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Found 74 results

  1. any fanfiction writers here that use that site?
  2. Sure I watch MLP:Fim and I know it's just awesome to watch for a lot of people. There are other good shows too but what makes a book or TV show watchable/entertaining
  3. Alright so the title to this says it all. I feel like have many good concepts in my head for a story, and I have been told from friend and family that those concepts sounds like a good idea for a story. However when I try to turn those same ideas into real stories, I don't really come out with anything that worth wild. I might come up with some scenes, but where they are going to come in is just vague like the beginning, the middle, and the end. I really want to make these concepts more than just concepts, and any help would appreciated.
  4. Fifty years ago, on November 23rd 1963, two curious schoolteachers followed an unearthly child into a scrapyard only to find a magic blue box and the daft old man who stole it from his people and ran. And he's been running ever since. The continuing escapades of the grumpy, bumbling, dashing, crazy, sweet, bombastic, cunning, caring, damaged, heroic, and raggedy Doctor and his friends is one of popular culture's greatest adventures and has earned its title as one of the most beloved cult shows (if not the most beloved) of all time. To celebrate this once in a lifetime milestone in the life of one of my favorite things ever, I might as well share a quick list of my all time favorite episodes from every era of the series. This is by no means a definitive list; not every Doctor is represented equally, and there many "essential" episodes I have not yet seen ("Talons of Weng Chiang", "Curse of Fenric" just to name a few). Heck, some of these rankings might change later. These are just the stories that I think best define what I love about show and just plain entertain me the most. And hey, I've provided a link to the episodes I could find so you can check them out for yourself if you haven't already. So... 20. The Mind Robber Some would argue that the only episode in this serial worth watching is the first one (which does end on an awesome cliffhanger the rest of the story may not be able to live up to), but not me. It's a wild departure from the stories the Second Doctor usually found himself in, and features some of the best scenes of his run. And seriously, any story where the possibility that the Doctor may be killed by a unicorn is present deserves a watch. 19. The Green Death Karate fights, chase scenes, giant alien maggots, an environmental message that was way ahead of its time on television, insight into how the Third Doctor's attitude towards humanity had changed, and one of the more subtle and well-done of the companion departures. This episode has the works, baby. Did I mention the Doctor in drag? 18. The Girl in the Fireplace This was back when Steven Moffat's "girl who waited" concept was fresh and new, and he gets every emotion and laugh he can out of the Tenth Doctor's doomed sorta-romance with Madame de Pompadour. The clockwork repair droids are make for some cool enemies, the means by which all the strange sci-fi shenanigans are occurring is really clever, and David Tennant knocks it out of the park. But above all else, the episode serves as a microcosm of the tragedy of the Doctor's relationship with his companions. The curse of the Time Lords, if you will. 17. A Christmas Carol The best of the reboot's Christmas specials, offering a really clever twist on the tired recreation of A Christams Carol you see every show do at least once. Visually inventive, funny, and moving all at once, and the Doctor is at his most whimsical. One of my favorite Christmas specials period. 16. Remembrance of the Daleks After years of shoddy writing, debatable creative decisions and two Doctors who weren't allowed to be as great as they could have been, a change in producers results in the best Doctor story in ages. There's tons of great stuff that makes this serial worth watching: Sylvester McCoy is marvelous as the Doctor and takes the character into a new and interesting direction, the Daleks are presented as an intimidating military force with actual strategies and different classes (the Special Weapons Dalek is the best thing ever), there's a fanboy's treasure trove of callbacks to the very first story, and it's the debut of Ace, one of the most badass companions ever, as evidenced by the scene in which she messes up a Dalek with a baseball bat charged up with Time Lord technology. 15. The Waters of Mars Starts off as a pretty basic Doctor story, albeit one with a very creepy and visully unique central monster, but turns out to be much, much more: a dark exploration of the Doctor's evolving morals and what happens when he doesn't give a f***. It's not nearly as funny as Tumblr gifs would have have you believe. 14. Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways The best finale of the reboot so far and the last time the Daleks really worked. Relentless and religious in their desire to exterminate the human race, they cut the scheming weirdos schtick and become genuinely scary again, which in turn leads to my favorite Doctor/Dalek confrontation ever. It's exciting, emotional, instantly iconic, and it even ends with possibly the best regeneration scene ever. 13. The Aztecs My favorite of the First Doctor's purely historic adventures. The rule here, that history cannot be changed ("not one line") is promptly broken in the also very good "The Romans" (and how broken it is is explored further in "The Time Meddler"), but One's insistence upon it and his sympathising with Barabra as she struggles to save a doomed civilization offers a lot of insight into his personality and makes him much more three-dimensional; underneath that stern face and Edwardian jacket, the Doctor does indeed have a heart. Two, actually. 12. Vincent and the Doctor It may or may not make you cry, but if you don't feel anything during these forty minutes, I do not want to meet you. A beautiful and respectful tribute to one of the most tragic artists of all time, this story ends with an mature meditation on sorrow and happiness: a single good day may not be able to change a sad life, but it makes all the difference in the world. 11. The Pirate Planet The first Classic story I ever watched, and woo boy, is this a doozy. It's an very entertaining adventure with some fantastic stuff from Tom Baker, a great villain, clever comedy, one of the best uses of jelly babies ever, K-9 having a laser duel with a robot parrot, and enough out-there ideas for several stories. You expect nothing less of writer Douglas Adams, creator of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. 10. Genesis of the Daleks The Daleks are finally given an origin story and a creator in the form of Davros, who gives us some of the greatest moments of villainy in the whole of Doctor Who. Using only a handful of sets to create a tragedy on an epic scale, what really makes this story is the Doctor's ultimate decision on whether to wipe out the Daleks. While it's sort of obvious he ends up not doing that (you can't eliminate the things that sell the toys), the way he reaches his conclusion is thought-provoking and says a lot about his character. It was never about whether the Daleks deserved to be destroyed; it was about whether anybody has the right to make that decision at all. 9. Inferno Doctor Who's answer to Star Trek's "Mirror, Mirror", but with less facial hair. A well-paced and intense serial from eerie start to explosive end, the Third Doctor's best story sees him witnessing what happens when he fails to save the Earth in time in all its horrifying detail. All the weird elements in the story, from the impending apocalypse to the weird primordial zombie people fit together surprisingly well, and the alternate universe twist at the end of the first act is the kind of big, strange ideas that the best of series does well. MVP is Nicholas Courtney, who's great as the always twinkling Brigadier and his evil counterpart, the Brigade Leader. 8. City of Death Douglas Adam's other Doctor story is one of the most beloved of the Fourth Doctor's adventures, and with good reason. It's an utter delight of an episode, with a twisty and creative plot that swings between big idea sci-fi, light-hearted comedy, and a surreal caper that involves several clones of the Mona Lisa. The chemistry between Four and Time Lady companion Romana is at its absolute best, the resolution to the plot is one of the funniest moments in all of Doctor Who, and it comes complete with a random Monty Python cameo. That should be reason enough to watch this story. 7. The Doctor's Wife This may depend on whether you like Neil Gaiman's writing (because this is very much a Gaiman story), but it's an absolutely brilliant science-fantasy tale that provides some of the best moments of Matt Smith's tenure as the Doctor and introduces us to a new perspective that changes the context of everything we've seen so far. The TARDIS always had character (a quality the Doctor loves in any vehicle he uses), but now it is a character, and it's here that we learn, cheesy as it is, that the Doctor's love for his TARDIS is only matched by the TARDIS's love for her thief. 6. Blink An episode I keep thinking is overrated after a while, but then I watch it again and remember that it totally is as good as the hype says it is. The Doctor is only in it for a few minutes, but that's okay, because Carrey Mulligan is amazing as heroine Sally Sparrow, bolstered by a great supporting cast and a high production value that's much more cinematic than we've seen before. It helps that it has a ingenious script that utilizes time travel in an interesting way and dialogue that would later become some of the most meme worthy of the entire series. And of course... Probably the scariest Doctor Who story ever, and that's saying something. 5. The Caves of Andronzani The episode that is most often picked as the greatest story ever, and it certainly deserves every accolade it gets. Gripping and exciting from start to finish, the Fifth Doctor's final adventure features him at his most heroic and badass (leading to the show's best cliffhanger, in which the Doctor makes it quite clear that he has had it), pitted against fantastic villains in an intense situation that just keeps getting more dangerous and complex as it goes on. Penned by the all-time master of writing Doctor Who, Robert Holmes, this is how you have a Doctor go out in style. Even Colin Baker's tiny moment at the end is awesome. Seriously, go watch this. 4. The Deadly Assassin The first story to take place on Gallifrey, this is the episode that defines who the Time Lords are as a race, and more importantly, how they are as vulnerable as anyone else. It's a great conspiracy plot full of huge ideas (it had the Matrix before the Matrix was ever cool), bolstered by Tom Baker's excellent performance in the first Doctor story to not feature a companion. It's also the greatest Master story ever, despite the fact that he's absolutely nothing like his regular self. Gone is the suave, charismatic mannerisms of Roger Delgado, and this isn't the manic fun of John Simms. The Master here is a monster, fueled by pure vengeance and a need to prolong whatever life he has left, at any cost. 3. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances Starts off simple enough, but soon becomes much more emotionally complex. I could go on and on about the near-perfect recreation of war-torn London and the interesting perspective of the the event that it takes, the glorious coolness that is Captain Jack Harkness, and one of the greatest and creepiest Doctor Who monsters ever (which has one of the more creative origins we've seen). But what makes this episode freaking sublime is the ending. It easily could have ended up being sappy or clumsy, but it ends up being a genuinely touching moment (I actually remember tearing up a bit) that perfectly sums up who the Doctor is. It adds a whole new level of sadness to any loss of life the Doctor suffers, because now e know how much saving people means to him. 2. The War Games The Second Doctor's adventures (and the black and white era) go out with a literal bang in the most exciting and subversive story the show had ever attempted to do at that point, and it delivers. Yeah, it's a whopping ten episodes, but there's so many new details about the nature of the War Games and crazy scenarios being added that the pacing just works and the story never drags. There's some great satire regarding the futility of war and the kind of people who would perpetuate it, as well as some great action scenes for 1960's television. But what makes this story an important classic (possibly the most important of the whole series) is the introduction of the Time Lords (who are actually kind of scary here) and the explanation that the Doctor's exile is a self-inflicted one. In one fell swoop, the show now has a mythology to tap into and the Doctor is given a level of pathos nobody knew he was capable of. Bonus points for one of the sadder companion departures and the awesome title card. 1. Human Nature Not a Doctor story in the traditional sense at all, but still a masterpiece of science fiction and fantasy television. Despite technically not featuring the Doctor at all, this is the story that best demonstrates that, once you get past the charm and the wonder, the Doctor can be an extremely dark character that borders on inhuman. But you can get past that, there's still something wonderful and worthwhile about his existence, and no matter how much pain he may seemingly bring along with him, the universe needs its Doctor. The entire thing plot is thematically charged, from the loss of innocence, to sacrifice and love, to the thin line that separates justice from vengeance. The production values are high, the villains are hammy in the best possible way, David Tennant turns in his greatest performance, I count at least three different tear-jerkers, and if there was ever a story to prove Martha Jones was a great companion, it's this one. And any show story that tells kids that there is an evil alien girl staring at them whenever they look in a mirror is worth a look in my book. Runner-ups: Midnight: Reaches John Carpenter levels of creepiness and paranoia, the Doctor's alien-ness is turned against him in an interesting way and the cast includes Merlin and Patrick Troughton's son. Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead: Cathrine Tate turns in some great stuff, the Vashta Nerada are great monsters, and the character of River Song, whether you liked how she ended up or not, is a fantastic concept. Pyramids of Mars: Awesome villain and sense of urgency that just increases as the story moves along. Planet of the Spiders: Jon Pertwee's final episode, which features a satisfying end to his interpretation of the Doctor and uber-creepy back-spiders. Turn Left: A mind blowing observation of how the smallest change in history can have the heaviest consequences, and a dark vision of what a world without the Doctor there to save it looks like. School Reunion: Sarah Jane Smith returned. That is all. Happy Birthday, Doctor. May you keep running forever more. Wait, this is a brony site. Better whip out the Forest Rain. Agree? Disagree? Think I'm an idiot? Rattle off in the comments with your favorites.
  5. Away

    3 ways G1 is better...

    1. Animation: Not many cartoons come close to MLP G1's amazing animation. It set the bar high for all cartoons that followed. G4's is good but still doesn't nearly come close to G1's unsurpassed originality. 2. Voice Acting: Again, it set another standard for cartoons. The amount of talent put into the voice acting is something that almost no other cartoons can match, not even G4. The G1 ponies just sound and feel so real. 3. Story lines: The stories in G1 are so much more well-developed than the ones in G4. Don't get me wrong; G4's writing has it's merits. However, none of them are as compelling as G1. G1's team inspired and influenced a whole new wave of writers for not just cartoons, but for movies, plays, and TV shows in general.
  6. I don't expect many people to agree with me on this, but hear me out. FIMfiction. Everwhere I look, I see it held up as the go-to place for fan fiction in the MLP fandom. I see it chosen as the default option for brony writers all over the world. I read about how it is the only website that offers us a complete experience as both readers and fans of MLP: FIM. And I agree. FIMfiction is indeed all of those things. It's a unique resource for all things writing + ponies. It is also the most frustrating fan fiction site I've ever dealt with in 9 years of writing online. Yes, I am going to criticize FIMfiction. If we can call out Equestria Daily and Sethisto, we can do the same with FIMfiction and knighty. In my opinion, these guys need to be woken up right here and now. I'll skip over all the small annoyances the place has caused me--that's unimportant and there wouldn't be room enough in one blog anyway. I have three main issues: I think they're hard to use, they try too hard with quality control, and they are highly overrated. 1. The user experience. The first thing I noticed when I first saw the site over a year ago is that it looks great. You couldn't ask for a more attractive main page. Wonderful. But this excellent first impression was spoiled when, caught up in my own foolish excitement, I attempted to publish a story. What was a simple experience on most fanfiction sites became a litany of "what the hell?," "where is it?," "why do I have to write two summaries?" and countless other questions. You should have been there. Suffice it to say, the submission process took hours to figure out. Even navigating the site is more difficult than it should be. If you're interested in reading more than the most recent fics, you'd better Google the title or save your links, because it's a struggle to find anything via the site itself. It's a little easier now that there's actually a working filter, but you have to open a story just to use it, and each search result takes up way too much space on the page. When I reviewed fanfiction on a brony radio show, I had to bring on another member who (along with his brother) knew the inner workings of the site so we could find good--not just popular--stories, and even he agreed that it was like trying to browse a public library by peeking through the windows. 2. Overenthusiastic moderation. It's no secret that FIMfiction's quality control was lacking in the early days. (Just look at when on a radio show in May of '13.) That's typical. I won't hold it over their heads. They've advanced by leaps and bounds since then. In fact, no story gets published there now before being screened and approved by a moderator...which is actually part of the problem. Every fandom has to deal with bad fanfics and learn which authors to steer clear of. Bronies, of all people, are smart enough to do this. But FF decides for us which stories we will be allowed to read, and occasionally they reject them on questionable grounds. Remember that first story I talked about trying to publish? This is it. After pulling my hair out trying to submit the thing, I finally succeeded...and they sent it back with a pink slip. Why? Because it was a human/pony satire and they didn't like that it mentioned the name of their site. That's being a tad oversensitive, don't you think? (I know, I know, meta fic rules; but as long as you're not criticizing the site itself or any particular writers, who really gives a damn?) :okiedokielokie: 3. OVERRATED. I don't pull out the "overrated/underrated" card much, because ultimately it's all subjective--but if I've ever seen an overrated site, FIMfiction is it. They assume they are great and present themselves as the ultimate authority on pony fiction. The problem is, they're not that great. Yes, there are thousands of great stories there. But remember who we have to thank for that: the authors. I know that FIMfiction has many attractive features--groups, blogs, customization and all the rest. But despite all the bells, whistles, and pretty pictures, its spot as the number-one site has been won by default. What real competition does it have as an experience crafted by bronies, for bronies? (<--The only reason I don't count The closest is Pony Fiction Archive ("everypony equal, everypony loved") and they have less than 1500 stories. So far there hasn't been much competition, and I think there needs to be. Let them be like us. There are many boards besides MLP Forums that want you and I as members--MLP Arena,, Reddit, Everypony and the list goes on. And this one stands out as the best because we are a unique community that plays nice and has the best ideas, moderation, and leadership. Let's see if FIMfiction is still top dog after some other alphas have come along. Conclusion I won't deny that there are personal feelings involved here. My decision to finally write this was made after they banned me for "plagiarizing" my own story--every word of it was mine, but apparently the idea of a guy having two usernames and posting the same fic on websites other than theirs was so unthinkable that they threw out a ban without a warning or even asking any questions. (EDIT: I busted the imposter and cleared up the situation, but it was a hurtful ending to what has been a maddening experience from start to finish.) Make no mistake, what you see here is everything I've wanted to say about the site for 14 months. And it's finally out. Personally, even though the situation is resolved and my membership reinstated, I will not be writing anything else for FIMfiction. But what's important for us, collectively, is that the site is not all it's cracked up to be. We can do better, and we deserve better. Competition is good for everybody. If you like FIMfiction, that's great. Competition will encourage the site to improve itself and ultimately become a better place. If you don't like FIMfiction, if you're neutral or undecided, there is plenty of room for a viable alternative. Should MLP Forums ever decide to take up this cause, along with the many other things our admin and visionary Feld0 has on the table, it will have my wholehearted support.
  7. Are their any two ponies you thought would be great together or at least make an interesting pair but haven't found much artwork or fanfiction about them? I thought Spitfire & Vinyl Scratch would make a cute couple, but I've found very little work featuring the two of them together.
  8. When you decide to read a book or fanfiction, you pick the type of genre that you know that you'll enjoy. So, I ask you. What is your favorite genre of literature? Whether it be action, adventure, horror, mystery, or whatever. Tell us and give a reason why. My favorite genre of literature is romance stories. It may sound lame and boring to some, but I find great excitement and plenty of heartwarming feelings to be had when I read romance stories. Reading about two characters falling in love and overcoming all obstacles just to be with one another melts my heart just about as much as seeing cute ponies does. I also find that these type of stories helps put a smile on my face when I'm feeling down. It must seem real awkward for a guy to say that, but I'm not ashamed of it. I love romance. It's a wonderful thing.
  9. Did you to the traditional way in just showing your friends an episode, or maybe showing them all fan made stuff? I might as well share one of my stories. I, and my friend whom had converted me, decided to convert one of our other friends, but it didn't work. The non-converted one then decided to tell a completely other friend about it, and then the non-converted friend became hooked. So, it sort of worked unintentionally with another person we didn't really had in mind plan to convert the non-converted friend's friend. (friendception) Share stories of you trying to influence others in joining the herd.
  10. So I'm not sure how this will work but i figured that I have seen many talented Bronies and people that write short stories and poems. Now like any person beginning or even experts we all love helpful criticism so i figured this thread is for so called writers and poets to share there stuff and maybe get some helpful advice to help themselves grow better. Now for me i love writing though i really can never get the courage to post my stuff. Only thing is i want this to be peaceful as possible when you give advice actually be specific instead of just saying this sucks or i hate the topic. Everybody try you best to be civil here and try to take criticism gently instead of getting upset this group is meant to help improve your writing skills instead of actually just people bashing you. I really look forward to seeing if this thread can take off if you have any questions just PM me Forgot to add this thread can be for pony or non-pony poems or stories so go wild my flying monkeys heheheh
  11. In this thread, share any sketchy moments or an experience that really weirded you out. I'll start. A few weeks ago, a friend and I were on some quad trails, as we waited for our third friend to catch up, we noticed something peculiar: We found this cross. The area covered by rocks near it is just large enough for a dog or a small child. To further increase the weirdness, we followed a nearby trail only to find numerous children's toys. Dolls, spongebob stuff, stuffed animals, small blankets, just left in the woods not far from what looks like a grave.
  12. My older brother worked at Subway this summer. Random things would happen sometimes, and he would post them on Facebook. This is "The Collection". There's some funny stuff, so keep reading. --- *first shift at Subway* *no one tells me that we have a new sandwich called "The Boss"* Customer: hello there, could I get the boss? Me: my manager is not here right now, sir. Customer: ..wait, what? I want the boss. Me: *nonplussed* I'm sorry sir, she's not here this evening. Customer: I SAW THE COMMERCIAL FOR IT ON TV. Me: *dazed and confused* *co-worker stops laughing long enough to educate me on "The Boss."* *day is saved. mostly.* # truelife --- And now, a scene from the life of a Sandwich Artist: Co-worker: *texting* Me: *working* Co-worker: *laughs* Me: "What're you laughing at?" Co-worker: "You work so hard. It's funny." Me: "Ah. Hilarious." Co-worker: *resumes texting* Me: *resumes working* [/endstory] --- Me: *making footlong sub* Me: *cutting sub in half* Customer: "Hey, could you cut that into four quarters?" Me: *blinks* Me: *blinks again* Me: *deadpan* "How many quarters did you say?" Customer: "Four quarters, please." Me: "Four of them?" Customer: *impatient* "Yes, four quarters. Please." Me on the Inside: "HAH. GOOBER." Me on the Outside: *cuts sub into quarters* "Have a good night, ma'am!" [/endstory] --- Today's installment of "The Real Life of a Sandwich Artist:" Customer: "Hey, I'm looking for a job. Do you guys drug test?" Me: "Nah, don't wor-... wait, what?" [/endstory] --- It's that time again. TIME TO WATCH DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG. (That actually has nothing to do with the rest of the blog post, but somehow it seemed relevant) --- Subway snippet of the day: Customer: "Thank you." Me: "My pleasure." Customer: *stares straight into my eyes* *holds gaze* "No. MY pleasure." Me: "I, uh.. you.. what? Erm, yes. Goodbye now." [/endstory] --- Just another day on that Subway grind: Me: *making flatbread* Me: "Do you want anything else?" Customer: "That's a wrap." Me: "LITERALLY. BAHAHAHAHA." Customer: ". . ." Me: "I've waited months for this moment." Customer: "What?" Me: "What." [/endstory] --- Well, I thought they were funny.
  13. And I am not talking about the online game, sadly... So, It seems pretty obvious that, in Equestria, there are many creatures that we would see as Myths, Legends, or Fictional creatures (Which is what I like most about the show, to be honest...), but, are there any kind of fictional creatures that were thought up but don't exist in their world? I first thought that humans could be mythical creatures in their world, but Equestria Girls proves that that probably isn't the case. Since myths are usually displayed in books, Twilight wouldn't have so ignorant as to what she is when she became a human (Or at least a very close representative of a human), since she probably would have read a book on humans. That lead me to believe that no one in Equestria knows about humankind what-so-ever (Now, other than Twilight and her friends). But then, what do they think of Minotaurs? Since, in our books, Minotaurs are half-man, half-bull. But, "man" probably doesn't exist in Equestria, so would they say "Half-ape, half-bull?" Also, another thing is, Dashie asked "What are hands?" at the end of Equestria Girls, so most ponies probably don't know what Hands are. Then, what to they call the parts at the end of a Minotaur's arms? Paws? It would be interesting to see what some ponies could create in their heads, since they have so much more to reference in a fictional creature than we do (assuming we don't just pull something random out of our head). What do you think?
  14. What is your favorite grimdark/horror Mlp fanfic? Explain why and what it is about. I am curious to how many and what type of grimdark/horror fics there are. I am also interested in your opinion about them as well as just plain bored.
  15. I don't think anypony has started a Sonic/Brony topic, so let's get started. I'm Shadowlux100, here to say that if there are any bronies out there who are also Sonic fans, this is the right place to talk about it. First off, crossovers. On FIMFiction, I've written some stories that involve a lot of Sonic and MLP. I want to start something here. What do you guys think we should do for a crossover?
  16. Hi again everyone One of my friends wrote "ghost stories" and "Shifting Shadow" and I think they turned out nicely. So I have the idea to write my own maybe. I have an idea, but I have a few questions first to see what would be preferred in a fanfic/story: Use the mane 6 and OC's or only OC's? What should the "vibe" be? (Or however you would explain that?) Then should I stay clear of using things/items actually used in the show? I found some pony name generators and got a decent list using my name and my username lol. My problem with using the mane 6 or items used in the show is that if something new comes out in the show, then the story becomes outdated or wrong. It has given me something to think about today I guess
  17. this is what truely happened!!!!!!! I'm sorry its a comic but It is a must watch that will bring tears to your eyes. The best way though is multiple pauses unless you can read it all fast enough.
  18. So I was talking to my friend TheLoyalBrony last night about how our fandom project is in great need of one more member. It went like this: Loyal: I'll give you the heads up tomorrow on content. Haven't had the chance to look into anything real good yet. Btw we need a fan fic researcher! Tails: Someone who can gamely explore the labyrinthine depths of FIMfiction's extremely messy and barely organized library. Loyal: Yeah I know...that's why fan fics are always left under the rug. It's so messy and disorganized it's impossible to find a fan fic. Tails: Their search function's next to useless. I'm down to relying on groups that involve the major characters, or just searching for the title on Google. It's a shame, because who knows how much good stuff is buried in there like you said? So that sums it up. We need someone who knows of better methods than the ones I described, to help find good stories for us on FIMfiction! We're especially looking for non-explicit stuff written 7 months ago or sooner. It's for a radio show called My Little Reviews. We find great art, stories or music in the fandom and review it. But sometimes, finding it in the first place is the hard part. What do you say? Think you can give us a hoof with this? P.S. If you don't have the time to make it a weekly obligation, no problem! Volunteering to do some temporary digging for me, or just posting some recent little-known fics that you love, would be appreciated as well.
  19. My father has served over 30 years in law enforcement and in the military as airborne, SWAT, EOD, bomb disposal, undercover law enforcer, instructor, patrol officer, riot control, and among other things. The experiences of military and law enforcement personnel is something that I have a borderline obsession with, which is why I made this thread. Here's a story that my father told me, and it's definitely something to tell. If you know anyone who has or you have served in the military, and you wish to either vent yourself or just tell your story on this board to the members of this forum, feel free.
  20. I'm sure that a lot of people here have played that hot wolf game called WolfQuest. If you have, i'm sure that you have your own story to tell about life as a wolf. What was it like? What was your wolf's life like, and how did you react at some parts? Here's mine as an example. I was a black and brown wolf named Eriu. He was a dispersal wolf (duh) from his pack, and left to find a mate. First, he ran into the forest, and on a stroke of luck, ran into a herd of elk. The elk hunt was not sucessful, but her went on his journey. Now you know all that wolfy stuff they do, and he nearly died after a confronation with a bear. Soon he found a mate named Eliyah. Me and her ran around for a bit, and then we went to Slough Creek. Now you know all the rest. We soon got up onto a den that had a great view of the elk hunting spot, and seemed a perfect place to raise pups. Soon, like all wolves, we had four pups. I decided that I'd make a personality for all of them. I had gone way to far on my sojourn to skip that. They were named Blizzard (albino pup), Hutch, Cobra, and Eriyah; a mix of both our names. Soon tragedy struck, and Blizzard was eaten by a wolfpup- eating bear, and Hutch disspeared without a trace. We soon had to leave, and we took Corba and Eriyah with us. It rained constantly, which stressed me out, as well as the constant preditor alerts. Soon we decided that we would follow slough creek until we got to a good crossing. We got all the way to the end of the creek, and I was getting frustrated by then, and we turned around to go the other way. Leter, an eagle attacked Eriyah (who was a coward) and was an inch away from her when I bit it and it left. Then I found out that soon as we get to the lone tree, we could rest. When we got there, there were so many coyote that we had to leave. Finally, the long waited moment came, and we came to the sandbar crossing. Just then, I was probably so stressed I felt like i was really Eriu and silently promised the pups that they would see the great land of which they will grow up in. And then it happened. I cought both Cobra and Eriyah in the water. I only had time to save Eriyah, but not Cobra. We crossed, me agian silently narrating my wolf. (He was sobbing in the mourning of his last son) We got there, and everything seemed to float away. If you took the time to read this very long post, thank you for giving the time to do so. If you have any WQ memorable moments to tell, please do.
  21. Common sense isn't. Despite our best interests and efforts, the blatantly obvious and simple is often foregone by completely normal people or bronies for elaborate and wastefully hilarious weird things that happen. Case in point: I once crossed a bridge that spanned the Fraiser, but realized 3/4s of the way across that I didn't need to [and why was I crossing the bridge anyways?] so I continued across, walked around the intersection and went back across on the other side, and only once I got back did I realize that I forgot I could've turned around on the sidewalk and walked in the opposite direction. Because people aren't cars. They can turn around on the spot. I'm sure everyone has their own silly stories about lapses in judgement.
  22. So I'm going to my friends house to hang out. We're gonna have a camp fire and a whole bunch of other stuff, and I would like to scare the shit out of him. I'm trying to decide what story to tell him, but there are so many good ones. I've narrowed it down to cupcakes and my modified version of "Where's My Golden Arm".Or maybe I could just show him human centipede... What do you guys think?
  23. I was trying to look for a thread that combined all the conversion stories and brony sightings into one thread, but there hasn't been any of that. So yeah, it would be great to place it all together. Write your conversion and sighting stories here. Doesn't have to be amazing or long, but just show us all that Equestriantism has spread!