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Found 275 results

  1. Hello all! I started writing a story yesterday, planned to be a romace/action/dark/tragedy. The first chapter doesn't capture all the elements in one, but future chapters will. Enjoy! Chapter 1 - Nightmare’s Beginning Do you like it? Please leave some feedback in the comments. Thanks!
  2. WHEN THREE WORLDS COLLIDE -A Crossover between MLP:FIM, Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War (video game) , and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (CGI Movie)- Chapter 3 Update Like the story? Be sure to rate on FIM Fiction!
  3. So I thought up an idea for a "story time." I'm just gonna post stories about funny stuff that happens in my life. I laughed for about ten minutes at this. My friend and his friends were on a trip. Two of them went to a bar. ( One of them wore this hat with a camera in it because they liked to record life.) They were both drunk and one of them was so drunk that they got gay on the other and kissed him on the lips for like a minute.The whole thing was on tape and they didn't know until they got home and reviewed the tape. They showed me, and then edited it out.
  4. This short story was written by me. I wrote it when I noticed another post below asking whether going out and claiming a land as our own would be a good idea. I apologize in advance if you dislike anything about this story but I predict it would happen this way. Enjoy! What would happen if bronies went and claimed a land for their own? Here's what would happen. The Bronies would arrive to this new land excited for what they could accomplish. This land, formerly known as Scotland, would be called Equestria. They would begin to build homes replicated off of the homes in the show. They would name their cities based off of the show as well. After a year of harmony, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic would be canceled because of what the bronies had done. Equestrian terrorists, also known as Shadow Bolts, would kidnap the employees of Hasbro and take them hostage. The only thing that would appease the Shadow Bolts would be to reair the show. Obama, The President of the United States, would not obey because their country would never give in to terrorists. Eventually, things will tension up between the US and Equestria and they would have a war. Equestria would come out on top because many bronies still do not live in Equestria and could backstab their fellow US soldiers. Many of the European countries would use their pre World War II tactic of appeasement so they wouldn't be involved. After a hostile takeover of Australia, many asian countries would surrender. The Middle Eastern countries would be Equestria's allies since we destroyed the US, but the alliance would eventually end and they would fall as well. By this time, we would have our own animators making episodes of the show, sending subniminal messages to the viewers stating that we must takeover the world. The domino theory would take place as each nation fell one by one. The last nation standing in our way would be Canada. However, the Canadians offered to bribe the bronies as to avoid their doom. It would not work because they would bribe them with cash when bronies use bits as currency. Finally, the bronies stood alone in the world with nopony to get in their way of enjoying the show. Many years will pass until one question would be given to one of the princesses. "Who is best pony?" The princess ignored the question and finished the hearing. This made many equestrians remember the argument they once had before moving to this new land. Equestria would then be divided into 6 different areas. The Applejack fans were located in North America. The Raritys spanned only across Russia. The Fluttershys took over all of South America. The Rainbow Dash fans settled in most of Asia. The rest of Asia and the Middle East was covered with Pinkie Pie fans. Europe was filled with Twilight Sparkle fanatics. Everywhere else had their own specific pony as well. Needless to say, the Rainbow Dash fans made their way into Pinkie Pie territory immediately. The Rarity fans knew they had to back up the Rainbow Dash fans because they had more territory and would eventually beat Pinkie Pie. This war would eventually be won by The Rainbow Dash fans and would be known as The Rainbow War. As promised, the Rarity fans would receive part of the Pinkie Pie territory. Applejack fans would find The Rainbow War to be a disgrace to all of Equestria and would claim war on the Rainbow Dash lovers. Applejack worshipers requested both the help of Fluttershys and Twilights, but only the Twilights came to their rescue. The Fluttershys were fighting a battle of their own against multiple different minor ponies such as Lyras, Derpys, and Big Macintoshs. Finally, all fighting ended between the four major pony groups. The Rainbows had already taken many casualties when taking down the Pinkies, thus their empire fell. The Raritys managed to surpass the Applejacks and took over their land as well. There were only three strong powers left in Equestria. The Twilights, The Raritys, and The Fluttershys. No more alliances were being forged and The Raritys took a sneak attack on The Fluttershys' nation. In the end, the Raritys had to surrender to the Fluttershys and give up their land. However, like King Cyrus The Great of Persia, The Fluttershys allowed the Rarity fans to worship whatever pony they wish. The Twilights didn't stand a chance and were eventually overtaken. At last, the best pony was discovered, or so they thought. A crazy Rarity fan by the name of Kevin Underwood would start up a rebel group that claimed that Rarity was still best pony. Eventually this rebel group was eradicated and all the bronies still alive would end up living a very harsh life without many resources. Time will pass and Earth's resources will be dried out clean. All remaining bronies would pass on and all humans would die out. THE END. If you want me to make a full length story adding much more detail, then please ask!
  5. Hi, I recently wanted to write a story and thought I might start off with something that's pretty easy: Survival Adventure. I'm going to write the start of it During the summer of 1035 AD(After Discord) a group of three foals ventured deep into the Everfree forest well past any mapped territories.They never returned and no there has been no sign of them since. The ponies' of Ponyville, scared out of their boots screamed to Celestia to restrict access ponies' have to the land of Equestria. Fearing an uprising, high ranking officials begged Princess Celestia to comply. Eventually Princess Celestia introduced The Pony Safety Act (PSA) in the winter of '35 AD which restricts pony access for dangerous regions such as the Everfree forest. It got hailed as the "Savior of the Foals" in addition to her normal title "God". ~The Equestrian Inquirer, 15th of January, '36 Last night a young colt named Papercut, with an suddenly disappeared. Papercut is a small orange/brown pony. He has a long mane which is laid loosely over his neck.Mostly identifiable by his cutie mark of a Map. He left a note which only had 5 words written down in large,bold letters...There has been no information of his whereabouts as of yet. His parent plea for anypony out there to contact. ~ The Equestrian Inquirer, 27th of January, '37 Papercut was bored out of his little mind. Canterlot wasn't exactly the most exiting place for a 13 year old pony, especially since The PSA. He explored every possible square inch in Canterlot and every interesting place had been off limits. It seemed like society was determined to stop fun. Life seemed pointless if it wasn't full of surprises. And since life isn't full of surprises, I might as well make my own surprises... " Wait if I make my it a surprise?" said aloud. "What are you talking about?" asked Raisin, Paper's best friend since Kindergarten. "Huh? Oh...umm...nothing." "Oh come on, you always say that you suddenly do something interesting." "Jeez,In Celestia's name shut!" "Come onnnnnnnn" Raisin was always like that, never the one to keep quiet, always talking Yap,yap yap.Even so, he was good company when he shuts his mouth. "Come on Raisin, don't be a Nightmare Moon" "Just tell me, I can keep a secret...if it is a secret." Raisin was getting to Papercut now. His incessant nagging was getting a tad bit annoying. "SHUT UP" Papercut shouted, a bit too loudly. "PAPERCUT!" shouted Mrs. Smokey, her breath reeking of cigarette smoke. Everyone was now looking at Papercut, finally getting some drama after a long boring lesson about the History of Celestia. "Sorry Mrs. Smokey" said Papercut a bit humbled. "Coward" said Raisin, giggling at Papercut. "Buck you" whispered Papercut back. This is just awful.I can't believe this is happening to me. Papercut looked up at the clock. 1800 seconds to go. As Papercut arrived home, he immediately rushed into his bedroom. He did not feel like talking right now. As we opened the door into his bedroom he immediately planted his face into his bed. "Ughhhhhh...ughhhhhh. My life is the worst!" complained in typical teen fashion. "I have to get away from here. School is without point considering I'll be good at something anyway and life in Canterlot is" "PAPER, COME AND EAT YOUR DINNER" called Paper's mum. Papercut was mentally exhausted by today's events, and could not even bother to call out to his mother or even murmur a word. "GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW" "THREE...TWO...ON-" Gee I wonder what happens at one. Well better not risk it, thought Papercut. "FINE, I'm coming, I'm coming" Papercut sat down at the table. "So Paper, how was school today," asked his dad, making the obligatory dinner conversation. "It was meh" fulfilling his part of the contract. "What's wrong with young ponies these days using words like meh and duh. Fell asleep in English as well as Mathematics?" his mum asked sarcastically, with a smirk on her face. Apparently her sarcasm was lost upon Papercut. "Mum, ehhh, you just don't get it"Papercut ate his meal of hay and roots quickly and left for his bedroom. "In Celestia's name what is wrong with that kid" "Don't worry honey, it's just a phase" the middle-aged pony said, trying to reassure her. As Paper entered his room, he made a decision in that moment, one that would change his life forever. It was a rash decision. Not well thought out but he was sticking to it. I'm making my own surprises. The next day, a note with only five words was found in his room. "The Everfree Forest is Mine." So this is my first chapter to my new survival story. If people like it I'll continue this on FIMFiction. This as made for constructive criticism. Please don't destroy me. "Like it or love it?" ~ Rarity
  6. I couldn't find anywhere else to post this, so this will have to do. The following is a tale I came up with a short while back. Consider these events 'factual' and get into the proper mind frame, the best way to read a story, is to become involved in it. I will start off with a simple fact. Everyone encounters something supernatural in their life time. Sometimes these occurrences go unnoticed... sometimes... In a small town in rural Wisconsin, there stands a house. A house which has remained untouched by time, decay, or any living thing, it has been standing there for as long as anyone can remember, but it seems relatively ignored. From the outside, it looks normal, just as any other house looks, but there is something about this house that makes you want to look away, it feels as if you are being glared at. To this day we are unaware of who went into the house, which is strange, as in this small town, someone knew is treated as an oddity. Others cannot remember the house, it is as if it was simply waiting for curiosity to kill the cat, and leave with its prize. I suppose there is some backstory to be told here. The rumors say that the house was inhabited by a single man who had loved, and lost, he had a wife of 6 years, and a 4 year old son. People say that they were well liked in the community, but never really remember the family doing anything, but then, this man’s life was shattered. One summer night, there was a gas leak, and at around 12:30 am, the levels became toxic. Somehow, the man got out, but it was only to watch his family get covered up with white sheets, and taken away. After that day, the man disappeared, forgotten, alone, and broken. Some say that, in order to stop the pain, he cut out his heart, but the house wouldn't let him die, some say he sits in the living room, waiting, watching, hoping that someone out there will find him, and take his place. Last spring, there was a writer who came into town, I remember him.. i don't know why, but something about him seemed.. off... He told me he was looking for a story, something strange. Immediately I told him about the house. "I will have to check this out!" he said to me.. I regret that day; I feel like it was using me… it allowed me to remember. Maybe to tell this tale, maybe for the sick enjoyment it gets, for I am sure that it knows how much I am tortured every night.. I see people in the windows, trapped and alone. I feel like I am the one on the inside sometimes... Why me. Why is it always me? I have one message. One thing I want to get across. if you ever see a house, one that you don't ever recall seeing. If you look close, you may be able to see the faces. And if you do, don't be tricked, stay away, because while I don't know what happens in that house. I remember the people, the people who were forgotten by all else. I see them, in my dreams, in my mind, I looked in the windows, and they looked back at me. I share their suffering, I feel their pain. To enter that house, is worse than death. At least in death, you stop feeling the pain. Forgive me if it is a bit 'meh' I wrote this a little while back.
  7. Hey all! I made part 2 of that little combat scene i did earlier. Its rather long but id'e love if you read it for me! <3 So please, read it and leave your critiques and/or your praises! Or just read it and make fun of me, thats good too! (Also, i think dialogue is my weakest point. Also descriptions. I tried to work those in, but very poorly. I guess thats what you get when your writing a story with NOTHING before it. ) Here you go!
  8. I had an idea today and i thought it was worth writing about. It doensn't have any context, just a short story. If you like it, i may make it into a full story....maybe....but i really don't think its that good plus i didn't even check it for spelling errors or grammar errors AND i didnt polish it. So please, give me all your critiques and praises (If those exist.) But anyway, Here you go! http://mrjk14.devian...ite-D-296700277
  9. Guest

    Empirical Studies

    How do you react to people discovering you're a brony? Do you laugh, blush, cry, get itchy? ---I usually make my revelation memorable and awkward. (I'll just stare at the person who reacts in the most outlandish fashion until they start to wriggle.) I like observing how my presence affects their behavior once I enter a room (after they've discovered I'm a brony.) It's funny when you overhear others talking about you and you're the one messing with them, not the other way around. Most of the time, I stay quiet and mind my own business (unless I feel like starting something XD). How has it affected your life so far? Has it been beneficial or destructive? ---For the most part, I've made more friends than enemies. I'd my best to not get teachers or bosses involved, though. (Unless you know they're "chill") Feel free to expand on any of the questions above. If you'd like to, leave a story about specific experiences you've had. Just conducting a curious, nonofficial empirical study. ^^^ God, I love that symbol. ^^^
  10. I'm not sure if this portrait is actually a reference to something or not, but I think this pony needs a backstory. When I first saw him I was curious as to what he was doing there. It just seemed to be background and nobody mentioned it. What's his name, where's he from, and why does he get his picture in the train?
  11. Ya go check it out hope it's all the work I put into it.
  12. This is just a preview to gauge interest in the story, since I've never really shown many others my writing before. This story is kinda like The Walking Dead mixed with War of the Worlds so far (at least in my head). I have the prologue ready for you, but it is VERY short (only a few sentences) and is just to give you a taste. Please give me feedback and let me know if it hooked you/you want more. The plan is to have sort of a alien invasion and underground resistance, but the enemy is something like over 100 times as powerful as the aliens in War of the Worlds (you will get an idea in the prologue). Survival is a huge focus as well as figuring out how to kill the aliens, or even (initially) what they are. There's my concept, and here's my story. I hope it isn't too terrible
  13. Soooooooo I'm finished with part 1 of the story here it is if you like the story like the topic if you feel somthing is wrong misspelled or anything please tell A STORY FOR THE GOD special thanks to for the art work CHAPET 1 lost memory's (father)My son you must run (tom) i will not leave you (Father)son you must run there is no time to discuss this.(Tom) I cannot leave you father!!! As tom woke in a daze no one is there (tom) dad? Daddd? (next door nabber) HEY SHUT UP YOU HUMAN!!!!! This was the only memory Tom had before he had woken on this planet of ponies. He was kidnaped by the princes her self she said he would be god among men.It was noon out an Tom had promised he would help silver shield with gourd duty sadly today was guard exams each an every gourd had to take the test except Tom. Chapter 2 the exams As Tom walked on the field he saw all the ponies lined up getting ready for exams.They where all strong colts. As soon as silver shield walk forward to call the first pony a scream came out from the fields it was a pony in the library as all the guards grabbed their equipment a began running for the bookshop Tom was already running as Tom ran he remembered the princes gave him powers he jumped in the air a sprouted his wings out long an began to fly to the shop. CHAPTER 3 twilights nightmare As Tom broke thought the trees window he Immediately noticed books flying everywhere (Twilight) oh dear oh no duck!!!! A book hit Tom straight in his face an knocked him straight out luckily twilights powers stopped due to a book dropping on her head as well they both lied next to each other. As twilight moved her horn touched toms head an a wall in his mind was broken Chapter 4 memories oh sweet memories (Rose) Tom what are you doing? (Tom) Ohhh hi rose I was just admiring your beautiful flowers they remind me of the castles Gordon. (Rose) yes iv been meaning to drop these off bye the castle could you bring them there Tom? (Tom) ohh uhhh sure no problem. As tom began flying away one of the roses poked his finger as he wint to suck on his finger memories flashed before his eyes O_O Chapter 5 THE memories of fire Fire...... Fire an dead men an women as far as the eye can see they where scattered across the villages. soldiers that seemed to walk on four legs an had skull faces with dark suits of armer on them. The Village soldiers did not stand a chance each an ever solider had a leader. Five forces surrounded the castle where the king an queen where being protected bye the royal commander an his soldiers.(tom the great) HOLD THE LINE NO ONE PASSES ALL DIE GIVE THEM NO MERCY!!!!! As the soldiers drew closer an closer the men readied there arms an weapons. A yell called out saying Tom tomm tomm wake up... Chapter 6 subject 10000005 (twilling) tommm hey wake up ohhhhhh I hope he's alright she said in a warred tone. As the soldiers walked in they saw Tom knocked out one cult stumbled to his feet after being hit with a astronomy book. As tom regained Consciousness the cults asked him are you alight?(silver shield) yes Tom are you alright said silver as he stumbled over a book.(Tom) yes I'm fine but I had a terrible nightmare. NIGHTMEAR?!?! What wasit about silver shield yelled (Tom) it was about villages of fire an dead family's of ppl I feel I knew. Oh. You silly boy it was a dream could you clean up here he said the the cults. (Soldiers) YES SIR!! Good il see you all in 0100 hours back at the castle. Cheaper 6 the end is near my lady Mrs celestia we have a terrible problem(princess) yes I know, you you do???silver sheald sputtered (princess) yes subject 105 is recovering his memories as a royals soldier an his powers follow if he recovers all of his powers We will have no choice but to kill him. But princess he's one of our finest soldiers an the strongest we can't stop that madness if it goes rogue. It will be taken care of also release subject 1 2 an 13 they have the abilities to keep our little friend in check. Yes princess celestia it will be done. Chapter 7 I see the truth Why do they hate me I must kill them before they kill me no I won't kill them WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!!! Tom screamed in his mine im going to go chill at the club il see you cults later at the castle (soldiers) YES SIR!!! (twilight ummm Tom (Tom) yes twilight? (twilight) can I come with you Tom oh not on a date or anything but umm just to hang out but not in a romantic way or anything ohhhhh my. twilight blushes heavenly when Tom began kiss her but she didint pull away she loved it brought a sex craving hunger side out of her an she loved an craved it.twilight was suddenly in love with tom an began back trotting to the couch WHEN SUDDENLY A DOOR SMASH AN A YELLLLLL TWILIGHT!!!!!!!! FROM THE PRINCESS was heard an scared the too white!!!!! Chapter 8 AHHHHHHHHH CRAP!!!!! (Tom) PRINCESS ITS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS!!!! (twilight) ya its exactly what it seams Tom looked at twilight in shock!!!!!!! We love each other very much tons eyes shot around the room like a man about to die. That's not why I came here the princess said.............. O_O there eyes opened as if they had told there darkest secret ever an said what? The princess replied with yes I came here to check an see if ever thing was alright an it is is il be going an Tom (Tom) yayayes princess??? (princess) be gentile she's a rookie twilights eyes opened so wide you would swear they would pop out an she left with the door closing behind her. Chapter 9 Love Tom? twilight said as tom turned to answer her he was greater with a juicy kiss an a shove on the couch. When they where done twilight was soaked with perspiration an had passed out from such great sex Tom on the other hand was tired as well but was a god-soldier he had pleasured ppl for the princess an king before all women but twilight felt true like he was ment for himmm...... DONGGGGGGGG DONNNNNNGGGGGGGGG OH MAN I PROMISED id meat silver shield in the castle at 0100 hours as Tom started flying there twilight was just waking up an she felt great. TO BE CONTIUED.....
  14. Sooooo I'm writing my(A story for THE GODS) an iv come opon a wall in my path I'm writing the story an it's just getting so good that Im runing out of idios for it now iv been remaking it sometime an the story has took a 180 turn on how it looked from spelling misspelled words bad story plotting an just a bad starting story at most I think it was my grandfathers death durining the story that just crushed the story...... But I want to know what you all do to get your a game going I personally listen to music it's a pashon I adore an love
  15. So I was watching MLp an I was thinking lauren faust must have back up personnel to do vocal acting incase she gets sick or something that requires time out so I was thinking of all the things I could do if I was in that person I could met the whole caste get to met the writers an artist behind the art we see on the show an so on what would you do?
  16. Chapter 1: The City of Dracondor “Captain! Prepare your men, and ready your sorcerers for battle. These troublesome dragons have defied our will long enough!” Qaltric bellowed. Qaltric was the general of the Menkaranian army. His armor forged from emerald-green dragon scales glistened under the morning dew. The sun was just starting to peek over the horizon adding to the brilliance of the shimmer. His sword swung freely as he paced in front of his men. “Yes sir!” Qaltric then ordered, “I’m going into the city. I want all of your best men, and your strongest sorcerer to accompany me into Dracondor.” “Yes sir,” he replied and left to find the men that Qaltric requested. He returned after only a few minutes with many heavily armored men and a one of his finest sorcerers. Beads of water rolled down the breast plates of their plated armor from the chilled morning air with longswords tucked at their sides. The Sorcerer wore plate armor along with a sorcerer’s robe both blood red in color. “These are my best men. They will serve you well sir.” “All right then. Men, we’re going in,” He confirmed turning to his captain, “if we are not back by dawn surround the city and invade it from all sides. That should help spread out the dragons.” Qaltric along with his men entered Dracondor from the south through the main gate. The gate itself was carved out of a solid wall of marble that he assumed wrapped around the city. When the general and his men entered the city, what they found struck them with awe. The streets were paved with white marble and where outlined in sidewalks paved with rubies and emeralds. Many of the buildings that had been established for what few humans and elves lived in the city had been crafted with gems of various types. Diamonds, topazes sapphires, citrines, and many other natural gems that could be found engraved along its outer wall. The number of dragons that he found residing in the city had also caught him off guard. He had known that this was a dragon-based city, but he was not expecting quite this many to be gathered in one place. From what he could see, nearly ninety percent of the city’s population was dragons. As Qaltric and his guards walked into the city, they took notes on their sizes to use for later should what he was planning backfire. If they had to end up fighting these dragons, it would be valuable information. Not only to know how many they would be fighting, but also how large the majority of them were. The sizes of the dragons ranged greatly. The smallest of the dragon races were the Pseudo Dragons. These dragons more often than not were no larger than a small cat. The Wyrms however, of the larger race of dragons, Qaltric estimated to be about eight to ten times the size of himself. Most of the female dragons in the city were wary of Qaltric and his men. It was nearing the end of the breeding season for them and many of them would be expecting eggs to hatch in the near future. The larger more aggressive of the females had steam blowing from their nostrils in warning not to come near. Qaltric decided to approach one of the less-aggressive dragons that were nearby. From the roundness in its scales, he was able to conclude that it was a female from his teachings. He moved over to her slowly and proclaimed, “I am not sure if you can understand me, but I mean you or your younglings no harm.” A burst of flame landed about a foot away from Qaltric, “How dare you insult my intelligence! We dragons can read, speak, and write fluently in every language in Worloch! I am as insulted by your ignorance, as I am you foul presence here! If you do not intend to harm us, why the hell do you have weapons at you side and what the hell are you doing in our city?” The dragon voiced in a deep, pure tone that was unmistakably female. The voice sounded almost human. The anger in her though, gave her voice a slight rasp. “We are armed for our own protection. We are not foolish enough to enter a dragon city without methods of which to defend ourselves. We do not intend on attacking dragons. That would be suicide. We will, however, fight to survive it we are attacked. The reason that we are here is to speak with your lord about a possible alliance. The reason that I approached you was so that I could ask for directions to the palace, I am sorry for doubting your intelligence as well. I knew that dragons were intelligent creatures. I was unsure though, if you dragons understood our language, or if you all had your own.” The snow-white dragon eyed them with one of her wide white eyes, and said, “Humans, I thought the ones here were bad. Just keep following the main street to the center of the city. You will not be able to miss the palace. And for your information, we do have our own language as well, but it doesn’t mean it’s the only one we speak,” The dragon added in a snickering tone. “Thank you for your help,” Qaltric told her. “Don’t mention it, but I have some advice for you, do what needs to be done, and get out of our city as soon as possible. As you have noticed, we do not take too kindly to outsiders. Especially outsiders who bear weapons upon entering,” She warned them. Qaltric nodded to the female and started to lead the group down the center of the streets of marble. The sidewalks of gems that were next to the streets continued on as far as they could see into the city. After about twenty minutes of walking, the group of men finally made it to the center of the city “That blasted dragon gave us the wrong directions! There is no palace here…” One of the men commented behind Qaltric. “Look again,” Said Qaltric. The men turned their attention to the black mountain in front of them. The longer that the men looked at it, the more they came to realize that the black mountain in front of them was the palace! There gaze was taken to the veins of gold, silver, bronze, diamond, ruby, and emerald that ran up the side of a wall that was made from black marble. In front of them were to sets of stairways. One stairway was built for dragons, which because of their ability fly, looked to be in perfect condition. The smaller stairs on the right, however, were a bit worn from the use of humans. As they got ready to enter the path of stairs, two dragons, both wearing armor, landed in their path. One of the dragons was a very pale blue, while the other dragon was deep red in color. The blue dragon addressed the soldiers asking, “And just where do you people think you’re going?” “We wish to speak with your lord if he is available,” Qaltric replied. “Really, and what makes you think that he cares about what you outsiders have to say?” The red dragon replied with a deep raspy voice. “Are you dragons always this rude to travelers? If so, I am surprised that this place is still here. I would have though war would have destroyed it by now.” “Watch yourself human! May I remind you, that in this city, you people are not on the top of the food-chain!” The red dragon said menacingly. Then he snickered, “Why do you wish to speak with him?” “We are soldiers sent from the Empire of Menkarane. We have been sent here to try to attempt to form a peace. Though the only thing I’ve found here is reason for the opposite,” Qaltric told him. “You are treading some very dangerous ground general,” The blue dragon told them. Then he added, “Enter at your own risk. Your safety is not guaranteed. Our meeting chamber is at the end of the main hallway. Melocnr will be with you in a few minutes. His son Zil’caron will also be present for this meeting as well. He is heir to his throne and will need to hear the information you bring. I suggest you show them more respect than what you have shown us!” The Blue dragon told them. “You have shown us no reason to respect either of you.” Qaltric told them. “The facts that we are dragons, and could kill you and your men with ease, should give you reason enough to respect us.” The blue dragon told them. “But no matter, you will respect our lord and his son. Failure to do so will result in the deaths of you and your followers!” he added as they flew off to inform Melocnr of his guests. Qaltric and his men continued towards the Palace doors, climbing the endless path of stairs. The main doors were, like the rest of the palace were carved out of black marble with a portrait of an exhilarating gold dragon embedded into it. While they were waiting for the doors to open, Qaltric just stared at the beauty of the city. He had been too many cities like this, but nothing could compare to the layout of this city. He turned when one of his men tapped him on the shoulder signaling the doors had opened. Qaltric’s breath was taken from him when he and his men entered the palace. The marble made an elegant transition from black to white. All along the hallway and ceiling were portraits of dragons varying in sizes. All of them were rich and vibrant in color. The men then exited the hallway. The found themselves walking into an open chamber. Qaltric stared at the ceiling above them. They could not tell how tall it was, nor how it could support itself. They were able to make out some sort of portrait that was fired into it. It consisted of an exhilarating blue dragon in a graceful flight. It was not long until an enormous gold dragon, and a significantly smaller black dragon greeted them. The black dragon caught the group’s attention first. This was partially due to its lack of size. He was barely twice as tall as Qaltric, but the vibrant colors of the dragon that left them in awe. The dragon was primarily black, and was very glossy. A thin band of gold outlined every one of his scales, and the veins in his wings. This also included the one on the tail edge of the wing. Qaltric eyed the gold colored spikes that ran down the dragon’s back. They started out small at both the tip of his tail and the back of his head. They grew in length from both sides reaching their longest in the middle of his back. The most stunning feature of this dragon was his eyes. In most dragons, the eye color usually matched the primary color of the dragon’s scales. However, for this dragon, his eyes took the golden color of his spikes. The gold dragon was just as impressive. The sheer size of the dragon was enough to intimidate even the best or warriors. He was about five to six times larger than the black and gold dragon, and his scales shined in the light like a thousand bars of pure gold. He did not have spikes on the back of his neck though as the black and gold dragon did. Instead, he had three spikes growing out of his skull, two on the side, and one out of the back of his skull. He finally stopped in front of the men, and addressed them, “Greetings General. My name is Melocnr, and this is my son, Zil’caron. My guards have informed me that you wished a meeting with me.” He said with a deep thundering voice. Unlike the red dragon’s voice though, his had a pure tone. “Yes, we have, and please forgive us if we do not address you or your son properly, for we are ignorant in the ways of dragons,” Qaltric told them. The ground beneath Qaltric and his men shook as Zil’caron laughed at his statement and replied, “You need not worry about that. You can just use our names.” Zil’caron’s voice was just as intimidating as his father has been, but took a lighter tone. Qaltric then gathered up his courage and said, “Thank you Zil’caron. Now we need to address the true nature of this meeting. My name is General Qaltric, and I am the leader of Menkaranian army. Zurcon, ruler of the Empire of Menkarane, has sent me here to attempt to gain the alliance of the city.” “Really?” Melocnr asked moving into a more comfortable laying position. “While I could see what Menkarane could gain from such an alliance, what would benefit would it be to us but to drag us into a war that we wish not to partake in?” “We would be able to provide you with the political information, and information regarding a current trading spike.” “Any information that we wish to obtain is gathered by out sentries. If we wish to know what is going on in one of your cities or one of the cities in Celtrien, then we’ll just send a scout to retrieve it,” Zil’caron replied. “We also have no real use for trade either. After all, we are dragons, it’s not like we can use many of the items that humans and other races have to offer,” Melocnr added. “Spices maybe?” “We rarely cook our food…” “Exotic beverages?” “In order for us to even have a taste the amount of mead it would take would kill a human…” “I understand,” Qaltric replied while mumbling aloud, “I’m running out of options here. I cannot offer them protection because they could very easily protect themselves. They’ve already turned down food enhan…” Just then, one of the sentries flew into the meeting chamber and whispered something into Melocnr’s ear. “Tell me general, why exactly are you here?” “What do you mean?” “You’re so called negotiations where shaky, as if they weren’t even planed but made up on the spot, along with the self mumbling about what to do next” “We are here for peace.” “Really? That is why armored men that bear your insignias are savaging the forest just outside the city? “Yes, they are. In times like these though, we could not afford to take chances. Our men have already been ordered to attack the city if we don’t return.” Qaltric replied. “For our protection, you didn’t think that we were going to come in here unprotected did you?” “Then why are they trying to surround the city? If it was as simple as you say, shouldn’t the entire army waited at the gates?” “They’ve been ordered to attack the city at dawn should we fail to return.” “So there is something else going on here. Otherwise, why be afraid of not making it out of the city alive? Do we dragons seem that cruel as to have no respect for others?” “You wish to come into the city, try to negotiate peace, but still order an army to attack us?” Zil’caron asked with a deep growl in his voice. His body was shaking from uncontrollable tremors, and he was already lowering his body for an attack. “That is not an act of peace,” he growled with his voice gaining a slight rasp. Qaltric reasoned that the dragon had figured out the true intentions of this meeting, and decided to tell them the truth. “I don’t like what I’m about to tell you any more than you are going to, but my orders were not to attempt a peace.” Qaltric told them. “Your orders were to attack us directly weren’t they?” Melocnr stated. “Yes, they were, but neither I nor my men liked the idea of fighting dragons, let alone killing them. Therefore, we decided to enter the city to see if we could avoid battle. In addition, the only way we could do that was if we could convince you dragons to side with the Empire of Menkarane. I have defied my orders by coming in here, and if our proposal is unacceptable, I will have no choice but to attack your city, for I will not defy another order. I am sorry,” Qaltric said. Zil’caron let out a vicious roar, and started to lunge at Qaltric. “Zil’caron! Control yourself!” Melocnr told him. There will be a time for violence later, I fear. Let us not rush ourselves into it sooner than we have to. He waited for his son to reply, and turned to Qaltric. “You listen, and you listen well general. We dragons have never supported either empire in this meaningless war that you engage in. This includes The Menkaranian Empire, and we will not be forced into an alliance we do not like. These rash actions have pushed us to the breaking point, and you have ten minutes to get out of my city before I give the all clear for my dragons to kill you all on site. I suggest that you hurry.” The large gold dragon then turned and exited the chamber starting the count down to their death while Zil’caron stood his ground. The bared teeth on the side of his maw, and the deep heavy growling made it very clear he would make haste with his father’s decree. The men bolted through the hallway leading to the main doors of the palace. When the doors open, they found two medium-sized violet dragons: one male and one female, standing in front of them that looked like they were already prepared to kill him. “Get moving.” The male dragon commanded sinisterly “What do we do now?” asked one of the guards as he pointed to the two dragons. Qaltric responded, “We run, and get the hell out of here as soon as possible, and ready ourselves for a vicious bloody battle…” It wasn’t long until Qaltric heard the roar from the gold dragon, and almost instantly dragons began attacking the small group. The mage was the first one to get taken out, and they were only about half way out of the city. The alleys were the only place that the dragons could not fit and Qaltric used this to his advantage, and two of his other men were caught trying to follow him. Within seconds of him reaching the alley, the rest of his men that had been caught in the streets where being dismembered. He used this distraction to navigate through the alley keeping close to the main street to see the gate. By doing this he managed to attracted the attention of a few of the other humans that had been alerted to their plot, and they gave chase. Qaltric quickly ducked into a side alley and waited for the first one to get close. With a quick, step and lunge his blade turned crimson as it protruded out of the back of the first human that approached him, and shoved him off the blade. He noticed another assailant was charging towards him, and used his own momentum against him shoving the butt of his sword into his stomach and in one fluid motion spun around and decapitated him. Seeing that his path was now clear again, he bolted for the gate. One of the guards at the gate noticed him and moved to cut him off. Thinking quickly, he used the slick marble to his advantage and slid on his armor under the dragon, and took off behind him into the wooded area where they would not fit. Qaltric finally managed to get back to his men just before duck, and found his captain, “Ready the men,” he started taking a deep breath, “We attack at dawn,” he ordered tugging his armor back in place. The captain hesitated for a moment as the realization set in that war was imminent. Once he did, he responded, “Yes sir,” and executed his orders. *** In the meantime, Melocnr, and Zil’caron were discussing their own plan of action in Dracondor trying to figure out how to fight to sorcerers the best. “I can’t believe that Zurcon would resort to such treachery on us. We have naught to do with him, and he plans to attack us!” Zil’caron said. “I know, I thought that he would have more respect for us than that considering that he used to be a rider,” He told him sighing, “But… one never can predict the movements of people like him. He’s been this way ever since the split of the empires when its leader was killed five years ago,” Melocnr replied as Zil’caron’s sister Shunaria, and soul mate Silvera flew into the room. “Hello Silvera did you and Shunaria enjoy your hunt?” Zil’caron asked them. “Yes we did,” Shunaria replied. Shunaria was a vibrant blue dragon, and was about two months younger than Zil’caron who was nearly ten years old. Like her father, she did not have any spikes, and her eyes the most brilliant sapphire blue there could be. “I managed to catch a few larica,” She told them. “And I snagged a Celcarion lion.” Silvera added. Silvera was a stunning pure silver dragon, and roughly the same age as Zil’caron. Her scales shined like thousands of mirrors. She too had spikes running down her back like Zil’caron, and like Zil’caron, her eyes did not match the color of her body. Her eyes took on an icy-blue color creating one of the most beautiful dragons in the city. As dragons do not practice marriage, she took Zil’caron as her soul mate about six months ago, and the bond formed between them is stronger than any human marriage could be. Silvera then said to Zil’caron, “Zil, I heard you and your father talking about some kind of battle getting ready to occur when we flew in, is this true?” “Yes, I’m afraid it is. The Empire of Menkarane has organized an army to attack us.” Zil’caron told her. “But why, what did we ever do to them?” “They tried to force us into an alliance that we don’t want. They said that unless we gave in, which would have never happened, they would consider us enemies of the empire. They would then have no choice but to attack. The kicker in the decision was they already had an army here waiting to attack. You do not go to a peace offering with an armada. That will never get you anywhere,” Melocnr told her. “Now that you mention it,” Shunaria started, “I remember earlier today on my way out seeing a large group of humans around the outside of the city spreading around on my way back to meet Sil.” Just then, one of the guards flew in interrupting the meeting, and said, “Sir Melocnr! We have just found a dead dragon outside of the city! It appears to have been slain through arcane methods!” Zil’caron let out a vicious roar that rang even though the outer-walls of the city. “Damn it! I knew that we should not have let them leave the city. I have always hated sorcerer, and now I hate them even more. Those bastards always cause us the most problems!” Zil’caron said. “I know, but if we can spread them out, then we could pick them off one at a time. I know that they plan to surround the city that much I could tell. I kind of sneaked a peek at his mind,” Melocnr informed. “That means that the sorcerers will already be wide spread, this should make it easier to fight them, but it makes it all the more dangerous as well, for with the sorcerers spread out, it makes it easier for them to catch us off guard while we are fighting another sorcerer.” “Yes, but know the question is who should attack first?” Zil’caron asked. “That is simple, since we were the neutral nation, they should attack first. With them doing so, it will show that we didn’t instigate anything, and will make it easier to gain allies against them in the future,” Melocnr responded. “Yeah Zil, doesn’t take an elder to figure that out,” Silvera joked with him moving up next to him. The night continued while the dragons discussed their plan of attack one thing they knew for certain, if at any point they felt like the city was lost, they would destroy it, and retreat to one of the other dragon cities. They were not going to let others bask in their glory. “They could attack at anytime, we should alert the inhabitants of the city so they can prepare themselves, then get some rest while we can,” Zil’caron said. “Agreed, I’ll take care of the announcement, you three get some rest,” Melocnr said as he told every person in the city with his mind about the possibility of the attack so that the opposing army could not here. “Are you kidding? Sleep is not an option right now!” Zil’caron told him. “Not until we figure out what is going on!”
  17. Right then. I mentioned in my introduction that I hadn't noticed any topics regarding the ART of writing FIMFiction stories, and a fellow Equestrian suggested I start my own topic. As you can clearly see, I took the advice with much enthusiasm. I don't know how many people will read this, but honestly, I don't mind. I simply wanted to share the joy of writing with fellow bronies around the world, and thought this might be the place to do just that. For those of you not familiar with me (And I can't blame you, I'm realtively new to fanfiction in general, and not a "popular" author on, I'm in the process of writing several stories, my best one so far being Dawning Reality, a Slice of Life/Romance featuring Spike, Twilight, and Rarity. I'm an amateur writer if there ever was one, but I do believe that I am quite able to handle the English language well enough to write a decent story. That, and loads of reading and teaching myself how to write, allowed me to develop at least some basic storytelling skills. Now, as for the purpose of this topic. If you actually read all of the above, and are still reading, then you must either be very kind and/or curious, and/or you find the idea of writing AT LEAST vaguely interesting. If you do, I'd love to hear from you, and any specifics you want to share. I'd rather avoid using this space to shamelessly promote stories in the following way: "hye i wrote a storie and its al about how a pony goes into the woods for a picnic and meets pinkie and then the run and have a party and meet the main six read it here (" Sorry, but if that happens, then this is certainly not the community I was looking for. Therefore, I would like to move on to the more serious stuff. Plot devices. Dialogue. Character development. And as the ardent romantic that I am (Kinda weird for a heterosexual guy, fine, I get it, but seriously, we're on a forum dedicated to colorful cartoon ponies and unicorns and pegasi who explore the magic of friendship. Do you really want to get into that?)..... Anyways, I love debating about shipping and pairings, especially unconventional ones, just because of the fun they bring to the story, and the limitless opportunities! So, fellow writers, what say you? Were you able to suffer through that wall of text, and are you up to debating writing FIMFiction? I love a good debate, of course, with no offense intended, and simply sharing different points of view! I await any response eagerly, although I do apologize if I am not able to respond as quickly as one might hope for. Your Humble Writer, WordSPark37
  18. (For the topic prefix, I had no clue what to put, considering it is like a mix of a few of em and none of em at all. So I just put down writing I suppose. Also this is Pony related, so I don't think this goes in the Beyond Ponyville section either.) (Many of you may find this TL:DR) Hello there everypony. I just wanted to spill my thoughts out of some day dreams I've have whenever I play my house or trance music whenever I do play it in my life. Ever since I became a brony in mid-January, I've gotten to know more of the Mane 6's character, personality, and whatnot. Usually, I have had just random day dreams about em, as I'm sure most, if not all, have had before. But when I play my house or trance music on my iPhone, I look at the name of it and I imagine if the song played currently gave some sort of power. Giving some background, I wanted to make a homebrew (think original class) for Dungeons and Dragons. It involved the character being a sort of Music Mage, where his/her songs buffed him/the party and/or debuffed enemy. It didn't give the character a fighting style, but merely complimented it. Back to ponies, that idea leaked into my day dreams and I thought: "What if the Mane 6 could use this sort of power. Now some of you might think why would I have ponies fight? Well, I had planned it so they wouldn't kill, but in the least, disable. And by disable, I just mean something along the lines of to bring unconscious. It is fighting, but more or less restricted fighting. There were times where I'd imagine some big and/or tough enemy and they would have to go all out to take it out. Oh, and I'm there too in order to "cast" the abilities. Because we all want to be a part of their adventures, right? A lot of the house and trance tracks I have can be general or specific. Some are to be solely used by a certain pony, some are for two or three, and others are for the entire party. I kinda imagined it in the sense of Kingdom Hearts where you would have guest party members at certain points, so I imagined Octavia and DJ PON3 (Vinyl Scratch) joining up and using their song (Hybrid - Finished Symphony) in order to combat an enemy. I'm just listing two examples of each genre (considering my house and trance library consist of over 300 songs...) that I can remember off the top of my head and describe who its for, what the abilities and effects are, and all that stuff. (When running through this I put in too much links to YouTube, so only the first one is listed, just to match up with the times I put. For the rest, please search for them! They're great songs!) ~~~~~ Rainbow Dash's "Theme" (Armin van Buuren ft. Ferry Corsten - Brute) [House Music] http-~~-// Generally, the song is supposed to only work for Dash. The song from the get-go speeds up Dash to a speed that she normally doesn't travel at. The song can be used for both combat and as a performance, for example, something she could have used in the Best Young Fliers Competition, but unfair for races and I strongly discourage the RD in my head from doing. A note though is that at around 5:11 in the song, Dash needs to climb altitude for what's to come. At 5:25, her wings magically disappear and she will go into a state of free fall. During this time, time seems to slow down, but at the same time, it doesn't. (It's weird in my head, I suppose.) At 5:50, her wings come back, but they're the size of Princess Celestia and she automatically moves at Sonic Rainboom Speed. But between 5:25 and 5:50, those can be Rainbow Dash's longest 25 seconds ever. At around 7:00, her wings return to normal and she decelerates to her normal speed. In terms of combat, she is extremely evasive and can confuse the target, but still provide damage. In terms of competitions, she can dazzle the crowd with the speed and agility that the song provides. Celestia and Luna "Co-op Team-up" OR Party using the power of Celestia and/or Luna (Above & Beyond ft. Richard Bedford - Sun and Moon (Marcus Schossow Remix)) [Trance Music] This song I thought of Celestia and Luna coming out at one point (not like a summon in KH) and pretty much being boss. They pretty much move quickly, attack fast and hard, and use either light or dark attacks for Celestia and Luna, respectively. Alternatively, the song could be used on the party and they would be able to use their powers. The time of day actually depends as well. If it is daytime, they get Celestia's powers. Nighttime equals Luna's. If it is either sunrise or sunset, they will get both powers, but if it is sunrise, then they get a "regular Luna buff" but a "lesser Celestia buff". The vice versa applies to sunset. I have it that way and not the other way around because sunrise means it still is dark and the light is just beginning. Same for sunset, but the other way around. Me and Another Pony (DJ Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System - I Will Be Here (Original Mix)) [House Music] This song's power is actually based on how much of a relationship/friendship I am with the certain Mane 6 pony. If the relationship is strong and tight, then me and the other pony will get stronger in their sense. Pinkie and Applejack will be physically stronger. Rarity and Twilight will be magically stronger. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy will fly faster. Even with those basics, they get their own special buffs. Generally this isn't some song I could use early on our adventure if my relationship with any of the ponies isn't strong enough, where another song could fair much better. Another thing is that this song places me as a defender of the pony. Taking into account the lyrics of the song: "You know when the moment comes, to be strong, show resistance and that is what we're led to believe... When the big world falls apart, and you think 'That the feeling will linger', you need somewhere to start. I Will Be Here.", it more or less places me to make sure that nothing will happen to the specified pony and that I truly care for her. I am her shield and defender. It also mimics outside of combat when I would need to build on their relationships by expressing that "I will be here" for you whenever you're down and need help. Me and the Mane 6 (Lemon & Einar K ft. Paul Johannessen - Everlasting (Original Mix)) [Trance Music] This song could be one of the "last resort" songs in my library. If for whatever reason that the entire Mane 6 is down, and I'm the only one standing, I can activate the song. The song slowly heals the Mane 6 and they all start floating around me. A sort of bubble shield appears all around them, except me. Wherever I move, they move. They have increased defense to prevent them from getting downed and constant hp recovery. As for me, I don't have anything else to back me up. It is pretty much all me at this point. The song only aids in recovering those downed. If for whatever reason a shield breaks, the song automatically switches me and the other pony. I take the hit and the other pony is safe. The other ponies can attack in their shields, but they at least need me to send them out and they return as soon as they have finished their attack. This is one of the more risky songs, along with last resort, because if I am downed at whatever point, the shields disappear and the healing stops at whatever point they were at. ~~~~~ I haven't really had some sort of story going along with these songs. It's more or less when a song comes up in my iPhone, the battle just starts. It's like a dream: you don't know how it started, you just seem to be right in the middle of it (taking something from Inception. =P). Anyway, that's all I have to say for this. If you're curious about this, please ask questions and I'll be happy to answer! If you're wondering about what I had as the "theme" for each of the Mane 6 members, including mine, here they are, with tiny reasons as to why, but I won't list the specifics. Twilight Sparkle P.O.S. - Gravity [Trance Music] The name to me suggested that her magic became amplified to such a degree that there was such a pressure around her. I pictured that there were stars around her with this gravity around her. It kinda makes Twilight happy because she feels this enormous magical power that, ultimately, will want to make her study and practice magic more. Rarity Dezza - Allure (Original Mix) [House Music] There was a point where I thought what Rarity's might be, but after searching the definition of allure, the power to attract, I knew this was hers. The song goes will with her, in my opinion. Applejack Johan Gielen - Physical Overdrive [Trance Music] Applejack is a strong character in MLP, so I thought that the name, Physical Overdrive, went well with her strength. Not much to say about this actually. Pinkie Pie Fonzerelli - Moonlight Party 2011 (Original Born Again Mix) [House Music] It's Pinkie Pie. Why would her theme NOT be about partying? Fluttershy Alex M.O.R.P.H ft. Sylvia Tosun - An Angel's Love [Trance Music] Fluttershy's Theme just represent her love and nonviolence (in my day dreams, Flutts is the one that attacked the least, if not at all). Considering that she is the element of kindness, and how the song relates to angels (maybe even referring to her pet bunny, Angel?), this fits well. The vocals in this song are also beautiful, and I imagine Fluttershy singing them herself at times. Rainbow Dash Armin van Buuren ft. Ferry Corsten - Brute [House Music] (Listed above) Dash's theme was the first one I had thought of. I don't say that she is a brute, according to the name of the song, it's just that for an odd reason, I just imagined Dash's wings magically improving and disappearing and then becoming big and moving at Sonic Rainboom Speed. It just fit well in my head. Anyway, thanks for reading and again, if you have any questions, please ask!
  19. CHAPET 1 lost memory's (father)My son you must run (tom) i will not leave you (Father)son you must run there is no time to discuss this.(Tom) I cannot leave you father!!! As tom woke in a daze no one is there (tom) dad? Daddd? (next door nabber) HEY SHUT UP YOU HUMAN!!!!! This was the only memory Tom had before he had woken on this planet this planet of ponies. He was kidnaped by the princes her self she said he would be god among men.It was noon out an Tom had promised he would help silver shield with gourd duty sadly today was gourd exams each an every gourd had to take the test except Tom. Chapter 2 the exams As Tom walked on the field he saw all the ponies lined up getting ready for exams all they where all strong colts. As soon as silver shield walk forward to call the first pony a scream came out from the fields it was a pony in the library has all the guards grabbed their equipment homework running from the bookshop to be continued..... So this is the rewriten one tell me how it sounds sounds
  20. This is a project I'm writing. I don't know how I'll get on, but let's see. Warning: Depressing and Sad fanfic. Chapter 1 The life I live is not a very exciting one. Many people will say that their life isn't exactly the best either, but compared to the stories that have been shared with me before in my journey's. 'What do I do?' I hear you ask, well I haven't exactly got a job. I just travel. I have nothing in this world to live for except the brightly coloured ponies that parade the screen of my laptop. I can't afford a TV, I got my MacBook second hand at an auction, after I had saved up enough money working at a corner shop down the road where I used to live. But that isn't the point. I come and go. I haven't got a place I can call 'home'. I suppose I never really have. I used to live a happy life. I got good grades, I graduated from a great university and I met a nice girl, who I was soon able to call my wife. However, my wife and daughter both died during childbirth. I lost everything that day. Do you know what it's like to lose two loved ones in one day? After that, things got worse. I lost my job due to the shameful poisons of alcohol, I got kicked out of my flat, and my parents had died. I was an only child, so I was the last surviving member of my family (that I knew of). All I had left was my car. I had given up on the dirty, lonely, desolate streets of the big city. I needed a change of scenery. With only a small amount of money, I abandoned the city and decided to find a better place. Whenever I found another town, I would stay there for a while. Get a job and earn some money to buy food and all the necessities needed for a lone man to survive. I soon discovered My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It made me happy when I watched it. Made me feel happy. I remember walking into a toy shop and purchasing a Rainbow Dash plushie. I saw all the parents with their kids, dashing around buying toys that the young ones craved. They seemed happy, and loved each other. It made me wish I still had a family, but watching the children and their parents together made me happy. What caught my eye was a young couple. They looked as if they were in their early twenties. They had a small, young boy. They seemed so happy playing with him, it bought a tear to my eye. They child was a beautiful young boy. He had got his looks from handsome father. He was tall and bearded. His mother was also good looking too. She had long blonde hair, slim body, and long legs. I will always remember that moment. I had no idea what made them catch my eye, but it felt magic. Chapter 2 coming soon.
  21. I have thought of doing this for a while, but have been hesitant of posting it. But, now I am. I wanted to do a recording for my story "Doctor Whooves". If you want to help out and do a voice, let me know please. Thanks. Requirements for voicing Derpy or Doctor Whooves. If you want to voice Derpy or Doctor Whooves you must be able to be available to do the voices quite often. Narrator Narrator - Rose Episode 1 (Only 2 voices) - The Ursa Major PART 1 Derpy - Shankveld - Position LOCKED. Doctor Whooves - TallBrony91- Postion LOCKED. Episode 2 - The Ursa Major PART 2 Derpy - Shankveld - Postion LOCKED. Doctor Whooves - TallBrony91 - Postion LOCKED. Snips - Rose Snails - Rose TGAP Trixie - Shankveld Rarity - Spike - Twilight Sparkle - Shankveld Applejack - Rose Rainbow Dash - Blank Flank Ursa Major (Will be doing 2 different languages. One of the languages, you do not have to know the language because it doesnt even exist.) - Rose Episode 3 - The Missing Princess Derpy - Shankveld - Postion LOCKED. Doctor Whooves - TallBrony91 - Postion LOCKED. The Mayor - Rose Nightmare Moon - Manticore (Will only have 1 scream) - Rose Rainbow Dash - Blank Flank Twilight Sparkle - Rose Princess Luna - Blank Flank Episode 4 - (coming up soon) Thanks everyone! Questions Q: How many can we try out for? A: As many as you like. As long as you can do that many voices good enough! Q: How am I supposed to audition with just the 3 story links? A: Pick a line you think is best fit that you want to say or if you want me to pick a line I will give a list of lines for each character. Q: Where is the link to Episode 1 of Doctor Whooves? A: Right here. ANNOUNCEMENT!! Tallbrony and Shankveld now PERMANENTLY have the part of Derpy (Shankveld) and Doctor Whooves (Tallbrony). AUDITIONS FOR DOCTOR WHOOVES OR DERPY HOOVES WILL BE DISREGARDED FROM NOW ON.
  22. I'm going to make a story about somebody ending up in Equestria, but I can't decide whether a human will be there, or a Kálena. The Kálena are a race of two-tailed carnivores from my Spore game(I'm Splooshie123 there). I really can't decide. I hope you can give some suggestions on which is better. If you don't know about the Kálena, go here: If this is in the wrong subforum, then I'm sorry. I'm new here. I think I should do it with the Kálena. Many people already wrote something like that with a human. I still want to here your suggestions on that.
  23. I plan on making this an animated series. (The title is subject to change) Plot: It's about a group of 4 ponies who live in PonyVille, and their stories (episodes) are in conjunction with the actual series. (Like let's say how in Apple Buck Season some of the ponies got sick from the bad cupcakes, and so one of the mane 4 got sick from it) Characters (Mane 4) Diamond Dash He is the "Do the right thing" pony. His the one that usually leads the group in their adventures. He can be oblivious to some things a lot of the time, but when he sets his mind to something he'll accomplish it. Almost never says no. Shadow Star She is usually the one that causes the problems for the mane four. She's a inventor, but the things she creates usually causes a problem in an episode. Curious and likes to put her nose where it doesn't belong. Blue Jazz She can be selfish but she's honest to her friends. She always takes the easy way out. She gives off the "I Don't Care" attitude a lot, but she doesn't try to. Has a hard time paying attention. She's very VERY clever and usually can get things to go her way. Red Lightning His a very cold-hearted pony. Doesn't like bright things and can be quite the intimidating pony. Always trying to pick a fight and always tells his opinion (Mostly negative). He grew up together with Diamond Dash. I plan on getting a program for animation soon. Adobe or something. Once I do I'm going to start animating episode 1. It'll probably be around 10 minutes long. I'm going to need voice actors, so yeah, that's going to be fun. I'm going to go with the same timeline of the actual show it self. Also everything in this post is subject to change. I just now came up with the idea yesterday... names may change and personalities may change.
  24. Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing. This statement holds true as the greatest teacher of all was right in front of me and others as well in Basic Military Training. I have a short and simple story I want to share with you my little ponies. I don't have the intelligence to make it a long one, but if you want to hear more, PM me and I will gladly share it with you. It all started with papers and tests. You go to a nearby recruiters office and ask them "Where can I sign up?". They will give you a prequalify sheet that you will need fill out and it consists of general personal information like "Full name, street address, phone number, ect." Once you have filled that out, they will probably ask you if you want to take a short practice test on the basic of the actual ASVAB test. You can always deny and say that you want to be scheduled to tackle on the real CAT- ASVAB test or test your basic knowledge on this practice test. Totally up to you. I took the practice test to make sure I know what is coming when I'm ready to tackle on the real one. I made a pretty high score on the practice ASVAB test (77), but when I went over MEPS and took the real test, it was alot harder! I didn't score very well (55), but it was qualifying and I was glad, but my job selection was very limited. I was booked as a Medical Distributer, and was set to leave on the 22nd of August. It was 10:12 P.M., a time I last saw my family before I disappear for 8 and a half weeks. I got on the bus with my bags and was seated in the third seat from the front, left side. An awkward looking Indian man was seated next to me and I spoken to him, having predictions on what we are about to get ourselves into when we get there. It's now 12:09 A.M. and we are finally here. We sat in our seat, anxiously waiting for something to happen. Not even 2 minutes pass, the door opened and a decent tall looking man got on the bus and faced directly towards us. His first words were, "You have 30 seconds to get your bags and stand on this concrete space, ready for more official instructions." and got off the bus. The first two seats were immediately abandoned by the first four men in front and I was following right behind them. Already, my arms and legs were shaking. We all managed to step onto the concrete space in 30 seconds flat, according to the tall man with a singer hat on, but, "Wasn't good enough!", he acclaimed. He told us to get in 5 rows of 10 in less than 30 seconds, arms length away from each other and was gladly done in less than 30 seconds. He then pulled out a binder, filled with sheets and started calling out names, which we responded, "Here!" when our names were called. It went pretty well and smoothly. After the row call, the tall man told us to follow the man in front of you, following him. We walked up a stairs that probably took us 3 minutes to walk up. We were led up to a row of lockers and were told stand in face front of one while standing next to the man you were following. I stood right in middle of the rows of lockers and was nervously looking side to side of me. The T.I. Sergeant then commanded us to face him and watch him as he demonstrated on how to properly open your locker, putting your belongings in, and locking it up. He specifically said, "If it is not properly locked, you will see your shit all over this very floor, so go ahead set your heads out of your asses. NOW!" When it was our turn, we repeated what we saw from the demonstration and already, people were messing up. All I heard was, "DAMNIT! WERE YOU TOO BLIND TO SEE WHAT I WAS SHOWING YOU ON HOW TO OPEN AND LOCK UP A DAMN LOCKER OR ARE JUST ONE STUPID BASTARD WHO CANT OPEN OR LOCK UP A LOCKER?", then loud banging on what it sounds like a metal bat hitting against a metal cage. I dared not to look. Luckily, I did everything properly and was ready for more official instructions. Were led to what it seems like a cafeteria. We stood in a line, waiting to get in. One by one, we were led to different sides of the cafeteria, where we will be able to get our tray and be seated at a table. This time, there were about 7 other T.I. Sergeants, waiting for someone to mess up. I successfully made it through without getting yelled at, but by the time I got my tray and got to my table, I made a mistake. Apparently, you were not supposed to sit down and start eating until your table was full. I was shocked when I heard, "GET UP!" STAND UP AND PICK UP YOUR TRAY!". I did it without any hesitation, but I was still pressured with "HURRY UP!". I stood up and he stood there, staring at me silently and attempting to yell at me some more. I just kept a straight face and kept my eyes on one man who was staring directly at me, in front of me. Once our table was full and was ready to be seated, he told us to site down and keep your bag (bag of our training clothes) under our seat. I managed to do this correctly, but one other poor soul was not lucky. He told us to get up again and do it all over again, this correctly. It took us about 4 tries before being ready to eat. When I was done eating, I got up, looked to where the trash was and walked towards it. Again, another mistake. I was supposed to stand up and stay standing until a T.I. Sergeant allowed us to go. I was yelled at and told to go back and stay standing. I was commanded to go and throw away my trash, after going through what we call, "The Snake Pit". The Snake Pit is where a bunch of T.I. Sergeants are group together, waiting nearby the trash, waiting for someone to mess up. I had to through them and get to the trash and boy! Was it breath taking! I do in fact have more, but I am running out of time and will share the rest of it when I get a chance.