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Found 274 results

  1. Say, if the Mane 6 would sometimes take time to write stories (non-fiction and fiction alike), what do you think each member's works would involve (like happy/sad/bittersweet endings, that kind of character, cliches, etc.)? Also, what genres do you think each member of the Mane 6 would prefer?
  2. I've start a new story over at, and I have some high hopes for the series down the road. I'm not saying that it'll be easy, but with your help we can make things great. I'm only one person, and I can only come up with so much on my own. That's why I invite you to share your ideas for case files if you have any, and if you do I'll make sure to dedicate the file to you.
  3. I got bucked off of my horse and kicked by her as we ended a gallop. As you can imagine I flew a bit, or felt like I did anyways. I was in a daze for a bit. Ended up having to go to the hospital where I found out I had a broken collar bone. Funny enough it did not really hurt at first, but got much worse later on. I had to get 30 stitches too, and I got my shirt ruined as well. That was a few years ago and I am fine now, and I am still riding the same horse.
  4. I've alway's wanted to share my experience with this pony. Rainbow Dash has always been my favorite pony on so many levels. Aside from her awesome personality and her athletic character she has not only related to me, but also inspired me. I have labeled Rainbow Dash as Equestria's #1 extrovert. She likes having the crowds and other ponies see what she can do. And I always seem amazed when she does it. But she also likes to push other ponies to make the best out of whatever talent they have. That really means a lot to me because Rainbow Dash has allowed me to break down new barriers in Distance running goals. With her straight forward personality, her cuteness and her positive attitude, she makes me run faster! That is why she remains as my favorite pony throughout the show. She plays a big role throughout my life, and I hope that she carries her loyalty to other people around this world.
  5. What has been the most (physically) painful experience of your life?
  6. Hello everypony! I'd just like to take a few moments of your time to explain the purpose of this post. I have found that I have a rather good talent of character design and development, which means I should be able to help you with anything from naming your pony, or even making one from scratch. Here I'd like to offer art, story, names, and concepts for anypony who might be struggling to figure out just what they want their pony to be. These will be finished in many variants of time, depending on what you need help with. I'll keep a current queue up here for everypony to see, so you know where you are in line. Current Queue
  7. I have got a few ready to go Ponysonas that I made a while back, that I have no use for. I was thinking that somepony else might enjoy them, they come with already made name, cutiemarks, and stories. After these old ones go I might make some new ones! All I'm looking to trade is for art of my pony Dream Solstice. Here are the ponies waiting for homes! Feel free to make changes to these ponies once they are yours! Phoenix Quiver Soaring Silver "Misty Mare" IMAGES OF DREAM SOLSTICE
  8. Some people found that this Star Wars film by J. J. Abrams was a re-hash of Episode IV; the movie was too influenced by progressive beliefs; and that the main character Rey seems too successful to be consistent with her skills and circumstances, that she might be a "Mary Sue". I wonder, if you directed that Star Wars film instead of J. J. Abrams, how would you improve it? What are some ways in which you can make any parts of the film better than it currently is?
  9. UPDATE: GUIDE IS NOW LIVE! ~~~~~ Okay, my hands got a bit tired from writing stories (Okay, I'm just lazy), but to those who are interested in reading Fimfiction and is looking for hopes of downloading them offline, I will soon compile a detailed tutorial for you guys. This currently works for ALL Android devices. Though iOS users are free to try the tutorial, make sure that if it does work for you, please have it confirmed to me as soon as possible. Also, for PC users, it IS possible for you to read them offline. You will just need to use Chrome for this though as the Chrome Webstore has a specific app that I'll talk about when I do have the tutorial ready (can't spoil it to you. You just gotta wait.) Basically, what it does is that it'll sync all your downloads you made in your phone and from then on, you can download them from the app. If the said tutorial doesn't work for iOS, then I can guarantee you that the syncing process works ACROSS ALL PLATFORMS. If you have a secondary Android device, you can use it to act as a ‘downloader’ and your iOS device as a ‘reader’. (FOR ANDROID: SYNC HAS TO BE TURNED ON IN YOUR DEVICE'S SETTINGS), unlike other browsers who don't have such an app (EG. Firefox, Opera, Safari). More info and preview pic available here (Redirects you to my Google+): Once the tutorial is live, I will have you guys informed below, as well as on Google+, so if you happen to have one, make sure to give me a follow. Thank you.
  10. Hi guys? Are you a brony or a pegasister who is interested in adventurous MLP fictions? Here are two of my works in fimfiction that you may get interested in: Link to the Flutter Wolf Link to the Twilight Wolf: TIP: I recommend you to read Flutter Wolf first because Twilight Wolf is like the second book of Flutter Wolf. Also since Twilight Wolf is still on work in progress, there are only three chapters written yet! Enjoy!
  11. So yeah, there are 2 Radio plays I'd love to see happen, and because I suck at a lot of things(Save for coloring in Paint). So I am asking for help. I willing to do both but if I could get one started I'd be happy. Please note both titles are pending. Roles: VA: Will take depending on how many we need, List of main cast is below each title. Writers: Will propbly take two or three at the most Sound editors/effects: again only two or three per play BG music composer: Will take what i can get on this. Thumbnail art/Video place holder: Again take what I can get. Plays Play one: Life & Times of Mary Sue: Follows an foal named Mary sue, and blond alicorn OC who knows she is an OC, The play is her trying to avoid plot hooks from anime/cartoon/fanficions avoiding her destiny.(And we all know how that turns out) IE. The cat thing from madoka magica is in a park and ask her to make a contract, she bucks it across town. then Cel from black butler asks the same question she throws him across town as well. Slice of life, comedy. Rating PG-13 at most. Cast: Mary sue: Foal who hates her destiny. BGP: Mary's friend who is stuck forever as a Background pony. Mom: Marys mom Dad: Her dad Play two: Misadventure of Prototype: Follows Prototype, an earth pony mare trying to recover from trying to kill her self, and being given cybernetic enhancements as she tries to run a flower shop.. Dark, Slice of life. Rating much much darker, like close to rainbow factory levels of dark. Cast: Prototype: Cybernetic earth pony, She didn't ask for this.(Yes she's a female adam jensen) Hazel Nut: Prototype's daughter Areal drop:Prototype's Friend, idles Rainbow dash, hold records for longest free fall and highest level flown be a Pegasus. CodeLine: Prototype's friend, works of MLP equivalent of microsoft. Peanut: Prototype's Ex-husband, Hazel's dad. Gizmo: The doctor that turned Prototype in to a cyborg, helping her recovery. Happy to have feed back on the ideas, If you want to try for a role, PM me and I'll give you a few lines. If you want to write give me and short pilot so I can get a gasp of your writing style. Thanks Gamer_KM
  12. I created this thread before, and I got no replies. I am trying again because I would really like to get at least a couple responses. If you didn't see before, I will be running a panel at Chicago's Whinny City and I need your help on this. The panel I'm running is about the audience (and me) sharing our stories of how we ended up in this fandom, what keeps us here, and the future of it. So I would love for you to answer these three questions if you would be so kind. I plan on taking comments from this thread and reading them out loud during the panel. Don't worry I'll be sure keep you anon, just be prepared for that when you comment. 1. Your Origin Story: What in your journey of life led you to joining the fandom? Tell me your story of how you were first introduced to the show and how it affected your life from then to today. 2. The Hold On You: What has kept you in this fandom all this time? More specifically, is there one (or more) particular thing(s) that have helped keep you here? Like do you enjoy making a type of content or do you enjoy experiencing community content? Or maybe it's predominantly the show? 3. The Future: What do you hope to see or experience in the future of the show and/or fandom? Are there any guests you would like see either at cons or in the series, something you plan to create, or maybe something you'd like to see someone else create? Sincere apologies if this is spamming, but your help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
  13. So, I just started work on a new storybook/animation. I'm kinda new to all this so be gentle, but tell me what you think: I tried to do my own style mixed with that of the shows (Because who couldn't love that animation). I did want my own, personal touch to it (I'm a pencil-sketch artist that rarely ever draws lines or anything, so this style is really new to me)
  14. This is a story (or at least the introductory chapter of a story) starring my intentionally ridiculous OC Corncob: A cockatrice-turned-alicorn who was inexplicably transformed during a particularly rousing game of Checkers. I talk about him here from time to time, and I've finally written something longer than a forums post. The Ongoing Epic of [the Alicornatrice Known Simply as] Corncob by Siegfried Danzinger Chapter One - The Fateful Checkers Game Between a Squirrel and a Not-Chicken Tony the Squirrel lowered his mechanical paw towards the board with utmost care and unerring precision. His metallic fingers (more clamps, really) slowly squeezed together with a sound like a toaster doing something inappropriate to another toaster, and the selected Checkers piece was caught in a nigh inescapable grip. You could see it in his beady little squirrel-eyes: Victory was surely his. He made his move; hopping one of his opponent's pieces with an unintelligible - but nonetheless arrogant-seeming - little chitter in, no doubt, squirrel-language. Corncob was sweating under his feathers. He had to hand it to the guy: Tony had never played so well. While Checkers and board games in general were considered a waste of time by most cockatrices, Corncob had developed a vast love and deep appreciation for the mechanics of the game. And by this I mean that he realized he could move the pieces with his beak without them falling over or spilling off the board. (Chess had been a disaster; he'd managed to swallow a rook.) If he failed to stop his opponent's aggressive, very nearly competent (I mean c'mon, he's a squirrel) onslaught, Corncob's defeat would be so total and so shameful that he may never have courage enough to play again. And that was when it happened. Were you sitting in Tony's position, you'd have seen the following: A heretofore quivering chicken-and-lizard-like creature suddenly went quite still. The once apparent fear in his eyes gave way to a seeming emptiness. Which gave way to an appearance of being half-full. Which ultimately gave way to a look of steely purpose. Which momentarily faltered and resembled an unexpected release of gas, which quickly returned to the steely purpose thing. The cockatrice had never before experienced anything remotely like this. He'd played dozens of Checkers games. Well, maybe not dozens. At least four. Three, and no fewer. His short term memory was very - fittingly if not fortunately - short. He'd played at least one game; that much he knew. But that at-least-one-game had not so much as come close to pushing him towards the far boundaries of his burgeoning Checkers-related skills. This game did push. It pushed very hard - a shove, really - and promised to deliver the cockatrice to a place well beyond his limits. "Limits? What are those?" said some new voice in his head. Formerly, that voice would have been a cluck; this one was decidedly in pony-language. (Note: Pony-language is the language most commonly spoken by ponies. This is, of course, assuming you are a chicken-like creature that doesn't particularly follow linguistics.) There were several explosive bursts of alternately orange and purple lights; Corncob's side of the table was all but engulfed by them. Tony, now contemplating wetting himself, shook violently and clung hard to the table with his metallic appendage. Something like smoke flowed over him, and the suggestion of a shivering silhouette began to form behind a billowy wall. Alicorns are a thing in Equestria. Ponies with both horns and wings that typically end up in ruling positions because they just do. The way a pony becomes (or "ascends to," if you prefer) an alicorn isn't entirely consistent, but there's one point on which you can usually rely... ...Chicken-lizard things don't go alicorn. Never have. Not once. There was this one dream I had where... But NO. Just doesn't actually happen. This time: It happened. The smoke slowly cleared. Tony was still holding fast to the edge of the table; he'd even less cause now to let go. Towering over the terrified squirrel (when you're a squirrel, it's not especially hard to be towered over), noteworthily positioned exactly where that bizarre example of indigenous poultry had once sat, was an orange-and-purple creature several times its original height and bulk. It still roughly resembled the cockatrice known as Corncob, but it was essentially a Corncob that would be regularly suspected of steroid abuse. The fact that he had spontaneously sprouted a spiral horn several feet in length was rather secondary at the time. But, to the curiously damp squirrel, the real horror lie on the board: Deep, chasm-like scratches clearly marked the path that Corncob's piece had traveled. The cockacor- alicocka- alicornatrice (it'll do) had taken every one of Tony's remaining pieces in but a single move. Defeated and thoroughly disturbed, the squirrel stiffened, fell out of his seat like a tumbling statue, and drifted into a lovely state of unconsciousness on the ground. Corncob, the cockatrice-turned-alicorn, stood up from the table; ideally, as ominous and overly dramatic music played in the background. He turned his batlike wings over in front of his eyes. Scanned, intrigued rather than surprised, over his new bulk. A sudden instinct (sounds better than throbbing headache) told him that his forehead had done something new with itself lately. "A horn," rumbled the internal voice from earlier. "And with it, the world." But then Corncob realized that he wasn't especially evil. "A horn," rumbled the internal voice from just a moment ago. "And with it... Horn... Related things. Not necessarily evil things. But definitely things." The newly-minted alicornatrice (it will grow on you) tilted his head to the sky, squinted with a secret purpose (or else the sun was in his eyes), and rocketed into the air. An unconscious squirrel was later discovered, given inexpert and rather half-hearted CPR, and then tossed into a trash can - more out of tidiness than anything else.
  15. Just want to offer my full thoughts on Princess Flurry Heart, who is surprisingly not being discussed as much as I would have originally thought. First off, the books are considered canon by many now more than ever, because all of the writers of the books have now written for the show, and the books are officially licensed. Stories made by people who work for the show count as canon. That said, here goes the main arguments. 1) The show makes it very clear that Alicorns are supposed to be special. It's complete and utter break of continuity if too many Alicorns join the cast. If everyone is special, nobody is. 2) There are indeed two kinds of Alicorns, born and ascended. That's why I stopped complaining about that aspect. But, it is worth noting that most of the Alicorn tribe vanished (source: Book of Two Sisters, written by show staff). 3) However, the show makes it clear that the Two Sisters, Twilight, and Cadence are special even among Alicorns. The first 3 are connected to the Tree of Harmony, and Cadence to the Crystal Heart. Those 4 are special even among Alicorns. So, Flurry Heart should not be on their level. And giving her some grand destiny is a major risk to telling a good story. More on that later. 4) Born Alicorns are a thing, but the fact that she is a special Princess without earning the title puts her in a different status from the other 4 Princesses. Celestia and Luna had to prove themselves to the population of Equestria, even though they were elected into power by a council solely because of their Alicornness. The population was not completely in support, so they had to prove their right to rule over all ponies by uniting Equestria. Cadence saved the villlage by fixing the Crystal Heart Spell. Twilight mastered the Magic of Friendship. All of them did things before earning the full title of Princess of Equestria. 5) The earned title of the 4 Princesses was a major part of the show's intended feministic message. That females can earn powerful positions with hard work and determination. Strong females. Flurry Fart was born a Princess, which cheapens that message. 6) There are several issues related not only to her Alicorn and Princess status, but here status as a "special" baby. "Special" babies are notorious for being walking plot devices. If they don't give her any significant power, then this will be headed off. But if she is "special" and powerful, the risk for bad writing skyrockets. 7) If I were to use the example of Poof from Fairly OddParents, Poof was a MacGuffin and Deus Ex Machina at the same time. He was a walking plot device, existing only to serve as both conflicts and solutions. Given the general difficulty of writing a baby (since how deep and interesting can the character of a baby be?) it is all too easy for them to become a mechanic, rather than a character. 8) Further, if they do something stupid like a "Chosen One" type of story- not only has that been done already in this show- but it is an overused trope. And it's all the worse if you have a baby be the "special" character. Because a baby, lacking in reason or autonomy, can only be shallow. And if they make the baby smart, and/or powerful, it changes them into a character, sure. But that kind of OPness and Precociousness makes them a borderline Mary Sue/Gary Stu on TOP of being a walking plot device. 9) Babies are one of the worst characters to add to a show, and are notoriously easy to mess up. If she isn't special or powerful, then fair enough. Flurry Heart would then be in the same class as Cadence and Shining- just kind of there. But if she is made special and/or powerful, it would be horrible. 10) Regardless of whether she is special or not, the chances of her being anything other than a stupid plot device is very low. In all likelihood, she'll be more of an object than a character. 11) Underneath it all, it can't be forgotten that a historically bad character type was forced into the show by a toy company that cares about profits way more than writing a cohesive story. No sane writer would add one of the worst archetypes to a show if they weren't forced to. Babies are an inherently easy character to mess up, because their inferior capacities make them an object, and not a character. And adding higher capacities makes them OP and boring instead of a walking plot device. There are two extreme sides of adding a baby to a show, and very little middle ground So, there are all the reasons it can go wrong, or is perceived as a major threat to the quality of the show. That said, let me preemptively state some solid counterarguments. It could be said that the writers are very capable, and indeed they are. They have taken plenty of lemons from Hasbro and made them something cool or interesting. However, it is verrry hard to fix babies. It could be said that the books are only semi-canon, and I want to say no to this. I don't think something officially sanctioned, and officially written by the writers is anything other than canon. It could be said that Flurry Fart being a walking plot device is no different from Cadence or Shining, and a couple of other characters, and to be fair, that's right. However, that doesn't mean it is excusable to add ANOTHER boring MacGuffin/Deus Ex Machina, who, if done wrong, might ALSO be a Mary Sue. It could be said that maybe MLP isn't intended to be feministic anymore, and that it has deviated from the original path, but I disagree. Because, even as recently as Season 5, we saw plenty of cases where the strength of the main cast as self-made, independent females, was made very clear. And even if that is not the direct intention anymore, having even one character that breaks the mold of strong females is definitely a disconnect from some of the feel of the show, which features many strong female characters that do things to show their strength, ability, and they earn their achievements. Making being born an achievement is a disconnect. It's obvious to say that I am jumping to conclusions about her being "special" and that I should wait until the episode actually comes out. But, don't forget that Alicorns are by definition "special" in the world of MLP. So, that's very much a given conclusion. The odds of her being normal are outweighed by the chance she'll be a special snowflake. The show itself makes it very clear that Alicorn = Special. Even though making her normal would help the situation, this is objectively a break in continuity. Nobody will deny that the show itself is canon. Believe me, I would love if she is just a normal pony. That would stop her from being a Mary Sue, at least. That would actually make an interesting notion that the 4 Princesses > normal alicorns > normal ponies. Which is an interesting power dynamic. It would also make for some Alicorn lore, and more specialness to the main 4 Princesses. And also that Alicorns aren't inherently powerful. Which is definitely one of the better ways they can handle this. But will the writers make her normal? Time will tell. It would still be a contradiction to the existing story, but it would be better than having an OP special snowflake baby. Tangentially related, but not really- Mane 6 as Alicorns would be cruddy for different reasons. It would make it a bit more boring if they all had the same abilities. Putting them in the middle ground or normal alicorns > normal ponies would be a disservice to their importance, but making them all on the same level as the 4 Princesses would be boring. Also, that would make Alicornness TOO normal. I like the idea of "normal" Alicorns, but seeing a bunch of them, and seeing everybody attain that just gets rid of diversity, and makes things flat. There should be such a thing as "special". Because if nobody is above the rest, then it becomes washed out. At first that may seem contradictory, but the short way of saying it is this. There should be "special" characters. But that specialness should be earned, not given. Also, if too many people are special, nobody will be, hence having an entire cast of "special" characters (ascended alicorns) would cheapen the value of that gain. It can be said that MLP was created to sell toys, but it should be subtle, and it isn't good if the story we love is harmed by MLPs status as a toy commercial. The writers chose to make a good show, and when Hasbro makes an executive decision in affront to the canon, it is infuriating. Just a reminder that they only care about their bottom line, breaking through the 4th wall without a care. When stuff like this happens, it snaps the viewer back to reality, saying "That doesn't fit! HASBROOOOO!" That's what I can think of in terms of direct responses to my points Now, how can the baby be done as well as possible? (in order of preference) 1) The Changeling theory is fascinating and would actually be amazing. But I doubt it 2) She is disabled/deformed and she can't fly or use magic or something like that. This gives her flaws. If her power is negated in this way, it's an interesting way to use her. The only exception is I don't want a darn dumbo story where the only thing she has to worry about is bullies. Bullying has been done very well in this show already. Don't need to cover it anymore. 3) She is some kind of omen. Not my favorite choice, but if it's something where she is barely featured, then I don't mind much. 4) She is just a normal pony. Nothing special about her, and she's just there. This makes her no better or worse than Cadence and Shining in their first appearances. 5) Don't feature her like, at all, outside of these two episodes Stories I DON'T want. 1) Chosen One BS 2) As powerful as the Princesses 3) Poof-format stories where she goofs stuff up only for everyone else to clean it up 4) Kidnapping. Unless it is related to the changeling story possibility mentioned above. 5) The only conflict is dealing with a "special" baby that is harder to take care of than normal babies 6) Dumbo/bullying type of story Anyways, that is a big read, I know, but please do. Also, I should point out that her eyes being bigger is just the new Foal model. If you remember the Pinkie Pie episode, AJ had this eye style in her baby picture as well.
  16. In the spirit of Friendship Is Magic, I was wondering if anyone here has some stories about friendship that they're fond of, and if they would share it. For example, I have one that I'm very fond of telling. It's about how I met one of my best mates, the strangest but nicest friend I've ever had: He came to the same school as me in grade 11, one day. He seemed a bit quiet at first, and then we got on really well, and I found out that he had a weird but awesome sense of humour. He eventually told me that he got expelled from this other school, which is why he came to mine. I won't go into detail about how he got expelled, but by Celestia's light, it is an expelled-from-school story that I could almost guarantee would put any you have heard to shame. It was a prank that he and his friend did that spiralled out of control, and RUINED the honeymoon of a couple from overseas, to the point where they had to spend a week in quarantine before they could go home. Yeah, that bad. They got in trouble with the police, and my mate got expelled. He said that he's never been so ashamed in his life. He's not a bad guy, he's super cool, but yeah that was his biggest mistake ever. So he's crashing at my place for the night one time, and he said "but dude, if I had the opportunity to go back and stop myself from doing it, I wouldn't take it. I would let myself do it." So I said "…I dunno, it was pretty bad, dude." "No dude, honestly I would let myself do it. For one simple reason. And do you what that reason is?" "…'Cause that's how you met me?" "'Cause that's how I met you."
  17. All right guys, this is my idea for a cartoon written out in story form. This has been reviewed by someone else since I wrote it for my Creative Writing class. Enjoy. We open on a stage at the local auditorium. A voice from off screen is played. Moe (Offscreen): Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the guy who is more stupendous than a snake, more wonderful than a whale, stage opens, revealing Moe in a magician outfit and there is a flashy banner with the name, ‘Magic Moe.’ Me, MAGIC MOE! The audience is silent. Moe frowns frowns the lack of enthusiasm, but continues anyway. Moe (Clears throat): I bet I know what you’re all here for. You’re here to watch me amaze you with some amazing tricks! As he is doing this, Moe is pacing on stage, carrying a magic wand he pulled out. He stops pacing. Well, have I got a surprise for you! I have brought with me today my newest magician in training, and offspring! Starts to point towards curtain. MAGIC MARK! Curtain opens, but shows no one coming out of it. Cricket noise in the background. Moe (A bit nervous, and scratching his head) Uh, well, that’s just part of his act: appear invisible, go backstage, then appear with his daddy. Starts walking backstage. Let me check on him. He goes backstage. The scene then cuts to backstage, where we see Moe’s wife, Denise, checking up on the props while Mark, age 9, is sitting in a chair in a magician outfit similar to Moe’s, but in a kids size. Moe (approaches him and talks a bit softer): Mark, you’re on, lets start the show. Mark (Looks up at him with a mixture of sad and angry): I don’t wanna be a magician! They’re all as fake as reality TV! Moe (Looks shocked for a second, then goes back to his magician voice): Well, you have to. It’s the family tradition! Mark: Dad, you were the only one in our family that was a magician. Grandpa Stan owned a comic book store, We’re not royalty,and I wanna make video games. Denise (Comes up after finishing having last check on props): You know, he may have a point. Mark: Besides, you’re a pretty outdated magician. Moe (Gasps): Outdated? Why I’m one of the most famous magicians in Houdiniville! I mean just look. Pulls out magazine with his face on it titled, ‘Magic Monthly.’ Mark (Grabs the magazine from him): Yeah, in 1994! Shows him the date it was published. It says May 1994. Moe (Cringes for a second): Well, Pulls out another magazine. I’m on the cover of this recent magazine. Mark (Grabs that one and flips it around to show Moe. Yeah, in Remembering the 90s Monthly! Shows more view of magazine. It says, ‘Remembering the 90s Monthly.’ He puts it down. Moe (Feels defeated. He starts begging on his knees.): Please, just do it for your daddy! Mark (Looks at him and feels a bit guilty.): Well I don’t know. Moe: I’ll get you the new Danger Unicorn game. Mark (Shows him with a thinking face as he talks in his head.): Dad looks so guilty. I think I should help him. But not for the Danger Unicorn game. Even though that game does look sweet. Mark (Stands up with a more optimistic tone and face): I’ll do it! Moe (Looks up and gets happy again.): YES! Now, lets get this show on the road! He leaves toward the curtain with Mark slowly following. Denise (Watching them leave.): Those two really get along now don’t they? Back on stage, several, audience members have left but some are still there. Moe pops out of the curtains. Moe: Sorry for the delay, but I have brought with me, my magician in training: MAGIC MARK! Moe points towards curtain again. Mark (Appears out of curtains kind of nervous and nervously waves at the audience.): Um, hi? Audience sits there, dead pan with cricket noises still playing. Moe (Clears throat): Now for my first trick, I shall pull a rabbit out of my hat! Takes off top hat and proceeds to pull out nothing. He looks down with a shocked face as he starts digging around for the hat, pulling out other animals such as a frog, a rat, a cat, his car keys, a watch and a gold bar worth a million. Come on, come on, where are you? He feels something heavy. Man you’ve gotten heavy. He is panting as he’s trying to pull it out. He pulls out what appears to be an anvil. He lifts it over his head. It stays in the air as he looks up, rolling his eyes on how cliched it is as it falls on him. Mark (Stands there chuckling a little due to the cartooniness of it all. Then stops wondering if his dad got hurt.) Scene goes back to back stage. Moe walks up as his squashed appearance goes back to normal. Denise looks at him in confusion. Moe (a bit angry): Where is Ronald? Denise: He’s not with you Moe: No, he wasn’t in the hat. Denise (looks down): Oh, there he is. Scrolls down to Ronald the Rabbit. He is on a tiny recliner chair reading a tiny magazine named ‘Carrots Monthly’ with a bunny on the cover who looks suspiciously like Bugs Bunny. Ronald looks up at Moe, who is tapping his foot. He gets a scared face and jumps up, grabs his hat and jumps in. Cuts to back on stage where Mark is trying and failing to do a juggling act. A few more people have left. Moe walks back on. Moe clears throat): Anyways, for my next act, I will- The lights suddenly go out, with only his eyes in view. Laughter is heard in the background. Wally: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, FEAST YOUR EYES ON THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF WONDERNOUS: WIZARD WALLY! The lights turn back on and it shows wally on stage in a wizard outfit. Moe looks at him, confused and angry. Moe: Wally, what are you doing here? Wally: This is my show today? Moe: Are you insane? This is my show today? Wally: (Darn that scheduling). Well, the audience wants to see me more. Wizards are the new magicians! Moe: Oh, you mean the imaginary creatures who perform ridiculous spells? Wally: Says the magician performing phony tricks! In the audience, a little kid is heard crying, having his hopes and dreams up. The mother brings the kid out of the theater, ticked off. Wally looks at the audience, remembering they were there. Wally: And now, Wizard Wally has brought with me a special guest. My new wizard in training. Moe (Looks at him with a disappointed face): Oh real original (sarcasm) Wally: BEHOLD, WIZARD WILLY! Opens up his cape, and Willy comes out, in a wizard outfit similar to his dad. Willy (Looks around with an odd expression. He then sees Mark): Hi Mark. Mark: Hi Willy. Got roped into doing your dad’s act? Willy: Yep. Mark: Told you he’d buy you the new Danger Unicorn game. Willy: Yep. Cuts to both their dads, arguing over their acts ripping each other off. More audience members are leaving. In their arguing, the lights suddenly go out again. Another voice is heard. Ellen: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! BE PREPARED TO BE DAZZLED BY THE ONE AND ONLY, ENCHANTED ELLEN! Lights go on and there she is. WITH MY ENCHANTRESS IN TRAINING, ENCHANTED EMILY! Emily suddenly pops in from backstage, in an outfit just like her mom’s. Emily (Looks around and sees Mark and Willy): Oh hey guys. Mark and Willy: (both look over): Oh, hey Emily. Got stuck in your mom’s act with the new Danger Unicorn game. Emily: Yep. Mark and Emily: Figures. Emily: That’s our parents. Mark and Willy: Yep. Ellen (Laughing maniacally and talking all crazy): BWAHAHAHA! I’M THE BEST ENCHANTRESS IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! Makes really crazy faces. In the process of this, her husband, Cameron comes out. Cameron: Yeah, this is what happens when she’s had too much coffee. Moe: You know what, this is making us lose the audience, lets just do all our acts at the same time. Wally and Ellen: OK They all start trying, and failing to do their magic acts. More audience members are getting bored and are starting to leave. Mark, Willy, and Emily are watching. Willy: Man, this is a disaster. Emily: They’re gonna be the laughing stock of the town. Mark: We’ve got to do something. Willy analyzes all the tricks they are doing. He sees Moe still trying to pull Ronald out of his hat. Then sees Wally making a psychedelic effect with his wand. Then he sees Ellen making fireworks through an opening in the ceiling to avoid setting off the sprinklers. A lightbulb appears over his head. Willy: THAT’S IT! Sees light bulb over his head and turns it off. We’ll combine their tricks together and make the best darn magic show they’ve ever seen. Emily: How are we gonna do that. Willy: OK here’s the plan: They huddle together as he whispers the plan. The scene cuts to Mark sneaking under the table where Moe’s hat is. Mark goes under the table and sees Ronald, tired out. He pulls out a mini trampoline and puts it under him to make him jump higher. Ronald jumps much higher out of the hat. Audience gets interested Willy takes out a bouncy ball and throws it over at Wally’s want. Wally flinches when the ball hits the want, and repositions it over where Ronald is still jumping around. Audience is more invested Emily sneaks under the stage and calculates where the fireworks are positioned. He bangs the bottom of the stage to move the fireworks. They move over so they’re shooting near the rabbit and the effect makes a stellar combination. Audience is dazzled and cheering. The 3 magicians see the audience members cheering, smile, and continue doing what they’ve been doing. They have a big finish with all of their tricks for an even more epic combination and take a bow. Roses are being thrown on the stage. Moe: Why thank you! Wally: We hope you enjoyed the show. Ellen: Please come again soon! The audience starts clearing out. When they’re all cleared out, the cricket noises are still there. Zoomed in, it shows Calvin the Cricket, cheering with a bunch of Magic Moe merchandise as he realizes the show is over and hops away. Denise comes out, clapping her hands Denise: That was amazing! You did a wonderful job! Cameron: It was quite the show! Moe: Ah yes, it was a wonderful show. I certainly dazzled them with my rabbit trick. Wally: What do you mean your trick. It was my wand effects that saved the day. Ellen (Laughing): No way, my fireworks were the ones that impressed the audience. The three look at each other, then proceed to more arguing. As they are doing this, the three kids walk up to them. Mark: Um, Dad. You promised you’d buy us the Danger Unicorn game. Moe (Too busy arguing, but quickly remembers. He quickly pulls out his wallet, and gives him money.): Yeah, Mark, here it is, enjoy yourselves. (Goes back to arguing.) Mark (Looks at the other two.): Well let’s go. Willy and Emily: OK! All three walk off, as Ronald follows them. Mark: Ronald also wants to play Willy: Oh come on, he always wins. Emily: How is that even possible, he lacks opposable thumbs? Mark: Who knows? As they walk off into the sunset, Ronald comes up in front, with opposable thumbs holding a sign that says, ‘The End.’
  18. I teamed up with FouDubulbe to create a better version of his video "Damp Rocks", so we came up with a video with the voice of Trixie and Maud included, thanks to the help of imshadow007 and Wubcake I'm very proud of the result! I really like the video Foudubulbe did. It's so full of meanings and emotions. It display the concept of feeling out of place when you are forced to do something are not what you want to be (like for Diamond Tiara in the episode Crusaders of the Lost Mark). It also show the deception of appearance with Trixie who needs more support than she wanted to admit to herself and Maud having more compassion and understanding toward her than her expression would display.
  19. This user has left the fandom. They've been exposed to the horrible underbelly of it and the poisonous culture, including the racism, rampant pedophilia, and lack of care to do ANYTHING about it. This fandom began on 4Chan. It shows. I hope you can get out too.
  20. Write a story about a time something freaked you out as a kid. I will start! As a six year old kid I had a big crush on Raven Symone; the girl how acted as Raven in the show "That's So Raven". I liked the show a lot, and thought it had an interesting premise, with her having the ability to see into the future, so i watched it whenever I could. One night, I was watching the show with my mother, sister, and brother in the living room. The episode started off normal, Raven having to babysit some girl as I recall...and it interfering with some guy she liked. Raven had a "flash forward" sequence pop into her head of her in a big pink room, as she screamed, and fell down, before the sequence ended. I remember finding that funny as a kid, but not for long. As the episode went along, and "That's So Raven" shenanigans ensued, Raven, the guy she liked, and the girl she was baby sitting went to a museum. Raven somehow fell into this giant model of the human stomach....and it just turned from funny to way too strange super fast. I remember getting up and leaving the room because of just how uncomfortable I was, and went to my room and flipped to something else. I could still hear the sequence with Raven in the stomach happening in the next room, so I shut the door and turned the TV on, it was on the Discovery Channel; a documentary about giraffes giving birth, if i recall correctly. xD I never have watched That's So Raven since then, and I don't plan to. That episode just kind of ruined it for me.
  21. Hey there, yesterday, I wanted to finally make a quick backstory for my OC, got out of hand. One day later, I've got about 4000 words, but I have no idea if it's any good or not. So here's a link to my story: I hope any of you can read it, if you have time left... (I'm too embarrassed for this... )
  22. I come up with this concept awhile back and I feel like I should share it. Miss Pie's Home for Peculiar Fillies Pinkie Pie finds a group of orphan fillies and decides to find a home for them. The fillies are based on individual parts of Pinkie. Cinnamon Bun (female) is based on Pinkie's ability at making sweets. She is the leader of the filly group. Slipstick and Sight Gag (male and female) are based on Pinkie's ability at making ponies laugh. Party Planner (male) is based on Pinkie's ability at planning parties. Melody Musical (female) is based on Pinkie's ability to sing random songs out of nowhere. Sourdough (male) is based on Pinkie's hidden sadness, craziness and anger (Pinkamena).
  23. Rules are simple, continue the story the use above you wrote so we get this thread-wide hilarious tale. 1. Quote the user you're adding onto, bound to be a few guys who add on to the same user 2. Leave room for additions, let others contribute You can contribute as many times as you want, but try to let others get in between your posts. I'll start this: One day a random person was walking on a path in the woods when-
  24. So I decided to start this game and anyone can join, what I was thinking is this will be a story we will all create, there will be randomness, silliness, sorrow and a cornucopia of other emotions as everyone adds their own bit. You don't even really need to read what has happened if you come in late and it already has a lot to it, you can still post and your addition could change the whole path of the story. I hope everyone likes this idea and it becomes big Rules: 1. Try to keep your addition slightly relevant to what is previously happening, don't go from a pony walking through Canterlot to suddenly being teleported to the underworld... which could still be relevant in some ways. 2. To make this story as potentially random and unpredictable as it can be, please only post a sentence or two at a time. Don't go off and write out a detailed page of character development where no one else had any part in it. 3. please make an attempt to us proper grammar as to not throw off what your addition might mean. 4. This is the most important part. Have fun! So no arguing over what was posted or how someone deviated the story, this all for fun and to be unpredictable So I will start it: On a sunny day in Canterlot, a unicorn stallion by the name of Star Chaser walked through the market district of the city. Until he came upon a peculiar shop that caught his eye that lined the sidewalk, the window had several displays inside and the sign above the door read Magic Galore.