not really allowed to touch them until after they catch the ball. And how about those big offensive linemen? As a defender, can you get by their massive 6'4, 300+ pound frames, skillfully crafting your own moves to get past their awesome footwork? How about timing yourself just right so that you can knock the quarterback's pass down, at the same time disallowing your wide receiver to make that catch? And how about trying to take down that speedy and shifty receiver as he's running at full speed? How about it? How about being able to diagnose the defense and being able to execute all of your scoring plays? Getting past the defense to get even a few yards? Or pushing that defensive line back to get some tough running yards? How about when you're sacked or brought down behind the line of scrimmage, you shrug it off and continue to have faith in your ability to get something out of it? Taking all those hits and being pounded and being able to move on? Knowing that one play -- just one play -- can turn the fortunes of an entire team around? And how about doing all of this for not sixty minutes (the game-clock, don't be fooled)... but for three whole hours? Can you do that? Are you up for it? Oh... how about being able to run down the entire length of the football field for one play where the design is to "go long" and catch the ball? Can you defend that, or if you're the on supposed to catch the ball, can you make it? If you drop it, you'll have to do it AGAIN. Try doing this exact thing at least five times. You'll run out of energy quickly. Not even 2 minutes into the game and you're already tuckered out. That's how freaking brutal the game is. What's even worse is that if you go to any professional player and ask them about it, they'll speak a lot more on how tough it is than I can. So to say it's hard is an understatement. So let's hear it from you -- if you can manage to top this, I'll applaud you.
  6. I'm gonna have to go with surfing. I feel its more peaceful and fun. Which do you prefer? Do you already surf or snowboard? Will you be doing any of these in the future? Is surfing losing its coolness factor? Is snowboarding losing its coolness factor? If I was a surfer...I'd hang ten lol.
  7. I was just wondering, is there any brony lacrosse players? I play lacrosse, and I was wondering if anypony else out there played too.
  8. Beach Volleyball everypony likes it its fun easy to play and boost the competitive spirit as well as the trust and bonds between the members of the duos that play it. Overall its a sport that IMHO could be transferred to the pony world with almost all of its RL elements and who knows maybe some interesting new ones. In the hype of this sport and as one of my OC's favorites hobbies I have been working to bring the idea of a full fan art project based on this, and it will be called: The idea is to have a full circuit across Equestria where OC ponies and Cannon ones can find themselves in the court and enjoy a hyped game of Beach Volleyball. And this is where you my dear fellow became part of it I have think and developed much of this idea but would like to add some creativity from this amazing community and so I ask for you to post your idea's from team names (related to some Equestria City or town), logos for those teams, players in those teams (cannon or OC's) etc etc etc. For Example I have developed some: Ponyville Elemets -- Logo (The Crest of the elements of Harmony) -- Players (AJ + RD) Cloudsdale Wonderbolts -- Logo(The Insigna of the Wonderbolts) -- Players (Spitfire + Soarin) Appleloosa Bisons -- Logo(TBD) -- Players (Bareburn + Little Strong Heart) Canterlot Regals -- Logo (The silhouette of an alicorn) -- Players (TBD) The Chrystal Empire's Diamonds -- Logo (GEMS!) -- Players (TBD) And maybe you are getting and idea... So whats in for you?, well dear friend Im glad you ask. The ideas that I like will enter into a series of commissions Im planing during all 2014 to follow the league and its player team vs team with an outcome that could also be determined by votes. Each team will get its own vectored Logo, Its hard to believe??? Hey I dont blame you for having your doubts but well lets say that my own team The Hybrids are going to help me here to prove a point and show with an image the worth of a 1000 words. This was drawn and brought out of my head by the very talented and amazing Wicklesmack and its an example of what i have in mind for this idea. Ill be including other artist for this project trying to get the best in the business, so this is also a calling to any artist willing to get a commission for this. This is not just talk Im dead serious to get at least 6 of this pieces hope some of you guys can join me In this, reply contact me and lets talk to make this good for everypony
  9. So, I'm a baseball fan. In particular, I'm a fan of the Texas Rangers! Woooo! <( I'm not quite sure what you're saying, stranger, but...ok!) *High fives AJ* Anyway, their manager Ron Washington is an interesting character. Known for running in place, getting really hyper when his team scores runs, crack scandal sunflower seeds, and for being quotable. (Credits to @DShep25, maker of some AWESOME sports gifs) So, I was talking with my brother one day and I jokingly said, "hey! I wonder what Wash (Ron Washington) would look like as a pony." It was a joke but I was genuinely intrigued by it and I gave it a shot. Here is kind of a "beta" of the creation. I'll probably get back to finishing an actual piece of work with him in it when I have the time, but as for now I give you...Ron Washington pony! BTW, his cutie mark is a bunch of sunflower seeds in case you couldn't tell by my awful work. Manager of the...Ponyville...Phoenixes Crusaders Dragons <(DIAMOND DOGS!) YES! They're the Poniville Diamond Dogs! Yaaay...ok, I'm done.
  10. This topic is to find out who everyone here roots for and to maybe connect fans of the same team together or to help users find their rivals and subsequently trash talk them. If you're an international user (outside the US/Canada), feel free to tell us which teams (and their sport/league) you like to cheer on. if you want you can copy/paste this list I'm going to use NHL - Detroit Red Wings NFL - Detroit Lions MLB - Detroit Tigers NBA - Detroit Pistons College - Michigan Wolverines Soccer/Football - none Rugby - none Pretty standard for a Michigan resident lol. I despise the Ohio State Buckeyes (college), Notre Dame Fighting Irish (college), New York Yankees (MLB), Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL), Chicago Blackhawks (NHL), San Jose Sharks (NHL), Miami Heat (NBA), and Chicago Bears (NFL). Some of these are direct rivals like OSU, ND, Chicago teams, and some are indirect like Detroit rarely plays them but I dislike how they go about things like the Yankees, Heat, and Penguins. I dislike Michigan State Spartans (college) too because they're our little brother and they hold a HUGE inferiority complex towards Michigan.
  11. Here's a bit of backstory to the current events: On July 30, 2009, The New York Times reported that Ortiz and then-teammate Manny Ramirez were among a group of over 100 major league players on a list compiled by the federal government, that allegedly tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs during 2003 survey testing. Five months before the Times allegations surfaced, Ortiz stated in an interview that players who tested positive for steroids should be suspended for an entire season. Before the Red Sox's game that afternoon, Ortiz declined to comment on the report, saying, "I'm not talking about that anymore." Afterwards, he confirmed that he'd been told that he was on the list and promised to speak with the media once he "[got] to the bottom of" the matter. Ten days later, Ortiz held a press conference before a game at Yankee Stadium and denied ever buying or using steroids and suggested the positive test might have been due to his use of supplements and vitamins at the time. When asked which supplements he had been taking, Ortiz said he did not know. Ortiz was accompanied at the press conference by the general counsel of the Major League Baseball Players Association. Because the list of players was seized as part of a government investigation and is currently under court-ordered seal pending the outcome of litigation, Weiner said the players union was unable to provide Ortiz with any details about his test result, including what substance he tested positive for. On the same day, the Major League Baseball Players Association issued a statement pointing out that because of several factors, any player appearing on the list compiled by the federal government in 2003 did not necessarily test positive for performance enhancing drugs. Among those factors were that the total number of players said to be on the list far exceeded the number of collected specimens that tested positive. In addition, there were questions raised regarding the lab that performed the testing and their interpretation of the positive tests. Also, the statement pointed out that certain legal supplements that were available over the counter at the time could possibly cause a positive test result. Read more here. Has Ortiz put his slippery past behind him? Evidence suggests NO:
  12. I need more people in my league, and its gonna be fun primarily Brony league so pleases guys don't leave me hanging here, it'll be fun.
  13. I have a question for all of you. I had made the the choice to join baseball, a sport I love, but all I basically did was be bench warmer. I regretted not joining track, even though I can't stand running. So I'm asking you this: Would you rather be non-active in a sport you love? Or, be active in a sport you hate?
  14. Growing up i've always admired Mankind. Not only for putting his body through alot of abuse to entertain us fans but for having a large heart. He donates to charities and has granted tons of 'Make-A-Wish- foundation wishes.
  15. So, the NHL season has recently begun after the lock out, FINALLY, so what are your thoughts? I for one have Hockey as my favorite Sport, as it is fairly fun to watch. My favorite team is the Pittsburg Penguins, and I watch them almost every game. Although, it annoys me that NO ONE around here in Iowa seams to like Hockey, they are always about Football and such. What are your favorite teams? Do you even watch Hockey?
  16. With the NHL Owners and NHLPA ratifying the new CBA and signing a MOU (memorandum of understanding), the lockout is officially over! Training camp starts tomorrow. I'm not planning on going to any Red Wings games nor will I purchase any merchandise. The league and players must know how pissed the fans are that this lockout happened. My suggestion is to watch the games on TV, but don't go. Watch them at the many restaurants and bars near NHL arenas that have been hit hard by this lockout. Anyways, about the season itself. It's 48 games. Any slow starts or losing streaks could be deadly. Also with little rest, I expect injuries to pile up. By April it may come down to which team has the deepest bench and AHL affiliate. Too early to pick a Stanley Cup matchup.
  17. Basically I have no interest in sports, especcially football, but everyone tries to tell me I'd be great. This was a conversation "Are you going out for football?" "No, I don't like football at all." "Not like football? What are you talking about?" "I find it pointless and barbaric" "Well, if your not going to play football, then what are you going to do? Wrestling?" "No... I'm not doing any sport. I want to focus on my music, and sports will get in the way of that" "How can you not like sports I mean {insert sports superstar I don't know}" "hold up, hold up, Who?" "You can't be serious" "Actually I'm quite serious" "Wow, your actually dumber then I thought..." "Well, thank you for that, but I better be going" " No, come on what sport are you doing" "I'm not doing a sport now will you please leave me alone" "Oh I see... you must be too weak to do anything other then watch tv and do your stupid computer, where is that going to get you?" I start listing off careers that involve computers "Well, If you don't do sports then your a loser..." "Ok, cool I'm a loser, thank you" Counter troll like a Fluttershy Seriously it's like if you don't do a sport everyone freaks out. Well Indiana is a football state, so I can see why...
  18. Sooooooooo this is the thread where you can talk about the (Playstation [1, 2, 3]) video game series Gran Turismo. List your favorite cars, tracks, and whatnot! Favorite car: RUF 3400S Favorite race car: Mazda 787B Favorite track: Grand Valley Speedway II (GT3) Least favorite track: Laguna Seca Raceway
  19. In the back of my mind, I've always wanted to start a Detroit sports blog but I was lazy. My laziness upgraded to thoughtful procrastination the past week, and now it recovered to reach minimal action status. This blog will be used to share my thoughts and opinions (and venting and whining most likely) on Detroit sports as well as some University of Michigan and the occasional hot topic from other areas of sports. I'm being thoughtful to my Facebook friends so they will no longer be inundated by my rapid-fire statuses on game day. I say that now but when it's Saturday, October 6th and there's Michigan @ Purdue and Tigers @ Yankees in Game 2 of the ALDS, I'll run right back to Facebook to spout my mouth off. But at least I'm trying. Admittance is the first step to recovery even though the Detroit Lions are being enablers to my mental self-destructive madness, but I digress. First up on the docket are those aforementioned Detroit Lions. As you may be aware, they lost again for the third week in a row, this time to the Minnesota Vikings. The offense had the imagination of a gumball machine. I'm talking old-fashioned pop a nickel in the slot, twist, and there's your boring, tasteless gumball that's better served as drywall spackle. Not like modern machines with blinking lights and a long twisty tube that delivers your gumball, or even better, one of those clear capsules with a $5 bill folded to the size of a dime only God knows how they fit it in there. The Lions offense was chewing spackle today. Running to set up the pass is a great strategy given the Lions' personnel. Yeah, and using your ear to eat ice cream is delicious and less messy too. The Lions are a passing team. Embrace it. Be it. You have arguably the BEST receiver in the game. It should not take a 17-point deficit or the second quarter, whichever comes first, to find Megatron. I could go on but then this will turn into a diatribe with a length that would make Dostoevsky blush. I'll save both my fingers and my readers' attention spans for this first entry. Ah Lions special teams. Your performance is the equivalent of The Situation's attempt at "comedy" at the Donald Trump roast back in 2011. Everyone knew you were going to be a train wreck going into it, and you did not disappoint, but for the love of God just stand in the background and be irrelevant. Irrelevant as in we don't have to whisper your name because you're doing your job and we don't have your coach's name (Danny Crossman) trending on Twitter. Pro-tip, when a coach's name is trending on Twitter, 9 times out of 10 it is because a meltdown of some sort or an overly aggressive post-game handshake. Crossman's attempt at "special teams coaching" makes Stan Kwan look like Mike Ditka, if, you know, Mike Ditka coached special teams. If Crossman isn't sitting on the curb of the practice facility in Allen Park by week six, we might just have to onside kick every time. Can't do any worse. The defense was not that bad. Sure Adrian Peterson a.k.a. AP shredded through the defensive line, but he did not bust out a huge run nor did he score a touchdown. No Viking scored a touchdown. The defense did what they had to do to keep the Lions in the game. Bill Bentley was victimized on a couple of pass interference calls, but it wasn't because of physical inadequacy, it was because of correctable, experience deficiency. He turns his neck three degrees to get a glimpse of the ball on those plays and there would be no penalty. I won't blame the defense this week but their mettle will be tested in week six in Philadelphia for sure. I was going to talk Tigers, but this first post has gone long enough. Dammit Lions. Why do you have to be so infuriating and exhausting? I'll touch on the Tigers eventually. Maybe when they're popping champagne celebrating their OMG-It-Can't-Be-This-Bad-Can-It?-AL Comedy Central championship. Like a replacement referee after week three, I'm out.
  20. I really love that team! And if any bronies out there like them too, we can discuss them! Personally, I am deeply upset that Pep Guardiola is leaving the club, and my heart goes out to him. Tito Vilanova was his assistant and he's taking over. I believe he's the best substitute.
  21. Have you ever challenged someone to anything before? Did you ever think something was going to happen and were so confident that you decided to put a few of your things at stake (or for that matter, your dignity)? Here's the thread where you can post such things here! What items did you win in these bets, or did you manage to make the other person look like a complete fool? For me, I managed to make a 29 year-old woman drink ketchup because I predicted that my NFL team (the Patriots) would beat her NFL team in their house, and lo! It turned out to be quite the personal victory as well as a team victory in regards to some of my football friends. This was at the end of November, I believe. If I lost, I had to record myself eating lots of spicy peppers... but I'm not the one to back down from a challenge, so I gladly accepted, and won! I had a great feeling about that particular game, and my confidence rewarded me with this classic (skip to 5:29 for the start of actual bet): Pretty cool, huh? XD Post some of your victories here!