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Found 14 results

  1. So, I was just roaming around the forums, and suddently Family Guy came to my mind. I immediately thought about the amount of stereotypes that show makes, especially the ones with Italians. Now, I'm not touchy or anything like that, I usually laugh when I see those clips, but I'd really like to know if we Italians are indeed seen the same way we're represented in the show. Like, do you really imagine us all as Sicilian wiseguys with greasy hair who always wear a white and dirty tank, dark-blue jeans and black boots and who always put an "a" at the end of every word? I've been working in Brighton, England for five weeks, and when I asked my colleagues if my way of speaking was like that, they told me it was! Now, I shouldn't really be taken into account, since even Italians say I'm a stereotype, but anyway, if you've ever managed to meet an Italian guy, was it really like that? P.S. They don't necessarily have to be adults, you can also take teenagers (like me, after all) into account!
  2. Enough with the long faces! There are several discussions going on about negative sides of being adult fan of MLP and stereotypes that bronies have to face. It's time to talk about all the positive things that people will associate with ponie fandom! For starters: Bronies are talented musicians, artists and writers! Bronies are kind and accept other people! We are so sweet that I want to puke rainbows. Now you give it a go, be positive!
  3. As we all know, video games are a nice and sweet form of entertainment for many of us. Problem is, there's a good deal of uneducated people who believe the lies created by stupid stereotypes made about gaming, stereotypes such as "video games foment violent behavior", and so on. So, which video gaming stereotypes do you find the most annoying and stupid?
  4. I usually hear from non-watchers that they believe Bronies are non-working cellar dwelling loners. I'm keen to bust this myth as I know Bronies who have quite successful careers. I'm quite curious to hear what the community does for a living. I for one am a graphic design in a small firm. It's pretty awesome, I even sneak in some cheeky pony fan art on the quite hours.
  5. So...a while back I posted in a thread about what really makes me angry. I mentioned the stereotypes of the new Super Smash Bros mode: For Glory. For Glory is perhaps the hub of competitive smash. It's where people go to show their stuff to the world, without all of those annoying griefers getting in the way. But, there are quite a few stereotypes you must watch out for: Mario: Okay, Mario is perhaps one of the most annoying stereotypes. This is due to the fact that he's got two devastating spam/cheap combos you gotta watch out for: Down throw into repeating up-tilt: This combo is the one that annoys people the most. It really is just used to rack up damage. This combo is able to go on for a while, and it usually ends with an up-smash. It's tricky to get away from it, but it can be done. To avoid this combo, go for throws followed by air attacks. Dodge any throw attempts by the Mario player. Reverse throw into cape flip: This is just a really cheap way to win. Often times, people playing a Mario player may get baited into this combo, after missing a dash attack. To fool the player into thinking he'll flip you into the other direction, turn away from the Mario player. He'll flip you to face him. Use a side-b or up-b to recover, depending if you haven't used your double-jump. Link/Toon Link: When fighting a link, always look forward to a flurry of bombs, arrows and boomerangs, unless you're going against a good player. Most of the time, they'll dodge and shield to try to get as far from you as possible. For this situation, use a character with a reflect ability, like Fox, Falco, Pit, Dark Pit or Palutena. Other times, Link players tend to rely on the smash attacks, preferably the side or up-smash. Link's side-smash delivers two hits, the second one being the harder and delivering forceful knockback. Often times, this move is not charged and delivered right after the Link player gets out of shield. Ness/Lucas: Ness and Lucas are often nicknamed the "trick characters" of smash (along with Duck Hunt). This is simply because these two characters have PK moves that either deliver multiple hits or a single powerful hit (like PK Flash or PK Freeze). However, there are combos that are super cheap that you don't want to get yourself into Down throw into repeating side air: This is perhaps the #1 combo that almost every Ness/Lucas player relies on. This is due to the fact that Ness and Lucas have spectacular double jumps. It is more of a "get it done and move on" type of combo so that way the player could just rack up quick wins without really trying. PK Fire into Down Throw into repeating side air: This version just adds the PK fire to make it a whole lot easier for the Ness/Lucas player to grab their opponent and lead into the combo. Again, it's a combo that is escapable. You can use any character with a reflect ability to avoid getting into this situation. Up throw into PK Flash: This is more of a lethal combo that is only used at high damage. Rarely do you see Ness players use PK Flash, unless it is the right time to do so. Zero Suit Samus: Ah, the Zero Suit Samus players who rely on the paralyzer to land combos that send you into the upper blast zone without even trying. These players just want to rack up quick wins by landing these cheap combos. They think it's skill, but because the paralyzer gun stuns you for a second, you really are left wide open. Just try to dodge the paralyzer shots, or reflect them back with an appropriate character. Nonetheless, here are the combos to watch out for: Paralyzer into side smash: This combo can be pretty deadly, especially if you're hanging out on the edge of a stage. Remember, the closer you are to the edge of a stage when your opponent lands a side smash, the greater the chance of it being a death. The way to avoid this combo is simply dodge or reflect the beam if possible. You can actually backfire this combo if you got a character like Pit, Dark Pit or Falco. Really, the backfire works very well with Falco, since he kicks out his reflector. Some may argue it can be the same with Fox, but remember, Fox's reflector leaves him stationary. He can't move, which is why it's best to perform the combo backfire with Falco. This is because as Falco kicks out his reflector, he can move forward and deliver several hits. Down Smash into Side Smash: This combo is much more devastating than the above. This is because ZSS's down smash uses her paralyzer, but it doesn't actually fire a beam. It creates a shockwave, that paralyzes you then sends you airborne. it could possibly be reflected. Fox's reflector would be best in this case. Pit's reflectors could work as well. Anything that can send you into the air: You must always keep ZSS on the ground. This is because if she takes you into the air, she can possibly kill you with a double up air followed by an up-b. Remember, ZSS's up-b lands multiple times before dealing a hard hit that sends you farther upward. If she lands this hit close to the blast zone, it's a death. Little Mac A lot of people already know the Little Mac stereotype, repeating jolt haymaker until they fall off the edge of the stage...but...there are actually two Little Mac stereotypes The "smart" Little Mac player, often relies on the side smash, as during the charge and release, this grants Little Mac super armor. They also rely on Little Mac's frame recovery, as it's really fast, especially between after he misses a dash attack and immediately proceeds to land a side tilt. Also, tries to rack up damage as fast as possible so that the star uppercut will be a 100% death guaranteed. The "dumb" Little Mac player, mostly relies on trying to use lunging strikes like the Jolt Haymaker. They can be baited to a ledge, but often recover from this mistake, unless they really want to prove that jolt haymaker is effective... The Fire Emblem Gang (Marth, Roy, Ike, Lucina, Robin) These fighters, you'll find one thing in common except Robin Counter-spamming: Yep, you all had it coming...this is what most online players rely on: The counter. It can be put up 60 times a minute, which means every second. However, there is actually a weakness. You see, the counter actually only lasts 8/10 of a second. As soon as that .8 seconds is over, the remaining .2 seconds of the counter animation is the fighter returning to neutral pose. It is possible to "break though" because of this. But you have to time it just right. If you're 1/10 of a second too early, the fighter will counter-attack. Shield breaker for dayz: And yep, Marth and Lucina players will often rely on shield breakers a lot. So be sure not to use your shield with them. Personally, I go shieldless when I'm versing a player like this, just so I won't let my instincts take over and end up getting punished for it. Now that we got that out of the way, let's take a look at the Robin players... The Robin players are very tricky (and cheap), this is because of a common thing that happen when fighting a Robin player Charging the Thunder attack: Robin players always want to keep their Thunder attack (the neutral b charged at all times so that way they can land it right at the perfect time. When you try to get close to them, they'll either roll away, or hit you with an attack that sends you quite a distance from them, so that way they can charge the Thunder attack all the way. Also, Robin's fire attack plays a role in this too. This is because it's a lot like Ness's PK Fire that hits multiple times. Again, this gives the Robin player a certain ammount of time to charge the Thunder attack. But remember, Robin can't use his Thunder attack fully charged but so many times before he loses his book. When Robin loses his book, that's your chance to go in. Jigglypuff Alright, so everyone here knows that the #1 move to watch out for when facing a Jigglypuff is rest. It's devastating if your damage is above 40%. However, we all know that the rest is very punishable if missed. It's why Jigglypuff players try to lead into the rest, like a sucker punch. Watch out for this, as it is extremely difficult to get out of this situation. Charizard Okay, so this one is actually pretty obvious. Like Jigglypuff's section, there's no need for bullet points. The thing you must watch out for the overuse of Flare Blitz. Remember, Flare Blitz has recoil damage, even if it misses. You can either counter it with an appropriate character, or take a risk to try to land a hard read. For the hard read, you have to time it perfectly. For best results, use a "tipper" character, like Marth, who can land attacks with the tip of his blade. You can also use Shulk as well, since his vision counter deals quite a bit. Captain Falcon Well here we go, we've got three bullets to cover this time. Captain Falcon is both fast and strong, and there are a lot of common combos the online community of For Glory uses: Down throw into side air (aka "Knee of Justice"): This is perhaps one of the most dangerous combos you've gotta watch out for, especially if your damage is high. A lot of people underestimate the power of Falcon's side air, but since it has an electric shock effect, it deals massive damage. Be careful. You must use grabs into ground smash attacks when facing a Captain Falcon player. A character with a counter is also useful, but you must be able to tech out of DI (directional influence) on time so you can put up your counter right before the Falcon player lands the devastating side air. Side b into side air: Again, another devestating combo, but easier to dodge. You may be able to land a hard read in this situation since Falcon is lunging towards you. A variant of this combo is Down b into side air. Falcon's Falcon kick travels sideways on the ground, but it is almost a vertical dive in the air. Watch out for this. Again, you can land a hard read with an up smash if you time it right. That's all I have for now. Let me know if I missed any stereotypes or leave a comment/question! Happy Smashing!
  6. We all have opinions or ideas about the other kinds of music that we don't listen to. Things like rap is all about drugs, being a gangsta and getting that booty. That country is about beer, guns, 'murica and Jesus. That pop is about falling in love, breaking up, getting back together, and partying it up. That heavy metal is all about Satan and killing people. As well as other stereotypes like all rap is auto tuned, pop artists don't write their own lyrics and all metal singers do is scream. So what stereotypes do you hold about other peoples music? And also, I encourage people here to respond to one another and prove each other wrong. Heck, use my examples and try to prove me wrong (except for heavy metal. I'm more than familiar with the genre). Let's all broaden each others horizons here, starting with the world of music. Go!
  7. Subversion is a really great strength in this show. Several episode take existing concepts and twist them up to make the conflicts and characters feel more authentic. The Best Night Ever is a fantastic satire of Cinderella stories. Starlight Glimmer ain't no monster, but she's their best villain so far. Green Isn't Your Color and Sisterhooves Social tackle jealousy and sisterhood conflict realistically. Cheese Sandwich is Weird Al in a nutshell. Each of the Mane Six are subversions of common archetypes, especially Rarity, Dash, and Pinkie. However, for each couple of clichés and stereotypes subverted, at least one of either is played straight. Snips and Snails: Stupid, annoying little boys. Their concept is a stereotype. Bridle Gossip: This episode plays off the cliché that white supremism comes from white people being scared of blacks. Whether it's intentional or not, I don't know. (I'm going to assume it's not.) The implications come from how convenient the plot is laid out. Swarm of the Century: Despite the clever Star Trek reference, the whole episode is a cliché played straight: a character doesn't tell them ahead, but does at the end, and the whole conflict would've been over before the theme song. Owl's Well: Unlike Green Isn't Your Color, OWtEW is the "jealousy" cliché, in which the jealous character plays as the antagonist. Teenage dragons: Misandrist and misogynist stereotypes of male bullies. Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon: Flat antagonists. Written simply to be stereotypical bitches. Equestria Girls: Way too many to count. Flash Sentry is a combo of several clichés and is the stereotypical hunk for Twilight. As a villain, Sunset Shimmer is the stereotypical alpha bitch. The while school is a cliché, including the divisions within their school and the Fall Formal. Spike at Your Service: The "life debt" cliché played straight. Make Friends, but Keep Discord: The storyline is the same as Owl's Well, but a little better. Tree Hugger is the stereotypical hippie. You get the point. For a show designed to be pro-feminist, the fact that several clichés and stereotypes are played straight damns this show's credibility. Despite a really fleshed-out mane cast and some really great secondary characters, FIM complacently uses clichés, often with no success. Stereotypes don't work because they create false representations of certain people. Clichés have a lot of difficulty working because the journey has been done before too often and feels like a waste of time afterwards; if the journey is bad, I'll hit the remote. With that, I have some groundwork. Keep in mind, they must've taken place in FIM. What clichés and/or stereotypes do you recognize? Why do the clichés and stereotypes not work and/or bother you? Is it due to their convenience, unfortunate implications, filler, etc. Please explain the problems. How would fix them? In other words, how would you take the clichés/stereotypes and subvert them? How would you make the cliched and/or stereotypical concepts from FIM unique and captivating? Please explain the solutions well and spend some time thinking about how it would work while staying true to the show's atmosphere. I have a couple in mind, both from this season. Tree Hugger Problem: Stereotypes have no business in any family product today, and TH's biggest problem is how convenient her character is. She was a plot device for Discord's jealousy. But what makes her not work even more is how one-dimensional she is. Yes, she helped present various humor, but it comes at the expense of making her a unique character. By making her so stereotypical, her friendship with Fluttershy is as convincing as a young kid who claims to be selling dollar candy in the subway in order to fund for his school's basketball team. Solution: Borrow from the Rarity Micro and make her fully-fledged. Rather than make her the typical hippie, she branches out from the culture. Rather than look high all the time, her personality is silly, but knowing, and her eyes are never half-shut. A good reader, craftsmare, and hardworker. But rather than make Discord feel jealous because 'Shy gave her the ticket, Fluttershy gives up her ticket so Discord and TH can spend the time at the Gala. The purpose is to present the conflict, make Tree Hugger's friendship with Fluttershy more genuine, and present Tree Hugger as a character instead of a plot device. The yaks Problem: I have no idea what this is about, but these three yaks feel a lot like stereotypes of one or both of the following: Natives, vikings. Natives due to their pride of their culture, the location of their country, warrior personality, and broken language. Vikings due to their war-first ideology, lack of knowledge of current technology and other cultures, and violent reactions. Like the dragons, they paint false impressions on the entire yak race. I don't think the racism is intentional, but there's a reason why some on EQD decried their portrayals. Solution: Give them pride for their culture, but come with it at a cost. Rather than make the yaks act like they're in the wrong, portray the Mane Six as in the wrong with good intentions. Rather than be war first, make the yaks rough, firm, proud, but not have their language be broken and not act so violent. Frustrated, but not war-first and certainly not declare war. Yakyakistan is difficult, but more accessible with a variety of diplomats. When the Mane Six realize what went wrong, they realize their mistake and share to the yaks what they cherish. That way, the yaks can share what they cherish and show each other the best of their cultures.
  8. How did all of you get in to My Little Pony? What's your favorite thing about the brony community? Are there any stereotypes about bronies you agree or disagree with?
  9. When discussing music someone utters the phrase "Heavy Metal", what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it those stereotypical shrieked or growled vocals that are barely audible? Is it the fast, downtuned guitars? Or perhaps it's a few specific bands or a subgenre? Be honest. I want to see what kind of image it has here. Take your periodic table jokes and GTFO
  10. Just as the title reads, are these things good or bad?
  11. I hate the stereotype that all finnish people are evil and atheist and hateful. I IS A HAPPY PERSON!!!! I is a christian too!!!! I really hate that one, it's racist. Yeah, I like metal, but I am not atheist.
  12. I just saw the classic 80's movie The Breakfast Club earlier this morning and I was expecting it to be relatively entertaining and it was but it also had this great message about being true to yourself and not judging a book by its cover. It can best be summed up by this rather epic ending.
  13. I would really like to get everpony's views on the average brony hating stereotypes.... What if "Love and Tolerate" isn't enough in these situations?
  14. So, you know all the hype revolving around MLP: FIM, whether it be good or bad. Although lots of it is positive, some of it is also negative and all because of one attribute: the previous generations give it a reputation, as the past incarnations of MLP were truly and utterly terrible in the sense that it did not appeal to very many people, all because of the bad plots and pathetic character representations. As a result, people are inclined to believe the FIM is no better (which, as you all know, is contrary to the max) and such generalizations arise. One of these would include "the show is too girly" or in some cases, "the plot is bland". Let me give you my opinion on what episode takes these generalizations/conclusions and rips them apart. "Putting Your Hoof Down" was an episode in which the atmosphere was slightly darker than the rest of the episodes by making all the characters act like jerks, if you will. As the show is very much driven by the characters, this attributes to the fact that the setting itself and the various interactions among said characters were "tense", so to speak. For example, as you know, Fluttershy in that episode attempted to take lessons to improve her assertiveness, but ended up hurting two of her friends in the process. However, it wasn't the things she said to her friends that made this tense, it was how she conveyed the message. As she attacked Rarity's and Pinkie's talents and dreams, her voice was a clear indicator that she had harbored a rather deep resentment towards them and how they treated her prior to the episode, in which the majority of the episode stated, a doormat. However, this "message" isn't just exclusive to Rarity and Pinkie; it was a strong indication that she had also harbored resentment towards the rest of the town. It goes without saying that anything similar to Iron Will's teachings can have a drastic effect on your personality, as it did with Flujttershy of all ponies (whom is a kind-hearted soul). Instead of merely trying to be assertive at all times, she slowly felt the need to dominate everyone in the town, or she would blow her top. As you probably know, all the information I've provided occurs much too often in the real world... which itself would tear apart the established "girly" nature of the show that so many people would seem to ignorantly declare. Of course, this isn't exclusive to just this episode. Which episodes in your opinion destroy this stereotype of FIM?