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Found 277 results

  1. I'm considering writing yet another romantic story, but I need your help in banishing those cliches and errors away!
  2. Hello everypony! Here's a fun forum game that I've seen before on other forums. Its called never ending story/fanfic and how it works is you will reply to the person above you only using 3 words (names count as one word) to make a never ending story. But there is a twist. You need to try to keep the story pony related. Rules: 1. Don't get dirty 2. Don't troll 3. Never end the story I'll start.. "One day Rainbow Dash..."
  3. I usually worry every-day, when I write my stories, on whether will my stories look poor to others. So, tell me, how well is the way you write your stories? Is it good, or is it bad?
  4. One quiet sunny morning in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle was reading one of her many thousands of books. The book she was reading was called “Magic For Experts” and she seemed to be enjoying it very much. Just then the door opened and Rainbow Dash entered the library. “Hi there, Twilight!” called Rainbow Dash. Twilight turned and gave her a stern shush before returning to read her book. Rainbow Dash slowly trotted over and peered over her shoulder to see what she was reading. “What's this book your reading?” She asked. “Can I not read this book in peace?!” Twilight said slamming the book shut. Rainbow Dash immediately moved away. “Woah, don't get so sassy Twi'! Rainbow Dash said. “I was doing so well with my research! I was looking up an advanced levitation spell, then you bombard in and interrupt me!” Twilight yelled. “Big deal! It's just another one of those silly spells that'll you'll never use in your life!” Rainbow Dash said rolling her eyes. “Oh really... We will see about that.” Twilight said deviously. Her horn began to glow and Rainbow Dash began to levitate above the ground. Rainbow Dash began to panic. “What are you doing?! Stop!” yelled Rainbow Dash who was kicking and screaming. "Please, Twilight, put me down!" Twilight dropped Rainbow Dash on the floor. Rainbow Dash got up and rubbed her sore head. “Just another silly spell that I'll never use?” Twilight smiled “I doubt it.” “But that spell is completely pointless!” Rainbow Dash protested . “I bet your jealous because you can't do magic.” Twilight said. “I'm certainly faster and stronger than you!” Rainbow Dash debated. “I'm smarter though!” Twilight replied “And much more sensible.” “OK then, prove that you are smart!” Rainbow Dash said crossing her fore hooves. “Alright then, what is 85 divided by 5, plus 8, timed by 13, divided by 5 and then multiplied by 60?” Twilight questioned with a smile. Rainbow Dash began thinking, but she just couldn't think of the answer because she didn't know. “12345?” She said quickly, hoping that it would be the answer. “Wrong, its 3,900.” Twilight said “So that proves I'm smarter than you!” “I bet ya you cheated!” Rainbow Dash said “You have a calculator hidden in your mane!” Twilight pushed her mane back. There was no calculator to be seen. “Or unless you've used an invisibility spell!” Rainbow Dash jeered. Twilight sighed. "I have not got a calculator on me." Twilight said. "Yeah you do!" Rainbow Dash argued. “Just admit it, Rainbow, I'm smarter than you.” Twilight giggled. “Yeah, but I bet I could write a better story than you!” Rainbow Dash said. Twilight began to laugh. “I don't think you'd know where to start!!” Twilight chuckled. “OK, I'll prove it! I'll write the best story that Equestria has ever seen!” Rainbow Dash said "Just you wait!" “OK then.” Twilight unenthusiastically said. Rainbow Dash flew out of the library and into the distance. Twilight went back to reading her rudely interrupted book. “I wonder how good Rainbow's story will be!” Twilight sarcastically said to herself. * The next day as Twilight was re arranging her books, Rainbow Dash trotted in with sheets of paper. “Well, here ya go Twilight, the best story ever written!” Rainbow Dash beamed. Twilight took the papers and had a look at them. This is Rainbow Dash's story: wonce apun a tyme in ponyviell ther wus ah pony named super pony. he wus rlly strong and culd flie at nin bileion miels per hour. one daei he wus clering up the clowds wen sudunley ther wus a cri fur help. super pony flied down frum the clowds and went tew si wat had happund. help me a crok stowl my necklace sed the pony in trubol. downt worri ill sthap hem said super pony. super pony began to chaes the crok down the stret. the crom caem to a ded end and ther wus no plaeic tew go. got you! sed super poni. youll nevr get mi you silly maer shawted the crok. the crok trieed tew runn but super pony grabbd his collur and puled him back. but the crok kikd him in the leg and beghan to esckap. super pony beghan to chaes him agaein. the crok hided in a bwildin tew mak shor that super pony coudont sea hem. but super pony used his sewpur noess senss and beghan loking for the crok. the crok staeid as quehti as a mowse. then he suddenly coughed. super pony hurd this and fownd the crok in the building. oh no you fownd mi sed the crok sadly. yoar daes of teroar arr ovr super pony chuckailed. the crok wus sent ew jail and evriwon gaev super pony a big parteii for catchin the crok. the end "So, how did I do?" Rainbow Dash smirked. Twilight stared at Rainbow Dash, with no emotion on her face. "Do you want the keep-you-happy review or the truth?" Twilight asked Rainbow Dash. "The truth of course!" Rainbow Dash excitedly said "It the best thing ever written!" Twilight took a big breath, then told Rainbow Dash what she thought of her story. "99.8% of the spelling is wrong, no proper grammar was used, the entire story was all over the place, its too short and the entire thing doesn't make any sense what so ever because most of the spelling is horrendously bad." Twilight explained. Rainbow Dash stood there with her mouth open. Then she shut it. "But that has to be the best story that's ever been written!!" Rainbow Dash said "How can you hate it?!" Twilight put a hoof to her face. "Do I need to go through my review again..." She sighed. "Fine! If you don't like it, maybe someone else will!" Rainbow Dash yelled. She grabbed the papers and rushed to find someone else to review her story. When she was finally out of distance, Twilight closed the door and just stood there. "What the Celestia did I just read?!" Twilight loudly said to herself. Twilight went back to reading the book she was reading yesterday. As she read, she found an interesting spell. "Temporary memory loss?" Twilight said "I could do with that!" THE END
  5. I am currently trying to get and refine ideas for my stories, as a budding author, but I'm gonna need your help. Can I find any websites where I share my story-related ideas, however long, and discuss them with other writers (instead of spending forum posts where not many people are willing to even listen ... ) ?
  6. Rules: This is a story game. YOU decide what happens next. Each poster posts 1 paragraph. No double posting allowed. Editing for typo errors is allowed. Keep it within the universe of the story. Here goes! --- "Once upon a time, Captain Neckbeard and the crew of the Cellar Weasel plundered cities and towns throughout the disasterous nineteen seas, buryin' treasures here and there for. He made landfall on a tropical island, rumoured to be the 'Island of the Bronies', a dreadful army of horse riders and pillaging corsairs, worse than the galleon known as the Mushroon Troll. He and some of his hairy buccaneers walked up a port, confronted by two fair-faced guards wearing cold Tartar armour, drawing scimitars at the pirates' necks. 'Stop right dere, pirate,' one boomed in a rough accent of the steppe dweller, 'vat brought you and your voul krew khere?' The Captain replied, 'To take from you that golden booty known as "The Unicorn's Cane"' He and the two rascals with him drew their swords to fight their confronters ... "
  7. So, as some of you know, I've been writing a story called 'Twotlet' (on my deviantart page) and I decided to test out my photoshop skillz by making some art for chapter two, (obviously I will make more for later chapters) and i just wanted to know what you think. If you havent read up to the second chapter (shame on you) and you dont intend to, the twilight that is close to the viewer is twilight's doppelganger, 'Twotlet.' the other ponies just discovered that it isnt twilight, but a doppelganger.
  8. WARNING: MENTION OF GORE, AND POSSIBLY THE KILLINGS OF YOUR FAVORITE TROLL/PONY (note these are the alpha-trolls) YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Oh dear.........this is hard to explain..... ok! lets put it this way I just recently finished watching pewdiepies play-through of "Corpse party" and I automatically thought of....homestuck...dunno why But~ I wanna turn it into a story....based on the game (anime?) buuttttt this will be a hard decision...sense only 9 people get trapped and their is 12 trolls (not counting the humans) so~ What I was thinking 3 trolls and the humans refuse to do the charm, which leaves 9 trolls all together let me put a list Trolls/humans that stay behind Meenah Horrus Aranea Jane Roxy Jake Dirk Trolls who do the charm Kankri Mituna Rufioh porrim Muelin Damara kurloz latula cronus and sense 4 die in this story this will be hard because I hate killing any type of canon character Kankri-Hung by cronus (yus...) Porrim-Thrown down the hall and splattered on the wall by ghost children (hehehe I love gore) Latula-Falls into the floor after it caves in, saves Mituna in the process. Muelin-Goes insane after realizing porrims remains are the ones on the wall (yus) I shall let that sink in for a moment..... My work here is done~ (im still debating on wither or not I should make the humans the ghost children, but that would make no sense) However, Im still debating on wither or not ill mix corpse party will all other sorts of fandoms like MLP (MLP is actually one of my ideas, I just haven't made a list of who dies and who does *evil face) BIG NOTE: BASED ON THE WAY PEWDIEPIE HAS PLAYED THE GAME, SO IF THE CHARACTER DOESNT ACTUALLY DIE, WELL LETS JUST SAY THEY DID IN THIS VERSION
  9. When I was just a child, I had a special skill to make friends with almost anyone I met. People enjoyed speaking with me, and getting to know me better, I was like a "friendship magnet". Upon my middle and high school years, I lost this ability. I became shy, nervous, and I easily made bad first impressions, and lost friends as the days went by. Eventually, I found myself alone, not a friend in the world to run to. I was sad, scared, and friendless. This eventually turned the shining personality I had inside out, no longer was I good at making friends, but good at losing them. Girls never really spoke with me, people would laugh and mock me, and the awkward days of the beginning of school only made this worse. Friends reuniting, and I would just stand in a corner simply twitteling my thumbs. Things got so bad, I would skip lunch and go to the library every day just to feel relaxed. When I would get kicked out of the library for going too much, I would just go and sit in the restrooms, it was a miserable time. I fell into a deep depression from all of this. Imagine the complete opposite of how I am now, that's who I was. A smile was the rarest thing to see on my face. As all students, I eventually graduated high school. Not surprising, but I had no friends to celebrate with when walking across that stage to take my diploma. At the end, the hats would fly and as they fell, I was walking across the football field, ready to go home and start the boring adult life I live in now. The internet is just about the only place I can find friends at this point. During one of my daily Yahoo! News checks, I seen something about "Bronies". To this day, the article's topic remains blurred in my mind. Whatever it was, it gained my curiousity enough to do some research on these Bronies. After I found out it was grown men liking My Little Pony, it made me curious as well as disturbed. I wondered what made these people tick? But, I had a past with watching "girly" shows like Powerpuff Girls, so I thought I would give it a shot, just to see what I could find in My Little Pony. I actually resisted watching the show a few times at first, but eventually gave in and fell in love with the Mane 6. First, it was Applejack, the southern sweetheart. Eventually, it went through them all (except Rainbow Dash). Around the time of Equestria Girls, the lack of MLP between the Season 3 finale and the movie was torturing. I actually came an inch close to losing my Brony faith. I never really considered any of who I had picked before to be my literal favorites, but a phase where I would just switch out every few days. I told myself that Equestria Girls was my last shot. If this movie didn't revive my faith in MLP, I would probably lose it for good. By the way, during this time, Twilight Sparkle was my pending favorite, as I wasn't sure if I wanted her to be my favorite yet. After Twilight becoming a princess, it only pushed me closer to discovering my guardian angel waifu. When I seen the movie, there was something about "Helping Twilight Sparkle Win the Crown" that completely woke my faded Brony side. I was filled with all the rainbows and magic my body could hold. After viewing the movie, I felt as a dead battery being completely recharged. I had never been into MLP more than that particular moment. Something inside me changed from seeing that movie, along with Magical Mystery Cure. It was the moment every Brony experiences sooner or later, the real choosing of your favorite pony. While it may not seem as big of a deal as I'm making it, this choice completely changed me inside and out. I've always said that you don't choose your favorite pony, but they choose you. And this was the feeling you get that I was referring to. With this event of Twilight Sparkle becoming such a big part of my life, my personality finally bloomed. I was happy, energetic, eager to make new friends and turn frowns upside down. Sure it sounds nothing short from Pinkie Pie, but it was the friendship inside that made these feelings possible. I could finally make friends again, make people smile, and they were rewards of their own. I've been asked from time to time if I truly believe in magic, which just happened to ironically be Twilight's Element of Harmony, while also meaning Friendship. As to magic being a real thing, I most certainly believe in it. But not from the view of making things levitate and being able to bend the will of reality itself, I truly believe that magic itself is the feeling you get inside when you make a new friend. The happy, giddy feeling you get that can't do anything but make you smile! I couldn't have learned anything about this, the true magic of friendship, without the help of Twilight Sparkle. Because of this wonderful pony, I've discovered who I am on the inside, who I really am. Not set down by the sterotypes my parents have nailed to my forehead, but who my heart wants me to be. Who am I? This is me. A year had passed, and the feeling of my Brony side had once again, begin to feel a fading feeling. I was worried about this, I loved being a Brony, I loved My Little Pony (still do!), I didn't want this magic inside to end. After a long day of stressing over such a thing, I had finally passed out from exaustion. Something magical happened that night. A dream that had seemed half reality and half imagination, I found myself awake, on my back, in bed, staring down my chest. I seen a small light appear above my stomach. Can you guess whom it was? Twilight Sparkle, of course. At this point, I knew I was dreaming, but I decided to see what would carry out from this "dream" I was experiencing. Once Twily appeared from the center of the light (she was about the size of my fist, maybe doubled), she slowly landed on my chest and folded her wings back. I played along with this dream and asked her what she was doing here. Twilight sat down and looked me in the eyes, and told me she knew what was going on, why I was so worried and stressed. She knew what she had caused, and why I didn't want it to leave. She calmly told me that it was okay to feel this way, these kinds of things happen to everyone, let it flow naturally. Don't force myself to be something I can't have a passion for. I told her how much I didn't want it to end, I remember a tear rolling down my cheek, I loved Twilight, I told her. She told me that she felt the same, and that no matter what happens, she would always be in my heart. There with me through thick and thin, Brony or not, Twilight would always be with me, because she loved me too. I remember as she said so, she began to fly away and fade into the same light she appeared in. I remember the struggle of lifting my arm, due to being asleep and unable to move, by the time by arm was up, I was awake, and Twilight was gone. All this stress had passed, I felt relieved. I layed back down and rolled over, saying "Thank you, Twily", and dosed back off to sleep. At this moment I knew that Twilight was just more than my favorite pony. She was my teacher, my friend, my guardian angel.
  10. If anyone want's to write a story or fan fiction with me ask me. This would be fun,I make sure to credit you if you write in a fan fiction and story with me also the fan fiction or story that you write with me includes a chat like this: User: Welcome to my story/fan fiction were inviting people and writers to chat with us. Feel free to ask me to add you into the chat and I can add the story or fan fiction part's that you help write with me.
  11. On one hand, you will become famous or infamous. On the other hand, they will ruin your interpretation of your story. If this is not worse enough, they can take your franchise away and ruin it, like how Disney did to Star Wars. What do you think?
  12. This is a forum game. You should play it. You get one sentence per post. It can be absolutely anything (Within forum rules of course). Now go write something. I have better things to do right now. Said the person making a forum game. It was a dark and stormy night...
  13. Hey Everypony I had an idea called complete the story-- First i will start off the story and then you ponies can add on to it... Birds tweeting, the sun shining , and every pony was going about their day like normal. Except for me NerdyCupcakeunicorn, I decided to catch up on my anime and read my mangas. Knock Knock Hey Nerdy(called for short) "Everypony is going to the park for a picnic Are you coming." it was......
  14. Hello everybody, I'm curious to know if this looks correct. I'm working on fan fiction writing, and I want to know if the way I organize my paragraphs and dialogue is right. Here's a sample of something I've written. Let me know how I can improve my writing style. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "C'mon Twilight. Hurry up!" Spike pleads. "I'm going as fast as I can Spike. I just need to organize my saddlebag quickly," Twilight says while double checking her list. Spike taps his foot repeatedly on the floor, waiting for Twilight for what seems like hours. He wants to be the first to the 'Annual Apple Acre Fair'. Each year the Apple family organizes games and rides to raise money for new equipment for the farm. It only occurs one day a year because the rareness of the occasion draws everypony to it. Spike has been to many fairs, but never this one since him and Twilight moved in soon after the last one. This led to many hours of Apple Jack answering his seemingly neverending list of questions about the ones he's missed. He's waited for the day he could go to one ever since he's heard of it. Twilight walks in as Spike is in trance, thinking of the event he's still waiting to go to. "Okay Spike, I'm ready." "Great! Let's go!" he shouts as he bolts out the door. "Wait for me!" Twilight shouts to him, though he's gotten too far to hear. Twilight starts on her way to Sweet Apple Acres when she finds Fluttershy on the same route. "Hi Fluttershy," Twilight says as she trots closer to Fluttershy. "Oh, hi Twilight. Are you going to the fair too?" "Yes, this will be my first time." "I've only gone one other time, and it was a lot of fun. Is Spike going?" "He's probably already there." Twilight develops a nervous look on her face. "Is something wrong?" Fluttershy asks. "No, it's nothing." "Are you sure?" "Yes, everything is alright...I hope." Fluttershy is concerned about what's bothering Twilight, but decides to drop it to avoid sounding nosy. They arrive at Sweet Apple Acres where the fair has already started. Fillies and colts are riding rides and Spike is found just where Twilight predicted, at a game. She has explained to him over and over that these games are pointless and can't be won, but he's always too concerned with his goal of winning to listen to her. She's seen him get addicted at times, which worries her. She wants to make sure he doesn't go too crazy over the games, and also wishes she could save all the bits he wastes on them. Twilight goes over to Spike as he is trying to knock down bottles with baseballs. "Hey Spike," Twilight says, but with no response. "Spike?" Once again, no answer. "Spike!" Spike jumps out of shock, "Ah! Oh, hey Twilight." "How many games have you played so far?" "Three." "Really? Wow Spike, I'm surprised," Twilight says happily. "Yeah, I played each ten times before moving to the next," Spike said disappointed as he recalled his failures. Twilight can't believe what she's hearing. She begins calculating how much money he spent in her head but stops as it passes fifty bits, as she was too mad to continue. He's played many games before, but never this many. She doesn't know what has gotten into him, but she does know she's going to stop him before he spends another bit. "Spike, That's way too many games! Do you realize how much money that costs?" Twilight yells, "Come Spike, we're going home." "I can't! I need this prize over here," Spike says as he pointed to a large stuffed gem. "I'm sorry Spike, but you can't keep doing this. We've talked about this before. Now let's go." "But..." Spike begins. "Now!" "Fine!" Spike shouts as he is forced to leave the fair. Twilight takes Spike home and reluctantly sends him to his room. She doesn't like punishing him, but she needs to so he can learn his lesson. Spike gets bored fast since the only things he can do in his room are sit quietly or read a book, both of which he finds boring. He can't stop himself from thinking of the fair, more specifically the prizes he wanted to win so badly. The more he envisions them, the more he wants them, the more he feels he needs them. Spike comes to a very risky decision, he's going to sneak out and go back to the fair.
  15. After reading this thread, I had an idea. Today we make history. Today... we will write the single most repulsive, agonizing, grotesque, other-synonyms-for-terrible MLP:FiM fanfiction the world has ever seen. __________ This is how it's going to go down: The next person to post will choose a title and begin the story, and each one following will add, little by little, to the narrative. Illustrations are also gladly accepted! I will be the one who decides when our masterpiece is finished. __________ RULES: 1. No intentional spelling/punctuation errors. This fanfiction will be terrible only because of its content and structure. (This means run-on sentences, fragments, weird paragraph breaks, etc. are still okay!) 2. No Rule 34. 3. No extreme violence or gore. 4. Contribute at least a sentence! This isn't supposed to be a five-words-per-post story! 5. Contribute no more than a paragraph! This isn't your work, this is our work! The rest, I leave to you. Just remember to pick a good title, first poster. No pressure, though. Though if you feel pressure, try to hold on to that feeling, as that's the proper response to being told that what you're about to write will go down in history.
  16. I did a reading, in character as Discord, doing a narrative. Its a comedy, and i will be doing the sequel as well soon. The link to the original story is in the description.
  17. *Note: This is an old story that I have worked on in the past. I have not completed it, but I am going to put the completed chapters on here, one-by-one. It has a weird name for something that does not directly involve two companies, but it is an interesting story. Also the story is told through the perspective of a 14 (turned 15 later on in the story) year old boy*. Prologue: A helicopter flies away from the White House and the pilot's radio starts to pour out static followed by a man speaking, "An unknown source of technology has been found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The President wants the technology to be kept under safe keeping and tight security. The Fleet has lost a few ships, and we have lost over a thousand men already. The Ellis children and friends need to be kept in Trinity until further notice". Chapter 1: The Encounter Pineville, Massachusetts, United States: I am Hunter Ellis, I am 14 years old. I live in Pineville, Massachusetts with my stepmother and stepfather Mr. and Mrs. Valentine and stepsister Brianna, who likes being called "Breezy". Breezy is very smart and is a "take charge" kind of person, she makes straight A's in school and is very strict and organized, though she stresses out when there is too much to handle on her own. My stepparents are bakers and they are mainly known for their famous Special Delight Cakes that they make every now and then. They are really nice to me and everyone else that they meet during their work hours. I live with them in a three story house in the middle of Pineville, which is surrounded by woods and some swamps. The population of Pineville is 358 people and for some unknown reason, the animal population of the town has been increasing dramatically. Animals have never really liked this town. About 5 years ago, the animal population dropped very quickly, and for the past few months the population has boomed to where the populations have gone through the roof. August 25th, 2017: I was walking to school with my twin sister Angie Ellis, whom I have been separated from since we were both 7 years of age, and her very shy friend Sherry Anston. We were all friends and we also loved making new friends at the beginning of every school year. So on our way to school, we stopped by some of the new students and talked with them before we left for the rest of the way to school. Sherry was abused as a younger child by her father, but she was cared for by her mother. Her mother always took a hit for her when she was at home, but stays at work almost all day. Then at the age of 10, her mother passed away because of Cancer and so Sherry was abused even more by her father, who didn't know what to do since her mother died, so he took out his pain and anger on Sherry. Sherry always acted extremely shy around me and would whisper when trying to talk to me. It never really bothered me before because I actually found it to be cute, but I never really told anyone. Last Valentine's Day my parents had gotten very excited that I had gotten a letter from an admirer. I actually thought that it would just be a prank from my friends, but to my surprise it was from Sherry. The only way I could tell was by the handwriting and the small heart at the end of the note. The way they were put onto the note reminded me of how Sherry usually wrote and drew. When we had arrived at Brooklyn High, Sherry had tugged my arm and waited for me to look at her. As I turned my head, I followed her hand as she started to point at something in the distance at the Elementary School. I looked very carefully over at Brooklyn Elementary, and there was a very tall man in a suit standing near the young children. The odd thing was that he was staring at us while trying to hide behind the shade of one of the school's Pine Trees. I asked Angie if she knew the teacher by the tree and she said that she didn't know him at all. Since Angie's stepfather was the principle of Brooklyn Elementary, and each teacher visited her family every time they were free on the weekends, I thought that she would know him. I looked back at the Elementary School and noticed that the man was gone, and the children acted as if nothing happened. I went back to looking at Angie and Sherry, "If you see that man again, do not get near him" I said to them as we walked into the school. Class went on as usual and we had our weekly Friday pop quiz, whoopee for me. Before we took the quiz, Mr. Mobley said that today's quiz was going to be cut short due to a planned fire drill later on in the day. What puzzled me was that it was early in the school day and that fire drills usually happen around the end of the day. After about an hour I finished my test and was surprised that I finished it a lot faster than I originally thought. I handed in my test and told Mr. Mobley that I felt like I rushed through the test, but took some actual thought into my answers. Mr. Mobley looked at my quiz and noticed that at the very bottom of the page, the words "The Tall the Black Suit, What does it mean?" written in pen. He asked me who exactly I was talking about, so I told him about the tall man from the Elementary School. He told me almost the exact same thing I told Angie and Sherry, "Stay away from that man as long as possible". He stopped me before I could leave the room and finally said "Hunter. Strange disappearances have been happening across Massachusetts. Some witnesses of the children disappearing say that children go missing not long after being seen with a strange, tall man wearing the exact same clothes that the man you described was wearing". I walked away and met up with Angie and Sherry and started telling them what I was told. As I walked Angie and Sherry home, being the caring person that I am, we started to agree that one of us should look up the disappearances on the internet to see if they were true. I told them that since my school work needed me to look up information, I would look up the info on the disappearances while I worked. I was actually excited to use my computer since it was brand new and that my computer had new updates on it. So I walked the rest of the way home all by myself. The woods behind the houses made me feel strange, I felt like something was watching me. I found myself pacing the rest of the way home and when I got inside, I locked the door behind me. There was nothing outside, and yet it felt as if someone was watching me from a distance, watching my every move, waiting for something to take place. I went to my room and shut the door along with my window curtains. My computer was sitting on top of my desk and it was still on from when I last used it.I opened up the browser and started my research on the mysterious disappearances. End of Chapter 1. *Note: I have edited this chapter slightly and will most likely edit the other chapters. This story may not sound interesting at first, but it does try to become more better as the story plays out*.
  18. I’ve never really been touched or wowed by the Lion King. Is it because of the animation? No, that can’t be right. The animation was gorgeous. Was it because of the story? No, while it may have felt like Hamlet for children, it was a good story. Then maybe it was because of the characters? Not at all, the characters were portrayed really well. Music, colour schemes, storyboard, pacing, dialogue? Nope, they were all done brilliantly. So then why? Why didn’t I experience that “wow” at the end? Why was I not touched when I saw Mufasa fall to his death before Simba’s very own eyes? Why was all I could say when the credits rolled a mere ‘eh, it was okay’? I have a theory, and I’d like to know your thoughts. And if others feel the same way. I did not connect to any of it, because the characters were not human. The reason I wasn’t moved or touched by anything was because I couldn’t connect with the characters. Solely because they weren’t human. Despite the characters being human in every single way possible except for their bodies. Because of that, all I could see was “oh no, papa lion got thrown off a cliff by uncle lion and baby lion saw it”. Narrow-minded? Perhaps. Or does it just have to do with preference? Many people tend to feel worse when the infamous scenario “the dog dies” takes place. I personally think it’s sad that the dog dies, but I feel 10 times worse when the human dies, because I understand what it means to be human. To feel emotions, to be able to think, to have a future, to always be aware of life and death. To me, humans both fictional and real work like a mirror. Seeing a human allows me to instantly connect with them. It provides a feeling of unity and understanding. And to see all of that in a (somewhat realistically) drawn animal is downright impossible for me, no matter how good the story may be. Maybe it sounds weird or stupid. Especially coming from a brony whose entire fandom is about enjoying a show with ponies. Why am I capable of adoring FiM despite the characters being ponies? That’s because the way they’re drawn is too far away from realistic ponies. They’ve been altered through a cutesy-cartoonizer and resemble more human aspects more than those of realistic ponies. The big size of their heads, the big eyes, the small snout, etc. That allows me to completely forget that they’re based on real life horses and see them as a whole different kind of creature. Not a pony, but a My Little Pony - a creature on its own. Did that all make sense? Does anyone understand this way of thinking? What are your thoughts on it? I’d love to hear what you guys have to say. And even if you don’t, I’m just glad you took the time to listen. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you all have a nice day! /)
  19. I typically think of a lot of stories and topics, but I come on undeveloped and unplanned. Some stories I just WANT to write I just can't get the inspiration for it. So what I need, is a team of writers, who in turn like my ideas, and I like their ideas and basicly we form a little group that publishes (on the internet of course) fan-fictions and original stories. Feel free to PM me about the writers team, or leave a nice post here to help me. Writers team spots (this is just a guideline)Green means We have enough of them, Yellow means we will consider letting you in even if the spot has been taken, Red Means full. Yes you can be in all of them or multiple categories Brain-stormers- In this category, all you have to do is brainstorm topics for upcoming stories. Note: Not all ideas get through, I will choose 4 or 5 people to become 'judges' if your idea gets approved by most of the judges then it moves on. Members- RainMuffin Plot-Character Development- Being apart of this category will get you permissions to come up with plot lines, characters, titles and edit the the same features. Members- RainMuffin Writers- In this category, you come up with the rough draft of the plot line, and/or chapters. You have permission to send the chapter up to the Editors. If you have a problem with a confusing plot line or a undeveloped character, check in with me and I might be able to explain it, If I can't you then have permission to bump it back down to the development stage. Members- RainMuffin Editors- If your GREAT at grammar, this is the category for you. All you have to do here is look through it for spelling errors and such. Members- RainMuffin Have any other categories you want to add in? Check in with me My list of stories in the order of which I want them done-Note: That if you join the group, your idea MIGHT be added to the list! The Heart of a Animal Kidnapped for Romance Lowblood Academy (Fan-fiction) The Royal Ball Untold memories Romance In the wrong world Lost in the wild Titles can and probably will be changed. Any questions on any stories current plot feel free to ask. I have a Skype and a deviant art. KittyStoryWriter is my alternate account for published stories if we choose DA. Skype is Kittywilleatchu, my name should currently be Artistic RainMuffin These stories will be published on a social media site we debate on. The writing and editing will take place on Google drive, after approved in the first 2 categories I will invite writers and editors to the file. I am, also currently, drawing covers for stories, if you want to design a cover for a current story, the story has to be approved in the first 2 categories and in the writing stage. Thank you -RainMuffin
  20. "[R]eality will never measure up to your imagination." –lindsay, an INFP from PersonalityCafe “INFPs never seem to lose their sense of wonder. One might say they see life through rose-colored glasses… [they] have the ability to see good in almost anyone or anything. Even for the most unlovable the INFP is wont to have pity… [o]f course, not all of life is rosy, and INFPs are not exempt from the same disappointments and frustrations common to humanity... [they] struggle with the issue of their own ethical perfection, e.g., performance of duty for the greater cause. An INFP...describes the inner conflict as not good versus bad, but on a grand scale, Good vs. Evil.” –INFP Profile on TypeLogic NIGHT SHINE is not, contrary to everything I have ever said or implied on this forum, simply another name for the person that is me. In fact, I often feel guilty using this name which I worked so hard to purify last year for my ordinary human and intellectual activities so long after its original meaning died. This blog also contains the reason that I feel that I no longer have any right to post anything on this forum under the name "Night Shine." No, Night Shine was not a person—he was a dream I had, an alternate persona specifically designed to be superior to the real, tangible person who is me. Last year, I regarded Night Shine as nothing less than my very soul. This blog, which will undoubtedly be very comprehensive as well as very melodramatic due to the melodramatic and complex nature of its subject matter, is aimed at dissecting my mindset from last year when I joined the Brony movement, and why that mindset was incompatible with the Bronies, with the Internet, and with the World itself. If you read this entire post, you just might understand me fully and completely, or at least as much as I do. Several factors made my perspective last year utterly fascinating to study in hindsight: 1) My absolute and unshakable faith in the belief that the Brony movement was the purest group of people on Earth. 2) The extreme willpower with which I radically shifted my mind into questionable thoughts, beliefs, and actions. 3) The degree to which my radical actions and thoughts were justifiable as a method of fighting depression, and the degree to which they were not. 4) My determination to transcend human nature by splitting my personality into multiple separate individuals. 5) How I was able to utilize the Brony movement to justify all of the radically positive and negative shifts to my lifestyle. 6) How my teenage rebellion developed as a form of moral purism. However, as I am retelling events only I remember from my perspective, this article will contain a lot of bias--that is unavoidable. This bias probably will skew the facts in the following ways: 1) Exaggerating the abnormality of the mindset and events in order to make them more interesting. 2) Exaggerating how 'bad' the mindset and events were, because I need to feel like I have learned from this experience and thus am insecure. Introduction: So, let's get started. What the heck does "Nocturnian" mean? I came up with the term in order to describe my mindset last year in April, when it finally came under assault by reality--but I'll get to that later. After thinking over the quintessence of Nocturnianism and considering over a dozen different ways to try and explain it over the past nine months, I have come to the conclusion that the Nocturnian mindset is the mindset of a Myers Briggs personality type which has Introverted Feeling as one of its primary cognitive functions, such as the INFP (for more information on Myers Briggs psychology, read the background information in the section later in this blog post). The opening quote from TypeLogic describes the relevant aspects of the INFP mindset better than anything else I have found in the past year (June 2013 to June 2014). But why "Nocturn-ian"? What does night have to do with any of it? Well, in order to answer that question, let us dive into the beginning of the story: how I used My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the Brony fandom as a method of radically altering my mindset and lifestyle. Before we dive into that, however, I would like to explain the situation in which I encountered MLP:FiM, as it helps to explain why I treated MLP and the Brony fandom the way that I did. The next blog posts will contain an account of each season chronological order of what happened to my little experiment, when I used a fandom to manipulate my emotions, personality, and lifestyle. Part 1: Death of Minecraft (Spring 2012) Part 2: Nocturnian Revolution (Summer 2012) Part 3: Fall and Rebirth (Fall 2012) Part 4: Heart of Winter (Winter 2012-13) Part 5: Ultimatum (Early Spring 2013) Part 6: End of the Era (Late Spring 2013) Part 7: A New Beginning (Summer 2013) (please note that the entries are currently in an unfinished form.) PREFACE This section will explain any information which will be used as common knowledge throughout the rest of the blog. Information covers Myers Briggs personality typology and the Brony phenomenon. Myers Briggs Typology My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fandom, referred to as the "Brony Phenomenon"
  21. Hey anybody who might see this. If you’re seeing this, I need your help in making an amazing project. This project consists of lots of important things and I need lots of people. Quick List: -Voice Actors -Animators/Artists -Writers -Editors -Musicians (Mostly Orchestrated Music) if you are interested, email me at! Reblog this around to help spread the word and help me out!
  22. Without going into much detail, I have already worked enough on a universe to the point where I think I can begin a working on a story based off of it. Problem is that I have no experience in actually writing stories seriously. In general what makes a good story? What are things I should keep in mind when writing stories? Would appreciate help.
  23. Is having my oc be a mental asylum escapee too edgy or deep4thou?
  24. Hello. This is a little thing I want to try out. You see, I have this little ability to make stories up on the fly. SO, I want to give this ability a little practice. Here is where you guys come in. I need you guys to give me a sequence of words, be they genre, nouns, a character(s), and I will make a story synopsis around it. And tell me what you think of it. You can take the story for yourself. I am doing this to also improve my ability to make RP stories as well.