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Found 47 results

  1. Hey! I just found this interesting personality test. It's got 10 simple questions and you have to note the letter you answered with a pen and paper so you can tally your score. I got a score of 43, which corresponds to a fresh, lively personality. I'm often at the centre of attention, but I don't let it get over my head. People also see me as kind and considerate. That actually fits my personality pretty well for the most part. Just add a spice of eccentricity. Well, if you want to try Dr. Phil's Test, here's the link! Show me your scores! Did the score reflect your personality well?
  2. hey everypony just finished my assignments and wanted to get another vector out there today the image is roughly 4000 x 3500 pixels so here we are twilight sparkle " IT"S JUST A TEST?!" spike * puts on pillow armor and helmet * " uh yes" twilight sparkle " UGH !!!!!!!" if you want the .psd file please PM me ( if you use please credit me )
  4. Hello everyone, this is a 12 sec long video I made after a few hours of work in flash as a parody of that guy in CSI: Miami. I think the name is catchy. As this is my 3rd video, and my 6th day in Adobe Flash I could really use some feedback. Is the lip sync off? Quality to low? Audio to quiet? Do the shades look off? Or just anything else that looks unnatural.
  5. Personally, I had 2 hours of sleep when I took my Science State Test for 8th grade. The class and I had 2 hours and 30 minutes to take the test, and I got done first in 30 minutes. .-. How about you all? Did you ever fail a test for sleeping a low amount?
  6. Hello All! So, I've been hard at work for an extended time on a text adventure based on my MLP fanfic The First Prince, which can be found on Equestria Daily. It's said that you are the worst possible person to test your own game, so I thought it would be a good idea to get comments on an early (prealpha, or whatever the proper name is) build so I can make sure I'm not coding myself off a cliff. I'm looking for comments about: Runtime (I still don't know how long it takes to get from start to finish in this build of the game) Bugs (I know there is at least one path in the game that completes the current main quest, but I'm not sure about the alternate paths) Story (If something seems too darn weird or boring, just tell me) General Design (different colors, more ascii artwork) Anything else you can think of. Again, it should be noted this is a very early build. Not only does it stop in the middle of the game's story, but there are a lot of typos and likely a lot of bugs to iron out. If you're interested in seeing how the text adventure turns out long term and are looking to play a more finished, polished product, I would reccomend waiting until a later build to play through it. The current build of the game can be found here: I hope you find it fun! Also I'm trying an experiment, could you try accessing the page I created first by going to: and then clicking on wounded.html from the list. I'm not sure why, but that seems to work pretty well for me. EDIT: Note, this is based off a dark fanfic, viewer beware. The game is not likely to be higher than pg-13 rated though EDIT1: If an error message appears, that's just because I'm currently using the old style of calling an applet. Just click the play button and I think it should work.
  7. While I was messing around on Stumbleupon I found a test called the "Musical Visual Intelligence Test" that tests something called your Associative Musical Visual Intelligence (AMVI). It basically tests your ability to correlate music with shapes and symbols. I thought it was really interesting because it was something I had never heard of before. The test is a little confusing at first because I didn't understand what I was supposed to be doing so I restarted it after the first question when I figured out what was going on. Here are my results: Pitch discrimination: 71.0% Musical memory: 70.0% Contour discrimination: 67.5% Attention: 59.1% Musical/visual abstraction: 78.5% OVERALL: 70% - High Normal Performance (This is surprising considering I took the test on 35 minutes of sleep last night. But that would explain my low attention score.) Take the test then post your scores and your thoughts on the test. Anyone can take the test but I would assume people that play instruments or have studied music will do better than those who haven't.
  8. It's taken me YEARS, but I think I've finally done it! I've finished my formulation! But, I need some willing test subjects to check for adverse side effects. Can anypony help me out? By posting here, you give me your permission to inject you with the substance in my avatar's syringe. I need you to report any side effects you encounter, preferably in the same post. I'm not gonna lie, I have NO clue what could happen. I can't really rule anything out. But, this is for SCIENCE! Now go make me proud, you brave souls! *Yosef von Uzenvard is not responsible for his actions, nor any inconvenience caused by them. He is a mad scientist, what did you expect?
  9. So me and a bunch of other bronies are working on a Pony Dub Series. We are still working on our first episode, but I created a video with all the VA's voices. Here it is: All the people in this video have their YouTube channels linked in the description if you want to go talk to them. Please comment on what you think! I like constructive criticism!
  10. Hello there dear reader and friend. Thanks for showing interest in my time of need, I am developing a series of fics to tale little stories about legends of the land of equestria and this will be my 4th entry. I have found myself against a wall now as my born language is not English and I cant improve my writing going on alone. If you are willing to read it the entry for the fic is down there im also looking for a tittle as the one right now is not of my full taste. Once again thanks and I hope you enjoy the further words.
  11. (I reeeally hope I can post this here...if not, go ahead and lock-and-banish this thread, mods.) So currently in my Psychology class we are discussing intelligence and IQ tests. After taking a joke IQ test and a "real" IQ test, the teacher assigned us a fun little weekend project: design an IQ test and give it to a variety of friends, families, and pets. He said we could either make up our own questions or use questions from other sources, but the test had to be fairly short. So I made my little fifteen question test and gave it to my mother, who scored four out of fifteen. ...I might have made a few questions a little hard. Anyways. Because my circle of acquaintances is woefully minuscule, I've decided to offer my test to the forums. It shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes of your time, and it would make a high school student very happy. All you have to do is: 1) Open up the "Psych IQ Quiz" document and take the test. You don't need to post your answers, but make sure to keep track of WHAT your answers are. 2) Once you've finished the test, open up the "IQ Test answers" document and score yourself. Please be honest...or not. Not like I will know the difference. 3) Either post your score out of fifteen or PM it to me along with your age and gender. And that's it! Simple, really. And a little disclaimer: I've figured out the teacher's underlying purpose to this assignment, and that is to demonstrate how difficult it is to develop a truly "fair" IQ test. So yeah, this test isn't really fair, but it's still a grade in the grade-book. Thanks, forums. I hope you enjoy. Psych IQ Quiz.docx IQ Test answers.docx
  12. I made a new meme from this picture. Optimus Prime The Battle Brony. So What Do You Think? Edit: here's 5 more. Plus DT's Christmas Avatar. needed some place to upload that, so, there.
  13. Was focusing on the smoothness of RD's take-off. Sonic rainboom was secondary, just to make the whole thing 20% cooler -_- . Constructive criticism appreciated. (yes i know my background is crap)
  14. Hey guys! Check out something I have begun work on/started testing and screwing around with! I think it sounds awesome, but the instruments could be better quality. :/ Too bad I don't have any much better than this. The drums in my opinion are AMAZING though! EDIT: Well crap, soundcloud seems to have borked up my drums... Ah well, they still sound alright.
  15. Here's the lyrics to an upcoming eurobeat I plan to create The Test Key: F minor/F# minor Time Signature: 8/4 Verse 1 An Empire is in grave danger Who’s gonna stand to stop the one The only Great King Sombra From shrouding the lightness into dark Verse 2 This is her chance, the only one To protect to lowly empire Give it all the joy that it really needs To fend off Great King Sombra Prelude to Chorus One chance, one choice To fight, to win To pass the test before us now! Chorus (modeled off Failure Success Song) How can I pass this test before me? Do I have what it takes to Face my fears, swallow my pride and Defeat the evil one? I must be strong I must be brave I must not let everypony down When I fall I’ll get back up For the word depends on me, Yeah! (Short Synth Solo) Verse 3 The legend says this empire Was full of cheerfulness and joy Until evil sprouted out the hole And covered it in sadness and fear Verse 4 The Crystal heart was what they used To keep the joy alive and clear And if it falls in evil hands The darkness reigns forevermore (Pinkie Pie: Forrreeeveeerrr) Prelude to Chorus One chance, one choice To fight, to win To pass the test before us now! (Twilight: THE WOLD DEPENDS ON IT!) Chorus (modeled off Failure Success Song) How can I pass this test before me? Do I have what it takes to Face my fears, swallow my pride and Defeat the evil one? I must be strong I must be brave I must not let everypony down When I fall I’ll get back up For the word depends on me, Yeah! (Dubstep for 8 bars) (Light repeated cadence) One chance! (echo) One choice! (echo) To fight! (echo) To pass the test before me now! (Hold “now” for four beats, cut on 5) (Twilight Sparkle: FOR EQUESTRIA!) (Key Change to F# minor) Last Chorus I gave it all I had and passed! The great test before me! Victory screams loud and clear! Shining bright and gloriously! The enemy is crushed and down! The Crystal Empire safe and sound My friends believe that I could do The test behind me now! (Hold now for 8 bars. Lower voice should harmonize with the cadence) (Final long synth solo) (Syncopated outro)
  16. So, My school district's exam season is starting up, with two state tests in November and an ACT scheduled for sometime in December. This means my school/social life is going to slow to everything, but a halt. Since reality is going to be a bit more...for lack of a better word, Boring for a while I'll be living in these forums for a while. See you around! P.S Here's a picture of Pinkie to make you smile today.
  17. I'm attempting to animate, but in a very unorthodox way. See, I discovered this animator called "BarfQuestion" on YouTube. He animates using note cards and ink. I was legitimately impressed by his stuff and I now wanna do something similar to that. So I decided to test my current knowledge of animation and put this tiny piece of crap together. It's just a guy... who... turns around to look the opposite direction. That's it.
  18. Shoryuken! Part of an Animation Tutorial I’m currently working on. It’ll be out in around 2 weeks, so keep your heads up! Tell me what you guys think! Shoryuken bump! Feedback is appreciated, everypony! It would really help me a lot, as a to-be-animator. Woooooooo let's do this!
  19. Well, today I was sitting in my spanish class working on a drawing that I was going to post on here after I was done. I had worked on it during 1st, 2nd, and lunch, and it was almost finished. She asked us to clear our desk for the test. I did and as she was passing out the test, she looked down at my stuff. The picture was on top, and the notes we had taken were right underneath. (You couldn't see them at all.) She asked who's it was and I thought she was talking about it being to far in the isle, I scooted it toward me, she turned around and quickly scooped up my notes and my drawing, crumpled them up, and then threw them away. (You know I get angry really easy and stuff)... I really didn't want to cause a scene though so I broke a few mechanical pencils to get the anger out... That really was what happened today... At lunch this guy had his convertible parked in the front of the school, and the hood was down... Me and my friends noticed it was about to rain, and we were laughing our asses off, thinking about how bad it would be for him if it did rain. (He had just gotten new leather seats...) It started sprinkling, the guy was nowhere to be found and then it started down pouring... We watched as the uncovered car was getting filled with water... After about 10 minuets, an old lady came out to put the hood up. She didn't know there was a button that made the roof go up automatically, so she just started tugging on it to get it up. It got stuck about 5 minuets in. At this time the entire lunchroom was bursting out laughter, and yet she continued to try and tug it closed. She finally got it closed 10 minuets after she started... After she got back inside the rain stopped completely... That was the single most funny thing that happened this year.
  20. So for the people actually interested about hearing about my day, I had a load of tests today. I had 3 all together. One in Biology, one in Algebra 2, and one in Geography... I think I failed them... The last question on the Algebra 2 quiz didn't even make sense... Anyway's other then tests... My band added 4 new songs to our set list... I am so excited about this because one of them I'll fly Higher by Mandopony and Acousticbrony... The other songs are just as awesome. "Perfect", by Pink. "Imagine" John Lennon, and I even fit in "Rolling In The Deep"... I know Awesome right! We have our first gig next week. I will be sure to record it and put it on here for all of you... (that actually care) So there you have how my day was. Dusty S.
  21. As the title says, this is a Personality disorder test which I found on the internet the other day. So, take the test and find out what Personality Disorders you have, of course if you feel that you have them. Plus, the other one is for the fun of it. (more accurate IMO) My results were: http://similarminds....y_disorder.html Disorder info: Now get going! Do the tests, and if you want, share what results you got.
  22. I'm talking about this one: I've given the test to non-bronies whom I know IRL. I got all sorts of answers from Rarity with Pinkie, and Twilight with Applejack.