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Found 180 results

  1. Well... for past few weeks I was struggling with memories of some troubling events in my life. No matter what I did I was unable to stop thinking about them and this almost drove me insane. I was unable to forget about them and more I try to resist more frequently they come. Until I finally realized the root of my problem. Somehow instead of forgetting about that events my mind was trying to convince myself to find something positive about those memories, maybe to make them less daunting or whatever. I realized that was the main problem, there wasn't anything at all to feel positive about in those memories so there was no way to make them less daunting at all. So, what I did to get rid of them? Nothing at all. I just accepted my dislike/hatred for those events and then I started to feel better. All of the sudden those memories become less painful and I began to feel my sanity recovering once again. So, I figured that instead of trying to find out something positive about a daunting situation, accepting your true feelings about that helps a lot. Please pardon my grammar mistakes if you've seen any.
  2. My little Relationship Philosophy: At least once I just want someone who I can trust even with my anxiety. For once I want someone I can laugh with and play fight without them taking offense. I want someone who knows me, someone I know. I want someone who knows they can tell me their secrets regardless. I want them to be my best friend, I want to be theirs. I want someone who can tell when I'm upset. I want someone who doesn't tell me to calm down. I want someone who I can rant to. Someone I can send funny pictures and memes to. Someone I can hug. Someone who I know will always be there for me. Someone who doesn't lie. Someone who will never judge me. Someone I know actually cares about me. Someone who doesn't forget things that matter, and if they think they might, make an effort not to. For once I want someone who loves me. For once I want someone that I can love. And when I find that someone... I'm never letting go. But I also want to be that person to someone. I know I'm young. I know it might take a while. But mine as well start looking. Life is short ...
  3. Some people among the fandom think the School of Friendship is racist because it's founded by ponies. What do you guys think of this line of thinking?
  4. Sorry, @Adam Burt for completely stealing this idea from you. I'll start with the few positives. POSITIVES My experiences with Paladins in general. It was actually a really good game until Hi-Rez killed it by making change after change that was unnecessary and backwards, through caving into the wants of their upper management. I played this game for months, and actually became one of the Top 100 Barik players (Based on KDA and Win Rate) in the world in that small span of time that I borderline one-tricked him. The game had quite a few sour moments with me, but for the most part it was actually positive. Introductions to Steven Universe, Star VS the Forces of Evil, and We Bare Bears. All of them are among my favorite cartoons of all time, all for their own reasons. Probably the best of the year. All three series in my opinion are very solid (though from what I've watched SvFE's 3rd season isn't looking too good...). My marathon of Star Trek. I already had an admiration for the franchise before I really got into it around the beginning of last year, but it was heightened. Quite frankly, most of the franchise is pretty solid with a few hiccups (including the entirety of Deep Space Nine... Luckily I only watched the "best" of that series)... I became a lot less naive about politics, and began to realize how despicable 99% of politicians really are. I realized how bad mainstream politics really is. I even found political voices of reason... on YOUTUBE of all places. Some actually good LoL changes for once (aside from Zoe, Ornn, Kleptomancy keystone)... NEGATIVES The rapid deterioration of my computer's condition. It really got beat up this year. It's so bad in fact I'm actually using my dad's computer instead. Before the beginning of this year, it ran so smoothly... Now it's basically potentially salvageable junk. Politics as usual, but even worse. Removing my ignorance came at a cost, I know. I realized how bad the political system of the United States has gotten over the past 50 years, but 2017 was worse than average. We have an incompetent man child with tiny hands in the White House (to be fair, Hillary would be no better), Net Neutrality is going away (even though only 9% of Americans actually AGREE with that, and I bet I know who they are), and not to mention the absolute absurdity of the Democratic Party's "resistance" (yeah right, it's not a resistance, you're literally voting FOR what he proposes most of the time...). Doesn't help with all of the mass shootings this year, bombings on innocent civilians, the worst military leak in US history... Losing my old account on here because of sheer laziness. The basically zero progress I made towards getting anywhere with my life. I've had to put up with so much s**t last year, it'd be enough for an entire DECADE. Seriously, I got attacked by an ENTIRE subreddit, a forum account (and my IP address also) perma-banned by an fascist Brazilian mod for literally no reason aside from the fact he didn't like what I had to say about things involving Paladins and his method of moderating, and having moronic teammates who I could swear were 2-year olds in half of my Paladins and League of Legends matches, the insane number of special snowflakes that suddenly presented themselves... That's just about the worst of it, but I could probably sit for days listing all of the stupidity I've had to endure even like that. Tried to commit suicide twice, because my situation got more hopeless by the month it seems like. RIP Big Ben. See you again in 4 years. Though it was a pretty nice meme for a little bit. Dealing with more of my Dad's inane drama than usual. To be quite frank I wish I didn't live here now. All of the special snowflakes In other words, it was, overall, a bad year for me. In fact, the worst I've ever had.
  5. I'm in the process of designing a dragon oc for roleplay purposes. I have a general idea of what I want to do but hearing the thoughts of others always helps me get creative. So here's what I have so far, if you have thoughts or ideas to help me add to it then I would appreciate it Name: Knasher ( Knash ) Species: Dragon Age: 23 Still working on a color scheme but as of now I am interested in something metallic or cool in color along with the concept of blue or purple flames. Size is just around the height of an Alicorn on all fours but about 25% longer and bigger in mass. On two legs he's about twice the height of Celestia. Some character traits as of now include flirtatious, teasing, laid back, indifferent to most issues, drama fueled, and helpful only when it benefits him. He isn't meant to be a straight protagonist, kind of an anti character of sorts.
  6. All in all, really not bad. It was just what I expected: Twitter and Spike watch Flurry Heart and things go wrong because we all know cartoon babies with magical powers are a real hassle to deal with. Not sure how Twilight could lose track of time like she did, though. Kinda out of character, if you ask me. For me, some of the best humor actually came from the art gallery Cadance and Shining Armor visited. I liked how it poked fun at how downright strange (some might say "boring," too...) some of the more abstract art out there can be... the whole subject makes for a lot of controversy when it comes to defining exactly what "art" is. This episode parallels Baby Cakes a bit, as well as Stare Master, so it's not exactly something that hasn't been done on the show before. Flurry Heart's unpredictable magic had already showed up in The Crystalling, too. But it was nice and heartwarming to watch so I'll give it 7.5/10. Not a terrible start to the season. I reckon the best has yet to come, just because this was only the third episode. This one had brand new writers, correct? Nick Confalone, writer of Party Pooped, Hearthbreakers, No Second Prances, The Saddle Row Review, and Dungeons & Discords, returns with next week's episode. He's already done some nice work with Pinkie and Maud in Season 5, plus some of my favorite Season 6 episodes, so I'm excited to see what's in store. Bring it on!
  7. I was planning on watching the streams live, but sadly I had to wait until I got family stuff out of the way, with Easter tomorrow. Finally watched a little bit ago though, and here are my thoughts: Celestial Advice: Ok: how in the heck is Starlight ready to move on? In the name of Celestia (yes Celestia, you ARE an expression ;)) does Twilight have nothing left to teach her? Are we missing like another season (or two?) worth of Starlight episodes, because we did not see too much progress from her in Season 6. Yeah, To Where And Back Again was impressive, but give me a break... I'm a Starlight fan and I feel a bit cheated. I wanted to see her journey but it progressed too quickly. Oh well, at least she isn't disappearing indefinitely. With that out of the way, hmm, let's see... the Twilight, Spike, and Celestia moments were heartwarming. Especially Celestia's memories of the time immediately before she sent Twilight away to Ponyville. I'm just gonna say this now: Discord was pretty annoying. He was too much of a pest to Twilight. Like come on bro, give the princess some space... Starlight's not your student. Oh well. The situation with Starlight bugs me, but whatevs. As I said, we can only assume that there was a whole lot she did that we didn't get to see in Season 6. 6.5/10. Probably my least favorite premiere episode. All Bottled Up: I can't help but think this would've fit pretty well in Season 6, before Starlight's "graduation." Would've made for a good sequel to No Second Prance. But whatever. As I mentioned previously, I'm a Starlight Glimmer fan. And reforming Trixie was one of my personal highlights of Season 6. Finally, one of my favorite "obscure" characters is getting the screen time she deserves. And thank Celestia, Twilight's grudge with Trixie has dissipated. So seeing Starlight and Trixie both in the spotlight again was nice. The Mane 6's friendship retreat was pretty cheesy. I don't have much to say about it other than I liked the persistent gag in which their dialogue mirrored that of their pals back in Ponyville. And I guess the song wasn't bad. *shrug* The episode's moral was kinda forgettable. Sure, it's good for kids; don't bottle up your anger, lest it build up so that it ends up hurting someone. But I suppose it wasn't terribly original. Green Isn't Your Color and Putting Your Hoof Down come to mind as episodes with similar morals. Hmmmm... what else...? Again, not an amazing premiere episode, but at least it was presented as more of a standalone story. Starlight and Trixie are cute together, makes me want to see more duo episodes with those two. 7.5/10
  8. Well then, it's been a long time, hasn't it MLP Forums? As you probably gathered from the title of this entry, I'm now back on this site, full-time! (Whenever I'm not working though) And to all the people who I may have baffled by my silent disappearance, I'm truly sorry. It's not that I didn't want to talk to you guys- really, you're all great! It's just that, for a good half-year, my interest in MLP as a whole..just kinda died, in all honesty. I briefly moved on to other things (coughoverwatchcough) and for a while, I thought of stopping being a Brony for good. But recently..I dunno exactly what sparked it, but the good vibes the show & fandom gave off just worked it's way into my heart again, and now I'm here. So, I've got a lot of catching up to do (I haven't seen the second half of season 6, for instance) But if you need me, I'll be here, on these fine forums.
  9. Alright, so i have a pretty simple theory: My theory is that Trixie, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Moondancer and any other unicorns that Twilight personally helped in the show didn't meet her through sheer coincidence: it was all fate. We know by now that fate plays at least some sort of role in MLP's storyline - even if it isn't a role as major as it would play in other shows where fate is a factor in the story - so it could easily be that Twilight was always ment to meet these characters, and that they were always ment to meet her. That applies to Trixie and Starlight because, even if they didn't anything they did and just moved on to have normal lifes(as normal as one's life can get living in a world like Equestria, which is just loaded with weird stuff), they would still be highly likely to meet Twilight since, ever since Twi gained the map - an event that isn't affected by either of the two characters - the fact that at any moment of any day Twilight could be sent to any part of Equestria has been present. It could take two days or two years, she would end up bumping into them eventually. Then there's Sunset, who met Twilight as a consequence of her own choices, in this case of course she would run into Twilight simply because of Sunset's personality: she's driven and determined and - especially before her redemption - doesn't take "No" as an awnser, she would never just accept the fact that she's no longer Celestia's disciple, under any circumstance Sunset would have tried to retaliate in one way or another, and no matter wether she succeeded or not she'd end up meeting Twilight. The only way for these two to not meet would be if either of them never existed or if Sunset never stopped being Celetia's apprentice. Which finally brings us to Moondancer, who met Twilight because Twilight deliberately wanted to meet her, which again was inevitable: Twilight was feeling guilty for forgetting about her and, being who she is, she wouldn't just "leave it be", Twilight would try to make up for it in some fashion and - again- would inevitably end up meeting her. It could also all be some big coincidence, but the whole fate thing is still possible. So, what do you think? do you agree, do you not agree? anything that i missed or that you would like to add? also, this is my first time posting a topic about the show, so hooray to that i guess.
  10. i'm sorry for my pride i am no victim, i was a criticizing bully, a horrible friend and person. I am disappointed with myself i treated a friend badly for having an open relationship it was not to my norm, i was not accepting this was last year, i feel terrible for it i want to apologise but i doubt it matters my pride ruined it i could't realise how terrible i was until i realised how kind he was he was a good friend, a nice friend i want to change i'm sorry maybe he'd think i'm apologising now because he's a well known brony in the community maybe he'll assume i don't mean it because i did not know him for long at the time maybe he thinks i want to use him for his fame but it's hard to be genuine when someone will think badly of you because of their status and what manipulators can do with it i'm sorry my friend please know i am sorry but you know what, maybe writing this means nothing, maybe i was just another person who wasn't happy with him and he forgot, maybe i'm or actually i'm not important, this is not important maybe it's worthless to try anyways because the world still goes round. I want to make a difference because i care but i doubt it matters here and now...nobody seems to care when you try to make things right, a year later.
  11. Would you rather be a master of any one thing you will never be able to be very good or a master of any other skill and what would that skill be and why. or would you rather be a jack of all trades so your good at about anything but you will never master any skill you are good at everything but never the best at anything.
  12. (lol, I need to make smaller titles) Kind of was wanting to just poll and get some thoughts about Starlight Glimmer and her now being part of the mane cast (for at least this foreseeable season 6 as far as I know). I vaguely recall I had my reservations for the ending of season 5 and (that I wanted a good backstory for Starlight Glimmer's character overall and she was to me, at least one of the most interest antagonists to be brought in at the time of S5). From my general position, I've been feeling the 'Heel–Face Turns' that they've been doing for some of their antagonists has been terribly rushed as of recent seasons, so I sort of just swallowed and accepted that (the EG films committing probably the worst of the fastest heel-face turns ever). But thinking about it, I feel this was actually a very smart and calculated move on Twilight's part (at the end of S5) to offer Starlight Glimmer the bridge of trust and to have her join the mane cast for this current season 6 (from thinking about it in a "in-universe" standpoint). Thoughts on things overall and going forward?
  13. Well aware of the blog being rather negative towards MLP when it first began (subsequently making the show more popular in the process) but I'd like to know what you guys think of the blog.
  14. I never thought that I would make one of these threads, but i'm genuinely curious as to what other people think of my pony OC's deisgn after all this time i've had her. Please let me know what your initial thoughts on her design are! Note: Wolf Tracks also has a werewolf form, so I will post both her normal form and her werewolf form. Normal: Werewolf:
  15. Hi everyone, So as the title suggests, how do you feel when you re-watch episodes from earlier Seasons of Pony? As we get closer and closer to the release of S6, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and went back and watched some episodes from the very 1st season. I can't believe S1 aired nearly 6 years ago! I baby-sit a kid who is 6 years old and it freaks me out that fans who were born when the show 1st aired are now old enough to start grade school . It amazes me how far we've come from MLP's humble beginnings. I suddenly feel so old whenever I catch a S1 episode on TV. It was a much simpler time back then. The show could not take as many risks as it can now as writers had to abide to Hasbro's E/I (Educational and Informational) standards. Hasbro was testing out the waters with the show and even they weren't sure that it would last this long. Thankfully, E/I was dropped starting with Season 2 allowing for more engaging storytelling . Going back to re-watch Season 1 is like going back to playing Pokemon Red and Blue on the GameBoy after playing Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on the 3DS. Sure it is nostalgic and great fun, but you quickly remember how far we've come since then . Feel free to agree or disagree with my analogy. It's why I rank the later seasons higher than the earlier ones, and can't stand those who say that episodes after a specific season are plain garbage (which is an entirely different discussion that i'll keep separate from this 1 ).
  16. Just thought I'd share this, something of my own work, enjoy...
  17. Some days I'm not quite sure who I am. In my past I've felt like a different person for each friend I'm around, due to the fact that I try to blend in with groups to avoid standing out and possibly being abandoned. It must be because I haven't talked to as many humans in the past two years as I have in these past two days. Among these friends I feel like I'm acting different ways when certain ones are around. The differences are much more subtle than they used to be, but I can still definitely feel them. I feel like I try too hard to impress people. I tend to think that if I'm boring for even a second then the friend or friends I'm with will get bored of me. So I end up being more of a character than a person, consistently trying to be entertaining. I'm not saying that I'm a boring person or that I don't like being random or entertaining through conversations. Although, I feel like there's a bit more of a serious or perhaps chill side to me that I don't show much. There's just a divide in my brain that won't allow it to appear in front of people, kind of like stage fright. All I want is to feel like one person, the same person. To be the same alone as I am around people. Whether it's being silly, or chill, or excitable, or the Doctor. I just want to know who I am. I don't know how to achieve that, or how long it will take, but it's my goal. To learn how to be a little more human.
  18. So I am late coming into this but I need some time to finish the finale before posting this but what do you guys think about Season 5 as a whole? The writing, the music, the overall quality of this season? I'd say this wasn't too bad of a season, a few episodes a little difficult to stomach but it still had some gems.
  19. Yeah we all remember that certain griffon. But tell me what your thoughts on her are! I personally feel rather neutral towards her (except for that one time she yelled at Flutters, goodness that made me mad). In any case, let 'er rip!
  20. Ya know what, Brain? One of these days you'll work. One of these days, maybe just for one day, one hour..a minute. Heck, I'd be lucky if it worked for a second. I will gain the ability to think. The question is, what would I think about? The answer? YouTube. Sounds like a strange thing to think about, I know, but I have my reasons. It's been about 10 years since I first discovered my interest in making videos. I'd make home movies and other little comedy bits and such. Over time I found YouTube, and I realized that I could post my stuff online for people to see. My destiny was set. I wanted nothing more than to be a YouTuber. 10 years, 6 collaborating friends, and 8(or more) channels have passed. I've made very little progress. Each channel only doing slightly better than the last, but always lacking consistent views, subscribers, and worst of all, content. I always run into the problem of not having ideas or inspiration for videos. Eventually it evolved into a lack of motivation after my many failed channels. So why do I keep going? Good question....too bad I don't have a good answer. The only thing that keeps me going these days is this feeling in my mind that I do still want to be a YouTuber. I still don't know exactly what content I love making, and I still have problems with inspiration and motivation, but I just know in my heart that YouTube is something I want to do. But why? How!? I don't know. Maybe my brain actually will work for a few minutes some time. And you can bet I'll use every second to try and figure this out, because I'm stumped.
  21. I personally enjoy Trixie for a variety of reasons. I enjoy her confidence, her dominating nature, and that beautiful cape/hat combo. To me she's awesome. What are your thoughts? Do you absolutely despise her, or would you gladly become her personal assistant?
  22. Hello this is gonna be a bit of a weird post from me. So here it goes I've been part of this community for a few months now and in the forums for roughly 2 months you may of seen me around or said hi. I have come to love this community as like none before everyone here has such great input into items and the amount of artistry from many is inspiring and depressing at the same time. You see I'm not artistically gifted I can't draw or sing or make animations etc... But I do have my mind a hive of activity, sometimes annoying as I can not turn it off so It keeps going. Nevertheless I was giving it some thought last night as too what do and what i'm capable of and what I can do is make analysis and theory vids as well as reviews you may of seen them around (I make COH2 tactics vids aswell), and I thought though many might be able to do what I can not everyone does and I do so i'm kinda of a mental artist (sounds like metal patient) anyway now for some self promotion (dignity somewhat dies now) I'm am making a direct appeal to those out there who like the sort of things I do to give me some consideration, or tell a friend of me. I never attempted this for fame or fortune but to leave a hoof print on the world something that would be here after myself (sounds a bit silly) my videos get for me great amount of views anywhere from 10-40 and more on some which is awesome, even 10 people out in the world stop and watch something i made it fills me with pride, but I'd like more of you guys to see it. Anyway I posted this video yesterday and I has some views makes me happy but I'd like you, yes you reading to watch it (ALL OF IT) it's 7 mins and post below your thoughts, on the subject or constructive criticism etc... Anyway here it is and I'm not telling you anything about the contents (it's a surprise) And if you don't watch I'm ok with that It may not be your cup of tea, and I will post it's message in a day or two so people can talk about it.
  23. Hey everyone/everypony. I have an OC, but I don't know what to name him and I need some help. He is kind, shy at times, passionate and competitive in video games, likes winning, but enjoys having fun over winning, random and silly with friends, can be self doubt of his abilities when playing a game against someone more talented, he isn't afraid to speak his mind on certain things in a conversation or when somepony is being put down by others. His cutie mark is a video game controller that represents his love and passion for video games.